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      Got the wrong discs? Or didn't receive them in the mail?   06/20/2018

      For those who opted for physical discs -- if you donated between April - June and you received the WRONG discs or NO discs in the mail, please email stexcd@simtropolis.com and include your donation info such as Paypal transaction ID and we will get this rectified!
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      Outages - STEX Throttling Imposed :(   09/22/2018

      Update: 25 Sept, 2018 @ 08:00 EDT As previously mentioned we are temporarily adding a few limits for member downloads. Transfer speed will be dropped to 1,024 kB/s (previously 2,048 kB/s), one download at a time (previously unlimited simultaneous downloads), and a 10 second delay before the download starts (previously a zero second delay). Again, these are temporary measures we are taking in the hopes that it will keep the site from going totally offline. Update: 25 Sept, 2018 @ 07:15 EDT The site went totally unresponsive twice overnight. Cyclone Boom was able to get us going again. The underlying server issue is still eluding us. We will need to go the other direction in an attempt to balance member access to the STEX while not losing the site altogether. This means the planned reopening of the STEX for guest downloads will be postponed and we may need to place some temporary limits on members such as reducing the file transfer speed, the number of simultaneous downloads, and a short waiting time before the download starts. To be honest, this really sucks. On the other hand, any usable access to the files will be better than none at all. We appreciate everyone's patience while we struggle with these problems. Update: 24 Sept, 2018 @ 21:00 EDT All seems to still be working with quick response times. As mentioned below we will continue this test until tomorrow evening before adding guests back to the settings. Tis now my bedtime so please don't break anything while I sleep. But, if anything seems wacky, please post in the ST Bugs Thread. Update: 24 Sept, 2018 @ 19:45 EDT We've been up for one hour with this STEX test and so far server loads are looking good, page load times seem normal, and avatar hover overs are mostly zippy fast. The plan is to run with this configuration until tomorrow evening to give us plenty of time to see if the site stays responsive before we add the STEX access back for guests. (Rest assured, dear guests, we are not trying to force you to join ST. It's just that we have to figure out what has been causing the site to totally crash.) Update: 24 Sept, 2018 @ 18:41 EDT We've brought the STEX back online for members only as our next test. This test might also overload the site as there is some underlying bug which we have not yet identified. Both Cyclone Boom and I are here to keep an eye on the performance. Should ST get overloaded and go down you will first start seeing long page load times and eventually 522/524 errors from Cloudflare. At that point CB will work his magic and then you'll start seeing a 403 Forbidden error. (This means all access is blocked so the site can re-recover.) And then in about 10-15 minutes we'll bring it back without the STEX again should this bad stuff happen causing the aforementioned site crash. See also: My initial Bugs Thread post and CB's recent post there saying we are up in test mode for members. Update: 23 Sept, 2018 @ 22:22 EDT The site stayed up a wee bit longer, but still succumbed to whatever is causing the trouble. At this point we are taking the STEX and the Gallery offline, but will try to keep the forums going. Update: 23 Sept, 2018 @ 18:59 EDT Cyclone Boom has optimized all database tables which is sort of like defragmenting a hard drive. We've brought the site back online and are hoping it helps with the problems. The previous message (below) still applies until we are sure everything is fixed. Previous message: Simtropolis is experiencing random spikes of heavy server load and excessive lag to the point the whole site becomes unresponsive. We've been taking it offline to let it catch up with the load and then bringing it back. This is the best stop gap measure we have at the moment. If you are creating a new topic or post I suggest making a copy and paste to a text editor before clicking the submit button as we can't be sure it won't go offline at the wrong moment for you.
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      A Separate Bug   09/24/2018

      We are also having trouble with the Contact Us thinger. I do receive them (and they come to me as an email), but now when I reply they immediately bounce back. This could be due to peeps providing invalid email addresses or it could be an actual problem. I do reply to all of them so if you don't get a response within 24 hours you might consider sending me a private message here on ST instead. -Cori (PM me here.)

