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City-building game(s)

Found 164 results

  1. Downtown/overview

    And now what we've all been waiting for, downtown St. Christine. From the beginning, I've had this idea for downtown. Several tall buildings surrounding a central rail station and large park. Development begins. The station in detail. The art museum pokes out from between buildings towering over it. And at night... I had to change the highway off ramp into downtown. Originally this was just an avenue T intersection, but outgoing traffic just bunched up at the light. One ways made the transition much smoother Close up of the stock exchange. A view of the government district. A shot before the stadium was built Before and after photos for the minor league stadium and sports complex, across from the university. Downtown in it's current state. A quick look at the high tech industrial park between downtown and the airport. And finally, all of St. Christine. Thanks so much for viewing my CJ!
  2. Episode 1 - Downtown Jackson

    Jackson County Episode 1 - "Downtown Jackson" Welcome to Jackson County! RV Capital of the World! Before I show you the "Historic District" of downtown Jackson, you must first understand a little bit about this city. Here you go: - Region of the USA: Central Michigan - City Population: 54,670 - County Population: 197,892 - Known for: RV Capital of the World (manufacturing RVs) In this first episode, the highlight feature will be the historic and quaint, "Downtown Jackson." The City of Jackson is content on preserving the historic quality of downtown Jackson. Many regional and corporate headquarters reside in Downtown Jackson. Alas, here you go: 1. Jackson Square: The heart of the city. The epicenter of all the action. Yes, there are plans to revitalize the downtown. It's not exactly the nightlife scene, but, during the daytime, the streets are crowded. For the lack of a better infrastructure. 2. Northern Lights Casino & Resort Despite much opposition, the Pokagon Band of Indians was able to twist the arms of city leaders to locate a casino in the downtown. It was seen as an "economic boost." The Jackson Police Department thinks differently. 3. Jackson County Convention Center & Michigan Federal Government Building Michigan's state senator or governor may make an appearance every once in a while to the Michigan Federal Government Building, conveniently located next to the convention center. $28 million dollar price tag (tax dollars of course). 4. Greater Downtown Jackson Downtown office occupancy rate of 87%. Pretty solid for a Midwestern town. Apparently there are plans in the works for a "major" investment from a foreign company to locate their headquarters in downtown Jackson. Skepticism remains. 5. Jackson College Neighborhood The historic Jackson College, founded in 1897. Many beautiful homes, condos, and townhomes can be found here in this historic college and nearby neighborhood. This area has seen residential growth due to the Research Hospital located nearby. 6. "Northwoods" Downtown Neighborhood Who wants to take a stroll down the Jackson Canal, or perhaps the Jackson Central Pathway? Quaint neighborhood just north of downtown. Homes in this area will go between 250k - 400k. The price for safety and amenities! 7. Historic North Jackson Neighborhood (Old Money) One of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. Also located north of downtown about two miles. The mayor resides here, the founder of Keystone RV, and many other prominent businessman. Homes were built in the 1920s and 30s. This particular neighborhood features the North Jackson Pathway through the center of the neighborhood. 8. Southeast Gardens Neighborhood Another prominent neighborhood located nearly a mile southeast of downtown. Features the South Jackson Pathway as well as the Jackson Gardens. Volunteers from the neighborhood take care of the landscaping in the area. Quite the community pride in this quaint neighborhood. 9. Jackson High School & Freshman Campus As you can see, this roadway sees traffic build up during the school rush hour. Local leaders have consistently delayed this project for safety reasons. As one council member states, "we don't want this roadway becoming a major thoroughfare through our city with so many school facilities nearby." Therefore, no change has occurred. 10. The Jackson Avenue Shopping Corridor The regional shopping corridor in the city, South Jackson Avenue. Nearly every big box and chain restaurant can be found in this area. Pictured above is the Jackson Mall. Still thriving amid online retailers such as Amazon. 11. Jackson County Regional Airport & Industrial Parkway Still not international status, although the airport has seen considerable growth with the population creeping up. Truck traffic near this avenue is extremely heavy as there are nearly 40 businesses in this 1 mile radius. This is one of the economic backbones of the region. 12. Grand Jackson Industrial Park The second largest industrial park in the region, features many RV manufacturing companies as well as distribution centers. A rail hub goes through the area as well. Highlighted is Grand Design RV. 13. Teaser for Next Episode: Southwood Township Although not technically part of the city of Jackson, this growing township is just south of the city. Does the city of Jackson have plans of annexing this area into the city? Nearly everybody living here commutes to the city of Jackson. Here are a few pictures to symbolize what Southwood Township is like, and yes, suburbia does come to mind. So does traffic...
  3. Welcome to Aeroes City: Part II

