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City-building game(s)

Found 17 results

  1. Hi Simmies, I've found that tiny diffuse textures bug out the editor. I have a prop where I really only need 3 pixels (white, shiny black and matte black) of texture map info. I made a 8x8 .png diffuse texture, and although it worked perfectly in blender, it bugged out once the asset editor got a hold of it: Vaguely remembering that I've had this problem before, I simply upped the size of my .png's to 32x32 and voila, it worked perfectly. Why do tiny textures bug out and what is the minimum diffuse texture size in pixels?
  2. I'm a pretty new player with a good bit of Cities: Skylines experience. This is a whole new learning curve! My main problem so far is figuring out how people carefully plan exactly what buildings they want in their cities. Of course, commercials can be plopped, but residential can't. I know people have methods of controlling what grows - the main one I've seen so far is to zone a space exactly the right size and them demolish-rebuild-demolish-rebuild until you get exactly the right building. However, in order to zone a block of zoning which is exactly the right size for a specific lot, you need the dimensions of that lot. And that seems to be very very hard to find! Of course there's the lot editor, however lots often have cryptic and even completely non-descriptive names. The SC4tool database doesn't show dimensions, and refuses to add my custom buildings. Basically, all I want is the simplest possible tool, which shows me the density level and lot dimensions, for the default buildings and my custom dat files, so I know what size zones I need to build. Does this exist? or, perhaps, do I not need this and am missing something when it comes to trying to control which buildings grow?
  3. Hello everyone. I'm playing simcity4 with NAM installed. I was able to make 6x6 lot sized HDR zone until i removed an unaffiliated plugin. Now game just puts a street every 4 tiles making my hdr zones made of 4x4 lots. How can i change this to automatically divide every 6 tiles instead of 4, making 6x6 zones as i drag mouse? Here in the picture you can see before (right) and after (left) zones. They are both high wealth residential and they are both drawn with a single mouse drag. Plugin was demand ordinance btw, putting it back didn't solve the issue. Thanks in advance
  4. Increase map size maximum

    Hi all, Some new life on the sc3k forum reminds me of this question I have for years. Playing sc3k always made me end up building highrises on the map edges. Might there be an opportunity modding the game such that the maximum map size increases? Eg 4 fold or 9 fold. This would allow creating larger metropolises in sc3k.
  5. I've been compiling a set of building references on a 64 by 64 lot, a complete list of buildings from SC4. However, when I saved it and reopened it... well... the images will show you the problem. The first one was done yesterday, the second one was done today. Is this a lot editor problem? Possibly, I'm thinking that there's something wrong with the maximum size..
  6. Hey there! I have some great ideas for new projects, based on a real life buildings. But they are all much bigger than the allowed grid size. Max tile size is around 12x13 while these buildings need at least 20x20. Have any of you made huge buildings like these? How did you do it? You scale it down? You just go bigger and place no props there? Please tell me your experiences. Best regards, Kliekie
  7. Posted this on the paradox forum as well but I think I'm more likely to get an answer here. I have been working on a new vehicle (a minibus) for a few days now. It's my first game asset. I recently finished it and shared it on steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=702397036 The problem is, the file size is over 25 Mb! The source files I used, two fbx files- full model (48.9 Kb) and lod (14.5 Kb), plus 5 png texture files, are 311 Kb in total. I tried uploading the model without textures and it's still over 23 Mb. I used blender to make the model. Tris count is 1294, so not a very complex model. What could be the problem? I will appreciate any help.
  8. Region size

    just wondering if there is a limit in terms of region size? is it possible to make a country size region without affecting game performance ?
  9. Is there a Mod to Increase Zone Size, I feel a bit to limited when it comes to zoning.
  10. Parameters?

