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City-building game(s)

Found 20 results

  1. I'm aware of the agent limitations and building limits. I'm also aware that most of this is hard coded into the game itself The main thing that irritates me so much about this game. 81 tiles is decent but I would love to have a city building game where building multiple cities throughout a large region is possible. Preferably I would really like to have a map the size of a world much like space engineers. I personally don't think the agent based system is good enough of an excuse as to why we can't have that. Several games also use agents but offer much larger maps sizes than C:S although these are not city builder games. I personally feel that the agents only within your immediate vicinity should be rendered / loaded but still allow players to travel freely through the region. What would it take to get truly larger maps? The current map size even at 81 tiles (somewhere around 150 square miles) is about the size of Spartanburg SC.
  2. SC4 Earth Maps Grayscale and SC4M

    Version 1.2.0


    5 Various maps of the Earth for rendering in SC4, and including one SC4M file. MAP FILES INCLUDED: Folder: Earth Grayscale Heightmaps 01_Earth_257x257_1x1_Signature.bmp 02_Earth_513x257_1x2_Hemispheres.bmp 03_Earth_513x513_2x2_Squared.bmp 04_Earth_769x513_2x3_Continents.bmp 05_Earth_769x513_2x3_Relief.bmp All files listed above and below are in the same sequence as the previews. Folder: Regions Earth Signature 1x1 Earth Hemispheres 1x2 Earth Squared 2x2 Earth Continents 2x3 Earth Relief 2x3 The following text is contained in the zipfile in readme.txt and HTML. INSTALL the REGIONS Folder: SC4M Earth 2x3 Relief I have included an .SC4M map of the '05_Earth_769x513_2x3_Relief' map in a new folder. To load the map in SC4 Mapper, click on 'Create Region' and select 'Grayscale'. SC4 Mapper creates the city files and a config.bmp file by default, but not a region.ini file. A region.ini file is included in the folder which may be cut and pasted into the Region folder SC4 Mapper creates. Included above are 2 new previews (to the right) showing an image from SC4 Mapper, and the rendered map in 'SC4 Region View.' FOR ALL OTHER MAPS using the SC4 in-game Map Renderer From the unzipped 'Regions' folder select any or all of the sub folders, cut and paste into your user '/Documents/ SimCity 4/Regions' folder. Each of the Regions will then appear in your 'Region' menu in the game with the same name as the folder. Each folder contains a region.ini file and a config.bmp file, defining the name and layout of the region. The 'Earth Signature' region is a 1x1 large city tile, containing only one large blank terra-formed tile. This folder also contains 1 city file (662k) named 'City - New City.sc4'. This region does not have to be rendered and may be viewed and used immediately in the game. The city has not been 'Start'ed so is still named 'City - New City.sc4'. All other region folders only contain the region.ini and config.bmp files, the maps must be rendered in SC4 region view using the included grayscale heightmaps in .bmp (256 indexed grayscale 8-bit) format. The grayscale heightmaps in this package were hand designed for use with the SC4 in-game map renderer using a popular color relief map. If you use SC4 Mapper or Terraformer, smoother surfaces and smaller file sizes may be achieved, but elevation interpretation is different, generally the water level is one increment shallower, some land area may go under. Instructions for rendering the maps with SC4 can be found at the bottom of this page. SCALING in SC4 3D SPACE: The maps are not proportionally scaled either horizontally or vertically, they only represent a general idea of area and height. Horizontally, the term 'tile' is used for both the grid of squares in the city view and the grid of cities in the region view. One city view tile is 16m x16m, and one large city tile in region view is 4km x 4km. Grid lines in city view may be toggled on/off by pressing the 'g' key. Grid lines in region view may be switched on/off by checking/unchecking 'Show City Boundaries'. Vertically, buildings are scaled in (cubic) meters, but land area and elevations are more often very disproportional. In my 'Earth Relief' map one increment of land in region view is about equal to 1800m, so 5 increments from sea level is the highest point on Earth at near 9000m. There are 62 (62 x 1800m) increments from the bottom of the sea in SC4 to the top of its 3D space, sea level cannot be raised or lowered from its 6 increment setting. In terms of my 'Relief Map' then 6 x 1800m is the deepest surface below sea level at 10,800m, almost 11 kilometers. Actual scientific measurements indicate about the same depth. Consistently, the top of SC4 space is (62 x 1800) 111,600m, about 112km above the solid surface of the Earth. Objects below about 160km in orbit are considered to be below "Low Earth Orbit". The International Space Station orbits at about 3 times the height of SC4 space in the same spherical area defined as the 'Thermosphere' of the Earth. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: 1.) Launch SC4. In Region View use the Load Region scroll menu to locate and open the region you want. 2.) In Region View press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-R. You should now have a window in the top-left corner. 3.) Navigate to the 'Earth Grayscale Heightmaps' subfolder in the unzipped 'SC4 Earth Maps 256 Grayscale' folder. 4.) Scroll to the bitmap (.bmp) corresponding to the region you have selected and click 'Okay'. (The exact file names of the region and map must match) The simulator should begin processing the map. If successful, you will see the region with city layout. The processing takes from a few minutes to several minutes to complete. --/--
  3. Planet Sim

