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City-building game(s)

Found 151 results

  1. Hello, First of all let me say I'm new to this forum and to SimCity 4. I installed NAM to my computer with SimCity 4. Now while I was making the highways for the city that I'm working on, I noticed that I couldn't connect an exit from the RHW to lets say an avenue or a regular road or even a street. So basically I'm stuck at this stage. Any help on where I can find something to connect this to a road would be appreciated. Or is there any way to make an exit with the NAM (with the default ground or elevated highway, there was the option of ramps and that could've been easily connected to the roads. With RHW, I don't seem to find any option like that.) Thanks
  2. NAM 36 Transition Issue

    Good day all, I just installed NAM 36, and I get several questions of NAM 36: 1. Is there any transition pieces to connect between RHW and Avenue? It looks like the median line doesn't match like screenshot below: 2. When I connect MIS to Avenue, why there is no traffic light from the MIS direction? 3. Why the traffic light on my elevated road junction always steady green? Anyone know what's the problem?
  3. Truck Stop

    Version 1.0.0


    NAM makes Sims travel much further for work than ever before. But what if they run out of gas? Don't worry any longer, take Fantozzi's truck stops instead. This download offers two slightly different plopable lots, each 4x10 tiles in size, you find in the misc. transportation menu to place them left and right of your avenue or RHW or road or whatever. They offer 28/29 CS$$ jobs and have a slight positive effect over 35 tiles on commercial growth and cost 3600 simeoleons to plop. The lots are transit enabled and can be connected with OWR. It's stongly recommended to use SC4fix together with the truck stops . This lotwork requires 6 dependencies: SFBT ARAL Gas Station Ceafus 88 Burger King v2.0 SHK Parking Pack 1.2 KOSC SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures Was NL Props (Dutch Prop Pack) SCF_European Truck Pack In case you like what you see consider to rate/vote for the original content creators. Bon voyage.
  4. Hola a todos, compañeros de Simtropolis. Un saludo especial para huzman, que me hablo de este club en el foro de sc4devotion. A ver si me podéis echar una mano... por favor. He buscado en Simtropolis y en SC4 LEX , cabinas de peaje para las RHW de 8-10 carriles del NAM, pero no las encuentro, para menos carriles si las hay. ¿Sabéis si existen este tipo de lots?¿Donde podría encontrarlos? ¿Se os ocurre alguna otra manera de hacer pagar a mis sims por utilizar este tipo de redes???? Muchas gracias. Saludos.
  5. MIS L1 Over RHW

    Hi i want to put a MIS Level 1 road over the RHW 4, i have a ground to level 1 MIS Slope but can't find the piece to go over the RHW 4 to connect to the slope on the other side. I've searched through all pieces and cant find what i need. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  6. Punggol Highway

