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City-building game(s)

Found 13 results

  1. Charlestown, Halifax, and Seneca

    This post is a tour of the suburbs of Charlestown, Halifax, and Seneca. First off, Charlestown. Charlestown is a former farming community located to the east of Alexandria, on the opposite side of I-85. After I-85 and State Route 33 were built, Charlestown grew into a typical sprawling suburb. Southern Charlestown and the Parker Street exit on SR-33. Historic houses, built in the early 19th century. After the rail extension to Charlestown (which I'll discuss in the next entry), several new developments have been built around the station. Next is Halifax. Halifax has historically been (and still is) Alexandria's industrial center. Halifax is west of Alexandria and sits south of I-85 and the Halifax river. Central Halifax and the City Hall. The Eastern Halifax industrial zone. The parks towards the top of the picture were placed along the old rail viaduct's right of way. After the construction of the M Green Line, apartment buildings have sprung up around the Halifax stations due to the cheap cost of land. Finally, we have Seneca. Seneca is north of Alexandria, and it's known for its horrible traffic, due to its lack of freeways or even major arterials. Despite this, it's a fairly affluent city, and has some of the best schools in the state. An overhead view of the city. Ramsett Lake and the surrounding area. To the south is downtown Seneca. Downtown Seneca. Beside the lake is the future site of the Seneca Mall. City leaders have been promoting it as a center for job growth, while residents worry it will increase traffic.
  2. City Tour

    This is a quick tour of the city's most notable attractions and neighborhoods. I'll show more in future, more specific installments. This is the New England State House. Built in 1800, it is the fifth building to serve as state house. The city government hoped that it would become a center of downtown life; however, it is rarely visited by anyone other than state employees (although there are plenty of them). Camsden Hall, built in 1743, is the oldest surviving building in Alexandria. Originally a meeting place, the hall and the surrounding square is now a public market and events place. While most of Alexandria's historic buildings have been demolished, several blocks nearby were preserved with the establishment of the Camsden Square Historic District. Additionally, the Downtown Historic District prohibits the building of any buildings over 300 feet in the southern area of downtown Alexandria. Camsden Square is commonly used to refer to the southeastern area of downtown, Alexandria's premier shopping and nightlife district. Alexandria City Hall and the Alexandria Museum of Modern Art are located in the area. Here we have the Central Financial District. It's one of the city's chief employment centers, and most of the banks with offices in Alexandria were located in this area, with the Bank of America being the notable exception. Since the collapse of Alexandria's banking industry in the mid-1980s, the offices have been divided between many different businesses; the companies currently occupying the most office space are Bazynga, Cloudline, and Tribune, in their namesake buildings. Despite the area's notability, not a single building over 300 feet has been built since 1994. The city government is hoping to encourage more construction in the district to pull the city out of its recession; however, transportation in the district is busy: Convention Center is the busiest station in the M system, with 3 lines running through. The city is looking for ways to provide relief, as trains running toward the station are often at capacity. The Eastern Financial District has been a bustling employment and entertainment district since the early 1990s, when the internet companies began moving into the city. The Great American Insurance Group was located in this area until 1989, and Bank of America's world headquarters was in this area, occupying Alexandria's tallest building until 1984. In addition, the Alexandria Trojans play at Costco Field, in the center of the district. The Kings Street M station was designed as a defining feature of the area, and its design has influenced several nearby buildings. Sometimes called the "Brooklyn of Alexandria", Acton Park is a former industrial area that has been transformed into the city's newest neighborhood. In an effort to transition away from manufacturing, the City of Alexandria purchased the large Acton Industrial Estate in 1979 with the intention to turn it into a mixed-use neighborhood. The city built new schools, parks, roadways, apartments and offices and extended the M's Red Line in order to create a vibrant community. Acton Park has, on average, the youngest residents out of every defined neighborhood, in large part due to its proximity to downtown and mixed-use development.
  3. Short Tour

