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City-building game(s)

Found 164 results

  1. From the album Up in the Air

    This Christmas I flew home with Lufthansa. I delayed my reservation for too long and the low-cost airlines were alredy full. Still, not a large problem as I would experience LH's intra-European service and "know" Munich airport, where I had never been on. Both flights to and from MUC were almost heavenly. Operated with rather old A321s, there is plenty of space and the flights are rarely fully booked. There is a snack and free alcoholic drinks service, something I'm totally not used to as I normally fly low-cost when in Europe. The flight MUC-TXL was amazing (including a dangerous crosswinds landing), as the aircraft was only half full and the crew was so attentive and having so much fun during the service. They got many compliments by the passengers for that.
  2. From the album Up in the Air

    Taxiing in MUC I had the chance of capturing the long A340-600. These old and inefficient planes are currently being phased out off Lufthansa's fleet with A350-900 XWBs, and soon will be a nice memory of another time.
  3. From the album Up in the Air

    Some Bavarian sights while approaching to Munich airport. While it looked peaceful, Germany was under a big storm, leaving heavy winds all over the country. The flight had been very turbulent and the pilots had to land among heavy crosswinds. They achieved that at the first try.
  4. From the album Up in the Air

    Midday long-haul operation at BCN. American flies to JFK and MIA from pier E at Barcelona's T1 and both flights depart within a few minutes difference. I watched the pushback of this flight from my own flight's boarding queue.
  5. From the album Up in the Air

    Quite a rare sight here. Pictured one of the A330s operated by LEVEL, which is a long-haul low-cost spinoff of Iberia. LEVEL flies to Oakland, Los Angeles, Punta Cana and Buenos Aires. The deboarding was ongoing meanwhile I took the picture.
  6. Hello ! I hope this time to be in the right place ! So ... The project "Scoty Modular Airport" (SMA) aims to divide an airport into more or less large Lots typical and varied (common to all airports), to build them in a few clicks and a minimum of preparation, like a little puzzle, from which we could choose some of the pieces and their locations. This is not a question of competing with RMIP and ACTeam ..., who have done a great job, but rather to extend their creations and facilitate the "assembly" of airport. For this project a little (!) ambitious for one person, I need the help of seasoned BATers, for a number of Building/Props needed. I set up this site: http://hugaroux.free.fr/ dedicated to this project, where I explain, enumerate - as and when my thoughts - all the needs, the preparations and the progress Lots. Many thanks in advance to all those who want to help this project.
  7. Basin City

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a 7x7 large city tiles map. It's a heavily modified version of Cathlamet by drunkapple. What I modified: -created waterfronts suitable for marinas, boardwalks and beaches -created more beaches with random edges -added soem lakes -new buildable areas -huge premade seaport -direct ocean access -premade airport -premade lakes for a huge central park -preamde terraces for interesting building areas -added a mesa, more mountains and steep hills -premade jetty for the protection of the seaport
  8. From the album Up in the Air

    Boarding operation in Berlin-Schönefeld for flight DY1103 to Oslo-Gardermoen. Still at the passport control.
  9. From the album Up in the Air

    Morning operation at Schönefeld. I arrived this Monday morning from Gatwick into Berlin-Schönefeld. Passport control in Berlin isn't what you'd expect from a civilized country, so I took a couple of pictures to distract myself.
  10. Has anyone tried if it is possible to modify the runway and taxiway with the new road modding tool? At first sight when I tried it in the editor it is not possible, those networks don't appear. But by an accident I found that if I load the editor up with an airport asset and then from there create a new road I can select both the runway and taxiway. In the editor it seems to work, removing all the lights looks good but it fails to load in game however. Perhaps this isn't supposed to be doable since they are not available directly (bug)? Or could it be that it fails to load because of loading screen only? Haven't had the time to try the "normal" way. These are just thoughts, but I wanted to shout them out in case there was anyone else who discovered this or find it interesting.
  11. From the album Up in the Air

    I've seen many pictures of the Z concourse at Frankfurt airport, with all wide-bodies at the gates. I tried to catch the same picture, rather unsuccessfully. Half of it is occupied by the A321-200 that flew me back to Berlin.
  12. From the album Up in the Air

    And that's the aircraft that flew me back to Europe. I was frankly expecting much more from Lufthansa's catering. Except the tiramisu, the food wasn't good and they had only one beer choice (Warsteiner). Ugh. Maybe my expectations were set too high, but as I experienced it, United blew Lufthansa off the water in this aspect.
  13. From the album Up in the Air