    This is the second entry in a series of entries covering Aeroes City. The previous entry covered the dirty roots of the city region that was initially discovered by industrialists. As industry boomed in the city, the population flooded in. Setting up tent, and dropping their anchors, the population needed something a little more permanent. So forth Aeroes City became a city. Suburbs were built, and before long, towering apartment blocks appeared. The township of Aeroes was officially awarded city status with the deceleration of its first downtown district. Part II: Downtown Initially, the heart of Aeroes City followed a narrow corridor branching from the Athena Straight Industrial District, through what is today the Northern District. Even today, remnants of the past remain along the busy avenue, that remains skirted by towers to this day. The downtown location in the Northern District had little space to grow, however, and quickly became quite long. With so much population relying on one major artery in and out of town, traffic built up. Commutes became long. Too many buildings relied on the avenue. It couldn't become a highway. The nearby suburbs also opposed the idea of a highway cutting them in half. Eventually, a railway was built through the district, alleviating some traffic issues, and creating others in the process. Level crossings were the only space saving option.The Northern District had outgrown its shoes. Old, rotting residential towers in the old downtown in the Northern District are a reminder of the undesirable location. Despite the rot, sims still choose to live here. This intersection is the heart of Northern, with this train station one of the busiest in Aeroes City. A new addition to the old downtown - a row of commercial offices border the high-tech industry and a suburb of the Northern District. The avenue is a now major transport route with the decision to build a traffic tunnel under the river from Northern to Central. An overview of the east-west downtown of old. The downtown area followed the avenue from Athena Straight in the west to the diagonal avenue in the east. It was largely a residential downtown, with the population boom from Athena Straight. Aeroes City was at breaking point, and needed room to grow when the floodgates were opened. From here came the birth of the Central District on the opposite banks of the Aeroes River. By now, the commercial business was paying close attention to the city. A north-south highway was built connecting the banks, and exits placed in prime location for commercial industry. Close to the first exit, the public radio station AM-FM (Aeroes Metropolitan-FM), promoted the initial growth of downtown. Grew it did, the peninsular quickly became a sea of high rise apartments and office space. Boasting all the modern amenities needed to host a growing office population, the Central Region of Aeroes City will go down in history as Downtown. A snapshot of Central, bounded by Aeroes River, the railway in the West, and the avenues in the South and East. Unofficially, the South and East stretches to the nearby roads. AM-FM in amongst the eastern commercial offices of Central, at the foot of the first of 3 highway off ramps feeding into Central. The city zoo overlooks the oldest highway bridge in the region. The heart of Central is home to the Stock Exchange and the Bureau of Bureaucracy. A stones throw away is the minor-league soccer/football stadium, and the major-league baseball stadium. The city wharf is home to high class retail and office space. At the northernmost tip of the Central District is the convention center. A high-value commercial district has sprawled countless boutique offices at its doorstep. The civic center of town in the late afternoon. Home to city hall, the courthouse, the central library, and the central firehouse. As the sun goes down on another busy day in Aeroes City, many sims, region wide, are tuning into AM-TV-9: one of the national TV stations of the Flatlands. I hope part II of Welcome to Aeroes City has been as entertaining to see as it was to build. The city is still a work in progress, and someday I may have to revisit the downtown area(s). Lookout for part III, coming soon.
  4. Meizhou(Part3)

  5. Back to South Downtown

    Spring arrives and along, the urban life seems to revive. This is why the municipality of Medrean City invites you to stroll in the active and iconic neighbourhood of South Downtown, the historic and beating heart of the city. Let yourself be charmed by this undeniable urban and cosmopolitan atmosphere, have a look on the neighbourhood most iconic skyscrapers or relax in one one of its many parks. Unless you prefer to stroll through the luxury shops of Colonius Avenue, the city's most prestigious thoroughfare. Have a nice visit ! Aerial and night views of the neighbourhood of South Downtown. The southern part of this business district is well known for housing mainly financial firms as well as many banks due to the presence of the city's stock exchange. The square in front of the stock exchange building has just been completely refurbished with the replacement of paving stones and street furniture as well as the addition of several trees and flower beds. Aerial and night views of the city's stock exchange. Conelly Park remains the largest park of the city and one of the most important urban parks in the country. With its location in the heart of the downtown and its recreational facilities, including several baseball and football fields, tennis courts and direct access to the marina, Conelly Park is considered as the busiest and most beautiful park of the city. Aerial and night views of Conelly Park. The southern section of Colonius Avenue is certainly the best place in town for shopping. Indeed, this section of the avenue, whose major renovations have just been completed, is hosted some prestigious shops, restaurants, parks and fine groceries among many iconic skyscrapers. Aerial and night views of Colonius Avenue.
  6. Downtown pt.2

    I've managed to update some parts of downtown so here it is.
  7. New Downtown

    I haven't played much C:S last week but I did decide to get show photos of the current Downtown so far.Any suggestions or feedback leave below in the comments.
  8. Fujiya

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    Building from here: http://gobanboshi.s25.xrea.com/index.html
  9. Library

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

  10. Downtown in Progress

    Here's are a few screenshots of a new Downtown
  11. Semttulo

    From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  12. Loading...

