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City-building game(s)

Found 84 results

  1. Welcome! Saw something you liked in someone's screenshot but can't find it? Vaguely remember seeing something once, but you don't know where it is? Wondering whether or not a plugin of a certain type exists? This is the thread where you can ask for help finding things. When asking, please be as descriptive and specific as possible. This can help people to understand what you're looking for. If possible, screenshots are also encouraged. This thread is a direct continuation of the original topic, which got too big. Someone might have already been looking for the same thing as you, so checking there first might get you your answer faster. P.S. If you would like a particular BAT to be made, please request it in the BAT Request Thread.
  2. I'm going to spill the beans. SimCity 4 has been out for a solid 14 (!) years now, yet we as a community still have pretty good control over this game's content. What are the benefits and / or risks if, say I upload my plugins folder somewhere for anyone to download? That would be at their own risk. Obviously it's nice to credit the creator, as if everyone downloads files individually they can track the number of people who are using their files. It also lets members rate and comment on them too for good feedback. If rules were relaxed, there's be a big change to this. I get asked all the time to upload my plugins folder and usually my answers for not doing so seem to fall flat, especially over the years. It may be a good time for us to refresh our policy around this topic. A change to protectionism could open SC4 to a bunch of new users, but that comes with changes to the use policies we as a community have set up. I'd like to know your thoughts. This thread is for discussion only. It is not a means to argue or challenge anything. EDIT: See a similar discussion on SC4D here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17599.0 Thanks @Akallan!
  3. Links to Custom Content

    This topic is for people to post links to sites that still have SC3 custom content available to download. At SimCityPlaza (German Site) - http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/simcity3000-mainmenu-27-topmenu Custom Content - http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/component/phocadownload/category/1-simcity3000-gebaeude Cities - http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/component/phocadownload/category/2-sc3000-staedte Terrains - http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/component/phocadownload/category/3-sc3000-terrains
  4. Mod for Coast Fence

    Is there a mod by which you can construct a fence that fits a coast walkpath just like you do with trees and sm2 stones?
  5. I've been off the game for quite a while, and am trying to get back into it. I'm trying to figure something out I've installed some mods (I provided the list below) and am getting a problem when I start working on a city. I can't figure out why I'm getting those "boxes". Here are the mods I've installed: Extra Cheats Plugin Free Grass Park God Terraforming in Mayor Mode High SPeed Rail Project Jackpot Lottery 2.0 Jobs Doubler Landfill Eraser Mod Maxis Tree Replacement Mod No Mansions Mod ONLY Dashed TuLep Mod Ontario RHW Textures SFBT Street Tree Mod SimFox Chestnut I think it has to do with the Maxis Tree Replacement Mod. I did make sure I downloaded the packs needed for it to work. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hey, Everyone! This is my first post about my first asset. I've recently uploaded my first asset, and by design its huge. Its a large gantry crane, often found in shipyards (hopefully soon to be integrated into a shipyard asset I'll create): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1091998588&searchtext=shipyard+crane Commenters are asking for a prop version, Which I would like to be able to provide, but the game's prop LOD distance definitely isn't suited to something this big; you have to be nearly inside the model to get the high-resolution version. I thought seeing the LOD most of the time just looks bad, and at really large distances, it outright disappears. Is there a way to change the LOD distance for props? I've edited the "m_maxrenderdistance" setting, though it seems to automatically reset. I found a comment from Boformer explaining that the LOD distance is defined by the asset surface area. Are people creating huge invisible underground blocks with large props to increase face area, or is there another way to edit the distance I haven't found? Do I need to improve my LOD model and live with the small distance? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Clearly, I'm relatively new to this, so anything, no matter how basic is useful.
  7. I'm attempting to import an airport model into Cities: Skylines but all I have tried has failed. I have used 3ds Max but every single time I try, the textures are messed up in-game. I haven't tried Blender because I just don't know how. Has anyone got any tips? I've been trying to do this for at least 8 hours now. Please help me out.
  8. I have become more familiar in 3Ds Max and even gained enough expertise in it over the past few months that I think my skill level is approaching a point where I think I am good enough to start making mods for Cities: Skylines. I started practicing in 3DsMax to make brick rowhouses for the game Banished but since I am more interested in Cities: Skylines now and my buildings were practice so I can mod C:S, I decided to start a new project of making buildings just for Cities: Skylines. I whipped this building up over the course of 4-7 hours today. It would have taken only 1 or 2 hours had I not made a ton of mistakes that required me to start from the beginning. It will normally grow on a 4 tile wide x 3 tile deep lot with the ability to grow on a 4x4 lot with a backyard. FYI, I plan on making a ColorMask for the outer 2 rowhouses so it could have more variety (bright red, pink, tan, and whitewashed). Please give me feedback to help me improve the quality of my creations. Thank you! --Ocram
  9. KC Productions bat workshop

