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  1. Update 2- Cedar Valley

    Replies are at the bottom... Prologue *It's pretty long obviously since I like writing long intros, and the update as a whole is arguably over informative so you can skip all the text as always and just look at the pictures* Cedar Valley, located south of Kellan in a suburban region known as the "Alpine Cities", has quite a history despite its relatively small size. Before it became known as the home of Henderson Inc., a company with the second highest revenue of any in the world that is best known for its smartphones, and the southern staple of the Silicon Forest, Cedar Valley was once known as Canada's premier snow resort. Like many other mountainous places on the US/Canadian West Coast and Japan, the original founders of Cedar Meadows took advantage of the city's extremely high snowfall thanks to high precipitation and a cold climate (even though it is not even close to being as cold as places further east in Canada). At first, Cedar Meadows was a fairly tame ski resort when it opened in 1928 with only a couple a couple thousand visitors every year, hindered by the effects of the Great Depression during its first decade of operation. However, national newspapers started spreading the word of Cedar Valley's not-so-cold-but-very-snowy climate, which started to catch the attention of many citizens nationwide, as well as in other parts of the Pacific Northwest. The Calgary Sun described it as "...a place gets so much snow in the winter it takes until late-July for it to melt, allowing for fun in the snow while wearing shorts in 70-degree temperatures", and the Toronto Star mentioned how "morning temperatures dip below freezing for a couple hours on a regular basis in the summer and allows many to catch a mid-summer snow flurry, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since this never happens in non-mountainous parts of the world." By the time the 1940s came, Cedar Valley started exploding in growth, jumping from 562 permanent residents in 1935 to over 17,000 by 1943 and 32,148 in 1949 as well as adding three more snow resorts, dozens of snow-related venues, and countless leisure spots and tourists attractions around the city. In fact, Cedar Valley became so popular that some newspapers estimated its daytime population, permanent residents+non-permanent workers/tourists, had the ability to top 350,000 people on multiple occasions between Late-Spring and Mid-Summer (however, Late Fall through Early Spring would see relatively low numbers due to heavy snow conditions and a lack of modern technology that prevented tourists from reaching Cedar Valley). It also became a popular destination for military soldiers either going to the Eastern Pacific or staying on Pacific bases along the West Coast during WWII near Vancouver Island as well as a popular family destination in the Pacific Northwest. (This was a real event by the way, all links for those of you who are interested are at the bottom). As the year 1949 approached, things were going pretty smoothly as Cedar Valley's snow resorts continued to thrive from a population boom in the northern part of the Kellan Valley that brought in tons of new potential customers. However, a very extreme meteorological event was getting ready to affect not only Cedar Valley but the entire Pacific Northwest (and to a significantly lesser extent, the Southwestern US). In December 1949, an unrealistic cold spell gripped the region and stayed until February 1950. It was so cold that all-time cold records were shattered throughout January and February in various Pacific Northwest cities that still have yet to be matched today, with cities like Portland, Oregon recording its first ever- and only- subzero temperatures two days in a row. The cold spell occasionally drifted South and caused a few snow flurries to fall in areas that never see snow, with Los Angeles seeing a rare snowfall that was also one of its last snowfalls ever. Scott Sistek in a KOMO News Article (real article link) reported that "As the calendar turned to 1950, [the] region became gripped in a 6-week arctic blast that wiped out nearly every cold temperature record we have -- and almost all of those records stand today as we have yet to have even come close to approaching them since," and another KOMO article (link) reporting that "January 13, 1950 was one of the worst winter days in Western Washington history with hurricane force winds mixing with single digit temperatures in Bellingham while our friends to the south in Seattle were buried in feet of snow." In fact, this winter was so extreme that many in the meteorological community wonder if this was less of a phenomenon and more of a mere coincidence. Either way, a lack of adequate weather forecasting technology in Cedar Valley gave people little time to prepare and created an event that one historian went as far to dramatizing the event as a "snowy hostage situation". On December 20th, both Cedar Valley and Kellan, as well as most of Northern Vancouver Island, a series