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City-building game(s)

Found 45 results

  1. Agriculture is Coming.

    You must admit these look like farms. I made this using All RCIHC Plop and Project Akar. I just wanted to show people how to make Urban Suburban Farms. Try to experiment with the aesthetics of the game to create things like this! I want to see someone else make something better than this. (I know it's possible.) This was a bit of a joke, but be sure to check out for more agriculture goodness!
  2. Hm - I just started to create farms for the first time and running into a couple of issues I don't understand. 1. I made a farm field. The ground texture changes on this farm field seasonally. O.k. - but why? How do I control this - I have only one texture on the lot, from where comes the other? 2. I made some custom farms. They grow and then, after a while a second one grows in midst of the plantation: Like on the upper right farm - the left one is the farm, and then grew a second one right to it in the middle of the plants. Same on the bottom right - there grew a second farm on the south end in the middle of the plants. Any hints what I'm doing wrong?
  3. Entry 5: Educating the Farmers

    Replies: korver: Thanks, glad you like the industry, I'm a bit of a sucker for industrial areas and grunge and I love overviews! Entry 5: Educating the farmers! So, were back in Rokton today with another small update for you all (basically not a hell of a lot of note has actually happened but we'll pretend lots has!). Jumping straight in, were pleased (and relieved in Mayor Hennings case) to say that we finally got a school built and actually staffed in Henning Bay. Alongside this he also found some money in the budget to actually build some services so people wont have to rely on Rokton for their safety which is a bonus for them as can be seen in the picture below. Meanwhile, across the highway we've seen some rather large agricultural growth (large in relation to what we had before in any case), the towns having collectively decided that growing your own food is much cheaper than importing it (maybe not so reliable though given the skills of some of these farmers) Fields a bit small you say? Well here in Rokton getting sizeable plots of land is a bit hard as Mr Rokton is very fair with his land rental laws and reasons that everyone should have a chance to own some (ok he's tight). So we've come up with the novel idea of having co-operative farms which share machinery and supplies and each farmer works his own little field. Much friendlier than huge open fields (screw efficiency, who needs that? Also the friendly might be a bit of a stretch, everyone seems to have planted huge tree rows around their fields. At least it keeps in the noise in). Its not all corn and wheat though in Rokton, As we hit 5000 population, it's getting increasingly likely that you might have a dump sited next to your house as rubbish spirals out of control a bit. Luckily though, someone apparently has a brilliant idea (oh god........) so we'll have to see how that pans out next time as I leave you with this short entry and the obligatory overview. Till next time!
  4. Version


    The SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM) is an absolute, total and complete replacement for the game-default farming system. The default system was never really finished before game release and was, in fact, designed to be short-lived and used only initially in starter cities. The game, as it progresses, actually is designed to kill off all desire and usefulness for farming. We changed all that. Not only have we changed how all the farms look... but we also changed how they play. Originally in a city, you could hug a tree... or kiss the sky with glass and steel. Now... you can do both. At its most basic function and goal, the SPAM is an IND MTP Replacement Mod... similar to the RES and COM MTP replacement mods. Its primary goal is to give an MTP-ish look and feel to the game's default farm lots. Want to know more? Yeah of course... As a matter of fact, you NEED to know A LOT more - so before you install, we invite you to Visit the Full ReadMe and learn more about these - (PLEX Legacy update: all readme information can be found in the 5 pinned threads in the above link) FEATURES * Development Stages * Agricultural (I-R) Demand * Employment * Education * No Power? No Water? * Pollution * Sub-Divide and Conquer * Crop Only Lots * Improved Lot Orientation * Crop Selection * Future SPAM * SPAM Comparison * Developer Notes on General Troubleshooting and Compatibility DEPENDENCIES This mod requires the MTP Super Pack. INSTALLATION By default, the SPAM files will reside in a sub-folder named "SPAM" in your Documents Plugins folder. See the included Full ReadMe for more information! All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  5. Hi Guys, I have set myself a challenge to recreate the most realistic looking British feeling city. I have started with a small town and my first challenge was to create some realistic farms and fields. I would appreciate your feedback on how this went.. Next I will move onto a small British town with some traditional British looking street layouts, moving onto a large City with the likes of typical British themes Football stadium and surrounding Terrace houses. I look forward to your feedback and any other future ideas you would like to see.. Thanks. PUGG3RS Gaming
  6. KCP_Corinas soy Farm

