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City-building game(s)

Found 14 results

  1. Selby Shoe Factory

    Version 1.0.0


    Selby Shoe Factory, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- So ...... given my 3yr license on 3DS Max 2013 will expire next week, I spent the morning installing 3DS Max 2014 and troubleshooting to get it to work with Bat4Max (there's half a day out of my life I'll never get back, but it is either that or no more BATs!). This is a quick test building to ensure that 3DSMax 2014 works as far as getting content into game: it was too nice to simply leave as a test, and as it's been quite a while since I made any I-M content, I thought I'd share it. This BAT is an early 20th Century shoe factory inspired by the Selby Shoe Company in Ironton, Ohio. It is your typical mid-size, brick manufacturing building that can be found in so many towns and cities all around the world. Today, like so many other manufacturing buildings, this one stands empty. This is presented as an IM anchor building on a 4x4 lot. Use the CTRL key while zoning to assist growth. --------------------------------------- STATS (IM§§): Growth Stage: 3 (high density industrial zone only) Bulldoze Cost: §452 Capacity Satisfied: IM§§ 329 Pollution: 19 (Air)/ 13 (Water)/ 4 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 9/13/0 Power Consumed: 20 Mwh Water Consumed: 296 Gal/Month Building Style: N/A Occupant Group: Industrial / IM / Anchor --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO model files; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must keep only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. Regardless of which file you choose to keep, make sure you DO NOT delete the Lot or Desc files! If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. Either: (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) OR (http://gizmo.aplaceforwebsite.com/index.php) --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: This file requires no external dependencies. --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the file into your plugins folder. Thankyou and enjoy.
  2. Hello fellow players of SimCity. Here's Trylk (Seb for an easier name), I am a modder of SC5 (2013) who decided to remain on the game for a few reasons. (Details in another post) So, I'm not here to talk about myself, etc. I'm here for you, to answer your mod requests and try to give a second chance to this game. Okay let get to the serious part. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project name : Omega Co. 2.0 Objectives : Remake the OmegaCo transportation tubes to allow a more accurate zoning. Enhance the factory in order to stabilize the needs, the production stats, etc. Allow a better control of which ores/oils are extracted. The way it's going to be done : Separate the ressources extractor to create two differents units that will extract "Oil" and "Ore" (one ressource per module) If possible, enhancing the transport tubes to make the transfer slower or faster. Ex : You have a mining site far of your factory, by default, your transportation tubes transport the ressources that've been extracted at an "medium" speed. Well, since you're far, you want to have a faster ressource transfer from mining site to factory. Same thing's going on if you got a pretty near mining site. Mining units would need ControlNet (approximately 50) <<This is subject to be modified in the future>> What about mod compatibility : Here's a list of the planned mod compatibility : MultiPlopper add-on Regional tools Enhanced stats for industries and workers. (More detailed UI) Do you got any images ? No... Sadly not... Later, I promise that as soon as the firsts testing waves will come, I'll make pictures and add em. So make sure to subscribe and keep an eye here!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm back!! Pretty proud, however, this was made in one day so judge it accordingly! Buildup. Bbbbuuiiilllddddduuupppp BAH BAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH The factory district. The watertower and one of the dock entrances. This is the only connection to the river parting the mountains. A fishery, algae farm, and a big trash dock. Warehouses and one smokestack. Some more warehouses and some old w2w buildings. (woah whats that on the side???? :]) Commercial goodness End of the commercial district. Now, for- GASP Repairs and the office. Plus the landing area Top hangars and the windsock + end of the runway. Beginning of the residential. Small minigolf. Residential Residential Baseball field and... Lawn Ball?? Lawn Bowl?? I forgot. Residential Residential Residential End of Residential Well, that's it!! Full extent of the Residential The commerce and industrial place. That is a mountain for clarity. This was made with one of @CorinaMarie's fantastic maps. I flattened the terrain for the city, that's it.
  4. Paeng's PURe No05

    Version 1.0


    The Stone Ground Mustard Factory, long known for their "spicy, tangy, and rather gritty delight" has moved to a new location. The buildings they left behind were lovingly restored and turned into spacious lofts. 3x4, residential growable for 196 R$$ (stage 6, any density or tile-set). 3x4, commercial ploppable with 160 CO$$ jobs * Based on JES Stone Ground Mustard Factory building ;-) DEPENDENCIES * The StoneGround Mustard Factory Needed: jes_StoneGroundMustard-0x5ad0e817_0x51d4c59f_0x30000.SC4Model * PURe Basic Pack DEVELOPER NOTES Add the new lot (05_StoneGround) to your PURe folder. You may opt to use both the growable and the ploppable, or just one of them. Copy the "Needed: ...*.SC4Model" dependency to your folder PURe_Models. Store all other files in a safe place outside your Plugins. Play the game :-) INSTALLATION Unzip to your Plugins. To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the files from your Plugins. SUPPORT Should you need support for these items please visit the Paeng Production Forum Enjoy!
  5. 1.1 The Factory

    From the album Southside

    Factory work is grueling work. Fortunately for us, the shift is over and the sun is out.