of closely spaced storms slammed the region back-to-back, causing precipitation to fall at least once every single day for 63 days straight, with this precipitation varying as both rain and snow in lower elevations but falling almost exclusively falling as snow at higher elevations. While people down in the Kellan Valley were buried in snow similar to other lower elevation big cities of the region like Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, residents still managed to take care of themselves. However, in Cedar Valley, the situation was much different, with over 300 inches (762 cm) of snow falling in just the month of January. Inadequate forecasting technology prevented residents and tourists alike from preparing for this, and even though they wanted to evacuate they couldn't due to high winds and whiteout conditions. Things climaxed in the seven day period between January 5th and 11th when multiple potent storms dumped 192 inches (488 cm) of snow on the city, and 55 inches (140 cm) on January 11th alone. This practically buried every single building in Cedar Valley and forced people to sleep in tents on top of the hundreds of inches of fresh power to survive and wait out the storm. During the first week of February, the same time period Seattle and Portland recorded their own new temperature records, Cedar Valley recorded it's new all-time lowest temperature of -36F (-37C) and an eye-popping maximum temperature of .-5F (-21C) the same day. In Late February, when this event finally ended and a heat wave set upon the region, literally every single person in Cedar Valley abandoned the city, even as the heat wave caused rushing flash floods from snowmelt. The city became a ghost town, and the 1950 national census released the next year even listed the city's population as "0", and the 1955 population estimates coming in at just 121, a far cry from its peak in 1949. Luckily, the death toll wasn't as high as it could've been, although 112 is still a very high number. The event, as well as the numerous flash floods caused by heat waves in the following months that swelled rivers in the region and washed away dozens of structures in Cedar Valley and thousands across the state, scared everyone away from coming anywhere near Cedar Valley for decades. All of its snow resorts and two-thirds of its tourist attractions either went bankrupt or were closed down and the city's population rose to but then flatlined around the 1,000 mark until the 1990s. Even today, its population of 26,105 isn't above its old peak population and the city isn't even close to being as busy as it was in its glory days, and having Henderson Inc. set up shop in the city and host multiple tech-related events (including its annual HFO Developer's Conference) that bring tens of thousands of visitors still isn't enough to make the city look like it formerly was. Voters have long prevented new snow resorts from being built, which only aids to Cedar Valley's problem of not tapping into its potential snow culture. However, as the bustling tech scene of Greater Kellan, a.k.a the "Silicon Forest", pulls in younger voters as time moves on, many have predicted that Cedar Valley may soon get it's own snow resorts again, which would finally allow the city to relive the glory days of days past... Replies are at the bottom... The area we will be focusing on this entry. (Click to enlarge the panorama and view it in full resolution). Mt. Jacket towers over Cedar Valley, offering views of the city on its south face, moderate views of Peak on its west face, and heavenly views of the Kellan Valley on its north face. On very clear days, something that isn't too common in the Pacific Northwest, one can see the skyscrapers of Downtown Kellan and nearby business districts which are some 19+ miles away. A view of Downtown Cedar Valley on a snowless July day. The long, tall, and narrow building in the center left formerly known as the John Cedar Resort was built in 1946 by the Cedar Brothers, who served as the namesake for both the hotel, the city, and the famous local ski resort they founded, Cedar Meadows. This was the first of a chain of prestigious winter hotels that specialized in quality over quantity, earning it the nickname "Winter Ritz-Carlton". It has locations all across winter resorts all over the United States and Canada, with its Lake Tahoe, Whistler Blackcomb, Big Bear, Aspen, and Flagstaff locations being some of its most prestigious in the chain. A section of Henderson Inc.'s global headquarters, which is located within the city on an elevated plateau two miles west of downtown, on a very snowy fall day. Since the picture was taken in the fall and not winter, the snow is not as deep as it can truly get, but conditions like this are still considered to be normal from Late Fall all the way to Mid Spring (April), with colder years bringing blizzards all the way into June. (Click to enlarge the panorama and view it in full resolution). Mt. Jacket towers over Cedar Valley, offering views of the city on its south face, moderate views of Peak on its