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City-building game(s)

Found 161 results

  1. Welcome everyone! Today I want to present the second entry of my earthworks tutorial series! Today we're covering the basics of building a main, two-lane road into a town across rolling/undulating terrain! I would appreciate if forum members could give me some feedback on the tutorial entry's format. This time I'm posting a slideshow video, as it was easier to make than wrestling image hosting sites with a huge upload that was gonna have about 70 screenshots. For general discussions and polls on this tutorial series, visit: Mods featured: * Network Addon Mod 36: * BRF Tunnel and Slope Mod: * CPT Meadowshire Terrain Mod: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=58 * CPT Meadowshire Coast Tree Mod: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=60 * B98 Beach Extend Mod: * RVT Coast Mod 2009:
  2. Hi Guys. I have a problem with roads. 1. I can't connect two ends of roads together if they are on diffrent terrain levels. Whe one of them is a little bit higher or lower they won't connect. (Pic1) 2. When i build a road and terrain is changing, for egzample is lower then road is makeing someting like bridge, to stay on the same level. It won't fit to terrain like sreets or avenues.(Pic2) 3. And smethinmes when terrain s changing (probably is higher than road) it turns red and telling me "filed smoothing terrain". (Pic3) SimCity on my older computer doesn't have this problem but have there older version of NAM (maybe 2014?). Now i have my new laptop and i started SimCity and NAM on December 2017, so it's probablu newest version of NAM. Please help. I don't want to have no roads in my city. Very thankful Paul
  3. Hi, I repeated the topic here, too. 1. I don't have the road guidelines icon under roads. 2. I don't have elevation step icon 3. When I choose road upgrade and click on road to change the arrow indicating the cars movement nothing happens. Why is that? I hope someone can help me with it. Thank you
  4. Hi, up till now no one has answered a similar topic on the official forum so, being desperate for answers, I wanted to look for one here. Please forgive me for just copy-pasting the original post ------------------------------------------- From what I could intuitively understand was that 'flat junctions' no longer 'flattens' junctions. Here it is in the properties panel in Road modding tool: I also have an excerpt from the wiki, which says that: Flat Junctions: Force junctions to be flat. So I created three experimental roads with that feature (namely 'flat junctions') disabled, thinking that when I create a road going down the hill and connect a ramp to it, it will no longer flatten. To my surprise, it was not the case and the junction still manage to flatten the terrain underneath. To clarify, both the ramp and the highway had the feature disabled. So, can anyone really describe to me what 'flat junctions' mean? Disabling it did not bring the desired results, so I'm completely at sea now. Thanks
  5. SM2 Steampunk Bus Stops

    Version 1.0.0


    SM2 Steampunk Bus Stops. Just a few bus stops...steampunk style 4 in total. Great for industrial areas! Lots = 1x1 Plop cost = 150 Capacity = 7500 Dependencies. SM2 Prop Pack Vol11 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3605 VIP Delecto Ploppable people - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3448 Have fun! Simmer2
  6. 1. Overview

