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Found 37 results

  1. Hi modders. I'm trying my first map and I am looking for some tips on how to add the oil, minerals, and fertile land areas. I'm trying to do a realistic Stockholm east, Sweden. Here is the basic topography: I'd like to add the resources but I have no idea how to approach this. Should I manipulate an image and use a script? I tried to paint them kinda haphazardly and they always looked terrible. How can I add them in such a way that the map looks more realistic? another pic with trees and a few roads added: thx in advance for any advice
  2. Hartford 44.jpg

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Hartford Oil, LNG and Chemical
  3. So i was wondering if there is any way i could change the config or something to make it so resources never run out, such as water, ore, coal and oil. If not, could somebody possibly make a mod? I will donate 10 dollars on the spot. If you want me to increase it, fine
  4. Is their a mod that gives unlimited oil & ore? For to search on here is next to useless and to google search gave me no result either
  5. The Pump-N-Scoot in North Dovelake

    From the album Facelift (S3-10-C)

    Before voting, we recommend you download and try out this item of content: [Download Here] As a fan of oil and gas branding I thought it was only appropriate my first entry into a lotting contest and into STEX uploading would be a gas station, this in particular is the Pump-N-Scoot Gas Station from vanilla Maxis.
  6. This entry will cover the east end of the refinery district but before I get to that I'm trying to finalize the texture selection for the hydro pylons I recently created and I would welcome your input. Imo this mod would best be used in either and industrial or suburban settings. It might be interesting to use in areas of higher densities too, but it would be largely be hidden amongst taller buildings so I think its more important to decide on how well it contrasts with development in areas of lower density buildings. Additionally you don't really need a space saving hydro pylon that goes over roads and railways outside of the city in open landscapes so getting the contrast right with natural scenery is less important as well. Imo, the lightest texture works best because it stands out more against the grayish textures used on most industrial lots, but if I'm wrong about that just let me know! Vote on the poll for which option you think works better. Options are number from 1 to 3 from left to right, plus a 4th alternative option. Onto today's entry. End of the Hydro Corridor Here we see once again see the Eastlea hydro corridor running down Petrol drive. The piplines next to the roadway lead to Tank farm A with some diverging to one of the refineries flare stacks. A pedestrian ramp-bridge runs above the rail line to the main parking lot for the refinery which is located on vacant land squeezed in between between the rail line and highway 705. You can see the transition BAT I've created to start/end the hydro line. 2. 3. Some renders of the end piece in 3ds Incinerator & Tank Farm A At the end of Petrol Dr. is a small incinerator owned by the 'Squeaky Cleaning Company'. Kudos to you if you know where that comes from. Organic waste is stored in stainless steel drums outside the plant to mitigate odor pollution. Sometimes soiled recyclables are dropped off in piles outside the building. The facility is largely automated using robots to transport the drums minimizing manpower requirements and the sites overall foot print. The incinerator has a maximum capacity of 75 tons/hr 1800 tons/day through which it produces a small amount of power the maximum capacity of which is 88MW. Tank farm A is located behind the incinerator and has 7 large & 8 small storage tanks. The coal wharf for the power plant is in this vicinity as well. 9. 10. This one of my favorite parts of the city, the transition from industry to nature. 12. 13. 14. There will be a future entry that showcases more of my mmp work in this city. Eastlea Power Plant Turning back along the shoreline we encounter the Eastlea coal power plant. This small coal power plant was built by the Avalon Corporation in 1976 to provide power to their Apotex refinery and other facilities in Industrial Sector C. Excess power is sold to the PRPA (Pretoria Regional Power Authority) and routed to the Cental distribution grid via the Eastlea Hydro Corridor. The plant has only one unit with a nameplate capacity of 475MW. In comparison the massive Dresden GS across the Bay is nearly 5 times it's size at 2,240MW. Coal is delivered by only by ship to the port of Baycole using " handymax" bulk carriers with a capacity of about 50,000 DWT. The boiler is marred to a single-flue 400ft/122m tall smokestack. In contrast to most of the images so far this plant and the surrounding infrastructure is probably best view from a higher zoom. 16. 17. 18. 19. Port Facilities Further west along the shore are the piers used to off-load crude oil. 21. 22. The central section of the refinery will be covered in a future update as well. Night Shots I hadn't shown any night shots in a while, so here's a couple for the road. 24. 25. 26. Edit* Just remembered I promised to post a picture of the the 'train'. To get it all in one image with a decent level of resolution here's a odd little mosaic, bit of a mind bender actually The end. Told ya it was a long train! There is still more of the refinery to show but to cover it all it would double the length of this entry and after a while I think looking industrial lots might get a little repetitive to so. And so I'll take a break for the current topic and the next entry will instead be a special feature, the next in my series of overly informative Encyclopedic Entries. Except this time the information will be conveyed in a very unique way, stay tuned.
  7. Entry no.38 - The Apotex Refinery pt.1

