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Found 28 results

  1. Hello, I have multiple questions about just general stuff in SimCity 4. 1-Actual tile sizes (small, medium, and large) 2-How many large tiles would it take to remake Los Angeles, or New York (major cities) 3-How many large tiles would it take to create that major city, but include area for parks, and recreation? (only around 3/4 to 4/5 of the city will be skyscrapers) 4-Can I successfully recreated Milford, Michigan (village) on one tile (any size, not sure how big they are) 5-Any recommended regions to download? Not 50,000 please, just one or two of your personal favorites. 6-Do cities affect other cities across a gigantic map, lets say about 50 cities away, if they are connected by transportation (highway, airport, etc.) 7-How big of a map would I need to try and recreated Oakland County, Michigan? Any recommended maps near this size? 8-How could I reduce highway traffic tension as my cities develop? I'm seeing, after creating 10 or so cities of about 100k or more people, that my highways are becoming jammed. I have a commuter airport, two international airports, and a landing strip in a far away city of around 10-20k people. Also, would this far away city be affected by my almost million population mega-city? (about 5 or 6 tile wide city) 9-Will people still choose car, even if all the different transport types are used correctly, and are more efficient than auto travel? 10-This one may seem random, but as I first played SimCity 2013, why are the cities so much more limited in size in 2013 vs 4? (for the computer nerds that know all the GHz and ram or whatever :P) 11-Any tips on creating a rural county/region place? I tend to get carried away and try to limit myself, but end up zoning skyscrapers in one region for jobs, then it looks weird and I just zone everything high density. 12-Has anyone actually completed a region? My computer seems to poop itself when I try to load my city of 360k+ people, and the large city tile isn't even full yet. It's my largest city yet. (mostly based on pc limits) I've started to give up, and just zone low density to fill up around the skyscrapers, to make sort of a suburb. What are the recommended specs to get a region of 10-50 mill people? Is that physically possible without skyscraper spamming? 13-What are some design ideas you have for cities? What are some hacks you have, to make cities seem more realistic, or fun design elements you put in your cities? 14-How can I make a realistic highway system? I have NAM installed, but got rid of real-highway, as it's just SUPER confusing, and almost made me through my PC out the window. I now just have the base highway, and extra stuff NAM adds to that. Any tips with basic highway stuff only? 15-I never really use ferries, as I find them slightly not worth the time. I use metro's only when I remember, and never mess with trains or monorails or anything. I'm mostly using airports and highways. Personally, I haven't had any fatal traffic issues, but can someone explain what each transportation does well/brings to the table, and what situations it would be used for? When answering these, please refer to the number of the question asked, thank you guys so much!
  2. I've seen a few badly designed cities in Cities; Skylines, but I know there's a lot more out there. So why don't you show us some terrible cities you've seen?
  3. The Mighty Cowanthe: Harinsburg Part IV

    Welcome Back to Harinsburg! I lied. I said this would be a weekly journal. I'm sorry. On the bright side, I finally remembered to turn grid lines off! Shameless plug alert!! Check out the corresponding build video to this journal entry! _____________________________________________ The Mighty Cowanthe River The Cowanthe River flows south through Harinsburg, cutting right by our new-and-improved downtown (more on that later). Every good American Midwestern city needs a river! __________________________________________ Downtown Harinsburg Standing proudly in the city centre are the beginnings of a decent-size metropolis. Any suggestions for W2W buildings that would fit this space are appreciated! Harinsburg au Nuit _______________ Weltham and Weltham Heights The main part of this nicer neighborhood, closer to the highway, is now simply known as Weltham, whereas the subdivision of our more wealthy residents retains the name Weltham Heights. The wealthy citizens of Harinsburg have been... elevated... in status. ^^ And now, to answer your burning question: why is it called the Cowanthe River? ^^ ___________________________________________ That's it for this week, but next week we'll be back with more (hopefully)! Thanks for taking the time to check out my little city journal, Follow to get updates on it every week (again, maybe). Link to the full Imgur album I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here.