    Version 1.0.0


    KC Productions Presents: KCP_Corinas soybean farm Lot Size 5x6 water consumed 33 power consumed 3 Jobs 7 Growth Stage 1 night lighting yes growable yes pollution Center 1,2,1,0 Pollution Radii 5,6,0,0 This Farm has two version one is seasonable and one is not. Version 2 is the one that is not seasonable. The filed lot that is seasonable is the one KCP_BSC. This is a soybean Farm a request by CorinaMarie who also requested a prop that was not seasonable. BSC Farm Fields - SG Revised (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=955 You will need this depencency for the seasonable lot Dependency's: you will also need the prop pack KCP_Proppack2
  7. KCP_Corina's Soybean Farm

    Version 1.0.a


    Lot Size 5x6 water consumed 33 power consumed 3 Jobs 7 Growth Stage 1 night lighting yes growable yes pollution Center 1,2,1,0 Pollution Radii 5,6,0,0 This Farm has two version one is seasonable and one is not. Version 2 is the one that is not seasonable. The filed lot that is seasonable is the one KCP_BSC. This is a soybean Farm a request by CorinaMarie who also requested a prop that was not seasonable. BSC Farm Fields - SG Revised (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=955 You will need this depencency for the seasonable lots
  8. JBM Beet Farm V2

    Version 2


    JBM Beet Farm... hiya folks we here at JBM real estates we have given this Farm a brand new updated look. Featuring a small pond for the kids to look at pretty fish. special thanks to shmails for the beet plants.. and the windmill used on this lot. Note: you will need to download the JBM LNX mega prop pack uploaded earlier today to use this lot. Credits: Shmails Windmill and Obsevatory Props 0 you will need this file for the windmill on this lot.
  9. JBM Sunflower Farm

    Version 2


    The lot is called Sues Sunflowers. This is a growable farm. Most of the props on this lot are mine. Thanks go to Couch Potato and Shmails for the props used on this lot as well as the BSC team for textures and props i was able to find all dependency's except 2 BZBURNS which is no longer available and a missing texture that I can not locate. http://roe99.weebly.com/official-maxis-download.html you will need to go to this link to get the castle ramparts lot for the fences I used.. BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 (v. 1.0) by couchpotato http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotDOWNLOAD=2422 you will also need this file for some of the props on this lot BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 (v. 1.0) by couchpotato http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotDOWNLOAD=407 BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02 (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotDOWNLOAD=1771 Shmails Windmill and Obsevatory Props 0 ok i think thats everything. The only thing I will have to do is replace the missing texture and remove the horse prop as it can not be found.. Look for Version 2 soon with the repairs mentioned. Support Thread for any problems and or questions last link. you will need this file for this lot and all future lots.
  10. Entry 10: Axe and Plow

    Replies: eufl: Thanks, really glad you like it and steal away, I'm glad to inspire you! Don't worry about the village and the water, I'm sure its fine . Entry 10: An axe and a Plow So were back in Antario today where we can happily say that the industry is beginning to get back on its feet after the oil crash, mainly thanks to diversification in the industries that exist in Antario. Started in Froska, plots of land have been bought from the local government with the intention of agricultural use where they are currently growing the usual crops that you'll find in Norway aided by being in the south of the country with the likes of berries, potatoes and some crops backed up by some livestock, mainly pigs. Below you can see some of the farms surrounding Froska. 1. 2. The boost in farmland has also resulted in another small community, Vanberg popping up at the tip of the area where the lake that Froska sits on joins its rivers. You can also see the rail halt here, where occasionally freight trains with collect agricultural goods bound for the city and the rest of Nowray. In the background you can also see the pumping stations that have been implemented to help with the water supply for the city. Not exactly the nicest of sites but the freshwater lake that feed them cuts down on the cost of water purification over using salt water. 3. Alongside these farms we also have the usual Norwegian practise of supplementing the agriculture with other industries, in this case forestry to take advantage of the large swathes of forest that cover the area. 4. This boost to the economy around Froska foes have its slight issues though with the small intersection that could easily cope with the population of the small village now swamped by farm traffic and lorries. Don't worry though plans are currently being looked into to solve this issue, (OOC: Whilst this may look dangerous and weird I'm basing the junction on a number of similar junctions that can be found near where I live in the UK. They're easily the scariest junctions ever especially when things get busy and you have to cross two lanes of national speed limit traffic, but they do work). 5. Meanwhile the oil fields have completely ground to a halt, and a lot of the buildings have fallen to ruin with nature and planting, taking the old oil fields back. As such the city council has decided to scrap the rest of the oil fields completely and start ti reinstate new industry in its place. Hopefully this will become a reality in the future. 6. 7. Meanwhile, in the centre of town the decline in population growth has meant that a few of the commercial enterprises in town have not been able to compete and a number of business like this one below are being replaced with offices. 8. Meanwhile the out of town shopping centre project has finally gone ahead (which has probably contributed to the decline of in town shopping as well). Although not yet finished, this area has already become a centre for shopping in the city and has promoted some further high rise development around it. 9. Which brings us to the end of this entry and the obligatory overview that we always finish with. Currently the populatiom stands at 40,998 but is set to rise substantially in the near future if the cities expansion plans go ahead. 10. Finally as usual we have the list of proposed plans for the future of the city. It hasn't changed much though. -Find new avenues for the old oil fields. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry? -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? -Agricultural expansions -Housing expansions (OOC: Again guys I really do apologise for the amount of time that's between the entries. I do really wish I had more time to spend on the game and the CJ but I have my family, work and other hobbies that come first. Still I hope that you lot are still enjoying the entries despite how sparse they are and I do have lots of plans for the city in the future, lets just hope I can get some more time to make the entries more frequent. Cheers James)
  11. Stardew Valley

