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  1. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    RIP Good Buddy- We Shall meet again.....someday.
  2. Red Hat Tower

    Textures a bit bright- and theres no roof junk that makes up a building- the fact its not your own is also bothersome- textures need a lot more work in order for this to work out- not a bad start- but still needs work.
  3. Teddy City- A Redo

    A Redo- Welcome back to Teddy City- I decided to redo the city- I came up with better ideas to beautify the city. The city is now a forest side city, with some elements of its past remaining. Throughout you'll see the valley's and forests that make up this beautiful city. We enter the city on the Kingston Interchange at Kingston Pkwy- While there's the Industry Row exit nearby, Kingston was designed to make exiting easy for people who come into this city and don't want to use the industry exit to get places. Designed with ease in mind, this exit is a great example of the infrastructure of the city. A residential area on the north side of the city. These homes here are next to a high school, and homes go as low as $250,000 in a city with an average home cost of $675,000. These "affordable houses" are hard to come by on the market- and the market is hot in Teddy City. Mixed use in the city- including a news station- News 3 RWGA and its tower occupy this area off K-97. These homes here are similar in price to those of the previous area, given the TV tower. However they are in an area thats less popular given the highway and tower. Hospital Park- located at the Ashbury Medical Complex off K-95. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the city itself, and a great location to live. Homes her are at a premium given the park, averaging around $456,500 for a 2 bedroom home. Chamberlain Bvld and Warren Rd- again same neighborhood as before, but on the other side of K-95. And again homes come at a premium- higher in fact- averaging at $495,000 for a 2 bedroom, these are older homes, but they fit in nicely with the surroundings. Close to schools, hospitals and stores, this is a neighborhood people want to live in. Its living at its finest. Hope you enjoyed Tour 1.
  4. 13 - East Peak on Sun Bay

    lovely shots.
  5. Its time for a redo of Ocean Valley- I know, I know- not again right? Well ya- every time they update Skylines I have to start over- Founded in 1189 as the Kingdom of Zyphone, the castle no longer exists and has since washed into the ocean over the years. Before that it was a tiny village dating to the stone age, then bronze, and iron age- at was under the control of the Roman Empire. Some of the original roman village layout exists in the road layout. Ocean Valley Intl Airport- located on the ocean the landing is a beautiful landing as you look out over the sea. The airport was completed in the 1960s and replaced the old Ocean Valley City Center Airport. A highly used airport, its a hub for traffic heading from other world airports to parts of Teddyland, and is often the first place in Teddyland you see. St May's Catholic Church- built in 1878, St Mary's is a landmark in itself- Located along an old roman road, its in a busy part of town, near parks, quaint homes, and schools. across from the church is this quaint neighborhood- as you can see your not far from the ocean here, The highway forms the edge of this neighborhood, yet the quiet prevails. This is a reminder that you are, in fat, in the heart of a sea side city. Port of Ocean Valley- one of the busiest ports in the nation, the Port of Ocean Valley has both cruise and freight ships almost daily. This cargo hub is a stop for trucks as they provide the goods for the nations needs from far away places over seas. A seaview is abundant from this sea side homes near the airport- part of a restoration project, these homes are built with views in mind, they aren't cheap, averaging $890,000 for views like this. However each home is designed to take in the views, with a short walk to the sea for those without the best of views- whether taking in the sun set, or just to look at at the vast expanse of the ocean, to own these homes is like owning- paradise. Ocean Valley Consert Hall- on of the last remaining structures from the past, the concert hall was built in 1599 and is the oldest continuously run concert hall in the nation. Located near St. Mary's people can take in shows here, and feel a satisfaction like never before. This is a sanctuary for many, and a great way to end a stressful day. See you soon-
  6. United States of Simerica (USN)

    wish I could get my farms right- My farms always end up at crazy angles.
  7. Schulmania

    ya- your part of the union in which I'm cofounder- don't see why not.
  8. Schulmania