    From the album aciaKa's City

    Punggol Highway, still not good at planting trees and grass vegetation.
  7. Here we go again..... This time I sort of came up with the subject while searching forums.....except....... Seems my cars are exiting my highways whenever they want...not at the entrance/exit ramps. When I searched this question (why do they do this?) the only answer I found was; they can't exit anywhere except at ramps. Ummmm.....NO! I have cars getting on a section of RHW using a ramp but then veering off at it's destination without the use of any ramp. Is there a way to stop this or is this simply a glitch in the game. I have the latest NAM. I will try to get a screen shot and post in a comments. Thanks, John
  8. Hi guys....I've a RHW question concerning wide curve puzzle pieces. I searched for this subject (OK, OK, my search skills aren't all that good, but I tried), but could not find any thread describing a similar problem. I cant join RHW wide curve puzzle pieces together. I think it's due to those little tabs. I can get the next piece to touch the tabs (with its' own tabs) but not only does it look terrible, "draw paths" clearly shows traffic will not flow past this point. I've flipped, rotated, slid, moved, positioned these parts until the cows came home but I could never get the tabs to overlap. If I try to erase them the whole piece disintegrates. I can't even drag from the end if it's on an angle. Haaallllpppp! Haljackey, where are you when I need you? What's the secret? How do you get them to join? John
  9. I think I'm losing my mind! Things (bridges) keep appearing and disappearing in my SimCity 4 deluxe game. I have NAM 3.0 and 3.5 installed and I see the additional bridges I want in the files. But they wont show up in the game!!! Sometimes!!! I'm trying to build multi lane (s style) RHW bridges. For some reason, when I drag a bridge the widest option provided is a 3 lane (6) bridge. I have a 4 or 5 lane RHW feeding the bridge but it won't adjust. But wait! There's more....I built a 4 (8) lane bridge and saving it for some needed sleep I went back to continue building my RHW. When I tried to drag another bridge, all I got was a 3 (6) lane bridge. WTF??? Oh! Just for grins, I saved and went back to the 4 lane bridge I built the previous day, destroyed one side and tried to rebuild. Guess what? No 4 lane option presented!!! So I quit without saving and restored back to the previous day's version. I have tried to reload the NAM numerous times. I make sure I have the required patches. As I said in the beginning, I made sure the files were present. I recall in a previous life (back when Pang and Moose and all the legends were still active) I had no problems building multi lane RHW bridges. Now I can't and can not figure out why. (Ok, Ok, I'm getting older but not senile quite yet.) Is there any plug ins that override the NAM bridges? As far as I know, I have all the basic files and required Z__nam files in my plug in folder. Please help me retain my sanity? Thanks, John P.S. I should confess I took a few (many) year's hiatus from the game. Actually went thru 3 different PC builds and somewhere lost all my previous files. I reloaded the game on a dedicated XP drive in my present 6 core 32GB ram, 1Gb video card and so forth...plenty of resources. I downloaded and installed all the plug-ins i could remember plus some new items. My Java version is the highest the game allows.
  10. Entry 4: Welcome to Birdwater Point

    Replies: @_Michael: Thanks! I'm always trying to improve my highway work through learning what others have done. I strive to implement interesting details in every aspect of my work. @kschmidt: I appreciate your thoughts on my work! I highly encourage you and all other people to comment what you liked or not, and what ways you can suggest some ideas. @korver: MMP is a taxing but worthwhile addition to my work. Sorry about not being able to get myself up after a nasty burnout of ideas and inspiration! @BLANKBLANK: Thanks! I will think about getting this featured if I can. @raynev1: I am honored that my last entry was considered to be the top ten in Simcitizen's Destinations! Hopefully this one will be interesting to see. @Takingyouthere: Yea, I now fully understand the aftereffects of a burnout when I try to play a little too much of SC4. Game has a way to revert yout work back by hours on end. @juliok92012: Thanks! I mostly implement MMP in my screenshots but a bit of the Tree Controller is used as well. I try not to get too crazy with my details! @kingofsimcity: Thank you! I am pretty happy with my flora collection as I am aiming for more of a Mediterranean climate brush. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: First and foremost, I am terribly sorry about my half-year absence in Simtropolis. College was a pain to work through while I was running low on ideas to work on a large city tile that was to be the site of this entry. In fact, many areas had to be overhauled to meet my standards. However, my desire for creating has returned and with a half of year to rejuvenate, finishing the city tile became a breeze once I took a good look on what needed to be done. The city has evolved constantly in some areas, up until it met the quality work I was looking for. I hope that my hard work and revision was worth the wait for those who are following my CJ. With tender love, Artimus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The First of Many Stops: Birdwater Point Greetings fellow travelers! As we approach the city of Birdwater Point, we take the main exit to the downtown area on the right. We take a view of the bustling mini-metropolis in action. The foremost tallest tower is on the right is universally called "The Celestial Tower" as many residents often see the skyscraper reach into the heavens above. In this picture, you can clearly see the city hall and park along with Grant Hill that houses a auxiliary radio tower. As we pass through downtown, we are now heading to the waterfront property of the city. Here we can find some premium offices, sea-side stores selling exotic goods of the sea, a marina, and of course some more beach going goodness! Anyone thinking of an overnight stay? As with any sea-oriented city, there is always a seaport for industrial goods and materials to be imported and exported to other neighboring countries. From electronics to machinery to spare components to raw materials, this port has sizable economic impact on the city itself and surrounding regions. Container Ports are often an approximate measure of economic activity. A part of the port dedicated to raw material handling. An overview of the port: Well, here are some shots that show off some nice details and landmarks that are present in the city. Note that they are not listed in order. Please, take the time to look and feast on the details I put in each image! Consider it a banquet of my latest effort! Coast Guard Base. Industrial Offices and Parks. Some more beaches. The Celestial Tower at night. Edmonton Park. Hampshire Park. Grant Hill. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some more notes: Working on this entry took me over four hours of compiling and developing. But still, I am in no rush to finish an entry when I feel that it lacks substantial quality to warrant its release. Sadly, I do not have a "direct" teaser for my next entry, but perhaps this next image will lead us to it! (I might mean it literally and/or metaphorically). Additionally, I encourage you to leave your comments and suggestions as they provide a source of valuable info on improvements and inspiration for future use. No comment goes unread by me! Where could that route lead us to next? That will be all for now folks! - Artimus
  11. Industrial - v2.2