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City-building game(s)

Found 23 results

  1. Didicas Seamen's Park

    In the Middle of the busy Port of Didicas lies a peaceful refuge for port workers and nearby residents. The Seaman's Park The park is part of the itinerary of some city tours specially coming from the nearby cruise ship terminal. Here you'll find Sight seeing tour buses waiting for their tourist return coming back from the park walk. Northern portion of the park you'll find a small football field where port based company stage the tournaments. Surrounding it is the parks itself wherein during weekends a small flee market is open for the public. You'll also find a small memorial park near the football field. b The Seamen's Park also has an amphitheatre open air venue for local artist, stage plays, zarsuela, stand-up comedians and classic orchestra perform. The Japanese Spa House normal caters those port workers needing some relaxing massage. The Spa offers mineral onsens therapie, magma stone beds, a tea house and Japanese Zen garden. A few meters from the Spa house is the Park Stone marker with dedications for the Port of Didicas
  2. Humble beginings of the seaport - Cargo Terminal

    Bel-Air , custom map made by me , LUT Sattelite, THEME: Not so rocky hills, road US Style I would not release this map because it was created for eye candy design and so it has some issues: - 1 airplane route -1 shipping route -1 rail route -1 highway route -81 tiles mod needed -the map has no resources -the map has no prebuild assets -the map has no prebuild trees -the map has no prebuild essential lighthouse -the main industrial area will be the seaport (Newport) but it would not be a functional seaport -the main suburban office park will be at the airport but the airport (La Salle International Airport - LSX) will be nonfunctional What i've done so far are parts of the seaport. Cargo Terminal, Lumber Export Terminal and WIP is Miyagi Industries Car Factory and Export Terminal. I never really played CS for more than 20 -30 minutes untill this build. So yes you can say it's my first time playing the game, but i do follow all the big CS youtubers and i did learned alot. I may get overboard with my seaport build cause IRL i do live near a huge port so it's easy to get inspiration. And this is the Lumber Export Terminal My question is: -Should i release a video for each terminal i build or should i make one video after the entire seaport is done with images from during construction and a final cinematic of the entire build?
  3. I'm attempting to build a city in which car usage is minimized. To that end, I've added a small industrial area in which contains no roads of any kind, only railroads and pedestrian malls. It has grown nicely, and people are getting to work by taking the tram to their nearest train station and hopping on the train to the industrial area. On the surface, it looks like everything is running nicely: But let's take a look at where all the freight is going: It looks like all of the factories are sending their goods along the train to the connection with the neighbouring city instead of sending it to the port. I'll note that the neighbouring connection is quite a ways off screen and that even the furthest factory from the seaport is still significantly closer to the port than it is to the next city. As a result, every one of my factories that sends freight has "long" freight times. As you can see, the seaport has a railway connection, and it is connected to the rail system. It also has a "road" connection via pedway to the train station, so it has workers too. Can anyone explain to me why nobody ships their freight through this port? It is a CDK3 Container Seaport which accepts rail connections, but its used capacity is 0. The second issue is that this industrial area is fairly hilly. It's actually relatively flat compared to the surrounding areas, and I spent quite a bit of time smoothing the bumps and making the grade from the coast up to the hill that acts as a buffer between this area and my R/C neighbourhoods as gentle as possible: However, if you zoom in on some of these diagonal train stations, you can see they look absolutely terrible when put on a slope. Not only that, but many of the pedestrian malls are half-buried under grass, giving the whole area a weird, janky look: I tried using a slope mod to ensure my rails were built using realistic grades, but even with the least restrictive mod I could find, the area was still too hilly for me to lay down these tracks. Are there pedestrian tiles and diagonal railway stations that play more nicely with slopes, or do have to bite the bullet and flatten everything, leaving weird-looking, extra steep slopes at the edges of the area? And if I do that, what do I do with the train tracks at those steep edges? My last question doesn't really require any screenshots. Put simply, industry generates garbage. With no roads, the only way for me to remove this garbage is via rail. Do any mods exist that allow this?
  4. Torre Canne Marina