    Entry number 2 from the city of Baycole, this time I'll by showcasing the industrial sector of the city which contains an oil production facility - the Apotex Refinery, a small coal power plant, incinerator and the associated docks, rail loading and storage facilities for all of the above. The Apotex Refinery is located on the north shore of Cisco Bay in Baycole, it is owned and operated by the Avalon corporation, one of the largest multi-national conglomerates on planet Azura. It is one of two massive facilities located in Industrial Sector C, the largest industrial area in the the region. The refinery has a daily crude oil processing capacity of 160,000 bbl/d (23,000 m3/d), is nearly 500m wide and over 1,100m long. Which is comparable to an oil production facility of its size in the real world. This entry was suppose to be finished last week but I just couldn't stop myself from continually expanding the facility, fine tuning the game modification I used and making new custom content for it. In the end I've decided to spit the entry in two, there's just too many pictures and things to show in a single entry. The first entry will focus largely on the custom content(BAT's, relots & textures) that I made and cover the peripheral facilities and strucutres around the refinery. First on the agenda is a look at some of the other custom embankment walls I've recently made. The wall on the top is made from precast interlocking cement blocks, while the one at the bottom is poured concrete or at least that's what I hope they look like Also upgraded the radio tower and added a large water tank as the top of the hill is an ideal location for both. The hill actually isn't as tall as it may look, being only 110ft above the highway, 160ft above the refinery level and almost 200ft above sea level. The interchange below is the only interchange in the city of Baycole between Highway 705 & Naphtha Rd. and is a generic design. The radio tower is 410ft/125m tall for an HAAT of 606ft/185m broadcasting TV & radio signals to the residents of Baycole. Close up of highway 705. A lot of gasoline trucks run down this highway on their way to and from to the refinery. Time to check out the new BAT's. Here's the main project which I previewed earlier this month, a new type of hydro pylon; As you can tell it's of a very unique design and there's a very good reason for that I withheld. It's because these pylons are designed so that you can actually run railways directly underneath them! This power line is known as the Eastlea Hydro Corridor and transfers power to central Pretoria originating from the Eastlea power plant, it runs directly on top of a portion of the ICR mainline(Lakeridge sub). Tank farm B(7 tanks) is located to the north of the combined power & rail line while the refinery itself is located to the south. A half a mile long ICR oil train is also seen here, stopped for switching on the mainline. This particular train has two locomotives and is hauling 44 tank cars. 9. There are several other custom BAT and relots here as well to go along with the replacement textures I used to give the area a more industrial and grungy feel to it. On the western edge of the property straddling the ICR mainline is the rail fueling depot, where refinery products are transferred into rail cars. 12. Gasoline is transferred onto trucks at a fueling station just south of the rail depot. Petroleum is also transferred via a pipeline running just north of the depot. 14. 15. Further south of the rail & truck depot and on the western edge of the refinery(and city) is the LNG terminal. The LNG is stored in 6 large tanks, 4 partially underground and 2 above ground. The LNG is transported from the facility either by truck or via an underground 48inch pipe. 17. One of the refineries 500ft(152m) stacks looms large over the LNG terminal. 19. Lets jump back to the hydro corridor & tank farm. The feed lines to the tank farms diverge just north of the tracks. The pipes that go east lead to tank farm A while the pipes which turn west(left in the image below and towards the rail fueling depot) lead to tank farms B & C. Tank farm C is actually in he next city over, the pipe line which goes underground leads to it. I relotted NBVC overhead pipeline to go over 3 space here. I could of relotted it to go over the road as well but I think using bipin's underpass here and having it hook up to somy's huge tank looked cooler in the end With regards to the power lines. I fully intend to release the set once I've decided on the different possible directions/connections, such as diagonals, possible FAR angles too. Offset models will be offered as well. In fact tested one for this entry 23. 24. 25. From here the Eastlea hydro corridor runs along Petrol Drive. Yes, you will be able to run these power lines down roads as well Truly a godsend for cities lacking space for new hydro right-of-ways. 27. The road ramp takes Naphtha Rd. over the ICR Lakeridge sub and that half-mile long freight train while the piping leads to tank farm A. 29. 30. And with an even 30 pictures that concludes the entry. The next one will showcase the core of the refinery, power plant and docks. Feel free to ask me about any of the content shown in this entry or if you have any recommendations for the content shown.
  8. Get out of here, citizens! Make room for the oil!
  9. Entry 4: Well that's a slight issue!

