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City-building game(s)

Found 27 results

  1. How do you place harbors and such, parallel to the coast shore instead of being perpendicular? I mean to save space instead of building extra large rivers.
  2. Eden Bay : Smallville (intro)

    1. The third and last town where P. R. Crastina stayed, in that golden half-year of her first big residence as a writer, way back then, was Smallville.. 2. ...Another part of the amalgamated city of Eden Bay, under the aegis of Mayor Zabnis -- all three generations of them. Please forgive the small pictures : P. R. had only a small, non-digital camera at the time -- beginning writer, almost a student's budget... y' know... 3. It was another pretty, quiet and green town : 4. 5. 6. with only two honest-to-God skyscrapers to its name (and the oldest citizens grumbled a lot about those) : 7.They were all from old Polish farmer's stock, and their parents could still remember the humble, agricultural beginnings of the town. Almost nothing is left of it, only the Adamcyk Farm, north of the Coyla river, which no bridge had yet crossed, at the time. 8. 9. 10. 11. But the river would have to be bridged, and it was, once the forestry industry came to the region and logging began in earnest, as wood was (and still is) the main resource of that part of the region. Next : Logging.
  3. Hey everyone! Just wondering what all people like to see in their favorite maps.
  4. O-Mega Map

    Version 1


    I made this map because I could find no map large enough to fulfill my territorial needs. The map was 8000x5000 but i could not make a config for it so i downsized to4097x2561. This map has flat plains, valleys, mountains (a lot of mountains), peninsulas, islands, oceans, bays, rivers, lakes, gulfs, and much much more... Enjoy!!!
  5. La Salle

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a mix of parts of 3 regions: -Canon Beach: -Great Valley: -Bordertown: All linked with tiles terraformed by me. The region is 4x7 large citi tiles. It has two big parts of land separated by a large portion of water (ocean, sea, huhe river whater you whant to call it). Also you have mountains, mesas, valleys, hills, islands, lakes, flatlands, a bayou everithing you need to create a huge LAish city or a nice region with small cities and villages separated with big agricultural fields. In the picture i am using CPT Meadowshire Terrain Mod: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=58 SHK PEG Brigantine Water Mod:
  6. Episode 1 - Creating a map!

    Here's the first episode hope you all enjoy! feeback and suggestions welcome.
  7. Ciudad del Lago, fictional

