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City-building game(s)

Found 42 results

  1. Samoa

    Version 0.0.1a


    Samoa is an country comprising the westernmost group of the Samoan Islands, in Polynesia. Many of its islands have reef-bordered beaches and rugged, rainforested interiors with gorges and waterfalls. The islands include Upolu, home to most of Samoa's population, and Savai'i, one of the largest islands in the South Pacific. Smaller islands may have small villages or be uninhabited, some with wildlife sanctuaries.
  2. Maisland Beach

    From the album Maisland

    © 2017 orange565 (citymanlive)

  3. Show us your tropical scenes! I'll get it started off with a few from the South Pacific: a scene from the tropical islands of Kiribati and another featuring the waterside huts of Bora Bora.
  4. Palawan

    Version 1.0.0


    Palawan is an archipelagic province of the Philippines. Its capital is the city of Puerto Princesa, but the city is governed independently from the province as a highly urbanized city. The islands of Palawan stretch between Mindoro in the northeast and Borneo in the southwest. It lies between the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and the Sulu Sea. This map is at a scale of 1:5
  5. Madagascar

    Version 1.0.0


    Madagascar is a huge island nation off the southeast coast of Africa. It's home to thousands of animal species, such as lemurs, found nowhere else, plus rainforests, beaches and reefs. Near the busy capital, Antananarivo, is Ambohimanga, a hillside complex of royal palaces and burial grounds, as well as the “Avenue of the Baobabs,” a dirt road lined by massive centuries-old trees. This map is bloody huge, fill it all up if you're up for a challenge.
  6. Solomon Islands

    Version 1.0.0


    The Solomon Islands, a nation of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific, has many WWII-era sites. Guadalcanal, a province and one of the archipelago’s largest islands, honors fallen Allied soldiers at its U.S. War Memorial. Guadalcanal is also home to the nation’s capital, Honiara, whose bustling Central Market showcases the islands’ produce and traditional handicrafts. The country has 600k people spread across 6 large islands and many smaller ones
  7. Bougainville Island

    Version 1.0.0


    Bougainville Island is the main island of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville of Papua New Guinea. This region is also known as Bougainville Province or the North Solomons. Its land area is 9,300 km² and has a population around 243,000 There was a multi-layered armed conflict fought from 1988 to 1998 between Papua New Guinea and the secessionist forces of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA), because the locals of the island didn't approve of mining operations operated by Rio Tinto from Australia Here's a video i made for this map:
  8. Papua New Guinea

    Version 1.0.0


    Papua New Guinea, in the southwestern Pacific, encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands. A country of immense cultural and biological diversity, it’s known for its beaches and coral reefs. Inland are active volcanoes, granite Mt. Wilhelm, dense rainforest and hiking routes like the Kokoda Trail. There are also traditional tribal villages, many with their own languages. This is part of a 2 piece series of either halves of New Guinea This map is at a scale of 1:10, and its still pretty big, infact, this is the biggest map i've made, and probably will make Disclaimer: The eastern part of New Britain cant be seen (on my PC atleast) so no Rabaul However i will make up to this with a possible map of the Bismarck Archipelago
  9. West New Guinea

    Version 1.0.0


    Western New Guinea, also known as Papua and West Papua, is the part of the island of New Guinea annexed by Indonesia in 1962. It is also a former dutch colony. This is part of a 2 piece series of either halves of New Guinea This map is at a scale of 1:10, and its still pretty big
  10. Borneo

    Version 1.0.0


    Special request of @AsimPika3172 This map is at a scale of 1:10, and was pretty hard to make It is also very big in area, 25 x 25 large cities, 100 x 100 kilometers Borneo, a giant, rugged island in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago, is shared by the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesian Kalimantan and the tiny nation of Brunei. It’s known for its beaches and ancient, biodiverse rainforest, home to wildlife including orangutans and clouded leopards. In Sabah is 4,095m-tall Mount Kinabalu, the island’s highest peak, and, offshore, the famed dive site Sipadan Island.
  11. Fiji

    Version 1.0.0


    Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. It's famed for rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons. Its major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, contain most of the population. Viti Levu is home to the capital, Suva, a port city with British colonial architecture. This would make yet another great holiday destination and maybe a home for your sims.

