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  1. A classical column with a modern lamp to decorate your bridges https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1287191533
  2. How to add lights to a prop?

    Two lights for reflex globe lamp, one pointing up and one pointing down: // --- FIRST LIGHT EFFECT --- // Used light effect var lightEffect1 = EffectCollection.FindEffect("Flood Light Short White") as LightEffect; // Final position in prop var pos1 = new Vector3(0f,1.25f,0f); // this would be at the center of the prop, 1.25m above ground // Final direction in prop var dir1 = new Vector3(0f,-1f,0f); // this would be pointing down var propEffect1 = new PropInfo.Effect {m_effect = lightEffect1, m_position = pos1, m_direction = dir1 }; // --- SECOND LIGHT EFFECT --- var lightEffect2 = EffectCollection.FindEffect("Flood Light Short White") as LightEffect; var pos2 = new Vector3(0f,0.25f,0f); var dir2 = new Vector3(0f,1f,0f); var propEffect2 = new PropInfo.Effect {m_effect = lightEffect2, m_position = pos2, m_direction = dir2 }; // Apply effects to prop var asset = ToolsModifierControl.toolController.m_editPrefabInfo as PropInfo; asset.m_effects = new PropInfo.Effect[] {propEffect1, propEffect2}; asset.m_hasEffects = true; globelamp as 2-part prop (frame with lights & rotorshader ball) will be on the workshop soon
  3. Thanks for your opinion. Now, who can help me model this soldier?
  4. Hi Simtopolololians, I need help making this guy: I want to do the Soviet Memorial Tiergarten: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_War_Memorial_(Tiergarten) I've already done the T-34 tanks and the artillery pieces. This soldier is holding me back from releasing the entire memorial. How can I model him for C:S in the easiest noob-friendly manner possible? Pls help! P.S. -- if you didn't know, his arm is down like that to represent the Red Army crushing the Nazi salute!
  5. More animals and people pls! I can't tell you how sick I am of my two "tourist" variants.
  6. Would there be a simple way to mock it up and test it with existing assets?
  7. Even if the centers of the station tracks are displaced by a few meters? You wouldn't need the centers to be directly on top of each other.
  8. Maybe I'm overcomplicating things, asking for MOM. What about just a simple "+" shaped rail station with internal pedestrian transfers? I know about Berlin Hauptbahnhof (ofc) but I'm looking for something more generic that could be used in multiple situations where you have crossing tracks. BP I love both of your modular rail stations and use them both. Do you really think it would be impossible to do a modular "+" shaped station? For starters, I'm looking for something that has 3-6 ground stations and 2-4 elevated crossing stations.
  9. A station where trains can cross above and below one another. Would be awesome if it was modular so you could do something like add (number) of TRAIN tracks and (number) of MOM tracks on the ground and then add (number) of TRAIN tracks and (number) of MOM tracks crossing elevated above-ground. Ped connections should exist inside the station from street module to all other modules. An elevated "buffer" track with no stop would be a nice component as well. Anybody interested in something like this? You could even go full ham and add a 3rd layer of underground stations but for me personally that would be above and beyond. It's the ground stations + crossing elevated stations that I really need for many situations. I've never made a station, so I hope this project could be spearheaded by someone with station-making experience. I'd be willing to collaborate/help with modelling if someone would take the reigns! What do you guys think? Ostkreuz Berlin Sudkreuz Berlin Gleisdreieck Berlin
  10. Treptowers 1:1 released https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1269483235
  11. After more experimenting, I found a way to make it work. The trick is to have the illumination map areas be 1 pixel smaller than they should be as defined by the diffuse map. Here's the result:
  12. So good lookin! Snow covered trees are a microcosm of beauty in and of themselves.
  13. There's still something strange going on that I can't explain. In this screenshot we find the expected artifact at the top (between black and 192), but we also see highlights around the doors (between pure black and 100) that shouldn't be there. What's going on? If you look at the door handles you can see the dark version of the outline on the diffuse map -- I expect the frames to look like this, not highlighted. another shot with same unexplainable highlights between zero (black) and 100:
  14. Heh I thought I tried that but I guess I got confused as to which artifacts belonged to what. I tried it again and you're right, it works. The edges of the windows still seem brighter than they're supposed to be but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.
  15. As you know, the illumination map is split into two ranges: 0-120: pure white lightmap that is not effected by the map theme (zero=off, gets brighter towards 120) 128-255: where 128-191=first "randomized" gradient / 192=off / 193-255=second "randomized" gradient I like to use a value in the first range (around 100) for office lobby lighting. This makes the lobby windows light up at all times in the night sequence with no color tinting. The problem is that the edges (between the 100 color and any other color) create pure white bright artifacts. So the only way (that I've found) to use this technique is to only use it on full triangles, which costs you a lot of geometry. Is there any background value, or other technique, that prevents these artifacts? I've tried a black background (zero) and a neutral value background (192) and both create these bright white artifacts. 100 value windows against 192 background = artifacts, yuck! 100 value windows mapped separately to each triangle looks great buts costs a lot of geometry