    Hello before I get much further this time around in making bats. I would like to ask how do I make sure my prop is not sitting in the air?... Ive been through some of my old files and found that a few were said not to be seated or centered right. Before I start releasing new bats I want to make sure they are working right. Here is a chicken coop I am currently working on. If I understood right in a post I read the LODs are what determins if the bat is centered correctly. Am I correct? How do I know if it is sitting on the ground and not in the air?
  10. Hello there everyone, I have been playing SC4 for many years now, and had no problem with creating various cities with the in-game buildings, and as of recent, I have been looking online for skylines and layouts which inspire me, and couldn't help but notice all these buildings I have never even seen before, most of which are apparently downloadable. I am brand new to this community, and no matter how old the game gets it will always be among my favorite, would someone kindly explain how to download this content? I am 21 but not tech savvy as far as DLC goes and would love to join all of you. Thank you all!
  11. Mary Millers Creations

    I am creating this thread for anyone still using my creations to request or bring to my attention something that needs fixing or not working properly. Whether it's my Mars content, my L.O.T.R content, or SC4 content. I will do my best to repair. At the moment I have begun work on my Mars content. ****NOTE**** If it is a night lighting problem I can not repair that as my original gmax files are lost. Please keep that in mind when you post your request.
  12. Is there a tutorial i can follow for importing custom 3d objects i made into SimCity 4? like if i wanted to put a statue into a city in SimCity 4, how would i do that? I know i would need to use a program called Gmax and building architect, but im not sure how to do it with that. Also, would i need to resize the statue in Gmax first? and if so, how big would i need to make it? does anyone know of any tutorial i could follow? please help <3
  13. I'm getting this bizarre glitch in my game where almost no trees or props are present on the default maxis houses. I tried emptying my plugin folder, a somewhat unpleasant experience, figure it was some mod but the problem still occurs. Any ideas?
  14. Hi there, Long time player here. I juste installed the steam version and strated playing with mods. I found some of them anoying and wanted to reboot the game files, so I erased the game from steam and reinstalled it, but all the add-on were reinstalled with it... Is there an option I forgot to remove so it doesn't keep every files, but just the core ones? Is there a software to manage all the custom content? Is there a way to choose in wich category/order the objects appears in the menu? Thank you! Ginger
  15. Entry no.38 - The Apotex Refinery pt.1

