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City-building game(s)

Found 41 results

  1. Since the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga has become a popular tourist destination, the housing market has been booming. Especially apartments in and around the capital, Port de Caravella, are popular. To meet the increased demand, the city counsel decided in 2000 to demolish an old Industrial area just outside the old city walls and rebuild the area with various apartment buildings and commercial buildings. The new suburb build is called Abelia. The suburb is ideally located next to the old city and also has a CGLR light rail station. There is also an Aldi supermarket build on the edge of the suburb. The most iconic building that was build in the new Abelia suburb is the Abelia tower. With 96 meters it is the highest tower in Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga to date. On the edge of the suburb are various commercial buildings. Beside the Aldi, there are also car dealerships located for Volkswagen, Dodge/Jeep, Chevrolet, Audi, Kia and Fiat. There is also a large Shell service station and the Red Roof Inn, a motel. @Ln X @mike_oxlong @JP Schriefer @whiteshark365 @123deoliveira4 @Akallan @Takingyouthere : Thanks for all the positive feedback! :-) :-) @jmsepe : Progress is slow ;-) But yes, it does take some time ... @kschmidt : Thanks for the feedback! The trucks do need a tight turn ... If you like it, let me know!
  2. Contemporary Condominiums

    Version V.1.0.1


    This contemporary condominium set includes 14 lots, each including landscaping unique from one another. The only similarity is that each of the 14 lots will use one of the 4 HD house BATs. Either red, green, blue, or taupe. These houses are the first of their kind for SimCity 4, it's been a decade too long in my oppinion without modern suburban houses from your typical North American suburb in SC4. Please be sure to download all the dependencies for the best experience with this BAT/lot set. The list of what you need is in the installer, I can guarantee you won't miss it (even if you wanted to, it's the licence agreement). Just in case though, the dependency list is included below. If you still do encounter problems, such as not seeing the lots grow, you can always plop them yourself with the extra cheats DLL which can be found in a multitude of areas on this and other websites. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, as I'm sure you can tell, I put a lot of hard work into these BATs and an equal amount into the lots. I hope that can be reflected upon you; I'm most certain you won't be dissapointed! ______________________________________ Dependencies: Note that required dependencies are at the top, while optional ones are at the bottom. ______________________________________ Required: http://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/view/1780 http://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/view/1882 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2740 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2614 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26806-vip-ruralpack/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27064-vip-ruralpack-expansion1/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27011-vip-carpackmmp-vol2/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26808-vip-carpackmmp-vol1/ Optional: http://workingman-productions.co.uk/dlTracker.asp?GET=downloads/exchange/wmp_props.zip http://workingman-productions.co.uk/dlTracker.asp?GET=downloads/exchange/wmp_fence-garden_proppack.zip http://workingman-productions.co.uk/dlTracker.asp?GET=downloads/exchange/wmp_villa_props01.zip http://workingman-productions.co.uk/dlTracker.asp?GET=downloads/exchange/wmp_allotment_props.zip http://workingman-productions.co.uk/dlTracker.asp?GET=downloads/exchange/wmp_rdock_props01.zip http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21118-SimCity-4-extra-cheats-plugin/
  3. Pine Valley

    Pine Valley is a small suburb - ~8.000 pop developed arround Pine Valley Mall and some farm plots
  4. Charlestown, Halifax, and Seneca

    This post is a tour of the suburbs of Charlestown, Halifax, and Seneca. First off, Charlestown. Charlestown is a former farming community located to the east of Alexandria, on the opposite side of I-85. After I-85 and State Route 33 were built, Charlestown grew into a typical sprawling suburb. Southern Charlestown and the Parker Street exit on SR-33. Historic houses, built in the early 19th century. After the rail extension to Charlestown (which I'll discuss in the next entry), several new developments have been built around the station. Next is Halifax. Halifax has historically been (and still is) Alexandria's industrial center. Halifax is west of Alexandria and sits south of I-85 and the Halifax river. Central Halifax and the City Hall. The Eastern Halifax industrial zone. The parks towards the top of the picture were placed along the old rail viaduct's right of way. After the construction of the M Green Line, apartment buildings have sprung up around the Halifax stations due to the cheap cost of land. Finally, we have Seneca. Seneca is north of Alexandria, and it's known for its horrible traffic, due to its lack of freeways or even major arterials. Despite this, it's a fairly affluent city, and has some of the best schools in the state. An overhead view of the city. Ramsett Lake and the surrounding area. To the south is downtown Seneca. Downtown Seneca. Beside the lake is the future site of the Seneca Mall. City leaders have been promoting it as a center for job growth, while residents worry it will increase traffic.
  5. Views of the suburbs