    Version 1.0.0


    Ciudad del Lago (matias93's first attepmt in creating content for SC4 community) How to install This map is in .sc4m format, so you need SC4Mapper or SC4Terraformer to install it (I recommend both). Both programs could be found in the LEX or STEX. With Mapper: 1. Having it, you have to go to your Regions folder (usually, in Documents/SimCity 4/Regions) and create a subfolder with the desired name. 2. Open the Mapper and click on 'Create Region', choose 'SC4M' as source and check the map is correctly loaded. You can change the city tiles distribution with 'Edit config.bmp' if you want, or leave as it is. 3. When ready, click 'Save Region', choose a name and close the Mapper. 4. Open the game and change to the new region. The colours will be the ones you have in the Mapper, and will change to match your water and terrain mods while you save your city tiles. ----- What is this region? Ciudad del Lago is a fictional location that I've terraformed along years of playing with Maxis' Berlin and London regions (yes, that stream on the west is what's left of the Spree). After adding more than 100% of new area, I decided to try and see what you can do with this place. The terraforming, of course, does not mimic a purely natural terrain, but includes several modifications, that allow a faster settlement of infraestructure, like sea and airports, leveled city centres and some adequately sloped lanes for motorways. There's also a lot of natural barriers, which would add some fun (and the need of several tunnels and brigdes). In the most terraformed areas, I opted for keeping the terrain exactly 30 meters over sea level, allowing to draw brigdes that permit the pass of ferries. Using those platforms (or newer analogous), you can extend ferry lines up to the extremes of all causeways, complementing your network infraestructure. The whole map extends over a 24 kilometers side square. This files are a free contribution, that can be redistributed in its original form or remixed, by mentioning the authors name. The original creator of some pieces is Maxis, and I remixed it and added most of the map.
  8. Hey everyone and welcome to the Province of Windermere. I've decided to start a CJ now that I've finally got most parts of the NAM running somewhat stable on my Mac install. I've been playing SimCity for years but have only done a City Journal once years ago, so we'll see how it goes. So let's get right into some of the back story. Windermere is a large province with three major metropolitan areas; Foymount, Clarington, and Bayshore. Since Foymount is the oldest area in the province, we'll get started there. Foymount started out as a small town with a small industrial area and plenty of farmland. Looking West towards Cobden and the construction on Highway 10 and Highway 2. The town began to expand along Main Street, which ran from the neighbourhood of Westmount, into the new built area called Cobden. They also expanded farther west into a new suburb called Cobden Rapids. The town finished the new expansions with the creation of its first highway, Highway 10, which stretched East-West from West Raine into, the quickly expanding industrial neighbourhood Kipling, west through what is now Old Towne, ending in Cobden Rapids. West Raine prior to Highway 10's expansion Cobden Rapids prior to Highway 10 Construction Highway 10 and Highway 2 in Cobden after construction has finished. Highway 2 Construction at the old Main Street Bridge. Lakeshore St. and the Old Main St. Bridge Looking East after construction of the new Main Street Bridge and Lakeshore Intersection has completed. West Raine looking North after Highway 10 Expansion West Raine Looking West Quickly after that, two new towns, Waltham Park to the northwest, and West Raine to the east, began to rapidly expand. The amount of commuters coming into Foymount from these neighbouring towns resulted in new decisions for the city's planning committee. Commercial interests were at an all time high in the town, with many businesses looking to set up in a central location. Up until now, commercial offices operated out of Foymount's commercial area in Cobden as well as some plans had been made in the city's new Central district in Old Town. Unfortunately, both of those areas lacked room for expansion as well as proper access to Highway 10. Newly built Central Avenue extending from Mount Circle Looking West at Old Town as well as the new Central District The city decided to establish a new Downtown north of Cobden and Highway 10 and to the southeast of Waltham Park. Also, a new highway, Highway 12 would be created, spanning from Highway 10 west of the bridges, north ending at Highway 2, which was expanded into Waltham Park. As well as new 3 lane bridges would be build for Highway 10 to cross the Kalden River. At this time, the lands on the opposite side of the river were designated as future airport territory. Highway 12 and Highway 10's new interchange Looking East at Downtown, University of Foymount, and Highway 12 Looking North at Highway 12 Ending at Highway 2, which turns into Waltham Park The new expansion to Waltham Park created a huge demand in the area, with new commercial offices springing up along Highway 2 as well as a huge residential growth in Waltham Park. Which led to huge traffic problems along Highway 2. After multiple failed attempts to ease traffic in the area, the city decided it was time for another highway expansion. Foymount's committee first designated a regional council, that would work with neighbouring cities and towns to work together in creating a better region for its citizens. The council decided to make a number of expansions in the area. First, in Cobden Rapids, the north-South section of Highway 10 would be expanded north into Waltham Park, and would become Highway 80. Cobden Rapids' new built municipal expressway would be expanded to the river and would become Highway 280, with future plans to expand north into Waltham Park on the other side of the river. The council decided to finally extend Highway 12 north, building a small collector-express system to run Highway 12 and 2 together until Highway 2 turns into waltham park, with Highway 12 continuing north. They also decided to built a new highway for future commuters flowing north from Highway 10 to the north edge of Kipling, which would be designated as Highway 60. New Highway 10 and Highway 2 Interchange Highway 60 and Highway 10 new interchange New Interchange at Central Avenue has well as the new Union Street. Looking East at Highway 60 Exit at Branson St. and Terminus at King Street These expansions resulted in huge growth in Downtown as well as growth in Kipling. It also resulted in a huge growth in a small town south of Foymount named Kalden Bay. A huge housing boom left Foymount searching for new areas to built as Westmount and Old Town were quickly approaching capacity. Developers expanded to the newly dubbed "South Side" and quickly built along the newly built Highway 5. Looking South at Construction on the newly built Highway 5 Bridge Again the city was left with planning decisions as its neighbourhoods filled up. They also widened Highway 5 and expanded it with a new bridge into Cobden as well as east into the newly designated high tech area "Plex Creek". They announced that Highway 60 would be expanded south to Plex Creek and Highway 5 within the next year. Well I think that was a pretty in-depth intro. I hope you enjoyed. Next Post will be about where Foymount is at today! Comments are welcome! Here's a preview as to what's next:
  9. Foymount: Present Day