    © Bipin

  6. Version 1.1.0


    This is my first building for this game. Give your industrial area a boost with this factory/tourist attraction. History: Colossal Mills is the largest cereal factory in the region founded 50 years ago by Jack Methanial who discovered the rich fiber from his corn fields that drastically helped cure his constipation. He helped many others stay regular too. He was not only a farmer but a pastry chef. His sweetened crispy corn recipe became famous and that was the beginning of a very successful cereal company. He called it Chirpy Krisps which is the flagship product. He later added blue marshmallows made with a heavily guarded recipe. Chirpy Krisps is a big hit worldwide. Recently the doors were open to the public so people can get a closer look at where their favorite cereal is made. Upon entering the building, a raffle ticket is given along with an empty container to scoop warm Chirpy Krisp puffs that comes down a conveyer belt straight from the oven. It's great out the box but nothing beats the experience at the factory. Inside there is a bar and restaurant with master chefs who make everything from a fancy bowl of cereal to entrees you would find in upscale steak houses. They also have some of the best cheesecakes in the region that come in many flavors including the cereal brands. One of the favorites is the Chirpy Shmores. It's a larger version of the corn puffs freshly hand made with the famous melted blue marshmallow between. This decadent treat brings tourists from near and far. Inside is a gift shop too with souvenirs and cook books. Winners of the raffle get a dozen of Krispy shmores and a voucher for a dozen boxes of their favorite cereals made at the factory. That's why there are prepared people walking in with suitcases. Other cereal brands include Fruity Shrooms, Strawberry Moo flakes and Chocobits. STATS: 16x8 Level 2 Unique Building Main Model- 6788 tris Custom LOD- 410 tris 315 jobs. This was going to be submitted for the Tempted contest but I didn't begin on time and I realized that I would not be able to put the detail I really wanted. So this building is dedicated to all the contestants and the Devs who sponsored it. Steam Workshop Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=493135868 Rar file Installation: Extract into a folder then copy/paste into the game's asset folder. Enjoy.
  7. Version Vol. 1 - Industrial Basics


    Thank you for choosing Bipin's Industry Essentials pack! This download comes packed with four growable and ploppable warehouse and factory outbuildings, three smokestacks, a massive cooling tower, two utility buildings; one for power and one for water, as well as the essential transit-enabled lots for an HD, grungy road that may be plopped over the standard Maxis ones to give some old-time appeal! Furthermore, some filler items and extra props for the lotters out there are included. This is my largest upload to date. Don't forget to check out the pictures to see what's in store. You can expect to see "Vol. 2 - The Rust Belt" soon. Also be sure to check out my thread to see what's coming up after this: community.simtropolis.com/topic/46654-bats-by-bipin/?view=getlastpost Required Dependency Links: http://workingman-productions.co.uk/downloads/wmp_power_lots.html http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27701-paengs-gridbuster-warehouses-vol01/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26504-wmp-allotment-set/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26425-paengs-grunge-concrete-set/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28814-paengs-grunge-ind-alleys/ Optional Dependency Link: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27200-light-replacement-mod-lrm-v40-mega-pack/ Psst... I hope you enjoy this little Festivus/Christmas present Simtropolis. I've been pretty ill recently, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from giving all you deserving members out there a gift!
  8. At first, special thanks are going to Ln X, who was my tutor for this entry and showed me his tricks to grow decent looking industrial areas, a big "Dankeschön" for him. Now let's just start: I hope you don't mind the Sepia/Foggy looking style, I think it's a bit too dense sometimes:3 Well, that's it. I think I now can handle these industrial stuff, though I'm not nearly as great as my teacher^^ I hope you all have a nice evening, I'm now going to party hard. Replies (finally ) Tonraq: Thanks, I didn't expected it'll turn out so well:D Ln X: Thanks, curves are a nice thing:D and thank you again for your help witht this^ entry! Richie99: Thanks, I'm actually pretty proud of it^^ dlsni: Thanks, and yes, I love the location too, I should have started to use the terrain sooner But I think, it's not conform enough yet, there are so many different kinds of w2w's it could've been better:D But at all, I'm very satisfied with it. jmsepe: Wow, thanks^^ C4RACORTADA: OK, memo to myself: Build more curves. People love curves. Pwel28: Yup, I will try to eliminate some of the modern bats soon and then maybe put out the Maxis stuff again. Then it should look more conform:D rewright: Thanks, man^^ Huston, Thanks, but I think the buildings are not really fitting to each other everytime^^ C4RACORTADA: Thanks, I actually try to make a video how the city is developing, I just work on it:D Yeah, there should be some smooth pieces of these type of highways too. 6-s has some too:/ elavery: Thanks, I just have no idea about the LotEditor:D fan o SC4:Thanks, I'm working on it:)
  9. Version 1.1