    Version 2.0.0


    A bit late to the party, my first map*. Made using Google and Paint.net, it's basic, mostly flat and fairly large. Scale was beaten up and left for dead. *(Not even my first Big Earth Map! My bad - Please also see "Another Big Earth Map" too)
  4. Miniature World

    From the album Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W)

    In case you missed your magnifying glass.. here's some of the features included in Miniature World. Worldwide: All biomes accurately reproduced (Polar, Tundra, Taiga, Desert, Steppes, Rainforest, Savanna, Grassland). Forest tree cover is also accurate. As many Maxis Landmarks were placed as possible, the ones that were excluded were generally too large and were distracting, or there simply wasn't enough room in that area to plop them. Subway Stations placed at some of the world's busiest metro locations (Mexico City, NY, Boston, Paris, London, Istanbul, Rio, Tokyo, HK, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul) Tennis Courts placed at the four Grand Slam locations (Melbourne, NY, Paris, London) North America: Lake Louise Hotel (Resort Hotel), Las Vegas (Casino), Wrigley Field (Major League Stadium), Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (Lighthouse), Miami (Marina), Disneyland (Monorail), KVLY-TV mast (Radio Tower), Union Watersphere (Water Tower), Western US Windmill Farms, Great Plains (Open Grass Area), Denali Ranger Stations placed at some of my favorite National Parks (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Acadia, Grand Canyon) Misc. American things: Skateboard Park & Basketball Court (California), Farmer's Market & Softball Field (Rural America/Suburbia) Europe: Odeon Theatre (Opera House), The Thinker (Mayor's Statue), Luxembourg Garden (Large Flower Garden), German Windmill Farms, Bordeaux & Tuscany (Community Gardens), The Matterhorn Asia: Bollywood (Movie Studio), Trans-Siberian Railway (Accurately done with railroad), Reindeer migration (Woodland Animals), Mt. Everest Africa: The Serengeti (Wild Animals), Kilimanjaro South America: Yungas Road (Streets on cliffside), Soccer Field Australia: Ayers Rock (Uluru)
  5. World?

    Is there like some kind of world where people "run a nation" with other nations that I could join. If not is anyone intrested.
  6. A Background and Short History

