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City-building game(s)

Found 20 results

  1. Claremore, OK

    Some nice pictures of my town for all of you.
  2. Chapter 5: Two Major Milestones

    Welcome back! (WL is short for Woodland) Click on the images for full screen (most are in 1920x1080) Another beautiful morning! Ahh, lovin' those gravel roads... After much saving up, we finally build Woodland's first ever Fire Station! Although it's not a Maxis Station, it is $150/month (cheaper than the $250 from a large station!) and has three fire trucks, instead of two! Today is a special day for this town... It's time to finally PAVE the roads! After much traffic problems, I think it's time we......(I turn my head looking West) What the? You see the smoke out in the distance? It's coming from River town! (Just as I said that the phone rang) *Phone rings* *Picks up phone* Me: This is Mayor Whiz, how may I help you? Caller: It's Paul, (the chief of police in WL River Town) We're burnin' down!!! Me: What? Caller: Our town's about to go up in flames! We got a huge forest fire out there! Me: I'll help! I just built a fire station! *Phone connection lost* I drive over to the fire station in a panic.. Me: Big fire at River City!!! Come on let's go!!! I hitch a ride on a fire truck and we head west to WL River City (Yes, we finally built an actual neighbor connection, no more 1 hour hikes!) We make it to WL River City and see smoke with large flames out in the distance: Mathew: You got firefighters?!?! Thank god! We're about to burn up, I got the town evacuated, they're at Pleasantville for now! Look at that massive wall of flames coming our way! On a hot summer afternoon, lies the arduous task of putting out a town-threatening fire. The fire apparently started from a lightning strike and due to wind direction suddenly shifting, it became a massive "wall" of flames that walked towards the town. It finally got as close as the rail road, which thankfully stopped the fire from spreading any further. However, the houses and train stations could go up in flames if any cinders hit them and turn the city that has given us electricity into a raging inferno! (The fire reaches the railroad as our town's entire firefighter caste fights to save Mathew's industrial town from a raging inferno. Mathew hasn't built a fire station yet.) The fire spreads westward north of the houses and consumes the houses outside the town: Luckily, the rest of the town will be spared. After hours of hose spraying, we actually manage to get control of the inferno. Only a few houses are burnt down... The firefighters return to WL Town, and I stay over at WL River City. The next morning...we get treated to a small riot: One police station later: The riot is calmed. Some very angry citizens as a result of the fire (they lost all their possessions in the fire) The beautiful forest that surrounds this town are now charred and dead... Mathew: It's going take years for all those woods to grow back! Me: Hey look at the bright side, at least you won't feel guilty cutting those trees down to expand the town anymore! Mathew: True, I was going to expand westward eventually, but I used to love taking long walks through the woods and so did a lot of my citizens. That's one of the biggest reasons they live here. And man thank you so much for saving my town! My town wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for your firefighters! Me: Don't need to thank me, you saved my town from obliteration! (Chapter 2). For that I am eternally grateful. You save my city and I'll always save yours if you ever have trouble. That's what best friends are for! I return back to my town... ----------South Residential Expansion---------- In order to meet the very high residential demands, a new residential sector will be created that extends south of the main town. Stats as of now before expansion: We have nearly $25,000 in the bank and we're a modest $400 a month. Residential demand is up the roof! The roads are drawn... (Note that these roads were drawn before the gravel roads) New growth: Found the pics of the gravel roads being added! Before: After: (Six new windmills were built in order to meet power demands. We're producing 1200MW and receiving 1000MW from WL River Town) Schools are finally having an effect! A new DSW shoe warehouse store: A new trail among the beautiful woods behind the store: Our population is now over 4000 sims, and we're making over $700 a month! New farms were built known as the North Farming Sector: Beautiful evening at Central Square Ghosts congregate at the cemetery, telling each other stories of the lives they lived and kids they scared The next day, we get hit by a thunderstorm... Storm season's been pretty quiet this year, although next year is predicted to be intense since there's an