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City-building game(s)

Found 67 results

  1. An Introduction to The URS

    Welcome to The URS! What is The URS? Well... 1. The URS stands for Urban/Rural/Scenic. 2. This CJ will cover all sorts. 3. Lush, green suburbs... 4. With rich details and some nice patterns. 5. Commercial areas and civic complexes... 6. With some realistic spacing and division of areas. 7. Diagonals are covered too! 8. And I throw in all kinds of fillers to make areas look interesting. 9. And what about the urban, W2W and inner city areas? 10. No problem! 11. But we are forgetting industry! 12. And of course the MMPs! 13. Rougher, low-wealth and rundown areas are also covered in The URS. 14. Old content meets new content. You will see old plugins effortlessly fit in with new content, new mods and new fillers. 15. And of course every area and every city will have its own feeling to it. So that's The URS in a nutshell. This month and the next I am working on a city tile. After that I'll be specialising in a particular area: farms, industry, forestry, suburbs, seaports, power plants, etc... There will be weekly updates. So... See you around and I hope you have enjoyed these pictures.
  2. Abstract: Cities grow richer and suburbs grow poorer and this will speed up. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-24/who-will-live-suburbs-if-millennials-favor-cities From 1948 until recently, the middle class and upper middle class fled the cities for the suburbs. However, commute times and lack of services have made suburbs less desirable while job opportunities have made cities more desirable. Baby Boomers and Generation X hold the majority of suburban houses. Because of the widespread availability of mortgages (not mentioned in article), property values keep going up, in what experts believe to be a bubble. Real wages for the 50th percentile have slightly declined and have only slightly increased for the 90th percentile (the 99% really do own most everything). Until Automation takes away urban jobs, the natural progression is for cities to hold all the wealth. Urban renewal uplifts some of the poor but often combines with gentrification, with the poor being pushed out to the suburbs. If subsidized housing was moved to the suburbs, productivity would increase vs keeping low-income housing in cities. When Baby Boomers downsize or otherwise leave their suburban houses en masse, property values will plummet as Millennials prefer city living. This plummeting housing price will be an opportunity for new employment centers, new low-income housing projects, or return of farms once paved over for subdivisions. Eventually, nearly all of the population will live in cities, with everyone outside of cities being there by necessity. As an interesting aside, suburbio is Spanish for slum and suburb because Spain and Latin America didn't invest into highways and suburban infrastructure at all like the USA. However, the majority of the US population lives in suburban areas (102 to 2,213 households per square mile): https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-suburban-are-big-american-cities/ What this means is that some suburbs (those with jobs) can densify into edge cities or join the main city. However, low density bedroom communities will be hit the hardest. If cities are built (or rebuilt/renewed) walkable, safe and child/family-friendly, this will decrease the desire to move to suburbs for raising kids. Vancouver, BC is a special case because many people moved there from Hong Kong and other territories when they were handed to China by Brittain. Vancouver made their city walkable and family-friendly in response to the influx of immigrant families seeking to remain in the commonwealth instead of join red China. Another factor driving prices up (in comopolitan cities around the developed world) is investment into properties by Chinese citizens seeking to protect their wealth from the coming Chinese recession (or avoiding the government taking their property in China away). tl;dr : Suburbs that don't become or join cities are screwed
  3. Corner Coffe

    From the album Woodlands Region

  4. Gas station in Woodlands

    From the album Woodlands Region

    Look at this beatiful avenue crossing, love how beautiful the trees look in the area!!, everytime I try to do avenues the greenest possible.
  5. Suburbs 3

    From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  6. Suburbs 2

    From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  7. Wolfskreut

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall of Fame from the Best Picture Competition. December 5th, 2016. [Larger Resolution] 2.4 MB

    © 2016 _Michael

  8. I've been talking about it, but have never actually done anything.
  9. Nightfall in Victory Bay

    From the album Night Scenes (S3-12-E)

