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City-building game(s)

Found 46 results

  1. A Peaceful Tour of Lake Promethius

    A Brief Introduction The Flatlands is a largely vanilla region, handcrafted by maxis landscaping tools. The only addon being used is the NAM, and mostly because I like the roundabouts and traffic choosing routes capable to handle higher volume traffic. Everything else is vanilla. Prologue Thousands of years ago, the founders of The Flatlands discovered a largely flat region, henceforth named The Flatlands. They began pulling mountainsides from the ground; digging lakes with their bare hands. Or so legend goes... Mount Pompus was not a very fertile region, despite the plentiful fresh water from the falls into Lake Promethius. Heading east, the early explorers discovered the lands to the south east of Lake Promethius were incredibly fertile. It wasn't long before civilization settled in the region. Farmlands grew small towns, which enticed large commercial cities downstream. But let's come back to where it all began. Aerial view of The Flatlands Lake Promethius The prospering farming community began with just a few farms and a couple of outhouses. Today, 3,000 people call Lake Promethius home. The community is mostly comprised of 800 farmers, who can mostly be found plowing the fields, or selling their pick of the bunch at the Sunday farmers market. The town is accessible by train and road, with a nearby ferry stop also serving the community to tourists, travelers, and workers. An airstrip out of town also serves the region. Popular tourist destinations in town include the main shopping strip headed by the popular farmers market. The West Ring Road is an alternate route allowing local farmers speedy access to the fields. Lined by gourmet cafes and boutique stores, it is also a popular destination for tourists. One can also relax and read a book at the local library, or dip their toes at the Promethius beach. More adventurous tourists can go for a skydive at the nearby airstrip, or take a road trip to Mount Pompus along the scenic Northern Highway, which runs along the border between the lake and the national park to the north. Of course, Lake Promethius is a farming community at heart. The fields stretch for miles, offering as a food basket for the region. The freshest produce can be found at the local farmers market, however most is taken by road or rail to the supermarkets and malls in the east. The quality of the harvest is amongst the best in the region, proving that quantity can be quality too. I hope you enjoyed this tour of Lake Promethius. I'm hoping to keep this city journal updated as much as my life will allow me, which will hopefully be weekly, but no promises. In the next updates, I will cover Athena Straight and Aeroes Metropolitan, and furthermore into the undiscovered regions of The Flatlands. Thank you for reading.
  2. Nexis Mega Dairy Farm

    Hello all, I would like to add "Nexis Mega Dairy Farm" but I can't find these dependencies. PropPak_mjb_Industrial_Vol01.dat PropPak_mjb_TreesShrubsAndFlowers02a.dat Vehicle_Props-V3.dat NXS_SiloGrainMed.1_prop-0x6534284a.SC4Desc nxs_Firewood_prop-0x6534284a.SC4Desc Hope I can get some help or sent in the right direction to find them. Thank You
  3. Chapter 5: Two Major Milestones

