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City-building game(s)

Found 106 results

  1. Greetings, this is my first post here and very happy to join this esteemed site. I am working on the sole large tile in the London Region map and happily building a booming city with approx. 390,000 people. I have started to use all the wonderful new buildings available in STEX which helps to develop my city more across the Thames. NAM is in use since day 1. However, my commercial zones failed to develop across the Thames even the older part of city north of the Thames is doing well. The charts also show that I have demands for all types of commercial jobs except Co$$$. My education and health coverage is excellent. Grateful if anyone can shed light on my predicament.
  2. How do i build in Simcity 4 a big sucessfull metropolis? How Long does it take to build such an big City with over 1 million inhabitants?
  3. Public Transport: Part 1

    Hello, welcome to another entry to the Bellingham Journal. This entry will deal with one of the most important matters of the city: Mass Public Transport. This is a real map from the transport in Bellingham Superscripion: Blue: Line 1 Metro Yellow: Line 2 Metro Orange: Suburban Railway (Lines A from D) Red: BRT (The colors are not the official ones, and are here just to separate the the lines) This is an tourist map about the stations for lines 1 and 2. They have the all the names of the stations and the integrations with the diverse forms of transportation. The next images will show a few of them: Costa Verde Station: The former end of the Line 1, now the infrastructure leads to the new access to the new station and is the integration between ferries and Line 1. This is the terminal of the BRT System in the CBD, side to side with the Rail terminal, a complex called "Terminal Central". The complex receives 160000 passengers/day. They're also integrated with line 1 of the metro and all the Railway Lines (A from D) with the Central station. The Complex also gives access to the biggest walkable complex of services in the region. This is Cosmos/Allianz Arena Station, One of the most used in the Bellingham. Is the Intersection between Line 2 of Metro and Line D of Commuter Rail. Due it's prime location, The station also attends universities, stadiums (That put the name on the station) and one of the most used avenues in the city, the Avenida Manchester. To ensure full access to the station, a footbridge was attached next to the station, crossing the rail and linking Estrada das Lágrimas and the end of Avenida Cosmos to Avenida Manchester. Vila Inglesa Station: Integrates Line 2 with Lines A and B. The station still retains the original characteristics of when it was a station that served a village inspired by the European concepts (mainly English) of architecture and urbanism.
  4. Various views of the city

    Photos of different areas in New Alexandria city
  5. European themed city

    Hello, This is my first city, currently without a name. It's inspired by Cologne, Brussels, London and a pinch of Amsterdam. Currently a work in progress so if you guys like I can do updates and talk a bit about the history of the city. Hope you enjoy! And thanks for all the awesome mods and content... Tony
  6. Metropolis in the Snow

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    The Snow is finally arrived. Happy Holidays from Metropolis :-)
  7. From the album Hall of Fame

    2nd Place entry from Night Scenes (S3-12-E) Extended 91 Rep 21 Bonus Points 79 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings Plantation Metropolis just after sundown, the 3rd biggest city of the White Republic cities and largest of Plantation Bay Region. It is the capital of Plantation Bay, a major tourist hotspot known for it's major company headquarters, beaches, amusement parks, game shows and events, as well as concerts.

    © 2016 pcwhiz24

  8. Welcome to HK, the city of bays and hills. HK is a tropolical metropolis, a center of fashion, and the best balance between urban and nature. The city consists of the Kowloon Peninsula and The Island. The administrative and financial center is in the Central District of the Island. The city has grown quite a bit. Here is a teaser. I will then start from the beginning and show you how the city came along. Update: Some most recent pictures as a teaser for the cover of this city journal. The view from the southern tip of Kowloon Peninsula is incredible. Here you see the developing city skyline of the Central District, the hills after hills on the island. Nearby are the Star Ferry and the old train station clock tower. The road to the Peak has amazing views of the harbor. Here, you can soak in the magnificent harbor views, including the Star Ferry terminal. The urban labyrinth seems so far away. You are in nature! And down in the heart of Central, all the hassle and bustle. Buses line up the road. Shimmering water is easily seen. Bank towers reach to new heights, and in the evening, the night life is world class. Stay tune for another great journal brought to you by the author of New Rotterdam.
  9. Alpha City part 1