    Night time arrives at the small town of Victory Bay. Minor photo shopping was done. Taken at zoom 2.
  10. Wrigglestown Pt.1

    Wrigglestown is the suburban centre of New Wormrise. Not the most exciting area to start on, but it still has its good qualities to it. A view of the urban landscape typical to Wrigglestown. Some of the high class homes typical to Wrigglestown. The Wrigglestown off-ramp used to be the busiest stretch of road in all of New Wormrise. Industrial freight no longer travels through here. The Wrigglestown exchange is still a hub of activity. A pedestrian bridge connecting the eastern suburbs of Wrigglestown to the commercial district at the centre of Wrigglestown. Wrigglestown commercial. The Wrigglestown mall, at the direct centre of Wrigglestown. An inner-city bus stop at the Wrigglestown mall. A park at the rear of Wrigglestown mall connects to the west suburbs of Wrigglestown. The railway separating central Wriggles town from west Wrigglestown. West Wrigglestown was once the industrial centre of New Wormrise but is now re purposed as suburbs. Wrigglestown main road/highway. The city can be seen in the distance. A train pulls into the Wrigglestown station. A high speed inner-city train flies through occasionally. More to come for Wrigglestown later on.
  11. Entry no.37 - The Suburbs of Baycole

    I'm finally back from my "semi hiatus". Haven't been around ST much and its been a over 2 months since the last CJ update, though it feels like it's been much longer. Long story short, too much going on IRL + SC4 burnout. Playing the game and being super active on ST was really cutting into my sleep time. But I think I'll be able to find a better balance going forward now Baycole is a medium sized city located on the north shore of Cisco Bay, it's location in the region is highlighted in red below. This is the first update of a city in the Central Borough of Pretoria. Baycole is mostly suburban in nature though several major industrial facilities are also located here. To be frank this city is more of a 'filler town', created to make the regional views look better so I didn't spend a lot of time building the city. Originally it was just a small suburban pocket to the east extending from Lindin City and a pocket of heavy industry on the west side with nothing in between. Initial build form(2010); Later on I decided to develop the area in between the two areas. But the town is still more or less a suburban filler town so it's not as interesting as other areas of the region. What is interesting is that I've been using this city as a test bed for custom content. This entry will focus on the suburban modifications, and I think the results will speak for themselves. Original look of the suburbs of Baycole when first built, little had changed since. For those who remember my previous suburban work(highlighted in entries 25 & 32) the changes from then might not be obvious. To wit I say it's all about the 'T&T' Textures & Trees. image 4. The suburbs today post modification; 5. zoom level 5 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The recently extended highway 705 to the left 11. 12. 13. Coltan High 14. 15. 16. Baycole PD 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. wide panos 26. 27. 28. up close in zoom level 6 29. 30. The next entry will take a look at the industrial areas of town and the modifications I've made there.
  12. Outer Bronzo

    Outer Bronzo- A place to live Outer Marrow is a very slowed down quiet town compared to its bigger brother and is why its the most heavily rich part of the suburbs. The very controversial White Rock Hill condo development was heavily protested for visual pollution and building over nature zones but I hear the penthouses have nice views of the city. Near the development is a Californian feat of engineering, The ADPA Building code still applies to the suburbs but is a little more lax and allowed a Bauhaus styled housing tract with a Streamline Deco shopping row back in 94' One of the more interesting parts of the suburbs is the Muerto Woods. For some unproven reason the entire is unable to grow trees or any kind of flora besides grass only during the summer leaving it a very creepy area to walk around at night or without someone with you. Back the good old days when Spanish settlers lived here adjacent to the now Downtown area owned by the Italians at the time it was a local myth that the Devil lived there and would snatch kids up if they went snooping around the woods thus Muerto Woods; But since we don't live in villages anymore edgy teenagers take group pictures in it for cover art for their bad punk album.
  13. Herring Point