    I'm back. I have a little bit more time; not much, but a little. Posts will be seldom at best, but the fact that I'm back still has me baffled. I promised I would bring a new region in to light - that region was partly damaged due to file transfer, so only a handful of cities had survived as a result. But fortunately, I was able to develop a small "provincial" region with over 1,200,000 residents. Allow me to walk you through some miscellaneous pictures. 1) Above is the smaller town of Lindley, with a population of 6,551. It straddles a northern development corridor, a distance from the largest city in Columbia, Northampton. The road to the right, Route 74, climbs the ridge and serves as a pivotal link between Lindley and points west on the Hashen Plateau, including Mountainville. 2) The Hashen Bridge was constructed in 1978, while the majority of Columbia province was much smaller than it was today. Originally a main link across the region (with Lindley at the time being an important transportation town), it has since been overshadowed by numerous freeways and other regional routes; the bridge today carries local traffic between Lindley and rural areas outside of Northampton. 3) Further down the valley from Lindley is the moderately sized community of Midland, which has a population of 22,642. Midland saw quite considerable gentrification and expansion in the late 1990s with the construction of Highway 21 to the immediate west. Midland has, as of recent, become more of a commuter city, as the population has steadily increased with the surrounding Auburn and Northampton suburbs approaching city boundaries. 4) Appropriately named "The Crossroads", this area is the result of an 11 year expansion project, aimed at joining city of Cambridge and the metropolis Northampton. Here, Highway 21 continues towards the top of the image, and the newly reassigned Highway 72 continues into a lengthy tunnel, where it emerges at the foot of the Hashen River. The area here is officially designated as part of Cambridge, and the development around this new interchange has exploded. The reassignment of Highway 72 gives suburban areas a much faster, direct route into the Northampton area, whereas before commuters were required to encounter Auburn traffic and encounter the previous terminus of Highway 72 north of Midland. https://i.imgur.com/U424g3l.jpg[/img ]5) Here we see Highway 72 meandering to the right of the screen in the city of Riverton, right next door to the thriving metropolis of Northampton. Riverton sits on the northern shore of Hashen Bay, with ferry and subway services providing easy access to Northampton without use of car. Towards the top of the picture is Route 37, which is a major surface artery for the smaller cities around Northampton. Not pictured to the bottom is Lancaster Island, which serves as a convenient turn west for the Highway 72 towards Cambridge; a small industrial park is also found here. And, last but certainly not least.... ^^^^^ (unfortunately, this region is solely medium tiles, so I can't go too far without exposing edges. But since this was at night and it wasn't too terrible, I found it hard to pass up.) (pro tip 2: demolish those darn manufacturing tiles so they don't show zots and ruin another picture.) 6) All of the above are of Northampton, a city currently straddling a population of 775,000 and a greater urban area of 908,000. Northampton is comprised of one large peninsula, as well as two islands to the south and east. But more on that later....this was just an intro. It's good to be back. Not sure when the next one will be, but I look forward to continuing this CJ. Until next time.
  7. I made some road marking decal packs to place on roads to add to the overall realism of the game. The pack is available in two versions: white and yellow White Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1335783895 Yellow Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1336655207 Let me know what you think in the comments below
  8. Side Lake

    From the album aciaKa's City

    Side Lake, End of Lake
  9. Part 2 - Megacity Ahead

    PART 2 - Megacity Ahead Sorry for the fast pace... Maybe because I redo the city again since it doesn't grow. So far, so good hahahahah! Suggestions/comments? I'm so glad to hear it from you!! ~CalvinB
  10. Part 1 - Roads and Rails

