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City-building game(s)

Found 100 results

  1. Lauwrence & Roghue Island North !

    Lauwrence & Roghue Island North ! Welcome back to Mayon Province 2.0 ! Last summer we created Hartford, Maroon Bay and a large part of Roghue Island ! This summer I continue north into the county of Mont Real and adjacent Emerald Ville, Lauwrence, Mont Real Woods and some area of natural beauty ! Today we visit Lauwrence and the last north part of Roghue Island ! First we have a look at Roghue Island North with Spin City ! Eco is important in this series so solar and wind power fully used everywhere ! Clean business, opertunities full, hi-tech may come ! Agriculture beside forestry is on of the main soures of income in both counties ! Lauwrence county ! Lauwrence county on the other side of the river aswell got agriculture but business is smaller and more wide spread ! Laurwrence, lauwrence East, Woods and Belmont far left ! Lauwrence ! Agricultural area ! Belmont still got some development to come as the railway line may sugest ! Lauwrence East tranquille situated in the woods serve little commuter to Mont Real ! Well, that´s it for now ! Watch the little update´s here and there ! Emerald Ville will feature next CJ as to gradualy build up the area ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  2. BR 37.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Ben Behre Grube!
  3. Arquennes - Introduction

    Hi everyone! It seems that almost a year has passed since the last update. As usual, I've been losing interest for the game then came back to it and started working on different projects without finishing them. And you all know that I'm quite slow... The play time counter from Steam is for instance quite depressing for me to see It's time for me to introduce Arquennes, the city that will interest us in the next updates. The idea, as you may have seen, was to create some kind of regional middle town located on its hill next to the canal and trying to make it as organic as possible. 22. ARQUENNES - INTRODUCTION 1. Episcopal city means churches... 2. 'La ferme du Bailli', a specific update will be dedicated to that place 3. Feluy, one of the 5 other villages that are part of Arquennes municipality. Same, a specific update for that one 4. Arquennes itself, its cathedral and episcopal palace I hope you liked those pictures. The next ones are coming soon - REPLIES - @JP Schriefer Thank you very much! @The British Sausage Thanks mate! @_Michael Yeah I know, they are never there when you need them Thank you! @ulisse Thank you too! The citizens will welcome you with open arms! @Takingyouthere Indeed, even if I try to keep some growed building. Thank you! @MissVanleider I think it's quite faisible for Arinsia government. Thank you! @Prophet42 It's part of Callagrafx's canals. Nothing more. Thank you. @juliok92012 Thank you! @sejr99999 Thank you! It would be great indeed! @sunda Gracias! @kschmidt Thank you! There are indeed several 'Venice of the North'. @simlacroix You're welcome! @tonyr Thank you too!
  4. Maroon Ocean 01.jpg

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Maroon Ocean Requist Stop
  5. Old year´s Grab Bag Special !

    Old year´s Grab Bag Special ! Last pictures of Mayon Province 2.0 Hartford County not yet revealed. Mixed rich bag of Hartford industrials and some rural scenes ! Some month´s lost CJ of Mayon will return next year summer, but some stuff wich lay on the shelf I wouldn´t with hold you of showing as later might be obsolete ! Hartford industrial estate, the driving force of this region and maybe the province conscist of a large factory and rail based industries ! Area adjoins the harbour area for some lenght and allong highway 5. Business logistics are a natural part of this. Let<s have a chronical look at it ! Old Dirty Industry Zone ! Ethanol plant and plastic industries ! Logistal and business zone ! Hi´Tech industries developing ! Harbour area business and industrial park ! Rich variety of industries makes Hartford the industrial heart of Mayon Province ! Development of the area isn´t yet finished still there´s some room available for business ! This stretch I developed sometimes unfortunaly the game crashed ! Worker´s to do need their relaxation close by ! Afther all these industrial wonder we have a last look at some lovely rural scape´s of Lake Mayon and Maroon Ocean not yet shown ! Lake Mayon ! This area on Roghue Island adjoines with the islands offshore wich will be covered later ! Maroon Ocean ! Maroon Bay City to Hartford Ocean rural railway run´s through the southern part of this area, providing Goarly Woods a daily rail service to both adjoining area´s ! Scenic request only stop on the delight full naturale beachfront ! Last picture of this years Mayon Province 2.0 City Journal ! Hope you enjoyed this year´s Mayon CJ, wish you a very well New Jear and see you back next time !
  6. Maroon 43.jpg

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Maroon City South Nature Park
  7. Maroon 42.jpg

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Maroon City South & Park
  8. Maroon 47.jpg

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Maroon Bay South Nature Park
  9. Roghue Island & More or less !