    I've been absent for like 5 months , but I'm back with a big post and a few more lined up! Fast forward to present day, Foymount is the largest city in the province with 444,000 people. The Metro area has a population of approx. 600,000 people. Downtown has expanded completely with multiple skyscrapers built over the years, as well as residential condos have taken over the east side of Downtown. Highway 12 running through Downtown, with King and Queen Sts. crossing the highway. A new community, Bransworth, has been created north of Downtown. Bransworth and Highway 12/2/North St. Interchange. Comet Stadium as well as the Airport Road Bridge. Cobden now boasts its own skyscrapers as well as a small condo community on the shore. Cobden condos and Highway 10/12 Interchange Old Town and Westmount have both expanded with multiple new condos, as well as the South Side, which is plagued by traffic on Highway 5. Old Town and Highway 10 Westmount by the Main Street Bridge South Side South Side along Highway 5 Highway 60 runs through the entire city from Plex Creek to the newly built North Kipling, as well as a new highway, Highway 64 branches off to west to pass the new airport and heads north into Frank. Foymount International Airport Kipling has expanded north as well as a new residential community, North Kipling, has been built north of Highway 60 and the Kipling Landfill. Plex Creek has blown up with new buildings, as well as a new highway, Highway 110, providing direct access from Highway 10 East to Plex Creek, as congestion was becoming an issue on Highway 60. Highway 110 - Highway 60 Bypass Plex Creek with Highway 60 heading North and the end of Highway 5's city highway. Also, Highway 110's terminus at the top. Kipling Industrial Park and part of the Highway 60/10 Interchange North Kipling and Kipling Pits Landfill McNicoll Heights, a new residential community, has also spun up on the top of Mount Foy beside the country club. That's it for this full post! next we'll look at the province's latest stats as well as Metro Foymount's transit system. Comments are welcome! To close, here are some mosaics I put together: Now at night:
  10. The Eden Bay university, which has invited P. R. Crastina, is distributed among the various Eden Bay boroughs. The Arts buildings is in Kathy Vale, and that's mostly where P. R. had been working during her stint in the region -- Writer's Central, so to speak. It is situated downtown near the picturesque Old Timers' Museum (as it is called : an ancient farm keeping alive the memory and traditions of the first settlers), the Farmers' Market and the Saint-Benign cathedral. City Hall and Radio-Vale are not far from there. Also, some big commercials and quiet residentials. it was not apparent, with all the greenery, but Kathy Vale was undergoing a boom in construction when P. R. was there, especially near the new rail terminal. Perhaps there is less greenery now... But P R. would rather remember the city as it was. (Well, folks, apparently the Choose FIles function has decided to work again for me... But DragFiles is still AWOL)
  11. Martin Falls : Falls and Rivers

    So, why is Martin Galls called "Martin Falls" ? Well... because there are falls on the Sainte-Eulalie river after it gets out of Martin Lake Downstream, L'île Bizard Seen from the other side : The Bizard Bridge During her stay in Martin Falls, P. R. didn't live near the falls, though ; she stayed in a very small B&B on Pointe-à-Lacalle, which divides the Ru-à-Jacques : ... the first red-tile-roofed building on the left, after the Sainte Rita church . There were quiet walks along the Ru, during lazy Sunday afternoons : [here, feel free to add bird songs and cicadas...]
  12. Serenity Valley - Boreal

