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    Views of beaches, major attraction and nightlife.
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    Aerial views of the city and suburbs
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    Some Views of the suburbs around the city
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    Photos of different areas in New Alexandria city
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    New Alex is now a big city with diverse districts and still in progress
  6. Dears, Please sign petition to increase map size http://www.change.org/petitions/maxis-and-electronic-arts-bigger-maps-in-simcity-2013
  7. As I said, both cities have specialization and trade, but SimCity implementation is much better. But that does not make SimCity Generally better, because for some, these features are just luxury they can use or not. the important here is the major features like having different buildings, types of roads, bridges etc. and Also a very big setback is the very small city sizes which caused unproportional building sizes and limited design options. to get the most condensed city, usually you will need to make a grid design, other designs just will limit the density. Also very awkward things will happen due to limited space, like the airport to be in the middle of crowded areas, and mainly between skycrapers. I remember In SimCity 4 that would cause accident to happen. I don't say Simcity is not interesting, actually it is interesting. However, while I play I just keep hitting things that I hope to be corrected. Finally I think Cities XL is a more of City Building game rather than a simulator, and SimCity is more of a City simulator rather than a city building, in this view you can see that both games can be interesting in a different way. But I hope that eventually we get SimCity to be updated in a way to be more like SimCity 4. Regards,
  8. Here , I just want to make a real review of aspect of the new SimCity from my point of view as I am a really CXL fan. I don't want to be positive or negative about it , just to discuss what I found. Before I start playing with CXL, I used Simcity 4, and the whole series before it, so I am not really CXL only fan, but lately CXL was my favorite game. First, I found that Simicty online feature seems for me to be inspired by the CXL experience. The CXL was started as a project called Cities Unlimited back in 2008 after couple of months of the release of the Game of Monte cristo City Life 2008 , which was the core for Cities Unlimited, there was a discussion with the community for about a year before making the beta and releasing the game as Cities XL in 2009. One of the major features announced in Cities XL was the online multi-player experience, which included in the Planet Offer and this actually include trade and using avatars and other many features. This features is actually implemented now in the new SimCity, but in different way, more user friendly, and mainly between regions. And actually as most of us know that online feature caused monte cristo to bankrupt and the game was sold to Focus. In SimCity, EA has long online playing experience, so they managed to do the online feature part, but with very painful and annoying start that surely caused loss of money . Although those feature is Ok, but they are still not totally satisfying, nor they are bug free. And the most negative about it, is that they used it as an excuse for always online, which bother a lot of players. City Specialization was mentioned also in CXL, and it was implemented generally, with no clear way to do it or assess its impact. Same feature is implemented in the new SimCity, but greatly focus and it is really implemented in a good way. Actually it includes some of the features of the GEM feature of CXL which was supposed to allow for a mini game inside your city to manage some kind of business like beach GEM, SKi GEM etc. But in SimCity Specialization feature it contains some of GEM feature in a way as you have to micromanage your speciallization buiness like casinos, TV production and importing/exporting, etc. The overall feature is good but very limited in options. Another feature that was introduced in CXL was the Buildings packs, as Europe Pack, US pack, Far East pack etc. This also introduced in SimCity in the Deluxe Edition as English, German, French add ons, but in a different way as you will put a landmark like Eiffel tower in the city and surrounding building will shape in french style buildings. Final feature from CXL also was blueprints, which was in the original game (planet offer) needs alot of resources and takes hours to complete, and usually you will need to trade with other cities to complete it. that feature also implemented in New SimCity as Great Works, it is places between cities where you can initiate projects in it for specified and very limited projects and need to send it resources from your cities to complete. it is different implementation but the same idea. Actually when I rethink about it, I found SimCity is based mainly on CXL features which may be actually true as CXL was introduced in 2009, and maybe then the idea to make a new SimCity evolved or was evolving!!!! I guess that was it for major feature of CXL that also existed in Simcity, other than standard waited features as Full 3D and free curvy streets. For the SimCity Graphics, it is well done, much better in performance than CXL. Keeping in mind limited city size in Simcity compared to vast Cities of CXL, still find it fast. The Graphic features is so cartoonic, non-realistic appearance. It has Good 3d graphic options and filters. Zoom level is limited that there is no walking level, but very near to ground like 4 Meters high. the Tilt Shift is annoying for me, but it seems they need it even in the Less option just to reduce 3D calculations for far objects. The Sky colors and features was not so convincing for me with no options for it. There is weather features, not very impressive. Day/Night cycle exist and is mandatory and slow for me. Night view is too dark to do stuff, specially it has to exist for sometime, but in general nice with the simulation. Contrast during day light is not very sharp as in CXL, so the difference between lighted area and shadows is not much, giving a sense of low contrast and unrealistic. Dimensions of buildings is not proportional at all and unrealistic, unlike CXL which gives much realistic feeling. I think this also due to the small City size. City size is like 2 square Km, while CXL is 10 square Km. Hope that was Helpful Here is a comparison in excel sheet https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzYm2h-QuroQTDBfVV9iMWYwRkk/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Dears, I used the map editor to make cities for 2009, but I never was able to use it the same way to create cities in 2011. I see new cities now work in 2011, so I really need to know how to do it, what steps is needed, can the editor be used, or other tool is needed etc. I would appreciate if anyone knows about the solution to this problem will help me in that. Best regards, MH
  10. Airport Pack

    I tried to create the airport, but never find the red arrow to validate it, eveytime I have to click X to cancel and return to game, any suggestion???
  11. My new mods

    I am sorry, which Mal-ware??? I can't find any in the links.
  12. please close this topic , I moved the question to New Mod ideas thread
  13. Modd Ideas/Requests

    Originally posted by: thedorkykid I was wondering if there are mods to multiply the people walking in the streets ......... I saw so many videos for Cities XL, Online and Offline that there are few people walking in the streets quote> Hi everyone, I see no mod made for that till now, but that really bugs me even in CitiesXL2011, the number of people in the street does not reflect the actual population, The city seems so lifeless. I appreciate if anyone can make such mod if applicable. See next pictures to know what I mean, they are from city life game and NY city tycoon. best regards, MH.
  14. GlobexCo Workshop

    What a great efforts you made, thanks very much GlobexCo. You make me really want to play the game now. The Ski GEM is really good, almost done, I wonder why Montecristo did not finish it earlier, that would made them some money. I just need to report the sea sound as it is a little bit annoying, it will be great if you can fix it soon. Thanks again best regards, MH