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City-building game(s)

Found 23 results

  1. Palawan

    Version 1.0.0


    Palawan is an archipelagic province of the Philippines. Its capital is the city of Puerto Princesa, but the city is governed independently from the province as a highly urbanized city. The islands of Palawan stretch between Mindoro in the northeast and Borneo in the southwest. It lies between the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and the Sulu Sea. This map is at a scale of 1:5
  2. Madagascar

    Version 1.0.0


    Madagascar is a huge island nation off the southeast coast of Africa. It's home to thousands of animal species, such as lemurs, found nowhere else, plus rainforests, beaches and reefs. Near the busy capital, Antananarivo, is Ambohimanga, a hillside complex of royal palaces and burial grounds, as well as the “Avenue of the Baobabs,” a dirt road lined by massive centuries-old trees. This map is bloody huge, fill it all up if you're up for a challenge.
  3. Blue Peak

    BLUE PEAK INTRODUCTION For the Sims of The Archipelago who like the convenience of proximity to the big city action but also want the outdoorsy nature of the island life, Blue Peak is the place for them. Residing just south of Wade City, Blue Peak is largest city on the largest island in The Archipelago. THE CITY Although Blue peak is known for it's beaches and large natural parks, the city itself is quite urban. This density helps serve as a small cultural node with close proximity to Wade City. SUNNYSIDE BEACH One of the largest and most popular beaches in The Archipelago, is the premiere beach destination of the region... or so the Sims say in Blue Peak (there are a few other islands who strongly disagree with that) BLUE PEAK NATURAL PARK Blue Peak Natural Park sits between the city of Blue Peak and Wade City. Blue Peak Mountain is the highest point in The Archipelago out side of the mainland. THE NIGHT LIFE Blue peak is not just a daytime city, it has quite the active nightlife as well on Ocean Blue Avenue also known as "The Blue Strip." Thanks for reading and please follow my journal for future post about the Wade City Archipelago!!
  4. City View Backgrounds for SC4

    Version 1.0.0


    Previews: (1) Clouds (2) Stars (3) Forest (4) Streets (5) Ocean (6) Snowfall (7) Cityscape 17 Folders of Background Sets for SC4 These are 17 sets of backgrounds for the City (Mayor) view that are easily installed, changed, or switched back to the default blueprint grid background that comes with the game. I've included a high contrast version of the default so the grid can be seen clearly. Each of the 5 background files in each folder corresponds to a zoom level from the widest overview to narrowest close-up view in the game. The default backgrounds included with the game are found in the form of 5 .png graphics files named Background3D0.png through to Background3D4.png in the SC4 install directory under Plugins. Before using the replacement sets of backgrounds make a backup copy of the 5 default files that come with the game. I zip them up in a zip folder and leave them in the Plugins folder for easy access. Further Instructions for Installing Region and City View Backgrounds Initially, I found a set of solid color backgrounds which demonstrated how easy it is to create and switch backgrounds, so for the basic instructions and a solid color set refer to the file Custom Region View Backgrounds which includes solid colors for the region view as well as the city view. Custom Region View Backgrounds Creating the Backgrounds The cloud and star pictures were adapted from seamless background textures found in the commons. All other pictures are adapted from SC4 graphics, and previews as created using the in-game terra-former. The following details are not necessary for installation and use of these backgrounds but are provided for further interest in the topic. City View Backgrounds Technical Details There are 5 backgrounds in each folder for each of the 5 zoom levels from 0 to 4. In the game there are actually 6 zoom levels but the same background is used for zoom 5 (4) and 6. For the cloud backgrounds and mostly for the star backgrounds I did not adjust magnification as the sky and stars normally appear fixed in the sky from ground perspective. The cloud backgrounds are high brightness which may be further adapted using a paint program. The textures will maintain their form for a variety of changes to saturation and hue, brightness and contrast. Each zoom level 'in' from the outermost zoom is 2x in magnitude, so each zoom 'in' is twice as close as the previous zoom. The backgrounds are 128x128 pixels .png formatted at 16m colors. The magnifications are 2048 (16x), 1024(8x), 512(4x), 256(2x), 128(1x) for the canvas sizes. 512 pixels = 1 kilometer and 2048 pixels = 4 kilometers total for the large tile. The picture you start with will be transformed into the isometric view in the game. Vertical and horizontal lines are shifted to an isometric flat plane background so some adjustments must be made to keep lines vertical and horizontal. Vertical lines are achieved by subtracting 22° (90°-23°=67° ). So if you have a picture that has right angles, vertical shapes that you want to appear vertically in the city view, subtract 23°, or rotate 23° to the left to get the picture upright. Horizontal lines change slightly with zoom level above zoom zero, they will appear parallel at zoom 0, but slightly obtuse from zoom 1 to 4. The horizon can be brought back parallel by subtracting 5° from zoom zero through to zoom 3. I did not bother adjusting the horizontal as my backgrounds conform to the isometric horizon of the game view, skewed only slightly by 5°. Isometric angles: Zoom 0: 30° (isometric) Zoom 1: 35° Zoom 2: 40° Zoom 3 and 4: 45° The city view rotation is around a square as similar to the axis of a compass. The vertical lines become horizontal when rotated east and west, but remain vertical north and south. I noticed a slight stereoscopic effect at zoom 3 on the Heavy Starfield background. If you focus your eyes beyond the screen you may see SC4 in 3D field perspective. The effect is similar to autostereograms: "An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram (SIS), designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional (3D) scene from a two-dimensional image." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Autostereogram Please use the comment section below or PM if any questions, critiques or problems installing and using the backgrounds.
  5. Seaside, Oregon