    Welcome to Alpha City, Canaan's largest metropolis! Stay tuned for part 2!
  10. 82 - Show-Off

    Those of you familiar with my CJ have seen these tiles in many different stages of development. I originally used them as a testing ground for canals and now that I've settled on style (sunken with red brick walls) I unified them so that they connect perfectly. This entry features the largest mosaic I've ever made that comes in at a whopping 24816 x 10107px. You'll have to download it to see it at full resolution because even dropbox can't display it. I encourage you to look at the pics in full size. These smaller .jpeg versions don't really do them justice (they're less than half the size). Hope you have a big screen. Enjoy! Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size (Unfortunately the full image is too large to even be previewed on dropbox, but you can download the 125 MB png.) Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. raynev1: Some beautiful night scenes . Sorry to hear about your hard drive , that's a bummer . Hope you continue Ionica . It's been a great CJ . Yeah well, that's just what happens when your computer is over six years old and you push it to the limit on a daily basis. Thanks. gviper: Hey my friend! It's been quite some time! Wasn't sure I'd hear or see you on these pages again. I myself have slowed down in activity considerably. Lovely presentation! Didn't mean to be gone for so long but sometimes life gets in the way. Thanks. korver: Great stuff as always - you probably have my favorite photoshop style of anyone here on ST and the Chinatown scenes are great. Hope you can keep this going Thanks. Looking at your work always gives me the itch to get back in the game. _Michael: Welcome back! I feared I wasn't following my to see any more Ionica, so it's great to have it back! Great looking city with some lovely design elements; can't help but noticing that north arrow though , can become slightly distracting! Lol, all these years and I still have the north arrow. Thanks. TekindusT: Another top notch, deliciously handcrafted mishmash of styles! You know I'm a fan of the mishmash, just too many good BATs to stick to one style. Thanks. kschmidt: Great night views ! Japanese and other buildings well lightened. NAM elevated networks and GLR features well integrated, well done ! Wish I had a few pictures of how it looked before. It was a mess. Thanks. v701: This city is still one of the best SC4 I've seen so far !! I love this clown picture on the skyscraper ! Everyone loves a clown. Thanks. Takingyouthere: Great to see you back in action, your city building style and image presentation was sorely missed. That's the great thing about SC4 at this stage, everyone can have their own style. Thanks. tariely: Very nice night shots ! (and Trump...) Glad to know you'll be back. But CBS ? We have CBS? Or did you make that one ? I Want !:-))) Yup, it's mattb325's CBS. Thanks. Akallan: Beautiful images of nights, it seems so alive. It's beautiful all the lights of nights, my favorite is the one with the channel! Thanks.
  11. Nortropolis

    Hey yall I'm startin this new city. I'll add more dialogue as I go. Here's the beginning, just getting started with some zones: Starting to develop: Zoomed out pic: Some medium density residential growing in... apartment buildings on the avenue, higher density, more traffic, more inner city downtown feeling: More neighborhoods:
  12. Welcome to my creation - Bellevue City. After watching my city grow, I thought it'd be nice to have a place I can post screenshots to share with the community and for myself to come back and see how the city progressed. Unfortunately I don't get too much time to play the game and am a very slow builder, so updates will be slow. But like many SC4 journals, I expect to continue working on this city long into the future. For the first post, I will copy screenshots that I posted elsewhere. But will have an update out soon. Enjoy! Overview: I made the gap between the two land masses in the harbour larger so I could fit in Shroomblaze's fantastic Brooklyn Bridge in there. It is perhaps a bit unrealistic considering cars can get across the two land masses by passing through the downtown area and thus an expensive bridge would probably never be approved, but it looks too good not to place it there! Port area. Mostly complete, just have to fill the gaps with more RICO warehouses, industrial zoning and prop details. Cargo rail line entering the port. I love the way this turned out. It tunnels nicely below the highway interchange and supplies both the container yards and the bulk terminals. Another close look at the port. Just gotta add in the little details. Downtown. The sunken highway feeds the whole area. I plan to make the area in front of the skyscrapers a large park/botanical gardens that looks out towards the ocean. The capitol building will be the centerpiece of this garden. You can see it towards the left of this image - it forms a nice ending to the sunken highway and the main avenue. Sunken highway - my favourite part of the city yet. Complete album here: http://imgur.com/a/xUAdY University and hospital campus. I'm bit concerned it's too close to the tall dense skyscrapers, producing a large height difference. But I love the way the trees add such life to the area so I'm keeping it! Next step for now would be to expand the other side of the brooklyn bridge (as you can see in the first image, the beach side of the bridge is empty!). I will make that area into a nice touristy resort area with a casino district.
  13. 81 - Summer's Eve