    So... let's begin with version 2.2. For reference, this is version 2.0 - before the IRM Pack installation. The pictures says stage 1 but it is actually stage 2. The first one was just a horrible (could it be possible?!) mash of street, roads and avenues with extremely cluttered industry and severe traffic congestion. The Maxis Highway was replaced yesterday with a more ... "prettier" NAM highway. It totally killed city funds. 40,000-something Simoleans dropped to roughly 16,000 because the Network muppets didn't know what they were doing. The change was clearly needed because driving through the city was a major pain in the backside. All these on and off ramps in all directions would drive any sane person mad - no pun intended! In the pipeline Figure out where to place railroad Shuffle industry to fit with railroad Focus on South-West sector (workforce from Residential Evil) Whatever else springs to mind as work progresses And since I cannot link a picture from URL... (why?! It worked in the past) Industrial - Overview stage 2.2
  12. Back from addon hell

    So I have been away from both the game and this forum for over a year. The reason is rather pathetic, but I think I'm not the first to have experienced it. Addon and Mod HELL! I got so invested in finding new addons and mods, ploppables, auto stuff, you name it, that I actually got burned out from all of it. I remember spending more time sorting and indexing my 100 or so addons (which I know is a small number for other Sim-users) and trying to figure out what worked and what didn't, where to find stuff in game and looking for dependencies that required dependencies, that required... BAH! The one mod that broke me was the IRM Base Pack (Industrial mod). I reached a point where I had to figure out why some of the basic Maxis buildings were, and still are, missing. But I just can't be arsed looking for a solution. Not yet anyway. I'm slowly getting back to the game and have been tweaking Residential Evil a tad bit. Some libraries have been relocated, a house of worship was also relocated after two others were burnt to the ground by fanatics. There is also a recently built Little League Stadium with an arcade hall and tourist trap nearby. As for Industrial (what a lame name), it is my biggest headache right now. It's one giant temporary solution. What I really should do is drop a nuke and have it all erased and start over. But that would be way too easy. The main goal is to demolish the Maxis Highway and replace it with NAM, and re-route the railroad. But first I need to get the RHW-4 neighbour connections sorted. The work-around is avenues.
  13. Roghue Island Interchange Revisited ! Tonight I adresed some issue with the Roghue Island South Interchange. Two issues where amendment: one the elevated one way flyover exit from highway 4 to highway 55 and ramps entry and exit´s from the Hartford City ! One way flyover corner pieces didn´t show right direction so was in fact only cosmetic. Entry and exit wheren´t there at all so a detour must me made via Cape Mayon to reverse into the Hartford City direction ! Issues´s now partly resolved ! Still a detour to Cape Mayon or using the highway 5 bridge is needed to return to Hartford City. Just before the Cape Mayon tunnel there´s a new exit to Roghue Island; any future exit however remains unresolved because there´s no suitable place to place a entry with accelerationlane; ultimately a special tunnel would need to be constructed underwater and costs would expand into a tremendous amount of simoleans ! See the lovely over the rail tunnels winding RHW highway 55 ! Diagonal rail portal pieces are by Takingyouthere; functional there´s still some work to make them fit in better ! Enjoy !
  14. Hi everyone, Long time player of SC4 (since launch!) and Simtropolis member. I've never had much trouble with installing custom content before, until recently I realized that Catalysts T21 Guardrails for NAM are unzipped and in my plugins folder but don't show up in any menus (or in the plop cheat dropdown menu) while I'm playing. I had the files in their own folder and then tried them in folders such as the ZZ NAM folder but no luck. No idea where to put it or what the files are doing when I boot Sim City. I'm running the most recent NAM and Windows 10. This problem is also happening with the NY Teams AABT Hells Kitchen Packs 1 & 2. The third pack works fine but the other two don't which I don't understand. Tried putting the files all together in the same folder but still the buildings in packs 1 & 2 won't show up in any menus, including the cheat menu. ALSO! Does anyone know of a mod to make NAM highway pieces have grass/texture below them on sweeping curves and highway entrances and exits? I've seen it around in some CJ pictures throughout the years but I don't know where to look. I can find some pics if this write up was a little too confusing. Thanks!
  15. So I started building RHW(new to RHW btw) to reduce regional traffic then I notice that the trucks are constantly changing lanes or doing a zigzag movement........please help!!! Here's a photo https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gij4k6il26idqj/20170329_232144.jpg?dl=0
  16. First of all, thanks in advance, the thing is, I'm trying to build cities that look more realistic and in order to that I want to try the RHW, so far I've avoided for good reasons, I read a lot of people complaining about how difficult it is at first but now I feel it's time, where should I start? Are there good tutorials available? For example, I still cannot understand how you connect them to other cities, etc.
  17. Is there any way to connect underground FLUPS (Road and Avenues) that go underneath a RHW ... in my case the 8C version. I can't seem to figure it out.
  18. I am having some issues connecting my 6S highway to a 6S highway bridge. I have got it to work once before, but right now it simply will not work. There appears to be a brown stub that shows up, but it doesn't connect. Does anyone know what the brown stub actually means? Does anyone have a solution for connecting a 6S highway to a 6S bridge? Thanks for any help or advice on this one, it is a puzzler!
  19. Suburbs 1