    Version 1.0.1


    Seaside and Gearhart Oregon taken from terrain party GPS map(18km, 1:1 scale). Scenic ocean side city right next to Lewis and Clark's path to the Pacific(Lewis and Clark River). Abundant in all in game resources. Ore and oil in the mountains, with fertile farmland near the river flood planes. Highway 101 and Lewis and Clark Road placed by hand based off google maps. Hand modeled beach sloped correctly(no steep cliff drops), abundant in driftwood and scenic rocks. Lewis and Clark River, Little S Fork Lewis and Clark River, and Necanicum River modeled with water props. Water props placed so that ocean currents do not flow into inland river(you can dump waste into the ocean without it coming back into the rivers). The Lewis and Clark River drains out of map(north end) and can be used for waste dumping. Negative current water props placed near the rocky, beach side mountain to pull waste currents from the beach(pulls to the southwest corner of map). IRL non-existent railroad placed from north to south end of map(follows Lewis and Clark road for northern part). Railway connections on extreme north and east end of map(accessible with 81 tiles). Highway connection on extreme east near the railways connection(accessible with 81 tiles).
  6. [Intro] Poemian Story.

    The Federation of Poemia, commonly referred to as Poemia, is a federal parliamentary republic composed of 14 provinces. Poemia is in the eastern Pacific Ocean, west of California and south of Escambia. With a population of 25,082,962, Poemia is the AIN's fourteenth largest country by population. Poemia his home to a large variety of wildlife thanks to it's Mediterranean climate. The Capital of Poemia is Berghmann, however other important economic centers such as Vancor and Puerto Levante help drive the Poemian economy. 1767 Charles III of Spain after he ordered the colonization of California organized a fleet for an expedition to the west. 1767 Aleandro Guneraz announces the discovery of other lands. 1768 As was the case with the colonization of California some Franciscan priests occupied large batches especially in the south where the territory was divided into three original colonies: Opaloma, Ittlyca and Puerto Levante. In these three colonies began the catholicization process. 1769 Charles III sends huge resources for the construction of the first towns (pueblos): Ciudade de Opaloma, Nueva Bilbao and finally the largest of the three Puerto Levante where many traders from all the Spanish colonies formed one of the most important markets of the new world. 1771 Some Franciscan friars began an expedition to the north by building other presidios (forts) and also 2 new Pueblos. The expedition had some good aspects but because of a very complex territorial structure and some unfriendly indigenous people the new Spanish colonies did not pass the great mountains region. 1789 James Cook on the trip by the Bering Strait and the west coast of North America stopped in three bays on the east coast Poemia. Adam Wesdor man crew of Cook, was given the task of founding and governing these new villages and called the three new cities with the names of his daughters: Scarlett, Port Lena and Grace. 1790 also increased the interest of the French and some traders after stopping a few days in Puerto Levante stop of small settlements on the west coast, creating the first village in the current Sealand: Renier. The Spaniards in 1800 after discovering the presence of small French and English settlements launch an offensive accelerating the process of colonization of Poemia. 1803 Adam Wesdor is recognized the power to form an army to stop the advance of the Spaniards. 1803 The Wesdor commander can pacts with indigenous peoples through and gives birth to one of the few British colonies in the territory, the independence of the individualcommunities is guaranteed. 