    Entry number 2 from the city of Baycole, this time I'll by showcasing the industrial sector of the city which contains an oil production facility - the Apotex Refinery, a small coal power plant, incinerator and the associated docks, rail loading and storage facilities for all of the above. The Apotex Refinery is located on the north shore of Cisco Bay in Baycole, it is owned and operated by the Avalon corporation, one of the largest multi-national conglomerates on planet Azura. It is one of two massive facilities located in Industrial Sector C, the largest industrial area in the the region. The refinery has a daily crude oil processing capacity of 160,000 bbl/d (23,000 m3/d), is nearly 500m wide and over 1,100m long. Which is comparable to an oil production facility of its size in the real world. This entry was suppose to be finished last week but I just couldn't stop myself from continually expanding the facility, fine tuning the game modification I used and making new custom content for it. In the end I've decided to spit the entry in two, there's just too many pictures and things to show in a single entry. The first entry will focus largely on the custom content(BAT's, relots & textures) that I made and cover the peripheral facilities and strucutres around the refinery. First on the agenda is a look at some of the other custom embankment walls I've recently made. The wall on the top is made from precast interlocking cement blocks, while the one at the bottom is poured concrete or at least that's what I hope they look like Also upgraded the radio tower and added a large water tank as the top of the hill is an ideal location for both. The hill actually isn't as tall as it may look, being only 110ft above the highway, 160ft above the refinery level and almost 200ft above sea level. The interchange below is the only interchange in the city of Baycole between Highway 705 & Naphtha Rd. and is a generic design. The radio tower is 410ft/125m tall for an HAAT of 606ft/185m broadcasting TV & radio signals to the residents of Baycole. Close up of highway 705. A lot of gasoline trucks run down this highway on their way to and from to the refinery. Time to check out the new BAT's. Here's the main project which I previewed earlier this month, a new type of hydro pylon; As you can tell it's of a very unique design and there's a very good reason for that I withheld. It's because these pylons are designed so that you can actually run railways directly underneath them! This power line is known as the Eastlea Hydro Corridor and transfers power to central Pretoria originating from the Eastlea power plant, it runs directly on top of a portion of the ICR mainline(Lakeridge sub). Tank farm B(7 tanks) is located to the north of the combined power & rail line while the refinery itself is located to the south. A half a mile long ICR oil train is also seen here, stopped for switching on the mainline. This particular train has two locomotives and is hauling 44 tank cars. 9. There are several other custom BAT and relots here as well to go along with the replacement textures I used to give the area a more industrial and grungy feel to it. On the western edge of the property straddling the ICR mainline is the rail fueling depot, where refinery products are transferred into rail cars. 12. Gasoline is transferred onto trucks at a fueling station just south of the rail depot. Petroleum is also transferred via a pipeline running just north of the depot. 14. 15. Further south of the rail & truck depot and on the western edge of the refinery(and city) is the LNG terminal. The LNG is stored in 6 large tanks, 4 partially underground and 2 above ground. The LNG is transported from the facility either by truck or via an underground 48inch pipe. 17. One of the refineries 500ft(152m) stacks looms large over the LNG terminal. 19. Lets jump back to the hydro corridor & tank farm. The feed lines to the tank farms diverge just north of the tracks. The pipes that go east lead to tank farm A while the pipes which turn west(left in the image below and towards the rail fueling depot) lead to tank farms B & C. Tank farm C is actually in he next city over, the pipe line which goes underground leads to it. I relotted NBVC overhead pipeline to go over 3 space here. I could of relotted it to go over the road as well but I think using bipin's underpass here and having it hook up to somy's huge tank looked cooler in the end With regards to the power lines. I fully intend to release the set once I've decided on the different possible directions/connections, such as diagonals, possible FAR angles too. Offset models will be offered as well. In fact tested one for this entry 23. 24. 25. From here the Eastlea hydro corridor runs along Petrol Drive. Yes, you will be able to run these power lines down roads as well Truly a godsend for cities lacking space for new hydro right-of-ways. 27. The road ramp takes Naphtha Rd. over the ICR Lakeridge sub and that half-mile long freight train while the piping leads to tank farm A. 29. 30. And with an even 30 pictures that concludes the entry. The next one will showcase the core of the refinery, power plant and docks. Feel free to ask me about any of the content shown in this entry or if you have any recommendations for the content shown.
  16. I want to put wires from the power grid in the streets With all that mess of power cables. Where can I find this MOD? Here's the photo I found: I want something like this. I do not know if this is the right topic for this question. I thank the attention.
  17. Towers of Steel Revisited