    Hey there, it's been a while. I was building up some stuff for a new season of CJ entries but my hard drive went wonky. Past few months have also been pretty busy. Not sure what the future of Ionica is right now. I want to continue, but I fear I can't be as dedicated to it as I once was. Anyway, I have a couple backlog entries to share with you. Lets reminisce on a calm summer's eve. This is a remake of my Chinatown tile, also known as Walden II. Wanted to have some wider shots but those got lost with my hard drive crash. Enjoy. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Belfastsocrates: I love how you create your marinas, they're gorgeous. The night-time photoshop work is excellent, it really enhances the look and simple things like reflections add so much. Thanks. The photoshop work is almost a bit of a curse because I can't go without it now and it can be time consuming. kelistmac: Great photoshop work in your pictures ! Great job as always Glad you enjoyed it. Makes it worth the effort. tankmank: Another lovely update, i like the temple, it doesn't seem too at odds with the modern surroundings. Thanks tank. gviper: Simply love looking at the marvelous urbanscape! The lights and effects are (as always) so provocative and soothing... Hey gviper. I aims to please. Thanks. MissVanleider: The entire east half of the Roman empire couldn't be bothered to learn latin, and spoke and wrote in greek for a thousand years, so the temple has a totally consistent name The marinas and the water in general is almost a bit too good, because it stops me looking at the city itself. The night shots are very Abu Dhabi, and some of your clever placement of the seawalls is going to be copied ruthlessly... Copy away. Thanks. kschmidt: Awesome work; Atlantis like temple island; lovely downtown skyscraperland, marina and riverfront very well scenarized, well done! Yes, Atlantis! Something I've dreamed of creating in SC4 for a long time, but this will have to do for now. Thanks. tariely: It's... very red !:-))) But an interestingly anachronistic idea. I love mosaïcs 2 & 3! The way the road follows the banks, the little marina... Hah! Yeah I boosted the reds to make them pop lol. Glad you enjoyed those roads. I find having to re-build forces me to make more creative decisions with them. heartless: M, The marina, the adjacent park, the underwater mmp work...gorgeous! Stunning work here, building placement, the flow of the urban landscape...very inspiring, allow me to pick my jaw up off of the floor. A masterful work indeed. Best, H Thanks H. Glad you were inspired. Hope your floor was clean. raynev1: ^ What they all said , Really good looking entry . Photo editing and all. Hey raynev1. Thanks. LexusInfernus: Eh the Romans borrowed a lot of stuff from the Greeks, so why not naming conventions either? Anyways, love the way you made the little temple island with the modern bridges. Im curious though. First, how do you make the water look so gorgeous, in particular the underwater flora? Second, whats the building that seems to hang over the highway? Because that looks awesome! I guess the name isn't such a big deal after all. The underwater flora is all about laying down the mmps in layers, much like you would do on terrain. I start with the rocks and do some basic patterns, then I draw around them with the flora. I forget where I got some of them. I'll try to source it when I get a chance. The building on the highway is bixel's Raised Transit Park. feyss: Nice pictures, the underwater MMP and your photoshop skills are great (and thanks for the advice, never though about it before) It's one of those simple things that are easy to overlook. Thanks. Terring: Oh boy, that's so awesome! Thanks T. takemethere: That's a killer skyline both day & night and all those effects you put in make it seem like your using a new kind of night mod. Any chance you might know where you found the sidewalk mod your using, I love the constancy of it. I've always enjoyed the moonlight look of Maxis Night, but I think it's too blue so I tweak it in post and add yellow to counteract it. The sidewalk is just the Maxis default, but I think my photo-editing makes it brighter and whiter. Schulmanator: Awesome stuff... I am always glad to visit scenic Ionica! Thanks for your continued support Schul.
  14. Camberra

    From the album Metropolis

  15. Metropole

    From the album Metropolis

    This is a great metropole Camberra, inspired by the city of São Paulo (SP, Brazil), where even live
  16. Frostbite