    Replies @Artimus: Avalon Air would totally serve you had there been an actual international airport... . Thanks a lot! @raynev1: Thanks! I do use a money cheat since my focus is very sandbox-y in nature; I need the extra funds to experiment! @APSMS, @waybig, @feyss, @kschmidt, @Ln X, @philforhockey51, @Urban Constanta, @Dreadnought, @korver, @takemethere: Thank you all so much for the comments! Herring Point: The Really Pointy Peninsula City Welcome to the beginning of the Azura Metropolitan Area, and the first of the two final "semi-catch up" updates. These contain cities that were largely built in the middle of last year but with some new development and style shifts. We'll be exploring the peninsula city of Herring Point today with Jericho and Avantasia as follow-up updates. 1. Region overview of the area. 2. BEFORE: An old mosaic overview of the city of Herring Point. Population: 15,000 3. At the very tip of the peninsula is the Avalon Lookout. This lighthouse serves as the beacon for ships coming into Azura Bay. Note that this section is not part of the actual city of Herring Point. 4. A roundabout signifies the end of Herring Point Blvd. This portion is also part of Avalon Lookout. 5. Now we move into modern day Herring Point with a zoom 1 overview (left side is north)! 6. The north side is easily the most affluent area of the peninsula. Mansions and generally large homes are hidden behind winding roads and thick foliage. This particular chateau has graced this city for over 100 years. 7. Even somewhat major intersections around this area are dominated by residential. 8. Downtown Herring Point remains relatively unchanged. The little clearing towards the north is the future site of a sleek apartment complex. 9. Sustained growth has attracted the need for a new marina for the affluent. This little coastline section was leveled to make way for one. 10. Further south remains unchanged for the most part. 11. H.P. High is one of the best public high schools in all of Avalon. 12. Detailed suburb shot. 13. The sections of Herring Point closer to the mainland are grittier. Suburbs give away to industry and commercial. The Herring Point reservoir provides a freshwater source for the locals. 14. In the early days, this segment of A-515 stretched past the reservoir towards the waters of the north. In a twist of events, A-515 was shortened to this at-grade crossing to make way for new businesses that sprouted up in the area. 15. The Bywater Spring Hospital is the premier hospital in the area. Directly across the street is its disease research building. 16. Herring Point continues to grow! This section of forest was cleared to make way for a future suburban block. 17. Some new development along the primary road. The twin apartment towers in this shot were torn down after defects in construction were discovered. The much smaller pod apartments (from above) now reside in its place. 18. This new diamond interchange serves as exit #1 for A-515 south. 19. Jericho's northern business development creeps into Herring Point. Scales Plaza is a new set of office buildings that sits on top of an old parking lot. Landscaping renovations have been performed but plans for repaving are currently still in discussion. 20. A mosaic of the new A-515 corridor. You might notice something interesting about one particular pair of power pylons here - they appear FA 1.5 aligned! To be honest, I have no idea how this happened and have been relatively unsuccessful in replicating it exactly. If you're interested in what a similar example would look like in detail: 21. AFTER: Herring Point mosaic once again with some new updates. Population: 31,000 and growing. And that's it for now! For Next Time We'll explore the neighboring city of Jericho - home to even more gross amounts of suburbia.
  14. Nuclear City