    Big news is all about the buses, but before delving too deeply let's take a tour... ...using the roadway is the preferred route as these busses take a direct path to the new location for the Foggy Height's depot. Then we have a parking first! On the newly developed Evergreen Ore Island someone got caught "up" in the activity! Then over to Franklin, to the center of our residential area, the Donut Mall and 3D Cinema as dusk descends. And, a look from the rollercoaster back toward the Donut mall and 3D Cinema... Night traffic from Ashton out to Whereville, WhereEver (SC4 would tell you the city this leads to). And, at the diagonal opposite side of the city, Evergreen Ore's newly developing industrial addition... ...finally, a parting shot looking up the four lane roadway as dusk silently settles and industry bristles with the night shift gearing for the long haul. Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo
  4. Let's start our tour close to the historic centre of town, where the impressive Town Hall sits across from the rather less impressive railway station, on either side of the Constantijn Huygensstraat. Nieuwezee's one and only tram line starts here, in a leafy square next to the Sint-Niklaaskerk (St. Nicholas' Church). The route is only 3km long, but it takes in most suburbs of the town so it's an excellent way to get acquainted with the place. Before we leave, let's take a closer view at the area around the tram terminus. We're looking North from the station, which was built ca. 1910 within the confines of a large park which once faced the town hall. All that remains of that park is the small turning-circle for the trams; the rest has been encroached on by housing, or covered by the station itself. On the other side of the road is the Gemeentehuis, the Town Hall. It's a magnificent 1600's red brick building built on the site of an earlier, smaller hall. Behind it we can see the Stadsplein, the Town Square, site of a trendy farmers' market and a collection of popular restaurants. To the left of the Town Hall, is the famous Rembrandt's Theatre, closely modelled on the original in Amsterdam's Rembrandtsplein. This is centre of Nieuwezee's cultural life. Look out! Here's our tram! From our tram stop we leave the Huygensstraat and round the corner of the Rembrandt's Theatre, turning onto Marktstraat - the Old Town's commercial centre. See the chocolate shop on the left? Marktstraat slopes down towards the town's 'main' canal, the Koninklijkegracht (Royal Canal). On the canal's edge sits the Marktplaats, the town's older, larger and more authentic answer to the farmer's market we saw behind the Town Hall. The Marktplaats is a great place to come for fresh flowers and seasonal produce - or just for a spot of people watching! Continuing onwards, we cross the canal to enter Haartje, the 'little heart' of the town, where historic housing blocks nestle around cobbled backstreets. You're never more than a few moments from the canal-side here, because there's a second canal which we're fast approaching! The Poldergracht is indeed the 'second' canal - which is how Nieuwezeers often call it! Being less than 1km long, it runs from the banks of the river Vos to the edge of the marshland behind the Peninsula. It was originally built to service the large polder site to the East of town, but has remained largely useless for nearly 250 years as the authorities only started draining the site in the 1990's. Such is Dutch bureaucracy! As we arrive on the Poldergracht itself we pull into the third tram stop. Over the road is a business park with a collection of 80's and 90's office blocks. The main avenue here (the Schiereilandlaan) runs North to the highway, and South down the length of the Peninsula. Despite the traffic this area remains pleasant and leafy - thanks to the extensive Poldergrachtpark which marks the edge of the Haartje district. Heading South in our tram we pass the High School and the Fire Station - both prime examples of 1950's architecture. Beyond them are sprawling estates of planned housing dating from the early, mid and late twentieth century. It's clear to see the gradual spread of the town Southwards, as it found itself hemmed in by the river to the West, and the marshy polder-lands immediately to the East. Our fourth stop is the Centraal Ziekenhuis, the Central Hospital. The main building (closest the tram stop) dates from the 1960's, but behind it there are large extension wings built in the 1980's and 2000's. Now we turn again, heading West along the Havenbrugweg, the Harbour Bridge Road. Behind us the Peninsula tapers off, as does the town itself; the furthest reaches, settled most recently, are sparsely populated neighbourhoods-in-the-making which are peppered with modern eco-homes and self-build housing. The last major development, is the 1990's cinema and strip-mall towards the end of Schiereilandlaan. Heading down the Havenbrugweg we approach De Drie Zusters, 'The Three Sisters'. These nine-storey tower blocks are the tallest buildings in Nieuwezee, and they mark an imposing presence on the town's skyline. All at once we're onto the Havenbrug, the Harbour Bridge. It was built in the 1960's as part of a major redevelopment of the port facilities; for centuries Nieuwezee's harbour has been a deep inlet on the far side of the river mouth, a good 2km from the town centre via the old stone bridge. The new Havenbrug was the authorities' attempt at literally bridging the gap between the town's residential and industrial quarters; the tram would be extended from its old terminus outside the hospital, over the river and into the harbour port. The bridge is actually a pair of bridges, one for road traffic and the other for trams. This doubling in two helped reduce the carriage weight and therefore the cost of what is, essentially, a lightweight steel girder construction. Even so, it's a long way down! Arriving into the Harbour District we can see at once, that the ambitions of the 60's haven't been met in practice. The problem is, Nieuwezee has a port without a purpose! Like most waterside towns in Holland, Nieuwezee has always had a functional harbour, but for commercial use this has long since been superseded by bigger, more accessible facilities in other towns closer to the coast, or places more centrally located within the Randstadt. Here we are now, arriving at the tram stop on Noordenkade (the North Quay). It's a truly depressing place, with vacant lots and the ugly 1960's 'business centre' sat half empty. Rounding the corner though, we can see that the Harbour District isn't completely derelict. There's still a functioning port, and a swathe of light industrial units and warehouses stretch back from the harbour edge towards the motorway, about a kilometre to the North. Still, it's not surprising that the Southern terminus of the tram really does feel like 'the end of the line.' There's nothing here but sand-dunes, and beyond them, the open expanse of the IJsselmeer...
  5. Version