1809 Wesdor commander dies region is renowned in honor of his name. 1811 The community united after the death of the commander Wesdor divide starts a civil war. The Spaniards take advantage of the weakness of other regions and accelerate the invasion. 1813 French traders that populate the west make a covenant of belligerency with the Spanish in order not to leave the Poemia. This pact marks the birth of Beghmann. In 1834 The Poemia became Mexican territory. Mexico divided the Poemia in 12 regions. In southern regions they continued to be governed by former governors, north instead there was a long power vacuum that caused unrest. 1836 The riots in the northern regions become uncontrolled, explodes the civil war. The need to have a government that governments north joins Neimark, Wilfron Sealand and who declare themselves independent under the name of Poemia. 1838 is formed an army of the new state of Poemia that is reinforced by Escambia and Lower Columbia that support the independence to have more influence in an area reserved to the Spanish development. 1839 The New Army seeks to establish good relations with Mexico but refused any pact. 1846 While Mexico was advancing towards the USA Poemia declare war on Mexico. 1847 Mexico moves his best troops to the front with the US this as a great boost to Poemia which quickly invades all the island's center. 1848 Mexico is deeply torn by a war involving two fronts. The February 2 Mexico surrenders with the United States. February 7, Mexico cedes southern Poemia and Puerto Levante to the Federation of Poemia. 1849 is officially proclaimed the Federation of Poemia. The US make a covenant of bellingereanza with Poemia that off a long period of development. 1850 The gold rush also involves the regions of the south of Poemia. The population doubles. Numerous Dutch arrive in Berghmann and call the state Benelux New. 1852 The first elected president of the Federation is Mark Dover. 1880 Mexico tries to invade Puerto Levante the war lasts two months. The Poemia wins. 1885 The gold mining plummets many migrate to America, most of the emigrants are Spanish. After the 1890 economic crisis agriculture grows and driving a new era of development. 1914 The First World War the Poemia remains neutral. 1934 elections are won from Alfred Midarmon that makes the new constitution approved by parliament which also provides for the division of Poemia in 14 states by changing the name of Canda in Qwanda. 1939 The Second World War the Poemia remains officially neutral but in reality gives the military bases to the Americans. 1946 After World War Poemia can rely on economic aid from the US perte. Begin the years of economic boom up to 1962. the Korean War and Vietnam: Poemia sends military teams supporting US Marines. September 1950. The President Theon Wegger (which won the elections in 1945) did not agree to recognize Spanish as one of the official languages of Poemia and submitted Puerto Levante under the total control of the central government taking away all the rights of a Federal State. October 1950. The Governor of Puerto Levante, German Birrio, declared that the decision of President Wegger was unacceptable and threatened the central government not to pour more tax money to Berghmann if the President of Poemia had not agreed to recognize Spanish as an Officia language and give to Puerto Levante the status of the Federal State again. 