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City-building game(s)

Found 14 results

  1. Seaside, Oregon

    Version 1.0.1


    Seaside and Gearhart Oregon taken from terrain party GPS map(18km, 1:1 scale). Scenic ocean side city right next to Lewis and Clark's path to the Pacific(Lewis and Clark River). Abundant in all in game resources. Ore and oil in the mountains, with fertile farmland near the river flood planes. Highway 101 and Lewis and Clark Road placed by hand based off google maps. Hand modeled beach sloped correctly(no steep cliff drops), abundant in driftwood and scenic rocks. Lewis and Clark River, Little S Fork Lewis and Clark River, and Necanicum River modeled with water props. Water props placed so that ocean currents do not flow into inland river(you can dump waste into the ocean without it coming back into the rivers). The Lewis and Clark River drains out of map(north end) and can be used for waste dumping. Negative current water props placed near the rocky, beach side mountain to pull waste currents from the beach(pulls to the southwest corner of map). IRL non-existent railroad placed from north to south end of map(follows Lewis and Clark road for northern part). Railway connections on extreme north and east end of map(accessible with 81 tiles). Highway connection on extreme east near the railways connection(accessible with 81 tiles).
  2. Hello Guys, and Welcome back to another episode of Cities: Skylines with me, Pug Gaming. In this Video I start work on our latest project - The Seaside Town. We start work on a British Style seafront with Hotels, apartments and restaurants
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to a Cities: Skylines Tutorial video! In this Cities: Skylines Tutorial video, we will be taking a look at building a custom Pier in game! Personally, I would say that this type of Pier is superior to using the quays. So, what are you waiting for? Give this a try!
  4. Cities: Skylines - EP30 - The British Challenge - The Seaside Pier
  5. COMMENT REPLIES:TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES (SC4) Kim Sunwoo:Thanks, however, not be mean with Windows 10 is an operating system with a few bugs but at least stableì kschmidt :Shame about that airport but at least I started making backups of my region anyway thanks for the advice The Inevitable Return Of Siculia (SC4) In Siculia there are several places to spend the summer vacation is one of these places is Rossano. Rossano is the capital of the New Italian State which is part of the Federal Republic of Siculia where the majority of the population is of Italian origin (President John Colucci instead is Italian-American) The city is supplied by nuclear power plant of Rossano composed of three nuclear reactors here is the view of the plant Rossano a Mediterranean beach with a hotel skyscraper (these damn engineers megalomaniacs) Introducing the presidential villa with pool (above there is a castle which is now a Museum) a brief visit to the headquarters of the New Italian State you have problems with the television go directly to regional headquarters of Siculia Broadcasting Corporation and messing with executives The railway station of Rossano Rossano is also a mining Center in fact were discovered important oilfields, coal and iron ore (left to right) oil well, coal and iron ore mine and deposit for radioactive waste This city has a beautiful island that has been transformed into an industrial Harbour to envy someone here is the bridge that connects port island a small spoiler Harbour Island one of the world's largest refinery (note the liquefied natural gas deposits) the main square with the Cathedral at night Meanwhile on Facebook We arrived at the end of this city journal while the Federal Republic of Siculia is about to enter into Alliance of Independent Nations (maybe) we still in summer so here it takes a nice trip with loud music on the highway with this 80 's music And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week
  6. Kabuki Island National Park

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.
  7. COMMENT REPLIES:House of Cards - ctOS Kim Sunwoo:the antennas transmit everything from television programs to phone calls because data are interconnected with each other TORRE CANNE Welcome to the month of may know what that means? The SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE COMING so here is a very popular summer destination is very popular destination Torre Canne. When you are on the Interstate is 1 you see a beautiful countryside with power lines then you are in Torre Canne. Here's to you lousy EHM nice highway exit of Torre Canne Meanwhile in Vice City Returning to Torre Canne here is the Church in Mediterranean style and it's seafront In this town there is the APPLE store There is also a IKEA store (ok I'm doing a bit of surreptitious advertising but who cares) And finally here is the central railway station of Torre Canne Then finally you saw that I changed the name of the nation from United States of America in the Federal Republic of Siculia for a future project that few understand. And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week
  8. Seaside #2: Resort at Newton Lake

    I was bored, so I practiced my marina skills, but didn't focused it on this entry, because....ummm....I suck at marina. Yes, everytime I build one, it looks ugly. So I focused on the hotels: (It seems that the texture on this building conflicts with my colour/contrast changes, I uploaded it though) That's all for today, have a nice evening! Replies 47ply: Thanks, but I have this hodgepodge of buildings too, I complained in my last entry about it:D infamousjbe: That's a valuable advice, but I already selected particular building styles, but some of the content seem to "slipped" into other tiles, like european w2w buildings into other styles. Also there's abuilding, MS Sierpina or something like this which grows on low density too and destroys my suburban neighbourhoods (it's a great building though). MilitantRadical: I never tried this, thanks! Schriefer: Thank you! Huston. Well, I'm not sure about it. I don't really like some the stuff at this location. It originally should become a w2w district KonstantinII: Thanks, but it could look way better:D
  9. Seaside #1