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first hand-made map. Serenity Valley has two small winding rivers that converge on higher ground, then meet up with a larger, lower river. There are three possible locations for a hydro dam. A dam with 1600 MW at the big waterfall is possible. Panoramic views of mountains and hills, with a small amount of playable space in the foothills. Otherwise, the map is flat at two different heights. The lowlands are fertile, the highlands have some oil and ore. There are also two canals, intended to look man-made, and perfect for use with waterfront walkways. (See example image above.) Waterfront Walkway by Tair http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=422857990 Walkway by VIP http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=426140797 Hats off to MrMiyagi for his wonderful map-making guide. I really needed help with my mountains, and I discovered his tip on using Wilbur. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=482232215 Unfortunately for this map, I was too far into the project to use it, but I will definitely use it in the future. So the mountains are entirely hand drawn here, and I hope you find them suitable. I hope you enjoy this map as much as I do. I imagined it for days and started it twice before it started to take shape. Steam workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=503001583
  13. And now for some smaller cities

    P.R. Crastina being a country girl at heart, she's most delighted when she's invited to smaller cities, or even small towns. Less stress, more oxygen, and opportunities from long walks. LIke in tis town, named -- lo and behold !-- Smallvilleray. It was originally a logging town, and still is, although it has diversified over the years. They made good use of their numerous rivers and streams.
  14. Ionica - Summer in the City 2

    Welcome back to Last week a showed you a park my newest zone. That is just a fraction of a much bigger park called the Sarai Ecological Community in th middle of a low density residential neighborhood. This community, like many others in Ionica is based on the principles of Ecological Urbanism which is a theory of planning and design for urbanism arguing that landscape, rather than architecture, is more capable of organizing the city and enhancing the urban experience. In the bottom half of this picture you can see the BATs KonstantinII customized for me so that they'd be able to connect with paeng's parks. Thanks again KonstantinII. Nothing like being by the pond on a hot summer day. Boats are free for everyone, if they are available. So far this year no flamingos have been hit or killed by a baseball, but on freak occasions it does happen. Replies: KonstantinII: Good entry my friend! How do you have the birds flying around? Thanks buddy. Those are JENX Fauna birds from SC4 Devotion Aaron Graham: Lovely pictures!!! Thanks. Schulmanator: Very cool! Some unique spots here for sure! Glad you enjoyed, thank you. Gugu3: amazing pictures! Thanks. Terring: Nice and interesting Thank you. Hazani Pratama: Very Nice! Thanks SimCoug: That is a great park - I like your mix of content. Good to see you back! Nice to be back, thanks. Been keeping track of some of your new stuff, but haven't chimed in recently. Michelot: Awesome! Yeah, thank you. 89James89: Looks really really nice, just read through the entire CJ and loved every minute of it, right from the looks at the older cities and the redesigns they went through, up to the sprawling urban metroplois that has become Ionica. Really nice work. James Glad you took the time to catch up on my CJ. My city has gone through quite an evolution and it continues. Thanks. pingpong: The waterscape is surely adorable! Glad you think so, thanks. Huston: Spectacular contrast between the urban sprawl and natural scenes! A very tranquil looking atmosphere to sum it all up Thanks. I've been building it for a long time. It has been quite tedious layering all the detain and trying to get everything right. But it is paying off. urielgarcia: Love the flamingos and the pond...the mmp add a lot to the scene. The do indeed. I'm happy I had this chance to use em. Thanks.
  15. Ottawa, Canada