    Torre Canne Marina Torre Canne is here the coastal city which is located in the Federal territory of San Foca. The city is divided into different areas, today we see the Marina district. Early in the morning here is the Rotunda, with a beautiful Fountain, which connects the city with the SF-25 highway (A-25). While the clock is ticking and it's coming at noon and lunch time here's a nice music offered by NightRide FM. While the tropical heat rises and the sea is crystal clear the boats coming in and out in the seaport. Here's a beautiful seaport with roundabouts and historical center. The beaches of Torre Canne and the seaport. Meanwhile here is the highway. ... And the encounter between the SF-25 motorway (A-25) and SF-30 (A-30) with a small glimpse of the industrial sector of Torre Canne Marina. Other beaches and the seaport. While the Sun is calndo and the night is coming here is a beautiful sunset panorama. The last moment of light before the night comes on the roundabout with the beautiful Fountain. Now even some music provided by NightRide FM. Downtown near the seaport. The Central Avenue at night The old town at night A roundabout at night and the sea The beach at night to see the stars Yet another view of the town. As a final image the Torre Canne lighthouse at night. And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next article. COMMENT REPLIES: VIGATA @_Michael: Thanks for the comment @f3cs : Thanks for the comment, I'm experiencing other image effects to improve the quality of the image @MissVanleider: Thank you very much @Ln X : Thank you @Takingyouthere: Thanks for the comment
  5. Article #8 - Wainor Scene

    Article #8 - "Wainor Scene" Wainor is an important commercial-financial centre of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 195 Km of Yuti (capital city), 25 Km of Jalai and 19 Km of Krupó. Punta Retolk is part of Metropolitan Area. Founded in 1855 by english fishers, his main activity was fishing. Wainor was the first city of Metzú in have a seaport, in 1874. Wainor grew up slowly until the 90's. Large foreign capitals (China, principally) have invested a lot of money in financial services and commercial activities. The economic importance of the area and the existence of a seaport, made it possible this investment. The panorama of Wainor changed absolutely. High skyscrapers, large transport networks and other Infrastructure works (parks, stadiums, solar power...). Wainor is prosperous, cosmopolitan, touristic. A great place to visit in Metzú. Full Map Population: 52.351 Metropolitan Area: 98.332 (Wainor-Retolk Metropolitan Area) Main Activities: Commercial Centre, Financial Services, Heavy Industries. Wainor Scenes... 1. 1st Avenue and Parque Libertadores. A great sidewalk around the avenue. 2. Playa Chica. A great place to relax and drink something. 3. Puerto Internacional de Wainor. Built in 1874, renewed in 1950. The first seaport in Metzú. 4. Wainor Downtown. 5. Wainor Downtown. Great skyscrapers. 6. Wainor Suburbs. Road to Krupó City. 7. Wainor Outskirts. Industrial zone. 8. Wainor Downtown. High residential buildings and 1st Avenue. 9. Parque Libertadores. Place of great mansions, next to Playa Chica. 10. Modern buildings in Wainor Downtown. Surrounded by old tenements. 11. Gigante del Pacífico. A modern stadium, property of C.A Wainor Pacific, a football team, representative of Wainor City. 12. Built in 1996 (Renewed in 2017), has a capacity for 37.000 spectators. (before renewal) 13. 1st Avenue at night. 14. Wainor Downtown at night. A typical landscape of Wainor. 15. Wainor Night's Life. 16. A general view of Wainor at night. 17. Parque Libertadores. A good place to visit at night. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  6. The Crown building, bonus the seaport is done

    This si how the new Crown Building fits in my Bayou district Also i've finished building the base for the seaport. it spreads over 5 large city tiles and a general view of the region ================ @JP Schriefer - thank you @raynev1 - Miami doesn't seem to mind In the next entry i think i'll do some work on the airport and after that i'll come back with some pics from Bayou because there are a lot of stuff i want to show you in Bayou
  7. 03 Introduction to Transport

    INTRODUCTION TO TRANSPORT Darrylton has an extensive yet relatively simple transport system. Highways carry a great deal of cargo in and out of the city. In these shots, you can get a pretty good glimpse of the downtown expressway system. In addition to the highways which handle a host of imports/exports, at every entrance to the city, the incoming rail lines split to handle both cargo transport and passenger transport, specifically so the cargo lines do not get bogged down with unnecessary traffic. A majority of imports and exports are handled by the cargo hub at the Inner Harbor which is lined with popular shops, forming another popular tourist destination. Finally, there is an international airport to handle the intake of all the tourists. Next post, we will take a look at some of what they are all coming to see.
  8. hi all! I've been searching for some great , high quality sea port assets as the Vanilla seaport simply does not float my boat. pun not intended :/ I've got some nice warehouses and cargo platforms, but what I'm looking for is: - a new cargo harbor (seaport) with pier - an asset to hold docked ships - a lighthouse(s) Any suggestions for assets?
  9. Jade Bight 21: Emden 05