    You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? Website Steam Store Page Chucklefish Games ConcernedApe, the sole developer of every aspect of this game, created Stardew Valley out of a desire for a game similar to games such as Harvest Moon but on PC. It's being published by Chucklefish games, the developer of Starbound and Wayward Tide, and publishers of a few games, including Risk of Rain. The singleplayer release of the game will be on February 26 and 4 player online co-op will be released down the line at some point as a free update. I'm personally super excited for this game, though I have never played any of the games it's similar to, or inspired by. I may have some bias because I'm very fond of Chucklefish and what they do, have followed them closely, and even have a friendship with one of their employees. But I'm sure this will be a fantastic game that I will spend many hours in. The main story arc is said to take somewhere around 50 hours to complete, and there will be countless other things to do at any given time such as build friendships and relationships with the local community, grow crops and trees across all four seasons, tend to animals, catch various fish, cook delicious meals, gather ores and fight off slimes in the mines. The soundtrack for the game containing over 70 different songs is available now and can be bought from this developer update for $4.99.
  12. Random update: springfield

    Springfield - a nice agriculture based town sittuated in a nice valley. pop: 20.588 overview nightview the graveyard see you next time!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This Dutch Farm Fair is part of my set of Dutch Reward Lots that replace the Maxis Rewards. The lot replaces the Maxis State Fair. It has exactly the same stats. The size is 6 x 12 tiles. A Landmark version is also available for your convenience. Many Dependencies though.... Most of them you will have already, I suppose. BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01b BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol01.dat BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01.dat BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - RT Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - Misc Vol02 BNL Essentials v1.2 Maxis prop names and query fix only the Model files of the following: VDA Aardamseweg Dutch Farm Pack by Haarlemmergold
  14. Mustang, Masavera