  4. Metropolis Enhanced: Harinsburg Part III

    Welcome Back to Harinsburg! Harinsburg is back and looking better than ever! The crowning jewel of Weltham, its local Walmart. The popular restaurants of Weltham now include KFC and Dunkin' Donuts, trading parking for parks. Sandwiched between Weltham's commercial districts is a growing community of row houses... and that annoying 2-Story House. Weltham is expanding so rapidly that land developers are becoming lazy, and slipping back into using the grid for street layouts! Weltham Elementary has been re-relocated and upgraded. Weltham Heights is an exclusive community reserved strictly for Harinsburg's elite. The Downtown Tenements, or--as I affectionately call them--the slums, have more than tripled the population of no-longer-humble Harinsburg, from just over 6,000 to more than 20,000. The Grange District now sports a toll booth guarding its entrance, encouraging commuters to use Harinsburg's magnificent mass transit system. ___________________________________________ That's it for this week, but next week we'll be back with more! Thanks for taking the time to check out my little city journal, Follow to get updates on it every week. Link to the full Imgur album I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here.
  5. Weltham Redesigned: Harinsburg Part II

    Welcome Back to Harinsburg! Quite a bit has changed in the rapidly-growing neighborhood of Weltham. Weltham's just a bit different from the last time we saw it. And by that, I mean a lot. (Check out my overview of Weltham in last week's post to get an idea) Gone is the beloved Weltham Loop. In it's place, Weltham Avenue gives us acces to Harinsburg SR 1. Friendly's and Chick-fil-A, two of my favorite restaurants. A new commercial area off Rose Boulevard has sprouted between downtown and the suburbs. The hub of Weltham: the suburbs. Weltham Elementary and the surrounding fields have been relocated. I had to make some interesting temporary fixes to solve some of our economic issues, but it's working well nonetheless. ________________________________________ Check out the full Imgur album here. I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here. Thanks for checking out my humble Harinsburg! There'll be update posts coming out at least every month. Hey, could someone give me tips on how to embed videos in these posts? -VintaGamer
  6. Plopped Right In: Harinsburg Part I

    Welcome to Harinsburg! This is my first entry, so I want to tell you a few things about myself: I've played SimCity 4 for the past 7 years. I haven't played SC4 with mods until just this past year. I am by no means a good designer, so cut me a little slack when my cities look terrible OK, with that through, let's see what we have to work with. I've been working on Harinsburg for about 1 hour every other week since the beginning of July, and this is how far I've gotten: Yeah, so not very far. We can work with it, I think. Let's take a tour of each "neighborhood." Downtown Harinsburg Welcome to downtown Harinsburg, which currently house the majority of our city's population and employment. In the future this area will become a major commercial center. Our extensive train network runs all over Harinsburg and is constantly being expanded, The heart of Harinsburg, at the crossing of Burg Ave and 1st. Unemployment is a bit of an issue here in Harinsburg, but nothing to get too concerned about, I assure you. Weltham Heights Weltham Heights is a fantastic new development housing most of our R$$ citizens. Right outside the city center, residents have easy access to the future Hub of Harinsburg. Harold H. Weltham Elementary, with the Mary G. Weltham Soccer and Softball Fields in the background. Weltham Heights inhabitants currently commute to the city center on the Weltham Loop, (the one-way road), but the first stages of Harinsburg SR 1 are almost complete, offtering speedier transport. The Weltham Loop The Grange District Ah, Grange. The dreariest, tiniest, and most temporary of my neighborhoods. It has industry. Really ugly industry. A crossing of railroad and Harinsburg SR 1. SR 1 Cuts between Downtown Harinsburg and Grange District. Check out the full Imgur album here. I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here. Thanks for checking out my humble Harinsburg! There'll be update posts coming out at least every month.