    After a break finally the next entry. I had much fun building the watersides, but the town(s) itself wouldn't want to grow nicely, so I had to build much landmarks... You see, there isn't anything behind the W2W, I didn't know how to fill this peninsula Yeah, I hope you like it:D Have a nice day guys! Replies Benedict: I totally agree with you, this mill would look really awesome in winter Huston: Thank you for the tips, but I'm just bad in photoshop:)
  10. Marina: Attempt One

    It's my first time using the Modular Marina (from NBVC), so it's not really good. Please give tips, how I can do it better:) I should really learn to use other Filters too
  11. The Commonwealth of Traebia Update 2 - A Breezy Day in Seahaven Hello Simtropolis! We are in the year 1953 and...And we've actually skipped New Vienne County. Very simply, there's railway companies that are beginning to be interested in Traebia, and what better way to discover an area than watching the hills rolling, sitting next to a stinky old man in a slow train, knowing you've already missed your connection? We'll see more of the countryside and of the railway development in Update 3. So while we're stuck in Traebia, why not visiting Seahaven City? The town is lovely in summer...can't say the same about our brothers fighting in the Eshtar Civil War in this dreary 1953, nor can we cheer the Bevelle Riots ongoing. Oh well! Without further ado, let's visit this breezy spot that is Seahaven City, TR. But first and foremost... Replies Benedict - Thank you I try to be somewhat original in my presentation, pretty much learning from good CJs and bad ones alike. I'll try to keep up the pace! Also, the Balamb windmill seems to be as far as I can remember and compare (I also have but I am not a fan of huge dependency lists, but it's worth it I guess.) SHnozZa - Thanks, I love this alien base too as a matter of fact. :> Map In two years, not much has changed, but Seahaven has experienced a 9'000 inhabitants boost, mostly people coming from the upper states who settled in the eastern side of the city. Federal Route 7 has finally been finished, and there's some work concerning new railroads. Welcome to Seahaven! Welcome to Seahaven City (official name Seahaven), the most populous town in the Commonwealth of Traebia. This city is home to 89'000 happy sims, almost a third of the whole population of Traebia. We'll visit each numbered area, don't worry! This city is also the seat of New Vienne county, but it is very special as it straddles Devallay County (the whole of the southern shore, in fact). It is the entry point for many overseas shipping, and is known for its decorative square canals. In 1953, the major, Democrat DeFacto, has begun to study a possible filling of these canal ways, and so despite the water taxis enjoying hefty business. 1 - Canal City is the first neighboorhood we'll visit for today. Its name comes from the mass housing development on both banks, but historically, it was Seahaven's industrial district. When the harbor expanded, north of the town, many workers were housed in these little towers, destroying all of the historical factories. Nowadays, is it a quiet district, focused around the Factory Museum - this old factory on the top of the picture was completely refurbished and turned into a civic center and an art museum, where all the hype artists come to display their arts. Ahh, this lovely green sign above this door, all the expressionism of this neo-realist artist, his sorrow and anger showed by the man running off a door...what do you mean, it says "Emergency Exit"? Ah, well, let's visit further downtown for now, well after maybe a night in some charming hotel? 2 - Southend. Morning is set around Independence Monument. This giant tower was erected in 1855, at the outset of the Dollet Civil War, to commemorate the independence of the initial colonies. It was also a defiant sign towards Galbadia, which at the time was -the- major power on the mainland, and had managed to take the Timber ally, and even a homeland state over! As you can see, the city's streetcar line ends around the monument, and it is a busy transit center as all of the southern and eastern city's bus lines converge on this plaza. Southend is the oldest part of Seahaven, and also the busiest. Fancy Big Tower, the building with the banner, is the highest building in Seahaven at the time. 3 - Southend. In the early 20s century, many rowhouses were built as refugees from Galbadia, Winhill and Timber flowed into Dollet. Most were demolished a mere ten years after their building, but those were conserved. This very part of Southend saw the rise of the GLBT and aborigine civil rights movements, and is known as the Clockwork, in hommage to the bookstore you can see on the very far left side of this picture. 4 - Southend / CBD. The financial center of Traebia is here - next to the Fancy Big Tower, to the Cathedral of St. Georges, and to decrepit buildings. This part of Southend is known during the day for its commercial services, even though all of Melrose and the Inner City are teeming with banks and office buildings now. During the night, however, it becomes a popular nightlife hub, which highlights the duality of the 50s - an era of drowsiness and idleness, but also of conservative morals turning into devious interests as soon as night falls. 5 - Northside. The World Plaza is a very famous landmark in Traebia, and was built in 1942 during the construction and upgrade of Federal Routes 5 and 7, which intersect right here. You can see the distinctive shape of the Galbadian mainland on the bronze globe, or hang out above the traffic that sometimes does get busy, even for a small town like Seahaven. It is also where, in 1952, General Caraway spoke out against the atrocities committed in the Eshtar Civil War, sending troops to assist the loyalists in a peninsular country next to Eshtar (but referred to as Eshtar Civil War in the media). 