    Version 1.0.0


    Freezing winter + flat&smooth surface with very few resources. Not recommended for beginners.
  17. More than 6,000,000 population

    From the album My cities

    My last city created.
  18. The Beginning: Northeast Onyx From 2011-2012

    Replies Ln X, kelistmac, raynev1: Thanks for the comments! I still got a long way to go if I'm going to even get close to finishing this region. blunder: Thank you! Yeah, the top half of the map remains a mystery to me still. I tried browsing google maps for some semblance of a coastline that resembled it but got nothing. Hopefully I'll figure it out one day. Welcome to Northeast Onyx! Or What's Left... Today I'm going to show you some snapshots from the first major portion of Onyx that I built, circa early 2011-2012. All of these tiles maintain most of their layouts from that time period, and the only major difference is the switch from an old tree controller to the amazing Cascadia Tree Controller. You may be wondering why there's a big empty tile where Caspian used to be. Caspian was actually the first tile that I began on, but a couple years back I carelessly obliterated it. And the one directly to the west of it. Whoops. First we begin by taking a quick peek at the hilly city of Gouldwood. Gouldwood boasts some fairly large and steep hills, but that hasn't stopped the people from building neighborhoods all over it. This particular area was rebuilt slightly in 2013 to take advantage of the awesome new draggable smooth curves that came with NAM 31. Moving on from Gouldwood, we visit the largely suburban town of Pacific Woods, which is nestled deeper in the Onyx Valley. Parts of this town were rebuilt in 2013 when I first jumped ship from Maxis highways to RHW and Project Symphony. Some early farms that I attempted after going on a downloading spree. Definitely not the greatest looking ones, if I say so myself. At least they looked kinda nice in the region view! Solis City is our next stop. This town lies in the shadow of the tallest mountain peak in the region. Parts of it were rebuilt in 2013 to take advantage of the new NAM as usual. Some VERY early suburbs, when all I had was stock Maxis and a few of these custom houses. Now we enter the metropolis of Esryia. This city was conceived when I first discovered CAM, and wanted to get a lot of stage 15 buildings. It did conflict with my original design goal though! At one point the city was intended to have a smooth density transition from skyscraper to suburbs, but that quickly went out the window. Looking back on it now, boy did it turn out ugly! I also tried to create a historical site near the city. It was going to be a perfect highlight: a castle on top of a hill, a flowing stream and rolling vineyards. I guess it could've used some work. Then again, the true highlight of the massive cities are its nightlights. Just check out the colors coming from the heart of Xyper! Finally, we move towards the beaches at Tempest Bay. I had a bunch of cool waterfront ideas at the time, but it pretty much just ended in seaports and marinas. Still, they were probably more aesthetically pleasing than my early beach attempts. Sometime further down this year, I'm going to attempt a full rebuild on this area. RIP population count. Next Time: We'll move forward into mid-2012 to 2013, which includes some of western Onyx, and the beginnings of the very southern portion of the Avalon region.
  19. Ionica - A Bright Future