    Roghue Island & More or less ! This month we visit just about the largest part of Roghue Island ! Roghue Island as you see conscist of about three tiles. Middle and Northern most agricuture and some industrie. South aswell got agriculture but business and leisure part is more dominant ! We start our tour not on Roghue Island itself but the Hartford County part north of Hartford City ! Stamford is a typical commuter town for Hartford ! Some commuters aren´t happy and show there desire to move despite low taxes ! Romford is a town still in development. end point of the short commuter line. Some Hi Tech to the right ! We now take highway 7 over the bridge to Roghue Island ! Welcome to Roghue Island ! We now proceed to the very south tip of Roghue Island ! Now we are in the northern part of Roghue Island Central. This is mostly agriculture and some towns ! We meet highway 5 with a northern interchange and Norwood ! Largest town supporting this area ! Roghue Mountain Nature Reserve ! Just accros the river from Romford lay´s the town of Salford ! Historicaly maybe older than Roghue Town it´s mostly agriculture and business wich make up local economy ! Socker and baseball make up local mayor sport line up ! Roghue Town insight ! Roghue Town ! Hi Tech made posible by low taxes ! Roghue Town Pioneer baseball ground ! That´s for the Roghue Island Central Tile ! Lake Mayon Island still in development ! Rogue Island Southern Tile ! Roghue Island conscist of the town of Camberwell, Lowewell and Cape Roghue ! We start with the agricultural part of Lowewell ! Camberwell started because of two sweatwater lakes available, small hamlet ! Gradualy, the town developed south into a commuter town for Hartford ! Modern demand required state of the art facilities like this mall ! Hospital and education and sporthal ! More wealthy neighbourhood with adjacent marina ! Beach facilties wher also necesary to educate lake swimming ! Life guard allway´s present ! Roghue Cape is very near and our last point of view for this CJ ! Roghue Cape conscist of a big marina, lot´s of hotel´s and restaurants and passenger terminal for the ferry to Hartford Marina ! Here we conclude our tour of Roghue Island for now. About two city tiles allmost completly filled with all things island life makes beautifull ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  10. Just a little update

    I will be taking a short break from developing the urban area and I will move to the countryside.Expect some new things to come up.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Hi All, This is a very simple upgrade for the "Roadside Trees", those trees that you can plop in the roads in order to create more beauty and healthy neighborhood. I've always thought it was absurd that those trees weren't able to increase land value. In my opinion, a tree-lined street is a much more valued street. So, this mode creates a (very) small amount of medium and high value on the fully tree-lined streets you create. Its a very small amount, but suffice to give beauty, healthy AND some value to the streets of your city. I also re-introduce the Pine Tree as roadside tree. It creates a beautiful line if you put it on the streets next to the Worship Set's "Chinese Temple" or the wonderful Japanese Temples from Project Shinjidai, created by XoXiDe (https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29906-project-shinjidai-xoxide/). I hope you enjoy. THIS IS AN OFFLINE MOD. Install by copying the .package file into your ...\Origin\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder.
  12. 26 - Canada Corner & Blue Hill

    Welcome everyone to Canada Corner and Blue Hill. Two more small tiles in the northeast corner. We'll start off with a quick look at the area in the region and then move through Canada Corner. I could have done so many other things but a lot of these upcoming tiles were some of the first in the region and were quickly laid out so please ignore some of the things like the steep railroad. 02 - Region View (there has been some change in the region since this picture was taken, I'll most likely post an update with the last of these small tile series) CANADA CORNER Mayor Logan Howlett 03 - A look at the tile in the beginning 04 - Final Overview 05 - Some Industry 06 07 08 - Moving in closer 09 10 - I'm getting tired of these taxis I need to go find a replacement 11 12 13 - I also need to figure out how to avoid the darkened/abandoned fields or is there a mod to override that? 14 15 - I like the rusting car in the back 16 17 18 BLUE HILL Shifting into Blue Hill - Mayor Dr. Henry McCoy 19 - Starting off 20 - Original Layout 21 - Updated Layout 22 23 - Same as Opening Pic 24 25 26 27 - Freight Train That wraps it up for this entry, Hope you enjoyed it. Comments and questions are appreciated.
  13. 25 - Webly Woods & Wayne Manor

