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About this City Journal

Small CJ I am half putting together, which will eventually hopefully lead to 4 large cities and lots of towns in between.

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Hey Everyone.

In this entry/episode, I do some big changes. The old block that I didn't like from the last part was completely wiped out and replaced with some suburbs, and also some undeveloped land to the north of that area was also developed. Not got much time so just pictures with no annotations coming up XD:






I've also downloaded a load of new BATs, and hopefully next episode they should start growing. Need to start looking into parks as well, as the maxis parks are looking a bit boring.

Thanks for looking/watching,



Quality should improve, only just uploaded.

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to part 2 of South City. This episode was largely based around expanding the RHW out to the north, building a second RHW that will cut from the east and go into the city and also build a small industrial zone. There were also some big expansions (kinda of blocky) to the residential and commercial zones just north of the previous commercial zones.


The junction linking the East-West highway to the North-South one.


The new junction, along with the new industrial zone and a new, smaller residential zone to fund development in the industrial zone.


The blocky bit I built near the end... not so sure on this bit, but could not really think what else would fit in. I tried to make it similar to British inner-cities, but I don't think the style of flats goes very well with that idea. I might go back over this next episode and space things out, as well as maybe downgrading to low density residential instead of mid-density.


An image of Cleverdon District so far. Still a lot of space to work with, especially to the East, just past the mountains. Looking forward to stretching the RHW out there and building some nice suburbia.


And an image of south city in general. The surrounding area seems big, and this is only a fraction of the whole region.

Thanks for looking/watching, and be sure to comment/rate with any useful tips or criticisms. Any suggestions for good lots would be appreciated, as I really want to expand the variety of buildings, but don't know where to start.



Ok. The aim of this CJ is gonna be something small that I am doing on the side of the youtube series. Kinda just a place where I can talk about what I am doing and get some extra ideas. It won't be anything big, with minimal amounts of images as I don't really have the time or patience to do that kinda stuff.

The plan is to have 4 major cities (North City, East City, South City and West City.) and then link them all up with RHW and build small towns along those highways. It may take a long time but I think I project in Sim City will bring me back to the game.

In regards to South City, this area (Cleverdon District) is going to be the suburban-inner city fringe, with some suburbs hopefully looping around the hills in the video. I'll have a highway cutting across the already built one, that will connect the suburbs on the other side and hopefully expand out to maybe a smaller city a few tiles away.

I plan for the downtown/CBD area to be on the lake tile, with it either being on one side of the lake or with the lake being the focal point of the area. Most of the highways will end up here, and hopefully form a loose grid/block system.

As for the industrial, I am not sure where I am going to put that. It might come at some later point, maybe in the north-east quadrant just north of where development in this video is.

Any ideas for addons or for design idea would be greatly appreciated. I have quite a lot of the basic dependencies, but in relativity probably not many XD. Also, I would prefer specific buildings instead of general comments about extra buildings.

That is pretty much it. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, I also try to play a few other games on it, but thought I should return to Sim City.




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