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City-building game(s)

Found 12 results

  1. FINISHED PROJECTS R$ Pack Santiaguino 1 CS$ Pack Santiaguino 1 R$$ Mini Pack Santiaguino 1 CO$$ Pack Porteño 1 CS$$ Pack Limeño 1 WIP PROJECTS (Projects that I'm committed to finish) R$$ Pack Santiaguino 1 CS$ Mini Pack Limeño 1: Two models based on stores in Lima, Peru. Banco de La Provincia de Buenos Aires (ON HOLD): A small wall-to-wall bank located in Buenos Aires, Argentina FUTURE PROJECTS Projects that I'd like to eventually start but I can't guarantee that these will actually be made R$ Pack Limeño 1 R$$ Pack Porteño (Argentina) 1 ID Mini Pack Belo Horizontino 1 * Subject to change ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Post ---------------------- Hi everyone, I'm creating this thread to showcase some of my (amateur) work. I have very little experience with batting but I want to improve my batting skill and hopefully release some decent BATs in the near future. I cannot say right now how dedicated I'll be, but we shall see! I'm planning on modelling mostly low to medium density and low wealth buildings (C$ and R$) and possibly some medium wealth buildings later on. I'll try to model versatile buildings from major Latin American cities (but mostly from Lima and Santiago) so that they can fit in a 'general' or stereotypical latin american city. As you may know, many latin american cities share a lot of the same architecture but there are some differences nevertheless. I have two current projects for the moment: one 1x1 C$ W2W building and one 1x2 C$ W2W building. Both are based on real buildings located in Santiago, Chile (1x1 building and 1x2 building). The modelling is done(?) so now I have to apply the textures. I'm not aiming for exact replicas by the way. 1rst BAT: house and small restaurant 2nd BAT: Mini market/apartments, mini gas distribution center, apartments Now, I have some questions/doubts: 1 - I don't know how I should model or texture the restaurant so that it looks like the real one (link above) 2- I have no clue how the roofs should look like. Keep in mind that in many of these older Chilean buildings there is no AC system (in this case, since these buildings are in Santiago, they might have a gas heating system, but I'm not sure).
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This pack is ispired by real houses mostly from Peru, Ecuador and Brazil (the South America). Pack consists of 50 residential BATs of low wealth. Size of BATs: only 1x2 Growth stage: 1st, 2nd, 4th Dependencies: BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02 (recommend)
  3. South America

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of South America. Zip contains grayscale, SC4M and config file. All large cities.. Lots of them.
  4. CS$$ Pack Limeño 1

    Version 1.0.0


    Brief Introduction This pack contains four low rise CS$$ buildings based on various buildings located in the historic center of Lima, Peru, a.k.a. the city of Kings. These buildings were all built prior to the 19th century, during Spanish rule. Basic Information - Lot sizes: 1x1 (corner), 2x2 (corner), 1x2 - Stages: 2 - Tileset: all - Standard Maxis Nightlights. Dependencies As always, only one dependency for now. Notes - I have not included landmark versions for my buildings. If you wish to plop them, please use the "buildingplop" cheat. You can find them by their names (see picture above). You can follow my work here. Enjoy!
  5. San Andrés, Estado de Boyacá

    Replies Schriefer Thanks Schriefer! Tonraq You’re welcome to the Marriott amigo! Richie99 Thanks a lot! elavery Thanks Eugene, can’t wait for you next updates juliok92012 Thanks Julio infamousjbe Yes! The mall is available here http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1248 Don’t forget to download all the dependencies! tankmank Thank you very much! MatTSW Yes it is! SimRico Don’t forget your sunscreen compadre! TekindusT Thanks a lot! Neto Dari Obrigado amigo! Paulobergonci Well, maybe that’s because I’ve been more than once in LatAm, Poverty and violence are far from being the first things that come to my mind when I think of South America. Nathan_spcity Thanks for your comment Huston Much cheaper than Cancun or the Bahamas and much more authentic Ln X Homemade textures by Heblem! I use them all the time because they are a much better option city89 the mall: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1248 and the hotels are made by Simgoober, they are all available on the STEX simcityplayer15 All my work is made with the Lot Editor. The textures are personal textures made by Heblem and they are not available for download. I generally make big lots and then simply plop them in the game. Thanks for your comment amigo juliok92012 Já mandei no 4shared Ciudad de San Andrés Estado de Boyacá San Theodoros is back! Been pretty busy with RL stuff between work and studies, just graduated from university (yayy) and now looking for a job. Meanwhile I had a little extra time to work on my new city So, welcome to the city of San Andrés, capital of the State of Boyacá! Located in the North of the country, bordering French Guiana, the State of Boyacá is the agricultural heart of San Theodoros. That region is known worldwide for its great coffee and fruits. More recently, it converted into a major center for the production of textile, steel, cement and pharmaceutical products. The city is experiencing a significant development and the region of Boyacá is the richest in the country, San Andrés being the third richest city after Los Dopicos (our proud capital city, Viva!) and Rio de Maio in our nation. The city was founded in 1701 by Colombian separatists, at the same time, Venezuelan separatists would found the city of Los Dopicos. In order to fund the rebellion against the Spanish Crown presence in South America, Los Separatistas will extensively develop agriculture and industry in those two regions. San Andrés still bears the heavy influence of those Colombian refugees, with traditional Vallenato Music, the sombreros vueltiaos (traditional hats) and the Bandeja Paisana, a local version of the Colombian bandeja paisa. Downtown Plaza del Pueblo, a gigantic plaza where most of the colonial center can be found Some residential neighborhoods near the Downtown area View of the Central Bus Station of the city A Parent-teacher reunion in a local school
  6. Map of Republic of Ecuador (SouthAmerica)