    Thought I'd give you some background and a little taste of the world before I post my first entry, which, I'm not sure when I'll be putting up yet because there are a few things I wanted to do in the regions before sharing it with the Simtropolis community =) The World Tentatively Named: Massie's World Illyris (EE-LEE-RIS) Illyris consists of 5 continents, and 3 island nations. Two continents are at the north and south poles and uninhabitable. Two are in the middle of the planet, near the equator, however, unlike Earth, the equator is not the hottest point as the planet is not tilted as our globe is. The last continent is south west of Continent #1 (Red). Continent #2 (Unamed) is the oldest and most sparsely populated continent with a single railroad line that travels from its main city in the north eastern region to the southwestern port cities. Little is known about the history of Continent #2, as its residents, a race of people called the Elgers, are magical and mystical people with long histories, and knowledge that is handed down from person to person, instead of by written word and books. A brave family from amongst the Elgers who disliked the old folks mystical ways, and were not fond of magic, traversed the entire continent, settled and developed the modern day port cities in the southwest region of Continent #2. Continent #1 (Red) is slightly newer with two mountain ranges, the Snake river and several tributaries. The Snake dumps out into the ocean surrounding the continent. Here lives the race of the Amarians and Ruskins (both nonmagical) whose forefathers died in the earthquake of 1427. Shortly after the quake, a civil war ensued amongst the remaining, and the Amarians won over the darker-skinned Ruskin race. Rather than being enslaved by the Amarians, many Ruskins fled by ship to an Island continent, known as Continent #3. Not much is known about the history of peoples prior to the civil war. Armed with superb technology, the Amarians continued to develop this vast continent, which is now, in 2100, the most vibrant and populous of all the nations in Illyris. - Mimi aka FearlessMayor A little History YR 1000 - Earliest known history of the planet, the history of the mysterious race - the Elgers 1356 - Red Rail Road started The Amarian Elders started building a Railroad to start a new settlement north of the winding Snake river. 1427 - Earthquake of 1427 The elder Amarians died in a major earthquake. 1430 - Red Civil War The Ruskins and Amarians fought a bitter civil war after the earthquake. 1454 - End of Amarian/Ruskin civil war 1455 - Ruskins fled from Red 1510 - The Great Exploration Every major race on the face of the planet left their home cities or sent a group of people to explore the ends of their planet and settle in new areas. 1512 - Red Port City founded Red Port City founded by the Amarians. 1514 - Red Rail Road completed The Amarians completed the major railroad from their home city of Red to Red Port for industry. 1598 - London Founded The Elger renaissance men and women left their home city to meet with the other races of the planet and settling at the South West coast of their continent. 2100 - Modern Day Illyris Main land mass, Red, contains 1,559,000 residents Elger contains 245,000 residents on its coastal metropolis, with London at its center.
  7. As a site that is dedicated to different city building games, it would only be natural that among us here are city aficionados and connoisseurs. So I am starting a thread wherein everyone can post images of any cities around the world. It may be a skyline, a rural area, a park, transportation etc as long as you want to share them. To limit though, it should at most be one image per post and there should be a caption of what city is featured in the image. To start off, let me give this beautiful gem. Bangkok, Thailand (2015)
  8. “There is real tension along the Armenia-Azerbaijan frontier” Armenian Prime Minister Hovig Abrahamian Given the events of the last three weeks, what the Prime Minister said is an understatement. A score of Armenian soldiers killed, villagers killed, incursions and attempts at infiltration into Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. The onslaught goes on unabated. The time has come to take all official threats and subversive actions by Azeri Government officials very seriously. Those bellicose declarations and the border attacks are not merely for internal consumption. They are a prelude and justification for a possible preemptive strike with overwhelming power. Azerbaijan is testing the waters: assessing the political fallout for its actions as well as Armenian defense preparedness. It is only a matter of time. Azerbaijan will possibly – at an opportune time of its choosing – undertake an all out invasion, using its massive military hardware which it has amassed. The stage is set. The OSCE Minsk Group is exhorting caution to both sides, putting the blame for the border violations on both sides, while Russia is ominously silent and Turkey is encouraging the Azeri offensive. In the meantime, the U.S. and Russia are at odds over Ukraine and the Gaza strip and Iraq are being overrun. Azerbaijan may miscalculate that it is the right time to attack. The ceasefire that Azerbaijan signed when it lost the war, is being violated daily by the Azeri military: over 20,000 violations, Azeri snipers on the front line, incursions by subversive elements, kidnapping of villagers and murder. The Nakhichevan–Armenia border where two Armenian soldiers were killed, became a new front for confrontation, potentially instigated by Turkey. There is no doubt that these “incidents” are part of a deliberate attempt by Azerbaijan to scuttle the peace process, undermine the cease fire, blackmail the mediators into accepting its terms, and most of all, create a prelude to all out war. Azerbaijan is the “spoiled child” of the West, courted by the U.S. oil companies, coveted by Europe for its oil, wooed for some time by Russia, who has sold Azerbaijan the latest military