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City-building game(s)

Found 15 results

  1. I've searched and hadn't found a similar topic, so I'll post here. When playing with the SPAM addon, everything goes well at first, but pretty soon, most farms start to lose jobs. For example, a plot might go from 24 jobs to 15 or 39 to 32. Since agriculture is the base of the economy in SPAM cities, this triggers unemployment, especially in medium wealth neighborhoods. I've tried to prevent the degradation by keeping the farms away from any main roads and making sure they are covered by fire and water services, but some degradation still occurs. I've also checked for crime, and there is zero crime in the entire city. A likely related problem is the difficulty of keeping large numbers of low wealth sims available for work in the fields. (The SPAM documentation encourages placing schools and other services because reportedly the farms will now employ educated and wealthier sims along with the poor and uneducated). Is it possible that the degradation is caused by a lack of R$ employees? Or is there some other factor I'm missing?
  2. Hello everyone. I'm playing simcity4 with NAM installed. I was able to make 6x6 lot sized HDR zone until i removed an unaffiliated plugin. Now game just puts a street every 4 tiles making my hdr zones made of 4x4 lots. How can i change this to automatically divide every 6 tiles instead of 4, making 6x6 zones as i drag mouse? Here in the picture you can see before (right) and after (left) zones. They are both high wealth residential and they are both drawn with a single mouse drag. Plugin was demand ordinance btw, putting it back didn't solve the issue. Thanks in advance
  3. Take this quiz to find out! http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-22000973 This link has links to the rest of the relevant articles. The BBC made a huge survey in 2013 (I know old, news) to determine social class and found that there are 7 in the UK: Elite, Established Middle Class (upper-middle class with high cultural and social engagement), Technical Middle Class (upper-middle-class but neither culturally nor socially engaged), New Affluent Workers (middle class with high social and cultural capital), Emergent Social Workers (working class wealth with high social capital and high basic cultural capital), Traditional Working Class (low social capital and cultural capital), Precariat (impoverished). I'm currently an Emergent Social Worker but will soon enough be a New Affluent Worker.
  4. A few questions about SimCity 4's system. Is it possible to: Add extra dimensions to development, alongside the included wealth and density? Add new utilities alongside the power, water, and garbage utilities in the game? If not, maybe I'll consider taking my idea to Skylines instead.
  5. My city treasury is going up up up. I have over 5.5 million in funds and my city is small (22,000). All is going well, everything is under control and I'm wondering if I should start spending wildly on landmarks, none of which I have placed so far. BTW, the NAM installation really altered the traffic situation. If anything, it seems too tolerant of traffic now. I still have mostly streets with only a couple of avenues and congestion is nowhere near being a problem. With my big surplus, I'm thinking of calling Mayor Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago to see if I can give him some badly needed tips...but then again, there is no pension funding in SC!
  6. Idea Suggestion: More Wealth Levels

    I have been thinking about this for a long time and have discussed this a little here but more elsewhere. Why stick to just 3 wealth levels? Even the new SimCity has homeless sims and Cities XL has 4 wealth levels. In the United States, there are 6 distinct wealth levels divided into the 5 quintilles plus the top 1%. The bottom quintille lives at or below poverty level and does not pay income tax. In the game, these could be represented as the homeless, squatters, people living in public housing, and also a small amount in the least desirable (and least expensive) housing. The second quintille is "working poor." They are above poverty but are only one missed check away from poverty. These would correspond to R$ in SimCity francise or Cities XL (R$ in City Life looks more like bottom quintille). The third quintille is the middle class (or lower-middle class). They are skilled, educated, and/or qualified workers. They typically are the most common workers in the desirable businesses. The fourth quintille is the upper-middle class or lower-upper class. These are your millionaires. They work in management positions (and sometimes as typical workers in your wealthiest, most high-tech businesses). The fifth quintille, minus the top 1% (so the top 80-99%) would be your billionaires and multimillionaires. They have the highest taxable income but also make income that the city cannot tax. These are your executives, successful politicians, and typical celebrities. They are only hired in medium or high density, high wealth or high tech businesses in small amounts. You would need a certain amount of these people before you can get the big money moving in. The top 1% (which deserves a point of its own because the top 1% earners have at least as much money as the next 20% combined) would be your multibillionaires. In BoomTown, they would be Keystone Elite Residential, with special conditions for unlocking. I would say that a reasonable unlock would be have regional upper class workers (multimillionaires) as exceeding population of 10,000 to 30,000, and there to be at least 1 free job available for them (which would only be available in high density CO$$$ and fully upgraded headquarters (except maybe lumber or mining)), and the zone/empty lot can only be placed in an area that is already desirable for that (multimillionaire, which is right below keystone elite, top 1%) wealth level. If they move into a lot, they will raise the land value for the whole neighborhood (so it doesn't instantly abandon if it barely meets the requirements). What do you think? --Ocram
  7. Version v1.1


    Add some more American flair to your cities by growing one of these trailer houses that dot the rural and suburban areas of the US. This includes 3 different width lots for this building to grow on. ------------------------------------------------- DK-L1 1x2 American Trailer House 1 by DethKwok Details: Growable Lot Sizes: 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 Construction Time: 30 Recolorable: Comes in Beige, White, Dark Red and Light Green NOTES: This is hard to grow out of large zones. Try to zone only the lot sizes this building grows out of before zoning the whole area. -------------------------------------------------- DK-L1 2x2 American Trailer House 1 by DethKwok Details: Growable Lot Sizes: 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 Construction Time: 30 Recolorable: Comes in Blue, White, Red and Brown --------------------------------------------------- DK-L1 3x3 American Trailer House 1 by DethKwok Details: Growable Lot Sizes: 3x3, 3x4 Construction Time: 30 Recolorable: Comes in White, Green, Red and Beige ======================================================== Building was made in Blender.
  8. Orange Tower