air current that comes down every couple years that allows severe storms. This is a weather pattern that results in tornadoes but only every 3-5 years. A downpour in an April afternoon: Some back yards are flooded but amid the rain the baseball and soccer teams still practice in the flooded fields! A few days later, the East Residential area gets an expansion: Even after the growth, residential demand is still very high. I finally decide to take the leap... I zone medium density residential and commercial around the central square area And up they go! This is a huge milestone, and the first sign of urbanization. They grow up so fast! ==========The First Apartments========== Medium density offices will soon be built here as well. The apartments line up around the Main Central Square area, which someday, will be the Down Town! Population is now over 5000 and we're making nearly $1000 a month! Now it's over 6000 and we're making over $1200 a month! We have $45,200 in the bank! That's the most we ever had! Let the good times continue!!! However...While the town may be booming now, all the new apartments have made traffic issues much worse: (Note the new mansion! Our first R-$$$ House, that's another milestone!) Mathew warned us about this. This brings us to the next major milestone: ==========The First Roads!========== The roads are paved along the Main Central Square and extend to North and South Industries (Where most people work) Much better! There's still some trouble spots but there's definitely improvement! Also take note that we tore down the six windmills that were around the cemetery. Mayor Mathew built a second coal power plant so now we're receiving 4000MW of power a month for only $243/month! That's much better than the $300/month for 1200MW of power from the windmills! In the mansion in the above image lives my friend Ben, the manager of one of the low density CO-$$$ business. Thanks to all the traffic, he was able to make huge profits and have a big mansion built right down the road so he only has to walk to work. He's done a lot of good things to this city! *Thunder* (Notices distant flashes of lightning in the night sky) Another powerful thunderstorm heads our way on this fine evening... On that note, let's end it here. To be continued... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay tuned for Chapter 6! Story Summary (For those who are in a rush) A lot has happened in this chapter! First we saved the neighboring city (Woodland River Town) from a raging wall of fire by sending our firefighters from our town, to which Mayor Mathew highly appreciated. We got back, and expanded the east housing in our town, got hit by a few thunderstorms, built more farms, created a south residential area, first apartments, first mansion (R-$$$) and first paved roads ever. We also got our power deal increased from 1000MW/m to 4000MW/m, and we no longer need power plants. All the power we receive now comes from Mathew's town. Population has increased from 2000 to 6100 and profit from $400 to $1200 a month. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comment Replies from last Update (Chapter 4 Part 2) @Tonraq: I'm glad too! Loans ain't cheap! @Kim Sunwoo: Thank Mayor Mathew for that, if he didn't come in and stop the obliteration, this journal would really be a two-update short story! @dabadon5: Thank you! @Paulobergonci: Glad you like it! I want to play the game as fair but realistically as possible, and balance things out. I'll always make beautiful shots but also show normal in-game shots as this city grows. One day when it hits 1 million we can look back to this update and remember the memories! @anytownUSA: It is indeed. You'll later on see another town (in a future update) that learned the hard way about growth... @VonCheese: That's what makes the game fun, I enjoy a challenge! I want to show the beauty of this game and Photoshop as well without neglecting the core aspects of the game play! At heart, this CJ is about a town that goes from 0 to 1 million sims, and every obstacle it overcomes. It's the story that makes it interesting, and this is still only the beginning of this journey! @jolteon: Thank you! And I did by using Paint.Net, creating a 2nd layer, creating white blobs and blurring and distorting (use dents) them then repeating until they were realistic enough. (Hint: Multiple layers of different shades of white) Before that, I also took a pic of both cities and pasted them together (I'll post a tutorial later down the road)
  3. So I started building RHW(new to RHW btw) to reduce regional traffic then I notice that the trucks are constantly changing lanes or doing a zigzag movement........please help!!! Here's a photo https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gij4k6il26idqj/20170329_232144.jpg?dl=0
  4. Quito, Ecuador