  7. 76 - In Progress (Part 1 - Avalon)

    Welcome back! Lets do this. To start of this year I'm going to show you a few works in progress. It's going to take a while to finish this stuff so I figured I'd get some feedback from you guys. In this entry I'll show you my CBD tile: Avalon Those of you that have followed this CJ are most likely familiar with this area, but things have changed quite a bit. This is an old gif I dug up that shows some the stages Avalon has gone through. Unfortunately there was an economic crash and mass exodus of residents so I was forced to start over. It wasn't a 100% blank slate as I had to keep continuity with the roads connected to the surrounding tiles. In a way it was a blessing in disguise because now I get to make quite a few improvements to the layout. However, I regret starting this tile before knowing much about RHWs so it still has a Maxis highway and I'm not going to go ripping things up at this stage. I've tried to keep many of the same elements from the original but things have shifted or expanded. I want it to be a very dense city but I still want to have more open spaces than it did before. I'm also trying to avoid repeating landmarks or skyscrapers and I'm carefully selecting where each one goes. Here you can see the central area of the tile where everything leads to and extends from. In the top left you can see Avalon park which is very similar to the original except now the walls are bigger and the castle is actually inside (before it was outside for some reason). I still need to do a custom lot of Riptide's Avalon Park so that it fits in better. I also need to make a Stonehenge custom lot with added trees rocks, as well as expand the width by 1 tile. The main focus is the Burj Dubai, or as it is known in Ionica: The Ziggurat. Next to it is the Ionican Chamber of Commerce. I need to make custom lots for both these BATs but haven't gotten around to it. I want to make a hover-craft landing pad but I'm not sure how yet. Here is a better view of the new train station. It is flanked by two museums and faces the St. Paul's cathedral (3 reddonquixotes). Below and to the right is a civics area with a hospital, fire station, police station, and schools. This is the sports district with an Olympic grade stadium and an indoor arena surrounded by banks and hi-rise condos and hotels. You can also see the high capacity ferry terminals in the bottom right. At the tip of the central island, skyscrapers huddle together vie for the best view. You can also see two ATEX Hyperloop stations that zip people from one end of the city to another. Further south down the river, still on the main island, is the Avalonian Center for the Performing Arts. The skyscrapers around it are the headquarters of some of the biggest tech companies in Ionica. On the second island is the Avalon Space Needle, probably the only landmark in the exact same place as the previous versions, except the area around it has now been expanded. I still need to make a new custom lot for it with seasonal trees and some props. To the left is a war memorial park. Further up we see skyscrapers lined up for a skyline war as well as another civic area. This is on the 3rd island. I'm planning for this area to be industrial but I haven't made up my mind yet. I need to make it fit with the rest of the city and I'm thinking of moving any major industry out of the CBD. I also had heliports and I'm not sure if I want to put them back as I believe they cause a lot of pollution. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Quite a few of my older CJ entries are missing their pictures right now. I'll try to address that when I have the time. I'm thinking of doing an entry where I recap some of my best work instead of restoring all of my CJ. gviper: Amazing work! Love the use of diagonals and the various colors and effects added! A great place to spend Christmas! Thanks for all your support in 2015. Hope you had a good one. takemethere: You always just seem to know the exact right spot where to take a pic, or perhaps there simply are no bad spots to take a screenshot in your city. I'm banking on the latter. And seeing as how it looks like we're going to have a snow-less Christmas here in Toronto, I'll have to get my fill of it from Ionica. Definitely not a single bad spot in my city, ever . Thanks tariely: I can practically hear the sleigh bells... Bravo and thank you ! Happy New Year tariely. Thanks. Ln X: In picture 7 what is that wide, long building at the very centre of the picture? It makes a suburb mid-rise filler. I like how this entry has more of a concrete jungle feeling to it, all in all a great entry. It's Bixel's Primary School. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks. raynev1: Awesome entry. Do you know why your graphics card died ? I bet it was from creating all of those amazing images , and melted the circuits . Good thing you didn't have more time to do this entry . You would probably be shopping for another graphics card . Happy Holidays to you and all of Ionica . It was most certainly SC4 related. Thanks. GoKingsGo: It looks like it's FREEZING there! Great night lighting, great road network, great building selection, great entry! Thanks. MissVanleider: I liked this already, but I'll leave a comment too, really interesting as always, you think there are buildings everywhere because everything looks so dense, and then you realise just how much space there is, and not just an overgrown mess of buildings. Some of the buildings that I don't recognise are really nice as well. Happy holidays! Thanks for the comment. Hope you had a good holiday. Terring: Pure, epic win!! Merry Christmas, buddy Thanks a lot Terring. sejr99999: thank you I enjoyed visiting your city ditto on all the previous positive comments and also I like the use of some Asian BATs for their colorful lighting looks like parking is no problem either with all the underground parking. Gotta have good parking. Thanks. slickbg56: The colors and lights are really great. I bet everyone wears their sunglasses at night. Lol I hate people who wear sunglasses at night. Thanks.