    Version 1.0


    Map of Republic of Ecuador (SouthAmerica) Includes Coast, Highlands, Amazon, and Galapagos (4 regions in 1 country ) Big and principal cities places where it should be located as Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca terrain the map is really big for all cities has Ecuador and part of Peru amazon 1) Download and Unzip 2) Put the content on your regions folder/directory 3) Start the game and select Ecuador region 4) Hold down CONTROL + ALT +SHIFT +R 5) Search for Ecuador folder, open it and select the Ecuador_E.jpg file. Make sure the file name appears in the dialogue's file box. 6) click Ok and the render will start ( it may takes several minutes for rendering depending on your system's performance, remember its a big region, be patient it will be worth the wait 7) Enjoy ¡¡ #AllYouNeedIsEcuador
  7. Hullaqa, the city in the clouds

    Replies Hazani Pratama Thanks Hazani! Ln X Thank you Those roads literally changed my life as a SC4 player, I was tired of the standard Maxis roads, those ones are more realistic to me. MatTSW Hahaha well, I could have added more sunbathers props on the beach, I was a bit lazy on that one, but be assured that the beaches in Rio de Mayo are filled with thousands of beautiful chicks pingpong Thanks a lot pingpong! Luiz P. Romanini Obrigado Luiz, really appreciate it coming from a true Carioca Schriefer Obrigado my friend! mike_oxlong Thank you ! elavery Thanks buddy! Leszczyk Haha well this is a pretty rich city pasqualegiò Thank you! Siriyakon The Copacabana sidewalk I used is not available for download and I am not authorized to distribute it, but some great Copacabana textures are available on the STEX : As for the texture on the avenue median and the sidewalk near the buildings, it is a regular BSC texture GeometryMath Algebra Thanks for your comment my friend, again the textures I used are mostly BSC textures that are available on the BSC Mega texture pack gigius76 Thank you! sejr99999 Thanks a lot! Totally agree, C4creeper Some of the best buses modeled so far As for the cars you can't actually disable the traffic in the game, unless play with the pause mode from the beginning. My cities are 100% eye-candy and made with the LE, so nothing is functional, all the cars are props, not automata. Thanks for your comment! Thibinha The road textures are a custom pack made by Heblem from LBT Team. It is not available for download, but I can send you the files. simcityplayer15 Thanks simcityplayer15! Again, everything I make is eye-candy, props only, nothing functional. MilitantRadical Thanks a lot my Ontarian friend (and neighbour)! Currently -17C in Quebec Alex_1210 Thank you! Kruness Thanks a lot! Paulobergonci Obrigado Tonraq You will always be welcome in San Theodoros! Thank you! TekindusT Thank you TekindusT! Nathan_spcity Obrigado my Goiano friend! Really appreciate it! The road textures and the Calçada are not available for download, but the rest is Neto Dari Obrigado! tankmank Thanks a lot! AeonProjects Thank you very much! feeroz123 Thanks feeroz! Well, you probably play using automata, I don't. My work is 100% Lot Editor, nothing is functional, the cars are static props th3_jok3r Obrigado! I'M using the HD White Sand Beach Mod ( ) and the Cabo de Arraial Beach Mod for the Water. The water mod is not available for download anymore, since it was exclusively available on the SimCityBrasil Website, which doesn't work anymore. Some people are working to get it back on track, but the custom content that is available for download disappeared. spursrule14 Thank you! Benedict Thanks a lot Ben! КaZZ Thank you! Hellken Thanks a lot Estado Nuevo del Altiplano, Ciudad de Hullaqa Hullaqa (pronounce H-u-lia-kha) is the third largest city in San Theodoros with about 225,000 inhabitants, located to the east of the Gran Chapo desert, in the department of Estado Nuevo del Altiplano. On the San Theodoran Altiplano, the city is 2,500 meters (8,202 feet) above sea level causing locals and visitors to call it The City In The Clouds. It is surrounded by mountains filled with gold, diamonds, copper, iron and silver. The high concentrations of precious metals (the highest in the world) lead to a gold-and-everything-that-is-worth-many-pesos rush after the end of the Gran Chapo war between San Theodoros and its neighboring country, Nuevo Rico in 1937. San Theodoros became then one of the richest countries in the world. Unfortunately, an earthquake destroyed the whole city in 1956, and following the rise to power of dictator General Tapioca in 1959, poor management and corruption prevented the government from making investments, leaving Hullaqa almost abandoned. Following the arrival to the presidential palace of General Alcazar in 1972, the San Theodoran communist junta heavily invested in the modernization of the infrastructures all over the country, which was suddenly stopped because the government wanted to modernize its military forces. The city, which was slowly recovering from the wounds of the past, saw thousands of new immigrants from all over the country and South America. Despite the enormous resources of the region, the city is the poorest in the country. General Alcazar’s government promised a $350 billion investment to rebuild the whole city and turn it into the country’s most modern city. Overview of the city, located in the middle of the mountains. Chaotic traffic in the streets of Hullaqa. 90% of the streets of the city are not paved and are pretty narrow, which makes Hullaqa the worst place in San Theodoros to drive. The Cristo Blanco a 30 meters (98ft) tall art deco statue, built in 1960 after the terrible earthquake in order to protect the city. Hundreds of people come each day to pray or visit this monument.
  8. ERJ_2x2Bldg_02

