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City-building game(s)

Found 22 results

  1. Industries of Titan

    Create a sprawling industrial city on Saturn's Moon, Titan. Compete with the other Great Houses of Titan for resources, territory, and power. Do battle with ships, technology, influence, or the sheer productive power of your factories. Stake your claim to the Industries of Titan in this innovative sim/strategy game! http://store.steampowered.com/app/427940/Industries_of_Titan/ Industries of Titan is the second game from developer Brace Yourself Games. About as wildly different as you can get from the Rhythm-based Rogue-like that was Crypt of the Necrodancer, but given the overwhelming success it had I'd like to think it's in quite safe hands. I say that with some bias, given it's what I consider my favourite game of all time To add to the excitement, accomplished Video Game Music Composer Danny Baranowsky is once again working with Brace Yourself Games to create the games Soundtrack. You may also be familiar with his soundtracks for Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, or maybe even the Twitch emote in his likening, DBstyle. Key Features, as taken from Steam page: Design your city and grow it from just a few small buildings into a massive metropolis! Set up production lines inside your factories to turn raw resources into ever more powerful devices and buildings Balance the needs of your workers, your factories, and your buildings to produce a powerful, efficient economy Design the interiors of your battleships by strategically placing weapons, shields, thrusters, and more, to reduce weak points and maximize fighting capability Overcome your enemies via tactical battleship combat, technological superiority, political influence, or the sheer productive power of your factories Gameplay is "real-time with pause" -- play at your preferred pace! Created by the team that brought you Crypt of the Necrodancer, with art by Sir Carma and Nick Gunn, music by Danny Baranowsky, and audio by Power Up Audio. Additional Links: Game Website - http://industriesoftitan.com/ Game Twitter - https://twitter.com/IndustriesGame Game Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/IndustriesOfTitan/ Developer Twitter - https://twitter.com/braceyourselfok Sir Carma Twitter - https://twitter.com/sir_carma Nick Gunn Twitter - https://twitter.com/Gunn3D Danny Baranowsky Twitter - https://twitter.com/dannyBstyle Power Up Audio Twitter - https://twitter.com/PowerUpAudio
  2. Welcome! This topic is meant to be a sort of database for my upcoming and future projects, and a place to discuss them. RULES: No Profanity Be Respectful to All Keep Posts Relevant to the Topic
  3. SimMars Beta 3



    SimMars is a mod for SimCity 4 taking the game to Mars. It will bring new buildings, transportation systems, user-interface and music and will replace the Maxis SimCity 4 content as far as possible, giving you the feeling to play a colony on Mars. Beta 3 is another step towards the goal of SimMars. Most main game functions and buildings have been replaced and the mod plays fairly well now. However, it is still a beta and hence unfinished. Not everything is replaced yet or fully functional. SimMars will install and play completely separate from your SimCity 4 installation. ___________________________________________________________________ BETA 3 FILESIZE: 277MB Due to the size, the installer is hosted on an external file hosting site. Download the dummy text file here to get to the download location. ___________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: There's been a bug discovered where the Mars Face landmark has no model file. Easy fix: Download the this file and place into /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins_SIMMARS/+Landmarks/SM_LM_MarsFace ___________________________________________________________________ Download the SimMars Region Pack here to add 7 new regions to your game. ___________________________________________________________________ This download is for PC users only, a Mac compatible version will be released in the future. SimMars Beta 3 additions since last release: - 180 new BATs (buildings) of all types - new highway, rail, subway, elevated rail, toll booths and spaceport. - SimMars game launcher: Beta 3 launches individually from SimCity 4 (see installation notes below) - new User-Interface graphics - new disaster (Blow-Out, replaces fire) - 5 new music tracks - the first few automata models - new ordinances - transformed news items Main goals for the next release are: - creating and modding new automata models (vehicles) - implementing NAM elements - replacing avenue and one way texture
  4. Presenting Mass Effect: Beyond in 2015 (formerly Mass Effect: The Milky Way [2013-15] and The Milky Way [2013]) Most recent Mass Effect: Beyond Episode: Updated...01/09/2016 Most recent Mass Effect: Beyond Teaser Entry Updated 11/05/2015
  5. Does "ownership" apply outside the atmosphere? In theory, national boundaries extend to infinity on the Z axis. This is patently ridiculous, especially if we should encounter other life forms. Besides, it would only work if the earth were stationary. Not only does the earth rotate, it is also moving along its orbit, which is bound to the sun which also has a galactic orbit. The galaxy is also rotating and moving in another orbit about some universe's centre. Some people would like to declare certain areas of some celestial bodies, notably Luna, to be interplanetary heritage sites free from exploitation of any kind. Maybe, if we had more facts this could be done. There is no question that raw materials obtained from celestial bodies would be a good choice for manufacturing of any kind on those bodies. Importing them from Earth means permanent depletion of Earth resources and a horrendous transportation expense. Better construct Lunar things from the regolith and whatever else we can find there. The UN's agency is in the process of revising the outer space treaty of 1967 to clarify many of the ambiguities. One of the problems is the definition of outer space. IMHO it should depend on the detected gravity field of any body in question. Now we have to find a way to really understand gravity (and magnetism while we are at it.)
  6. config.bmp

