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A region home to 20K people and two major towns

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High Square

Welcome to the final showcase in Kiel! Today we will be looking at High Square

High Square can be described as a commuter city, with links to the major places in the area. It has an expansive suburb with numerous services, and a train station that is one of the most important interchanges for local routes.


The Town Centre


The town limits



One of the many shopping malls that can be found in the suburbs



The National Rail Headquaters can be found in High Square. It handles all the administrative relations of railway networks in the area.




The train station with the associated bus terminus. Many shops and parks are also located nearby the station.




A first express service on its way to the regional airport


Kiel Railways service to Kings Square and an Airport Express Service to the Regional Airport

High Square is also home to the Amusement Park that attracts 300,000 visitors annually.578bd38a94d43_Cities2016-06-2923-06-12-1578bd38cad636_Cities2016-06-2923-10-30-5


Thanks for stopping by! This is the last entry on the Kiel region. I will be moving on to a new area in the near future. Here is a sneak peak of what's coming


A new day is dawning...

Cities 2016-06-29 22-20-07-58.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-20-34-64.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-21-48-10.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-22-08-54.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-24-06-77.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-25-52-44.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-26-49-68.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-32-10-68.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-34-32-68.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-34-42-39.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 23-06-12-17.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 23-10-30-58.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 23-25-25-34.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 23-26-59-51.jpg

Cities 2016-07-12 23-21-52-34.jpg


Welcome back to the wonderful world of Kiel! Today we will be taking a look at the Kiel Regional Airport!


The airport is more of a secondary airport rather than regional airport, as flights can go as far as New Zealand from here. The only difference is that this airport is a passenger oriented setup with only one terminal, and caters to more private flight services than the intl airport. Budget airlines are also much more regular here. The airport has services to 22 different countries with up to 120 flights daily. It's also a hub for Easyjet, Wizzair and Virgin Atlantic.


An easyjet flight to Dublin taking off on the runway


The tram stop at the front of the airport

The airport has many transport connections into the main city and surrounding suburbs including regular train services at the airport's 6 platform station.578b1f02107f5_Cities2016-06-2922-51-44-1578b1f04caf64_Cities2016-06-2922-54-18-1578b1f072fe97_Cities2016-06-2922-54-24-2


Thanks for stopping by! In our final journal for this city next time we'll take a look at the town of High Square! Until Next Time!

Cities 2016-06-29 22-42-02-82.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-43-13-97.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-43-39-47.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-44-59-49.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-45-57-74.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-47-09-40.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-49-39-43.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-51-44-18.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-54-18-14.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-54-24-25.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-55-02-19.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-55-10-29.jpg


Welcome back to Kiel! Today we will be taking a look at the International Airport!

The city is served by two airports, one international and one regional. The international airport has passenger and cargo flights for 40 countries, and is a hub for DHL and Virgin Atlantic services.57867e4084576_Cities2016-06-2921-32-42-9

(Ignore the glitch on the extreme left, don't know what it is)

QANTAS and Air New Zealand service the furthest destinations of Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand respectively. Here we can see a Qantas 747 taxiing to terminal 3. Behind it, Swiss Air flight 450 is preparing to depart on the late night service to Zurich. Swiss Air also has numerous flights from this airport and is a very popular carrier among the tourists.57867e4beecbc_Cities2016-06-2921-40-08-9

In total there are 4 passenger terminals and 2 cargo terminals at the airport. 1 terminal is dedicated to virgin atlantic flights, with one or two other airlines operating out of that terminal on a daily basis. one of the cargo terminals are also dedicated to DHL. There are also plane stands scattered around the airport for low budget airlines and private jets.



Here we see a Wizz Air flight currently boarding for a flight to London City Airport.


In terms of public transportation, the airport is served by a metro and express train services at the train station to the regional airport as well as the downtown area.57867e440bc69_Cities2016-06-2921-34-51-8

Thanks again for stopping by! Next time we will be taking a look at the regional airport!

Cities 2016-06-29 21-32-42-98.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-33-13-82.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-34-51-85.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-36-00-14.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-36-33-63.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-38-22-86.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-40-08-90.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-40-51-76.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-40-59-15.jpg


King's Square

Welcome back to Kiel! Today we will be looking at the biggest suburb in the city King's Square.

King Square train station is one of the major interchange stations within the city with trains around the entire region including the two airports.5780284ca5b32_Cities2016-06-2918-23-49-4

This train is the 1620 to Kiel Central.


The area surrounding the station is really built up with housing shops, and a rugby pitch.







What is also present in this area is the world famous Rod Laver Tennis Centre, home of all major tennis tournaments in Kiel. It has 10 tennis courts for matches as well as 5 for training as well as an administration building with offices, gyms and executive lounges.




Many shops and restaurants are scattered around the ground, so that visitors can relax and enjoy themselves in between matches.


Thanks for stopping by! Next time we shall take a look at the Kiel International Airport!

Cities 2016-06-29 18-23-49-44.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-15-10-45.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-17-02-29.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-17-41-25.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-18-06-18.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-18-12-59.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-18-19-62.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 23-39-43-44.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 23-39-51-08.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 23-39-56-23.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 23-40-13-06.jpg


Downtown Kiel

Welcome back to Kiel! Today we will be looking at the downtown area.


The centrepiece of the downtown area is the Kiel Square, attracting 80k visitors annually. It has many attractions and shops including the famous farmer's market. Several bus routes terminate in this area, and it also has metro and tram connections nearby.


One famous thing that this square shows every night is its name illuminated in red lights in the plaza.



To one side of the square, is the city's red light district, with hotels nightclubs and various other activities for residents and tourists to enjoy. 



On the other side of town is the other main park of the downtown area, the Mason Park. Here, the aquarium and Kiel zoo can be found within walking distance.


Just outside the downtown area, is the city's first suburban area: Colderidge square. Complete with numerous transport options, various housing schemes and high street with various commercial choices, its an important waypoint for incoming and outgoing traffic from the city centre


At Colderidge Square Station, 2125 to High Square is getting ready to depart



Thanks for stopping by! Next time we shall take a look at King's Square and all it has to offer!

Cities 2016-06-29 21-52-52-70.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-52-33-73.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-53-00-81.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-54-27-48.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-57-00-82.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-57-50-92.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-58-37-01.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-59-09-79.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-05-37-30.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-06-57-75.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-07-48-83.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-11-47-17.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 22-12-25-64.jpg


Welcome to the West Coast! Home to two small towns: Kiel and High Square. Today we will be exploring Kiel.


In the foreground is the Kiel prison and the financial district, with downtown Kiel in the background.



 Kiel International Airport is to the left of the city, the regional airport to the right, and high square town behind Kiel. These three areas will be showcased in a different entry.


The main attractions in the financial district is the Fitzjones Central Park and the Spruce Park football stadium. The stadium was built in 2003 in an attempt to increase the amount of tourists visiting the city. It has a total capacity if 47K and is the home of Kiel FC. It also has its own train station, one of two in the financial district. It has services to high square, king square, the two airports and downtown.

At the back of the stadium are small food stalls and benches for people to sit and relax, as several office buildings.


This is the 2103 First capital connect to Kiel Central from the regional airport.

The Kiel tower, a landmark that is found right beside Kiel's central station, constructed in 1903, serving several West Coast destinations, and handling 600k passengers annually.



Next time we'll take a look at Kiel's red light and downtown district

Cities 2016-06-29 21-42-17-21.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-32-42-98.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-45-43-39.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 18-32-19-45.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-47-18-24.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-48-01-03.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-48-20-91.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-48-43-19.jpg

Cities 2016-06-29 21-49-25-58.jpg

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