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City-building game(s)

Found 125 results

  1. Hello! I have just found a wonderful video about which I was dreaming all my life =) The movie is here: Due this video I have noticed that its possible to ride from city to city without exit/load maps, using one vehicle. Can you advise me which addition I need to install for having this beautiful possibility? Oh, and if it can be valid for U Drive It missions, I mean, can I use for example bus/train missions with tasks points marked not only in one city/loaded map, but it could be marked at another city/map? Oh and if its possible for a subway train riding underground in tunnels, and also easily to other maps? Oh and the last little question about roads: is a width of track for avenue as wide as for the standart 2x2 avenue or for the standart road? I think the width of the 3x3 high-speed highway which is gray is less wide, and I wanna be sure that tracks for modded avenues are not less wide. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I am new to NAM, and lost in its lots of options, expanded the vanilla edition. But I found some difficulties, placing the elements: some of the elements not placed onto to tile where I wanted to (see pic1); the cursor is at the position where the "SAM 1 - Parking Lot Textures" tile, but when I place it, it drops next to it. Several other elements do the same behaviour like this. Furthermore, I cannot connect the angled roads end to a straight road end. (see pic2, where I tried to drag a road to the angled road's end, but it is "denied") Is it an installation problem (missing something?) or am I doing something wrong? Appretiate any help!
  3. Hey guys, new Poll! Please choose out of the following options for a 32m wide network which will have 4 tram tracks. The idea is that this is still a station track prefab so it will only be able to be placed inside an asset (so similar to monorail station tracks). This is due to the fact it will be using a unique track configuration which I will make compatible with the CO vanilla groups (they will connect visually with any tram network using the same connect groups as snowfall tracks) The trams will be able to stop on each set of track so you can have 4 separate parallel stops on the same road. Please keep in mind the following: - DLC required for lanes, - platform widths (some of them are very skinny so maybe they're not as good) - overall usability as a medium road. - vehicle flow compatibility with vanilla/DLC roads FYI red tram lanes are tram only (not bus as well) IF you think of a better layout still vote on the above, but also POST a streetmix pic illustrating exactly how it can work within 32m and with the correct widths for lanes/platforms
  4. Hi modders, I'm wondering if it's possible to make something like the NexT2 blank road but without parking and without stop signs. I'm often making plazas and certain places need road access. I often cover the roads w decals. The next2 "neighborhood street" or whatever it is called is great for this, but it allows parking, which knida ruins the aesthetic of my plazas. Is it possible to make something simple like this with no road markings, no curbs, no props, and no parking?
  5. I run the Asset Editor in -noWorkshop mode. I've copied the NexT 2 folder (812125426) into my local mods directory and enabled it ingame, yet I still don't see any of the roads. Is there a trick that I'm missing? Another question: I'm unable to move pink pedestrian paths when I'm in offline mode, even though move-it works for everything else (move-it is installed locally). Somehow I can move them when I'm using steam. Any idea why this would be the case? I want to be able to move them in -noWorkshop mode.
  6. I frequently run walking or biking paths next to roads, painstakingly aligned for aesthetics w/ MoveIt. When I want to change the road type, or even simply change the network skin, it destroys all of my nearby paths. Is there a way to update a road type non-destructively? This has been a nuisance for a year now and I guess I finally feel like posting about it. I've had to either a. rebuild everything that it destroys, or b. drag stuff away from the update in advance, and then drag the stuff back. Since my stuff is usually heavily layered, both of these solutions suck. Do you guys have any ideas?
  7. The Better Side Of Town, Pt. 1