    Today's update is a little more, shall we say, utilitarian than usual (okay, you can stop groaning at that pun now). I've shown Nyhaven and Kendall's transportation infrastructure here plenty of times, but until a couple of months ago, I had neglected the even-more-important electric infrastructure. After all, without a constant supply of electricity, what would power the metro area's economy? (Okay, I'll stop punning now. ) I recently finished working on my first modular nuclear power plant, the Marshland Nuclear Generating Station. While most of Lower Columbia's old uranium-fueled nuclear plants have been decommissioned or converted to thorium-fueled reactors, this beast of a power plant is still active, just upriver from Nyhaven International Airport. Here's another view of the plant, showing some of the high-voltage wires carrying its gigawatts of power to the whole region. I recently replaced the wired pylons I originally used with these larger, wireless ones; this change allowed me to increase the spacing between them to something more realistic, while the invisible transmission lots I added keep the lines functional. The only catch is the lack of true FA3 pylons; I've substituted the turn pylons to simulate them, since they're at roughly the same angles. Some of the power lines running from this plant follow the railroad west past the town of Marshland (which, as you might imagine, is the plant's namesake). The town rail station was greatly expanded when the nearby industrial park was built. Marshland sits at the edge of the metro area (for now). But it isn't the edge of the region anymore! The Marshland quad used to be in the southeast corner of the region, but thanks to my painstaking efforts, the Nyhaven region is now twice its former size - 99 large quads instead of 49 (or roughly 44x36 km vs. 28x28 km). In fact, the first two pictures above wouldn't even have been possible before I expanded the region, since they cross the border into two of the new quads. Now I can build Kendall's suburbs as far out as I want - and as you can see, I've already done a lot of work on them. In all, the region is now home to 3.3 million people, thanks in part to those new suburbs. What's with that big black box labeled "SECRET", you ask? Well, you'll find out before long. Suffice it to say, though, that it will be no flight of fancy...
  15. Arcadia Metro II - Good Golly Suburbia

    Replies @Ln X: I really wish I didn't lose all of my really old screenshots of this region during its infancy in early 2011. Would've been great to see the transformation between then and now. Thanks! @kschmidt, @takemethere, @feyss, @raynev1: Thanks a lot for your comments! @nos.17: That feeling when only freight traffic uses your highways... traffic generations to the rescue ! Thanks! @Dreadnought: Much appreciated. Figured it would've been nice to have a more natural shoreline for the less urbanized areas. As an LA native I too love building sprawl but alas, skyscrapers have always been the "pinnacle" in terms of gameplay achievement for me, even if it throws aesthetics out the window (night shots notwithstanding). @fdjw88: Thank you! 200,000 people is no easy feat. Once you've gotten on board the custom content train you'll be building crazy stuff in no time! Cities of the Avalon Valley II: Attack of the Suburbs It's time to explore the second half of the Arcadia Metropolitan Area, namely the cities of Arcadia, Harmon Lake, Sundry City, and Lansing. For the area overview, please check out the first screenshot on the previous entry. We begin by viewing some of the less remarkable (and very incomplete) outlier cities: 1. This is Lansing. Population: 36,000 2. And this is Sundry City. Population: 64,000. Both are fairly unremarkable cities that serve as the surrounding communities for New Arcadia and Arcadia. 3. Harmon Lake is slightly more notable that the previous two by virtue of well... having a lake. Population: 46,500 4. You might find some middle class suburbs. 5. A LOT of middle class suburbs. 6. There's some occasional low wealth ones as well. 6. Harmon Lake is the other end of the spectrum. Very nice neighborhoods with marinas. 7. The other side of the lake is even better with small and large mansions alike. 8. Even the interchanges boast some considerable greenery, even if it's just wild grasses and flowers. 9. Main street through downtown Harmon Lake is a poplar tree lined feast. 10. On the opposite end, Sundry City's principal road runs parallel to an unsigned freeway. Along this corridor are fresh new office parks home to many different companies. 11. The MacroHard (R) Corporate campus was one of the first to be established alongside this corridor and dominates the block. Large gleaming midrises tower over acres of asphalt. 12. Now we finally enter (old) Arcadia. Population: 110,000 13. Arcadia is home to two major interchanges. This first windmill was one of the earliest constructed and crosses A-10 with Azura Loop 267. Safety was definitely considered when designing those level 2 flyovers (these are the old < NAM 32 depreceated flyovers). 14. This bridge crossing is part of the second major interchange that connects loop 267 and bypass A-310. 15. The Arcadia Exchange marks the boundaries between Lansing, Sundry City and Arcadia. 16. Arcadia Gas Power Generating Station provides a respectable amount of electricity for the city and surround communities. 17. Heavier industry also surrounds the plant. Future plans have been in motion to provide rail access for this area. 18. What is suburban life without wide avenues and some more office parks? 19. Arcadia Lake is a quiet little hillside lake that's popular with the local communities. 20. The largest K-12 school in the city services a majority of the area. 21. For those looking for higher education, the University of Avalon, Arcadia campus lies just a few blocks off loop 267. 22. Plenty of attractions exist closer to downtown, including a racetrack and a museum. 23. Arcadia's downtown core. 24. Of course, what would life in these cities be without more suburbs... 25. Endless suburbs! 26. Even gated communities get in the action. 27. Hopefully I haven't bored you all with these mind-numbing shots of endless suburbia. Here's one last overview for Arcadia at night. That concludes the Arcadia Metropolitan Area! Mosaics will return in due time. For Next Time Catch-up is almost over. We'll be exploring the cities of Herring Point and Jericho, two more recent cities (started July 2015).
  16. Entry 7: General Growth

