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  1. What's happenin' Cap'n?  Hope you're doing well, buddy - here's some music I think you'll enjoy:


  2. As well, although I do believe @Tarkus is probably the most thoroughly decent and honest programmer in SC4 history, he's also got a lot on his plate of what doesn't exactly make sense.   I think the NAM is the greatest hobby attempt in history, and so it should be to show how we understand.    We, the hobbyists are more advanced than all the PhDs.  We are the real people, the real knowledge, the real skill.

  3. Earthquake Hitting Jakarta #Gempa

    We don't know exactly how the excess pressures will present, but again, all people in any range of volcanic or tectonic disturbance must be especially aware and prepared.
  4. What Music are you listening to right now?--The Second Verse

    Grand Funk Railroad: BAD TIME (TO BE IN LOVE)- GO ALL THE WAY--THE RASPBERRIES These new enhanced HD versions work with your audio playback system to facilitate the experience of some music.
  5. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3246189/security/microsoft-halts-meltdown-patches-windows-amd-pcs-unbootable.html There's a few recent articles from reputable computer tech. websites, after reading a couple of them, it seems AMD is not effected by the Meltdown vulnerability, but a patch previously released for Meltdown and Spectre caused some AMD machines to become unbootable. Athlon and Sempron are mentioned in the article linked above. This is specific to Microsoft Windows 10. There is a replacement patch for Win 10 now. Its got to be a very complex issue with so many different chips, machines, devices, hardware, operating systems potentially impacted, and so many different patches and anti-malware conflicts. So its a good idea to focus on exactly what system specifications, hardware, etc. you have and then look for a variety of information specific to your system. At this point there's not much of a general 'catch-all' solution, and likely won't be except by manufacturing new chips. It would be interesting to know exactly how the same vulnerabilities came to be at the same time on so many different products from different manufacturer's, but so far that seems to be not being reported with much depth.
  6. What Music are you listening to right now?--The Second Verse

    Split Enz: Six Months in a Leaky Boat For me it was six years.
  7. Poppy Multiplayer Regions for SC4

    We have our install folder plugins which is separate from the PMR plugins, that is, in your user documents SimCity 4 folder. So whatever plugins we have in the install plugins folder also load and are used when we play the multiplayer region. I think we need to collectively agree on what plugins we will use in multiplayer. I think its okay for us all to use money and unlocks cheats, but we need to define the contents of both folders so we are all playing on the same playing field. We may even agree on using jobs doublers, but we should all be using the same mods if any. If you are using mods that effect the game for your city tile, then those mods may give you an advantage, but more likely at the disadvantage of your neighbors. Its not like we are playing a game like Monopoly, and even if we were, there would have to be rules of the game by which we all start with equal advantage. Especially with SC4, we each have access to powerful mods that basically can destroy any 'competition'. The city-builder multiplayer game is more so a co-operative game, its about how a bunch of players can work together to create a successful region. So again, our host, programmer, @jmak hopefully will follow with his views of how we make SC4 multiplayer work equally for everybody.
  8. Poppy Multiplayer Regions for SC4

    I'm not completely sure what you mean and how it would effect the individual city, but you are probably the best authority of how to make SC4 multiplayer work smoothly for everybody, so I'd say go ahead and do what you think will make the PMR function better. I think if we are not using demand, cap or jobs, cheats there will be a balance in the multiplayer region at least through the initial stages of development. So if we all start with the same plugins, which may include money and unlocks, then the region should develop without one city being overwhelmed too much by another. I am struggling to get high wealth residential and commercial, which is for me an interesting challenge, but if its because someone else is using demand, cap or job cheats, then it seems less interesting as a multiplayer effort. The one thing we would want to keep is the interconnectivity. I could sever all connections to my neighbors and do quite well on my own, but then why bother with multiplayer?
  9. Here's an update on what's happening with the Meltdown and Spectre research: Intel asks customers to halt patching for chip bug, citing flaw (JANUARY 22, 2018 / 10:55 AM / UPDATED 2} https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cyber-intel/intel-asks-customers-to-halt-patching-for-chip-bug-citing-flaw-idUSKBN1FB2M9 Points taken from the article linked above: * The issue of the faulty patches is separate from complaints by customers for weeks that the patches slow computer performance. * Patches released after months of development caused computers to reboot more often than normal and other "unpredictable" behavior. * Intel asked technology providers to start testing a new version of the patches, which it began distributing on Saturday.
  10. Earthquake Hitting Jakarta #Gempa

    I think this thread should be in the https://community.simtropolis.com/forums/forum/39-current-events/ forum. so I'm flagging @CorinaMarie to ask if it should be moved. As this year is predicted by scientific models to be very active for volcanoes and earthquakes/tsunamis. We can collect reliable sources of tracking and reporting, as well as some info on preparedness. I also live in an area that could get hit with a major EQ this year. Just as I was reading this Alaska got hit with an 8.2 EQ. All people in the Pacific Rim and Pacific Islanders need to be especially prepared this year. Below is the USGS website that gives immediate info about current earthquakes. https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/ Currently there is a tsunami warning in the north pacific and 2 major volcano warnings in Indonesia and New Guinea.
  11. Poppy Multiplayer Regions for SC4