    Orlando airport has during the holiday season a nice variety of planes around. Last Thursday evening, time for departures to Europe, one B777 and two B747s were awaiting for departure. One of them, that of Virgin Atlantic, nicknamed "Pretty Woman". I know the picture sucks a bit, but MCO isn't precisely a great airport to take pictures at.
  14. From the album Up in the Air

    I happened to choose the right window seat for this flight, and had these amazing views of Manhattan during the takeoff to Orlando.
  15. From the album Up in the Air

    After one month of travel, I've been up in the air again these last two weeks for a conference trip. The first leg of the journey was a peaceful daytime flight between Berlin and Newark-Liberty. Although the crew weren't especially attentive or friendly, United offered three kinds of craft beer on board, and they won my heart with that!
  16. From the album Up in the Air

    Arrived with plenty of time to my flight out of Suvarnabhumi so I had a while to look out of the window. My flight departed from pier E, which offers privileged sights of the taxiway many planes used to go line up for departure.
  17. From the album Up in the Air

    First time on a Dreamliner! A smooth and comfortable flight in my opinion, even for a low-cost airline like Scoot. I liked how the windows were dimmed throughout the cruise part of the flight.
  18. From the album Up in the Air

    Beautiful sunset at 40000 ft over Azerbaijan. This aircraft's winglet is a work of art.
  19. Huoshan Dao Airport