    Some Views of the suburbs around the city
  6. Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some industrial warehouses/manufacturing + a Pepboys and Lowes. More industry Bonus substation + grungy warehouse + brewery Logistics, warehouse, Dollar General, and the back of Tina's Grocery Caldor, bank, and front of Tina's. Firestation, inn, theatre, old threatre, italian restaurant, old Shell station, starbucks, arby's, car repair, Sam's Club, small convienence + condo Industry, cellphone tower, dye vats, warehouses, etc, you get the drill Onto the suburbs Low-mid-highrises That's it for this segment Bridge. Windmills, gas station and some low-midrises Windmills + low-midrises. That's it for this segment. Crematorium + suburbs Suburbs Sheep farm + family house and backyard Pig farm + that old guy who has a motorcycle and a car Guy who has friend over at house who owns an rv he never uses + cow farm That's it for this segment Lastly, farms. That's it for this segment. That's the whole of Numty, everyone. Thank you all so much for tuning in, it validates this entire process and it makes me feel really great knowing people like my hard work. Seeya next time!!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm back!! Pretty proud, however, this was made in one day so judge it accordingly! Buildup. Bbbbuuiiilllddddduuupppp BAH BAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH The factory district. The watertower and one of the dock entrances. This is the only connection to the river parting the mountains. A fishery, algae farm, and a big trash dock. Warehouses and one smokestack. Some more warehouses and some old w2w buildings. (woah whats that on the side???? :]) Commercial goodness End of the commercial district. Now, for- GASP Repairs and the office. Plus the landing area Top hangars and the windsock + end of the runway. Beginning of the residential. Small minigolf. Residential Residential Baseball field and... Lawn Ball?? Lawn Bowl?? I forgot. Residential Residential Residential End of Residential Well, that's it!! Full extent of the Residential The commerce and industrial place. That is a mountain for clarity. This was made with one of @CorinaMarie's fantastic maps. I flattened the terrain for the city, that's it.
  8. Metropolis Enhanced: Harinsburg Part III

    Welcome Back to Harinsburg! Harinsburg is back and looking better than ever! The crowning jewel of Weltham, its local Walmart. The popular restaurants of Weltham now include KFC and Dunkin' Donuts, trading parking for parks. Sandwiched between Weltham's commercial districts is a growing community of row houses... and that annoying 2-Story House. Weltham is expanding so rapidly that land developers are becoming lazy, and slipping back into using the grid for street layouts! Weltham Elementary has been re-relocated and upgraded. Weltham Heights is an exclusive community reserved strictly for Harinsburg's elite. The Downtown Tenements, or--as I affectionately call them--the slums, have more than tripled the population of no-longer-humble Harinsburg, from just over 6,000 to more than 20,000. The Grange District now sports a toll booth guarding its entrance, encouraging commuters to use Harinsburg's magnificent mass transit system. ___________________________________________ That's it for this week, but next week we'll be back with more! Thanks for taking the time to check out my little city journal, Follow to get updates on it every week. Link to the full Imgur album I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here.
  9. 57c485f43d5bd-ss(2015-10-25at08.50.35).jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    you know when you're driving through suburbs on a motorway and a few highrises just kind of appear? This is that.