    The Jade Bight: 21 Emden 05; The West Basin This week we have yet another -- short -- update on Emden harbor. I'm still getting bits and pieces of the city completed while tending to other, urgent tasks. A massive and ongoing reorganization of my "plugins" folder is occupying almost every free moment I have. I should be "shot at dawn" for my stupidity. If you look at almost any member city, in almost any CJ, you cannot fail to notice the "TLC" and "intensive" attention to detail that has been lavished upon these maps. And yet -- it never crossed my mind that the foundation of such detailed and careful work is in an equally detailed and carefully maintained "plugins" folder! Simply put; If your "plugins" gets fat and sloppy, and congested with useless material -- your game slows down to the point of not working. Meltdown ! And let's not even discuss how "system traumatic" it can be to go into an archaic plugins folder and start trying to make sense of it all. One must wade through the loose "readme" files that say "I made this stuff", and struggle to figure out the proper place for an unidentified and unidentifiable "dat" file -- and, of course, a free-floating Texture file here and there. Let's not even get into the Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and Polish material. Even your above average "bright one" only speaks one or two languages above and beyond their native tongue -- won't go there! And I won't tell you how ridiculously easy it is to delete important material -- or -- after 8 or 9 hours in front of the screen how EVERYTHING looks like it should be deleted !!! And just when you think you're all done -- you open one of your cities for a little test run. OMG !! -- When did the park paths change to red Herringbone brick?? AND -- !! Where did my hand-crafted, lovingly custom MMP detailed river of Tahoe Water go??? And all this grief came down on me because I decided to try my new-found talents and custom downloaded lots in a LARGE map tile. After trying several different approaches in the last 14 cities, I can safely say I have learned a good deal about building realistic cities. I have learned how to landscape and integrate, and I have also learned how to make them function and grow. More importantly, I've learned the difference between what "looks good" and what doesn't work. My sense of scale and space is telling me it's time to move to a large map and try to create a city with room to grow and actually breathe at the same time. From what I have read here and there on the forums, most players experience a serious case of "the slows" when they work on a large map and start racking up big population counts. I know from personal experience that 500k people will NOT fill a large map tile -- but the game will begin to run so slow that paint will actually dry quicker! Rule of thumb: More Sims = more demand on CPU. Natural Law: Every operating system has an upper limit. And that is why you should keep a neat and tidy -- almost spartan -- plugins folder. Reading hundreds of useless files slows your system. And with 500k at stake -- EVERYTHING may be important. I'm still working on that plugins folder. And there will be more tests to run. And I've yet to do a re-install on Nam32 to make sure I'm only running the options I need or want. As has been pointed out to me by a good friend, "RHW" requires MILLIONS of lines of code. If you don't want to use it -- take it out. Use the CPU for more important things. "RHW" sounds a bit like dragging around an elephant on the off chance you might need an ant squashed!! (lol-lol) And -- I've got one more medium map to do (Nuenberg) -- a few more tests to run on that one. And a good deal of planning for it as well. And only then will I try the Large map tile. So, as you can see, there is a great deal of planning and prep before I embark on that one. (NOTE: I have started numbering each picture -- for those of you that have questions or specific comments.) But -- for now -- We go to The West Basin of Emden Harbor. SOMY EXTENDED PIER: #01 #02 Everybody knows what this is -- sort of. It's one of those marvelous lots created by Somy -- right? But does anyone actually know how it's supposed to be deployed? Has anyone actually SEEN a picture by Somy showing how he uses it in a game? I asked around -- and no one seemed to know how to plop this thing. It has the lot base under the extended arm -- the rear of the pier looks like it should rest on the shore -- and the front end has concrete "feet". Well -- I have deployed it (without its' parent unit) the only way it seems to make sense. But I'd like to hear your theory on how to set it up!! What's a horse race without another horse? Right now -- this "thingie" is part of the Mitchell-Brinkman Cement Plant. MITCHELL-BRINKMAN CEMENT COMPLEX: #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 The Mitchell-Brinkman Complex has been on this spot for well over 120 years and has undergone very little modernization in the last 70 years. This plant supplied almost 75% of the raw ingredients that were shipped along the canal to make the concrete for the factories that made the Ruhr one of the world's greatest manufacturing regions. The extended pier feature was added during the early 1960's to increase the loading space during the building boom of that era. CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT: #08 This is a Concrete Batching Plant located next to the Cement Plant. This facility supplies the needs for local "fresh" construction concrete as well as providing stocks of bagged "pre-mix" that can be prepared on-site. Next door is a freight railyard to handle bulk distribution of the raw ingredients to inland sites. DAO CHEMICALS: #09 This is Dao Chemicals, next door to the Mitchell-Brinkman yard. Classic example of a Maxis lot fully detailed with 1x1 and 1x2 filler lots. There are people who say you should not use ANY Maxis content and should focus entirely on "custom lot" downloads. My personal opinion is that some Maxis content is required if you want the game to function properly. Maxis content (industrial) creates employee traffic, freight truck traffic, jobs, and generates freight train traffic. Not all "custom download" content will fulfill these functions and can adversely effect the way your city grows and develops. The custom lots are nice to look at -- but make sure you have a mix to keep the city RCI demands functional. Dao Chemicals is proof that Maxis lots can be mixed with custom content and look every bit as good with a few filler lots added. MITCHELL-BRINKMAN RAIL SIDING: #10 This is a rail yard loading pad for the cement plant. Bulk cargo consisting of sand or gravel is loaded or unloaded here for use at the plant. The entire thing is made up of filler lots from downloaded sets (NBVC's Container Port Set) or custom-made filler lots. Adds a nice touch. OBLIGATORY NIGHT SHOTS: #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 We bring this tour to a close. Comments and feedback are VERY welcome. If you see something you don't understand -- want to know where it came from -- or think it's dumb!! Please say something! Why would anything ever get better if no one says it's bad?? Next Week: Emden 06 -- Car Shopping !!
  10. Jade Bight 20: Emden 04