    The economy of Huoshan is booming. It outwardly looks like this strange British venture into the Chinese mainland has been a success! The main issue at the moment is that there is still no airport serving the island which has a population of over 500,000. Space is limited and density is high. The authorities are looking at some extensive land reclamation projects to allow them to build and airport. A progress update on the island: Welcome to the new airport: The completed land reclamation: Several years of construction and the airport is born. It has not come without its problems though. An increase in noise pollution has driven down the land value near the airport - some are happy about this as it makes homes more affordable! Elsewhere on the island we can see that land in the hills is being sold off for more suburban style homes: The shoreline of the island remains very dense:
  20. Creating An Airport From Scratch Yo, guys -- I find myself in an unenviable position --- It seems I have made an excellent job of building a JENX Airport. All the terminals appear, all the lights light up, airplanes taxi around, they take off and land, and they mill about in the skies overhead. It is a joy to behold in action -- and a thing of beauty. (Only took about 2 week's work.) UNFORTUNATELY -- after building -- I discovered that the airport query function showed some discrepancies. After casting about and getting a bit of feedback from the forum, I found the original thread where the creators were working on it. To make a sad story much shorter, it was probably never actually finished and released as a "fully functioning" airport. It may, or may not, "handle" traffic and probably will NOT bestow the sought after "cap-buster" for my business community. Basically, I've got a GYNORMOUS bit of eye-candy !! Rather than bulldoze the whole thing, I would like to create a small terminal lot from scratch that will function as the airport, handle the traffic, and bestow the "cap-buster". At least that way, I will have a really nice looking airport with a small lot that delivers the goods. I can make the lot, and use Maxis PIM to create a model / descriptor file for an airport. No problem. And most of the descriptor is self-explanatory -- but I do have a couple questions -- In the descriptor, "Demand Created" has a series of numbers that need to be filled in with a quantity -- 8208 -- 8224 -- 8240 -- 6160 -- 6176 -- 6192 (1) For an airport -- what does "demand Created" actually represent ?? (2) What are those numbers associated with, or represent ?? (3) Will this give me a "FUNCTIONAL" Maxis Query box ?? (4) And will this provide the "cap-buster" ?? IF I HAVE GONE AT THIS ALL WRONG -- THEN HOW DO I GET A FUNCTIONING MAXIS AIRPORT ON A CUSTOM LOT ?? ANY help will be mightily welcomed !! Thanx --
  21. This update about Meriah, Karasem which I havent show in ST for 2.5 years (since last update of Karasem V4.7). I was thinking this CJ actually about Cibebek-Kota Baru area only but I have work in meriah which I havent show in a while so I changed it into fully Karasem CJ. Update 43: Nightfall ~ Evening Stars Kelan is a District in Meriah Regency located just in south of Border of Meriah. It's bordering with Jatibening City in the east, Meriah in north and Sukamulya District in south. This district with population of 56.234 (2015) include the Airport of Meriah, Kota Meriah International Airport. location map of Kelan. Kelan Utara is a subdistrict in Kelan, taken most of northern part of this district Kelan Utara Interchange of Meriah Outer Ring Road (MORR) south ring. Kelan Utara consist mainly the middle class suburban area as well as several undeveloped land and even agricultural areas. Jl H. Solihin (road from west to east) in Kelan Utara. There are several industrial area in Kelan Utara. mostly minor one. Industrial area in Kelan Utara. Jl H. Solihin in Kelan Utara (again) Sarang Alang, another subdistrict in Kelan. Located just in west of Kelan Utara. Suburban area in Sarang Alang featuring Jl Sarang Alang. Jl Sarang Alang actually used to be Airport main access road toward Kota Meriah International Airport before the main expressway access done back in 1983. Jl Sarang Alang Ramp of Meriah Outer Ring Road (MORR) bound for Airport Main Enterance-Curug Jl Raya Curug, a major road through Kelan that connecting Jatibening and Curug is one of arterial road of this district as it connect Kelan with Jatibening and Western part of Meriah. Jl Raya Curug in Sarang Alang. another picture of Jl Raya Curug in Sarang Alang With its location just neighboring airport, Buildings in Kelan Utara (Kelan in general) have height restriction. Jl Raya Curug in Kelan Utara featuring airport gate. In fact, Kelan Utara Interchange directly located in the north of airport eastern runway. The area in the south of interchange is known for the plane spotters to take nice view of Plane landing area in the south of Kelan Utara IC MORR (Meriah Outer Ring Road) is an expressway looping Kota Meriah area. the first phase of southern part which include Kelan-Cipelak built on 1992-1997. In Kelan, this expressway served by 1 interchange (Kelan Utara IC) and 1 junction toward Kelan-Sukasari Feeder Expressway MORR in Kelan Utara bordering with Kota Meriah International Airport (KMIA) Hangars. Meriah Outer Ring Road in the east of Kelan Utara IC Kelan Junction, Kelan-Sukasari Expressway termites with MORR. MORR in the east of Kelan Junction The construction of the expressway/highway back in 90s leaving several minor roads that crossed the highway disconnected, leaving the dilemma of major highway project in the dense area like southern Meriah. Although, most of newer highway project in Karasem overcome the situation by building the streets in the side of highway to avoid disconnecting the minor roads by divert them to the nearest crossing. one of the example of disconnected road by the highway. (image rotated 90 degree) Meriah government did plan to build the light rail in pararel with the expressway since 2015 in order to fulfill the commuter around the city needs although this plan seems to be shelved for now as the city government focused on expanding Meriah Mass Rapid Transit System (M2RT) which seems more successful to bring more people around city to use public transit. Closer look in Meriah Outer Ring Road (image rotated 90 degree). the government considered to build the light rail parallel with this highway. As for the public transit, Kelan at this point dont have any access toward any mass transit, just several routes of city buses and paratransit toward Jatibening or Pemogan. In future, M2RT plan to expand a mass transit system which is a metro toward airport through Kelan. Jl Raya Curug intersect with Jl Raya Kelan which is the main corridor road in Kelan. Kelan-Sukasari Expressway is a feeder expressway toward the western coast of Meriah Regency which going through Kelan. although this expressway criticized for having low demand, it built in 2004 toward Kelan Utama IC where it termites at this moment in order to relieve the overcapacity Kelan Utara IC. Jl Raya Curug Crossed Kelan Sukasari Expressway. overview of Kelan Utara overview of Kelan Utara featuring part of airport Evening shot of Kelan Utara Jl Raya Curug intersect Jl Raya Kelan at Night During night this area can be seen from every single flight toward Meriah International Airport clearly as it located directly next toward the airport. Suburb of Kelan Utara at night 1 Another picture of Kelan Utara Suburban at night Aside from the commuting residents, MORR also congested with the people rushing toward their evening flight in KMIA Night Shot of MORR Night Shot of Kelan Utara IC Thats all for today "repost", thanks for viewing!
  22. TXL

    From the album Up in the Air

    (or EDDT for the purists) Catching a plane in Berlin is a dreadful experience. Both airports are patched up relics from a long gone Cold War past. Terminal 1 at Tegel has its retro charm, but the rest of the airport... not the place to be.
  23. From the album Up in the Air

    Killing time at Barcelona Terminal 1, hub for the low-cost airline Vueling. The operations on the ramps looked intense!

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