    I've been spending a lot of my SC4 time working on this little pet project and now I finally have some results to show for it which I'd like to share with you. And by 'share' I mean release on the ST exchange. Rather than just being known as someone who only showcases his work I want to contribute my little bit to the community as well. These will be the first releases of custom content from the CJ this year and I promise there will be much more. Whether you think these types of structures are cool(like me! ) or if you think they look ugly, it doesn't change the fact that these towers are a very common sight in urban centers across the world yet they are largely under represented in sim city. Part of that is the lack of available BAT's but I plan on single handily changing that. Downloads, ratings, views, comments, etc. they're all nice but what I really want is to see them in your cities. I'm curious as to how other players will make use of them in various urban and natural settings. The first re-release I have to show is the Murmansk Russian Style TV Tower. A simple but common 4-sided Russian design seen in several different Russian cities. Seen below on Broadcast Hill in the City of Cisco Bay. The biggest improvements in 3ds HD version are generally seen with towers that have a complex and closely bunched framework structure. In contrast this tower is of a much more 'airy' design, yet the improvements on this one are just as dramatic. Some of that can be attributed to a better selection of paint textures, I made use of a more realistic faded red & white. new HD 3ds version old gmax version The one advantage the gmax version still have over the new 3ds models is visibility from higher zoom. The HD versions are barely visible from zoom level 1 & 2. But imo that does make sense since they are typically very thin and see-through structures in the real world. In any case I'll be keeping the old gmax version on the exchange in case anyone still wants to use them for that purpose. The newer version are better starting from either zoom level 3 or 4 and the closer you get the better it gets - the same can be said for most BAT's rendered using the HD setting. They're most visibility using a simple or contrasting background. Level 2 zoom in the city of Gravenhurst Level 3 zoom Level 4 zoom Level 5 zoom Level 6 zoom The city-side view of the tower is less distinct and it blends in more with the buildings seen behind it. But I think that creates an interesting effect in its own right. As before there are two versions, one with a station building and another dependency-free version, enjoy! Next up is actually a new release though it feels like an old one because I meant to upload this tower last year, unfortunately the gmax version did it no justice at all. It's the KIRO TV Tower from Seattle a city with many tall truss towers. 3-sided towers of a similar profile like this are commonly seen throughout the USA. The one thing that makes this one a little more distinct is the excessive number of horizontal beams. Level 4 zoom Level 5 zoom Level 6 zoom City-side angle In an urban setting downtown Cisco Bay Here's what I was referring to before, the huge difference 3ds & the HD setting makes when it comes to towers as complex as this one. Definitely the most dramatic difference so far. new HD 3ds version old gmax version The version seen above is at a slightly different angle, this is to give you more variety and both versions are included in the release. Next re-release is a tower from Brazil, the Torre da TV Record. Seen below in the Valhalla Park neighborhood of Dresden Tbh the improvement over the gmax version is not as dramatic as with the others, but that's no reason to not give you the HD option right! It's the only one of these releases for which there is only one version. For those following the project this is probably the highest rated one. It's the WBNS TV Tower from Columbus. I've finally settled on the textures for it and I think they work well. Level 5 zoom as seen on Mount Tokiko in Dresden Level 6 zoom The station call sign on the tower now lights up at night Test version; Final night version There are two versions in the release, a maxis night and a dark night. There's also this unusual and custom made design. No idea if this could be possible IRL but it's a tower that uses circles(arches) in it's frame work. I call it the X Tower, seen overlooking Looper Junction in Dresden. A second version with a different texture & angle, rising above the town of Evermore here Now back to real life. I haven't forgotten about the last two original releases. Unfortunately their not quite ready for release today but I will have them on the exchange shortly. Montreal's Mount Royal Candelabra Tower is getting a face life as well, seen below in Lindin City. Still trying to decide on what textures/colors to use with this one. This pinkish version might be a little much... There'll also be a second option with an different top. I like how you can actually see the stairwell that rotates around the bottom of the tower now And of course the most downloaded previous release, the Bell Canada Microwave Relay Tower. Again still decided on the final textures so no release yet, but here's a test version seen at Hillsoboro TS. And downtown LC Again feel free to make any suggests or requests even on the released towers, I can always add an updated version onto the exchange at a later date. Unfortunately this will be the last entry for a while as I've run out of finished content to show. Aside from spending much of my free time on the ToS project, I'm still in the process of remaking the next large city tile much in the same way as I did with Dresden. I'm not sure how long that will take, Dresden for instance took about 3 to 4 months. In any case this will be the 13th update in the last 15 weeks. Averaging almost an entry a week is not the kind of pace one can maintain indefinitely, at least not when you spend as much time as I do just making a CJ entry. So once again a big thanks to all those who follow the CJ. Your support - in 13 entries this year, including this one, you guys have given me 217 comments, 291 likes and over 1000 views per update! - helped motivated me to create what turned out to be my best work in the game to date and hopefully a string of BTT no.1's, but we'll see. Cheers
  18. Building Lighting Issues