    Welcome back! (WL is short for Woodland) Click on the images for full screen (most are in 1920x1080) Another beautiful morning! Ahh, lovin' those gravel roads... After much saving up, we finally build Woodland's first ever Fire Station! Although it's not a Maxis Station, it is $150/month (cheaper than the $250 from a large station!) and has three fire trucks, instead of two! Today is a special day for this town... It's time to finally PAVE the roads! After much traffic problems, I think it's time we......(I turn my head looking West) What the? You see the smoke out in the distance? It's coming from River town! (Just as I said that the phone rang) *Phone rings* *Picks up phone* Me: This is Mayor Whiz, how may I help you? Caller: It's Paul, (the chief of police in WL River Town) We're burnin' down!!! Me: What? Caller: Our town's about to go up in flames! We got a huge forest fire out there! Me: I'll help! I just built a fire station! *Phone connection lost* I drive over to the fire station in a panic.. Me: Big fire at River City!!! Come on let's go!!! I hitch a ride on a fire truck and we head west to WL River City (Yes, we finally built an actual neighbor connection, no more 1 hour hikes!) We make it to WL River City and see smoke with large flames out in the distance: Mathew: You got firefighters?!?! Thank god! We're about to burn up, I got the town evacuated, they're at Pleasantville for now! Look at that massive wall of flames coming our way! On a hot summer afternoon, lies the arduous task of putting out a town-threatening fire. The fire apparently started from a lightning strike and due to wind direction suddenly shifting, it became a massive "wall" of flames that walked towards the town. It finally got as close as the rail road, which thankfully stopped the fire from spreading any further. However, the houses and train stations could go up in flames if any cinders hit them and turn the city that has given us electricity into a raging inferno! (The fire reaches the railroad as our town's entire firefighter caste fights to save Mathew's industrial town from a raging inferno. Mathew hasn't built a fire station yet.) The fire spreads westward north of the houses and consumes the houses outside the town: Luckily, the rest of the town will be spared. After hours of hose spraying, we actually manage to get control of the inferno. Only a few houses are burnt down... The firefighters return to WL Town, and I stay over at WL River City. The next morning...we get treated to a small riot: One police station later: The riot is calmed. Some very angry citizens as a result of the fire (they lost all their possessions in the fire) The beautiful forest that surrounds this town are now charred and dead... Mathew: It's going take years for all those woods to grow back! Me: Hey look at the bright side, at least you won't feel guilty cutting those trees down to expand the town anymore! Mathew: True, I was going to expand westward eventually, but I used to love taking long walks through the woods and so did a lot of my citizens. That's one of the biggest reasons they live here. And man thank you so much for saving my town! My town wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for your firefighters! Me: Don't need to thank me, you saved my town from obliteration! (Chapter 2). For that I am eternally grateful. You save my city and I'll always save yours if you ever have trouble. That's what best friends are for! I return back to my town... ----------South Residential Expansion---------- In order to meet the very high residential demands, a new residential sector will be created that extends south of the main town. Stats as of now before expansion: We have nearly $25,000 in the bank and we're a modest $400 a month. Residential demand is up the roof! The roads are drawn... (Note that these roads were drawn before the gravel roads) New growth: Found the pics of the gravel roads being added! Before: After: (Six new windmills were built in order to meet power demands. We're producing 1200MW and receiving 1000MW from WL River Town) Schools are finally having an effect! A new DSW shoe warehouse store: A new trail among the beautiful woods behind the store: Our population is now over 4000 sims, and we're making over $700 a month! New farms were built known as the North Farming Sector: Beautiful evening at Central Square Ghosts congregate at the cemetery, telling each other stories of the lives they lived and kids they scared The next day, we get hit by a thunderstorm... Storm season's been pretty quiet this year, although next year is predicted to be intense since there's an air current that comes down every couple years that allows severe storms. This is a weather pattern that results in tornadoes but only every 3-5 years. A downpour in an April afternoon: Some back yards are flooded but amid the rain the baseball and soccer teams still practice in the flooded fields! A few days later, the East Residential area gets an expansion: Even after the growth, residential demand is still very high. I finally decide to take the leap... I zone medium density residential and commercial around the central square area And up they go! This is a huge milestone, and the first sign of urbanization. They grow up so fast! ==========The First Apartments========== Medium density offices will soon be built here as well. The apartments line up around the Main Central Square area, which someday, will be the Down Town! Population is now over 5000 and we're making nearly $1000 a month! Now it's over 6000 and we're making over $1200 a month! We have $45,200 in the bank! That's the most we ever had! Let the good times continue!!! However...While the town may be booming now, all the new apartments have made traffic issues much worse: (Note the new mansion! Our first R-$$$ House, that's another milestone!) Mathew warned us about this. This brings us to the next major milestone: ==========The First Roads!========== The roads are paved along the Main Central Square and extend to North and South Industries (Where most people work) Much better! There's still some trouble spots but there's definitely improvement! Also take note that we tore down the six windmills that were around the cemetery. Mayor Mathew built a second coal power plant so now we're receiving 4000MW of power a month for only $243/month! That's much better than the $300/month for 1200MW of power from the windmills! In the mansion in the above image lives my friend Ben, the manager of one of the low density CO-$$$ business. Thanks to all the traffic, he was able to make huge profits and have a big mansion built right down the road so he only has to walk to work. He's done a lot of good things to this city! *Thunder* (Notices distant flashes of lightning in the night sky) Another powerful thunderstorm heads our way on this fine evening... On that note, let's end it here. To be continued... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay tuned for Chapter 6! Story Summary (For those who are in a rush) A lot has happened in this chapter! First we saved the neighboring city (Woodland River Town) from a raging wall of fire by sending our firefighters from our town, to which Mayor Mathew highly appreciated. We got back, and expanded the east housing in our town, got hit by a few thunderstorms, built more farms, created a south residential area, first apartments, first mansion (R-$$$) and first paved roads ever. We also got our power deal increased from 1000MW/m to 4000MW/m, and we no longer need power plants. All the power we receive now comes from Mathew's town. Population has increased from 2000 to 6100 and profit from $400 to $1200 a month. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comment Replies from last Update (Chapter 4 Part 2) @Tonraq: I'm glad too! Loans ain't cheap! @Kim Sunwoo: Thank Mayor Mathew for that, if he didn't come in and stop the obliteration, this journal would really be a two-update short story! @dabadon5: Thank you! @Paulobergonci: Glad you like it! I want to play the game as fair but realistically as possible, and balance things out. I'll always make beautiful shots but also show normal in-game shots as this city grows. One day when it hits 1 million we can look back to this update and remember the memories! @anytownUSA: It is indeed. You'll later on see another town (in a future update) that learned the hard way about growth... @VonCheese: That's what makes the game fun, I enjoy a challenge! I want to show the beauty of this game and Photoshop as well without neglecting the core aspects of the game play! At heart, this CJ is about a town that goes from 0 to 1 million sims, and every obstacle it overcomes. It's the story that makes it interesting, and this is still only the beginning of this journey! @jolteon: Thank you! And I did by using Paint.Net, creating a 2nd layer, creating white blobs and blurring and distorting (use dents) them then repeating until they were realistic enough. (Hint: Multiple layers of different shades of white) Before that, I also took a pic of both cities and pasted them together (I'll post a tutorial later down the road)
  4. Hey there Does anyone know of any good farm related RICO builds? The workshop returns dreadfully little ;x
  5. Foundations are set