    © Thin White Duke

  10. King's Square

    Welcome back to Kiel! Today we will be looking at the biggest suburb in the city King's Square. King Square train station is one of the major interchange stations within the city with trains around the entire region including the two airports. This train is the 1620 to Kiel Central. The area surrounding the station is really built up with housing shops, and a rugby pitch. What is also present in this area is the world famous Rod Laver Tennis Centre, home of all major tennis tournaments in Kiel. It has 10 tennis courts for matches as well as 5 for training as well as an administration building with offices, gyms and executive lounges. Many shops and restaurants are scattered around the ground, so that visitors can relax and enjoy themselves in between matches. Thanks for stopping by! Next time we shall take a look at the Kiel International Airport!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the first of several houses, modeled after those of contemporary, suburban America. Thank you for taking a look at the Hamilton! This house model has undergone significant changes over many months, initially as a completely different model, which ultimately turned into a separate dwelling all together. Keep an eye out for the next one - a nice complement to this house, whose stats can be found below: A couple points of interest: R$$ medium wealth, low density lots. 13 unique lots. Lots beginning with "bipinhouse3_" are growth stages 1,2. Lots beginning with "bipinhouse4_" are growth stage 3. Part of the Chicago and New York styles/tilesets. NOTE: It has come to my attention that some houses are causing CTDs, most notably those of the "bipinhouse4_" lot set. I am currently working on a solution. Be careful with these lots for the time being! Dependencies: Girafe's Maples V1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2614 Girafe's Feather Grass http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3001 Girafe's Chestnuts http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3049 Girafe's Sparaxis http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2980 Enjoy, and keep your eyes open for more complementary house lots! For more details, check out BAT thread!
  12. Welcome to New Harcourt, right near the base of Boomooderie (which is very far from the other cities we showcased). First things first, apparently the governmental system of Boomooderie is being drastically changed, now the mayors only have power to zone for buildings and other construction-like stuff in their cities, while a "Grandeur Mayor" controls the country and overrides everything. As part of the regime of the new (Maury) e Roillo (Ro-Ee-Lo) he has founded a new type of police force that's essentially a mix of the army and the police. They operate the new watchtowers being built alongside highways, and specialize in anti-government crimes. Jailing them in the supermassive Mire De Capriona Prison, a high-sec prison. The residents of Boomooderie compare the new system to the Di Ravello Medici crisis that happened a year ago. Nobody takes action in fear of the new Conspiracy, Rebellion, and Gun Control Force (CRGCF). It's theorized that firearms are to be outlawed from citizens too. The mayor refuses to comment. No mayors are commenting. Moving on... New Harcourt is famous for training most of the firefighters in Boomooderie, they do it very efficiently. Their beaches, while simple, are beautiful and tranquil. ... ... NH's downtown area takes care of most of the jobs and a quarter of the residential quarters in itself. ... ... Well, that's it for New Harcourt, everyone, stay tuned! (if your confused about the JC3 reference, Boomooderie is set in an Earth where Medici, Boomooderie, and Leira are actual real countries)
  13. Lake Pointless. Suburbia

    1. An overview of this part of the shores of Lake Pointless. These are fringe suburbs of this small city of 60,000 people. The lake is called Lake Pointless because rivers seem to flow in and out of it in a way that suggests it is basically a strange inlet of the sea, but we try not to focus on the natural history and geology, as most of what follows in these is similarly unrealistic in that sense. 2. 3. Farmland on the fringe of the town, trying to achieve a natural feel is sometimes quite hard with the scales involved in Simcity 4. 4. 5. 6. 7. A. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. B. 17. 18. 19. 20. C. 21. Well that's all for this entry, I hope you enjoyed! Just time to thank all the people that made content for the game, those in the community that inspire through amazing pictures and CJ's, and those who have offered advice and help to me when I've asked. I owe you all a big hug More pictures of this tile to come soonish I hope, and as always I welcome your comments, feedback and improvements
  14. Farms - Herringway and increased flora

    It's March and flora is growing rapidly. New plants have been spotted in and around Mumsyville and Farmville. Poppies, lupins and narcissus to mention a few. They are hard to see through the thick grass and straws but with time they blossom even more. Some locals have also found berry bushes mainly scattered along the Residential Evil rail line, but also near one of the many forests. The highlight of Farms is the rearranged settlement, or suburb if you will, called Herringway. It was a nameless suburb to Residential Evil but after years of complete traffic chaos and poor (though not as bad as R.E) commute time, Mayor Wournos II unleashed the demolishing crew only to rebuild in a more straight-forward fashion. The streets are made of red bricks laid out in a fish bone fashion. Grass and straws are starting to return to the former mud pit. The landscaping artists are hard at work planting trees but it is tedious work and the back-log is slowly increasing. Only the north-east segment has growing broad-leaf trees and a handful of conifers. There are plans of expanding Herringway north-west to get back the population that were evacuated before the rebuild. Currently only 2800 people live in farms, as opposed to the 5000 before the Integration Mission started. Overview of Herringway. There are plenty of jobs available though. Many new farms have cropped up (pardon the pun) north-west of Mumsyville, and a brand new cheese factory with additional cow pasture has opened between Mumsyville and Herringway. It offers 85 jobs in general cow management; milking, feeding, engineering of equipment, logistics etc. There is also a garden and crop shop across the street owned by DDT and Sons. They have 87 workers and are looking for an additional 8 workers to handle the supplies, sales and so on. Cheese factory and farming supplies. Lastly, kind of... Mr Tim has finally taken on the task of camp management alongside his farming business. Currently he rents out 1 camp site at a nearby field. If it pays off there may be additional lots to rent. Mr Tim's camp rental site. The missing woman was, according to newly acquired info by the detective on the case, supposed to visit her boyfriend out of town but never showed. It seems that the theft was a crime of opportunity and not planned at all but suited nicely with her going away - albeit earlier than planned. The time frame of events suggests that she had to have stayed the night within Mumsyville before heading on. The only local place, aside from a single camp site, is a motel a 5 minute drive from the highway. The detective have made contact with the owner of the motel but no further actions have been taken so far. This place needs some lighting!
  15. Version