    The Jade Bight: 20 Emden 04; The North Mole This week I bring you another update on the harbor at Emden. It is a bit shorter than most updates, but Emden is still a work in progress -- and there have been other difficulties as well. I'm hoping to be able to finish Emden -- even if it is in bits and pieces. THE NORTH MOLE: The North Mole area was one among several modernizations carried out in the harbor between the wars. Large scale dredging operations opened up the marsh area to the north of the main channel and extended piers were built to accommodate the newer cargo vessels coming into service. The North Railyard was added at the same time and an extended freight handling yard was also built to service the new piers. FREIGHT HANDLING: North Mole It is worth noting that even with all this modernization, some parts of the original infrastructure remain. The cluster of brick warehouses in this picture date from approximately 1905 and are still in use to this day. RAYDEN TRANSFER: Rayden Transfer has moved into the area in recent years and has become the chief mover for most of the freight coming off the ships. It has been so busy that a small extension yard was added only recently. OPEN AREA: In response to some comments on the CJ, I have attempted to fill a little less of the map with trees. I have reduced the heavily forested areas and primarily used them as a means to divide certain parts of the city. But I find that open space is a concept I have not quite been able to wrap my head around. As you can see, I can't resist the urge to somehow "decorate" what are supposed to be "open areas". I am still working on this idea. All suggestions and advice will be most welcome. Even with progressive building programs, parts of the harbor remained resistant to change. The large mole on the west side of the shipping basin remained much as it was because Domino Sugar owned the property and refused to consider improvements. At one time, they occupied almost all of the mole, but over the years, they modernized and built the large, new plant at the end of the mole. This freed up property that Domino could lease on a long-term basis and several companies moved in. GRABER SMELTING: This is a classic example of a Maxis lot that can be decked-out with fences, parking, cranes, and trucks -- to very good effect. And it has the advantage that it will provide jobs as well as creating employee and freight traffic in your industrial zones. ACME BOILER WORKS: An example of a "custom" lot that was not exactly "chock-a-block" with details. A good plant, but in need of a bit of help. The use of T-Wreck's IRM fillers, a few truck and crane filler lots, and we back it up against the Old Harbor Quays with the old-fashioned cranes and it looks much better. GAS STORAGE TANKS: Another shot of the custom "re-lotted" IRM Gas Storage Tanks backed up against the Old Harbor Quays. DOMINO SUGAR PLANT: As you can see -- Domino eventually wound up occupying about a third of the mole area. The very fine custom lot overlooks the harbor much as it's real life counterpart does. I've finished detailing it by adding parking lots, trucks, cargo, and the Old Harbor Quays with their cranes and cargo to be loaded. The place is an absolute "hive" of industry. And -- the night lighting is a "must see" feature. NIGHT SHOTS: There's an end to this week's installment. I've still got some work to finish up on Emden -- and it is slow going. There have been a few setbacks -- not everything works the way it's supposed to. So the work in progress will be less grandiose than planned. And the "regional" theory has come into stark conflict with too much custom content. Which will require drastic measures to save the region from economic collapse. So -- it will be several more weeks before Emden has been completed. In the meantime, I have serious "plugins" problems requiring ALL my attention. I have neglected to do my "housekeeping chores" and the plugins folder is "The Devils Own Nightmare" -- to put it mildly. I've been trying to straighten it out for the last five days and during the process, I succeeded in accidentally deleting the Domino Sugar content as well as my Tahoe Water app. Sometimes I can be all thumbs !!! I did manage to retrieve that situation -- but there are bound to be more errors during the course of what promises to be a long and VERY tedious process. Once done -- I will build one more city in the region to test the new "plugins" configuration. If that is a success -- then I'll have to decide whether or not to carry on with this region or begin a new one. I've come to the conclusion that the small and medium sized maps are all but useless, and my cities would look much better on the large sized map tiles. The large maps would better accommodate the sense of scale and space I'm looking for in my cities. Next Week: Emden 05 -- The West Basin
  11. Nyhaven and Kendall: One Metro Area