    Version 1.0


    This is the Capital city of Canada, Ottawa. I made the map using terrain.party, It didn't come as perfectly as it should have, I had to do most of the layout within the grid, it may not be exactly the same, but i leave it up to you, if you think I made a mistake. I couldn't complete all the roads as i was limited with the highway tool only. Most of Ottawa actually fits in the 25 tile grid, some part of Gatineau also fits in. Farrhaven, Kanata, South keys and Orleans couldn't fit in the grid. the map is in exact measurement 18 km x 18 km each tile is 2 x 2 km. I have attached another photo showing the the grid I used on Terrain Party to make this map, you can use that photo to help you build the city perfectly or do as you wish. Installation: 1. Extract the file "OTTAWA.crp" 2. Paste it in "C:\Users\[you username]\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps" 3. Open the game 4. Go to Content Manager 5. Enable the OTTAWA map 6. Start new game Good Luck Senetors
  16. Cinder Mountain Valley

    Version 1.0


    A large valley among the Cinder mountain range with raging whitewater rivers, a lake at the base of Mount Cinder and many elevations to challenge the city builder while still feeling natural with adequate flat land. All of my maps are hand crafted with loving care and designed with the city builder in mind. Let me know if you spot any issues and I would love to see any cities made on this map so shoot me a link or leave it in comments. Enjoy! Steam link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=439110575 This color correction http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417935657 looks amazing on this map. Some screenshots have this enabled.
  17. Blue Lagoon 2.0

    Version 2.0


    Based on real coast in China. Lot of natural resources, railway connection from 3 sides, highway from 2 sides. Plenty of flat land to build on with some mountainous areas, two rivers, some high mountains as well. Long sandy coast, ship line connection from 3 sides. (changes since last version: fixed and improved ship lines, more natural resources, improved river flow to suit large hydro power-plant, more railway connections) Enjoy !
  18. Crater Lake

    Version 1.0


    Crater lake is a caldera lake in the State of Oregon. The lake was formed over 7,500 years ago by the collapse of a volcano. The terrain of the area is based on USGS elevation data, however a few details were added to make the map more compatible with the game, such as the addition of lakes and rivers and the removal of Wizard Island within the lake (It wouldn't render properly) Otherwise, the details are accurate. Enjoy!
  19. Ouisconsin County - How to Make a Map, Part 2 <DoW Update 115:03.10.15> Today, we will continue making a map by actually doing some mapping! First, fire up SC4, load up your city tiles and take a screenshot of a traffic data-view. Outside of the game, open up the screenshot in Paint and make a rectangular selection around the map data-view map...it doesn't have to be perfect. Now copy that selection and open a new paint file with a size of 512 x 512 pixels. Paste the selection and immediately resize the selection by 200 percent. Move the selection so that only the map appears in the 512 x 512 area. Select all and copy. Paste the selection in Illustrator onto an artboard the size corresponding to the city tile...in this case a medium sized city is 512 x 512 pixels. Make sure the selection's left top corner is X: 0 px, Y: 0 px and the size is 512 x 512 px. Since we are mapping out the rivers, and we want the map tiles to match up, you'll want to paste in adjacent map tiles. Now use the ink pen tool to trace a each side of the river. Don't connect the paths, leave them open ended in the adjacent tiles. In this example, the river required three separate paths. Duplicate these paths and put them in a sublayer for safe keeping and click the little eye to make them invisible. Once you have map the river out over the edges into the neighboring tiles you can save the file under those adjacent tile names for future use when making those map tiles since you will want to use the same paths that cross the tile borders. Take the visible paths, select all of them, go to the Object Menu, Path, and JOIN. Now you will have ONE path for the river. If you want to get the old map effect that I am using for my rivers, duplicate this path four times...otherwise, you can just stop here switch the color from the path to the fill and select your preferred water color. To get the "wave" lines, I duplicate the path and place 10 px black stroke. Then I duplicate again and place an 8 px same color as the main water stroke. Finally, one more duplicate and a 1 px black stroke. Your river is complete. Delete any unnecessary layers (SC4 data map). You can add in section lines, label the river, and of course later on streets and more! Save your work as an .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file so you can come back and edit in the future, then save as an .svg (scalable vector graphic). Now your map should show up where you coded it in the HTML The next step is to open up the .ai file of the adjecent tile and continue using the same river paths to get a seemless river on your map. Since you saved this file while working on the previous tile, the previous tile map will be centered on the artboard. Remove this and any other unneeded SC4 map tiles. Selected the map tile AND the water paths and move both together so that the top left corner is at X: 0 px, Y: 0 px. You can then hold down on the pen button to select the delete anchor points tool and remove much of the water paths that are hanging off your main tile. Now just repeat the process with this tile. Your river should match up to the previously finished tile since you are using the same paths across the edge. In the next part, we'll add streets and other layers like parks and text. Let me know if this was clear enough. I'm not always so good at giving instructions...especially in written form (maybe I should make a video, but I don't know how to go about doing something like that! I'd need a tutorial!) Replies: Ln X: Ye old! Loving it. Thanks. I'm trying to be SimCoug...but falling short. Kim Sunwoo: I'm enjoying this CJ a lot :-) Thanks. I hope I can enjoy making it. Mymyjp: Beautiful...love the layout and the fact that you named everything. Love the spacing between homes. Nicely done! Of course, EVERYTHING must be named....well to a point. Once the city becomes massive, I can't be Google Maps and tell you specifics about EVERYTHING, but at this point, why not? slickbg56: Fantastic! The filtering adds another cool eye catching level. Great job, lots of great details. Yeah, subtle and judicious use of filtering breaks up monotony.
  20. The Northern Territory Expansion: As Adamskii Land experienced a booming economy from the recent expansion to agriculture, the need for raw materials increased. This demand for materials, along with the eagerness of the railroads to expand their grasp, led to the massive expansion into northern territory. Some typical scenes found in the Northern Territory. The land is known for meandering rivers and large forests. Lumber and hunting have become the largest industries with farming trying to find its place in the mountainous region. Scottie's Valley is currently the furthest out established town, a frontier type of place. Beyond this little town the river valley narrows and the mountains grow in height. A wild man's paradise full of lakes, animals, canyons and peace. Plattsburg City is the largest city within the Northern Territory. Plattsburg is known for colder temperatures, large trees and recreational actives. Many citizens spend time kayaking the rivers, boating on the bay to finding hidden coves or just riding bicycles around the friendly city. A train ride from Plattsburg to the mountains near Scottie's Valley is always recommended to tourists.
  21. Wroclaw (Poland)