    Version 1.0.2


    config.bmp, required.
  7. The Final Fontier

    A time line of space exploration. Where can we go with only firecrackers? I think we've just about exhausted the possibilities of the Goddard liquid fuelled rocket. The time for putting some of that money that is being spent on fireworks into pure physics research has arrived. We need to know a lot more about magnetics and gravity.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Do you want to put your city at the forefront of astronomical research and make it a destination for space enthusiasts everywhere? Than build the Sagan-Tyson Center for Space, and citizens will come from all around to bask in the wonders of the cosmos! The Sagan-Tyson Center for Space boasts an impressive collection of labs and offices for your city's brightest astronomers and astrophysicists, a rooftop observatory with a small-diameter telescope, a spacious planetarium with the latest in projection technology, several great exhibits on the history and future of space exploration and the nature of the cosmos, and a full-size mock-up of a Saturn V rocket from NASA's Apollo program. The basics: Found under Unique Buildings, Level 5. 14x10 lot. The custom model is 13,949 triangles. Includes diffuse, specular, alpha, illumination, and normal textures at 2048x2048. Includes custom LOD with custom textures. The LOD is 854 tris, with 256x256 textures. Costs $30,000 in-game. Has 4 entrances and several hangout areas. Towering above the city at 110.6 meters (363 feet), the Saturn V rocket is 1:1 scale, and gives an idea of just how big these rockets were. This is a fictional building, with some elements inspired by real buildings, mainly the rooftop observatory, based on the Doane Observatory at Chicago's Adler Planetarium, and the planetarium, based on the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium. Installation: Download the desired file. Extract the .CRP file/s from the ZIP archive you downloaded. Place the .CRP file in: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets Please let me know if there are any issues, or if you have any ideas or designs for other buildings you'd be interested in seeing made! Thanks for downloading, and enjoy!
  9. Fallen Homeworld

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.
  10. Crash Landing

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.
  11. City floating in space

    From the album Terring's Terrible Cities

    A city floating in space? This is madness! Madness? THIS! IS! SIMCITY!!! And yes, there is a terrain mod here on Simtropolis that makes the map spacey by adding stars instead of grass or sand. No photo edit has been made!