    For those of you who weren't aware, Nyhaven and Kendall are part of the same metropolitan area. In fact, they're the two largest cities in the metro area. The following animation shows my progress in building and merging the two cities over time (up to about a week ago): I've done even more work on the metro area since the date of the last region view here, but Photoshop refuses to export an updated GIF (probably due to a memory shortage or summat). EDIT: After shrinking the image and reducing the animation length, Photoshop finally exported a new GIF. I've edited it into the space above. However, you can see some of my latest work in the Kendall thread. At this point, even the two subway systems have merged, creating a 20-line monster that's so big, it would be a nightmare to try to name each line the way I'd been naming them. Hence my decision to replace the names with letters and numbers, as the latest subway map shows: My latest work on Kendall was almost lost due to the city contracting prop pox. Thankfully, after doing a great deal of reading on prop pox's causes and preventive measures, I was able to continue from a recent, pox-free backup, and my preventive measures have kept the pox from reappearing. Here's some of that work, which includes my efforts to merge Kendall and Nyhaven into a single metro area. The Lords of Parliament, Lower Columbia's two heads of government, now have a residence and office that suits them. The leaders of Parliament's two chambers live and work in separate wings of Columbia House, shown here. This executive mansion is right across Upper Columbia Avenue from Parliament House itself. Based on earlier comments, I've worked on reducing building repetition around Federal Circle. I've also begun expanding the business district that surrounds the circle, so it hasn't completely filled in yet. I also acted on comments regarding the proximity of the seaport to central Kendall and completely rebuilt the area. Now, housing projects rise where cranes and stacks of containers once stood. I also rebuilt Edmonds Junction, the rail junction connecting Kendall's Library Terminal to the port and points beyond, to take advantage of the new FlexTrack features in NAM 34. The rebuilt Port Brunsmjöd now sits on its own island, with many more berths for ships and greatly improved rail and highway access. Pacifica State Highway 32 (visible in the top-right corner) runs through the port areas next to the port's rail line. PC-32 begins at this rebuilt interchange with the R-50, where the latter highway turns south into central Kendall. Due to this interchange's proximity to another one, the R-50 widens to 10 lanes here. That other interchange is where the R-250 ends. This freeway gives Kendall access to Nyhaven International Airport and runs through a number of new suburbs. The R-50, meanwhile, continues east into midtown Nyhaven. The largest of those new suburbs is Clifton Mesa, a massive planned community near the formerly-small village of Clifton. Huge earth-moving operations leveled the hills that once stood here to collect land reclamation material for Port Brunsmjöd in the 1960s, and city planners took the opportunity to build a suburb that would serve both Nyhaven and Kendall. Clifton Mesa is home to one of the metro area's largest shopping malls, and is where several subway lines from both cities intersect.
  12. Episode 4 : Seaport & marina