    This video is best when viewed in 720p. Enjoy. darkaliendude: im sorry if this was already asked. how do you make those gifs? they're so cool. Photoshop + tutorial found on google. tankmank: Looking great as usual. I love the mix of buildings and the use of rl images from Hong Kong and Dubai. The night shots are so beautiful with all the different colour lights. Thanks. sri2: Needless to say, i am stunned by your cj once again. just a question, though, are there any lower-income neighborhoods in Avalon? just wondering, as the whole place seems dreamy and expensive! Thank you. I've always imagined that the lower-income neighborhoods are actually underground. I have I few ways I intend to show this in a future CJ entry. Titanicbuff: love the last pic and how the stadium is lit. Thanks. I just took the lighting that the BAT already had and made a gif. RepublicMaster: I'm enjoying that nightlife. Hope you had fun. Thanks. Lord Branham: Absolutely Marvelous!!! Love your usage of buildings from Dubai! My family and I visited the great city over the summer and it gave me so much inspiration for my own city! Definitely a city to visit in ones lifetime! Once again phenomenal work! Wow you're so lucky. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. It is always good to try and take inspiration from cities you've been to. I went to Hong Kong a while back and the way I make my cities and place buildings has changed a lot. KonstantinII: I like Avalon very much. I think I'll visit Ionica someday. We will roll out the red carpet for you! Thanks KonstantinII. Hazani Pratama: Party Time! House music! TekindusT: You had my attention at "night out", but the update has just blown my mind! I'm really glad you enjoyed and drew inspiration from this entry! Thanks TekindusT. elavery: Some amazing stuff here. Same thing could be said about your CJ elavery. Thanks. nedal2001: This looks like a very lively, very colorful place to be. Your pictures are incredible. Thanks nedal2001, stay tuned. Ace❤: Agreed, I hate trolls like that. The animation and city life in every single pixel of these pictures is absolutely gorgeous MilitantRadical. Don't let them get you down. 5/5 from me. Oh well it happens. Thanks Aceheart! APSMS: The RHW is a separate network, so it will not interfere your existing MHW (Maxis Highways). Make sure to leave the Maxis Highway Override unchecked (project Symphony), because that will affect your MHW. The RHW itself, however, has no conflict (I have both in my cities). Wow. Thanks a lot for this information. Things just got really interesting. cityguru: I like major metropolians! One of the latest pictures is Avic Eric lol. Yup. Eric is one of the best chefs in the city. Thanks Fox: Fantastic update and love the idea of those rooftop bars and lounges .. remind me to buy you a drink my friend next time I drop in to favorite city. Thanks for that drink mate, but I have to warn you I don't kiss on the first date. Sylvio Jorge: So colorful and beautiful! I love the feeling of the CJ. I usually hate dense metropolis, but you make them look alive with parks, canals and historical buildings. Simply stunning. Well there are just so many amazing BATs i can't ignore. Thanks. SimCoug: Another great update - very colorful! Me too! And I know it's going to bite me someday. Yes, forgetting to save your photoshop files will bite you in the ass, like it did me this week. It would have saved me a lot of work. Thanks. Thanks for your support and comments.
  20. 51 - Chinatown

    Although Asian cultural influences can be seen all around Ionica there is still one place everyone lovingly refers to as Chinatown: the Fenghuang (Phoenix) Street Market in Walden II. Every side street is packed with activity and the odor of food, good and bad, attacks your nose from all directions. This is the southern entrance of the Fenghuang Market, it is generally considered to be the front entrance of Chinatown since it faces Sao Sing Sa park but others consider the North side the entrance because it faces the street with a tram line and station. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter it just gets a bit confusing when you make plans to meet at the front. (All of the photographs in this entry are taken by me.) Streets in downtown Ionica can get pretty packed but they are nothing like Chinatown where it so full of people you're practically walking shoulder to shoulder with the person next to you. The north gate of Fenghuang market on a rainy day. If you didn't bring an umbrella just pop in the nearest 7/11 and buy one, or wait it out one of the famous tea houses (I recommend Pavilion of the White Peony). Even the alleys are filled with little shops that sell all kinds of cheap knock-off bobbles and trinkets. It feels just like Hong Kong. The brown Kowloon-style building at the top left of this image is one of the oldest buildings in the area and inside you can still find one of the best, multi-Micheline star winning Dim Sum restaurants: Drunken Immortals (4th floor). The market gets even busier at night when business man and women come looking for some food and entertainment, but don't worry there is plenty of that to go around. Jenny's food cart around the corner from the Apple store sells some of the best Korean food in all of Ionica. Order anything and you are guranteed to be satisfied. If you're hestitant I recomment you at least try the Hotteok, a cinnamon and brown sugar pancake, fried on a griddle (too delicious!). Freddy Wong, a lively shop owner in Fenghuang, stares blankly at shoppers as his long day of work nears an end. At the end of the night street vendors pack it up and go home for some well earned rest, leaving the streets eerily desolate and silent. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Schriefer: Great job again! You details and editing are so perfect... Thanks Schriefer. Gugu3: Very nice! Thnk you very much. blunder: Congratz on 50 entries! This CJ has so much win. Wow thanks. I'm glad you see it that way. TekindusT: These mosaics alone are a master on how to use everything with "HK" in front of its name! I'm honored by this compliment. HK is one of the biggest inspirations for Ionica. NielsC007: Good job! Thanks. Lord Branham: Fantastic work again!!!! You are so brilliant in your layout and tedious work ethic, which is clearly evident in your cities!! Love it! Thanks Lord Branham. Stay tuned! KonstantinII: I'm nominate you! Thank you so much Konstantin for all your support and your help. feeroz123: So many lights all over the entry ! Twinkling ! *** Just call me Mr. Sparkle! SimRico: Landed in Ionica just now on my weekly Around The World Tour of Featured CIties! The good folks of The Docs sends their Greetings as well as the Peytoners-Stepford Islanders. Staying at the highrize district and plenty room service as welll as cultural events to take in.Will stay overnight after an eloquent dinner and off i go tomorrow morning for the next city! Hope you enjoyed your stay. We'll roll out the red carpets for you any time you want to come back. SimCoug: Sorry, I'm trying to play catch-up and I just noticed this entry - awesome work with those nbvc marinas! Yes, be sorry, be very sorry. Thanks. Benedict: 50 entries is a fantastic achievement - great to see Ionica last this long. And this was another wonderful update. Hopefully you'll be back in business soon. Hey Ben, my computer is up and running again. SC4 up and running for the most part. Thanks.
  21. 52 - Believe in Magic