    From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  13. Hi. Since i have two steam accounts i decided to start working on a realistic European city with stark contrasts to Kendrick (my US inspired series). I will of course cover many of the differences between US and EU cities as far as urban planning, infrastructure etc etc. But also follow a different narrative this time around; one of success, wealth, constant demand & development. In our first episode we start out small, building a central train station, the surrounding neighbourhood, and some basic initial infrastructure by rail and highway to get the city going. Hope you enjoy!
  14. Interchange and updated downtown

    Finally San Prudenico's first real interchange and updated Downtown(kinda)
  15. Downtown

    Downtown in progress...
  16. From my current "Building a realistic US city" Taking the bus from the current end-station of route A1. Travelling along the main eastward arterial avenue before we reach downtown, circumvent the stadium and end our trip at the downtown bus depot. Pretty simple. Sit back & relax!
  17. Centro de la Ciudad

    From the album Chuo

  18. 3 years later...

    Shooting for the longest record spanning journal entries here. My original goal was to show you all the natural growth of Provident Bay, but as happens a lot of times life got in the way. I ended up playing the region off an on for the last 3 years and still add a few things here and there but for the most part it is complete. Figured I might as well post some final pics. 1.13 million people, first pic is the downtown area, 2nd is the overall region shot.
  19. Thought some of you might like this "Sit back and relax as we follow the currently longest tram route in Bennaville. Cars, pedestrians and trams have somewhat realistic speed, so our (approx) 8.5 km / 5.3 mile trip will take about 21 minutes during this mid day/early afternoon ride. As noted in a similar video this was my first big city after breaking a 1.5 year Cities: Skylines hiatus, so there is very little actual detailing, and some neighbourhoods where rushed even for my standards. I do however enjoy the brute scale, with more than 11.5 km from the furthest western to the furthest eastern part of the city. I suspect a lot of people where harmed in the making of this video. Oh, and finding a five guys burgerjoint here looks to be pretty easy.."
  20. New Harbor and Downtown

    Future Downtown and Harbor
  21. Hi. Decided to try and put together a youtube series which will follow the development of a pretty generic US city - probably somewhere on the mid/southern US east coast. If you're relatively new to the game and frustrated with the level of realism people here, on youtube and on reddit achieves, the series contain quite a few tips and my reasoning for different kinds of development strategies - as well as balancing between detailing and functionality. You'll not find me spend +10 minutes detailing a small area, instead i try to balance it out differently with just enough detailing to give a realistic vibe - but not enough detailing to let one single neighbourhood steal 10 fps from me In the first part i built the downtown core of the city; And in the second part i built a simple low income and crime ridden neighbourhood in close proximity to downtown;
  22. Berghmann, capital of the Poemian Federation

    1. Berghmann Central Station2. Berghmann Old Marina-Sea Promenade3. Berghmann Sea Tower4. Royal Theater5. IGS Tower6. Bank of Poemia Tower7. CultBer Tower8. Poemian Times Tower9. Congress10. Berghmann's Administrative Center11. St.James Cathedral12. MOH Museum13. PMOS Museum14. Presidential Palace15. Patriot's Park16. Berghmann Ancienne Cinema17. GENTAR Tower18. HTIndustries Tower19. Berghmann Stock Exchange20. Patriot's Theater 21. Supreme Court22. Gorden Tower23. Poemia Plaza24. Berghmann Sea Eye25. New Marina Hall26. Berghmann Old Fish Market Berghmann Downtown is the heart of the political and economic life of the Federation of Poemia. Among the palaces of the capital city, corporations and the government choose the future of the nation while tourists flock to the many monuments that displace along the streets of this teeming City area. The Berghmann Downtown despite extends for a not particularly large area, cover the 43% of the GDP of the entire New Benelux and 73% of all Berghmann. Berghmann is the capital and the biggest city of The Federation of Poemia. With a livability rate among the highest in North America, the city is the economic center of New Benelux and of the Federation. In the city has an important weight the presence of students who make Berghmann a lively city that looks to the future with optimism and serenity. As well as a center of studies and city of work the capital is also seen as one of the fashion city with its Fashion Week that attracts the best stylists from around the world. The city has great museums like the Museum of the Parliament and the PMOS. Berghamann is also a popular holiday destination with unique beaches bathed by the Pacific Ocean. .The Central Station .Suburbs of Berghmann .The Parliament Building and the MOH Museum on the left
  23. Biarritz part 1

    Biarritz it's the old district with art deco buildings, vintage skyscrapers, a huge (sunken) central park. Because i want it to be different and nice, with no repetitivity it will b eye candy only. Also on the other shore is the small airport. In this first episode a big round of applause goes to @Aaron Graham and his amazing creations!!!! I have to say that i'm not that satified with the light and the sidewalk. Should i change 'em?
  24. Downtown

    From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

  25. Suburbs 1

    From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

    Progress in the suburbs and something in downtown,

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