    The main roads have been places and rough zoning has begun
  6. Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some industrial warehouses/manufacturing + a Pepboys and Lowes. More industry Bonus substation + grungy warehouse + brewery Logistics, warehouse, Dollar General, and the back of Tina's Grocery Caldor, bank, and front of Tina's. Firestation, inn, theatre, old threatre, italian restaurant, old Shell station, starbucks, arby's, car repair, Sam's Club, small convienence + condo Industry, cellphone tower, dye vats, warehouses, etc, you get the drill Onto the suburbs Low-mid-highrises That's it for this segment Bridge. Windmills, gas station and some low-midrises Windmills + low-midrises. That's it for this segment. Crematorium + suburbs Suburbs Sheep farm + family house and backyard Pig farm + that old guy who has a motorcycle and a car Guy who has friend over at house who owns an rv he never uses + cow farm That's it for this segment Lastly, farms. That's it for this segment. That's the whole of Numty, everyone. Thank you all so much for tuning in, it validates this entire process and it makes me feel really great knowing people like my hard work. Seeya next time!!
  7. Jonro

    the lizkond tag is there for tagging purposes and nothing else. why hello there everyone. no longer will i write these with much of a story, it's all just messing around. this is my first city since a two month hiatus because i didn't wanna play anymore. partially because my kitten's death drained everything outta me. but, i'm ready to roll rumble and do the things!!! picture one: read the cj desc for why there is a grid and zero traffic. this uses the by manuel-ito. download all his relots they're phenomal. above it are these lone houses on the road leading to the town and small neighborhood. we'll go back and see the neighborhood real quick. here it is!!!!! lot more maxis houses grew than usual. the lake it wraps around. the roads follow the river(?)(i forgot if it's all a lake or a river turning into a lake) it offshoots into a small commercial place. There's a gas station, convenience store, autoshop, mcdonalds, and one of those fancy looking restaurants that just sells burgers. OH HEY A BIG NEIGHBORHOOD main neighbahood!!! the tennis center court place made by someone i forgot rsc i think???!!?!?!?! it's really good tho! changing rotation now!! trash college commerce and the pumping station! some stores! logistics area place thing!!! shops farm road offshoot from the neighborhood farm t-intersection entrance to another small neighorhood cul de sac one cul de sac two end roundabout high school and some old timey market that sells organic stuff older historic nice pretty cool good neighborhood The canal goes under the farm, comes up in the middle, and continues on. and then it ends. Well, I hope you all enjoyed. Dunno how frequent future stuff will be, but towns are gonna be faster for now. OH AND FULL CITY PICS WAMA JAM SAM SEEYA!!
  8. Easter egg?