    "If you want it, you can have it, all you gotta do it believe in magic." That's what they said while building Sierra, this small but beautiful Zone that looks out onto Diamond Lake. It is called Diamond Lake because legend has it that on a clear night when the stars shine their brightest you can dip any object into its waters and it will become encrusted with jewels. A little bit of music to set the mood... Very expensive Ionican real estate that looks out onto Diamond Lake. The view is amazing, you'll see. How 'bout a round of Tennis on one of Ionica's first Raised Transit Parks? The Twin Lions of Sierra, two black onyx lion statues, still hold their guard after hundreds of years. The beautiful blue Talavera Office Park looks down on the Twin Lions and out onto Diamond Lake. Executive offices must be sweet! If you come to Sierra don't forget to stop at Benny's Bistro Barge. The food is great, inexpensive, and the view is amazing. Of course the main attraction which can't be missed is the Black Stones Lighthouse. You can admire its beauty from land or you can charter a tour to take you on the water if you want to see it up close. I suggest going on the water because you can also get a great view of the marine life. If you're lucky you already live in the Orion Tower and have the best view of the entire lake. When the sun goes down you can understand why the builders of Sierra believed in magic. The best time to get on the water is when the light of the moon or the bright stars pierce through the water of the lake. Only then can you truly appreciate how the Legend of Diamond Lake came to be. Been to Benny's Bistro Barge for lunch? Well you need to go there again for dinner. After the sun and a bit of booze flows has set the atmosphere becomes a bit more lively. Their dinner menu is also amazing. If you're up for more adventure head down to a bar near the Twin Lions, if not get a bus. Workin' late at my job in the Talavera Office Park to get a promotion so that I can have one of those sweet executive offices! Now that we've had a few drinks lets go for a Tennis rematch. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Moerp: It's just awesome, you really brought kind of a exotic feeling in your pictures, just great! Glad you got the feeling I was trying to convey. TekindusT: Amazing update and amazing pictures! Thanks Tek. KonstantinII: I just like this feeling of a dense city. Even though everything is tightly packed together it does not seem out of place. Looks like in these shops items can be bought for a price much cheaper than in malls Avalon. Also you can use these futuristic asian buildings for this district. Thanks for passing along those buildings. I actually have some of them. I may have used them here but you just can't see them from these angles. Gugu3: Very nice Chinatown you have there! Nice, thanks. freemunchies:Great job! All those buildings go really well together! They were all carefully selected. Thanks. Schulmanator: Nice! Looks good and quite real. Sweet, I kinda took a page from Bastet and gigius. MatTSW: I can feel this Chinese chaos. And this guy w CCCP blouse... Heheh, yeah that guy. He was looking pretty dazed so i managed to snap a few shots of him just standing there like that. Fox: Fantastic looking Chinatown area.. very envious. A feeling I've experienced when visiting your CJ. Thanks. jmsepe: Nice Chinatown there! Where did you get those buildings, btw? Tough question cause there are a lot of buildings but you can find some of the newest Japanese W2W buildings here. tankmank: Lovely Chinatown, i like the use of SC4 pictures and self taken photographs it adds a lot more to the update, transporting you to the streets. It is a shame that in SC4 you can't go down and get street views of your city. Lord Branham: Fantastic work, really reminds me of the Chinatown in San Francisco! Ah yes, I didn't realize that. The front gate is kind of reminiscent of SF's Chinatown, except it isn't on a slope. Schriefer: Nice Chinatown! It's really beautiful! Thanks. SimRico: Was planning my trip to Ionica for months! Glad to have added this stop to my Weekly Around The World Tour of Featured Cities! I am off to some night-life fun and see you at the net sun! Hope you had your fill of really amazing food in Ionica's Chinatown.
  22. 53 - Summoning