    PART 1: Starting from scratch I create my own region, in this case the Northern region of U.R.C. I was think of a grid systmem rather than the cul-de-sac system, since I'm starting with a small town first. ( I can speed things up, if you want. Hahaha!) Initial road networks: I created a highway reaching from the north up to the south of the region. I added some roundabouts near the exit/entrance of the highway. Note that those tress at the center of the roundabouts will provide as a placeholder for my custom statue. Another placeholder for highway reaching east to west. (Please help me suggest a interchange for this one?) The rails on the other hand, it will start from north-eastern part of the city. This will split up into zones, depending on the wealth (agri, dirty, e.t.c.) That's it and I hope you can help me create a better city ~CalvinB
  11. Hi, I am just discovering NAM's powerful features, and in the phase of learning to use these amazing expansions. What about those tiles, where a Curve road has been placed; is it possible to "connect" it to the other elements? I mean cosmetically. See the picture. At sign 1, there are no bench between the road and the houses. (At here, two 90 curve connected to each other) At sign 2, almost similar. Is there any trick to make these tiles more "elegant", or just try to avoid to create this kind of parts? Cheers, Z
  12. Hi! 1. So I ran into a little problem after a longer hiatus from the game. I started to change a coulple of lot which were redone during the last couple of months, when I so the phenomena on the first picture. The diagonal roads which has any plopped item next to it reverts US style double yellow line road instead of the white dashed european stlye, which is my NAM setting. The funny thing is, that the zones are not affecting to the road, only the plopables. My question is: could it be a NAM issue OR maybe one of @rsc204 or @rivit mod does this. I'm using NAM 36 with rsc/mgb204's No Grass NAM (NGN), with the Side Walk NAM 1.0 PSS (SWN) and rivit's Tarsealed Streets and the latest RUM for RRW v5. I used the same mods before NAM36 and I didn't experience any problem like this. 2. I ran into this problem now I think the 2nd or 3rd times (first was sometimes end of summer, than today now 2 times.) I have a back-up from 8th october, and I didn't have any problem with that save file, however when I started to play and saved the city and quit, I don't know what happened, but the SC4 Save says I have Prop Pox. It used to come out (with a different map) when my save file reached the 12-ish MB, but now my save file is 43,2 MB and when I save the city it drops back to 42 MB, and the props from the right side of the map are completely wiped out. I brought back the file from the back up and import it into the map replacing the "damaged" file, but after little modification and saving the city I got the same result. It can't be the typical Prop Pox, since I don't have the BDK kit, and never was non of my cities, since I started to play with this map, and I don't remember I've ever met with this offset buffer error, but I don't really remeber either what is the standard prop pox error message. And the funny thing, that I don't have disabled props... So what the...? Any help or advise would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! - Tyberius
  13. I get asked a lot what mods I use for this game, especially when it comes to highway props and add-ons. Here's a short list of some content that I use to make your highways looking nice! ------ Firstly, get the NAM if you haven't already. This list is for the RHW so make sure you check off that during install. ----- Generic signs The first thing you're going to need is some signs. Unlike the Maxis highway that has signs randomly generate on the highway, the RHW needs some work. Luckily, there's a lot of signs out there and lets you customize the crap out of this. For a simple, generic set, I recommend this set. Large, easy to read and also easy to plop. And for your roads connecting to the highways, here's a simpler set ----- Hazard signs Along with general signs, you'll want some hazard markers too to let your drivers know about curves, speed limits, ending lanes, and other things the road can throw at you. Best to give them plenty of notice! ----- Lighting I'm lazy when it comes to this. Plopping lights takes a lot of time if you want uniform street lighting. Instead, go above 'street level' with some towers that light up a much larger area! ----- Walls No matter how 'nice' your highways look, they're a NIMBY and no one wants to live near them. To minimize the folks who do have their homes close by, dampen the sound and light a bit with these walls that I find look great in both urban and suburban environments ----- Buffer Keep some right of way free if you ever want to expand your highways. Also if you have a median make it look nice! These 'empty' areas can also help absorb air pollution from the busy roads I like to use the standard open grass area a lot, but you can fill it in with some tree park plops such as... ----- Example of one of the endless possibilities of what your highway can look like: Click here for full size Anyways hope this helps out anyone looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of their highways! Add some other features to make it your own unique creation! Anything to add? Please post suggestions below!
  14. New, here, new to modding Cities Skylines. I tried to create a new type of avenue but it did not work. I wanted a centre median for tram stops, a dedicated tram lane, two traffic lanes, a dedicated bicycle lane, and a sidewalk with trees. I definitely did not get the bike lanes but the bike lane text shows up on the sidewalk I uploaded what I did to Steam. I'm not sure how else to show what I did/did not do… Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Yell at me if I forgot to remove the props I was playing around with.
  15. Make a Road Construction with Contraflow traffic | Cities Skylines Indonesia
  16. Hello there, Since the road editor update I've been trying many ways to create custom roads. The thing I'm trying to do now is to have a basic piece of concrete and then edit lanes and stuff on top of it. The problem I have now is that the concrete wich the game generates is not a mesh, and can therefore not be changed of color. Is there any way for me to retrieve the mesh of already existing roads and from roads of network extensions, wich I can use as base for my own road? I don't know how to make a mesh myself, therefor I like to export one from a existing. If thats not problem, is there a way to create a simple concrete/road mesh (1block wide) wich I can use ingame Thankyou