hardware, estimated at four to five billion dollars. It is also partnered with its big brother, Turkey, and assisted militarily by Israel. Azerbaijan’s strategy is multifaceted: to keep the ceasefire shaky, keep provoking Armenia into responding in kind, escalating the counterattacks, providing Azerbaijan with an opening to war. Azerbaijan is trying very hard to create an atmosphere of business as usual, a state of no peace- no war, with the ultimate goal to surprise Armenia with a massive surprise attack on all fronts, thus overwhelming Armenian defensive measures. Russia’s intentions are fluid at best. Is it courting Azerbaijan to bring it into its sphere? Is it arming both Armenia and Azerbaijan to keep them dependent and under its control? Will it sell out Nagorno-Karabakh to placate Azerbaijan? Or, will it annex it to Russia a la Crimea? Finally, will it help Armenia in case of war? The answers to these questions at this stage cannot be anticipated. Whether or not Russia can be trusted is open to interpretation by the readers of this opinion piece. However, Russia’s silence at the insult leveled by President Nazarbaef of Kazakhstan, in addition to the laconic declarations in Baku by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, do not inspire confidence. It is yet to be seen whether the trilateral meeting between Presidents Putin of Russia, Sarkissian of Armenia and Aleyev of Azerbaijan, will in any way restore calm on the front. What should Armenia do? First: Be prepared for war and prepare against a preemptive all out invasion. That means, it needs to strengthen defenses against a sudden attack- a la Israel- during the 67 war. Second: Bridge the divide between the government and the opposition and create a national salvation united front. Third: Focus on stopping the exodus of the population from Armenia proper. Fourth: Stop the pillaging of Armenia’s wealth and resources and the accumulation of foreign debt. Fifth: Aim to reduce its reliance on Russia and expectations from Russia during a time of need; and look to rely on its own military capabilities and activate diaspora participation. On the international front, Armenia should turn the page on its foreign policy. - First, replace its foreign minister who agreed to the infamous Protocols. - Withdraw formally from the Protocol agreements with Turkey. - Stop repeats of “football diplomacy”. Withdraw the invitation extended to the Turkish President for the Genocide Centennial. - Withdraw from negotiations within the OSCE Minsk framework if Azeri murderous transgressions continue and resort to formal recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh’s independence. - Confront Kazakhstan’s President and expose his insult. - Disband the diaspora ministry in Armenia and replace it with an Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and diaspora, national security agency. - Start emergency negotiations with the United States and acquire security guarantees against an Azeri invasion. - Expose the Warlick proposals as one sided, unwise and dangerous for Armenia. - Be proactive on the world stage with friends of Armenia and confront those that aid and abet Azerbaijan. - Highlight the long list of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh soldiers murdered by Azerbaijan. - Execute the Nagorno-Karabakh army’s new policy of overtaking the Azeri position from which attacks are launched. - Analyze and pinpoint Azerbaijan’s most vulnerable targets to hit first, in case of war. - Bring Turkey to court over its blockade of Armenia, and its usurpation of Armenian territory and property. It is extremely inspiring to witness the overwhelming support of the veterans of the first Nagorno-Karapakh war volunteering with the soldiers on the front lines. Notwithstanding, with all the hardware Azerbaijan has acquired: the warplanes, the drones, the attack helicopters, tanks, and missile systems, it may not take long to obliterate Armenian defenses and destroy what took so long to build. This would then leave Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh vulnerable and defenseless against an all out invasion. Necessary measures for Azerbaijan: First: Stop killing our soldiers. Stop spewing hatred toward Armenians. Rehabilitate its abhorrent human rights record and stop abuses in its armed forces. Stop imprisoning opposition candidates and journalists. Second: Realize that in case of war, it is going to suffer the destruction of its oil fields and pipelines, the major source of its revenue and support. Third: While Baku itself was spared in the first war, this time around it will be a target of Armenian Forces. Fourth: The dictatorship of the Aleyev dynasty will be held accountable to its people for the injustices committed and its corrupt pillaging of the country’s wealth. Fifth: The West will lose interest in Azerbaijan, once its oil fields are burning. Sixth: Nakhichevan, the other region donated to Azerbaijan by Stalin, will be retaken. Seventh: The Mingechaur reservoirs on the Azerbeijan side, will be retaken. What should Armenians worldwide do? - Help strengthen Nagorno-Karabakh. - Help inspire change in Armenia so people will not want to leave. - Consider themselves Armenian Army reservists, and if possible, train and volunteer for service. - Expose Azerbaijan and Turkey for their Human Rights violations. Credit needs to be given to our Nagorno Karabakh soldiers, who have shown extreme valor and competence on the front. Nonetheless, they need our support now and if and when war comes. We have to be ready, our survival as a nation depends on it. Armenia's relations with the confusing "democracy" of Azerbaijan has always been bad. From the start of the nations to the present. Will it finally spark a final war? A regional war in the Caucasus that will spread to the Middle East, Europe , Eastern Asia, and the USA. Over ancient lands that were stolen by the Azeri government during the collapse of the USSR. Will you support the Azeris? or the Armenians? and why?
  9. TRP: Flags of the World - Oceania