    Welcome back to the Northeast corner of Mountain North. We're going to take a look at two more small tiles, Webly Woods and the Wayne Manor. The tiles are east of Green Hill and the road snakes along downhill. 02 - Region Area Pic WEBLY WOODS We'll start with Webly Woods simply because I wanted to use the opening pic and it's from that tile. Starting off with a WIP series, the road originally just passed through and so did the railroad but I saw this natural feature in my head so I started working on it. 03 - Starting off 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 - I'm going to show you the final overview now and then move in closer to some areas 14 - rotated 15 - in region orientation 16 - Sawmill, so I decided to use these Peg lots and the orientation kind of drove the location and where the rail would need to travel, so the area with the floating logs I imagined as a sort of area that was dug down and flooded to be used to move logs in position for the mill 17 18 - no the water mmp would not plop under the bridge ..sad face 19 - storage area 20 - Rail bridge near storage 21 22 23 - The road bridge, I took a lot of pictures for some reason so I'll show you them 24 25 26 - These turned out nice at night too, as the only lights in the area 27 28 - night version of pic 10 WAYNE MANOR Here we'll take a quick look at the tile with the Wayne Manor 29 - starting off 30 - Final Overview 31 - The rail line 32 33 34 - a little WIP pics 35 36 37 38 39 - day 40 - night 41 42 That wraps up this entry. I hope you enjoyed it and as always comments questions and likes are welcomed and appreciated. . . psst... over here, I have some more info about some strange things in the Northeast area of the region from some of the locals. Turns out that crater filled with water we saw in the valley back in Thunder Valley was not always there, you would think an impact crater would have happened millions of years ago, not almost a decade back. The authorities showed up but didn't find anything. One guy told me he was driving near the Wayne Manor and saw what looked like a plane fly off from the back of the mansion. Might explain the odd shape of the lawn, do those round parts look like part of a hidden defense system? Some of the mill workers in Webly Woods said the only interesting thing that happens is that some guy from time to time is seen bouncing around on ropes near the rail bridge, they think he is practicing bungee jumping or something, but why would you need multiple bungee cords and a red and blue bodysuit?
  14. To Come from pdelmo.
  15. 24 - Green Hill & Cap's Cave

    Welcome to the northern part of the valley seen in the previous entry. This is going to be a small entry showing two small city tiles Cap's Cave and Green Hill. I'll be upfront with it this will be what I think not such a great entry. The two tiles are simple and do not have a very specific point of interest. I decided early on I would show all the tiles in the region and well some may not be all that interesting, but I believe the next one will be much better. 02 - Region View of the North East, you can see the valley from the previous entry each of the above listed are small city tiles, there are two medium tiles in the middle, a small tile where the highway S turn in the woods is located, and a medium tile from the bridge on the right down. CAP'S CAVE 03 - starting off 04 - overview final 05 - Main Road, opening pic is rotated of this area 06 - Small town downtown 07 08 - the next couple of pictures are of laying out some mmps on a cliff 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 - Cap's Cave as nicknamed by the town, but no one knows it's real name, as secret military vehicles enter and leave the rumor goes this is where Captain America is hiding. Here we will transition to Green Hill where we met up with a man by the name of Bruce that was hiking through, his ripped jeans and shirt seemed odd but he seemed like a calm and cool guy. GREEN HILL 16 - Overview 17 - The Mine railyard 18 - The Mine 19 20 21 22 - I actually changed the road in front of the station to a cobblestone street but I missed the pic 23 - never mind I found one 24 - some residents 25 - this is the opposite side of the tile from the railyard Thanks for taking a look. Nothing major but now you know what is happening in this area of the region. The next entry will be Wayne Manor and Webly Woods and in my opinion there will be some better pictures so look out for that one very soon. As always comments questions and likes are welcomed and appreciated.
  16. 23 - Thunder Valley & Iron Alley