    From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

    Progress in the suburbs and something in downtown,
  20. So as a beginner, working with the real highway (RHW) puzzle pieces can be pretty daunting, especially when trying to create interchanges. As a beginner myself I wanted to construct an Avenue/Real Highway interchange, but after a lot of trial and error was unsuccessful. That is, until I cracked it. This Avenue/Real Highway interchange tutorial is aimed at the novice SimCity player who wants to get into the RHW a little more and needs a step-by-step approach to creating a standard, but useful interchange. Warning: The following post contains a lot of pictures, but hopefully will be helpful. Step 1. Choose a real highway starter piece from the menu highway menu. I decided to use the 8S starter piece. Press tab to find the correct puzzle piece. You can use any of them, but I chose to use the 8S for this tutorial. Make sure that the yellow lines are in the middle (important for direction of traffic) and place on the ground. Using the RHW2 from the highway menu, drag through the starter pieces and elongate the highway to the desired length. This tutorial requires a bit of space, so drag at least 30 tiles or so. Now go to your hole digger lots (found under misc. transportation) and choose the 15m sunken hole digger lot. Place the digger with the arrow facing away from the highway, 4 tiles out, and repeat on the opposite side of the highway, opposite the other digger. Starting one tile towards the highway, drag a road through the digger lot for 10 tiles. Do the same on both sides. There should now be a sunken alley. Using the road piece, press individually to bring the sunken level of road to the same height. This should be 2x5 tiles facing away from the highway. Once level, bulldoze them. Next, remove a section of the highway in the middle of the sunken holes to leave space for the tunnel. Choose the avenue and then place it on the sloped terrain and drag to the opposite side. If done correctly, a tunnel will be formed. Then drag the end pieces of the avenue out at least 15 tiles or so. Then drag the highway back by using RHW2 to form the completed highway again. Now we have completed a sunken avenue under a highway and with the first stage complete we can now move onto the ramps. Using the RHW2, move 4 tiles along the highway from the middle of the avenue. Now we are going to create a ramp. This is a 3-step motion. 1. Drag out 1 tile, 2. Drag up 1 tile. 3. Drag outwards 2 tiles. This should build a B1 ramp. This ramp can also be found in the ramps puzzle pieces and just placed on the highway, but this is a great and fast way to place a ramp exactly where you want it. Next, click on the build highway and ramps button and then scroll down to the real highway wide radius smooth curve puzzle piece. Press tab until you get to the MIS-45 degree piece. The puzzle piece should be placed so it is 1 tile out and 1 tile down from the end of the ramp piece. Make sure that the yellow line is on the same side as the ramp and place on the ground. It is important to keep the yellow lines on the same side as each other at all times. Using tab, scroll through to the 90-degree smooth puzzle piece and orientate it with the yellow line on the same side as the 45-degree piece and place it 2 tiles down from the 45-degree piece. Next, go to your road/rural highway puzzle pieces. Press tab until you get to the Ave-4 type B1 entrance. Move over to the avenue and place it 6 tiles from the entrance of the tunnel. Using the RHW2 piece, drag from the ramp diagonally 2 tiles so it squares up to the 90-degree puzzle piece. Using the RHW2, drag from the now elongated avenue ramp to connect to the 90-degree puzzle piece. These should now connect. Now drag diagonally from the highway ramp to the top of the 45-degree puzzle piece and they should also connect. The final step is to use a filler piece (found under the highway icon). Make sure to orientate the yellow line the same as the other MIS pieces and connect the 45 degree puzzle piece to the 90 degree puzzle piece. Now you have a complete and finished loop. Go to the other side of the highway and repeat the process to create a secondary loop. Now the final stage is to connect the final 2 ramps to complete the interchange. Using the same technique earlier to create a ramp on the highway (drag out 1 tile, up 1 tile, out 2 tiles). 12 tiles from the middle of the tunnel create a B1 ramp. Drag the ramp at a diagonal using the RHW2 towards the avenue. Now go back to your road/rural highway puzzle piece and press tab to get to the Ave-4 type B1 puzzle piece. This should be placed at an angle so when placed it can be dragged diagonally to meet up with the highway ramp. In this instance it is 11 tiles from the entrance of the tunnel. Drag the ramps together to form a straight diagonal connection. Repeat the process on the other side, opposite the other curved interchange you made. There we go, hopefully now you have a completed Avenue/Highway interchange ready to be used. Edit 1 - as mentioned by @Jeffrey500, there are a couple of missing links that I discovered and moved further up the highway. These are an exit ramp in north moving traffic and an entrance ramp on south moving traffic. Here is a quick diagram to show how you could incorporate them to this interchange. Still learning
  21. Connection issues