    © © Terring

  12. While I was sleeping, a debate took place in my status. Since I couldn't reply, and since using the status bar for debates is not recommend for obvious reasons, let me open this topic to discus it and reply to a few comments. It's also a good excuse to open this debate This has no effect on any of us, it doesn't make the world any better... Any scientific and technological achievement have improved our lives and space exploration is not an exception. In fact, it gave us improved artificial limbs, anti-icing systems for the aircrafts, better firefighting and medical equipment, more efficient solar panels, joysticks for the game consoles, and the liquid crystals for the LCD monitors. Just to name a few of them. As about what we will get by the Rosetta mission, it is hoped that it will result in better understanding of comets, the early Solar System, and the creation of our planet. Furthermore, will search for organic molecules, nucleic acids (the building blocks of DNA and RNA) and amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), helping assess the contribution comets made to the beginnings of life on Earth. Think the knowledge, the technologies, the breakthroughs we'll get after all of that. And who knows? Maybe it will help us to find better ways of diverting the orbits of incoming comets, so we'll not die in an apocalypse like the dinosaurs. Meanwhile, back here on Earth - people are starving,... I've been hearing this thesis since I was a kid and I still find it insulting for the mankind. It's like treating our species as primitive and unable for multiple tasks as a mono-celled organism like an amoeba. Wait a minute, even an amoeba can do more than one actions. Even a low-end computer can handle more than 2 tasks, let alone 7 billions of minds! Everybody can help to better our world with her/his own way. Some people will explore our world to unlock the secrets of the Cosmos and use those new knowledge for better understanding and researching new technologies. Others will use any kind of art as the vehicle to express important ideas and statements, while inspiring everybody else to do the same. And others will get their butts out of their sofas and start feeding the starved and giving a house to the homeless. Non of the above will be sitting in front of a computer and complain for everything. "Why you want to explore new lands, Columbus, while we have problems here? Do nothing, sit here and cry with us" I think space exploration would be ideal if we could achieve a near Venus Project-like society before then. Ah, the classic dilemma. Earth or Mars? Exploring the comets or giving water to everybody? Colonizing Mars or helping Earth? My answer is simple... OK, enough from me. What about you? Is space exploration a worthless waste of money, or our fate is indeed to the stars? "By exploring other worlds we safeguard this one. By itself, I think this fact more than justifies the money our species has spent in sending ships to other worlds. It is our fate to live during one of the most perilous and, at the same time, one of the most hopeful chapters in human history." Carl Sagan
  13. VG test flight crash. Antares explodes on takeoff Well, pioneering is always full of risks. You often get arrows right in the chest. Didn't stop the settlement of this continent, and it shouldn't stop the settlement of space (the final frontier [to use a rather hackneyed phrase]).
  14. HAWX Space Shuttle

    Version 1.1


    After years of successful missions and glorious launches, the mighty space shuttle that has inspired millions of little sims, is in the process of retirement and will be put on display for all to see. Fortunately, the high tech industries in your city have been hard at work designing a new more advanced shuttle to fill in the shoes of its predecessor. Ready on the launch pad, this new shuttle will be carrying the torch of your space program for many more years to come. About the upload- This is a replacement for the Maxis space shuttle. It will launch and reappear at the spaceport. Dependencies? None. The model and textures for this upload are from the game HAWX and therefore belong to Ubisoft.
  15. Solis Planum