  8. Renaissance Charm

    Feel the Charm of Old Times! Inspired by old european cities which preserved their reach history, this little town combines architectural styles of different time periods. Ancient, medieval and, most importantly, renaissance cultural heritages can be found all over this charming place, located somewhere in Northern Europe! The comments are highly appreciated! Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=509964299
  9. I'm curious of how people go about their playing, or rather planning. All unlocked, unlimited money etc. No unlocks hardmode? Also do you build as you go or try to plan ahead? I've noticed that I'm getting trouble with my cities when they reach 40k pop. I tend to play without unlocks and I'm fairly proud of my neighbourhood and how my cities looks when <20k. But this leads to where I need massive population boosts to get more land which leads to me just cranking out housing projects and usually it goes downhill from there, uglier, less services and worse road networks. On the flipside I've also tried to playing god mode style to not having to bother with those constraints but find it much harder to either get a nice start or stick to my planned design.
  10. What... something has to look nice in this game.
  11. After browsing the sad topic called "The ones that didn't make it to the STEX", about planned BATs that didn't quite make it to the public. Then started browsing the interweb for planned projects around the world that didn't happen. Well, when I say "around the world", what I actually mean is "Around Sweden", but never mind. This is a thread to post obituaries to lost greatness. Let's begin with some of my favorite picks from Sweden, or more specifically, Stockholm. First up, Thor's Towers. I love that name. Originally supposed to be taller and look completely different, they were scaled down and replanned because city residents thought the original suggestion was (this is incredible) too boring. I admit these look a million times better though, so I won't complain. Now people are instead saying they're too ugly. Yippie-ki-yay. And then, Tellus Tower. A pinnacle (quite literally) in architecture. At a planned 270m tall, it's supposed to become the tallest building in Sweden and 23rd tallest Residential building in the world (2nd in Europe). The plans are still being tossed around, but knowing the swedish people's taste for previous modern architecture propositions, I have a feeling where this might be heading. I know I'm making hasty premonitions here, but I have good reasons. As one strong example, here's the previously planned new building for Stockholm's central station. Right before construction was to begin in late 2010, someone said "You know what, this looks too good" and now instead there'a black box. There's also this. Slussen! The pride of Stockholm. The first cloverleaf interchange in Europe, at completion in the 1930's it was made to fill in it's duties several times over, have the capacity to handle three times as much traffic as it usually did on a normal day. Eighty years later however, that figure has changed. It now has to deal with around three times more traffic than it was originally made for, and that's on a good day. Politicians keep saying it needs to be updated, but ask the people and that's a no-no. "It's a cultural heritage, you know! We must preserve this honestly very ugly junction at all price. I shall do what I can by complaining about Stockholm't traffic situation until they come up with a better solution!" That's Sweden for you. Highly modern right-wing country in every aspect apart from city development.
  12. While making videos about this game I have time and time again come to the problem of handling traffic. Like I explained in one of my videos the problem always comes form the fact that the traffic is asymmetrical while we all try building cities in some sort of a symmetrical fashion. There is only a limited number of network connection between the map you are playing and the outside game world where the traffic comes from and goes to. While you can make zones and buildings almost everywhere. It becomes inevitable that you will end up with bottlenecks inside your cities or at the highway entrance and exit to them. After working on this design for a while now I have made a video in which I explain how it works and I have uploaded the save file with this highway network built to the Steam workshop under the name Perafilozof's Highway Prototype. Now in order to get constructive criticism and actual real game testing, in various maps and by different players with different play styles, I am challenging you, other players, to use this design and build cities that are going to brake it. Yes, I actually want you to build cities that will make it hard for this design to handle the traffic so I can improve upon it. You can post your ideas or comments about this on the videos comment page, workshop page or here in this thread.