    Discription: This set includes 47 new growable lots to be used with JMyers Homes Vol1. Every new lot takes advantage of the Building Families that JMyers created. Each orthogonal home has between 6-7 new lots, and every diagonal home has between 4-5. This set is designed to significantly increase the variety of lots for these wonderful BATs that JMyers created. These new lots fit with 8 models (see sub-folders for model names) - the rest of the models will be included in Vol2 (if I ever get around to it). I've created these lots with a more rural, older style in mind (think dirt and gravel instead of pavement) and I made use of as many prop families as possible to increase the variety even further. Lot sizes are 1x1, 1x2, and 1x3 (straight road and corners included) In order to cut down on dependencies, the only prop pack that I used in addition to those required by JMyers Homes Vol01 is SimGoobers Mega Prop Vol01. Installation: Simply put the main folder in your plugins - the sub folders are arranged by JMyers building models, so you can add or remove lots as you see fit. Dependencies: JMyers Homes Vol 01 BSC Textures Pack CycleDog Vol 1 (also required for JMyers Homes Vol1) BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 (also required for JMyers Homes Vol1) BSC MEGA Props CP Vol02 (also required for JMyers Homes Vol1) BSC MEGA Props SG Vol01 For comments, questions or help, please visit SimCoug's Lot&Mod Den Finally, I'd like to thank JMyers for sharing such a beautiful set of houses and the folks at SimPeg for giving these lots a test run and offering valuable feedback.
  16. Suburban NAM

    From the album NAM Showcase - Monthly Challenge #5

    An example for the use of the NAM in suburban areas
  17. Living next to the highway

    A small residential area between a coastal forest and a highway
  18. Episode 6: Biarritz

    Oh, yes...The fancy district of Biarritz, a place of luxurious villas, the royal pavilion and stunning seaview. A place rich people can call home.Biarritz is a community of 14.939 happy people. Be part of it. Buy you Sears home now and move into Biarritz in no time. The Royal Pavilion - hotel, spa, restaurant and ballroom
  19. #5 Suburban Vineil

  20. District 3

    A dead body was found in a backyard yesterday, police apprehended the culprit. The victim was pro-industrial, and the culprit's identity is not being released to the public. Here's a few pictures from our newly hired photographer For all of those who were wondering, yes, the apartment district rumor was true. There's a tram system going through it as well.
  21. Demands and the Highway

    Welcome back to Bedfordale, everybody. We have new news on the recent happenings in Bedfordale since the last entry. The suburb seems to never stop expanding, so the next time we have news on it it will be AT LEAST doubled. A high-school was opened to support the education needs of the teenagers. We counted about twenty out of thirty-five that were willing to be questionnaired were very angsty. By popular demand, the farms underwent expansion, both west and east and over the river. The camera crew is absolutely exhausted, so I'll make this quick and tomorrow morning we'll continue with the tour. A hippie camp, as I like to call it, has also been built. Annoying bunch who also go after the dairy and cheese farm. The camera crew really is tired, one thought that a picture of the unkept highway corners would be pretty. I mean, it kinda was? The camera crew is VERY questionable. Alright! It's tomorrow morning, and we have a visual of the farms across the river. They are rather pretty, and that stream in the river supposedly calms people... to the point of nirvana... Has that hippie group been writing the morning script?! Egh, lastly, is the commercial district full of corporations taking our job- AGAIN, WHO LET THE- I'm going this improv style like last night, no more scripts. Two more supermarkets were built, and many many more things have happened. A train stop was built, and due to governmental issues, a city hall was erected. The city has been blowing up in terms of population, and, between you and me, a district with apartments and small condos is rumored to be planned out soon. I'm not one to buy into gossip, I mean, these ARE the hippies that these theories come from. Might be a police investigation soon. Stay tuned for more! WHERE IS MY COFFEE?!
  22. In The Real World: Suburbia and (more) Sandstone