    Version 1


    Hello simtropolians. I present to you my third upload, a map of the martian region Solis Planum, or Solis Plana. Solis Planum is a plain in Mars, at the south of Valles Marineris and at the southeast of Arsia Mons, it is part of the Tharsis region, a complex of plains, mountains and faults, where Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons are located. This map was made from a grayscale map extracted from a site of the USGS, Map-a-planet, with a topographic map made by MOLA, Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter. About the region. It has 32 cities, all of them big cities, in a rectangle of 8x4 big cities. The zip, 10.7 MB, files contains two folders: >Solis Planum (root): Solis Planum.png, a look with the Mars terrain, with Terraformer 1000 Mod in Sand Desert Terrain. Solis Planum with city boundaries.png, a look from the SC4 Terraformer. >>Grayscale: config.bmp, the cities configuration for the grayscale. solpnum.png, the grayscale map of the region. >>Terraformer: config.bmp, the cities configuration for the SC4 Terraformer. solisplanum.sc4m, the file with the map for SC4 Terraformer. TemplateCopyright.html, an html file for the SC4 Terraformer. Installing the region There are two ways to install the region, using SimCity4 or SC4Terraformer: Classic way, using SimCity4: Create a folder in Regions with the name Solis Planum, or another name. Copy the config.bmp and the grayscale map, solpnum.png, located in the folder Grayscale. Then run SC4, open the region and then load the grayscale with ctrl+alt+shift+r. This is the suitable way if you want it for SimMars. Using SC4Terraformer: create a folder in Regions with the name Solis Planum, or another name. Copy the config.bmp, solisplanum.sc4m and about.html. Then run SC4Terraformer and load the region folder, go to Global Tools and select Import image, select the file solisplanum.sc4m in the folder region and load it. Modify it as you want and save it. Notes Maybe you will note that there are some water bodies in the region, principally at the south and the east, an arc of mountains at the center and a plain at the north. The level 0 of the map probably is is a datum based in the triple point of the water, at 610,5 Pa of presion and 273.16 K. SC4 terraformer can raise the terrain to got a more mountainous looking or reduce the terrain level to got a more marshy looking. Just go to Global Tools > Raise/Lower Terran and write a value between 0 to 50. Also, for Linux users using SC4 with Wine on Gnome Shell or Cinnamon is recomended to disable screencast of the desktop, that is activated with the combination ctrl+alt+shift+r and interferes with the game, that doesn't allow to load the grayscale map. You can disable screencast with the keyboard settings under System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Enjoy!
  16. Hey there, I was just watching some of those videos about the small >200k inhabitants cities and happen to see one with an airport. I was actually wondering if building the airport in your city can be as tricky as in other simcities... given the small space you have... Are airplanes colliding with res and com towers if they are growing inline with the runway? I think it was SC2k and SC3K where you could most often here the airplanes crash into building, but that did not have an effect if your turned out dissasters. However if you did not turn it out, then you kept having fires Can someone post a video with aircrafts takeoff between buildings Hong-Kong style?
  17. The City of Viina | Revisited

    another little update of Viina. 3 big mosaic of the downtown. thank you very much for your appreciation for all this time VIINA The Space Colony of Tusi The Downtown & Niiva Zin Tower Another View of The Downtown Replies ______________________________________________________________ Schulmanator : Cool! This rocks! Thanks a lot! your CJ rocks more! ggamgus : The last picture, Downtown Viina, looks too good to be true. Great work! Thanks a lot ggamgus! KonstantinII : Where did you get the niiva zin tower?Was you reloted it for your own use? Yes, i re-lot-ed the coruscant buildings for my personal use. im still bad at that too. lol. hope u like it! Fox : Another great update.. Now I need to know where you are getting all these cool sci-fi bats from . they look great. lol thanks, i get it from links of futuristic plugin in forum. try search it, theres a lot lot of bats there. osneaga : do not like nam curve avenues don know why well, its my effort to make the city looks a little bit organic. not too griddy. SilverCyric : Looks good to me buddy, Liking the storyline so far too : ) Thanks Thank you very much! Mr.Lin : COOL ! Really cool ! thank you!! Hellken : Mother of God... LOL i laughed so hard looking at ur comment pic! TekindusT : I don't know how do you manage to mix so many styles and make everything look perfect and futuristic, just like all BATs were created to be used together! Great, great, great! thank you very much! yes i got thru mix and match bats so many times, and take a little while to make them fit each other. once again, thanks! Benedict : The setting of that keyhole building is one of the most stunning things I've seen in a CJ. Brilliant stuff. yes that keyhole is something, rotlf. thanks a lot benedict!
  18. The City of Viina | Downtown