    Version v1.1


    My second B.A.T that I made which is a 3x3 decent apartment that's great for putting within a mid range apartment environment. Lot Versions: A 3x3 Landmark: - Costs: 80000 Simoleons A 3x3 Growable: - Building Value: 80000 Simoleons - Growth Stage: 8 - Residents: 800 No Dependencies No night version, it would be nice though if someone can help me find a tutorial on that Thnx
  9. Hillside Manor

    Version v1.0


    This is my first BAT, nothing really else to say but that the house is a 3x4 landmark that costs 1000 simoleons and has 40 simoleons worth of monthly payment. Hope that this is a good start
  10. Hello people of Simtropolis! I'm starting a brand new region for low wealth gambling cities! This region will use Viridian Woods and will be in sandbox mode. Rules: 1. 1 City per Player 2. No starting great works without permission from me Origin ID: Jonathan_Tycoon, You can see it on the right .
  11. Hello all, Is there a way to determine how many Sims you have of each economic class? I'm trying to build a solar plant and I need 3k $$$ residential sims. I don't know how many I have. Is there a way to break down the population of my cities into demographics? Thanks
  12. Stuyvesant: Valkyrie and Scorpius

    Welcome, to Stuyvesant, a superrich city where luxury is everything. There are two main areas of the city: The business-oriented Valkyrie Waterfront, and the island of Scorpius. People commute across the city via a massive underground subway system and a high-end ferry network. Here is Valkyrie Waterfront. As you can see, skyscrapers are everywhere and congestion is off the charts. Stuyvesant is opening a bus network to try and fix this, but who would want to ride inside a metal box with 30 other people when you can hop into your six-figures sports car? This is the antiquated headquarters of Phicorp Energy Solutions, Inc. (bonus geek points if you can identify the reference! ) Its latest innovation is an engine that runs entirely on red wine! This tower is home to Via Caffeinated Items, Ltd. Their latest production is (another) lemon-lime energy drink. Yay!..ish. The business center of Valkyrie is always alive with new ideas and newer buildings. These condominiums, dubbed "Firefly Towers" by the locals, are a striking addition to the Stuyvesant skyline. And.. This is Scorpius Island! Scorpius is, believe it or not, a center for nightlife and partying in Stuyvesant. It is the richest neighborhood in all of Antara, and visiting it is believed to make one prosperous, no matter what. Scorpius is especially stunning at night, when the town comes alive. This is Phicorp Stadium, a hub for sports fans across Antara. Free root beer every Sunday! Well, not really free. Your taxes are paying for it, and every sip you take raises the rate. Enjoy! The Retenna Green is where the really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, rich people go to have fun. Average score: -10. I love this image: It shows the country club, the high-end condos, the marina, and the private school all at once. This man-made island is called The Rotunda. It gets over 500,000 visitors a year! People come from all over the world to experience its beauty. The watery thing in the pool is known as Mnemnosyne. It is believed to reflect your past at you. And that's all for today! Please rate + comment! Next Episode: Dust, the City of Magic
  13. A Brief Intro

    Welcome to Antara, an island nation on the edge of everything. Located on the south coast is the capitol city of Areon. Areon is a technological city, with high wealth and a bright outlook on life. Here is one of the tech centers, including the iconic 050504 and 050425 towers. The towers are flanked by many smaller Hi-Tech startups that supply the ever-growing city with amazing technologies. Areon also boasts hundreds of high-wealth homes in fancy neighborhoods. This block is also nice. Low space+High demand= Intelligent housing for 100,000 citizens. This artificial island is home to the Mergatroid General corporation and many scientists. On the other side of the island is the stunning Eclipse Tower. On the island's twin, there are two 050504 Towers and a high-tech broadcaster. The Areon Institute is home to the world's most prestigious researchers and professors. The city center is marked by a half-mile tower into the sky, which holds hotels and offices and fish kabob shops (floor 124!) The best doctors in the region gather at the Areon Hospital Facility, serving the city as well as the neighboring ones. The Areon Cathedral holds worship centers for every religion. Avoid floor 7- Church of the Ninth Poultry Awakening. Beyond all this is a town full of eccentricities. Take the Palatial Waterfall Estate, for example! This empty lot is for future use, but nobody knows its true purpose... ..And that's all, folks! Next Episode: Industry, Redefinded. (The Town of Silversun)
  14. Is there a mod to choose the wealth level of growable lots? I want to select which class establishes in determinate zones... It is possible?
  15. Version 1


    Five Hundred Boylston (Fully Mac Compatible) Today I bring you this creation, Five Hundred Boylston Street. Its a commercial building in downtown Boston, a post-modern building completed in 1989. It is one of the tallest buildings in Boston, and is now available for you in SimCity 4. This is the third building I have made. My main influence to create this BAT was the TV show, Boston legal. This building was used for their law firms offices, and was one of the buildings that I really wanted to BAT. In SC4 it is a high wealth commercial office and fits into a 6x5 Lot, costs $9876 to plop, and also comes in a growable version as well. Once again, fully Mac Compatible, meaning that all nightlighting will work on macs. As evidence, all images were taken on a mac. Dependencies: None, Download and enjoy! Hope you like it

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