    The seaport is done. And also a small marina. So there are some mountains to be finshed and also two islands and we are done
  13. Seaport the beginning

    Hi everybody This i my seeport and a space of containers. Please comment my city The seaport The freight station A containers space I hope you will like. Please comments Lolo
  14. What are the best SeaPorts to add to the game? And will all Seaports safely work together? I have played SC4 a long time, but neglected water for too long. I've got the Ferries down now, so I'm moving on to Seaports and the Maxis default Seaport has begun to bore me. Plus I've recently learned that it doesn't exactly work all that well for Industry, so I'm looking for some additional Seaports to add to the game that will work for Industry properly (functionally), look great (visually), but not conflict with each other. Is there just one best Seaport to go with, or how did you decide what to use? I've noticed a lot of outdated Seaports on the STEX, many say obsolete, no longer supported, or have bugs people complain about in the reviews. I noticed the LEX had 1 Seaport download that might help me with the functionality concern. But I'm curious what other things of it. I also noticed the PLEX has a plethora of Seaport-looking downloads, but im unclear if those are just regular residential and commercial that LOOK like they fit into a Seaport type of setting. Do you have something to suggest to help get me started with Seaports beyond the default Maxis version? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!
  15. Hi guys! Little problem - I have the OWW2, the piers and corner tiles. The boardwalks... anyways.. this what happens
  16. The ideea is for you to show us images with real life river or seaport from your city. I'll start first with some aerial photos of Constanta Port. The Port of Constanta + aerial photos
  17. Quick Development

    As trade grew between small city Trenton and large city Glendale, the seaport had to be expanded. (Trenton pop; 1,003 at the time- Glendale pop 60,783. I can't do a cj for Glendale because it is too developed). But anyway the industrial pop was 0 in Trenton, but 11,000 in Glendale, so Trenton needed supplies.
  18. Johnson International Seaport

    Trenton started off as a power plant, an Gegionic Ingestor, and a seaport.
  19. #5 - Critical Mas

    Replies: samerton- Thank you, I'm glad you think so! Kevin- Hahaha, I'd imagine! I'd love to visit that park in real life, actually...I imagine it would be very picturesque (especially considering the setting). Sorry for the long wait; got caught up in school and Portal 2 . More pictures: 1.) *Looking North; click through for full-sized picture* This is the overview of Buonocitta I promised an entry or two ago. This isn't Buonocitta in its most current form, but it's the only overview I have (I don't want to take one now because I've been deleting so much stuff to try and get it over to CXL 2011). It's the first city I ever created in CXL (it was my Planet Offer city ), and it remains the largest one I've created in the game, at somewhere north of 100,000. The odd thing about it is that I never even got to the "main" part of the city--that's almost all suburban sprawl and edge cities! 2.) A picture from Fordville Int'l Seaport. I don't know why I edited it like that, really...probably because I just wanted to. I will say, though, that building and sharing the seaport in the CJ was really fun ! 3.) I've only once ever dabbled with the M.A.P.P., and the fruits of that dabbling, known as Onyx Park in the Emerald Plaza area of Power City, have been lost for years now, remaining only in the form of pictures. This, of course, is one of those pictures. I think I really just like the way the Cyclone sits against the freeway there. I'll probably show some other pictures from the rest of the park sometime in this CJ, but we'll see ;-). BONUS! *click through for full-sized pic* Buonocitta at night. I think I just really like the angle of the road in this picture (and the fact that it's the most European thing I've ever done in either CXL or SimCity ). ...and that's all, folks! Leave a comment if you wish, please!
  20. Seaport Expansion | Part I pictures Title says all, here are some close ups and some mosaics. Enjoy! The pier, full size. No seaport without a lighthouse , full size. This is the only entrance by land. Thank you for watching
  21. Seaport Expansion | Part I Now that the economy is running well and the cities have good connections with eachother, now they are going to plan something big, but really BIG. They are going to expand there seaport, the plans are ready for expansion part I. For the full picture click here. As you can see they are going to create a square, around the square there will be a tram to transport all the employees. And now, after 2 years working and spending 12,9 Billion Simelions the ports are getting shape. For the full picture click here. As for now part I is completed, do you know what they are going to do now? Stay tuned!

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