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the map of the Quito City, Ecuador. The size of the map is 12x20. Installation 1. Download the File RAR. 2. Unzip the file. 3. Copy the File in Documents/Simcity4/Region 4. Open the game and play. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Este es el mapa de la ciudad de Quito, Ecuador El Tamaño del Mapa es 12x20 Instalación 1. Descargar el archivo RAR. 2. Descomprimir el archivo 3. Copiar la carpeta en Documentos/Simcity4/Región 4. Abre el juego y a jugar.
  5. Monterrey, Mexico

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the map of the Monterrey City, Mexico. The size of the map is 24x24. Installation 1. Download the File RAR. 2. Unzip the file. 3. Copy the File in Documents/Simcity4/Region 4. Open the game and play. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Este es el mapa de la ciudad de Monterrey, México El Tamaño del Mapa es 24x24 Instalación 1. Descargar el archivo RAR. 2. Descomprimir el archivo 3. Copiar la carpeta en Documentos/Simcity4/Región 4. Abre el juego y a jugar.
  6. Introduction

    Welcome to Tecta, the Jewel of the USU! This CJ is about a city that I abandoned about 2 years ago and have recently began playing again. It had some major issues, some of which still aren't resolved, and I'm hoping to get some constructive criticism on how to fix them. Without any more introductions, I'm going to give you some history and information on the region's largest city, North Bank City. North Bank City is the largest city and county seat of Kelly County. The area has been inhabited by native Sims for hundreds of years, but only became an incorporated city in 1937, when Bruce Upleger established the Village of Upleger. In 1963, the city was renamed North Bank City, because of its position on the Pelham River. From here, the city's population slowly increased until it was at about 75,000 in 1991. From here, the population boomed and it is now at 101,000. This population boom was due to the high availability of jobs in the city. The economy also grew during this time, because of the tourism industry. 1. North Bank City is located near the Pelham River Delta area. This is prime location for shipping and transportation. Much of the city outside of downtown consists of suburbs and smaller business and commercial parks. 2. Downtown North Bank City, nicknamed "The Bank", is located on the northern bank of the Pelham River. Here you can see famous tourist destinations such as the National One Bank Tower, Perry Station, Taylor Performing Arts Center, Central Park, and the North Bank Zoo. 3. Central Park has been part of the Urban Renewal Project set up in 2011. Before the park, there were old, dilapidated low-class housing projects that were quite the eyesore. The residents were moved to better housing in the many suburbs surrounding North Bank City. 4. Town Circle is the center point of the city. It separates downtown and midtown and is used by almost any Sim that has to commute downtown. 5. Perry Station is the famous first train station built in North Bank City. Erected in 1945, this station has seen trains carrying passengers, ammunition, soldiers, and vehicles. It also houses a WWII museum. 6. Here is a very simple transit map. Key: Red - Interstate Yellow - Beltway Green - Rail/Rail Station Purple - Avenue Thank you for reading this! I hope it isn't too terrible! The next update will probably be more of the tourism and transportation of NBC (North Bank City). Again, thank you!
  7. http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2016/apr/06/great-city-buildings-demolished-destroyed-les-halles Article that does exactly what the topic says, interesting how many excellent buildings have vanished!
  8. Yuzhnouralsk Urban District

    Version 1.0


    This is a real world map of Yuzhnouralsk. Notice: this map represents the landscape BEFORE the Yuzhnouralsk reservoir created Yuzhnouralsk (Russian: Южноура́льск) is a town in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, located on the Uvelka River 88 kilometers (55 mi) south of Chelyabinsk. Natural resources: 1. Has no Oil 2. Has Ore 3. Has Farming places 4. Has Forests 5. Has Water Outside Connections: 1. Has Highway Connections 2. Has Train Connections 3. Has no Ship Connections 4. Has Plane Connections Map theme: Boreal Suitable area for building: 90% Put the .crp file in: C:/Users/*Your username*/AppData/Local/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/Maps P.S.: This town is not on the north, but I had to make it boreal just because of the pines
  9. Yuzhno-Kurilsk



    Yuzhno-Kurilsk (Russian: Южно-Курильск) is an urban locality (an urban-type settlement) and the administrative center of Yuzhno-Kurilsky District of Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. Population: 5,832(2010 Census). It is the largest settlement on the Kunashir Island of the Kuril Islands. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuzhno-Kurilsk Install: 1. Download. 2. Unzip the contents to a folder: AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps (windows 7) 3. Play Game!
  10. Bay Adelaide Centre West