    I've found that a few of my lots in my cities have night lighting during the day. I've also found them to be MaxisNite (they also don't have the appearance of DarkNite). Any reasons for why this is happening?
  19. Hi all! Like most of you folks, I have a huge back-catalog in a spreadsheet somewhere of assets I plan on making some day. Well, here's my list.. This is just the stuff I want to make, It's alright if there is already a good asset on the workshop for it, it's just for my own pleasure. This isn't going to replace the refinery project, I'll still keep updating that thread. I just wanted to have a place to keep my other assets organized and seek advice from everyone. I'll have to clean up the list at some point, but for now it's just a data dump. I have some more things I would like to make, but I don't have a design picked out yet, so I left them off for now. Oil Refinery - Oil Processing https://www.google.com/maps/@30.0065019,-90.4071591,237a,20y,167.44h,35.05t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Oil Refinery - Cargo Train Station https://www.google.com/maps/@37.9497817,-122.3930365,129a,20y,262.12h,44.54t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en https://www.google.com/maps/@38.0704488,-122.1403047,380a,20y,244.63h,20.43t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Oil Refinery - Cargo Ship Dock https://www.google.com/maps/@38.0521921,-122.2629243,523a,20y,11.06h,42.26t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Maintained Parking Lot Set Park, in road menu https://www.google.com/maps/@37.3910437,-121.9274703,223a,20y,25.88h,35.16t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Steelworks - Cargo Train Station https://www.google.com/maps/@38.2377384,-104.6130184,402a,20y,104.06h,36.41t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Steelworks - Ore Processing https://www.google.com/maps/@41.6169763,-87.3499964,1970a,20y,91.87h,38.38t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Steelworks - Ore Processing https://www.google.com/maps/@41.4605099,-81.6761571,433a,20y,24.81h,35.14t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Grain Silo Food Processing https://www.google.com/maps/@37.7160313,-97.3329193,423a,20y,122.76h,37.08t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Concrete Plant Road Maintenance Building https://www.google.com/maps/@37.737851,-97.3243732,421a,20y,25.26h,37.6t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en City College https://www.google.com/maps/@39.5618932,-104.8134453,226a,20y,323.93h,46.24t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en High School https://www.google.com/maps/@39.6024645,-104.803733,322a,20y,114.75h,54.2t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  20. I'm curious. I want to get back into Simcity 4 as I haven't touched it really in 3 or 4 years now and since then I've deleted all of my CC to save space. I backed up quite a few of them in Drive before I deleted them (smart, but there's no organization except for the Japanese and Finnish/Scandinavian themed mods, and even some of these aren't in the respectable location.), but I know there'll be problems with a few things in there, and I don't actually want quite a few things in there. What I'm really looking for are packs of some of the biggest authors works in one, and then I can look for the newer and smaller stuff. I remember the pain of first finding a lot of these CC and having to take like 20 to 30 seconds to download one thing because every one had a separate installer with a forced read-me when I knew how to install things manually. I also know that there's a crap ton of outdated stuff (I do know that NAM has had a major update since I've been gone though, so that I'm aware of at least). Some mods I probably have used in the past may of disappeared from the web too. Several sites for Japanese mods that I went to were really old when I visited them years ago, and many weren't even around then. They were some of my favorites, and while I have some of the buildings saved, they are so disorganized and I may not have some of the dependencies. Does someone have or know of some archive that may of saved some of these lost files? TLTR: Does anyone have a folder(s) full of essentials and must have buildings like PEG's works and stuff? Maybe some archives?
  21. Hi, I have a couple of test assets that I made with blender. I have added them to the asset pool based on growable templates and indedd they are growable. In a test city I have done, I have seen a couple of instances of my assets (image below). However, I do not seem to be able to add them to a style as the "Add to style" combo box does not appear for them in the content manager (image above). The style I have created does work however and I am able to add other buildings to it that I have obtained from steam. What did I do wrong ? Thanks in advance.
  22. Leaderboard Rankings - A system to reward consistent results and participation during the challenge season Here it is! As previously mentioned, a new leaderboard ranking system is being introduced this season. This has been designed to incorporate all challenges, linking with each set of results. Each place in a challenge has points on offer -- the higher you finish, the more points you gain. Then at the end of the season, prizes will be given out to the top 10 in the final standings, with the winner being crowned the Grand Champion! The Leaderboard There are 3 types of leaderboards (click to jump to them below): Global (25 challenges) Weekly and Extended (14 challenges) Monthly and Custom Content (11 challenges) Each of these has a link to a spreadsheet version hosted on OneDrive, which has some additional columns. There you can also view the history of the leaderboard using the tabs (sheets). These can be selected at the bottom, once the results for that challenge are updated. The Global leaderboard applies to all challenges, where the points gained are totalled up to make up the overall standings. Also to give people more opportunity (who may not be interested in the monthly events), there are separate leaderboards for both pairs of challenges. On each challenge, it will confirm which leaderboards are eligible. Summaries will be posted with the key happenings concerning the leaderboard standings. If you'd like to know how it all works, please take a look below... End of Season Prizes Following the conclusion of this season's 25 challenges, prizes will be given to the top 10 places in each of the leaderboards, along with special rewards for those inside the top 3. This will include reputation prizes, which are fixed amounts for each eligible place. By the way, with reputation, some new ranks will be added to hopefully make this more interesting. We also have some other special prize ideas including profile medals, which are to be arranged. Stay tuned! ~ The Challenges Team
  23. Content Creation (S3-20-C)