    Belated replies: @michae95l thanks very much, it did continue... eventually. @Benedit Thanks for recognising that they were jokes, i was a little worried people might just think i had a loose grip on reality! @Abrams124 Thankyou, i have managed a little more work as you shall see... @Schulmanator very much appreciated. @Sexysark:P Thanks, i like making the city look nice and getting a consistent feel @Mymyjp Thank you. Now massive pressure to make the next update fun...! @Tonraq Thanks! @SylvioJ Thanks. I very much enjoy the sandstone and there are quite a lot of content which takes advantage of it. This update will focus on one tile of the Southern suburbs of the city with no name, which isn't finished yet. (Catchy name). The suburban sprawl continues to a couple of connecting tiles, but this one is the most 'finished' the buildings are grown wherever possible, lots of bulldozing and making historical and then some plopping of buildings which fit in but are either a) not growable - such as the diagonals, or b) growable in theory but a victim of mathematics. An overview of this part of the city. Suburbia, including a parade of shops that in the real world would be guarded by gangs of agressive youths with nothing better to do. Here there is a baker, a beauty salon, a newsagents and a hairdressers. A little further up the road is the local medical clinic. More suburbs. Despite the traffic noise and the graveyard opposite, these suburban houses are extremely expensive due to the proximity to the local centre. And some more... And a slightly zoomed-out view. Lots of green space. The highway isn't very busy here because in some directions there is no neighbour connection RHW-tile. The sims tell stories of a bermuda-triangle like effect where cars just vanish into nothingness. They are smart enough now to avoid risking driving upon these stretches. In the real world, this interchange would be pretty dangerous. In Sim City 4, its just pretty. The stadium car park is half-full, but the terraces are bare. This is because the home team are poor, but the catering is excellent. low-rise apartment buildings, suburban houses and scattered historical buildings give way to a 'hi-tech' warehouse for a company which still exists in this reality. The centre of town, mid-rise buildings predominate. The area has several hotels, including a couple of my favourite BATs. Hotel Christine is one of the older hotels and is famous for it's reasonable prices and flirtacious bar-staff. A small mosaic of the centre. making the horrid grass around the maxis city hall blend in is difficult! second mosaic of the centre. The small brown commercial buildings are repeated everywhere despite my regular bulldozing. It's a nice neutral building which fits a lot of different settings, but it does LOVE to grow!
  23. Suburbs South the Big City

    DISCLAIMER: Most of this stuff (growables especially) is Maxis. Please suggest to me any bats or lots and anything of the sort. If you have a question about a building I use, please ask in the comments. Constructive criticism appreciated. Welcome to Bedfordale! A currently small suburb ready to burst into glory. Built off the East highway Route 39, it's a suburb to increase diversity and style living-wise in Boomooderie. It is south of the Industrial West Moormbool and the Coastal East Moormbool. The full view of the entire neighborhood, surrounded by oak trees covering the deer and other wildlife.Here we have Bedfordale's A-grade school, Benjamin F. Elementary School. It has a parking lot for teachers and parents who prefer to drive their kids to school, accompanied by a driveway for schoolbuses to stop in. A soccer field clips onto the school for sport games and outdoor gym class. Next we have Saint John's Christian Church, which attracts the attention of West and East Moormbool's Christian populations. It's held thirty wedding within it's twenty years of being open. The attendance is a hundred people a week whom come to pray. Last, but not least, is the commercial district. At the top is a supermarket which has been closed due to interior renovations and allegations of pests near the food bar. Right next to it however, is the bus depot which even houses school buses, it has a high usage of a hundred people per day, which is a lot for this mini-town. The district in it's entirety holds a large percent of Bedfordale's workforce, and the other citizens take the route to West Moormbool's offices and industrial districts. That concludes this pilot view of Bedfordale, see you next time.

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