west face, and heavenly views of the Kellan Valley on its north face. On very clear days, something that isn't too common in the Pacific Northwest, one can see the skyscrapers of Downtown Kellan and nearby business districts which are some 19+ miles away. Another panorama of Mt. Jacket, this time looking over its west face that towers over the west part of Cedar Valley, since the valley's shape curves around the western and southern sides of the mountain in an L-shape, although some of the city extends to the eastern base of the mountain as well. This neighborhood is less dense than the center part of the city and originally served as a summer home for "snow sports celebrities" and other affluent people from all over North America when Cedar Valley was still a resort town. In this picture you can also see a non-accumulating snow flurry rushing over the city one July morning, which isn't considered a bizarre occurrence in the city. More of Cedar Valley's downtown area, which used to be a bustling regional shopping district neighborhood in the 1940s that is now simply a local commercial neighborhood with mixed-used buildings and basic-tier shopping opportunities. A close-up alternative of the panorama earlier in the entry that shows Downtown, as well as Quinnston Lake, in much better detail. In a normal year, the lake starts to freeze over around late November in its shallower areas, and by February 90% of the lake becomes completely frozen. The lake's ability to support activities like ice-skating is a surprising toss up, as in warmer years the lake will either be frozen over by a very thin and weak layer of ice or filled with large and unstable ice chunks floating around it, while in colder years the entire lake sometimes has the ability to freeze over with very thick ice, allowing for fun ice-skating and winter-themed activities as well as daredevils driving their lifted trucks over the ice to impress the trees sitting on the lake's shores. It is believed that the lake is left from a former glacier that used to occupy the same valley the city is built in, and it also used to serve as the headwaters for a 14 mile seasonal river that flowed down into the Kellan Valley and into the Strait of Georgia before snow resort developers terraformed parts of the valley and removed the river completely. A small four-block apartment "district" on the northwestern shores of Quinnston Lake, which usually enjoys great views of Downtown as well as the mountains east and south of the city. These apartments are part of the Cedar Valley's new young mayor (young when he was elected) to jumpstart the city's economy and were built very recently with the oldest only being eleven years old, in contrast to the fact that nearly all of the single-family homes in the city were built in the 1940s. A typical residential neighborhood in the northwestern portion of the city. Another typical residential neighborhood, this one in the East-Central portion of the city. You can see two mansions in the picture (with another off-screen at the end of the block). The larger one with the blue tennis court serves as the mayor's mansion, and was originally made to impress tourists and political visitors coming into the city when it was still a famous snow resort, but since it was finished only a couple of months before the winter of 1949-1950 it went completely unnoticed for quite a while and basically just served as eye candy for locals. A panorama of an unnamed plateau west of Downtown that is home to Henderson Inc., a company best known for Original Media as well as it's phone brand that has made it the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and also earned the company a #4 spot on the Fortune 500. It is worth noting though that while Henderson Inc. owns all real estate on that small plateau, it doesn't actually need or use all of it and instead rents it out to other companies, like the tall blue tower to the left of the image. Original Media is known for its numerous TV shows that have been compared to the likes of HBO and Showtime, as well as some of its very successful movies. The company's presence since it was founded in 2011 (meaning it became the fourth largest company in the world in just seven years) has had a profound effect on Cedar Valley's culture and economy. While the city's population has never really been considered "old", Henderson Inc. has brought quite a lot of young workers to the city (however, since the company employs over 78,000 people at it's main campus most of its employees reside down in the valley in bigger cities like Sapien). Even though this has revitalized the city's commercial scene, it has simultaneously caused strain on the city's traffic infrastructure during rush hour and during events being hosted by the company since public transit in a town of 26,000 people obviously isn't world class. The Madison Gallery, pictured in the center, was a joint project between Henderson Inc. and the Madison Sisters Theater Collective. In addition to hosting most of Henderson Inc's own personal events (like its