    So apparently, just doing some normal city stuff, decided to put some agriculture and left it for a while, and then i noticed these 2 unique farms, called Sunnybrook Farm and Pepperidge Farm. I know both of these 2 farms are actually real, and whenever i click query on it, the text says "Ouch!!" and the query box looks different, other information like "Farming Stats" and what the crops are used for, and a pig with angel wings at the background. Just a really cool thing i found
  9. Hi buddies, I created my first mod using SketchUp. Everything is fine till I put in the game, I had an error LOD_FBX is broken. everything in the game seems fine but ward off the camera, the mod will disappear. I forgot to color variation is not disabled.
  10. Rural wondering around !

    Rural wondering around ! Today I am again being buged with some perculier Simcity 4 oddity. Large farms are most realistic but even medium farms have the no roads acces bug ! Three quarters of the farm is fine, one quarter complaining. Road´s or street are nearby. Have another try this time, again some part not accesible, but afther running the simulation it dissapeared, wondering ! Hope you enjoyed this short CJ see you back next time !
  11. SM2 cnut Grain Shipping

    From the album Hall of Fame

    1st Place entry from Lotting Challenge (S3-03-C) Custom Content 108 Rep 31 Bonus Points 85 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings [Download Content] Just like its namesake, it is a grain shipping facility. Farmers bring their grains, (wheat, barley, corn, oats and so on), on trucks which are then weighted on drive on scales. Grains are then vacuumed from the open trucks and are sorted and stored in their appropriate silos. Grains are then pumped into specially made train cars and shipped to mills where they are turned into flour, corn starch, cereals etc. This lot will also allow passenger trains to go through it so you will see both type of trains traverse it.

    © 2016 Simmer2

  12. THE REBOOT: Flatop Hill.

    THE DAY IS OCTOBER 23RD. THE SEASON IS AUGUST. THE CITY IS FLATOP HILL. YOU ARE TUNING IN TO... Special thanks to Bipin for the header! Here we have the edge of the city, an entrance to the dirt road (Rancherdale Dr.) connected to two larger roads. You can see the water tower, an antennae, a newly built fire station, and housing. We go further down the road, and meet ourselves with a small place with commercial buildings (Gambit Sq.)! A church in the upper corner over there, and a peek at the bikepath streets! The inner part of the neighborhood featuring some commercial buildings! (BACKSTORY: At about 1967, swathes of immigration left unemployment festering. A vote between governors Chris Kaley, Keith Tristoph, and Trumald Donp, including a confirmation from Lurdol Kurilt (3-term presidency) signed a bill that claimed areas of neighborhoods that were abandoned and built commercial there. Some neighborhoods and cities met it with abandonment and slumification, but others did not change, one or two had met it with valor and increased substantially in development.) The elementary school, and a lot more housing. A peek at the farms, and the other lower side of the neighborhood. Farms. Upper end of the neighborhood and more farms. You can see the library from here in the upper corner. Onto Rancherdale Drive! That's the end! But not the end of the entry! We still have 20 pictures!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!! Bushes. Substations. AND POWERLINES! Powerlines coming from the other city. A small pond. A planned housing area. (BACKSTORY: Due to increased immigration from the Middle-East, Lizkond is creating new housing districts specifically for the immigration. Due to an injured current economy, cheaper roads have to be used, however it's not specific as this style of road is in other neighborhoods and districts.) Now let's get commercial, and rail through. A museum dedicated to the railroad inside a roundhouse. Right around the corner is the station halt. Train repair yard. The trains needed for repair go through into the repair yard, once repaired, they are tested. They go through that long rail curve farthest from the rail. If fully functioning, and if industrial, they go up through the first exit into the dedicated heavy industrial rail line. If fully functioning, and a passenger train, they go down and over to the main rail. If still in need of repairs, it keeps going south back into the repair yard. The coal power plant, a transformer, and a garbage dump. (BACKSTORY: The coal power plant only powers the hills, because it also delivers power to the neighboring country. There are multiple power plants along the edge of Lizkond that sell power to the neighboring country. It also receives coal from the neighboring city. The passenger train has to run through the power plant as pictured.) AND NOW WE TAKE TO THE HILLS! The underground parking lot for the rail halt goes under and exits through that tunnel. We move on to a small village, only accessible from outsiders via the railroad! And now to some high altitude shots! Now, on to a question: Where is Leira? Leira and Boomooderie have sprung into a war, and high violence is abroad, unfortunately we had to leave. Lizkond's military and protection are immensely stronger. So we do not have to worry about doing business here. We have taken the chance to become more professional, Karl Pilkington cameo pending. We will see you next time! KEEP ON ROLLING! (the labor of making this was very high. i dont want to ask for pity, but i have newfound respect for ln x, tariely, michael, and other cj creators because this stuff is incredibly tedious. maybe its just me. thanks for hanging in for me and giving me a reason to play my favorite game. love.) (special thanks to @CorinaMarie for hanging with me and helping me improve the rails, helping me make them realistic. special thanks to @Bipin for the cj header, super nice of the guy. and thanks to the simtrop chatroom for keeping me sane and letting me vent anger, love you guys)
  13. Mikes Tree Farm

