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City-building game(s)

Found 240 results

  1. Article #13 - Isla Klei Beaches

    Article #13 - Isla "Klei Beaches" Isla Klei is a paradisiatic place in Metzú Republic. With the highest rate of foreign tourist, his main economical activity is tourism, with great and long beaches around the island. Klei has the best preserved historic center, influenced by spanish colonists. Was founded in 1870 and his population has never changed. You can only arrive by ferry. Population: 1.306 Metropolitan Area: N/A Main Activities: Tourism Transport: Terminal Fluvial de Klei. Connections every day from Tiyi, Villa Varisio and Wainor. 1. Casco Histórico de Klei. 2. Playa La Portuaria. 3. Plaza de la Memoria. 4. Playa Milagros. 5. Playa del Fin. An eolic tower is part of Klei landscape. 6. Playa La Unión. 7. Another postal from Klei. 8. Casco Histórico. You can see the colonial influence, intact since ever. 9. Terminal Fluvial de Klein. The only connection with Metzú. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger. Sponsors:
  2. I just wanted know what some people's personal preferences were, when it came to city building, specifically how your city layout is like. Is placing residential zones near industrial zones good? I lay my industry a ways back from the residential areas as to not attract to much pollution. I just dont like how the smog clouds my cities.
  3. Antiquitas - My colony

    Well My Colony is 2 years old in may The new game Bast is making is called Antiquitas based on Rome around 160 - 180 AD and now has a second group called the gual he plans on adding Egyptians soon . Anyway the art is just amazing the agme play is balance you guys may want to check into my colony and antiquitas ( both can be played on darn near any device android - pc linux mac most all . PS games are under Development so expect a bug now and again . Both are well above SimCity 3000 in game play .
  4. Is there any way in carnation to make citizens walk on the roof of a monument?
  5. Mod error

    Hi, i have a problem, every time I built a mod building, this appears to me, what is it? How do I fix it? Thanks!
  6. Hello Simtropolians, Please help us debug some clipping issues that are occurring with MartinausBerlin's new Federal Ribbon buildings project. Martin (author of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof) has been working on this epic project for many months and I'm helping him debug it so that he can publish it on the workshop. The project consists right now of 3 objects: 1. Paul-Löbe-Haus (or PLH) which is the one next to the Reichstag (on the right in this pic) 2. a prop bridge (which connects the two buildings over the river) 3. Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus (MELH) across the river (on the left in this pic) "Paul" and "Marie" (as we like to call them, for short) consists of over a dozen sub-buildings, many of which are using the "BuildingAI," and a few of which are using the semi-transparent rotor shader, and a few of which are using the no-base shader. A big annoying issue that is happening now involves the buildings clipping at various angles. Do you guys know what is causing this and how it might be resolved? thx in advance for any and all help!!
  7. I was bored, so I decided to finally get this idea out of my head. It's partially inspired by Transport Fever, specifically the way it handles train trancks. In that game, tracks are laid one at a time, with new tracks snapping to adjacent ones. I thought, why not do the same with lanes of a road? So here's what I ended up with. Note that I have no experience with game design or programming whatsoever so I have no idea if any of this is even technically feasable, it's just something that would exist in my perfect city-builder. I'd love to hear any comments or questions, and let me know if there's anything I'm missing! You may have to right click --> view image if the text is too small.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) is an internal and external intelligence and counterintelligence agency of Venezuela. This model includes two versions, a landmark version and another as a functional police station.
  9. Hey there everyone. Just found out about this new airport building game (in actual 3d) which is looking very promising so far: I'm personally very excited about this game, wishing the crew from Lithuania the best of luck becoming the next Colossal Order. Here is there forum, it's not too active, but they do reply on occasion. http://www.realwelders.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3
  10. S54 - 36, rue de l'industrie