annual developer conference), the theater draws in crowds in the tens of thousands from all over Greater Kellan as it hosts concerts, plays, conferences, and more. Cedar Valley only has one direct freeway connection to the Kellan Valley and it's 3.9+ million residents through the Vancouver Island Freeway as well as an indirect connection through Peak via the Valley Connector that takes much longer. This means that when people from the Kellan Valley, most from Arlington County (which is the same county Cedar Valley is in) travel to the Madison Gallery for events the city's single direct freeway connection and it's mere four lanes gets bottlenecked, sometimes for up to seven miles. Also, in this picture you can see some low-level clouds rolling through the area. The main building of Henderson Inc. that houses it's most central operations. More July snow flurries fall in Cedar Valley. The Cedar Valley Municipal Airport which, as most have guessed, is closed for large portions of the year due to too much snow. Obviously, there are ways to keep it in operation year round but its low traffic has made year-round operations seem pretty pointless. The airport is located on the "Eastside", which residents use to refer to the portion of the city east of the Vancouver Island Freeway. A residential neighborhood slightly north of the airport. A screenshot of Cedar Meadows during a snowstorm in April 1946 when it still existed. When it was operating it was the largest ski resort in Cedar Valley and one of the largest on the West Coast of North America at the time. The same location today during a July snow flurry, with the mountains winter snowpack almost fully melted. In 1950, a ridiculously deep snowpack, as well as avalanches and flash floods triggered by heat waves later in the year completed destroyed the resort. Residents and emergency personnel finally returned to the city in Septemeber after the snowpack became low enough (it never fully melted that year even after multiple heat waves, the only time Cedar Valley's snowpack ever failed to melt before the start of the next snow season). They came back to find Cedar Meadows completely destroyed, as well as every other ski resort in the area, like it was never even there with only some scattered debris and fallen trees remaining. In an interview for a local news station regarding Cedar Valley's history, Joey Palmer recovered an old postcard that his grandmother sent to her uncle in 1943 after moving to Cedar Valley and visiting it's many ski resorts. Google search results for Cedar Valley (for those of you wondering how I did this, all I did was use Chrome's inspect element tool). Climate averages for Cedar Valley. Note how even though it is not as cold as other places in Canada (something it has in common with most of Canada's West Coast), high precipitation due to its location in the Pacific Northwest, its elevation, and orographic lift create very high snowfall accumulations, with the amount of snowfall the city receives in one month alone matching what many places see in an entire year. It isn't that surprising though, as most of the snowiest places in the world are located in mountainous areas of the Northern Pacific (Japan, Alaska, Pacific Northwest, California) simply due to their high precipitation, with many mountain peaks like Mt. Rainer in Washington being known for receiving a record of over 1000 inches (2540 cm) of snow in one year. Climate averages for Kellan included for comparison. Replies SIMplemente | Thanks! Numerous downtown areas with towering skyscrapers to love throughout Kellan. prtsc5 | Sadly SimCity 4 isn't really the type of game that allows region sharing; in order to share my region I would also have to post my plugins folder as well which is nearly 5GB large, not too mention potential compatibility issues as well. If I could I definitely would. nRVOUS | The coastline is the way it is because I originally planned to have a bunch of docks/marinas/harbors lining the coast, but then abandoned the idea due to the lack of available plugins online. I might decide to change it sometime in the future. The British Sausage | Glad you like it, I was aiming for each of the city tiles on flat land to not look like they were copy and pasted. Kingkhufu | That would be a great idea if I made Kellan with cities skylines, which would make region sharing for collabs much easier. Links for articles about the winter of 1949-1950 in the Pacific Northwest for those who are interested (as well as an Imgur gallery with screenshots of climate data from selected cities). Just how bad was the winter of 1949-1950? (KOMO Seattle) A look back at the epic blizzards of 1950 (KOMO Seattle) Why was January 1950 so warm in Washington, D.C.[...]? Portland, Oregon Longest and Coldest Winters PDF From Washington State About December 2011 (pages 3-6 are about 1950) Well, that's it for Update 2. Hope I didn't bore you too much, this update was over informative but I'll try to keep all of the exposition down in future updates. Look out for Update 3!
  2. City View Backgrounds for SC4