    From The Desk of King Fredrick IV- His Royal Highness King of Teddyland- Lord of Plainsvilla- Congratulations on your milestone- We wish to order a coin, and we, the royal court wish to invite you to the royal palace in Teddy City for a banquet in your honor- only the best quality fish, caviar and cream will be served, and only locally provided goods permitted- also a holiday is herewith decreed in your honor- Schulmania Day- Date to be set for the day of the banquet. Royal Palace Teddy City- Capital District- Teddyland Guards in attendence: Sir Terry Marks Sir George Ward Sir Oliver Grubb Sir Kenny Jones Sir Frank Edward To meet at airport for Schulmania delegation King Fredrick IV
  9. Entry no.34 - Dresden Finale + previews of Central Pretoria

    theres a glitch in Pic 6- the underpass switches to Maxis Highway-
  10. Fiat 500C

    always found these to be cute- thanks.
  11. Eastleigh- A Return

    Eastleigh- A return I know its been a while, but its back- Teddy City CJ is now being updated- this time Eastleigh is being shown again. If you recall last time we showed a building that was being constructed- well this time its completed. Horman Field. Used still today, this 1899 baseball stadium is home to the minor league Eastleigh Dragons. Located in a forested area of the city, it maintains its original look. However less people attend the games unlike in years past. Sure its reached a slump, but what event doesn't? Downhurst Mall. Located near downtown, Downhurst Mall is a popular shopping spot. Gracefully designed, it looks out of place in a way in this town. Greatmore Shopping Center- This is the place that was under construction the last time- it opened on March 1, 2016 and is so far a success. Those people who are on lunch nearby converge here. Its a wonderful edition to an already beautiful city. Downtown- off Amstead Interchange, downtown Eastleigh is a small area. Buildings here are not allowed to get to tall, as an ordinance in the city prohibits high-rise construction. Still, its a gorgeous edition that maintains the small town atmosphere of this beautiful city. Hope you enjoyed the return of Sim City 4- I know I've been focused on Skylines, hopefully I'll have more Sim City updates soon.
  12. Claridge II Townhome

    as a skylines player its good to seee skylines buildings came to life in SC
  13. A City To Remember

    Ash City- A city to remember Welcome back- in this edition we'll show you some parts of the city- some are hidden treasures, others are well visible. We'll see many of the sites of the city, and an oddly placed residential zone that backs against the airport. The Bus Terminal- Built in 1989, the bus terminal is a hub of activity. Beautifully designed inside and out, it features large windows that are great for viewing the city's mountains. Many tourists come through here. Depending on how far you've come, its not a cheap ride. 2 historic structures- located near the stadium and city hall, these structures were part of the city rebuild as mentioned last time- The telephone building- built in 1899, it was designed by Frank Marshall. Next door is the old Gruberton Hotel- built in 1889 it was designed by Bobby Troyal Mills and features an impressive interior. Its interior is all original and features a marble fountain as a center piece. A residential area backed against the airport- an odd location it overlooks the man made Bowerly Lake. Even with its odd location against the runways it is still one of the most popular areas to live in the city. Horchester Interchange- Completed in 1988 it bridges 3 highways- 2 don't connect to each other, but all 3 connect to the main highway through town heading east to west- an odd layout, its a frequent hub of activity in this majestic city. Downtown- simple designs make up this area of town. The reason? Its believed that if a building is too fancy, it'll take away from the surrounding mountains, thus the city chose to use a more simplistic style for its downtown. A pine tree lined street makes up the northern artery, while here a simple design makes up the south route. Many office buildings line this beautiful location, and apartments in sky-rises are at a premium. Average rent- $4500/mo for a 2 bedroom. Thats a look at the majestic Ash City- enjoy the stay. Brought to you by: Ash City Visitors Association 12 Huntler Dr. Ash City, CB Zone B 788-PO9 PH: 1 800990-2232
  14. Entry no.33 - The Railways of Dresden

    love this- what did you use to make the map of the city?
  15. Águas Claras

    Beautiful- as a fan of Skylines, and proud owner of it myself, I love this.