    You might have asked, if Province was that neglected and awful, why would it be increasing in population? After all, Detroit decreased in population immensely after the motor boom. The truth is, Province did have a massive drop in population in the 70's after the rail industry collapsed. Previously at around 350,000 metro population, the area decrease significantly in population down to the 92,000 today. However, its lowest point was in 1996 at just over 50,000 metro population. So why did it rebound in the 2000s? Well, first off, districts like the Revolution District were designated, along with heritage sites preserving important buildings. This meant that buildings about to go under the axe were later preserved, like the remains of the original town hall, burned in a fire in 1906: The National Park association in Moneyland helps provide funds in order to maintain these buildings. In addition to the old town hall, the Revolution District is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Northwestern Moneyland. This building in the western portion of the Revolution District is Revolution Hall, one of the oldest buildings ever built and the building for which the Revolution District is named after. Built in 1856, the building underwent a massive renovation in 1950. The building was used for a courtroom until the population of Province got too big to support it. Today it is a popular tourist attraction for guided tours. It is also the National Park HQ for Jiff Hold. This is Morgan Hall, or better known as the Morgan Aquarium. This building was originally designed to be a massive auditorium in 1890, but later was changed into an aquarium after Camp Abalazone and the Province Strip opened in 1960, allowing for much bigger venues. In 1913, Claude Debussy traveled to Moneyland to deliver one of the most famous concerts in Province. The Steinway piano he played on is still on display at Revolution Hall after being moved in 1961. At the far west of the Revolution District, we have the Church of St. Andreas. This church is situated at the intersection between Morgan Street and Sainte Andreas Avenue, one of the most famous intersections in Province. Morgan Street is a main thoroughfare that goes all the way from the ML-175 freeway in Empire Bluffs to Brotherhood Avenue a block further east from this intersection. Sainte Andreas is a small farm road down south up in the Monroe Mountain Ranges until it makes its way north to Province Strip. The Monroe Mountain Ranges are home to some very special small villages that are worth their own entry. As for the Church of St. Andreas herself, she has stood there since 1859, without much renovation. As such, the church is not in the best condition today, however Province is still arguing with the Federal Government to get funding. Here is the intersection between Morgan Street and Brotherhood Avenue East. This marks the end of Morgan Street. Brotherhood Avenue East is one of very few in the entirety of Province that is paved with gray tarmac instead of black that is found commonplace. Funnily enough, the final block of Morgan also has gray tarmac on it. * Brotherhood Avenue is another famous east-west thoroughfare in Province. Going from the ghetto-like neighborhoods of Fleetus Meadow (will cover later) to the wealthy Province Strip, then all through the eastern suburbs as a divided 4-lane highway with Michigan Lefts, it is the longest single named road in all of Province. *I know you are dying for a map, Cimtographer to the rescue coming soon! All Righty. Another short entry here, but will go faster later. It's getting late here, and we'll be ready for an *original* adventure next time! Tschüss!
  8. I've been trying to figure this out. I downloaded NAM 35 so i could use the highways, but i don't know how to add exits and entrances to the normal SimCity 4 default roads. I recorded a video of what i mean.. Could someone please help me figure out how to do that please?
  9. Hello again! As you have been informed, today's entry will be a different kind from the usual posts I make in my CJ. Today, I wanted to share some of my recent changes and experiments regarding to how Mistral's roadways could look in the future and whether if that prospect seems to be promising enough that I will keep the changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recreating the Roadways: Using the JPN Sidewalk Mod Interestingly, this change came to be due to some overriding base texture problems with Paeng's Sandstone Texture Mod and RMIP Airport Lots. Finding a solution to this problem was quite tough for me to solve without the help of other people, but it did give me another opportunity to change the sidewalk mod I was currently using at that time to something else. This is when I glossed through the internet for potential listings and the JPN Sidewalk Mod was a definitive answer to that desire. Here are some pictures I took in Birdwater Point to see what the effect it would have on my city. However, one of the sidewalk mod's weakness is that it does not appear on NWM roads as well as some curved roadways. Still, I awfully like the changes it brings. Overall, I have been pleased with this mod. It is especially very good at spicing up urban areas where buildings are bunched up together in close proximity. Indeed, I felt that this can give me the "Mistralian" city look that I always wanted. However, on the flip side, the street version is not up to snuff with the sole idea that this mod can and will blocks people's driveways with fences in my suburbs. That idea will just not fly with me anytime soon. Still, I might have to replace those streets with SAM oriented ones. Do note that I am still deciding to keep the mod or revert that change anytime in the future. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One More Thing... If you have stuck around long enough to read about my excited ramblings, then I will award you yet another thing I am working on at the moment. Do note that its still a WIP and is still subject to change as I get to grips on how airports work. (I spent two days figuring out what the RMIP lots do in order to get me to this point.) Do leave a comment about your thoughts and thank you for your time! - Artimus
  10. Hi, I'm trying to find the ORIGINAL package of roads parameters and proprieties, and the package of the houses (civs). I've tried the Game package, DLC, EP1, APP, Graphic, etc, but most of the parameters such as models, proprieties are no there. I don't know if I would be able to reach CapTon, Oppie or any other original SimCity 2013 "veterans" of modding, but if someone can point me in the right direction, I appreciate very much. Scaletho
  11. NAM Road Names

    Hi all, new user here. I finally got NAM installed and have been going through some of the new roads. However, I noticed that there is a little speech bubble that shows the names of the roads when trying to build, which I find quite annoying. Is there anyway to turn this off? Thanks!
  12. Roads on Hills