    When exiting the PMR main window, clicking out the 'x' I also get an error message. Maybe needs an 'exit to system' subroutine and an 'Exit' button? __________ In my '\\\Documents\SimCity 4\_PMR\Plugins\' folder is the subfolder: <DIR> PMR Plugins. The NAM files are contained in both the _PMR folder and the PMR Plugins subfolder. The files are duplicates, which folder are they supposed to be in? Other than that, PMR is working great. I've completely eliminated all the 'cheats' I was initially using so now I'm playing pure vanilla (including the NAM stuff). So my city won't immediatley fall apart if it is viewed by my neighbors.
  12. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    I use @simmaster07 's Extra Cheats DLL (SievertBeGone), and especially the Real Upgrade City Halls, so its important to me as well as anyone else using these that the community can reasonably support the quality and security of this member's work as it does involve deeper programming than messing with some exemplars in iReader. Now the community has rationally and reasonably given sufficient support for the material. Thank-you everybody. Its nothing of blame or fear, its just normal security and quality control measures. So now anybody reading this thread can get a good idea about Prop Pox and why the community is so ecstatic over this fix. Its also helps all members with using free user created content on ST, and anyone may decide freely for themselves which material they want to use or not.
  13. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    The wording above is a bit confusing if not intentionally. The SC4 community and the freeware generated within it is reliable within reasonable standards as can be expected on public network media, and sometimes even exceptionally, but to keep it clear for those who are not very experienced with using freeware or open source, Loading a DLL can be a high security risk, and that's important to know, again caution should always be taken when approaching the use of any software, especially freeware Normally a community of gamer/hackers would be exceedingly 'protective' of member's/user's free and safe use of their hobby work. Its part of the 'honor' system that ST and the SC4 community operates by. As for Pegasus, and the reason for abandoning the problem, That may be true, but there may be mitigating circumstances by which the project had to be abandoned. It seems so. I often wondered why I never encountered prop pox. I have used a wide variety and volume of user created content, including PEGPROD over 2 years and never a hint of anything akin to prop pox. Just to make it clear that my assertion regarding prop pox is that it has been a known as to what the process is for quite awhile. A fix for it may not have been developed until now. If the fix requires loading a DLL then so it is, and so the community will ensure its healthy reputation.
  14. Poppy Multiplayer Regions Launcher

    @Tristy100 I understand your frustrations with multiplayer, even in the SC4 community the same demographics seem true. A certain percentage of people really enjoy the co-operative effort, and some are less aware of the fact of their neighbors. The Anise region I would say is as good as it gets, so please enjoy and continue to participate.
  15. Interesting Science Stuff Thread

    Earth Emergency Medical Systems Response in Progress... According to global statistics most humans do attend at least 1 to 2 years of some kind of school. So the first law of establishment of an actual 'human' civilization following the complete dis-empowerment of the current non (false) civilization of the simian reptile, is basic First-Aid/Responder Training for all human children. ABC Airway Breathing Circulation ________________ And now the News: Recycling Carbon Dioxide to Make Plastics https://energy.gov/fe/articles/recycling-carbon-dioxide-make-plastics Great Pacific Garbage Patch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pacific_garbage_patch The first article is a current news release from the US Dept. of Energy, explaining how carbon dioxide can be converted to useful plastics. There's not too much about collection, processing and manufacturing, but if the chemistry works the rest of the operation is apparently viable. The second article from Wikipedia is about the increasing 'suffocation' of the oceans with plastics, so part of the recycling operation would also have to deal with plastic garbage and toxics. We could also reduce the clear-cutting of oxygen-generating forests and prevent further de-oxygenation of the oceans, which also absorb carbon dioxide, if the products made with plastics replace wood products and do not mostly end up in garbage dumps or again contributing to toxics There is a massive need for basic human habitats, basic organic waste processing and clean/safe water containment. The new plastics could be used for building materials and essential life-support civil and architectural engineering, then easily again collected and processed down to non-toxic non-biodegradables, potentially used as structural support compromised by fossil fuel drilling and extraction. The actualization of 'human' civilization means an entire new industrial world and cycles of material processing and construction consistent with the health of Earth's biosphere, replacing the destructive, abusive and unhealthy modes of operation of the simian reptile. EDIT: Additional curriculum: I put this picture together adapting images from the current solar activity as photographed by NASA, and the current tectonic activity as recorded by the USGS. The combined picture shows solar-geo-terrestrial activity. I need not interpret. The simian reptiles do have many major PhDs which they use to abuse and deceive the humans, so I'll just leave it to natural selection that some humans might get the picture. The actual civilized and technologically capable space aliens probably already have a similar picture and don't really care either way. Between the space aliens, the simian reptiles, and the humans, I'm rooting for the humans. EDIT: Solar probe countdown http://parkersolarprobe.jhuapl.edu/