29 October 1950. While in Puerto Levante were already 1500 the victims of the protests, Mexico sided with Puerto Levante, while the US and Lower Columbia ask Poemia to take a decision as soon as possible. The next day, given the pressures on Government, Wegger accepts the pact with Puerto Levante and then resign. AFTER WEGGER THE NEW PRESIDENT IS THE CONSERVATIVE ,LUKE FREGAIN, ANNOUNCES THAT HE WANTS TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION AND THE ELECTORAL LAW. IN THE NEW CONSTITUTION , THE PRESIDENT HAS THE POWER TO APPOINT ALL MEMBERS OF THE SUPREME COURT, TO EXTEND THE ELECTIONS AND EJECT FOR AN INDEFINITE PERIOD EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY WITHOUT GIVING EXPLANATION. NEW ELECTORAL LAW INSTEAD PROVIDES AN AWARD OF MAJORITY THAT CHEQUES AT PARTY WITH More VOTES The ¾ OF THE ASSEMBLY AND REMOVES THE RIGHT TO CITIZENS TO APPOINT THE MEMBERS OF THE ASSEMBLY. September 1, 1951 immediately after the approval of the constitutional and electoral law the US explicitly calling for the resignation of Fregain who responded with the closure of diplomatic relations between the two countries. September 18, 1951 the entire opposition resigns, Liberals threaten to create a coup. October 9, 1951 Fregain arrested all opponents and change the military leadership. October 13, 1951 there are the first 350 dead in the suburbs east of Berghmann (Porth) the Liberals kill the conservative mayor and occupy the city. October 14, 1951 part of the army sided with the Liberals starts the war between liberals and conservatives. November 3 Berghmann was occupied by the liberals, Fregain moves the capital to Vancor. November 17, 1951 The US is doomed to help the rebels to overthrow the government. December 15, 1951 the fleeing army leadership in Mexico the president is left alone. December 28, 1951 the Liberals are supported by all the political forces of the country and in Berghmann ,with the support of the United Nations, was born the Government of National Unity led by Liberal-Democrats but also supported by the Popular. January 4, 1952 Fregain and forces loyal to him besiege Berghmann. January 28, 1952 A foreign contingent of about 5000 units attack by surprise the Fregain troops. Still we do not know who it belonged to that army. February 3, 1952 Fregain resigns and flees to Switzerland and then to Italy. February 5, 1952 The new government of Poemia changes the constitution. February 7, 1952 Fregain and all his ministers are extradited from more than 16 countries and is on trial for crimes against humanity. February 9, 1952. 1982 soldiers are convicted of having acted against the interest of the sovereign people. October 11, 1953 in a given symbol, while the parliament announces a new election with a proportional electoral law, the process ends with more than 32,000 years of given to more than 2,000 convicted. May 7, 1954 The elections are won by Democrats led by Sander Cooper. July 3, 1963 1700 Mexican soldiers invade Puerto Levante Mexican warships surround the island. July 7, 1963 Sander Cooper intimate Mexico to leave the island. July 9, 1963 The Poemian air-forces sinking three Mexican destroyers. July 10, 1963 a battalion of over 5000 men of the Poemian army arrive on the island escorted by warships and fighter planes. July 17, 1963 Mexico calls for a division of the island into two parts a Mexican the other Poemiana. The Poemia refuses and calls for an unconditional surrender of Mexico. July 18, 1963 The Poemia attacks the city of Puerto Levante Mexico withdraws its troops. July 20, 1963 Mexico surrenders. The Poemia win the war! 1971 In Berghmann, Vancor and St. David are created special economic zone, the GDP of the country grew by 23% thanks to the Coven, Qwanda and New Benelux that are nicknamed Great States. 1999 A bomb explodes at the convention center where Vancor is killed Foreign Minister Erick Darsen. The attack is claimed by pro-independence Puerto Levante. 2002 A free trade agreement is signed between the US and Poemia. 2015 A referendum does begin the all'AIN accession process. YES 50.8% NO 49.2% 2016 President Leifman (Democrat) resigns Mellam was appointed as President until the elections of September 25, 2016 where John Pergan won.
  7. Empire Bay

