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    SimCity 4, Eating food, Guns
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  1. Wow

    I forgot about this website

  2. *Drums Of Fire begins to play in the distance*


  3. OwO Sign

    You actually made this...
  4. Show us Your Oddities!

  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    I have a big hole I dug in the middle of downtown where I keep most of the trash.
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Ninth Update (Bay Area Airport) I haven't been doing much of anything lately (except sleeping for 20 hours a day) so this is all I have for now. I will probably make changes to this in the future.
  7. If I can get past my current phase of only being awake for a few hours a day then maybe I can start contributing to the community again.


  8. I really should start playing more SC4 shouldn't I?


  9. Update 5

    I used a slope mod once and things didn't go well...
  10. Callahan Megalopolis

    I won't be working on this for a pretty long time. If you want to see something more relevant I'd suggest checking out my newish city journal.
  11. Show us Your Oddities!

    Sims lawn mowing on pavement and vehicles plus a couple of bonus images.
  12. What Type Of SimCity 4 Player Are You?

    I'm a sandbox player.
  13. My evil plan to take over Simtropolis is coming along quite nicely.

  14. Show us Your Oddities!

  15. Game Won't Play after Install

    You should consider getting either the Steam or GOG version of SimCity 4.