    Replies: kschmidt: Thanks and it kind of does look like that place. It's a hell of a lot colder up here in Antario though lol. Entry 4: Well that's a slight issue! Welcome back to Antario all, where currently it seems that we are having a bit of a wet and windy day (OOC: So glad they fixed the super shiny cliffs when it rains. I've also changed things up in the theme editor again, let me know what you think) 1. However this isn't the only issue that has cropped up since the last entry with the latter being slightly more pressing than bad weather in the form of rolling blackouts caused by a rapidly growing city that may have forgotten to expand its power capabilities. Rather luckily though we also found several oil fields while carrying out surveys on the islands surrounding the one that the actual city is built on located close to a spit if land that would make a perfect area for a larger oil power plant. 2. Firstly however we needed to sort out a temporary solution for the rolling blackouts so had a small wind farm built on one of the ridges overlooking the city. 3. Our next step was to then provide some sort a road connection to the oil fields and future power plant project. For this we had a single lane highway run out from a trumpet interchange temporarily terminating in a roundabout and diamond interchange for the time being. You can also see that we choose a small wind farm over here for the time being as well, what with needing to get the actual oil fields set up. 4. Then we allowed industries to buy up each of the oil fields and set up shop like this smaller one belonging to Oil Be Damned Inc, nodding donkeys and all (OOC: Don't expect to see a lot of nodding donkeys. Apparently the damn resources run out really really fast in vanilla). We did think ahead though and made sure the largest oil field was reserved for a city funded drilling operation, with a view to powering the planned station. 5. Anyway with the stage one of the new plan implemented and stage two about too get underway were still seeing developments in the city like these wall to wall buildings with new high rises in the background providing yet more cheap housing in a small space and more reasons to get on with the power plant construction. 6. Anyway, here we'll leave you with the usual overview of the city currently, this time also showing the new oil fields as well as small pockets of growth throughout the city with a current population of 32,090. Not much growth, but then again we can't cope with it at the moment. 7. So here's the updated list of things that were looking into, obviously with it all being superseded by the power issue. Future plans/citizen requests on the table: -Powerplant construction -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Provide housing for the increasing number of people wanting to move to the city? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry? -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done?
  10. Papers stacked, time to get hands-on!

