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  1. Couple new things from me this week: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408332880 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1412310288
  2. Blank road name! Exactly what I need. Thanks!
  3. In starting over, I now have the opportunity to name streets as I go. Has the interface changed at all since this feature launched? Are there any good mods to manage your streetnames yet?
  4. Could someone do me a favor and download those move-it XML files linked in the last post and try to plop them? A friend and I are having trouble sharing move-it exports with each other and we're wondering what the issue may be.
  5. It still needs an update. This 4.1% difference has bothered me for the last year whilst trying to work on a Berlin 1:1. Nothing ever quite fit. I'm gonna try to contact the author.
  6. I only discovered that terrain-party exports are ~4.166% bigger than they should be (terrain-party crams an 18km square area into a 17.28km square mapspace) while I was half-way through making a new Berlin 1:1 map. It was easy to upscale the heigtmap work that I had done (export my cleaned heightmap from the map editor, scale it up in photoshop, re-import it), but I was kinda stuck when it came to all of the work I did on rails and roads. I needed a global function to scale up my rails and roads in the x and z dimensions. Enter MoveIt! export->import and python. A friend wrote this script for me in Python v3 to go through the xml file and tweak the X and Z coordinates. All X and Z values are multiplied by 1.041666 Here are the MoveIt! XML export files before and after manipulation: https://www.coh2.org/file/16224/moveitexports.rar And a pic, showing the perfectly fitting result after the upscale: I think this kind of thing opens up some amazing possibilities! Next, I'm interested in scraping tree data from Berlin's databases and creating ploppable MoveIt! XML files from them. This is a bit out of my league tho, but I have the feeling that it can be done.
  7. Doesn't this also mean that terrain party should output 2160x2160 instead of 1081x1081 (twice the resolution)? A dev informed me that there is one terrain node per cell, or one node every 8m. Terrain party needs an update!
  8. So that means if you really want a 1:1 map out of terrain party, you should scale the heightmap up by a ratio of 1:1.04166, letting the edges get cropped away, keeping a 1081x1081 px image. I really wish I had known this a few days (years?) ago.
  9. Yes, exactly that. How did you discover this? Everything I've read has said exactly what you wrote... "18km square w 2km square tiles." I'm glad I am not crazy.
  10. Has anybody ever thought that terrain.party outputs are just a bit smaller than they should be? I'm making a new Berlin map, and I find that the terrain-party output (both map and overlay) winds up being ~5% too small. I scale it up by 5% and suddenly all of my assets fit perfectly into their exact footprints (I made a 12k Berlin map overlay). Measuring in-game confirms this 5% discrepancy. Has anyone else noticed this?
  11. Thank you boformer. Perhaps I can save my save. The guy who made "Force Building Level" appeared finally and made a post, but who knows when he'll get around to actually fixing it. BloodyPengiun took a look at fixing that one as well, made some progress, but didn't have time to finish the fix. The issue wasn't as simple as I'd hoped.
  12. I couldn't be more thrilled that this exists now. SamsamTS has added an export->import feature to MoveIt! BRAVO TO YOU SAMSAM!!!!! Imagine how much easier it would be to do a community build! We can trade entire neighborhoods with one another.
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1398988449
  14. Isn't that what "Plop the Growables" does? That solution is no good for me because if I saved my game just once I would lose my hundreds of tickmarks on hand-picked buildings. I like to have both techniques -- freely growing areas as well as hand-picked individual buildings. I know this mod would be easy to fix if any modder had a moment to take a look at it. I was so hyped to try parklife and build a great Tiergarten and a Zoo... welp, let's just say my enthusiasm is gone after waiting for this.
  15. These look great. I just wish I could play my savegame.