    Replies: kschmidt: Thanks, glad you like the growing city! Airplane09: Thanks and no worries about being picky, it shows that your interested in the pictures! As for the overpass, it was simply that the photos weren't taken in chronological order. As for the path alongside the riverside it was meant to represent a quay side but thanks to the new content has become obselete. Hope that made sense of the confusion! Entry 7: General growth So, being entirely honest not a lot has happened in Antario since our last visit to the sleepy city, just some small areas of growth and the city landscaping team deciding to step up the pace a bit with their many unfinished projects. We'll jump right in though and start off with the suburbs which have been growing at a steady pace since last entry, though not in the direction that one might expect them to have. 1. Yup we've had some vertical suburban growth. Brought on by a sudden need for a large amount of housing in a short amount of time the developers went for cheap and plentiful on the outskirts of the city. Were not sure if the local suburbanites appreciated the apartments but they didn't really get all that much say in the matter. On the otherside of the suburbs you can see some shoring up of the coastline and some riverside properties right agaisnt the new quay. Lovely location you would think but maybe not so much. That fog you see isn't so much early morning mist as it is all day smog. We really have to start looking into these issues but at the moment growth seems to be the cities sole focus. 2. Finally for the suburbs we have this overview of how the area currently looks. As you can see the projects although tall don't really occupy all that much space in the suburbs themselves. 3. Moving further outside the city you see the current issue we face industry wise. Apparently when the surveys were done on the oil deposits it wasn't noticed that they didn't exactly go down very deep and rather worryingly this has led to the removal of most of the pumps on the old fields, being replaced with refineries instead. 4. As you can imagine this isn't really helping the economy as most of the oil now has to be imported and a number of refinery owners are already looking to sell their sites as its just not profitable to import the oil from elsewhere. Luckily however we still have several fields left but were not holding out hope for these lasting a lot longer than the last ones. 5. While over by the powerplant we may as well take a look at the improvements to the drainage system that have been installed where a new channel and rip rap walls help to push the waste water out into the harbour area rather than up the small river. Or at least that's the intention. 6. Moving back to the the city island now we yet again have some improvements to show for the entrance roundabout. Experts don't think it'll be long until this has to be replaced with a 4 way interchange but for now this new exit lane and roundabout are coping. 7. Nearby to the new traffic improvements you'll find the old powerplant site where renovation and redevelopment has led to a small industrial office park where several companies now manage their industrial assets found in the city. As you can also see, we've begun our shoring up of the coastlines project here, a costly and lengthy project that we have planned for the foreseeable future, hopefully also allowing us to actually install a proper harbour at some point (although with this cities track record for keeping on track this may take a very long while). 8. Ending on something slightly more pleasant though we have this updated photo of the ongoing project to beautify the high street. As you can see were still trying to create an island of green in a sea of wall to wall buildings. 9. And as usual here's the current overview and census data for the city, currently sat at 39,133 and our currently growing list of projects. 10. -Provide housing for the increasing number of people wanting to move to the city? -Oil fields expansions. -Find new avenues for the old oil fields. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry? -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? (OOC: Bit of a random update here with it all basically being an excuse for me to play around with the new content that CO have given us. I also need to have a look at my LUT as its a bit dark in places and as you may have noticed I've changed the texture on the mountains and the grass again. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the entry and I'll try and decrease the amount of time there is between them, its just that life is a bit hectic at the moment. Cheers James)
  17. Entry 6: Suburban beginnings