    Rode over to Frankin -- not in Cousin Carl's Cadillac -- but in his friends Ferrari F430 while listening to, "The Art of Driving in the Rain" from a CD. We investigated the Franklin interchange finding it's size and usage questionable. Enzo (legally changed name from Frank) drove exceptionally well and kept a decent speed when he could have put me in a panic. Anyway, we used some photo's from our Junker's adventure and made notes to bring back to Walter, er, WAT. A mobile phone call and my willing assistant had a family emergency that left me to walk the streets while waiting for my wife to pick me up. An hour later (she had groceries) and here is our Caprice station wagon! The shift workers that recognized me wanted to know, "Why no limousine?" My answer was immediate, "It's paid for and we just replaced the transmission, so I want to get my monies worth!" They nodded and off we went. Back at the office with heads reeling from agonizing over the details a plan was hatched and signed. Almost overnight a reinvigorated cargo access and commercial development sprang to life. We are happy. Now, what will it take to get Commercial happy?
  11. Okay, so I just bought the City of Tomorrow, the Airships Set, and the Amusement Park Set. I know, a little bit late, but I have recently got back into playing this game and wanted something a little bit different to try. The Towers seem to be a challenge, but I love it. However, every city that I play since doing the upgrades, I have depleted resources. At first, I thought it was because of the new "omega" resource, but since Omega requires those resources to produce, this just simply is not the case. Also, I have had to demolish all Trade Centers and Ports to add new storage to them. Every time I would add a new storage lot or delivery trucks, they would disappear as soon as I came off from pause mode. Is there a solution to this issue?
  12. An oil patch veteran remembers when

    when oil was $1.35 a barrel. And it wasn't a century ago either. I remember when you could get it from the Saudis for $2 per barrel. Somebody screwed the pooch.
  13. COMMENT REPLIES:TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES (SC4) Kim Sunwoo:Thanks, however, not be mean with Windows 10 is an operating system with a few bugs but at least stableì kschmidt :Shame about that airport but at least I started making backups of my region anyway thanks for the advice The Inevitable Return Of Siculia (SC4) In Siculia there are several places to spend the summer vacation is one of these places is Rossano. Rossano is the capital of the New Italian State which is part of the Federal Republic of Siculia where the majority of the population is of Italian origin (President John Colucci instead is Italian-American) The city is supplied by nuclear power plant of Rossano composed of three nuclear reactors here is the view of the plant Rossano a Mediterranean beach with a hotel skyscraper (these damn engineers megalomaniacs) Introducing the presidential villa with pool (above there is a castle which is now a Museum) a brief visit to the headquarters of the New Italian State you have problems with the television go directly to regional headquarters of Siculia Broadcasting Corporation and messing with executives The railway station of Rossano Rossano is also a mining Center in fact were discovered important oilfields, coal and iron ore (left to right) oil well, coal and iron ore mine and deposit for radioactive waste This city has a beautiful island that has been transformed into an industrial Harbour to envy someone here is the bridge that connects port island a small spoiler Harbour Island one of the world's largest refinery (note the liquefied natural gas deposits) the main square with the Cathedral at night Meanwhile on Facebook We arrived at the end of this city journal while the Federal Republic of Siculia is about to enter into Alliance of Independent Nations (maybe) we still in summer so here it takes a nice trip with loud music on the highway with this 80 's music And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week
  14. Oil Spill