    Version 1.0.1


    This is my version of Empire Bay from Mafia 2. It's a 4x5 large city tiles.
  8. La Salle

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a mix of parts of 3 regions: -Canon Beach: -Great Valley: -Bordertown: All linked with tiles terraformed by me. The region is 4x7 large citi tiles. It has two big parts of land separated by a large portion of water (ocean, sea, huhe river whater you whant to call it). Also you have mountains, mesas, valleys, hills, islands, lakes, flatlands, a bayou everithing you need to create a huge LAish city or a nice region with small cities and villages separated with big agricultural fields. In the picture i am using CPT Meadowshire Terrain Mod: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=58 SHK PEG Brigantine Water Mod:
  9. The Sparkle Kingdom

    Version 1.3


    This region contains one island, about 416 square kilometers. It was created for my city journal which i'll post a thread about later. It is my first map so constructive criticism is welcome as i'm terrible at terraforming. (Especially mountains) It is also perfect for building a major metropolitan area, building an agricultural nation, or just simply making the equivalent of Hong Kong and maxing out population. (You would have to get rid of the mountains and rivers first) This map has no dependencies, it looks like it is your lucky day.
  10. Ocean Tower 2

    Version 1.0.0


    CO$$$ 1730 2472 Lot size 5x2 Construction time 162 days. Maxfire stage 4 Pullotion at center 4 2 48 0 Power 70 Water 366 Growable stage 8 Building in Bangkok,Thailand. Dependency >>For Darknite Version
  11. Ocean Valley

    Version 1.2


    I made this map for Cities Skylines in which to build my city with. I just got the game and really like it, but was having some trouble finding maps for my vision. Well not anymore thanks to this map. I hope you enjoy this map. It has been tested for any issues and I am confident the map will work for your needs. Discription: Flat map with river tributary Ruts for realistic feel Highways and rail ending at the edge of the city so you can design your own system. Ocean for beauty and scenery. Enjoy!!
  12. Raven Bay

    Version 1.3


    Raven Bay is the last map in a series of five that I set out to do for Cities Skylines. This is a European themed map. It has a rather large, open flat area for building a gigantic, sprawling city. It has plenty of resources with oil being the exception due to it's hideous color. Set amidst a small mountain range this coastal map has vibrant farmland, one large flowing river, a fully laid out highway system with interchanges and a full rail system. I wanted to create the vibe of a large interconnected European Costal city. For those new to the game. There are several areas that have highway off ramps acting as roads. These are just placeholders to show where the roads can go. You can choose to upgrade them where they are to any other type of road or just bulldoze and make your own. (Note) Upgrading to the largest wide avenues might affect some treelines. They were drawn in using the highway width as a guidelines so most roads shouldn't affect the trees. Steam link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=451151642 To install the map: 1. Download the zip file. 2. Unzip the contents to the folder: AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps 3. Play! This Color Correction http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417935657 is used in a few screenshots. The Moving Sun mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=420230361 was also used on some screenshots I also recommend http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403798635 for unlocking 25 tiles. You can play without it but you'll miss out on quite a bit of the map. All of my maps are hand crafted with loving care and designed with the city builder in mind. Let me know if you spot any issues and I would love to see any cities made on this map so shoot me a link or leave it in comments. Enjoy!
  13. Crater Lake

    Version 1.2


    Crater Lake is a map vaguely inspired by the real Crater Lake in southern Oregon. Once I started making this map though, it took on it's own identity. It has a lot of open space for a sprawling metropolis yet has that 'hidden away from civilization island' vibe. Enjoy! To install the map: 1. Download the zip file. 2. Unzip the contents to a folder: AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps 3. Play! Steam link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=436979174
  14. Serpent Peninsula

    Version 1.0


    Serpent Peninsula is a large, hilly oceanside location where there is plenty of space to build, and many deposits of resources and fertile land. There is also a waterfall which is *hint-hint* pretty good for sewage disposal. It is reccommended to use the Unlock all 25 spaces mod. To install: 1: Open the 'Run' window and type in "appdata" without the quotes. 2: Find the map directory in appdata/local/colossal order/Cities_Skylines/Maps 3: Place the .crp file in the folder.
  15. José Estelita