    I found a couple posts about building roads up some hills, but I couldn't find them again. I followed the "how to grow a gentle slope" but that is on a flat land. What I want to find is how to climb a hill with roads upwards. I tried terraforming with RR but that just flatens the terrain, and NOT climb up a hill. I won't go for the 45 degrees climb that Maxis allows, they look ridiculous. Any ideas ?
  13. Version 1.0


    Mod Requirement(s):: Cities XXL Community Patch Mod XL Nation Furniture Dependency Pack Game Requirement(s):: Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Cities XXL Note: This Mod Can't Install Both Files With Traffic Lights Mod For XXL Because it might not work, Make Sure You Removed Traffic Lights Mod For XL/XXL and This Mod is Replacement For Traffic Lights Into Stop Signs Mod For XL/XXL
  14. Hey everybody. Pls help me debug this problem. My roads sometimes flicker: It only happens occasionally, and it's usually the roads. Sometimes I see other textures flicker a bit, like roofs of buildings and tops of quays. I'm running a ton of mods. Is there an easy way to list them out as text? My rig: i7 6700k, gtx 1080, 32gb ram How should I go about trying to debug this? I've tried various things with no luck so far.
  15. FLUPs Questions

    I've Googled these and not seen any (obvious) recent discussions: 1) What's the capacity of a generic FLUP "route" under something? Is it simply so fat that it's limited only by what I connect to it? 2) Does a FLUP ramp grant road access to lot(s) that point to the side of it? I wouldn't expect it to do so, but hovering lots seem to like pointing their arrows at them, so I'm not sure.
  16. Commute Times

    Okay, I have been using this mod as a quick fix to residential zones getting dilapidated due to long commute times. This mod forces residents to work from home rather than to use transit networks to get to work. This is supposed to be a quick workaround to prevent the ZOT icon from popping up, but also preventing homes from looking like crap. Only problem is that I don't get to see my roads and transit networks being used. Aside from mostly freight trucks, a lot of roads just look empty, especially my highway networks. Obviously I could just improve my knowledge and skills by creating more efficient transit layouts. But I'm more interested in creating cities and regions for aesthetic appeal rather than proper functionality. I also don't know if I even have the patience to sit through countless tutorials about laying out road and highway networks. Does anyone know of any mods that are similar to the one posted above? Anything that helps reduce traffic congestion and commute times, but doesn't prevent the transit networks from actually being used. Thanks.
  17. Messy junction

    Version 1.0.0


    Ok. This is my first creation. First, I want your honest opinion. It`s a bit messy and you might need to change some roads but everything should be working. If you have any ideas how I can improve this junction, please tell me.
  18. Medieval city building game

    Are there any good medieval city building games? or does such an type of game not exist?
  19. How do i solve traffic Problems in cities skylines? Such as massive traffic jams on the higwhay exit?
  20. How do i build in Simcity 4 a big sucessfull metropolis? How Long does it take to build such an big City with over 1 million inhabitants?
  21. So, I embarked an retrofitting some NAM. First, is it a known issue on an OWR-5 that some automata go the wrong way? Down the center lane? (see screen shot) Second, I could not figure out how to make RD-6 turns. I ended up with intersections which don't really make sense. But it was a first attempt. I see with grading and everything else why the focus it on roads first. Thanks!
  22. i was wondering if this is a common issue in the game... you can see the middle normal road has a nice 90 degree natural curve, now when i try to apply it to the dirt road version it doesn't work or just goes back to the normal road look. Anyone know any solutions around this?
  23. Random Lines

    From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

  24. Well, it seems Ive finally tried the impossible. Ive always lived in hilly areas and it is very, very common to have roads/streets/rail what have you cross each other. I used the land bridge mod to create the bridge but cannot find any way to get a road/avenue/highway to plop (is that the right word?) under the bridge tile. My searching has revealed either it doesn't exist or it doesn't exist. I found a reference to a Japanese mod for under bridge extenders but the site redirects to dead locations. Does anyone know how to do this or where to find extenders? Or how to build roads under land bridges? I see there are tons of extenders for other items...just no roadways. Thanks in advance, John
  25. Roads not smoothing

    Hi Everyone This is a new account, but I have been playing simcity 4 and have been on Simtropolis before. Anyway, I recently came back to the game and my roads are not smoothing along the terrain (see pic) I tried to have a smooth progression to the bridge and levelling off the terrain with streets doesn't help. I can't remember this happening before. Does anyone know if this is a problem or if this is just normal? Any idea how I can fix this, if it is not a technical issue and instead my game play? I also have the slope mod for bullet train installed. Thanks for any help

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