    This is a short introduction to my region of Masevera (mass-ev-air-ah). It is a very rural region inspired by the Midwest of the United States. I chose to develop my region on a relatively flat plain with very little variations in elevation as I'm not really a fan of building cities on unstable or non-flat ground as I don't particularly think it's the most aesthetically pleasing in terms of realism (which is something I strive for) This is the small town of Mustang; inspired by Mustang, Oklahoma. It's a fairly typical (boring) town ^ Downtown Mustang ^ Just a small shopping area with a Sam's Club and a K-Mart ^ Interstate exit that gives direct access to Mustang ^ Thank you for viewing my (very) short introduction entry. More updates are to come in the near future.
  15. Weekly Challenge #21 - Farming Scenes Cattle, crops and everything in between -- this week we're looking for your best farming scene! The backbone of a region's industry, farming plays an integral part to a country's economy. Away from inner-city congestion is the industrious nature of agricultural life. Tractors, ploughs, and combine harvesters all have a job to do. There are so many details on a farm, and each is unique in their own way. Now it's time to showcase your favourite scene from the city-building game of your choice. Submit your images in the album below Submission Requirements Please submit only one image per challenge album. For the purpose of voting, please check your image has a full title & description. This challenge is open to all city-building games (SC4, C:S, SC13, CXL, etc). To qualify for entry, please ensure your image is uploaded to the above album, and matches the farming theme. Your image can be of any size. Voting Voting will start on the 14th of September, an announcement will be made when that is available. Votes will be cast by rating images inside the album. You may rate any image you wish at any rating you wish. Try to rate as many as you can as this will help the album ordering. The winners will be the top 3 rated images after a 5 day voting period. Reputation prizes will be awarded based on the number of entries. Good luck contestants! Next Week's Challenge More details coming soon...
  16. Project SUGCAM (SUGC:AM) "Where's the agriculture? Where's the military? Why no bigger maps?" Current Events | has been released! School is still busy, the holiday season is approaching, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Summary | SimCity didn't come with agriculture out-of-box, for Quality Assurance scrapped it form the game, but that shouldn't stop us from making our own version! SUGC:AM, the future SUGC Agriculture Mod, will be the first official collaboration project for the team, and it will add some more fuel to the flame of SimCity. The mod will introduce a new element of gameplay into SimCity, and we'll start out small and grow into a massive part of everyone's SimCityData folders, given the one year we'll take to make it! All of the future content for the SimCity User-Generated Content: Agriculture Mod will come out in the phases described below: Work Phases | Phase I - Essential Functionality - 2 months, +/- 1 months Project Akar Agriculture Culture! (Menu Structures) All RCIHC Plop Farmhouse! (Base) Parklet Brand Farm Modules! (Production) City-Wide Distribution Brand Tractors! (Utility Agents) Project Orion Brand Farm Fillers! (Decoration) Plop Anywhere Crops! (Decoration) Phase II - Modernized Functionality - 3 to 6 months All RCIHC Plop Urban Farmhouse! Project Anpassad Custom Factory Farms! Natrual Farming play style! Project Pony Brand Grocery Stores! Project Pony Brand Distribution Centers! Major crop update! New resource types in-bound! GMOmega Farms. Corporate Headquarters! (AgroCo) Phase III - Imagined Functionality - 6 months, +/- 3 months Residential Overhauls! Balance Overhauls! GMOtown, U.S.A! Rise of the AgrOmegAcademy! SimPolitics? (Hint, hint) To-be FAQ | When will the mod be released? As soon as Phase I is complete, what has been completed will be released. How will you release the mod? This seems like a lot of stuff... Each primary function of the mod (RCIHC Plop farmhouses, City-Wide Distribution Tractors, Project Orion Brand Farm Fillers) will be put in a separate package, and you can choose, like Project Akar, what parts you really want and how you want to play your game! Download | Not yet, buddy! XD
  17. Farms in the town of Piedmont

    My first gallery image. Just a farming district with some custom fields. Wishing for more textures in the asset editor...
  18. Farming, it's for dinner

    More farms and roads I am building. Just another update.
  19. The Northern Territory Expansion: As Adamskii Land experienced a booming economy from the recent expansion to agriculture, the need for raw materials increased. This demand for materials, along with the eagerness of the railroads to expand their grasp, led to the massive expansion into northern territory. Some typical scenes found in the Northern Territory. The land is known for meandering rivers and large forests. Lumber and hunting have become the largest industries with farming trying to find its place in the mountainous region. Scottie's Valley is currently the furthest out established town, a frontier type of place. Beyond this little town the river valley narrows and the mountains grow in height. A wild man's paradise full of lakes, animals, canyons and peace. Plattsburg City is the largest city within the Northern Territory. Plattsburg is known for colder temperatures, large trees and recreational actives. Many citizens spend time kayaking the rivers, boating on the bay to finding hidden coves or just riding bicycles around the friendly city. A train ride from Plattsburg to the mountains near Scottie's Valley is always recommended to tourists.
  20. China: Toxic Farm Lands

    Many Chinese being poisoned by farm produce. The Great Leap Forward seems to have poisoned the ground. Some fifth of the farm land is toxic. Interesting for our export markets. Rice exports should be up.
  21. THE EARLY FARMING YEARS: ADDITIONAL SCENES As the region moved forward through the 1950's the agriculture movement made progress across all reaches of Adamskii Land. The local economies boomed and towns began to appear everywhere. Railroad was still the most convenient means of transportation/shipping for farming and ranching. Valleys with railways were the first to see towns which became shipping hubs for smaller sub-regions. Below are some typical scenes from the 1950's into the 1960's, known as "the early farming years" But finding plenty of water next to land and rail was not always easy. With the success of the nation's first dam the government began to look for more opportunities with water storage. The Zotes Valley is a long fertile valley with a river already in place. In the late summer the river becomes a stream and often fall harvest was early due to short water supply. The Pine Creek Dam took care of this problem controlling the release of Pine Creek into Zotes Valley. The railroad companies pushed their tracks further and further with goals of reaching the distant mountains. As towns grew lumber was in large demand which created a second booming industry. The first to reach the mountains with rails were the first to benefit. Timberline Valley was a small mountain valley within close reach of rail and thus became a major lumber source. The valley's weather was ideal for tree growth and lead to tree farming. The typical town during this time period had railway close to town to allow for passenger trains and shipping of goods. Some valley towns developed into small urban centers with shopping, churches, parks, and quiet neighborhoods. Below is an "typical" early farming year town. As the region enters the 1960's the shipment of goods becomes troublesome with roads and rails reaching high capacity levels. Some government engineers began to whisper about some crazy new idea of "freeways". The next city journal will be the region as in enters the 1970's.
  22. FrankU Dutch Farms Maxis Override