    Version 1


    ERJ_2x2Bldg_02 HD NO dependencies!! ERJ_2x2Bldg_02 HD is another W2w building inspired by a building in Lima, belongs to the "Instituto de Formación Bancaria." Again, it is HD, gmax-rendered. Comes in both growable and ploppable version, both with 450 CO$$ Jobs. Installation: Unzip the file and place it in your plugins folder located in /Documents/Simcity4/Plugins. Delete this readme and the pictures, or use BSC Cleanitol for a faster game. dependencies: NONE! Now... the usual legal gibberish, Don´t distribute it without my previous authorization, use at your own risk, etc. Enjoy! erjolog B.S. Civil Engineering '16 For other languages, para otros lenguages, für andere Sprache, voor een ander Taal, use: translate.google.com
  9. ERJ_2x2Bldg_01

    Version 1


    ERJ_2x2Bldg_01 HD I know most people don't bother reading the ReadMe!... so I'll be brief. NO dependencies!! Alright, for those of you who want to know more: ERJ_2X2Bldg_01 is a W2W building inspired by a run-down building in the centre of Lima, Perú, though it is not exactly the same. It is intended as a 2x2 filler that can be placed in corners, on its own, or between two (or more) W2W buildings. It's not a fancy bat, I finished it in one afternoon and I really did not pay much attention to detail (as I said... it is a filler). The style is modernist and can be used for pretty much any city style. I made this Bat using HD gmax. Why? Because I am too lazy to create a day/night version in Autocad for a filler, yet I love high def. Installation: Unzip the file and place it in your plugins folder located in /Documents/Simcity4/Plugins. Delete this readme and the pictures, or use BSC Cleanitol for a faster game. dependencies: NONE! Stats: 511 CO$$ Jobs, both grow and plop Stage Grow 7 Now... the usual legal gibberish, Don´t distribute it without my previous authorization, use at your own risk, etc. Enjoy! erjolog B.S. Civil Engineering '16 For other languages, para otros lenguages, für andere Sprache, voor een ander Taal, use: translate.google.com
  10. Arequipa, Peru.



    G'Day Simtropians, Today I wish to upload a map requested courtesy of SimCityFuturist here at Club Simtrop. Thanks mate. This is a high and difficult map and a bit large too. Arequipa is the capital of Arequipa Region in Peru and is situated at 2335m. Dominated by Chachani and El Misti at 6067m and 5822m respectively. See me up CLOSE and personal. This is a real world map and is terrain and scale accurate, Wouanagaine's mapper is required to import it into SC4,Terraformer will flattop everything over 6000m. It measures 98.304km x 65.536km. A readme is included containing links and instructions. That's all I think. Cheers
  11. Lima, Capital of Peru.



    G'Day Simtropians, Today's map I am presenting I made a few months back when the STEX was a little awry and not accepting much, any how things are better now and this is a map of the capital of Peru, Lima. I apologise for the pic I must have been asleep when I made the original config.bmp. The map is good though the pic is naff. This is a real world map and was produced with dem and satellite data. It is scale and terrain accurate and requires Wouanagaine's mapper or terraformer to import it into SC4. The map measures 65.536km x 73.728km. A readme with links and instructions is included. (Gratis) That's all I think. Cheers
  12. Cusco, Capital of the Incas. Peru.



    G'day Simtropians, Today is a fine day here at Club Simtrop with the re-instatement of the STEX as the premiere upload repository of SC4 custom content. This map just squeaks in with 0.05MB to spare. Today's map I wish to present is courtesy of a request here at simtrop from Prod178, Thanks mate. Cusco, Peru located at a nose bleeding 3500m and surrounded by the Andes Mountains was the ancient Inca capital from the 14th to the 16th centuries. An earthquake in 1950 destroyed one third of the city. This is a real world map and measure 69.632km x 73.728km and is terrain and scale accurate. Produced with dem data and utilisiing 16bit mapping techniques, the map is in .SC4M format. It requires Wouanagaine's mapper to import it into SC4. Links and instructions are in the readme and a few pics. I think That's all. Cheers

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