  13. Hello everyone! My name is SimValera and I like making beautiful videos based on SimCity. Even though the newest version of it has got some issues... I think it LOOKS awesome! And I aim to prove it! MY LATEST CITY Embrace the glow! The Drive is irresistible when the night takes you away for the journey with this beauty of the jungle spontaneity! ______________________________________________________________________ The first one is called The City Of Sky Fields. It was inspired by the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack. Hope you enjoy! The comments are highly appreciated!
  14. Using the current technology pays off. F-35 (JSF) project makes design mistakes mostly by wanting all new everything.
  15. I need your guys' opinion on the design of a website I'm currently working on. Here's the picture: Tell me what you think below and vote above!
  16. 2.Water Treatment

    Sewage Treatment 3th February 2001 Because the last drain of residual waters, Ses Isles government has aprove an emergency plan to construct a Water treatment plan in Son Gavilans. There have been a sewage drain at the beginning of the year, and the Ses Isles parliament has decided to start an emergency plan: A modern water treatment plan will be constructed in Son Gavilans with enough capacity to clean the regional residual waters, although its population grows more than a hundred thousand habitants. The people from the Islands has accept the project with illusion The building will be finished before the autumn. taking advantage of the budget surplus for the construction of the plant, is designed an expansion of industrial and residential areas in Son Gavilans REGION MAP LINK
  17. Realism In Citybound

    Hello all. I recently spoke to Anselm about realism in Citybound, how far he would go with it and what could be included. He is not sure yet but liked some of my ideas and suggested I start a topic here to show you and to also encourage the dicussion of ideas. The key word here is REALISM, so be realistic with your ideas please. Here are some of the ideas I offered to Anselm: Disasters that actually happen. Simcity 4 had disasters, but they only happened if the player created them. Having them pop up in game from time to time would offer a challenge and keep the game play from going stale. Taking this further - have the disasters include: riots/protesting, terrorism, fires (that could engulf neighbourhoods), flooding, building/bridge collapses, earthquakes, tornadoes, storms/hurricanes, tsunamis, dust storms, snow storms, volcanoes, meteors, disease outbreaks, drought etc. there's a huge range that could be done, some easier than others I'm sure. Players would have to prepare for them in advance and be able to repair more quickly, or fail to prepare and suffer the consequences. It might be different in other countries, but I know in Australia, protests are often organised, in that the organisers get roads sectioned off and police help keep things under control. So this could happen in-game, that a window could come up saying a protest wants to occur and players have the option to allow it (suffer a slight economic loss from closing roads and work being affected, but have improved happiness) or disallow it (a drop in happiness and the risk of them protesting anyway which would get an economic loss). Then the player would receive a notification at the end asking if they want to make the changes being demanded. If that's too intense, it could be applied to people wanting street parades or festivals (economic loss, but improved happiness and more tourists etc.). Some form of technology progression. That was something with Simcity that was lacking I think. Simcity 4 attempted it with having different eras of building styles, but it didn't quite work. Players can choose what they want to implement I think, maybe they want more glass and steel buildings as opposed to concrete, or have hybrid buses instead of diesel, recycling instead of garbage disposal only, switching from coal power, to gas, to renewable energy. Or perhaps having power lines above ground and then switch to below ground. All those little things in the game would really give the feel of realism I think and would offer some progression to the game that I think the other Simcity's really lacked. It could be a setting players choose, or a different game mode. You could have sandbox, normal or realistic perhaps? Setting building height limits. Could be individual or neighbourhoods. It would be a way to get around Simcity's variations within one zone type, say medium residential, in that there is quite a jump between the building heights in that zone alone. Setting building heights would limit development to a certain height and you would avoid having tall buildings in the middle of the suburbs (unless you want that sort of thing). Deleting buildings happens over some time, giving the people a chance to move out (so you would need to provide alternate places, or face homelessness/unemployment). This might make players think before demolishing that entire neighbourhood to put a new highway through and might work out for the best. It would obviously be better for happiness to demolish less. Having water/power/sewage/telephone/internet infrastructure. The newest Simcity came close to this, but still lacks phone/internet and not to mention that these services don't just follow roads. Hosting events - G20 summits, world cups, Olympics, festivals, local sporting matches etc.. Tourism strategies that actually bring in tourists. So the beauty of the city, economy, attractions, etc. would all influence the amount of tourists you would receive and have a noticeable effect on your city. You would also be able to know how many tourists there were and see tthem in your city. Newest