  17. Hello, I have a question about the theme editor. Is there a way to change the texture at the side of the road? The brownish texture around the road is an ore texture I painted on the map. But the grass beneath obviously shines through. Is there any way to change the texture here or at least stop the grass from shining through?
  18. Hey guys! so with the hint of a road modding tool in the next DLC arriving, and presuming it's something like Network Extensions let's discuss what roads would be cool to add! I've looked at the source code of Network Extensions and I've looked at their textures etc so I want to make a start at creating textures for roads. for that i need suggestions! Rules: Use https://streetmix.net/new to visualise your road. I won't even consider ones that are just some random description For roads you want to zone on: use either 16m wide roads or 32m wide roads as those are the two widths that work with zoning. For highways you can use any width lanes for cars, trams, buses etc should be 3m in width. parking should be 2m wide sidewalks should be at least 2m wide (maybe 1.5m at the smallest) and this is for either side of the road, so at least 4m of sidewalk altogether! try and keep in mind that it's not about creating new types of prefabs like MOM, it's for reskinning like we do with Network Skins! Here's some examples of Vanilla Roads visualised in StreetMix a 16m Wide Basic Road: And a 32m Wide Medium Road You can click on the above links to be taken to a template in streetmix. Give me inspiration!
  19. When trying to place a Tool Booth in an avenue connecting two cities, I got this glitch. So I tested it again in a road bit and a bit of avenue and they showed OK. But in the connecting avenue, nothing doing. I went to another city and tried in another avenue, and same glitch.
  20. Alright so here is a realistic turning lane I made that is based off the ones you would find in America.Ignore the surroundings and focus on the turning lane.
  21. I have noticed that if I place a three by three block of Solar power plants, the center plant reports no road access. However, I have seen people make underwater power plants that generate the same zot. And you cannot place a road by it if it is underwater. This leads me to ask, is road access to the power plant really necessary for the plant to generate power? The zot tells me it needs road access but people have created underwater plants that cannot have road access that displays the same zot. Is the three by three block of solar plants okay to generate power, including the boxed in middle one?
  22. Hello everyone, I open this new topic to let you know about my new project to create new textures for road networks in general (road, street and NWM). The same subject is opened on SC4D: Swiss Network Textures. There is very little full texture play to exploit them in the LE, which is why I start this work. I create textures for Swiss (CH) networks but also European because we use almost identical road signs. My main goal is simply to make textures overlays for the LotEditor (LE), I do not want to create textures for all NAM networks, but only a few in particular. In the future, when my pack is downloadable, you will be able to do what you want with the textures: modifications, mods, additions, etc ... My pack is basic and contains only simple orthogonal textures. Maybe in the future I will follow up with the diagonals, it takes a lot of time. For each type of network I assigned a code to identify more easily the types of textures / networks. I put most of the existing networks, Maxis and NAM, but I may have forgotten others. Here are the codes: Pictures: M01a : Click here M01b : Click here M02a : Click here M02b : Click here N07 : Click here N13 : Click here N20 : Click here P22 : Click here I apologize for presenting the Excel table in two parts, I have not found a better solution than that for now, I will see in the future if I find a more ergonomic solution in order to have the table with the links To see the pictures included in it. If you have any criticisms or suggestions you can let me know. Thank you for your attention, Aka
  23. Hi, I'm currently experimenting with Cities: Skylines modding and I am pretty much stuck on one issue. I'd like to create roads (including the connection of those and thereby creating intersections). Unfortunately my research wasn't successful yet and I have no clue what I could do now apart from asking here. I already tried to hook the NetTool (by hooking the IL code and capturing the CreateNode / CreateNodeImpl function) and calling NetTool.CreateNode manually afterwards. To some extent this works (without any extra code it does create the road, but look at the attachment for results). I also forked some GitHub repository that contained code which allowed me to at least create roads at the correct height, but they never connected and thus never created intersections. I guess I'm missing some code to seperately create an intersection which respectively creates "correct" roads, but I'm lost here. Can someone please give me a hint on this issue? Thanks in advance
  24. Version 1.0.0


    I just recently started playing again for the updates since After Dark and wanted to update a previous interchange asset going by the same name that I made. Which, this whole time was missing 2 connections but I never noticed. It's easy enough to fix the other one yourself if you prefer the cheaper and slightly smaller 3-lane version but this 4-lane version should have all highways connected to the others allowing travel from one highway to the other 3. All ramps are two-lane one-way highways for higher speeds and all road pieces have sound barriers(also easy enough to change to the non-barrier version yourself if you prefer). I have included a picture with arrows showing the connections(forward, left, right, U-turn) just in case anyone wanted to make sure. If you get a slope too steep error it's probably because of the turning ramps. Either get a mod or edit it yourself in the editor if you feel it happens too often.

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