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  1. I'm still alive (update)

    Hello everybody, it's me, after an entire year I'm gonna be honest, I have no excuse for not really doing anything with SimCity 4 for over, like, a year. But, actually, I have I've been remaking Telegraph City over and over, it totals to about 4 different failed attempts for different reasons. After each failed attempt I'd probably lose motivation and quite for weeks at a time. I'd get doubts, stuff would feel so painstaking, I'd work on an entirely different city, etc etc That's likely gonna keep happening, but for now, I just want it to be known that this project is far from dead, I swear on the safety of my future children I'm gonna get this done, at least for myself. So this update has content, I'm gonna leak the entire finished region, no, not all of it is colonized, or actually finished even, that was a bad way to put it. But, it's the outline for how I want the terrain and shape to be. If you see any kinks in it I likely know about them :pp Here's a crappy mspaint map I made showing you the direction I made the pictures in Enjoy what's been in the works for a while now, and hope that I'll be back before like, 2019 or 2020, maybe sooner! Thanks to those who supported me, and I hope you continue to stay interested in this despite it being few and far between! Seeyall soon!
  2. Don Miguel's CSX Pier Mall

    A very unique lot, and especially with the fact I thought it was custom modeled at first, amazing work here
  3. ESP15 Socony Building

    Solid model, I really do love how it fits in CBDs, however, I'd recommend collecting everything in a folder and uploading the folder, because uploading every bit seperately is a bit tedious
  4. SimCity BuildIt was the game most played in the history of the series, says EA Mobile

    This is very saddening, despite it being good news, arguably I find this the least quality SimCity game out there purely for it's mechanics. There used to be a SimCity 3000-esc SimCity on the app store (that was frustrating) but sadly it was taken down. Games that force you to (yes i know you can wait but most people in this genre want to sit down for a long time and just binge SimCity) to pay money for basic features are not games. Mgh, it's just very frustrating
  5. it's been twenty years since i've been on, and there's 81 alerts


  6. A similarity between SC4 music and SCC music

    Yep, same with Capitalist is to (american) modern age, authoritarian is to euro factory age, industrialist is to american prosperity, romantic is to euro renaissance, Fun is to Asia development, and contemplative is to open asia. I still prefer the creator ones, even though the societies version were pretty damn good.
  7. I'm a personal big fan of SimCity Creator (ds) version's music, and one of my favorites is easily the Post-Global Warming stage's soundtrack. The way it's composed and instrumentated is wonderful, and it fits the situation so beautifully. I could go on for two paragraphs about that, but that's not what I want to point out. I was listening to this track in particular, and I recalled a SC4 track sounding fairly similar. Eventually, I dug up the track itself, and... I must say, that is an interesting easteregg. There's also the fact that half of SimCity Societies' music is essentially an HD version of different SimCity Creator (DS) musics. I just wanted to post this, because I thought it was interesting and I think that both OSTs deserve more love. Thank you for listening!
  8. This is probably the fifth time I've tried to play this darn game and it's immediately hit me with a roadblock Whenever I install a custom map, it does show up ANYWHERE. I've checked in steam and it shows it's subscribed but no dice ingame. Content Manager comes up with none (even if i were to look in the steam workshop segment it's so inconsistent it's pointless) and create new map doesn't work. I've subbed and unsubbed in game, verified game cache... Nothing. Any ideas? Running a windows 10 alienware and the maps don't say it requires any dlc, I have all the deps, and I have After Dark and Snowfall. Example map is Aquapolis which does not work at all.
  9. Fisca Busta Casino

    Version 1.0.0


    The Fisca Busta casino, accurately named, is the perfect place to bet all your assets on two pieces of plastic. Gamblers all welcome, please come to visit! It is 3x3. Inspired by Oppie's Thumblin Dice Casino and the casino found on the BAT menu! That's the gist of it, further info including in the Readme.Any critiques or comments appreciated!
  10. Max's Microchips

    When I looked in the DL list I was beyond happy, this is a beautiful lot and model and so are you man
  11. SimCity 3000 1x1 RCI Pak

    Version 1.0.0


    My first buildings made in the BAT for SimCity 3000. Enclosed are three 1x1s, one for each zone type. Residential: Surgey Household A small 1x1 Japanese-ish 1-2 person house. No yard. Commercial: Darcy Antiques A quaint antique store in a run-down concrete block of a building. Three parking spots. Industrial: Longway Chemical Solutions A small chemical (local pool chlorine supplier or what you wish it to be!) plant that holds and delivers barrels and containers of chemicals. That's the gist of it, further info including in the Readme. Any critiques or comments appreciated!
  12. When I play a certain city, the game sees to crash to desktop whenever it's on simulation in approximately 3-5 seconds, it's went one minute before but also still crashed. This city has had the simulation started on it before, however I keep the simulation off when I build new zones and such. I'm on windows 10, alienware. SimCity 4 Deluxe from Steam, and my oplugins folder is 8.06 gigs, if you need a copy of the city to troubleshoot then I'm willing to provide if what I have is not enough info
  13. Take it or Leave it pack

    That church- Hell, EVERYTHING about this is awesome looking. Nice!!!!
  14. Boomooderie Extra Shots

    Extra shots from my region and CJ "Boomooderie" may extend to other countries as well.
  15. Show Us Your Small Towns

    I will always admire your patience for MMPing large fields, it's such a tedious and arduous task yet you flawlessly put it together. If only there was an MMP brush like in cities skylines, one can only hope for the future.