    Version 1.0.0


    This lot features the Ingels Homestead from Minnesota in the 1800's. Fully restored. Mike and his crew bought this large piece of land. 5x7 lot size Stage 1 jobs 6 night lighting yes growable yes all dependency's are included in zip file. no need to search the STEX for them. This lot was the most problematic lot of mine and therefore as a special treat I included all files needed.. this Farm does not have a special UI file. Sorry folks. File Dependency that were made by myself or JohnB have been included in this file. we were a team him and I. Reason being that this lot had to be compleatly redone as a major problem with the original lot that could not be repaired nor could the missing prop be found. A special thanks to Johnb for the props that have been included with this lot. and to Flyhigh for his help with the ilive reader that made this updated farm possible.
  14. Siculia' ll be back

    Siculia' ll be back After a few months break, here is the return of Siculia, but in the meantime, enjoy some preview of cities in Siculia COMMENT REPLIES: SURBO jmsepe: Restructure the transport system is very complicated but the traffic is the thing thatbothers everybody takemethere: Thanks for the comment. Southern Italian-style train station, that's where I found it. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3340 kschmidt: Thanks for the comment. The Park was to be a common City Park but I was inspired by the Palace of caserta. As regards the channels I decided not to round them andmake them a little squares. Ln X: Thanks for the comment vinlabsc3k: Thanks for the comment, as far as the junction was a junction on the T, but then I decided to create a small road connecting the highway with the industrial zone. Anyway thanks for the tip.
  15. #1 Part 1: The St Andrews church. Patron saint of Kings Town. Saint Andrews is the protector of cultivators and shepherds. Kings town raised an exquisite church which blends the very concepts of an early ecclesiastical basilica with Gothic architectural references. Red bricks used to match both the town hall's and courthouse's style. It is located 2 blocks from the city center easily accessible on foot or bus-line 1 (red line - Central Train Station- Town Hall). According to the folk-lore, Saint Andrews is the christian incarnation of god Dionysus. However, the Olympian Christianity of Agrophilia accepts both the saint and the lesser deity. I plopped cars on parking space. (only Hyundai tucson and sonata are available). #2 #3 #4 #5 Part 2: The Municipal Cemetery. The Municipal Cemetery serves the community as the last citizens' resting place. There is an annual celebration called ''anthestiria'' or flower festival. According to the folk-lore, The dead are like the god Adonis. Citizens flower the tombs, marching through the towns' roads and throwing flower petals on streets.After that they assembly again to the cemetery's church and pray for the resurrection of the dead just like the lesser god. Adonis resurrected every spring, bringing back life and joy to the nature. The Olympian Christian church commemorate the god Adonis as prophet of Jesus-Christ. [ I beautified the surrounding area and added some gardens (pappeln trees etc)]. #6 Part 3: The Shore. ''Natural beauty''. The Shoreline of Kings Town is a thesaurus of relaxation and tranquility. Citizens walk by the river, go for picnic or admire the stunning view. The Shoreline is also a popular tourist destination. It is rumored that the poem ''Oh Titan Gaia'' has been written by the shore from the unknown national poet. Therefore, writers, poets and artists are visiting the place asking from Muses to inspire them.#7 #8 I also added wheelie bins outside the terraced houses (20% completed). #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 I hope you like my entry ! More interesting entries to come! Join the Journey! See you in Agrophilia !! #20
  16. Farms