    Version 1.0


    I (Kellydale2003) present to you Bay Adelaide Street West! HISTORY Bay Adelaide Centre West is a real life 51-story tower in Toronto, Ontario. Located at 333 Bay Street, the 218M skyscraper was completed in 2009 and is located in the heart of Canada's largest financial district. With preserving heritage an important part of Toronto, the developers of Bay Adelaide Centre preserved the historical corner building by building over it whilst maintaining the facade of the building - with some restoration help, of course. This is also a very unique building due to its revolutionary night lighting. Using photometric realistic lighting combined with strategically placed bump maps, the illusion of realism is created. The total project rendering time for day and night is 332 hours (almost like the real life address - 333 Bay Street). This is the largest building ever exported using this revolutionary and high-memory-intensive technique. DEPENDENCIES NEEDED .... JUST KIDDING! ONLY DARKNIGHT IS INCLUDED! Unfortunately, due to high rendering times, the dark night version can only be exported. If you do not have Simfox's DarkNight Mod, download it (link is in the read me of this file). Support my thread by leaving a comment! Enjoy! , Kellydale2003
  11. Anadyr



    Anadyr is the easternmost town in Russia. Population: 14,029. Real area town 20km2. Install: 1. Download Russian or English version. 2. Unzip the contents to a folder: AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps (windows 7) 3. Play Game!
  12. Version


    Askol'd Island, located in the Peter the Great Gulf, Sea of Japan, 50 km from Vladivostok to the south-east and 40 km west of Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai). Area is 14,6 км². Mountainous island, and lots of steep cliffs. In the past, the Chinese on the island was mined gold, now the island is located 2 lighthouse and abandoned military buildings. Install: 1. Download Russian or English version. 2. Unzip the contents to a folder: AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps (windows 7) 3. Play Game!
  13. Hello everyone, it's been quite a while since I've last dropped by, but I digress. I wanted to try my hand at using the beautiful Real Highway mod, and after much frustration I managed to build my first interchange. However, I noticed something very strange. It seems that the interchange itself isn't recognized as a viable route to work...interestingly enough, the green car with the slash doesn't appear but the no job zot! There is no other way to the industrial complex. And yet, when I use Maxis highways, the pathfinder works just fine. Granted, I had to temporarily connect the zones, and then demolish the road, but the residents could find their job. If this happened, that means the custom network I worked so hard on is worthless. If Sims can't use those parts of the highways and just cram the avenues then there's no point in them! Could the problem be because I'm using the 8C Highways? Like the larger highways are prone to bugs? Maybe the interchange isn't built correctly? I'm VERY sure the yellow and white lines are lined up properly. If it helps, U-Drive-It is extremely buggy on my interchange. The car will disappear for no apparent reason in random places near the intersections and onramps. What the heck?
  14. Rhode Island

    Version 1.0


    This is a huge real scale map of the whole of Rhode Island, plus a bit extra around the edge! 78km x 85km
  15. Version 2.0


    Putyatin Island, located in the Peter the Great Gulf, Sea of Japan, 50 km from Vladivostok to the south-east and 35 km west of Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai). Area is 27,9 км². On Lake Gusinoe grow Nelumbo! The location of the island: https://www.google.ru/maps/@42.8515849,132.4565753,13z/data=!5m1!1e4
  16. Version 2.0


    Askol'd Island, located in the Peter the Great Gulf, Sea of Japan, 50 km from Vladivostok to the south-east and 40 km west of Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai). Area is 14,6 км². Mountainous island, and lots of steep cliffs. In the past, the Chinese on the island was mined gold, now the island is located 2 lighthouse and abandoned military buildings.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41z7CO0j3lI This is the real finale... enjoy!
  18. Tocoma City