    My current Cities Skylines project: KEBI I'm going to build a medium-sized seaside city and attempted to create in tropical style. Here is my video build: [EP.1] - Part 1 - Airport Layout [EP.1] - Part 2 - Airport Decors and Facilities [EP.2] Seaside Village
  13. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

    Version 2.0.0


    The Andaman & Nicobar islands are a group of islands in the east of the Bay of Bengal, with a population of around 380.000, they would make a nice tropical getaway for your sims. They are also home to the infamous North Sentinel Island, home to a tribe who rejects outside contact violently.
  14. LoveLiss Map Steam Workshop Link --->> Hello All! Loveliss is tropical map based on the Nassau Island of the Bahamas. Overview Based on the Nassau Island of the Bahamas ( google map - Bahamas), I decided to create this map. I took the Seychelles theme as a base: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1230768185 And i use the Seychelles LUT too: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1230769688 I would liked to detail the map little more, but I prefer to take a balance between detail and fluenc. However how wants to add more detail can do so during the game. Remember, if you like it, please rate. Steam Workshop Link --->> Regards! Javier.-
  15. Aloha!Welcome to the fictional beautiful island of Pahili located somewhere within the Hawaiian Islands.It will not be 100% accurate to what a Hawaiian Island looks like so expect some misrepresentations.Anyways here are the first photos
  16. Tropical sunset

  17. Version 1.0.0


    This latest upload is another of jsteed's. His Consulado Oficial de Kelpie. The lot is ploppable and found in the landmarks menu. This lot will fit into any sub-tropical/tropical style city. All stats are the same as the original building, which can be found here Capital SimCity The website is in Spanish. The 'Descargar' button is the download button List of dependencies Neko Prop sets 2 and 3 SHK Parking Pack Dutch Prop Pack BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 Murimk Bicycle Props LBT Mega Prop Pack PEG MTP Super Pack (Texture DAT is only one that is needed) RMIP ( All you will need is the jzo_RMIP2vol2_textures.dat file) I have tested it numerous times, but if there are any issues please do PM me, or write in my new Lot editing topic Tankmanks Lots. And i just hope that you will enjoy it.
  18. Zvolen-Razusova Relot

    Version 1.0.0


    Today's upload is of michal27278's Zvolen-Razusova . This is only the Darknite 8x2 lot that i have relotted. I have not relotted any of the other lots included within the original BAT. All props and model files are required. The lot is 8x4, this was to include more of the buildings and to have a decent car park. It is like my other lots more topical/sub-tropical in design with many different palm trees and so might not be to everyone's taste or preference. It also i realise has quite a list of dependencies, it was never really intended to be shared, but many of the dependencies are likely well known and downloaded, i will be using these dependencies a lot with my lots. I originally lotted it to be my Halls of Residence, or student accommodation for my city, but it is flexible enough to be used for general apartments. All stats are the same as the original file by michal27278 Original file located here: List of dependencies Neko Prop sets 2 and 3 SHK Parking Pack BSC - VIP girafe urbanpack vol. 1 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 3 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 Dutch Prop Pack Orange MEGA Prop Pack Vol01 TSC Murimk Bicycle Props Porkie Props VOL 1 BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 PEG MTP Super Pack (Texture DAT is only one that is needed) RMIP ( All you will need is the jzo_RMIP2vol2_textures.dat file) I have tested it numerous times, but if there are any issues please do PM me, or write in my new Lot editing topic Tankmanks Lots. And i just hope that you will enjoy it.
  19. Ever wanted to build your own SparkleCity, but just can't find the tropical textures I use as of 10/30/2016? Well, look no further than here. Also, all SC3000 textures have been eliminated from this thread for quality purposes. Welcome to Lynx's Tropical Shoppe First, we are going to start with some decent tropical terrain. I have only found one on the STEX, so there isn't much of a selection here, unfortunately. Next we have some water stuff, three great looking water plugins to choose from here, as it is easier to find water plugins on the STEX. More specifically, Tropical Water. Make sure to pick only one or you will experience severe corruption. Next, some beach textures... The most tropical looking is the white sand beach, and quite frankly, it also looks amazing.Only one plugin to choose from here again, unfortunately. Now we have the largest selection of them all, the trees collection. Six tree packages here to select from, and you can use more than one, but don't try to use them all, or you'll experience severe corruption in the form of CTDs. If you have any additions to make, feel free to submit them, as this is not complete. Thanks for visiting the Tropical Shoppe! New stuff is available every day.
  20. Final report