    Welcome back to Mountain North. This entry we will take a quick look at two small tiles in the North East Mountains, both from a drying river valley. Thunder Valley will be up first and we can see a deeper crater in the valley from an unknown source. Possibly a sinkhole but seems to be more of a small impact crater. The area does not have a town and is a nice secluded area. Sorry don't have a region pic, but you can see part of the valley in the previous entry Jahnee Gap, using the region pic therein you can see this valley up north. THUNDER VALLEY 01 - Above - Flying Low 02 - Overview 03 - look close for low flying jets 04 05 - Radar gets screwy in this valley so random patrols fly through, both practice and recon. Sometimes the coastal air guard take runs in the valley as part of their patrols. 06 07 IRON ALLEY Here we transition to the portion of the valley in Iron Alley. Home to the the Stark Bridge, a means across the valley for those driving on the county rode that runs down the side of this valley. 08 - Overview 09 - yes it took a long time to get that road to slope and curve just right up the side of the mountain, really just wanted to see if I could do it 10 11 13 There are a couple of points of interest in this small tile. Though not a town it is home to the Stark Bridge named after the family that funded it, the old Stark Mansion, an old vacation home for the technical innovative family, and the Stark Museum displaying some of the first inventions the family created. 14 - An older picture of the Stark Museum 15 - A newer pic they have changed the entrance sidewalk a bit 16 - The circle in front of the museum and bridge 17 - Notice the slight elevation change in the in game retaining wall 17 - Bridge by Day 18 - Bridge by Night 19 - The Stark Mansion 20 - Mansion Walking Paths 21 - I assume by now you noticed the Jet flying in the valley 22 - An even Closer look..just in case I hope you enjoyed our quick look at at two small tiles. I will most likely do some more of these as I have 8 or so more of these small tiles in the area. We will eventually get back to the tile shown in the previous region pic named Crossroads Creek, but it has some more developing to go through as it is connected to the major city in the region that is in development.
  17. 22 - Jahnee Gap

    Hello everyone, welcome to Jahnee Gap, this is a height transition town. The city tile to the north is much higher than the one to the south. This is going to be a big entry so get a snack or something to drink. Location, location, location Now Let's take a look at the town in development. 03 - Starting off 04 05 This one best shows the height transitions transit paths 06 my little proof that just about all of what you will see is grown. 07 I'm going to go to some older pics and some of the pics I took while trying to get pictures for the Rail Challenge 08 Lake Road 09 The lake and rail tunnels 10 11 My Rail Challenge entry 12 13 Older Downtown pic 14 Older Park Circle 15 Older Residential Pic 16 Now we'll move into the newer era in the town with much much more time having passed. I spent a lot of time waiting and watching and waiting until the "right" type of building grew. The industry you will see took a long long time on it's own but for some reason some small commercial buildings around the downtown circle took a crazy amount of time to finally pop up. 17 Let's look at the Far view of the residential area 18 Far view of the Industrial area, this area supports the overall industry throughout the region. The rail you see travels into the neighbor tile to the west, Hero Peaks and it's mine. It is strongly thought that the industry here including Schwartz Chemical works on this mystery product. I'm trying to track down the mayor for an interview but it's not looking good. 19 Let's take a closer look at this industry area 20 21 22 23 If we follow the highway north across the rail and this train station, you can see the new construction site that we will take a closer look at later. 24 Here is the industry a bit north of the tracks 25 26 27 North of this the highway past the transitions area Let's now go and take a look at the residential area and downtown 28 Lake Road 29 Lake Road Residential Area 30 Lake View Church 31 John's Pond 32 This bridge leads into the next county it is named for Marvel County Bridge where a lot of interesting mayors live. We'll head there in the next entries. 33 Moving south we see the area around the Old Church 34 Just behind the church is High St. and High St Park 35 36 Back over by the downtown is the school, here during Spring 37 and Fall 38 Downtown 39 40 41 42 43 Now the Downtown circle which took decades to grow, pruning quite often 44 45 46 note the historic buildings are a pharmacy and a doctors office, in game medical buildings helping boost the health in the area. 47 The hospital is near the highway and also near the new construction site we will be taking a closer look at. 48 The MMP construction site currently undergoing some site work, digging down to get to the depth the foundations will be poured, hope the the slopes are visible to you. Note This is an older pic in the sense I reworked the industrial areas into the areas you've seen above. 49 50 51 since this is #51 I'm in this pic, in the black shaking hands with the engineer that came to meet me at my construction trailer office. 52 53 Here is the freight rail yard that brings in the materials of industry including that mystery mineral mined in Hero Peaks. 54 Curves , this is the road that leads into Hero Peaks. How about some Night Shots? 55 Industry at Night 56 57 Schwartz Chemical at Night 58 Residential area at night 59 60 61 Downtown 62 63 64 and my favorite for last the Marvel County Bridge at night That wraps up the pictures but now for an interview with Mayor John Wraith. We couldn't get anything scheduled so we will try to do this on the fly and a little sly. We'll follow his car and try to ask him a question when he stops at city hall. Waiting near the mayor mansion we notice he is coming out but as he is gets into his car he seems to have just disappeared. It looked like he vanished into thin air!? What the hell is going on around here? I hope you enjoyed this entry. Any comments or questions please feel free to ask.
  18. Nature