    Entry 6: Suburban beginnings (and Power plant stage 2) So as the tilte suggests since the last time that we've taken a look at the city we've seen some development other than wall to wall and industrial buildings. With the demand for city living that might just have enough room for a drive and a small garden on the rise several developers won bids on the land that we saw the motorway exit for last entry and begun in earnest to try and build houses that they could charge more for thanks to a possible garden and drive. Although not named yet we do have some pictures form the steadily growing suburbs ready to hopefully entice you to some suburban living starting with this image of some row houses in the centre of the suburb. These are the least expensive land wise with not a lot of land to go with the mostly fairly large houses. You can also see the centre of the suburb with some offices and commercial buildings as well as services. So far schooling is limited to a primary school but there are plans and funds to build upon the commercial and services available in the future. 1. Of course its not all straight blocks in the suburbs with a number of less uniform roads around the outside of the blocks. This is where your likely to actually get a fair bit of land with your purchase, depending on location. 2. Finally for this quick look at the beginnings of the suburban development here's what the current suburbs looks like in is entirety. Pretty compact but with plenty of room to grow. As you can see the developers are also trying to fill in the foliage so as to block the noisy motorway from the quite houses alongside it. 3. This suburban growth did however cause us another traffic issue with the entrance roundabout for the city when the volume of cars from it, not helped by the industrial trade trying to either leave the city or get across to the main harbour, caused the roundabout traffic to grind to a halt. 4. As such we built an overpass to allow industrial traffic to exit the city without using the roundabout and implemented a suburban bus line which travels from the main station in the city itself to various roads in the suburbs, cutting car use by almost a half what it used to be and relieving the roundabout some what. 5. In other news we've also decommissioned the old Oil Power Plant in the industrial harbour and moved the turbines to the new Power Plant to finish off phase one of its development. So far the old site sits derelict but there has been some interest in the site. 6. 7. And that's all for this suburban entry (well mostly). As usual we'll leave you with a overview of the city as it currently stands, complete with new suburbs and a list of projects completed and still to do. 8. -Powerplant completion -Provide housing for the increasing number of people wanting to move to the city? -Oil fields expansions. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry? -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? (OOC: Well I hope you all like my a attempts at suburbs. I know there not exactly as uniform as most of the suburbs in the world but that's what you get for providing services for them. I'm pretty excited as well for the upcoming entries to this vanilla CJ as CO have just released a whole load of free content including quays, canals, ploppable rocks, terraforming and some more asset editor props so I have some new toys to play around with. Not sure how much actual city development I'll get done with these new beautification tools released but oh well hopefully I can get some of the old views to rock a new look (pun intended). Cheers James)
  18. In this episode, we continue with our suburb area, and realise one design floor, the steepness of the roads!
  19. This episode we start work on some suburbs. This area is one of the first parts of our city to use 2 way roads! The area uses low density housing, which means that our citizens are more spread out, and have a nice view of the river that passes by the city.
  20. Entry no.32 - Valhalla Park & Woodside