    Version 1.0


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A part of a new series of flag packs released under The Random Project, come a set of HD flags from the region of Oceania. This flag pack contains the flags of 22 Oceanic countries and dependencies. The countries included in this pack are as stated below: These are all placed on 1x1 lots, found in the Park Menu of the game. There will be more flag sets to come! Vote for which region you want next here! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot Information: Lot Size - 1x1 Type - Park & Recreation Plop Code - Pz1x1_Grass > Hu_TRPFlags_Oceania_[country] Dependencies No dependencies for this file! Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie.TRP or The Random Project in this case] to avoid future confusion. Author's Note **When releasing a lot including these files, link said file here and list as a dependency.** _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. Version 2.0


    A complete set of flags from all countries to date, an update I made from Oppie flags and Irdcq Flags. Personally, I haven't tested all these flags myself but only a few for testing, if by any chance some of it didn't work, please let me know. Also, if I missing out any flags/countries, name them here and I'll add it to the list. Thank you. 14/6/2014 : Added countries flag listed from A to N 14/6/2014 : Added countries flag listed from O to S 14/6/2014 : Added countries flag listed from T to Z List of flags : Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burma (Myanmar) Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Chile Colombia Comoros Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Fiji Finland Gabon Gambia Georgia Ghana Greece Grenada Guatamala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Ivory Coast Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati North Korea Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liectenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Mauritania Mauritius Federated States of Micronesia Moldova Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Namibia Nauru Nepal New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Palestine Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Rwanda Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa San Marino São Tomé and Príncipe Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands Somalia South Africa South Sudan Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Extras : Quebec Greenland USSR Note: - Non-mirrored flags (such as the United States, Malaysia, Greece etc), will be flipped when looked at from the other side. - Replaces all of the various in-game flags (elementary school, fire department, mayor's mansion etc.) - Do not install more than one file, this may crash your game. - Install at SimCityData folder - To use on previous save game, simply destroy and rebuilt the flag pole. Click Here for : by Oppie Australia Brazil Canada France Germany Italy Mexico Netherlands Spain United Kingdom United States Click Here for : by Irdcq China Hong Kong Japan Korea Macao Singapore Taiwan Gallery Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallery_of_sovereign-state_flags http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Greenland http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Quebec
  11. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/apr/30/china-overtake-us-worlds-largest-economy Everyone saw this coming, but it has come a few years earlier than expected. The US has been the world's largest economic power since the late 1800's (1872?).
  12. Doing the Ultra Grand Tour

    Now to get the writing done. Bombing around on subsistence budget for 23 years is fascinating. Even more fascinating will be the book or books. If he has the notes he claims, it will be more than one volume. I hope he planted his fig tree that he can sit under to watch the world pass when he feels he wants to retire. Someplace neat like Tahiti.
  13. Hi! I'm looking for people to join my Region that I've made. The map is Discovery Delta, named Sunny Delta. I'm the only one so far, but I'd love to have people who will remain committed to their cities, because I know I will. Please post if you're interested, or add me in-game. My in-game name is the same as my forum name. See you guys on the region view! P.S. Server is North American East 3 for those who didn't read the title.
  14. Version 1.0


    After months of procrastinating and shy revealing of the first tower of the Absolute City Centre complex... I present to you... ABSOLUTE WORLD ONE! Absolute World One is one of five towers in the Absolute City Centre complex located in Downtown Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The tower was initially created through a design contest of 92 submissions to create an iconic building! This design became the most iconic and sales of the condos were so record-breaking that a sibling of similar design had to be created! Anyways, before I blabber on! JUST DOWNLOAD IT! (: More information is included in the download! All information including building and lot details are included and even building, design, and site history! Download the MAXIS NIGHT file if you do not have SimFox's Darknight installed in your plugins! Download the DARK NIGHT file if you have Dark Night installed! For more upcoming projects visit my thread! (: Enjoy Everyone! , Kellydale2003 PS; NO DEPENDENCIES! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is from the Ontario Creation Team! - Search "#OCT" to find further creations from us, or click the photo below to view upcoming projects and discussions! Thank you (:
  15. Hank Haney's World Golf