    Good evening!Today i've took lots of new screenshots,mostly nature,but i do have some urban stuff too! Let's begin 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. That's it for today's update,i hope you enjoyed it!
  19. 21 - Stepstones

    Welcome to the town of Stepstones. Just east of Twisting Spine it is home to the first part of the east branch of the main river in the region. It was an old town that sat quietly in the valley for years and years but with the development of the region more started to move in and soon a highway was blazed through on it's way to Hero Peaks. Here is the region view for orientation 03 Here is the town in development 04 Eventually became this 05 Here is a look from the north taken before some final changes 06 Let's go to the north east corner 07 Let's follow that road east ... 08 right past the church... 09 ..and cemetery, with funeral in progress. 10 Still on North Road we keep heading east past some stores near the Rockfalls Road intersection. 11 Just east of the intersection is a little residential area with a fun little street layout. You'll also see some Cori houses(pink ones) that I decided to keep around this time in honor of @CorinaMarie having become a moderator. She lives in one of these in her game she once said. 12 Now I know what you want to really see, down by the river, no van though. Like the first picture here is the road bridge crossing the river with some new construction to start soon near it, as you can see they are clearing the site and getting it ready to build on. 13 There is a little industry up by the highway 14 Right at this off ramp a strip mall of sorts was built 15 The road passing through is Rockfalls Road and it runs down past the hospital 16 Up on the ridge you can see the train passing the station 17 Following the train we reach the road tunnel that leads to the bridge. 18 The train crosses the river on it's way to the oldest part of town and the old station. 19 The old station across the river 20 In the old part we find some nice homes with some great views imo 21 This guy built himself a pier to get some lite rowing in. 22 23 The Chapel 24 By the river 25 Over in the south east corner on the old side of the river there are a couple of piers and docks 26 This is right by the old mill 27 Right across the river from the mill is the soccer field near one of the on ramps 28 29 If we follow that road east we pass a spot some sunbath near the river but a family of bears is making trouble on the road 30 It eventually leads to some houses spread out around the ponds 31 Another view of the highway curve over lake, it's an old pic the red house has since been replaced as you can see above 32 Pier Street on the north side of the river 33 34 35 If we followed the highway we would see Arrowhead Pond, not only named for it's shape but for the find of many different types of arrow heads indicating varied groups passing through the area. I hope you enjoyed visiting. I tried to get an interview with the mayor John Proudstar but it seems he got in his Thunderbird and drove off to help some friends and has not gotten back yet. Thoughts?
  20. 20 - Hero Peaks

    Hello Everyone, welcome back, today we are going to take a quick look at the source of the region's wealth, Hero Peaks and more importantly what is located within. There is a very rich vein of a very rare element...sorry we don't know what it is, that has been kept secret. This of course has led to conspiracy theories that range from the alchemists stone to some chemical that produces superhuman powers, but Mayor Lee has vigorously denied these rumors especially the superhuman powers formula. 01 Above you can see one of the "undercover" trains carrying some of the special freight near some of the lower industrial area. A peak at the Region Pic 02 03 Not sure where to start so.. here is a train station 04 Where the lower industry section is 05 06 Let's take a look around from a little further back 07 You can see the town is small the Truck Stop off the highway takes up most of the space in town 08 This is an old city, one of the first I started working on in the Mountain North Region, I tried to keep some of these older cities but touched the up a bit. There was a lot of reworking of slopes using slope mods and in the end the buildings in this picture and the truck stop were the only things not demolished and rebuilt. 09 The old town circle 10 11 The High Rail, hard to see but you can see the tunnel coming out of the mountain, the rail then smoothly slopes down and around till it passes near the train station seen above. 12 The town as seen from the mountain 13 Here we can see a train coming into town to get loaded up 14 We can see it pass a passenger train near the hotels, a couple of them in town as some workers come in from other parts to work and there are plenty of truck drivers needing a nice place to spend the night from time to time. 15 A small area that I reworked so much I had to just stop at one point 16 As the train rolls along it scares some deer 17 Now for a quick sneaky look at the mine 18 Since the mining company already had the equipment they went ahead and created an area for a rail yard at the mine entrance for faster loading. Production is not major as far as we know but then again when I was talking to the mayor he stayed quiet but someone in his office said "Stan will never admit to anything as long as he is mayor" 19 20 What the area used to look like when starting off the region 21 But there was much much reworking in the end 22 The upper industry 23 24 Here the train rolls into the lower yard to drop off some cars 25 Final Overview Thanks for taking a look and as always comments, questions, and likes are always welcomed and appreciated. Very soon we will take a look at the Stepstones
  21. The Fires of Fall

    From the album Hall of Fame

    1st Place entry from Nature Scenes (S3-19-E) Extended 84 Rep 28 Bonus Points 62 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings The beautiful colors of fall showcased in Cities: Skylines.