    Content Creation BATs, Lots, Mods or Maps. No rules except build anything! Season 3 - Challenge #20 - Custom Content (47 days) Results Announced Here! Thanks to @MushyMushy for the challenge idea. In the world of SimCity 4, the huge library of content is the main reason for the game's longevity. It continues to push the limits to what is possible, and allows the creation of more realistic and diverse structures & landscapes. Yes, it's time for the ultimate test of creativity! In the final Content challenge of the season, we're basically throwing away the rule books... For this challenge, you may create any SC4 content you can imagine, not just limited to lots. Maybe an elaborate map, an intricate mod, or a magnificent BAT -- even a combination of these things. Because for the first time, up to 3 separate items of content may be entered if you'd like. You choose the item(s) you'd like to create, along with the method and techniques to get there. With Trixie nominations just around the corner, an open canvas awaits! Once completed, a screenshot should be taken showing the content functionally present in the game. Daytime is preferable for this, unless the item contains dominant night lighting effects that you'd like to present. Specifications Anything! This is a Custom Content challenge running for 47 days. Requirements To qualify, please make sure each entry complies with the following requirements: This challenge is only open to SimCity 4 Deluxe / Rush Hour. The content must be an original item (created by yourself), and not previously released on the STEX or other public exchange. You may submit a maximum of 3 content items, each following the below Submissions process. a. All your entered items will be eligible for voting, however only your highest rated item will be used in the final ranking. So basically there are 3 opportunities to gain a place in the results, with no downside to submitting more than one. b. In the event of items having an identical rating and votes, the earlier submitted item will be selected. Submissions As this challenge involves creating content, submitting entries is slightly different than a regular event. For each item, there is a two-step submission process; using the STEX for uploading and the Gallery for voting: On the STEX The content uploaded in the STEX Challenges category below. The upload has a full title. A description with basic information, including any dependencies used. At least one in game screenshot of the content. Leaderboard Rankings A new leaderboard system is currently running for this season. This has been designed to incorporate all challenges, linking with each set of results. Each place in a challenge has points on offer -- the higher you finish, the more points you gain. Then at the end of the season, prizes will be given out to the top 10 in the final standings, with the winner being crowned the Grand Champion! This Custom Content challenge is eligible for the "Overall" and "Monthly & Custom Content" leaderboards. Full details and the current standings can be viewed in the following topic: The winners will be the top 3 ranked images. Reputation prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries, and the overall average rating. See this topic for more info. As usual for this Custom Content challenge, rep prizes will be distributed slightly differently. The top 5 placed entries will earn reputation, along with points for the "Overall" and "Monthly & Custom Content" leaderboards. As this is a longer challenge, the amount of rep and points will be greater (depending on the number of entries). After the challenge has concluded and the winners announced, all submissions will be kept available for the community to enjoy. Good luck everyone, let's make this an epic showdown!
  24. Calling out all assets creators, who are interested in joining the current collaboration of recreating dubai in Cities: Skylines. The overall collaboration is creating the city itself from skyscrapers to villas, props, lights, billboards, public transport, etc and side collaboration will be creating major complex buildings like Al Habtoor City, Aykon City, Damac Towers and more. We are hoping it could be a big collaboration, so please consider if you're interested. You can contact IHXAI or Suron by simply sending a friend request on the steam and we can start talking. Suron http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/gby0221 IHXAI http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/Ihxai
  25. For those who use multiple versions of 3dsMax for the past years, sometimes you may get confused about what version was your file done in. I found this tiny program called 3DS Max File Version that lets you know just that. It is pretty straight forwards. The program is hosted in Scriptspot.com Linkie Enjoy!

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