    First of all, thank you simtropolis for gave me best of the best weekly edition award, its my first award. rotfl. i'll try to make better CJ for you all. in this entry i want to write about The City of Viina downtown, continuing the preview in entry before. in this CJ too, i made the images less-colorful with hope that it can look more realistic. because my play concept, even i play with futuristic plugins, i try to make as realistic as i could. hope i could be better at this . and im waiting for critics, comment, and of course rate this CJ! thanks! ____________________________________________________________________ Viina A Quick History Viina was built in 2200, in the southern-most of Invinia, when a space colony Tusi landed here after one-trip flight from earth, and time after time, the area around where Tusi landed grows so fast and become one of important business district in southern part of Invinia. Viina itself is name of Tusi captain, who successfully bring the earth settlers to Elysium in one piece. ____________________________________________________________________ The Space Colony of Tusi The Space Colony of Tusi, after landed in Elysium, it lost the capability of space travelling, and was meant to be a small vertical colony, so the people inside can live without worry. and in the mean time, it still being a living machine and the keyhole shape was meant to be a symbol of freedom. a keyhole into a new freedom away from horrible life in earth. ____________________________________________________________________ Living in Viina Time after time, the Colony of Tusi become overcrowded. To prevent more conflict inside Tusi, some people prefer to live outside Tusi, but still they didnt want to be far away from Tusi, where they love to live just next to one of important symbol of Invinia. Tusi is the core of the city, where it provides the best living facilities, including school, hospital, police station, and makes the people of Viina have the best living quality. ____________________________________________________________________ The Niiva Zin Tower Viina is become central business district in southern shore of Invinia, and many big company made their headquarter in this city, including Niiva Zin Corp. Its one of biggest company in Invinia in robotics technology. They have their private shuttlepad just between the two tower, and each in top of the tower, and hundreds office floor to fit their needs. ____________________________________________________________________ The Downtown of Viina The downtown of Viina is one of most busy area in the country. Many big company resides here, including Niiva Zin Corp who have the most monumental tower besides the Tusi in the area. We can say that Viina is the core district of southern part of Invinia. The Colony of Tusi itself become the oldest monument in Invinia and business center in Viina. A large residential blocks was provided for workers here to reduce traffic because of commuting from neighbor district. And of course a speedway was provided to ease access with land vehicle to this district. just next to the downtown, a forest still keep preserved. although the towers stood up high, the balance of nature are still maintained. ____________________________________________________________________ That's almost all about Viina, one of oldest district in Invinia, where the symbol of freedom stood up inspire the people of Invina. Greetings from Viina. ____________________________________________________________________ Replies ggamgus : WOW. I cannot stop stuttering. rotfl. thanks a lot Evillions : Dude! Where did you get that keyhole building?! try search TUSI in stex, u will find it easily 10000000000000 : *And then his mind was blown noo, dont blown your mind, lets blown something else! LOL! KonstantinII : Well I think your getting better and better at this. well, thanks a lot, mate! ure too kind! Forthwall : lol me too. thankyou! i tried to make the city as organic as i could I love the curves lol me too. thankyou! i tried to make the city as organic as i could Hellken : I love the curves! That giant TUSI 101 building is ..... WOW! lol thanks, and yeah that tusi is a bit toooooo much! MisterRisk1 : Not good enough 4 trixies? U must be kidding. noo im not kidding. i feel that my cities is still in mess, not too well-organized, SilverCyric : Are you kidding me??!? This is AAAAMAZING!!! work my friend. Thanks for sharing, that's pretty awesome : ) lol why people thought i was kidding! yes, thanks a lot! Bipin : That's amazing, absolutely wonderful in so many ways! thank you bipin! i love ur bats too, i even put some of ur bats in my plugin folder! maybe next time i'll shot that in my CJ Fox : Great editing.. amazing job! thanks a lot fox! ure far too kind! sdfjkjsdf : I didn't know things got this good thank you! well me too, until i tried to compile the futuristic plugins! Huston : its been my pleasure huston, thank you very much! im lookin forward for that. but i doubt i could equal your ability to tell story, u tell story faaaar better! So....we really have to merge our stories Cause this looks amazun' its been my pleasure huston, thank you very much! im lookin forward for that. but i doubt i could equal your ability to tell story, u tell story faaaar better! Shoko : Amazing Thank you!
  19. The City of Viina | A Preview