    One of the best golf simulators next to Tiger Woods PGA Tour series. What made this game stand out was the customization. Literally, every single object can be customized or added in the simulator, player skins, golf balls, courses, logos, flags, clubs, 3D objects. Gameplay I’m surprised this game wasn’t more popular, but I think what destroyed the popularity was the difficult swing mechanics. You have the option for four different swing types: 3-click 2-click Vertical mouse Horizontal mouse There are no stats in the game, but when you create a golfer, a slide determines how accurate your golfer is, or how much distance he can hit the ball. Don’t worry, you can go back into the “Create Player” tab and change this slider all you want. I managed to overcome the difficult swing mechanics, by constantly adjusting the slider to get a pattern that matched my method of play. As most golf games, this has a total of 9 game modes... Stroke Stableford Modified Stableford Practice Match play Skins Nearest to the pin Longest drive Multiplayer Note: multiplayer has Internet and LAN server options, all the games mode listed above can be played in multiplayer. Also, there tons of courses to play, 20 full 18 hole (fictional) courses are included, with more to download online (Only if I could find the website; look at the company’s, but no luck). Another interesting part, aside from regular courses, you have the option to play on Par 3 and crazy golf courses. If you have a good enough graphics card, the draw distance allows you to see the entire course in your view. Course editor One of the best course editors I have seen in a golfing simulator! You can customize the layout, terrain, panoramas, and even change the physics for each texture. If you have picture editing software like Photoshop, you can make your own textures to use for your course. It’s very simple to use, just press and hold the space bar to draw the shapes you want, then you select what type of object you are creating. If the shape isn’t perfect, you can change it by selecting and dragging the control points to the desired direction. Pins can also be customized, from color to the flag image displayed. If you have 3D modeling software, adding your own 3D objects for use with the course editor should be easy (don’t know what the file type is?). There are tons more features I could list, but that list would be HUGE, but these were the best to create a fully customized course that you can share with friends! If I were to rate this game, here would be my verdict. Gameplay 7.5 – Real-time passing of time – choose a tee time and watch it go from morning to evening. Swing/ball physics 5.8 – Swinging can be very difficult, but if you can find the correct position for the slider, you can get good playing scores. Course editor 9.0 – It’s almost perfection! So many options to customize, but occasionally editing terrain can be challenging, especially when the camera is in real-time isometric; takes practice! Graphics 7.0 – the graphics that come with the game are decent enough, especially if you have an advanced video card, but when you make your own players or course, the images can be as realistic as you want. Audio/music 6.5 – the sounds of hitting the ball are clean and crisp, but the same for audio is the same for graphics, you can change the sounds in the files or the course editor to how ever realistic you want. Overall 7.8 – A great game to customize, almost more fun than playing the game. At a price of $10 dollars US on Amazon, it won’t be a huge loss if it’s not what you hoped it to be. http://www.amazon.com/Hank-Haney-World-Golf-Pc/dp/B003NS3KAI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354639983&sr=8-1&keywords=Hank+haney%27s+world+golf If any of you are wondering, yes, here are some gameplay videos, this one made by Dmitry Cheva.
  16. Dragon Ball: World - Earth



    created for my own personal use from maps created by dragon ball artist akira toriyama water features are next your feedback please
  17. Teach us your culture

    "I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world" Socrates We are all brothers and sisters, citizens of the same planet and the same Universe. The technology of the satellites and the Internet bring us even closer, by giving us the opportunity to learn from each other and demolish silly stereotypes. From this topic, feel free to teach your country's culture to everybody here in Simtropolis, in order to make a beautiful puzzle of colours and sounds. Share with us all the best (and worst) things from your country and learn the best (and worst) from the other countries. For instance, I'll teach you about Greece Hellas and you'll teach me about your country as well
  18. Derpend of Are Sea

    Version 1.3


    This map is called Derpend of Are Sea, if you can do any name. OK the first map enjoy that, you must choose it to make sure if this is more chance the map will import, I hate those little islands, but I could but there is some high terrains at the peaks has strange cities, you can also use SimMars, before you can try that look at the colour terrain. 1. STARTING 1.1. Download a map that is terrain one. 2. Installing 2.1. Use config (you can edit by use small, medium, or big) 2.2. Use a new folder to put it. 2.3. Name your region. 2.4. Close the documents. 2.5. Double-click on the SimCity 4 icon. 3 .Opening your region 3.1. Play SimCity 4 3.2. Open the region. 3.3. Wait 4. Importing 4.1. Go shift, ctrl, and r hold. 4.2. If you put in it make sure that is in your file. 4.3. Wait WARNING: If the step 4 is failed try again if there's more problem ask me!
  19. new world



    Hello my people, Today I bring this map is but you like. This map was designed for large cities, and for them to unite islands with bridges. Map information: The dimensions are 2049x2049 Imajen size of 4.01 MB Shared with simtropolis Information config.bmp This imajen was altered by a larger size in an attempt to see how big podionos create islands or regions. This is imajen good quality and shows no problem with the program. Now we have a lot to create with these regions as large. Imajen information. 32x32 pixels Dimension 16 bits deep size of 2.5 MB Shared with simtropolis Author jose l. Hope you like it and comment to comment is appreciated.

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