    This update will cover the last two neighborhoods of Dresden; Valhalla Park & Woodside which are located towards the central & southern portion of the city. These neighborhoods are largely suburban in nature with only a few small pockets of commercial, institutional or industrial development. How the cites areas/neighborhoods of Dresden are divided up; First some colorful closeups of Valhalla Park, arguably the nicest suburban area in the entire region. These photo's beg the question, is there such a thing as too much tree cover? 3 4 5 Places of local interest (by 'places of interest' I mean visual interest, not landmarks for tourist) Located near the center of Valhalla Park and nestled in between two rail corridors is Our Holy Grace Catholic High School. With 593 students(2015), this is the largest of Dresden's 4 high schools(2 public, 1 catholic & 1 private). The school has extensive sports facilities and is home to the popular Red Back's highschool football team. There is also a chapel and numerous footpaths for students to take. 7 Russ Jasckson Elementary School and the adjacent Kensington Park in Woodside. 335 total students, one of 5 elementary schools in Dresden. 9 The park has multiple tennis & basketball courts, an outdoor swimming pool, a racket court and a nearby community garden. Dresden Main Water Reservoir With a total capacity of 50,000 cubic meters of water, or rather 5 million liters! this is the largest of Dresden's 10 water towers/tanks. When full there is enough water to fill up two Olympic sized swimming pools. Thankfully there are no olympic sized swimming pools to fill in Dresden. 11 12 If your interested, 'TMT Inc.' can build a a water tower for your city(with your city name on it), though it will cost you a 'like' Jamison Ford Elementary School & Valhalla Park PD at the intersection of Middleton Rd. & Genosha Blvd. 14 A small industrial park near the underpass Rd. Interchange. 15 Commercial development at the edge of the downtown district/Woodside neighborhood. There is also a plasma gasification waste disposal plant nearby seen in entry 29. Local Transportation connections This area of Dresden is largely car dependent due in large part to the barriers created by the highway and railway corridors cutting through the area. Still community connectivity is an important aspect for creating a cohesive and desirable suburban environment. In recent years Dresden city council has spent much time and effort on improving the pedestrian realm by building new footpaths and bridges. So rather than showing the roads first I'll cover the pedestrian network instead. Valhalla Parks pedestrian footpath network; 17 One of most important links in the network is the recently constructed pedestrian bridge over the Fastraxx & GWR lines an otherwise major barrier. 18 The bridge was partially built over BioHazrd Inc. property. The old route, the footpath that lead to the Genosha Blvd. tunnel remains in place but the tunnel is not very pedestrian friendly. 19 From here the path goes under the IRC line and then highway 702 20 Other parts of the network include the pedestrian bridge over Station Rd. 21 A long flight of stairs leading to Industrial Sector G, it's good exercise! 22 In case your wondering this route is TE enable and heavily used. It's also not as bad of a climb as it looks, only 130 steps to the top which is 90ft/27m higher. and footpaths along Middleton Rd. Roadways For Valhalla Park, the main roads leading out of the community are Genosha Blvd. (west) which leads to downtown Dresden which as you can see is typically very congested. 25 Middleton Rd. north to Orchard Heights 26 Underpass Rd. and Milldeton Rd. south & west to Woodside and of course the 702, to points further south or north. For Woodside, aside from Underpass Rd. & the 702 seen above there is Esna Parkway which is used by many to reach downtown Dresden. The Hope Springs Eternal Church is at the top of the image. 28 And Indigo Rd. which runs along the north east edge of mount Tokiko. west to downtown Dresden. And now once again it's time for my favorite part, the mosaics! 30 31 32 Angles 33 Probably my favorites, from Genosha to the 700 34 ...and back 35 That brings to a close another long entry. As much as I've loved building and covering Dresden the next entry will likely be the last one of the city. For one most of the city has been developed and shown but secondly it has also become oh so frustrating to work with. Less than a month ago it took only about 80 seconds to load the city, now it takes nearly 3 minutes plus the game freezes for another minute shortly after it loads. Also the city crashes almost every time I change a zoom level, even with the CPU set to 1. I'm guessing it's because of all the mmp'ing and new lots I've used, some of which I haven't extensively tested like I normally do because I wanted expiate the city building process.
  21. Nyhaven and Kendall: One Metro Area