    From the album Jolteon's Picture Dump

    I blame BP. (disclaimer: i don't actually know what an oil spill looks like, all I know about oil spills is taken from ANNO 2070)
  15. I tried to find information about specialized industry on the internet, but couldn't learn what I wanted to. So here is what I have figured out: Extraction: Primary industry extracts resources within a radius around the building, the extraction rateis faster the closer to the building. When the center tile is depleted the extraction industry can quit - even though a lot of extractable resources are left within it's radius. Here is an image of the aftermath of a single oil pump facility: The Park with Trees is included for scale. It can be summarized that the area extracted from is about equal to the area of a park with trees. If you wish for the extraction phase to last longer you can use 'strip mining', that is when you lay down narrow strips of industry, separated by the width of about a 'park with trees', these strips will extract resources for a bit longer than if you blanketed the whole area in industry. What is specialized industry good for? Farming and Forestry: The farming and forestry industries are exactly equivalent in employment to lvl1 Industry, they pay 10% more taxes. Why get them? They are less polluting than standard industry, and having some farming and agriculture will reduce import traffic. On the other hand, having an excessive amount of these industries will increase export traffic. The extra tax seems like little incentive because there is no upgrade path - once everyone is educated enough to be employed in lvl2 industry there is little reason to keep an excess of forestry or farming industry. Ore and Oil: The ore and oil industries are exactly equivalent in employment to lvl2 industry - there is no difference in employment profile between extraction and processing. They pay 20% (ore) or 35% (oil) more taxes and generate more pollution. Why get them? There are two really good reasons to get these secondary industries, the first is they pay more taxes, enough so to significantly improve profit margins. The second reason is they have the employment profile of lvl2 industries yet have zero education or service requirements. This means they are available at a much earlier date (assuming one power-grows their city), long before education permits lvl2 industries, and the fact that you don't need to provide any services means potentially higher profit margins. It makes sense to zone a lot of oil even if you have no oil resources, just because you get more taxes, but remember to return the oil industries to generic industries once lvl3 industry and offices become available. Why not get them? Once lvl3 industry is widely available, there is little reason to keep an excess of ore or oil industry. Another more insidious aspect of Ore/Oil, is that it will attract educated workers away from generic industry, this will greatly delay the generic industry from upgrading to lvl2. Since ore/oil is equivalent to lvl2 industry, while paying more taxes, this is not a big deal, but it is something to be aware of! Managing Depletion: Depletion presents a logical(istcal) problem. When you first build extraction industries, they impose no import traffic and only marginal export traffic - assuming most the generated product can be used by local industry. However once the resources deplete, the specialized industries turn into a pure import/export, however, and this is the logical(istical) problem: The ideal place for an import/export industry is right next to a freight station, and wherever the ore/oil reserves were, is most likely not an ideal place for a freight station. Furthermore, once you have a freight station within range there is no barrier to lvl3 industry which will normally be just plain better than ore/oil. I believe it is better to run with the principle that the processing component of ore/oil is best located close to the freight station, and close to generic industry. So create an ore industry zone, and an oil industry zone, right inside your generic industry sector, where it has ready access to most of the industry import/export/delivery chain, these will become processing facilities. Create some extraction zoning in the richest deposits of ore/oil, probably employing 'strip mining' with the minimal services to sustain them, once the resources deplete, simply eliminate the extraction industry altogether (perhaps replace with residential suburbs), and fully embrace import/export but doing so in a way which harmonizes with the rest of your industry, instead of trying to work with a bunch of ill-situated processing facilities in the middle of nowhere. Note that once lvl3 industry is available, there is not much point in keeping much ore/oil around, as either way you have to import stuff.
  16. Serpent Peninsula

    Version 1.0


    Serpent Peninsula is a large, hilly oceanside location where there is plenty of space to build, and many deposits of resources and fertile land. There is also a waterfall which is *hint-hint* pretty good for sewage disposal. It is reccommended to use the Unlock all 25 spaces mod. To install: 1: Open the 'Run' window and type in "appdata" without the quotes. 2: Find the map directory in appdata/local/colossal order/Cities_Skylines/Maps 3: Place the .crp file in the folder.
  17. Hi you all, Is someone having these problems as i'm experiencing? I start a new region (offline mode) and i want to build a industrial city. After deploying the mines and the recidences suddely the Coal Ore and/or Oil recources have disappered. With some luck i find (on the blind) new resource at the outer limits of the city. Don't know what to do about it. I'm using Skyestorme Mod pack 3.1 Regards, Nick
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80kmUwCyDCw The hype of a new city... enjoy!
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv92W8avtzY We need more room, guys ...
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA8Wm3EnMGc I state my goals and continue on to try and reach them enjoy!
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxVnSzEzFv4 We finish the official building of the city! Enjoy!
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72P_vVL7lZU Welcome to the new series! Enjoy!
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72P_vVL7lZU Welcome to the new series! Enjoy!
  24. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a problem and have no Idea what to do about it. I'm trying to extract Ore and Oil. I always check both the Ore map and the Oil map before hand and it shows plenty of both. However when I get ready to place extraction materials on the area it reads "no oil here" or " no ore here" and its clearly there. Could it be a mod? Any Idea why this is?
  25. Teaser 1 !

    Teaser 1 !! COMING SOON !!! Work in progress !!! Islamic Republic Of Zunaid .................. COMING SOON !!!

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