    Version 1.0.0


    36, rue de l'industrie This building is the reproduction of a building situated in Longwy, France. The upload includes: R$4_1x1_S54 - 36 rue de l'industrie R$4_1x2_S54 - 36 rue de l'industrie R$4_1x3_S54 - 36 rue de l'industrie The default version of the building will provide 55R$. _________________________ DEPENDENCIES Important ! If you don’t download them, you could have brown boxes or problems with the textures. BSC - VIP girafe beeches BSC - VIP girafe berries BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts BSC - VIP girafe elms BSC - VIP girafe lindens BSC - VIP girafe lupins BSC - VIP girafe urbanpack vol. 1 BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1 BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b PEG Pine Trails v305 S54 - PropPack Vol1 _________________________ INSTALLATION Simply unzip the the downloaded .zip file into your plugins folder. The aren't any extraneous files in the folder (like images) so you don't have to worry about deleting anything. _________________________ CREDIT AND FEEDBACK Model and modding by Sciurus, thanks to girafe for his gentle authorization for using his car models. If you have questions or problems you can leave me a message in my Simtropolis thread or SC4Devotion thread. ______________________________________________ Sciurus from KSTeam
  11. I'm a city painter and I'm trying to gain some control over my neighborhoods. I'm pretty sure that "Building Themes per District" by Boformer is the mod for this but I'm having trouble learning how to use it. Are there other mods that you guys use in conjunction with it? Do you city painters use the "Always Demand" mod? Cause I'm having demand issues and I'm not sure if I want to remove that aspect from the gameplay. Also, when you plop a building from a theme, do you have to lock it every time, or is there an easier way to get it to stick? Even just some kind of quick introduction to how you use the Building Themes per District mod would be really helpful. I'm having trouble figuring out the GUI. thx in advance
  12. Hello! Maybe my topic is not a new, and there is a lot of information in this website, but anyway I have decided to create a new topic because I tired of seeking any of interested information =) And an information can be updated from year to year, because SimCity4 is the eternal game. I tried to find an instruction at Youtube and in the Internet about how can a build for example 6x6 avenue which can connect to neighbour cities but I can't do it in the game. I also interested how can I make elevated or underground train rails? I have only found how to build an elevated roads, pushing Tab. I am going to build an underground subway and elevated monirail systems, but I am interested if addons has for example underground subway/monorail stations length of 8 cars, and if this length has an elevated monorail station? I think that standart 3 car stations can be too small, and I only see the exit is to build 2 stations near for having an illusion like 3car station *2 = one 8 car station (3 + 3 and + 2 rail segments). And if for example, subway has 8 car length station, can I use only the standart subway underground entrances as a pedestrian entrances (theoretically), of addons can have some of human entrances/vestubules which I could connect to road intersections? Thank you!
  13. Hello friends, i need your help with this project. I made a 3d model in seketchup, i export the model in 3Ds, but when importing the model in Gmax BAT i throw error and it closes. please help me. Could pass the project to an expert modeler to help me export to Gmax. The Pc that i use for my projects does not have the necessary requierements to finish this big ptoject. (1gb Ram) HELP Please and thanks
  14. Colignonplein 1, Brussel

    Version 1.0.0


    LM One of my favorite corner buildings:
  15. Version 1.0.0


    LM Insert compliments below yes
  16. Version 1.0.0


    LM There aren't many interesting Dutch corner buildings. This is an exception:
  17. Stationsstraat 45, Tilburg

    Version 1.0.0


    LM Nothing special, but whatever.
  18. Two Polar Tower

    Version 2.0


    The Two Polar Tower or "Torre Polar 2" is an office building located in Caracas, Venezuela on the east side of its sister tower "The One Polar Tower" The building measures 121,9 meters in height and has 25 floors. Its construction began in 1994 and ended in 1997. Data: The 3D model has two versions Landmark (plop) and office CO$$$ ESPAÑOL La torre polar 2 es un edificio de oficinas ubicado en Caracas, Venezuela. Se encuentra junto a su torre hermana "Torre Polar 1" El edificio mide 121,9 metros y cuenta con 25 pisos. Esta construccion inicio en 1994 y termino en 1997. Este archivo contiene dos versiones, una landmark y uno comercial de oficinas de riqueza elevada CO$$$ Dependences: (NAM)
  19. One Polar Tower

