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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is an American fast-casual restaurant chain based in Wichita, Kansas. Freddy’s was founded by restaurateur Scott Redler and two brothers, Bill and Randy Simon, whose father, Freddy Simon, was the inspiration for the restaurant, and its namesake. Redler and the Simons created a brand reminiscent of simpler times. Freddy's has over 300 locations in 30 states. CS$$ stage 2 3x4 growable, feel free to use LotPlop to plop. Simply extract to plugins folder. Thanks to @RRetail for the lotting! Dependencies: BSC TexturePack Cycledogg Vol 1b BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 SHK Parking Pack SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SuperSHK + FA3 Parking Textures BSC - VIP Girafe Trees/Shrubs Feather Grass Hedges Berries Linden Trees Rowan Trees
  2. pclark06 Retail BAT stuff

    Freddy's wip. working on the patio area right now. nightlights not final either.
  3. RRetail Development

    It looks great! Maybe the front sign/store signs could be created from a text spline for whatever program you are using, with Meijer's font, which is ITC Franklin Gothic Demi, but I can't wait. Franklin Gothic Demi Regular.ttf
  4. Columbus One Towne Center

    I love using this building due to the PF Chang's, Jason's Deli, etc. in the ground floor.
  5. pclark06 Retail BAT stuff

    I probably will make some W2W ones in the future here for sure. I actually picked brands that had a tendency to have standalone locations. We shall see! Next BAT: A Freddy's Steakburgers. Not even close to being done, right now just testing textures and seeing how they look in game right now (this is just the BAT on the lot @RRetail created for my Steak N' Shake). I know I have to make the front windows lower and a bunch of other stuff as well.
  6. PC Small Shop Set

    Version 1.0.0


    Some small shops derived from my plaza that I made a few weeks ago, with different textures and branding. These are mostly small sub shops. My influence for these came from other similar sets created by JMyers, SimGoober, among others. They fit in your suburbs, your small towns, your downtowns, your highway exits, wherever you want to place them. The LotPlop or BuildingPlop cheat can be useful in building these as well. Brands included: Dickey's BBQ Pit, Fast Signs, Firehouse, Jersey Mike's, Jimmy John's, Sally Beauty Supply, and Wingstop. CS$$ Stage 1 Growable 1x2 for the Restaurants and CS$$ Stage 1 Growable 1x3 for the Sally and Fast Signs. Thanks to @RRetail for lotting these! BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 SM2 Prop Pack Vol 2 CP Prop Pack Vol 1 SHK Parking Pack SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SuperSHK + FA3 Parking Textures BSC - VIP Girafe Trees/Shrubs Narcissus
  7. PEG-BAT Sat-Com Center

    This is one of my favorite PEG buildings, however, be warned, the actual I-HT has like 43,000 jobs for the sole reason of unlocking HT rewards. I have to edit the DESC file to make it function properly like the description says.
  8. RRetail Development

    There are some 3D models on 3D Warehouse of Meijer for reference as well (you would need Sketchup to open them). https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/fad9b817dd4ed59d4e5a4556cbcd2042/A-replacement-store-for-Meijer-on-28th-street-and-Kalamazoo-Ave-Grand-Rapids-MI https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/u48d8cdb8-621f-4a7e-a879-cbbdd8334ded/Meijer-Furnished
  9. RRetail Development

    I know the poster spelled Kohl's wrong, but some Meijer locations here usually have Kohl's, a McD's, Steak N' Shake, and a Fresh Thyme which is an organic food market. I'm pretty sure I know where he is referencing, lol
  10. RRetail Development

    I think that could be on the list in the future for RR but not sure. I personally would love to see one as well. Being a Cincy person myself, I want to do some local stuff, and a Skyline Chili is definitely going to be a future release from me.
  11. RRetail Development

    Personally, I like looking for stuff on Amazon (I collect rare sneakers), to see availability, and then paying for it on a smaller retailer/ebay online or going to an actual retailer just to mess over Amazon. I cannot stand Jeff Bezos and how he makes his workers experience the gulag.
  12. Walmart Neighborhood Market

    really like the texturing on this one!
  13. Hotel Signs for MMS

    I forgot to say - thank you @tariely for reuploading the MMS, I am so glad it's not lost forever!
  14. Hotel Signs for MMS

    Version 1.0.0


    Some hotel signs for @RebaLynnTS's Modular Motel System that was released a long time ago on the PLEX. I've always found it to be a wonderful set for my highways and am glad it was reuploaded here a few weeks ago. After a couple requests to release the hotel signs I posted in a gallery image of mine, here they are. To be used with this: Brands included: Knights Inn, La Quinta, Motel 6. The lots with the signs on them will be found in the parks menu. Lot size 1x1. Dependencies SHK Parking Pack, SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1, SuperSHK + FA3 Parking Textures