    Exerpt from the "About this city journal" tab: ####################### Dear successor, For the past 10 years I have been the Mayor of this wonderful small city; the city's population more than tripled, oil industries were swapped for tourism, and fossil fuels were replaced by renewable clean energy. The railroad network was greatly extended and the Ramora Bay University of Applied Sciences (RBUAS) was succesfully established. Now it's time for me to leave office and hand over the responsibility of managing Ramora Bay to the next generation, to you. We have achieved a lot and I am eternally gratefull to our citizens for their trust in me. This will be my final report and I would like to share the lessons that I have learned and the insights I have gained with you, and highlight some important issues that will have to be taken care of in the coming decades. ##################################################################### Are you the next mayor of Ramora Bay? Check out the job requirements on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700840293 ##################################################################### Final Report 1) Infrastructure & Industry 1a#The city as seen from Highway Four. Ramora Bay is situated at the end of Highway Four, which terminates in the middle of the city. The first interchange can be found immediately after the city border; this is primarily an industrial access interchange and provides out-bound connections exclusivly. 1b#Three Highway interchanges. This interchange could potentially be expanded to service freight transport into the city as well, especially if new industrial estates are developed on the abbandoned mining sites to the west of this interchange. At the same time this would improve industrial access to commerce in the western part of the city. 1c#View from the elevated roundabout interchange. The second interchange has long been the only one in the city, and used to be very busy untill the industrial interchange was built. It was upgraded to an elevated roundabout soon after I entered office. Presently it is mainly used by residents in the south-eastern part of the city and the lumber industy on the western border of the city. The main avenue flowing south from this elevated roundabout interchange was only recently upgraded to 6 lanes to deal with increased traffic volumes. The new situation still has to be evaluated and dealt with if the situation does not improve. 1d#West-bound avenue. 1e#Southeast-bound avenue. 1f#Traffic on the upgraded 6-lane avenue heading southeast. The third and final highway interchange provides direct access to the new city core and the university. It terminates in a large roundabout to reduce vehicle speeds and is mainly used by residents. 1g# Highway Four terminating in a large roundabout. The rail retwork has been greatly expanded; 1h# Railroad overview. the external south-east and west connections were connected, and the network provide access to three freight stations and one passenger station. One freight station is primarily used by the lumber industry and another by the high-tech robotics industry that was spun off from research conducted at the RBUAS. 1hi#Lumber Industry and freight station. The third freight station exclusively serviced the ore-mining industry to the north of the city, that had been established at Ramora Bay since it foundation. It brought the city great wealth and provided it with the neccesary resources to build up its tech industries. At present however, the economically viable ore pockets have been exhausted and pockets further up the mountains have yet to attract favorable investors. The station is occasionally used to transport supporters to the sport-stadium that can be found next to it. 1i# Freight station servicing tech-industry. The external rail connection is partially disconnected from the railroad going through the center of the city; the split on the west side of city is not functional towards the south so as to not allow any external traffic passing through the city center, but forcing it to take the longer route passing north of the city between the first and second highway interchange. 1j# On top: internal and external passenger-stations. The inner-city railroad is connected to 5 passenger stations connecting (from west to east): a buisness park and the lumber industry, the expo-center, Downtown, the university and leisure district, government buildings and exernal passenger rail station. 1k# Downtown passenger station servicing the blue and green lines. The network is very well used by locals and to alleviate pressure on the rail-lines (and to connect further areas of the city through public transport), permissions have been granted to develop a bus- or metro-network. 1l# Busy 1st class coupons of a passenger train. Throughout the city there are also numerous hiking paths, promenades and pedestrian bridges improving connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists. 1m#Hiking path. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Demography & Urbanization 2a#Highrises and Tenements have sprung up throughout the city. The city has seen a strong growth in population over the past years, tripling in just under a decade. While education and public services such as healthcare, have kept up, deathcare was neglected, resulting in a so called "dead-wave" around christmas 2024. Unfortunately not much could be done during my last two years and keeping strong immigration is adviced to increase the number of working-age adults and lower the current percentage of seniors (22,4 %). 2b#Statistical data on the "dead-wave" phenomenon To promote the health of our citizens, numerous parks and walking trails have been established throughout the city and cycling is encouraged. 2c#Pedestrian Bridge crossing the passenger railroad. Public transport is free for citizens to in order to reduce the traffic volumes and improve air quality. The university also houses a medical center on its extensive campus and provides large areas of greenspace that could potentially be transformed into sport-parks. 2d#RBUAS campus. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) Energy 3a#Going green. To improve its reputation as a tourist destination and a worldwide leader in sustainability, the exploitation of oil pockets near the coast was discontinued: the environmental risk of an oil spill, which would have devastated the weak tourism sector, and the low market price of oil rendered further investments unfeasible. 3b#Incinerators as back-up/baseline power supply. Anno 2026, the city is able to draw up to 100% of its energy and heat from renewable sources; the solar power plant near the stadium and the wind turbines on its western border provide during sunny/windy hours, and during night/windless hours, incinerators throughout the city burn garbage that cannot be recycled and leftover biomass from the lumber sector. 3c#High tech housing reducing the carbon footprint of they city. Various (costly) edicts are in place to improve energy & water efficiency, and reduce garbage production. If the treasury is running low these could temporarily be retracted since they consume up to 33% (!) of the cities expenses. 3d#City policies. 3e#Edicts consuming up to 33% of the city's annual expenses. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) Tourism 4a#Blue Heaven Although a lot has been invested, the tourism sector is still in its infancy. Promenades along the beaches and Hotels along the shorelines have been constructed. In addition the city has invested a lot in tourist attractions such as the Colossal Orders building, the Museum of Modern Art and the characteristic tower of High Interest, which dominates the city's skyline when seen from the ocean. Leisure activities have sprung up in close vicinity to the beaches and taxi's transport tourists from the intercity-station to tourist destinations. 4b#Promenades along the beaches. 4c#High Interest Tower dominating the shoreline. 4d#Public transport connecting Leisure Buildings Nevertheless it seems that most attractions are mainly used by locals who are responsible for over 99% of the sectors revenue. A wisely placed airport with good connections to the leisure districts might improve the situation... 4e# Plenty of room to build. ####################### Are you the next mayor of Ramora Bay? Check out the job requirements on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700840293 Good luck & enjoy!!!
  21. Flunight Props Vol 01 - Flora

    Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains props and Mayor Mode Ploppable (MMP). The props are tropical plants, palms and trees. This pack has been created for the Rio 2016 Project. Installation Instructions: Unzip the file and move its contents to Documents/SimCity4/Plugins There is no dependencies.
  22. Maio, Cape Verde

    Version 1.0.0


    Maio is the easternmost of the Sotavento islands of Cape Verde. Maio is located south of the island of Boa Vistaand east of Santiago. The island is known for its sandy beaches and large forest, which is unusual for Cape Verde. This map is nowhere near as challenging as my Jan Mayen map, however, just as much work went into it. This map has an incoming/outcoming railroad connection, as-well as some left-over mining railroads in the mountainous area. One mini-mountain range has a small railroad bridge, used to connect the two ore-filled hills together (not present IRL). Tropical theme, right-hand drive.
  23. Águas Claras

    Águas Claras "Águas Claras" it's an high density upscale neighborhood, located in the East Zone of San Pedro. It has one station of line 1(green), of subway, and it's "crossed" by 6 bus lines. Too has a college, beautiful beaches, a good quality of life and approximately 9.000 inhabitants. The pics: On a rainy night...
  24. Football

    Football field at the edge of a coconut palm plantation

    © zahrul3

  25. Contents 1. Prologue (this post) 2. Water Shenanigans 3. Welcome to Cagayan 4. Central Station District 5. Druzhba - Friendship, or a Roof over your Head Thought of the Day: Changing Things up 6. Plaza Mayor - The City's Parlor 7. Santa Catarina - Of Winners Past and Present Thought of the Day: Square Pegs and Round Holes 8. The Last Run of Green Line Thought of the Day: What If... 9. Luz del Norte - Suburban Dreams Thought of the Day: Airport - What to do with it? 10. The Harbor - Connection to the World 11. A New Sunrise - Times of Change 12. 12: It's raining... 13. San Lorenzo - The Other Island Edit: The respective last link on a page never works with Firefox, so if you use that and end up at the end of a page, please scroll up. Chrome works fine. _________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Cagayan de Oro, my attempt at a Cities: Skylines city journal. Blame David (dedgren) for this. While I'm not making anything for this game, unlike the many very creative people who have gathered on this site, I can at least follow his plea to try a little bit more of a contribution to the site. This CJ will give some glimpse into what I'm playing at the moment. It won't be any recreation of a real place (my apologies to people from Cagayan de Oro: I just stole the name). I'm also a very slow player, so don't expect this to move at any fast pace. And as, though I'm slow, I like to experience the whole enchillada, this will be an eclectic effort. The backstory will sound somewhat forced and not follow any real place, but I hope it makes at least some sense, in an alternative possibility way. As I didn't even make the map myself, I guess it's time to start just there. Prologue I was looking throught he workshop for a new map to try out, and I stumbled on the original version of the Karayan Valley (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=545837560) map by Vexcarius. I think the map deserves some exposition. If you read his description, you will see that he had the Cagayan province in the northern Philippines as a base. As the word "Karayan" (literally "river") has, in my life, a connotation of an old, frail man leaning on a conductor's stand, I chose to adopt the Cagayan name. However, I added the "de Oro", which is actually the name of a city on Mindanao, but hey, it sounded good . The map contains some real life geo data, particularly from the town Tagaytay, a popular trip destination south of Manila. The map is, in principle, a view of a river valley with some high plateau in the southeast. _______________________________________________________ So far for today. I tend to rebuild parts of the city when I get the whim, so it may not all be a straight progression. However, as an indicator that this CJ is not poised to die immediately, here is a hint at one of the possible futures: Take this as a promise.

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