    Version 2.0


    Version 2 The One Polar Tower or "Torre Polar 1" is an office building located in Caracas, Venezuela on the east side of its sister tower "The Two Polar Tower" The building measures 86 meters in height and has 17 floors. Its construction began in 1951 and ended in 1954. The One Polar Tower is considered as the first skyscraper built in Caracas, thus being one of the hstoric buildings of the capital city. Data: The 3D model has two versions Landmark (plop) and office CO$$$ NOTE: This new version 2.0 includes: New textures of better quality faithful to rhe real desing, better level of rendering, more details, reliefs in some areas and new base desings. ESPAÑOL La torre polar 1 es un edificio de oficinas hubicado en Caracas, Venezuela. Se encuentra junto a su torre hermana "Torre Polar 2" El edificio mide 86 metros y cuenta con 17 pisos. Esta construccion inicio en 1951 y termino en 1954. La Torre Ploar 1 es considerada como el primer rascacielos de Caracas por lo que se considera como un edificio historico. Este archivo contiene dos versiones, una landmark y uno comercial de oficinas de riqueza elevada CO$$$ Dependences: (NAM)
  20. La Previsora Building

    Version 1.0.0


    "La Previsora" is an office skyscraper located in sector Plaza Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela and is the headquarters of the La Previsora Insurance Company. Construction of the tower began in 1970 and was finally inaugurated in 1973. Dependencies: SFBT Essentials (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=750) PLOPPABLE This is my first model for SimCity 4 ... ESPAÑOL La Previsora es un importante rascacielos que se encuentra en la ciudad de Caracas, Venezuela. El edificio es propiedad de una compaña aseguradora del mismo nombre. La construccion del edificio empezo en 1970 y fue finalmente inaugarada en 1973. Este es mi primer modelo, esper que les guste. pronto estare subiendo mas edificios de Venezuela.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    The Socony-Mobil Building is a skyscraper at 150 East 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City that was built in 1956. The 42-story New York City Landmark building stands 572 feet (174 m) tall and is known for its exterior walls that are completely clad with stainless steel The building, designed by prominent New York architects Harrison & Abramovitz, was completed in 1956. Mobil Oil Corporation was the anchor tenant, occupying half of the building from 1956 to 1987. The company had their previous headquarters on 26 Broadway. In 2003 its facade was designated as a Landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, considered as "one of New York City's most striking skyscrapers". It was first skyscraper to have its exterior wall completely clad with stainless steel. When opened, it was also the largest air-conditioned building in the world. The building was acquired in April 2016 by real state investor David Werner for $900 million. It was previously owned by Hiro Real Estate Co., a Japanese investment firm., who put it on the market two years ago Landmark Version. ESP15 El Socony-Mobil Building es un rascacielos en 150 East 42nd Street en Midtown Manhattan, Nueva York, que fue construido en 1956. El edificio de 42 pisos New York City Landmark mide 572 pies (174 m) de altura y es conocido por sus paredes exteriores que están completamente revestidos con acero inoxidable El edificio, diseñado por los prominentes arquitectos de Nueva York Harrison & Abramovitz, se completó en 1956. Mobil Oil Corporation fue el inquilino principal, ocupando la mitad del edificio desde 1956 hasta 1987. La compañía tenía su sede anterior en 26 Broadway. En 2003, su fachada fue designada como un punto de referencia por la Comisión de Preservación de Monumentos, considerada como "uno de los rascacielos más llamativos de la ciudad de Nueva York". Fue el primer rascacielos en tener su pared exterior completamente revestida de acero inoxidable. Cuando se abrió, también fue el edificio con aire acondicionado más grande del mundo. El edificio fue adquirido en abril de 2016 por el inversor inmobiliario David Werner por $ 900 millones. Anteriormente era propiedad de Hiro Real Estate Co., una empresa de inversión japonesa., Que lo lanzó al mercado hace dos años. Versión Landmark. ESP15
  22. More images from my ctiy (Simtropolis) from Designer City. The images are from the city building game app Designer City. <---- Still in progress, you can still see alot of empty areas on the sides
