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  1. It's pretty simple but definitely not intuitive. 1.Find one of your props in your asset list and click "Share". 2.On the thumbnail, open the little folder by clicking the folder icon in the bottom-right corner (same way you add a custom PreviewImage.png). 3.next to the default "PreviewImage.png" (which you can change now too, optionally) there will be another folder, open that folder. 4.In there you will see a single asset.crp file that you are about to share. Add the rest of your .crp files to this folder. 5. Share!
  2. Just to confirm the bug that Bad Peanut mentioned, I've found that if you create a new asset in the editor, pick a template, check "load props," the first time you do it, no props will appear. If you do the exact same thing a second time, the props will appear. Pretty annoying!
  3. City service building doesn't spit out cars

    Nice work, Fire Station. The STRANGEST thing here is that it actually shows "1" of 25 fire trucks in use. W... T.. F....
  4. Oh drrrp, srry I rarely look anywhere other than this forum right here and didn't recognize the acronym. I've been using twitter as my journal so-to-speak. I've posted hundreds of images of my project there over the last year. Link's in the sig!
  5. I made a little sped up test video to help visualize it. Just sharing the vid in the hopes that it may help other creators. I learned 2 things that I didn't know before: 1. values 0-120 are bright white and not effected by the pallete 2. the top gradient and bottom gradient move independently of one another Another question, once you plop a building, will it always have the same illumination pallete color on every load? Or will it change?
  6. I would love to have that road. Is it possible to give the cobblestones in the middle a normalmap so that they look kinda 3d? The quays looks great too
  7. Published Charité Hospital today. Just wanna say thx again to all the modders and C:S enthusiasts here who have helped me along the way. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1200924492
  8. The gradient only comes on to a certain extent. If you set a light group to close to 192, say 193-203 or 181-191, it will rarely come on because the gradient will often stop before it gets there. Conversely, if you set areas to values close to 129 or 255, they will come on for every interval. I tried that but you can't speed up the intervals. You can set it to forever night (by using the "paused position"), but you still have to wait for the gradients to change at their same slow speed. I'd love to be able to just press a button and make it skip forward on this interval timer so that you could see variations on your lighting scheme w/o having to sit there and wait for them.
  9. The gradients don't come fully on or fully off. They come on to a certain random extent. Like for example, the top gradient will start at 255 and fade on until it reaches say 208, where 207 is still fully off, 208 is barely on and say 224 (and everything above it) is fully on, then it will fade back to all off. The bottom gradient will act similarly, but like you said, mirrored (but independent) so that it starts at 128 and ends at a random position between 128 and 192. My question is what is the algorithm to decide these random stopping positions? I'd also like to know about the timing, which doesn't seem random at all.. the changes seem to happen at consistent intervals.
  10. City service building doesn't spit out cars

    Ok I'll try that, thx again. I've had this problem for pretty much the entire time I've played this game. :/ MT confirms it in a way that I had never seen before. You can actually see that there are no routes to the problem building.
  11. After making dozens of assets, I'm still learning about how the illumination function works in-game. I struggle to make good patterns because I have to sit there in the editor and wait for it to change seeds. Could someone make a mod where I can just press a button to get a new illumination stage? I think it would help asset creators massively if they can see dozens of iterations of the night light cycle in a short period of time. I know nothing about modding, so this is a request to you modders out there. Is it possible? I wish the wiki actually published the algorithm instead of "The likelihood of a window to be lit at a given time and its intensity are randomized for values within 128 and 255, the closer the value is to a boundary the more likely it is to be lit and stronger." What does this mean exactly? For example, once it determines the random seed (between 128-255), how big is the range of values that get lit up? Say the seed is 224, will 230 light up? Is the range also random? Does the intensity weaken as we get further away from the base seed? I would love to see the algorithm.
  12. City service building doesn't spit out cars

    thx in advance for taking a look at it
  13. City service building doesn't spit out cars

    Here is my output_log
  14. Just wondering if there's a better way to do shiny metal or stainless steel props. I can't get any results even close to what I'm looking for with the standard shader w/ high spec values. Is there anything better hidden in the game somewhere? I'm looking at these bollards in the foreground, for example.