    Version 1.0


    Welcome. This is map of city of Wroclaw in Poland and neighboring terrain. Map is based on real hydrographic and hypsometric maps of Wroclaw. Map contains rivers: Odra, Widawa, Olawa, Sleza, Bystrzyca, Dobra and all existing bigger canals. Map is in possibly most realistic scale. Size is 24 x 16 km (6 x 4 big cities). To play it you need SC4Terraformer: 1. Open SC4Terraformer. 2. Choose directory of region containing my config.bmp file, press OK. 3. In Global Tools import image Wroclaw.bmp (set Scale factor as Default). Import image as RGB. 4. Click File, then Save. 5. Open game and load created region. 6. Have fun. If you have any problems, ideas or other comments write it below. Witam. Przedstawiam Wam mapę Wrocławia i okolic. Mapa bazuje na prawdziwej mapie hydrograficznej i hipsometrycznej. Mapa zawiera rzeki: Odrę, Widawę, Oławę, Ślęzę, Bystrzycę, Dobrą oraz większe, istniejące kanały. Mapa jest w możliwie jak najbardziej realistycznej skali. Wielkość to 24 x 16 km (6 x 4 duże miasta). Do zagrania potrzebny jest program SC4Terraformer: 1. Uruchom SC4Terraformer. 2. Wybierz folder z regionem, w którym zapisany został plik config.bmp, naciśnij OK. 3. W opcjach Global Tool naciśnij Import image, wybierz Wroclaw.bmp (Scale factor ustaw jako Default). Zaimportuj jako RGB. 4. Naciśnij File i Save. 5. Uruchom grę i wczytaj stworzony region. 6. Dobrej zabawy. W razie problemów, uwag lub innych komentarzy proszę pisać poniżej.
  22. THE EARLY FARMING YEARS: ADDITIONAL SCENES As the region moved forward through the 1950's the agriculture movement made progress across all reaches of Adamskii Land. The local economies boomed and towns began to appear everywhere. Railroad was still the most convenient means of transportation/shipping for farming and ranching. Valleys with railways were the first to see towns which became shipping hubs for smaller sub-regions. Below are some typical scenes from the 1950's into the 1960's, known as "the early farming years" But finding plenty of water next to land and rail was not always easy. With the success of the nation's first dam the government began to look for more opportunities with water storage. The Zotes Valley is a long fertile valley with a river already in place. In the late summer the river becomes a stream and often fall harvest was early due to short water supply. The Pine Creek Dam took care of this problem controlling the release of Pine Creek into Zotes Valley. The railroad companies pushed their tracks further and further with goals of reaching the distant mountains. As towns grew lumber was in large demand which created a second booming industry. The first to reach the mountains with rails were the first to benefit. Timberline Valley was a small mountain valley within close reach of rail and thus became a major lumber source. The valley's weather was ideal for tree growth and lead to tree farming. The typical town during this time period had railway close to town to allow for passenger trains and shipping of goods. Some valley towns developed into small urban centers with shopping, churches, parks, and quiet neighborhoods. Below is an "typical" early farming year town. As the region enters the 1960's the shipment of goods becomes troublesome with roads and rails reaching high capacity levels. Some government engineers began to whisper about some crazy new idea of "freeways". The next city journal will be the region as in enters the 1970's.
  23. The Isles of Pandora

