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  1. may i request an island :D

    i want an original island from your creation 

    as i am creating a new country called the state of pigol

  2. Xephren!!! God Here.. Long time Huh? Huh? Soo.... Hows it Goin?  LMAO 

    Madagascar!!! Can you build it?


    1. Xephren


      ah yes youve just reminded me

      its been on my PC for a while

      ill upload it now

  3. BAT Request Thread

    thank you @matias93 and @licoricebomb, this community is really helpful as for the SimCoug's Old R$ Neighborhoods, they are very nice and ill check it out, however they have more of an American vibe, Im looking for something Asian-Southeast Asian themed
  4. BAT Request Thread

    Can anyone throw together some lots of clustered houses like these, pretty please? Preferably 3x5 with a bunch of R$ maxis houses, and maybe even Wallibuk's south american houses clustered together, as in the picture This would be great for the regions i'm doing <3