    Version 1.0.0


    Previews: (1) Clouds (2) Stars (3) Forest (4) Streets (5) Ocean (6) Snowfall (7) Cityscape 17 Folders of Background Sets for SC4 These are 17 sets of backgrounds for the City (Mayor) view that are easily installed, changed, or switched back to the default blueprint grid background that comes with the game. I've included a high contrast version of the default so the grid can be seen clearly. Each of the 5 background files in each folder corresponds to a zoom level from the widest overview to narrowest close-up view in the game. The default backgrounds included with the game are found in the form of 5 .png graphics files named Background3D0.png through to Background3D4.png in the SC4 install directory under Plugins. Before using the replacement sets of backgrounds make a backup copy of the 5 default files that come with the game. I zip them up in a zip folder and leave them in the Plugins folder for easy access. Further Instructions for Installing Region and City View Backgrounds Initially, I found a set of solid color backgrounds which demonstrated how easy it is to create and switch backgrounds, so for the basic instructions and a solid color set refer to the file Custom Region View Backgrounds which includes solid colors for the region view as well as the city view. Custom Region View Backgrounds Creating the Backgrounds The cloud and star pictures were adapted from seamless background textures found in the commons. All other pictures are adapted from SC4 graphics, and previews as created using the in-game terra-former. The following details are not necessary for installation and use of these backgrounds but are provided for further interest in the topic. City View Backgrounds Technical Details There are 5 backgrounds in each folder for each of the 5 zoom levels from 0 to 4. In the game there are actually 6 zoom levels but the same background is used for zoom 5 (4) and 6. For the cloud backgrounds and mostly for the star backgrounds I did not adjust magnification as the sky and stars normally appear fixed in the sky from ground perspective. The cloud backgrounds are high brightness which may be further adapted using a paint program. The textures will maintain their form for a variety of changes to saturation and hue, brightness and contrast. Each zoom level 'in' from the outermost zoom is 2x in magnitude, so each zoom 'in' is twice as close as the previous zoom. The backgrounds are 128x128 pixels .png formatted at 16m colors. The magnifications are 2048 (16x), 1024(8x), 512(4x), 256(2x), 128(1x) for the canvas sizes. 512 pixels = 1 kilometer and 2048 pixels = 4 kilometers total for the large tile. The picture you start with will be transformed into the isometric view in the game. Vertical and horizontal lines are shifted to an isometric flat plane background so some adjustments must be made to keep lines vertical and horizontal. Vertical lines are achieved by subtracting 22° (90°-23°=67° ). So if you have a picture that has right angles, vertical shapes that you want to appear vertically in the city view, subtract 23°, or rotate 23° to the left to get the picture upright. Horizontal lines change slightly with zoom level above zoom zero, they will appear parallel at zoom 0, but slightly obtuse from zoom 1 to 4. The horizon can be brought back parallel by subtracting 5° from zoom zero through to zoom 3. I did not bother adjusting the horizontal as my backgrounds conform to the isometric horizon of the game view, skewed only slightly by 5°. Isometric angles: Zoom 0: 30° (isometric) Zoom 1: 35° Zoom 2: 40° Zoom 3 and 4: 45° The city view rotation is around a square as similar to the axis of a compass. The vertical lines become horizontal when rotated east and west, but remain vertical north and south. I noticed a slight stereoscopic effect at zoom 3 on the Heavy Starfield background. If you focus your eyes beyond the screen you may see SC4 in 3D field perspective. The effect is similar to autostereograms: "An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram (SIS), designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional (3D) scene from a two-dimensional image." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Autostereogram Please use the comment section below or PM if any questions, critiques or problems installing and using the backgrounds.
  3. Hi guys ( and girls ). I am using Sudden Valley terrain mod, without any height modifications. Suddenly, out of nowhere it started to show snow ( white terrain ) on very low heights. When I save and get back to region, there is no snow. I tried getting out of game and restarting computer but same thing happens again. Any idea? I just saw it is an Easter egg from the developers
  4. Niederbauen Old Town

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    A scene from the previously un-showcased city of Niederbauen, currently experiencing a light snow flurry. You can also see the city Christmas tree and one of the many Christmas markets to the right of the image. Hope you like the city! A full resolution image can be seen below.