    Break out your holographihc projectors, tonight is Summoning. What is Summoning? Summoning or The Summoning is the opposite of Halloween which Ionica also celebrates. Whereas Halloween is about celebrating death, demons, and sorcery, Summoning is about celebrating life, angels, and white magic. Summoning is actually a relatively modern creation and was unintentionally started by Holografic graffiti artists. In the mid-twenty-first century a group of Holo-Artists decided to set up a massive prank with new holographic technology at the time. They broadcasted holographic images of spiritual apparitions all around the city in order to make people believe that angels were being summoned from the heavens, and it worked. It was like the first time people heard Orson Well's War of the Worlds on the radio. For a brief moment many people actually believed in magic. After that it became a yearly event and eventually Mayor Jon Daily had the night of March 11th officially declared The Summoning. The best Holo-Artists from around Ionica are now commissioned by the city to create displays around the city. Freedom Rising by Jack Wilder in Pater Kodama Angel by Alex Zhang in Sierra A Greeting to our Friends in the Feline Galaxy by Thaddeus Bradley Beckoning Angel on top of the Tressler Insurance Tower by Henley Reeves An ode to Van Gogh's Starry Night by Arthur Lemay. In a big city like Ionica it is rare to see the sky full of bright stars but during Summoning anything is possible. (Original image by Solemone) If you live in Sierra you don't need all that fancy holographic technology to believe in magic because you already have Diamond Lake and the Black Stones Lighthouse. Skyward Spirits by Jasmine Blaine in Pater Finger of God by Dylan Rhodes in Avalon This is the hologram that started it all - The Summoning by J. Daniel Atlas in Avalon. Special thanks to Houston for giving me a tutorial on how to create hologram effects. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. tankmank: What a great update, the lake is so beautiful, especially at night Hey tankman, thanks. feeroz123: Awesome !! That lake deserves the name.. Very well created!! Glad you enjoyed it feeroz123. juliok92012: I Love the Farol at night, Very Good. Don't wanna toot my own horn too much but I do too! Thanks. blunder: Love the night luminescent effects in the water. Great stuff. Thanks. It was actually a last minute idea. gigius76: Amazing update! The picture with the lighthouse is art. I hold your praise in high regards. Thanks. freemunchies: Which seawalls are those? They fit really well! I also really like the detail you put into the water with various mmps! Those are JENXPARIS Quais de Seine Riverbank walls. KonstantinII: Grid busting! I really like those diagonals. The whole city feels like San Francisco The raised transit park fits well. The one I downloaded wasn't transit enabled for some reason. I did something and it got undemolishable lot syndrome. After that I was able to pass my freeway right under it but not destroy it. Thanks KonstantinII. I hate un-demolishable lot syndrome. TekindusT: As charming as usual! I love Ionica! Ionica loves you too Tek. Thanks. Schulmanator: Raised transit parks FTW!! Awesome! First time I have seen that! First time? Really? Makes me feel special. I'm glad I popped your RTP cherry. Huston: Love the effects on the water! Really does make it the much more beautiful! Thanks. I was kind of inspired by something you did in your Pyronatalis Christmas entry. Crazyforsimcity: Now this deserves a clap! Love it! Cheers, thanks. pingpong: Oh, the lighthouse, the boat, the sea and the sky, so charming and so calming Hey pingpong, thanks. Lord Branham: Your city is gorgeous! I am in love with your water and sea life; you are truly an artist!! Glad you enjoy it LB. Gugu3: Nice pictures! Thanks. SimRico: Back in Ionica on another Around the World Tour Of Featured Cjs and love it! Heading over to Chinatown to one of my favorite spots and get "Phatt and Phed!".. Will have to jump on the plane early in the morning, so better make my rounds to say hey to my friends here! Hilarious! Hope you enjoy Summoning. Schriefer: Amazing pictures! Nice job. Thank you Shriefer.
  23. 54 - Chinatown Mosaics