Simcity does this a little. Cycle lanes, bus lanes, pedestrian trails, pedestrian malls, underground train lines (that aren't subway), light rail, cable cars, etc. etc. There's LOTS of transport options out there and we could talk forever about them. Gentrification, in the sense that buildings could change land uses, without demolishing the building. That old riverside warehouse could turn into residential apartments or the old treasury building could become a casino. Increased density within zoning stages. For example, making the lots smaller in suburban areas so that in the space of 8 houses, you could now fit 10. Both would still be low-density zoning, but they are just closer together. This would lessen the impact of suburban sprawl and make your cities more compact and efficient. Obviously some of these would require attention to detail and some micro-management and if you don't like that style of gameplay, then that's totally fine! Some of these 'more invovled' ones, could be settings that could be turned off or on to suit the players style. Perhaps you like the idea of having disasters randomly in your city, but don't have time to micro-manage the building heights of a neighbourhood. Just tweak the settings! There's lots of realistic things that could be included, but it's all down to what Anselm can, and wants, to do. Share your REALISTIC ideas below! Beakman.
  18. Whilst I value the efforts of everyone trying to figure out the package editor, the fact is, it does not allow the creation of new 3D modelling. Currently I am focused on trying to work out what program Maxis used to design all their buildings/models etc, because they certainly didn't design all their buildings using code and scripting, during my research I found a program called Milkscape 3D, on the relevant wiki page it says : "MilkShape 3D (MS3D) is a Shareware low polygon 3D modelling program created by Mete Ciragan. It is used mainly for compiling models for Half-Life, Blockland, The Sims 2, The Sims 3 rock raiders and other sandboxgames.[citation needed]. It is also used to create models for a large amount of indie games, Milkshape 3D's repertoire of export capabilities has been extended considerably, due to the efforts of both its creator and the community around it, and it is now able to be used for most games today, so long as an exporter for the required format is available." It supports exporting to 70 file formats, and if not a package format, as I have yet to try it out, it may be able to export to a file type that can easily be exported to a package file format. Now it certainly not the program Maxis or EA use, but if it works for files for The Sims, which also work off a .package file format, then there may be a pretty good chance it works for Simcity .package files. Matt
  19. Great Kingdom of As a great institution of learning and culture throughout our history, Texca University continues to be the leader in prestige and education throughout the Simworld. Today, the university proudly presents to the public a new lecture series from the College of Urban Planning and Design. Welcome to the Texca University Public University Lectures Series. We hope this program will bring insight to your mind and some new learning of things or places not before thought of. In our lovely campus we have several colleges. This series will be led by the College of Urban Planning and Design. Enjoy! Welcome to Lecture 1 of the Urban Planning and Design department. We have several lectures that will be coming from this department. Today's lecture will focus on the urban design phenomenon known as Breaks. The following lectures will available in the coming weeks: 1. Breaks 2. Nodes 3. Edges 4. Urban Renewal 5. Urban Sprawl Once past these lectures, more will be posted. Lets begin! ​We will first begin with defining what a Break is. You have seen these breaks everywhere in your maps, many times. As city enthusiasts, we study the city, we define the city, we design the city. In this design, we have a certain grid pattern. In Downtown Texca Hills, the pattern looks like this: This pattern is typically known as Gridiron or Grid, as it's commonly called. The grid pattern is very square and whether facing north-south or north-west to south-east, the pattern is always in a box like shape. There are curves and cuts here and there, but most of the pattern is similar. How do we identify a break? A Break occurs wherever any street pattern is broken and the grid or any other pattern changes dramatically, as done by Avenue of the Hills: Avenue of the Hills acts as a break in downtown. South of the street, the pattern is north-south. When those streets reach Avenue of the Hills, the grid pattern changes to east-west. Remember, in order for a street to be a break, the entire pattern must change, not just one street's change. So on this map, here is an example of what is not a break: Crossfields Blvd is a diagonal street that cuts through downtown but is not a break. With the exception of one street, Crossfields does not "break" the street pattern, neither does the grid change dramatically. Even if the street is diagonal, it can still be a break, but not in this case. As you continue to design your cities, keep in mind this natural phenomenon. It is not just designed. Breaks are usually in place where a town began to grow dramatically and altered its course. Most cities began along shores, but when they grew inland, breaks began to occur to accommodate for this growth. Take a look at any city maps, and you will find breaks. Can you spot the many breaks in the Central Quadrant? Thats all for breaks! We hope you learned something valuable in urban design today. Reply with examples of breaks from your cities, as proof of your Break awareness. See you next lecture. Class dismissed!