    © 2016 Avanya

  22. Alpine Lake

    From the album Hall of Fame

    2nd Place entry from Nature Scenes (S3-19-E) Extended 50 Rep 17 Bonus Points 48 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings View looking across the Blue Mountain lake towards the Crystal Peaks. This is part of the region for my Frontier City Journal. Though this was an awesome image the lake shore looking towards the mountains.

    © 2016 whiteshark365

  23. Lake Bogoria

    From the album Hall of Fame

    3rd Place entry from Nature Scenes (S3-19-E) Extended 34 Rep 11 Bonus Points 39 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings [Larger Resolution] 7.8 MB Located in the heart of the Kenyan Great Rift Valley, Lake Bogoria is home to one of the world's largest populations of lesser flamingos - every year millions of them migrate to it's algae infested waters. The lake boasts some of the most impressive wildlife in all of Africa - hundreds of species of birds call the lake home, and you might even see a couple zebras if you look hard enough. Geysers and hot springs dot the shoreline, creating a truly unforgettable landscape. Some notes on Lake Bogoria. Flamingos were not photoshopped in, they came from this mod on SC4 Devotion here. The geysers were also an in-game mod, they can be found here. And finally, the water mod used can be found here.

    © 2016 korver

  24. Where the Fish Still Bite

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    For those that fish, a little snow is not going to hold them back. All they need is somewhere to drop a line.
  25. Entry 3: The Oceanic Highway Belt - Longbeach

    Replies: @korver: I appreciate your comment! I always strive to excel at my MMP work in this journal. @Ln X: Haha, I promise you that the beaches are only going to get better with each little experience I learn. @kschmidt: Thank you! Yes, I am thinking about implementing more ploppable buildings rather than the growable ones into my work. @_Michael: Thanks! This next one will surely elaborate on this theme! @raynev1: Always thankful for your comments! I guess this makes Mistral Isle the #1 place for sim beachgoes around Simtropolis perhaps? @kingofsimcity: Thanks! I am always fascinated with creating idyllic small towns and beaches, those are always themes I like to play around with when I start the game. @Takingyouthere: I agree, I like scaling things to realistic levels. Indeed, one of my focuses on this CJ is realism, both on scale and scene alike. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing along the OHB: Longbeach Greetings to you all! For what it seemed to be a looooong while, I have stopped playing SC4 in order to take a break from a near burnout I was experiencing. But as time progressed, my interest in continuing my CJ had waxed and waned until I was invigorated with the reminder of the reason of starting it in the first place: to share my work with the rest of the community. Additionally, I had a life long goal of actually finishing a region in SC4 and so that only added my excitement in coming back to create again. Without further interruption, I present the next entry in this CJ. Further east from Blythe, we hit the outskirts of Longbeach, a small suburban community that sits along the beautiful beach line south. In actuality, however, Longbeach is part of the greater Birdwater city area, but for this entry we will explore its scenes and views. We hit a local interchange that leads to the original main street of Longbeach. Since then, the community has grown to encompass the surrounding areas in support of the neighboring districts. Main Street. Below Main Street is the beach houses along the shore in the dawn of morning. We keep going along eastward, often taking in the rows of houses and farmland, which has started to recede in favor for more suburban housing. Some more additional interchanges taken from dusk. This is the second interchange, a rather interesting diamond variant unique for this situation. At night... Third interchange along the OHB. Similar angle, but at night. (The Nightshift has begun.) There is always fun in the sun and water in Mistral. (I apologize for the jagged edges on the waterline, for I am not sure how to fix that.) Lastly, here is some more pictures for you to enjoy. Some Additional Info: The next entry after this will be bigger in scope and detail, but will consequently require more time to create, polish and finish. However, I am not very far off from finishing the neighboring city east of Longbeach, and the entry will probably be in during the end of the year, if not next year at January. For you to keep on your toes, I have three teaser shots for what might be hinting in the next entry. *wink* *wink* That will be all folks! - Artimus

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