    © _Michael 2016

  5. Metropolis in the Snow

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    The Snow is finally arrived. Happy Holidays from Metropolis :-)
  6. Merry Christmas from Perseus

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    The Persusian Legislative Assembly Building in Passau bedecked in Christmas finery and lights for the festive season. Larger .png version available here
  7. The Iditarod

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    The Iditarod is a dog sled race that runs every March from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Traversing the Alaskan wilderness, the trail takes mushers and their teams of dogs through 1,049 miles of tundra and spruce forest and harsh weather conditions. This scene depicts a camp at a checkpoint along the route. Straw has been laid out on the snow for the sled dogs to provide insulation as they rest. Mushers gather to restock essential supplies that will tie them over until they reach their next checkpoint. Snow still coats the trees, attesting to the severe cold that prevents melting even in the middle of the day under full sun. Full-sized image in the first comment.
  8. Landwasser Viaduct

    From the album Hall of Fame

    2nd Place entry from Railroads (S3-16-W) Weekly 45 Rep 17 Bonus Points 45 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings A picture of the Glacier Express passenger train going over the Landwasser Viaduct during wintertime. Standing 213 feet at it's highest point, it's one of the most breathtaking locations in the entire Swiss Alps. Pic for comparison here.

    © 2016 korver

  9. Hey there! So i'm looking fora good terrain mode that could show off at least SOME snow on top of my peaks, at least ones that aren't like gigantically high. I've tried the Columbus Terrain mod, but no snow appears on top of the mountains (am I missing dependencies/essential files?) and i've tried the Appalachian mod too and still no luck there. I would appreciate some insight on this and some help! Thanks!
  10. 75 - Snow Spirit

    It's my 75th Entry! I wanted to have a bigger Christmas entry but unfortunately my graphics card died. It's fixed now and all my SimCity data is safe, however I didn't have the time to take all the pictures I wanted or do all the photo editing I had planned. A big thanks to all those who visited, commented on, and rated my CJ in 2015. I had fewer entries this year so I'll continue this 'season' in 2016. A lot of the stuff I'm working on in SC4 is really big so it's taking longer to finish. Thanks for all your great advice and support. Another thanks to all all the Modders and BATers whose hard work, creativity, talent, and devotion keeps SC4 alive and makes it better than ever. And finally, thanks to all the Mods and Admins who keep the site up and running. Anyway, here are a few shots to put you in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Happy Holidays! See you in the future... raynev1: Nice entry. It looks pretty cool. Thank you raynev. gviper: Spectacular! These images are simply living and active candy to the eyes! I desperately want to see some night shots of the first series. The precipitation in the shots lends me to feel the lighting is a bit too bright, but then again, perhaps it's an isolated shower moving through the area and sunbreaks are all around. Hey, that would beckon for a rainbow effect, course that might not be possible with Photoshop (I dunno) but if pulled off would be merely window dressing on an otherwise fabulous presentation! Yeah I guess you kind of have to imagine the sun is peering through the clouds or suspend your disbelief a bit. I used a different rain effect this time. I'll try something else next time and see if it works better. Thanks. tariely: "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring..." I like the strange cheerfulness of those pictures.:-) Don't wake up the old man. Thank tariely. Ln X: The public green areas and plazas look amazing as do the ancient monuments and canal areas. Malory Park is one hell of a bat, mind you the sunken stuff done right is always great. I do have a query though- have you ever considered changing the pavement textures? Gobias' HD Sidewalk Mod contains ten different pavements, as a bonus it also changes the Maxis pavement textures for any other lot or bat. As always though you have some spot-on city design. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know why I never really considered it. I like the white color of the default maxis pavement but I guess the texture isn't so good. I'll look in to it. Schulmanator: Looking awesome! Too bad about the rain... still an awesome place to visit. Now to pack my bags and head to the nearest stargate! Then as usual we shall prepare our finest for your visit. TekindusT: I need one of those Stargates, to travel to Ionica in RL. It's not a game anymore... michae95l: Looking great, I especially like how you've integrated the stadium. BTW, what the name of the seawall pack in the second image? Thanks. Keep up the amazing work! It's the JENXPARIS Quais de Seine from sc4 devotion. takemethere: Cool title and nice change in ambiance with the rainfall. I'm a bit curious about that weird looking road bridge in the 3rd image... not sure I'd feel comfortable driving over that one! Lol yeah, that bridge. It bothers me a lot but changing it required more work than I wanted to put in at the time. Thanks. dedgren: Don't get me wrong- I love fall trees and other flora and was an early advocate for their use in SC4. But if you are going to use seasonal stuff it needs to be consistent across your gamesquare- it shouldn't be fall in one place and summer on the lots next door. I know from experience that doing this is a huge task. But it is that sort of attention to detail that is the difference between an interesting pic and a compelling one. As long as I am in critic mode here, your use of the fall trees would have been greatly improved by randomly rotating them when you placed each tree. The trees in front of St. Michael's Chapel and around the Temple of Zeus illustrate this point. Again, don't get me wrong. I really like this CJ. But such is life- often the reward for a good performance is to be asked to step up one's game and make the next one truly great. Since this was the only fall entry of the year I didn't see it worthwhile investing the time to change all those trees. Also this is my first foray into seasonal flora. Thanks for the advice tho. Rotating the trees is a really great idea and I'll do that next time. kschmidt: Atlantis feel, about ! Posseidon raising from the deep; skyscraper like, stadium australian football ? Some trees don´t have such a big seasonal change still something to watch out for, but for the all over view not real disturbing. Like the canal parks with the raised plateau connections, well done ! Thanks kschmidt, glad you enjoy it.
  11. In game video of snowplow. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=579275394
  12. A touch of snow over Queenbee