    Welcome to the cj of Tocoma City. I created Tocoma City that is a mid-size city about a year ago. It is one of my favorite and realistic cities. It currently has a population of about 130 000 people in the city core. Enjoy the photos! comments and likes are appreciated! Here is a layout of central downtown The start of the Tocoma Highway which starts of with 2 lanes and expands into 10 lanes as it gets denser into the city More of the Tocoma Highway: Exit and on ramps and also a sign where the local Mcdonalds is: Up town in Tocoma suburbs just on the outskirts of the city: Tocoma industrial. Normally buildings are not allowed backed up on the highway but the old car factory was built much before the highway itself. Here is Central bridge, built 78 years ago. It leads into Tocoma with commuters and travelers having to pay a toll. The highway follows for many miles down south. The bridge enters just east of Tocoma downtown. To the right is mostly factories and to the left, is the municipal airport and the population gets denser as it nears the city centre. Here leading more into downtown with Tocoma university. It is small but very diverse with many of these buildings also being apart of the university such as the medical center on the bottom left. Many of the students take the monorail into school which next stops downtown. Here we can see Tocoma Central church. It was built almost 200 years ago when the Swiss started colonizing which gave the church as Swiss background and look. It is one of Tocoma's oldest buildings. Also you can see many expensive apartments and condos looking over the water, which rise on the banks on Tocoma's downtown. You can see Tocoma universities soccer field. Home to the Tocoma Tigers. It seats 30 000 and mostly sells out every game. It is located right infront of central downtown on many busy streets and monrails. It is located in some of the poorer parts, which most cities have. Passed the monorail line, starts the downtown core. The white clock tower is the second 3rd oldest building in Tocoma just after the old city library top middle. Many of the buildings in the picture are much older than the rest, being Tocoma's old district, with fine architecture. AND HERE IS THE BEAUTIFUL DOWNTOWN CORE. A midsize city with character and flare. The building on the water in the large house at the right is the mayor's mansion. The middle is the city hall at the old district, with the city museums and churches and the old clock tower, the left is the financial and business distict with more modern glass buildings. More left is the Swiss church with the unique diagonal building leading to downtown, and there are also many fancy residences along the water with beaches. We will look more into all this below. A closer look at central Tocoma This is Tocoma tower, a brown building with a spiking radio and television spire. It is the oldest and tallest building in Tocoma from its large spire. On to the more modern part as the financial and business district with Lavista hotel in the center, it cost $1000 a night to stay there. More downtown, day then night: A view of downtown from the water: Side view: View of the whole city. Downtown at the front, Central Bridge, the outskirts and the highways: It was a city a created long ago and one of my most favorite ones. Thanks for viewing and sorry about some of the job bubbles that pop up some pictures. Couldnt get them to go away :@ :@ Like and leave a comment. Thanks!
  19. Hi everyone, this is my first post and already a request (sorry, my bad) well, anyway, i've been playing the game for a while and downloaded tons of mods (increadible job by the modders!) and there is some thing that's been bugging me, and please correct me if i'm wrong (its the main purpose of this thread); the fact that there's no synergy between the diferent industries and between industries the population (and, of course, commercial)... sure all things contribute, but, as far as i know, you can have an economy without farms, dirty or manufacture industry... or not? What i was thinking was a mod (dont know if its even possible) where the caps where influenced by the fact that thers other industries around. I mean, you would need a chain of goods to get to high tech industries (sure you can have a few by virtualy importing raw goods, but, in the end, it'd get to a cap due to high costs). This way, the concept of specializing your cities would be more than pure cosmetics. Notes: this is just the core idea. *I dont know if this is possible or someone has the time or will to do this. *I dont have any programing or modding knowledge but i'd be more than happy to help in any way I can (research, discussion, concept developing...) *If this mod already exists, please link me!
  20. Realistic Night Lighting Mod

    Version 1.0


    Tired of dull nightlighting, and tiny dots for streetlights? This mod enhances the night lighting for the game, by giving the lighting in-game a complete overhaul! Features: - Brighter lights on buildings at nights - Streetlights are larger and brighter, they are also a more realistic, orange color as well. See your cities in a whole new way! * Please note that this mod was made from a series of experiments, and is still in the expiremental stage. This is the first version, and first mod that changes the streetlights, so it does have the following bugs: - Some tiling can be seen in the street lighting (common in diagonals). - The street lights could still be even larger and cover more (especially on large roads, but I can't at the moment due to tiling issue, but it will be done in the next version) Other than that, they are much better than the old, default lights. To install: 1. Download File 2. copy the .patch file into the paks folder 3. start up the game, switch to any of the night modes and see your cities like you never seen them before! 4. Enjoy!!

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