    Base on Baardmans Bay map.
  17. I may have missed something, but is there a simple way to control where the farmhouse of a farm appears in a zone? For example, I have a 9x9 farm zone with a 5-tile street placed directly into the centre of the field, and I wanted the farmhouse to appear at the centre of the field. But sometimes the farmhouse appears near the boundary (the first street tile touching the farm zone) and makes the rest of the street seem useless. As you are here... how far can I zone a farm away from a road/street, without the no road access icon appears?
  18. Urban farming: Industrial hemp

    From the album Weekly Challenge #21 - Farming Scenes

    My city is not big enough yet to build me a hemp paper mill, but when it is, I’ve got the building design lined up! I’m also planning to paint a 1-acre vegetable garden tile. ABOUT URBAN FARMING -Urban and peri-urban farms feed 1/4 of the world’s urban populace! -90% of Havana, Cuba’s fresh produce are grown in local urban farms and gardens -The city of Detroit, suffering from decades of industrial decline, has implemented policies leading to the creation of 1350 community gardens -The average conventional produce item travels 1,500 miles and generates 5 to 17 times more carbon dioxide pollution than its local-sourced counterpart -One study reported those participating in community gardens consumed fruits and vegetables 1.4 more times per day compared to non-participants, and were 3.5 times more likely to consume fruits or vegetables at least 5 times daily -Improved nutrition and freshness - preventing as much as 50% loss in nutrients compared to food that must travel many days to market -Greater crop diversity -Improves city aesthetic and air quality -Food security and economic development -Closer connection to nature for city dwellers -Portland, Oregon, with 22 acres of urban gardens, is considered a leading U.S. city in this regard.... 22 acres is less than 0.03% of the city’s land area... “Urban farming: Industrial hemp” depicts 24 acres under cultivation, in just this one small section of the city! ABOUT INDUSTRIAL HEMP -Until 1883, hemp was the #1 crop globally; today over 600,000 acres are cultivated -93% of paper is produced from trees -Hemp paper fiber can be recycled approximately 4x more than tree-sourced paper -Hemp yields up to 4x per acre as pulp trees -Yields 2-3x that of cotton, a crop that happens to account for 1% of U.S. acreage but 50% of pesticide use -During the Second World War, hemp was considered vital to the war effort and the ban on cultivation was lifted... President George H. Bush parachuted from a burning airplane with a parachute made of U.S.-grown hemp!
  19. Demeter System

    From the album Weekly Challenge #21 - Farming Scenes

    Rural human colony on Demeter.
  20. Hampton Urban Farming

    From the album Weekly Challenge #21 - Farming Scenes

    Hampton, A town of around 500,000 people is running out of food growing spaces. With the local grocery stores wanting more fresh produce, food becoming in short local supply and people wanting more jobs, this was a natural move the city of Hampton. I and the citizens of Hampton give special thanks to Pegasus for creating these amazing lots

    © 2015 Varrick Industrys

  21. Pastoral beauty

    From the album Weekly Challenge #21 - Farming Scenes

    Pastoral beauty - horses, cows, sheep and the bounty of the earth grown by the good people of Anas.
  22. Farm goes into advertising to pay wages

    From the album Weekly Challenge #21 - Farming Scenes

    my farm goes into advertising just to pay wages of workers

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