    First of all, i want to thanks to simtropolis people, i didn't expect many people like and appreciate my CJ, even nominate to trixies! Thank you, but i don't think i'm good enough for trixies Viina a city that built around the Space Colony of Tusi landed in Elysium. more detail soon. Thanks -Azh-
  20. TMW#6 - Austra System | "Hidden Station"

    Overview ~ Three Kodiak Shuttles are making their way toward a unknown destination, making an approach for the seemingly inconspicuous human gas giant colony of Austra. What business could they possibly have here? Find out where they're heading as we dive into Austra's upper cloud decks. Schulmanator Thanks! Benedict Thanks! I'm using a demo version of Cinema 4D to render the planets and creating the planet's textures through a bit of photoshopping. city89 It's originally an industrial colony gone commercial cause of gang faction control over the city. SimCoug Thanks a lot! Evillions Thanks! RepublicMaster Thank you! ggamgus Thanks! KonstantinII Lol, thanks! Forthwall I'll be sure to make as many as possible Forth, thanks MilitantRadical Thank you very much! Fox I thought you'd like it Fox Thanks! Felano Thank you! ____________________________________________________________________________ Welcome again. We've now departed the Nesu'luun star system, and have arrived back at Aerene. Today, we'll be visiting a planet that you'd more than least expect to visit. A gas giant world with a often chaotic atmosphere and weather pattern; Austra, Aerene's largest local source of Helium-3, rivaling the Asari mined colony world of Lera, harbors many orbital stations that conduct mining operations, solely collecting Helium-3 and extracting Hydrogen from the very atmosphere of Austra. Like any gas giant, there is no tracable surface discounting the planet's rocky and metallic core, therefore surface colonies are not an option to establish. So besides orbital Helium-3 mining stations, what could possibly be of interest here to see? An irregular signature, showing an environmental interference and an area of low mass, possibly indicating the presence of an orbital station with active mass effect fields was found in Austra's higher atmospheric band, where weather is much less intense, and gravity almost non-existant. It's determined location was in Austra's Southern Hemisphere Zone S-43, one of 60 helium-3 mining zones which divide the Southern Austran Hemisphere for practical reasons. The specific zone, Zone South-43 is a helium-3 mining territory left unoccupied by Human extraction teams as operations do not yet exist in this area. With no operations occurring here, it can leave room for just about anything to take the area, and a suspicious unidentified station is one possiblity. A group of Cerberus Kodiak transport ships are making their approach to Austra. Their destination is unknown, as for their reasons to even go to Austra. As they continue through their designated route, they begin to make contact with Austra's atmosphere. They've approached Austra's Southern Hemisphere Zone particularly referred to by Human Helium-3 miners as Zone S-43. It's one of 60 South Hemisphere divisons, used as reference to easily allocate operating Helium-3 mining territories on Austra. The transport ships begin to make their decent into Austra's upper band atmosphere. As they reach the calmer upper band of Austra's atmosphere, a large mysterious space station is seen further out. The space station's size and structure suggests a number of things, but mainly that it's a private orbital research station. Detection of Mass Effect fields around the atmospheric station suggest that the station's mass is being decreased in order to stay afloat, while shielding is operational as well to contain a calm environment around the station. The low gravity in addition to mass effect fields om this upper cloud deck also suggests that the station requires minimal amounts of propulsion to keep the station in its place above Austra. The Cerberus Kodiaks approach ever closer to the space station, and are in the midst of its calm environment maintained by the prolonged use of Mass Effect fields around the station. This unidentified orbital station is increasingly likely to be a Cerberus facility. The Cerberus Kodiaks being their close approach and eventually make contact with the possi It looms larger as the obscuring clouds being to shift away from the station, and emphasizes the station's sheer size. The clouds obscuring the view of Cerberus' masked atmospheric station disappear, as more of the station becomes visible. The Kodiak transport ships now begin to make their final approach before making contact with the station and landing in its various docking bays. Such a mysterious facility hanging over Austra's upper atmosphere continues to go unheard and unrecognized by Helium-3 orbital stations and probes surveying the gaseous giant. Only time can tell what this station means to Cerberus. Thanks for viewing! Rate 'n' Comment! ________________________________________________________
  21. Valles Marineris V2