    It's only the beginning of the Fall, but a freak snowstorm has hit Queenbee ! Kids are real happy...
  13. Believe...

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from winning Weekly Challenge #10 | 12 Days Of Christmas
  14. Small Town Christmas

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from winning Weekly Challenge #9 | Battle of the Seasons
  15. It Keeps Snowing in Krasnoslobodsk

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.
  16. "This was the winter capital, the capital of snow and ice, the sparkling city of frost" - Harrison E. Salisbury 31/10/1941 - At an unprecedently early date, the streets of Leningrad are covered by 10 centimetres of snow. In this picture we see the Holy Church Isidorovskaya, located at the cross of Rimskovo-Korsakova and Lermontovskiy Prospekt. The harsh winter has hit the city hard. The first symptoms are trapped vehicles and frozen pipes. 15/11/1941 - Griboyedov Canal (previosly known as Catherine Canal) has frozen near Alarchin Bridge. In the picture we also see several people trying to shovel the snow off the road as a bus struggles in Rimskovo-Korsakova. 7/11/1941 - Jewish community meets in Grand Choral Synagogue, the second largest in Europe. Snow is a minor problem compared to what awaits them if the Nazis take the city. Leningrad faces the winter with a manpower over two million people. Soldiers, firefighters, snow plowers, trench diggers, industrial workers... The city needs every citizen in order to survive the siege. 2/11/1941 - Voskresenskiy Square, between Volodi Ermaka and Drovyanoy Avenue, appears almost unrecognizable. Its ancient trees now serve to camouflage anti-aircraft guns installed by the Red Army. Despite all the hardships, some everyday scenes seem to ignore the war. In this picture we see a soldier buying tickets for Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony in 1942. Disclaimer: This CJ includes original photos taken during the siege. To my knowledge none of them is protected by copyright, but if I were wrong I'm happy to delete any picture that infringes the law. ----------------------------------[bONUS: Making-of]----------------------------------
  17. Season's greetings from Nieuwezee! Here's my sister and I on the canalside in the Haartje, holidaying with friends in in snowy Nieuwezee. We've just come from the Marktplaats and now we're heading to a lovely little cafe for mulled wine! Yes, it really is as cold out as it looks...
  18. Hi all, I'd wish to create some custom brushes for terrain detailing, as those from Paeng, Jeronji and others. More exactly I'd try to make an aerographic effect to apply, for instance, snow or grass with a subtle, scalable stroke. Even better if the brush is settable in size and strength- and, naturally it must be saveable. First ( lazy ) attempts with Ilives to edit some existing brushes ended in nothing, I will definitely deepen the study some day but, without some guidance or hints, it seems a hard slope. Are there posts or even tutorials I missed in my search? Thanks for the attention
  19. This Winter is Relentless

    http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/northeast-midwest-snow-winter/24214502 No one gets a break. Spring isn't coming. The new Ice Age has arrived P.S.: I'm within the "Greatest" region on the map.
  20. Highland Plateau