    Version 1.0


    Hello! This is my second ever file, an archipelago region called Isles of Pandora. Hopefully this will make up for the disaster that was my first upload... ( Jorjoba ) [Grimace ] Anyway, the region is the size equivalent of 28 x 24 small tiles (or 7 x 5 large tiles) and contains 32 large tiles and 12 medium tiles. It is a fantasy map handmade by me in SC4 Terraformer. It's not based off of anything in particular, although some sections are "inspired" by real-life regions of the world. The Isles of Pandora are divided into three primary sections: Arcadia Island to the Southeast, Lawrence Island to the Southwest, and the Mainland to the North. The map is designed to be well-suited for urban mayors who like to throw in a little touch of nature here and there. As such, the land is mostly flat, although there are some prominent geographical features (I tried my best to create proper sources for the rivers and decent-looking mountain ranges) Also, you might notice that many islands have small sections that hang over into other cities. This is intentional: The region is designed to give mayors the choice between relying on bridges or ferries to connect the islands. In this way, I have given you multiple different ways to play this region. In the end though, the choice is yours. Have fun! ~~~ Disclaimer: When you open up some of the city tiles, you will likely notice that sometimes there are awkwardly-placed water features, such as land protruding to just below sea level, or rivers being incredibly narrow. This is due to the fact that I am still new to SC4Terraformer. Don't worry though; A couple clicks with God tools should fix all of the issues. ~~~ The download contains a readme, an overview picture, the .SC4M file, and the config.bmp. Installation instructions are included on the readme.
  24. Calidore



    Calidore (pronounced CAL-i-DOR-ay) is a map I made for my new steampunk-themed Mayor Diary over at SC4D, but I figured somebody else might like to make use of it. The region is hand-drawn and imported into the Terraformer for finalizing. It's a very cramped cozy little region featuring mountains, rivers, a bay, islands for a downtown area, a decent amount of flat(ish) space to build, and lots of little details. Map size is 4x3 large city tiles, or 16x12 small tiles. An optional config.bmp is included for you to use at your pleasure. In-game screenshot was taken using the Columbus Terrain Mod (snowcapped peaks version), 3RR Gray Granite rock mod, PEG Brigantine water mod, and the Diagonal Jagged Edges mod (reduces the minimum slope for a cliff, so you won't see as much gray if you don't have it installed). As with most maps, this requires the SC4Terraformer. Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome.

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