  20. What's up. I'm interested in creating a region with others who would like to make cities that are focused on interesting design. Im not concerned about leaderboards. All I care about is unique layouts, intelligent building placements and the way you can work your cities into the land. I had Granite Lake or Horizon Archipelago (2-3 cities per person; 3-5 people) in mind but I'm open to suggestions. Also we can choose a server that best suites the players interested, but all my other cities are on NA East 3. Let me know what you think. I'd like to get started as soon as we get 2 more who are interested.
  21. Designer blog of Stone Librande on the game - I remember this was the guy who narrated the gameplay video that got me hella excited. Sim City: An Interview with Stone Librande Edit: Updated with the original topic source
  22. I'm glad the demo was showcased over the weekend as it gave us a great deal of insight into the game and I think we should all be grateful that Maxis/EA took such a risky move to open it up to the masses and make themselves vulnerable to backlash. What I liked about it as it got me thinking a lot about the 'feel' of the game; the whole town / SimsVille feel and it made me think why I feel this game missed the mark and from a design perspective - thinking about if the game design really matches the goal they set out to do, and I think it makes sense to me now... From the cancelled Simsville 2001 game... So what are the core differences between a village, town, city and so forth? I was born and grew up in a small town which I would say had a population of about 75,000 people or so...currently today (about 33 years later) this 'town' is referred to as a city, and has a population of 100,000+ people...and I gotta tell you, the increase in population gives it a different feel. I now live somewhere completely elsewhere within a population of 4+ million. But when I was growing up, you knew about the kids living around the corner, and when someone died, someone got married, or someone would know your father's father and so forth blah....today...it has a much more anonymous feel to it when I go back there. This got me thinking about what SimCity2013 was doing...it focused on the sims to create a realistic simulator of what people do and where people work...and guess what...when you scale this in to a larger city, as the city gets bigger and bigger.....sorry to say but no one cares about the kid that got ran over by a car three suburbs over. Actually sadly, when someone dies in a city with a large population, sometimes it doesn't even make the news. So how come, SimCity2013 doesn't scale just the same with its engine as the town evolves? When SimCity2013 uses x number of agents in its engine to simulate the population of a town; as the town becomes a city should an agent within the game engine represent a much larger portion of people? I say all of this because to me, the game has a constant town feel to it...and I'm sure when you replace townhouses with skyscrapers it will still feel 'towney'...so why not allow for larger maps / more population by letting the glassbox spunk agents scale down as the city grows up? Hence allowing for constant growth? Sim that lived at address...blah now becomes, Sims that live in apartment building blah... Thoughts?
  23. Help with GMAX

    I am trying to use gmax to design some buildings from my local area, and I've read a tutorial on another forum, and i'm really having a hard time with it. If anyone could give me some insight, and some guidance I would be grateful
  24. Region version 2

    So I've fiddled a bit more with this region, added an extra mountain chain running through the middle of the map, an extra island, tweaking some of the edges. This seems to turn into a great region, still needs some more tweaking here and there. Click for larger image (Warning: 8,9 MB) I've made this gif to show the difference between version 1 and version 2. Nothing much besides the mountains and the added island. Click for larger image (1,7 MB) I think the level of flatness is good now, Stil want the downtown area(s) to be in a flat environment, or add the hills in mayor mode.

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