    Hello all What this mod pack does: - Increases module count of everything except for the VTOL pads - Decreases air pollution (not all of it) - Decreases ground pollution (not all of it) NOTE: You have to choose between two different files when unzipping them to the SimCityData folder: OmegaFactoryenhancement: Increases jobs from 1,000 to 10,000 OmegaFactoryenhancement2: Decreases jobs from 1,000 to 500 I may update this mod pack, and a video will be posted here soon. How to install: 1. Unzip the files after downloading. 2. Copy and paste the .package files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games/SimCity/SimCityData. Enjoy! More are to come!
  10. Version V.1.0


    . Smokestacks. - By - This BAT/lot set includes two different smokestacks and a smoke effect prop to meet all your dirty (industry) needs. >:-D The first of which; of these smokestacks, is a tan-coloured stone one: The second piece included is a brick smokestack. Since the bricks are smaller and comparatively flimsy, I've added some reinforcement rings, as pictured in the lighter stripes around the circumference of the chimney: The final part included in this set is a lot containing a smoke effect. This lot may be plopped under a smokestack to produce the (desired) pollution. other than that, there's not much else to know. Of course, it would be wise to inform you that these lots may be found in the power menu and the only dependency required is located here: http://workingman-productions.co.uk/dlTracker.asp?GET=downloads/exchange/WMP_Power_Lots.zip I hope you like this little surprise (which was originally part of an art project for school). Enjoy!
  11. Two questions: My processor factory is importing alloy and currently has two delivery trucks, why is it not producing any processors at all? Secondly, I have a cargo freight facility built at the airport. I hold the cursor over buildings and they say freight is shipping well. How come then has my airport never shipped out any freight?
  12. Version 1


    This is my first building. Sorry but he has not nightlighting because I'm still practicing gmax. properties: Demand: Dirty Industry Construction time: 25 days Job Capacity: 56 Bulldoze cost: 500
  13. Version


    The crops have been grown, and the milk has been produced. Will we simply resign ourselves to the fact that all our produce will simply disappear out of the tile via the nearest road or rail neighbour connection, to line some corporate processing companies pocket... to be sold back to us at 'export prices' or do we at least want to cream some of the benefit for ourselves? The answer is SPAM - F.A.R.M. and it is now ready to come to a agricultural tile near you! That's right... Local crops and local farm produce processed locally! ...and incidentally all the essential ingredients needed for the classic ploughman's lunch... ...Bread, Cheese and Beer! This pack contains 4 Factory abcvs Rural Module lots. Clevedon Valley Cheese Factory Plop cost: 2250 Jobs: 85 Clevdon Valley Dairy Co-Op Plop cost: 2500 Jobs: 95 Alan's Ale House and Brewery Plop cost: 2750 Jobs: 195 Fukitol Flour Mill Plop cost: 2750 Jobs: 195 Note: The Flour Mill has a (visual only) transit enabled rail connection. Stats for all lots: Menu - Landmark Industrial Manufacturing (I-M) Power: 100 Water: 50 Pollution: 2|2|5|0 Max Fire-Stage - 4 Dependencies: SPAM Super Resource Pack NB: If you already have the full core SPAM mod this pack is not required. PEG-MTP Super Resource Pack Optional: Murimk Props Vol02 *Fukuda's Original Building Models; FX Chemicals, Messier Dye and Bistagne Coal Mine, are included with his kind permission in this upload, however if you already use the original lots, the building models folder can be deleted. Installation: Unzip to: Documents/SimCity/Plugins/PEGPROD/SPAM/SPAM_addon/SPAM_abcvs/SPAM-FARM Un-installation: Delete the SPAM-FARM folder and its contents. Credits: Lotting - abcvs (Screw Pile Developments) Modding - Paeng SPAM Core Mod - Pegasus (Pegprod) Building Models - Fukuda (BLaM) Additional Screenies:
  14. PosCom Manufacture

    Version 1.1


    PosCom Manufacture, my look around in the industrial BAT realm. PC Manufacture is SimNation's only manufacturer of parts for PosCom Pre-Fab Homes. Medium Density Industrial Stage 2 I-M$$ 2x3 lot 67 jobs Feb. 2015: After many years I have come back to this file and updated it to produce a far more reasonable amount of pollution and consume less water and power!

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