    A wider view of the Zone in which Ionica's Chinatown is located - Walden II. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Pwel28: You really do some incredible work. Love your creativity and abstract approach. Thanks. It helps when you're surrounded by so many SC4 enthusiasts. Terring: EPIC!!! That is one mighty word. Thanks Terring. Vitor13: Beautiful work! Thanks. Schriefer: P-E-R-F-E-C-T *---------* One of the best updates I have ever seen in ST. Really amazing, your editing is fantastic. Keep it up! Wow, huge compliment. I hope I can live up to it. TekindusT: I definately want one of these festivities in RL! Need a good line similar to "trick or treat". It is kind of inspired by the movie Now You See Me. KonstantinII: Must be quite a lovely show! It certainly is. Neto Dari:This lights are awesome! Thanks Neto. Huston: Thanks for the recognition, really appreciated! And on the other hand, spectacular update. You really nailed the editing and Summoning seems like a fantastic celebration Np Huston. Your use of photoshop has been quite and inspiration. Thanks. Benedict: Terring is right - this is EPIC. And gorgeous, and stunning, and creative, and original. Bravo!! Terring is often right. Thanks. Richie99: My eyes..those lights are awesome! Thanks. Schulmanator: Cool! If they ever wanna do cat holograms, call me! We will. I made that cat hologram with you in mind. Thanks. gigius76: I admire these pictures with amazement. great special effects! Thanks gigius76.
  24. 55 - Sierra Mosaics

    A fuller view of that magical zone where Diamond Lake and the Black Stones Lighthouse can be found - Sierra. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. KonstantinII: Masterful city scene. I see all the buildings, asian style, 20th century "blocks", and modern buildings. Nice metropolis. Thank you very much KII, took a while to put together. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Schulmanator: Awesome! Henry the Octopus gives this 8 thumbs up! Thanks Henry. Let me shake all of your hands. feeroz123: So many new buildings !! Drooling.... Very nice city layout. Looks complex in traffic network. Thanks. I spend a lot of time thinking about which way buildings will be oriented and laying out the roads. tankmank: i like the building choices and layout, it gives a dense, highrise feel but mixed well with lots of open space for breathing Exactly what I was going for. Thanks. Schriefer: Awesome!! Really beautiful pictures and editing. The rain effect was great too. Glad you enjoyed the rain, thanks. TekindusT: The fog, the skyscrapers, the mystery, the nightlights, the kiloooooooooooometric update! I love it all! One of those updates that proves sometimes size does matter. Thanks. rewright: This is quite an update, and catches the energy of a large metropolis. Glad you felt it. Thanks. Neto Dari: Wow, very good, the modernity enchants. Indeed it does. Thank you. Vitor13: Our amazing that! Thanks. Lord Branham: Marvelous work!!!!!! Hey Branham, thank you. Paulobergonci: i like the buildings, nice choice. And the roads are pretty cool. Thanks. I'm using PEG UT Avenue Medians. dabadon5: When most simcities have a large amount of high rises it often looks like a mess, but not with this one, Very beautiful and well put together. Many of my cities were a mess at first. Takes some time to learn. Thanks. magalenin: Simply perfect! Thanks magalenin. paulmc: Very cool, I love the glow on the water ! congrats ! Yeah, glow on the water is my new thing. Can't stop doing it. Thanks. city89: very real looking but where did you get the low rise buildings in china town i been looking and asking all over and no one wants to help me. i would love to know so i can give my china town some flava and spice. If you want help with specific buildings just ask. Many of the Chinatown buildings can easily be found on the ST/Exchange by using the search terms: Japanese or Hong Kong. Thanks. 3ZZZS: Wow, just wow. I love the layout of the city. The metropolis just has this really nice feel to it! 10/10 Thanks 3ZZZS, stay tuned. SimRico: Nice addition to the weekly tour of featured cities. We're always happy to have you. Thanks. NielsC007: Amazing, great work! Thanks.

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