    For those of you who weren't aware, Nyhaven and Kendall are part of the same metropolitan area. In fact, they're the two largest cities in the metro area. The following animation shows my progress in building and merging the two cities over time (up to about a week ago): I've done even more work on the metro area since the date of the last region view here, but Photoshop refuses to export an updated GIF (probably due to a memory shortage or summat). EDIT: After shrinking the image and reducing the animation length, Photoshop finally exported a new GIF. I've edited it into the space above. However, you can see some of my latest work in the Kendall thread. At this point, even the two subway systems have merged, creating a 20-line monster that's so big, it would be a nightmare to try to name each line the way I'd been naming them. Hence my decision to replace the names with letters and numbers, as the latest subway map shows: My latest work on Kendall was almost lost due to the city contracting prop pox. Thankfully, after doing a great deal of reading on prop pox's causes and preventive measures, I was able to continue from a recent, pox-free backup, and my preventive measures have kept the pox from reappearing. Here's some of that work, which includes my efforts to merge Kendall and Nyhaven into a single metro area. The Lords of Parliament, Lower Columbia's two heads of government, now have a residence and office that suits them. The leaders of Parliament's two chambers live and work in separate wings of Columbia House, shown here. This executive mansion is right across Upper Columbia Avenue from Parliament House itself. Based on earlier comments, I've worked on reducing building repetition around Federal Circle. I've also begun expanding the business district that surrounds the circle, so it hasn't completely filled in yet. I also acted on comments regarding the proximity of the seaport to central Kendall and completely rebuilt the area. Now, housing projects rise where cranes and stacks of containers once stood. I also rebuilt Edmonds Junction, the rail junction connecting Kendall's Library Terminal to the port and points beyond, to take advantage of the new FlexTrack features in NAM 34. The rebuilt Port Brunsmjöd now sits on its own island, with many more berths for ships and greatly improved rail and highway access. Pacifica State Highway 32 (visible in the top-right corner) runs through the port areas next to the port's rail line. PC-32 begins at this rebuilt interchange with the R-50, where the latter highway turns south into central Kendall. Due to this interchange's proximity to another one, the R-50 widens to 10 lanes here. That other interchange is where the R-250 ends. This freeway gives Kendall access to Nyhaven International Airport and runs through a number of new suburbs. The R-50, meanwhile, continues east into midtown Nyhaven. The largest of those new suburbs is Clifton Mesa, a massive planned community near the formerly-small village of Clifton. Huge earth-moving operations leveled the hills that once stood here to collect land reclamation material for Port Brunsmjöd in the 1960s, and city planners took the opportunity to build a suburb that would serve both Nyhaven and Kendall. Clifton Mesa is home to one of the metro area's largest shopping malls, and is where several subway lines from both cities intersect.
  22. Entry no.25 - The Suburbs of Dresden

    As seen from the last entry, my CJ can be quite heavy on the dialog at times. Not that I think that's a bad thing, but it's good to take a break sometimes. Also while the focus of the CJ is on infrastructure and transportation, that is not all that encompasses Pretoria Dresden has probably the largest suburban population of any of my cities. Here's some views of those suburbs up close, specifically the neighborhood of Orchard Heights; One of my favorite parts of the suburbs is where the Hardack hydro corridor cuts through it; A glimpse of some of the highway and railway interchanges across the city; And lastly moving on to my favorite suburban area of the city. The community of Woodside is located in southwestern Dresden and the part I like most is the very center of it where 3 rail corridors and highway 702 squeeze through; As you can tell there's been a noticeable lack of weed trimming along the joint South Shore-Farham rail corridor. Only small spots are trimmed by the highway light towers to maintain access to them. Here we catch Hallmarks high-speed regional train speeding southbound through the area at 265kph towards Cape Cardinal on Fastraxx's South Shore line. A teaser for some of the next entries which will deal with Industry and Transportation; I haven't decided yet, though it'll probably come down to which one I complete first
  23. Downtown Boswell

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall of Fame from the Best Picture Competition. December 22nd, 2015.

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