    what are the parameters of a 1x2 building. I'm assuming its 40'x80'. I'm trying to build a building using the Autodesk 3Dsmax 2014 software. Thanks.
  11. hi all I made the National Congress of Brazil but since it's huge (aprox. 150x160m), it doesnt fit in the asset editor, which is a shame Is there anyway to unlock this limitation using ModTools?
  12. "Today, after much research, Sim City's engineers finally overcome to city size problem!" http://youtu.be/1q29DLy9-x8 lol just another bug.
  13. Hey there, I was just watching some of those videos about the small >200k inhabitants cities and happen to see one with an airport. I was actually wondering if building the airport in your city can be as tricky as in other simcities... given the small space you have... Are airplanes colliding with res and com towers if they are growing inline with the runway? I think it was SC2k and SC3K where you could most often here the airplanes crash into building, but that did not have an effect if your turned out dissasters. However if you did not turn it out, then you kept having fires Can someone post a video with aircrafts takeoff between buildings Hong-Kong style?
  14. Hey I was just wondering for those with the CPU horsepower if there was any sort of mod out there that allowed for bigger cities? I don't mean editing the a map's config bitmap from small and medium to all Large cities... I mean literally making those large "blue" cities bigger! Is it possible? Realistically I would like a city that would be 4 blue cities combined. I'm not sure how or if it is possible, but I'm pretty sure we can find someone out there with the know-how to make this happen. Other thoughts- Perhaps a mod so cities aren't perfectly square shaped? Rectangular cities, really long skinny cities along the coast, etc. Maybe a mod that you can grow your city boundaries as your city does, perhaps starting as red size and adding another red, and another until your medium sized and eventually 4x the size of a Blue city- unless of course you get boxed in by another one of your neighboring cities? Just like real cities! maybe have to save enough $imoleons to buy the extra land? Perhaps even a mod that lets you play the whole region as one giant city (although that'd probably bee too much, even for me, but I think is an interesting concept.) Thanks a bunch and I'd appreciate feedback!
  15. Hi folks, I've been on the beta of SimCity and I'm here to release some feedbacks. First, I would apologize for my poor english even if you'll understand me. I'm fan of SimCity since SimCity2000, including SC3K and SC4. I've spend a lot of my time on those incredible games this is why I'm so happy and thankful about the new SimCity, despite all the negatives facts that have been noted so far. However, I'm not going to focus on what has already been mentioned. (cities tiles size, dead spaces between buildings, lacks of control on building density, lacks of statistics tables, no terraforming, and more...) Unlike some people, I've not forget that is a beta version, and that 3 months are still remaining for developing and adjusting settings. I just hope that the Maxis Dev Team will hear us. Even if the gameplay is absolutly not comparable to SC4, I felt a lot of fun playing this new Simcity. For me, the size of a city tile isn't a big problem as the entire region is interconnected (so interactive). In fact, the biggest problem of this new game is the region system. It works fine, and I'm so hurry to try this on final software, however it's seem not so much realistic. Let me explain. If you want to build a realistic region, forgetting certain things because the game engine, you're forced to make small rural town (and must avoid square cities), otherwise you're going to have "forest of skyscrapers". So I've had a idea (sorry for sorry for those who have had the same ; maybe it already been proposed...). Instead of have big useless space between cities, try to get a conurbation involving all cities of the region. The base concept is the same as in SC4. Because a picture is worth a thousand words (especially when you don't speak too much ), here a map I made. Note that it's inspired by the map of the beta. (warning 1000x1000 pixels) On beta version, we were able to play on the 4th tile. On this map (please remember that is just an draft), if I had to build a large downtown, I would take the 3rd city (or maybe the 1st), I guess. The 4th tile will be a coastal small city, with maybe some casinos on the border of ocean. The 1st tile would be a city for studies, with a large university while the 6th will be a heavy industrial area. Obviously, all this is just an idea, a project and and it's certain that you guys would not make the city like me. So there is two ways to do this. First, bring closer the cities. Then make the region less empty (like adding hills, forests (lot of forests), farms?,...) and finally lay down the transit system. Highways should be draggable, because each player will plan his city differently, and that shouldn't hinder the development of his city. (heavy train are already) Overpasses and Interchanges would be built automatically when crossing with the road tool (like in SC4). Unfortunately, according to game engine, the space between cities can't be changed, I think. It's not much but at the same time it is much more. :kitty: This message for sharing my idea, but also to have an answer : is it technically possible ? Thanks for reading, and hope some answers from the dev team... Yours, Dvergar
  16. new city

    lets trigger most important city parts how hard was this road to get here only my stomach know need to stay somewhere this night may be to talk with officer to lodge me in the building near police very peacefull places maybe here to stay this corner of the city really never sleeps i need to find a hotel and to think what i have lose in this shity place this must be the stupid center and there is no hotels here wtf i'm tired and probably will stay at the train station finally the day has come and need to ask somebody what job i can find i'll not find here any job closer to the city edges maybe holy $%&^! how th f.. here people are living better go back to the centre mother fu... jam go back to avoid and enter from other part of the centre the day past so fast need to meet somebody between this amount of small shops where can i get $%&^! for this night the night was great i've met a girl not expensive and she told me the life in this part o f the city is not so bad as i think, people here are hard-workes and they do not mourn for money now to the right or may be at the next intersection okay die who told me that at this part of the city there is no jams generally the city looks not badly except its gridy districts omg here it is the city end silicon valley cemetery should be
  17. Upon entering my favorite and biggest city with over 100,000 Sims, I try to scroll around, zoom in or out, or otherwise move only to have the game crash to desktop with no error messages. The game has no problem changing from Sim to Mayor to God menus, though, and has no problems at all in the smaller cities nearby. I have not made any kind of modifications for at least a good month now in terms of plugins. After checking other threads, it seems that my problem has to do with the city being too big, and the computer not being able to handle it all. Is there any way to solve this problem? Maybe modify some settings to make it run more efficiently perhaps?

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