  23. Hi, It's been some time since I came to Simtropolis, I only came every once in a while to check things out, and I noticed that Simtropolis have been slowly dying. The chat which is my favorite place rarely have anyone. I have some suggestions that can help revive Simtropolis to it's former glory, to make Simtropolis great again - pun inteded. I'll break it into parts. The STEX: Choosing from the categories which game you would like to download stuff for is very annoying, simpler approach would be best, for exemple when you enter STEX you will have 3 clickable images, each one will take you to the STEX of the approprate game, for exemple a clickable image for SimCity 2013 STEX, another one for Cities skylines, and another one for SimCity 4, and more if there is. Currently when I choose to enter the STEX for SimCity 4 (or the other ones) the listing is using the webpage space very inefficiently, it looks messy and ugly, I liked Simtropolis as it was before, now the while website looks very messy and not inviting at all as it used to be, what happened? On a positive side, I like the extra options that we now have to have a quicker access to see our activity in the forum or in the STEX, also the sorting options, those are great and can be useful for many. The Home Page: it looks messy, the featured city journals don't look as it used to be, and the frame of it is a little boring. The STEX Featured and the Newly Added Files sections look not as good as it used to be, the featured stuff images should be bigger to fill all that wasted empty space and maybe take those sections to the top of the home page right above or right under the featured city journals section or maybe on the side. Somewhere less far away from the top of the page. The "From The Gallery" is not being used much and it's navigation is not inviting to use, as a proof for that you never find any like or comments on gallery images. It's a bit not user-friendly. Simtropolis Challenges Winners Podium section should be higher in the home page. Basically I think that you need to show the best stuff at the home page to impress and invite new comers and to make them stay, try to put best quality stuff and add more variations. The Forums: The forums sections is fine and looks great, no problem there. The City Journals: In just few words, it's ugly, it's a bit of a mess, it used to be better in the past, easier to navigate and easier to find stuff. The chat: No problem there, but I have an idea to make it alive again, along with Simtropolis, everyone are mostly using smartphones now, why not an app for Simtropolis chat? Or an app that let players watch the city journals, the forums and enter the chat (they don't need to download from the STEX or anything, but maybe seeing the STEX files and commenting on them would also be useful), it should be a light app for quick use, people don't chat from PC as often as before. I imagine something like a cross between Instagram but with a chatroom for everyone to chat in, something like messengers' pop out chat window that is easy to use and won't force you to quit any other running apps or to stop playing your game to type a word or two in chat. I think it will be a big update and would bring some life back to Simtropolis. Also maybe some advertising for Simtropolis on Facebook or other places? Or simply Youtube videos? I don't know.. I'm just not sure what you can do about this, esspecially the funding for that. I also suggest to add a bit more ads to Simtropolis to bring more funding to your website to keep improving and doing the great work! Maybe a video ad from time to time, or an optional section of the website where members can watch ads or leave ads playing to help Simtropolis? Ads in a Simtropolis app that can be desabled by making a payment would make more sense. Another way to bring more funding to Simtropolis is to have a shop section where you sell game keys for Cities Skylines, SimCity 4, and the other city building games, and even strategy games like Age of Empires or Age of Mythology and others... basically concentrating on building games. These are just my opinions All the best
  24. This is from my city "Simtropolis" from a game called Designer city (available on the playstore and appstore). It's summer now, and what better place to be other than the beach?

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