    Version V1.0


    I relotted the Maxis farms. Now we have a kind of starter set for the (still upcoming) Dutch Farms Set that mrbisonm and I are working on. The lots fit into the CAMified world and they fit into the SPAMified world, as long as you load the lots after the CAM or SPAM mod files. We have a set of dependecies that may knock you out. Well, it's up to you if you use this set or not. Here I go: BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01 BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01b BSC Essentials RFR Maize Set Simgoober Farm Fields Revised PEG Spam Super Resource And of course FrankU Dutch Farm Fields V2.0 Have fun! FrankU
  23. Heyho, well because I was bored I made some shots for another entry of my "how to build stuff I do all the time". At first I laid out the zones. Because it's just a small Maxis-city tile, you can do this at once, and press "Start" if you already zoned the whole area. You see, for a farming town (with SPAM, because the vanilla-farms wouldn't create enough jobs for a whole town), you primarly need residetials and, yeah, farms. A bit of commercial at the crossing of the highways creates additional jobs for the objective people (R§ and R§§, of course the stupid engine want to build many mansions in the town, which are going to dilapidate because there are no jobs for them. That shouldn't happen in your city). Then, you need energy and water. I'm sorry for the ugly yellow line on the edges, the development would've start otherwise. After that, some public establishments. Bus stops, parks, a clinic, a small schoolhouse and a fire station in this case. The last step: Profit! A closer view of the town. That's it, have a nice weekend guys! Replies Schriefer: Thank you, I'm glad you like it:) slickbg56: Thanks! AdoxxBE: Thank you, but it's not as good as your cities^^ Ln X: Thanks, it's part of the the parking lots and walls are included in the addon packs of it, like the infamousjbe: Nah, it's not included in this mod^^ As I said, the parking lots are icluded in the Industrial revolution mod^^ 47ply: Thank you, man:D TekindusT: Who wouldn't want to live there? Well I don't actually^^ feeroz123: Thank you for this great rating! C4RACORTADA: Well, but not as cozy as Simsinatti:P Pwel28: Thank you! garyF: I love the draggable curves of the NAM, they made my life so much easier^^ (I never had so much comments before Thank you, homies!^^)
  24. FrankU Dutch Farm Lots Stage 0

    Version V1.0


    Here it is: the first set of Dutch Farm Lots. The set contains 35 farm lots. The lots contain only field props, so when they grow you will see only crops, just like in real life, where not every plot of farmland has a house, a barn or a shed. In order to be able to recognize the simple state of these "farms" I call them Stage 0, but in fact they are simple Stage 1 farm lots. Stages 1 up to 7 will come later. The farms are CAMpatible and I think they are SPAMpatible. Don't get shocked by the list of dependencies. If you do: just leave this set on the STEX. Dependencies Of course you need my Dutch Farm Fields set V2.0 And furthermore: Simgoober Farm Fields Revised PEG_Spam_Super_Resource BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01b BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01 RFR Maize set 1.1 BSC Essentials Have fun! FrankU, december 2013
  25. Small Town #2

    Because I was really motivated today (Grade A in an essay ), there's already another entry. Indeed, it is a small town too, but.....yeah who cares? It just makes fun to create these towns, you know? But the next time it's another theme. Promise (probably night shots or mmp again). So it's snowing here in the Ore Mountains already and it's very beautiful I guess, so maybe I will upload some real life photos of my hometown someday. Have a nice evening guys! Replies Huston: That's a huge compliment, but it's just not true. A Journey through Pangia is just awesome and I will never reach this level of Mastering SC4. schokoladeneis 1: Dankeschön! dlsni: Thanks, it's nice to hear such a positive assessment.

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