    Hi everyone I hate to ask simple questions, but still learning Simcity and in particular RHW and basic connections. This time it is something that keeps cropping up when trying to make Avenue/roads over RHW. Everything goes fine and then for some reason I cannot connect the avenue to the bridge. It either says unsuitable area to build or unsuitable grade for construction. However, it worked perfectly fine the other side and everything seems lined up at the right height and ready to go. I cannot even use one way road to connect up the ends. Am I missing something easy here? Have I explained the issue properly? This also happens with MIS pieces when I try to connect them to avenues and roads and it just seems so random, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Any help or advice or pointing in the direction of a good step-by-step tutorial would be great! Thanks for you time. PC
  22. NAM 35 RHS 2016 OctoberTrying something new and got stuck for the last 3 days, can't find a way to connect elevated roads to anything at all. try to get something to work and not successful. how do we add a road or something to get this to work? The only elevated road I could find. But it only connects to the upper level.
  23. Hi everyone I have tried searching for an answer before posting this, but I am a little lost and seeking help. I want to make a road tunnel under a RHW but am unable to do it. I thought that you just made a hole and dragged road under to make a tunnel. However, no matter how hard I try or how deep I go the same problem occurs. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be using FLUP's? (Have never used them before). I feel I am missing something very easy here, but cannot figure it out. Any help, guidance or pointing me in the direction of a good tutorial would be great. Thanks for the help.
  24. For some unknown reason I get some missing tiles, mostly roads, hi ways, and such. I could post some of these instances but there are many in the different regions. When checking them with question mark it tells me that a road, avenues and such, it says that, yes, There is a road (etc...) is there but they don't show. I haven't loaded any mods (or lots, or anything) so I'm a little stumped. I have a SC4D in french which I'm liking less and less. Where can I get SC4D in English, and how to replace one for the other ?
  25. Height transition on RHW?

    I know this isn't probably the correct way to use the real highway mod. As of the moment I still suck at using it lol... But how do you do a height transition on this part where I drew a white arrow? it's a level 2 RHW-4, and I want to raise it a level to go through those roads. It's basically an exit from the bridge and entrance to where the future airport will be. When I try to use any RHW on level 3 or 4, all I can see is just the pylon, or nothing, when I plop the starter piece..no road part at all. I looked everywhere for transition pieces, I found nothing. How to do this?

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