    Bem-vindo a José Estelita / Welcome to José Estelita Português English Visão ampla da cidade. // Wide view of city.: Subúrbios. // Suburb.: Conexão da CS-100 com a CS-280. // Interchange of CS-100 with CS-280(begin/end).: Centro. A estrada elevada no centro da imagem é uma via de acesso direto a CS-280. // Midtown. The elevated road in center is a direct access for CS-280.: + José Estelita possui 63.264 habitantes. // José Estelita has 63.264 inhabitants; + Os maiores problemas da cidade são os congestionamentos no Centro e a baixa escolaridade. // The biggest problems of city are congestion in midtown and the low education.
  16. 2 Lakes and ocean

    Version 1.00


    This map has 2 lakes and a ocean. I made this with landscape designer. MY first map
  17. Oil Buoy



    By request from the Simtropolis BAT Request thread. I present an Oil Buoy for use in your industrial or seaport areas of your city. This buoy functions as a point for loading or offloading liquids and gasses to service large tankers. Cost: $5 maintenance
  18. São Luis e Brisamar // São Luis and Brisamar

    Bem-vindo à São Luis // Welcome to São Luis: Português English Jardim Europa, alta concentração urbana. A direita, rodovia CS-120 // Jardim Europa, high urban concentration. In right, CS-120 highway. Centro Financeiro de São Luís // Financial Center of São Luís: Tráfego denso na Avenida Norte-Sul // Dense traffic in Norte-Sul Avenue: Bem-vindo à Brisamar, a cidade mais rica // Welcome to Brisamar, the richest city: "Coração" da Cidade e cruzamento da CS-100(Acesso à Valência - sentido sul ) e CS-042(Acesso à Yiopp - sentido Oeste) // "Heart" of the City and crossroad of CS-100(Access to Valência - South) and CS-042(Access to Yiopp - West): Bairro Beira-mar, mansões dos milionário$ // Seaside Neighborhood, mansions of millionaire$: + A moeda oficial do Cruzeiro do Sul é o Cruzado(CD$)! // The official currency of Cruzeiro do Sul is the Cruzado(CD$)! + Os ricos do país preferem a Zona Costeira // The rich of the country prefer the Coastal Zone + A principal fonte de renda do país é proveniente da indútria manufatureira e do agronegócio. // The main source of income comes from the country's manufacturing industry and agribusiness.
  19. Introduction to the region

    Welcome to my new city journal of Trifort. Trifort is a rapidly developing fictional U.S. state. The region includes New Concorde, one of the world's largest cities and truly the gem of Trifort. It may be surpassed in grandeur (if not size) in the next decade or two, however, as a new city is being constructed entirely on man-made islands in the Vivec Ocean off the coast of Trifort. More on New Concorde and Trifort Ocean City later... Below you can see the southern part of Trifort. Trifort is actually a fairly large-sized state, stretching to the north for many miles.
  20. The water gate

    New update from the city center (more to come).
  21. Somewhere..

    The city's coasts are full of the sea wonders and natural wild life, with clear beaches all along the way wich made the city almost unique. The city makes sure that those reefs are kept safe, and that people can enjoy discovering this environement and learning about it, and taking advandage from the sunny beaches. The city also try to get the most possible use of these refes and waters, without damaging them. Those are some wave power plants, they collect power from the waves and the sun, to power the nearby tower. The sims enjoy these reefs and aqua environement, and have respect for it. Some sims like to spend their nights on the beache. Oh look, some turtules are doing each other underwater near the rocks, isn't nature beautifull? (If you know what I mean.) The city have many aqua institutions, and aqua farms, it is the future of agriculture. The city aqua agriculture provide many goods, like different kinds of fish, marine alage, and many others, all that without affecting the native environement. The principal of the city, is live with nature, not against nature. It also brings alot of money and tourism... The other side of the bay doesnt have much of reefs or wild life, so it used for industrual purposes.
  22. Ocean View



    Properties: Demand: Residential §§§ Sims Capacity: §§§ §§ § 316 560 1060 Lot: 4x3 Bulldoze Cost: 500 Construction time in days: 45
  23. Heraklia: Maritime World



    This 15x15 map, with 9 BIG city tiles, will be big fun for those of you who like to connect people and industries over-seas. In the north, the terrain rises towards the height of a moderate hill: this will provide the landscape with dramatic cliffs!

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