    Hello simtropolians. This is my second upload to ST, and is the version number two of the first map of Valles Marineris, with a better resolution and more accurate to the reality. As everbody knows, Valles Marineris is a system of faults and canyons located near the equator of Mars, at the east of Tharsis. Unlike its predecesor, this map is more accurate to the reality. It was made from a grayscale map extracted from a site of the USGS, Map-a-planet, with a topographic map made by MOLA, Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter. About the region. It has 160 cities, 55 big cities, 32 medium cities and 73 small cities. The zip files contains two folders: Valles_Marineris_V2 (root): Valles Marineris Aereal: a look from the SC4Terraformer, this will give you an idea of the cities distribution and the sea level. Valles Marineris Mars Terrain: this is an look of the region from the standard of SC4, with the Terraformer 1000 Mod in Sand Desert Terrain. Readme: the readme file, is the same description as here. >Grayscale folder: config.bmp: the standard region config. vallesmarineris.png: the grayscale map. >Terraformer folder: config.bmp: the standard region config. vallesmarineris.SC4M: the map for the SC4Terraformer. about.html: a single html file for SC4Terraformer. Installing the region There are two ways to install the region, using SimCity4 or SC4Terraformer: Classic way, using SimCity4: Create a folder in Regions with the name Valles Marineris, or another name. Copy the config.bmp and the grayscale map, vallesmarineris.png, located in the folder Grayscale. Then run SC4, open the region and then load the grayscale with ctrl+alt+shift+r. This is the suitable way if you want it for SimMars. Using SC4Terraformer: create a folder in Regions with the name Valles Marineris, or another name. Copy the config.bmp, vallesmarineris.SC4M and about.html. Then run SC4Terraformer and load the region folder, go to Global Tools and select Import image, select the file vallesmarineris.SC4M in the folder region and load it. Modify it as you want and save it. Notes The sea level is too high, this will not look well in a terraformed enviroment (using an Earth terrain) and the region will be more water than land. Since there are no seas on Mars, the default level is a datum based in the triple point of the water, at 610,5 Pa of presion and 273.16 K, this is probably the level 0 of the map. With SC4 Terraformer is possible to raise the terrain and give to the region a more balanced look, just go to Global Tools > Raise Terran and write a value, reccomended between 100 and 170. A value lower than 100 will show more water, a value over 170 will show more land. Also, for Linux users using SC4 with Wine on Gnome Shell or Cinnamon is recomended to disable screencast of the desktop, that is activated with the combination ctrl+alt+shift+r and interferes with the game, that doesn't allow to load the grayscale map. You can disable screencast with the keyboard settings under System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Enjoy!
  22. Solaris

    Version 1


    Hey Simtropolites, it's been a while! I'm in the process of shutting down my blog and I'm moving some of my early -and embarassing- files over here for posterity. -- This is actually my first ever map. Abstract fantasy like most of my earlier stuff, I'd just watched Solaris again evidently. I never uploaded it because I wasn't that happy with the final outcome. It's not very big, but there's a couple of interesting features. I managed to get the central circles nicely built up thanks to all the small neighbours. Small and quick if you're bored of realistic maps for a few hours...

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