    Introduction: Tourist in Jakarta uses this bus for city sightseeing Double Decker Bus as Tourist Bus: This mod replaces Tourist Bus in the game. Copy the package file to your SimCityData folder, remove your old Tourist Bus Package (if installed), and enjoy seeing this bus rides in your city. It's only texturing for the time being. because I'm frustrated with 3D modeling actually (especially the UV mapping thing). Perhaps, Oppie, Takuoma, Tobse, etc could give some tutorial. LOL Should you find any bugs, please feel free to inform me by posting a comment.
  6. Maps of Mirani

    Hey guys! Thank you for all your kind comments of my previous entries! This entry will just be for maps of Mirani, mostly regional. Replies next update! As Mirani is part of the AIN, you will sometimes see other AIN countries in the maps. Location within Oceania. Plain map Divisions outlined in grey, with their capital cities in red. Colour Coded Divisions map Red: Big Islands Yellow: Capital Islands Blue: Gips Island Green: Jervis Islands Orange: Capricorn Islands Purple: Seastern Islands Pink: Western islands Brown: Jennis Islands Keep checking back every now and then for more maps!
  7. Quad City: Tour - Southwest section of city

    Welcome to the Southeast section of Quad City! Current Population 256,021 This section of Quad City features a mix of: Commercial & Residential Section Highlights Include: Thank you for reading this update. Please rate this entry. Comments are always welcome. :-)
  8. Quad City: Tour - Northwest section of city

    Welcome to the Northwest section of Quad City! Current Population 254,616 This section of Quad City features a mix of: Commercial & Residential Section Highlights Include: Thank you for reading this update. Please rate this entry. Comments are always welcome. :-)
  9. Quad City: Tour - Northeast section of city

    Welcome to the Northeast section of Quad City! Current Population 254,933 This section of Quad City features a mix of: Commercial, Residential, High Tech Industrial, and the Airport Section Highlights Include: Nnote: Tn Hospital is actually the red crescent hospital. Thank you for reading this update. Please rate this entry. Comments are always welcome. :-)
  10. Quad City: Tour - Southeast section of city

    Welcome to the Southeast section of Quad City! Current Population 256,487 This section of Quad City features a mix of: Commercial, Residential, and High Tech Industrial Section Highlights Include: Thank you for reading this update. Please rate this entry. Comments are always welcome. :-)
  11. The Continuous Tour Of Loggaville

    Welcome back! When we left off I was about to show you my swimming pool campsite. So lets get to that now. Quaint, yes? But the REAL attraction is here. Tourist come from miles around to see... some tiny canyon and sing annoying songs around campfires while getting bug bites in the millions. What they see in this area I don't know. Next up on the tour are the meager utilities. Power is supplied by a 200 mw/h diesel generator (how it powers the whole town is amazing) Water is supplied from a 50-year-old water tower. (tastes like rust!) There is a small clinic for scraped knees. (For anything larger they bury the poor sap alive) (As you can see in the photo I fixed the streets) Lately people have had an interest in building small shops and restaurants. In addition the first permanent residents moved in. You can see the single-truck fire department in the lower part of the pic. (Silver roof) As a closing to our tour of Loggatown for now you get a full town picture! (Oops. I got the no road zot on the dock in the pic) That's right people, no logging industry yet! But never fear, because we will come back to Loggaville in the future. Next time we will tour the future utopia of Cliffton!
  12. Welcome To Loggatown

    Welcome to Loggatown, the small logging town in the middle of nowhere! Loggatown hosts about 60 people in assorted cabins. Here are some of them. (Don't forget to click and enlarge! ) There is a very basic school system. Every day students are taught to milk cows and shear sheep. Of course most people don't go to school because all houses are vacation rentals. But they do go camping! First they enter the trail... They walk and walk some more... (about 5 miles) And reach the campground. With swimming pool! Oop! Ran out of pic upload space! Will post next soon. (please tell me if there's a way to get more upload space for pictures. Thank You!)
  13. Tritours Building



    Hi everyone ! That is my first "skyscraper", usually i make houses so please rate and comment to help me in futur. File description : - Plopable landmark with no jobs - 3x3 tiles - 91500$ to build - 915 to bulldoze - NO night lights (i dont know how to do it sorry but tell me and i'll...) Some dependencies : - BSC MEGA PropPack CP Vol01 - WalkingSnake Textures Vol01 - NAM (last version)

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