    This is my first upload on the STEX ever, so if there are some reqeusts, what I could do better next time feel free to tell me ... On this map you can use snow themed buildings etc. on a map that has no arctic terrain mod. I also included the silhouette of a river. If you have the Extra Terrain Tools 2 installed (Rain Tool), you can use it to simulate melting snow. Dependencies: SC4 Mapper / Terraformer to open the SC4M-File (config.bmp is included) A terrain mod for snow capped mountains (otherwise this map looks really boring)
  21. Runamuck's HD Snow-cap MOD



    HD Snow-cap MOD..... Description..... I love the smell of Snow in the morning.....it smells like.....salt and shovels and wet shoes and frozen locks and dirty windshields and empty wash bottles and......are you sure you really want this MOD, how about a nice Beach Mod? No, well, OK then, just for you (if you order the Snow-cap Mod in the next 15 minutes) we will give you Runamuck's MOD-o-Matic MOD free, that's right, free, just pay substantial shipping and handling! This MOD has been developed and tested with Windows XP, running SimCity 4 Deluxe. Dependencies..... This MOD has no dependencies other than coming in last in the Plugins Standing and a bit of Hardware Rendering unless you also play those CTD Maps. Installation..... To prevent CTDs due to Ini File conflicts with some Terrain Mods (mine included), place the entire "z_Snowcap Mod Folder" in your Plugins Folder so that it loads last. Rivit's "SC4DataNode" Program is a great tool for checking the loading sequence of all SimCity Files. Comments/Help/Information on Runamuck's Creations..... http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/60743-runamucks-creations/ https://sites.google.com/site/runamuckshooch/home - runamucks.hooch@gmail.com
  22. Runamuck's Creations

    Hello all and welcome to my little corner of Simtropolis. I have played SimCity off and on since it's first release and just recently discovered all that can be done with SimCity 4. A lot of you folks have done some amazing things that will keep this game alive for a long, long time! No, it's not a game, it's a platform where everyone can explore and share their creative ideas and projects with fellow hobbyist and even tell a compelling and interesting story through the City Journals. I have down-loaded and used several creations from this site and I would like to add some of my own for all to use and modify as you wish. But bear with me for a bit, I just returned to SimCity 4 during the summer and the entire concept of modding and the tools used are all new to me. I have tested what I have made so far by running SimCity 4 Deluxe on Windows XP and all seems to be OK but, the real test will come from the rest of you in feedback right here. I have the following MODs ready for up-loading to the STEX: 1- Custom Intro-Screen ..............My first experience with iLive's Reader Program. 2- Star-field Background ............Just trying to get a feel for altering the look of game elements. 3- Map Edges MOD ...................The first real Mod to explore more of the Reader Program. 4- Terrain MOD (HD) .................>I played with these for a couple of months and first tried altering the default terrain provided by Maxis, 5- Cliff MOD (HD) .......................>it did not look too bad but could be better. Next, I tried using samples of grass and rock from the internet 6- Shoreline MOD (HD) ..............>and things looked better but I could not get rid of some of the banding and tiling without overly distorting 7- Water MOD (HD) ...................>the original images. I finally ventured into the HD stuff and created all the textures in Photoshop. I think 8- Snow-cap MOD (HD)..............>this is the best I can do and is what I am using in my "Land's End Region". I've learned quite a bit about the Reader Program through these Mods and now I am creating Native American Tepees and other Primitive Shelters with the BAT, LE and PIM. I use TurboCAD for design work, Photoshop for texture and material work and the BAT to apply those materials and generate SC4 files. While I like playing SimCity, I really enjoy the creative side of things. Now, since I have never up-loaded anything to the STEX, I am open to suggestions on getting this right. I have been to the up-load pages and it looks pretty straight forward but there is always some little thing lurking about to screw things up! Any suggestions on image sizes, descriptions, dependencies, zip methods and the like that is most helpful to all of you? Thanks to all for visiting my little corner here and I hope that everything I up-load works as intended..........Runamuck

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