6 - Northside. The train station is still brand-new in this part of Seahaven, as the lights are strangely up in some houses. This is the area known as The Mall, which is a busy office area in the town. You can see the Kölnturm, which is Trabian for "Cologne Tower", named after the famous Trabian city and its settlers who founded Seahaven. There is also the Cathedral of Hyne, standing next of the Loire memorial. This plaza is dedicated to Colonel Loire, who bravely fought in the 1910 Galbadian War in the last battle in which horses were used. His death is most epic, as after having raided the Galbadian fort just outside Traebia, he died ambushing and fighting off enemy forces - forcing them to withdraw from Traebia. 7 - Northside. The campus of the University of Traebia can be seen in here, and it is the only main college in the whole of Traebia. Sadly, the area around has been left to rot, especially the two towers next to the canal, which used to be a single, giant luxury hotel. In a huge scandal, the hotel's owner, a Timber politician, was caught running a pyramid scheme and imprisoned. The hotel towers were abandoned, and a procedure is currently underways to demolish the crumbling buildings before they fall off on their own - not to mention the very negative impact on the land about. 8 - Melrose. Just north of Canal City, the district of Melrose stretches outside the Inner City. It has enjoyed extensive development and nowadays, can almost be considered the western half of the CBD, even though it is more residential and less so busy than the Inner City. A few buildings in the vicinity are dilapitated, but the area is generally well-off. In the center-left, you can spot the Market Hall, former heart of any city's economy, and nowadays a very nice place to drink a Nuka Cola with friends. The shopping centre north of Melrose is the first of its kind in Traebia, and it's expected that soon enough supermarkets will swarm the land. Do you see this huge ball in this shopping centre? It's the Blitzball Arena, a spectacular sport from Bevelle and Lucas, two Centran countries, which enjoys extensive worldwide coverage. It's a shame that due to the extreme technology and sport itself, there usually is only one team per country in this sports, and so it is a great honor for Traebia to host all Dollet blitzball venues. 9 - Willets Point. We are now north of the city, just next to the industrial district. You can see the railroad to Dollet slithering around housing developments. To the south, Hornet Stadium, hope to the Galbadian soccer team Seahaven Aurochs. To the north, relatively new suburbs have been built by the railroad. 10 - Burbank. The islands east of Seahaven are home to extensive residential development. Burbank Island is the closest island to Seahaven. Its population is wealthy enough, though not as well off as in other areas. Here you can enjoy yourself, but don't go close to the shore - the water is freezing and if you wondered why there aren't any beaches in this city, well, try to bathe in freezing water...Not too many people are fond of that. 10bis - And we are lucky enough to see a sailing race underways in the strait in between Southend and Burbank. If swimming isn't too great, the waters of Seahaven are perfect for sailing and other related water sports. It's not all without risks, however. In 1952, a sailboat crashed in one of the pillars of the Burbank Bridge and the skipper drowsed afterwards. The Burbank Bridge, by the way, was doubled a few years ago, though not in the same style... 11 - Maple Hills. Well, it seems we're drifting a lot towards sports in Seahaven? That's certainly why most of its teams in many sports are very good in top matches (the Champion's League is no match for the Seahaven soccer team, which has won the last two cups. Perhaps that's what was hinted on the Big Fancy Building's poster?) Back on topic, this little stadium was built in the 30s and is still regularly used for training and even matches, despite the construction of a new stadium we'll see below. But look back up. This is Löwenstein Keep you see on the hill, and it's one of the oldest structures in Traebia. It was built during the second colonial era, as at the time, Seahaven was on the northern border of the Traebian colonies, which were opposed to the Centran Colonies. In the devastating war between both countries, in the 1750s, the fort was used by both sides, until Centra won over Traebia - even though Traebia won most of the important seats in the subsequent Thirteen Colonies, which would lead to the Dollet Civil War a century later... 12 - Roxbury. Here is the new venue for the baseball matches, as a matter of fact! This stadium was finished a mere month ago, but already six matches were played (and Seahaven lost four times, which is ironical given it's their new big stadium..). This is also the centre of the southern half of Seahaven, in Devallay County - Roxbury. You can see the Kim Petras Bridge carrying Federal Route 7 to the north, leading straight into Southend. 13 - Industrial Zone, Airport. The airport isn't finished yet, but already a high-tech industrial park formed to the extreme west of Seahaven, alongside Federal Route 5. There are many innovations there, but not enough to call this place Silicon Valley. Not just yet. 14 - Harbour / Surray Wharf. To finish this little tour, here is the industrial district of Seahaven and its lovely harbour, which at the time had few piers because container shipping was just beginning. But you can already see a few, as well as barges and other warehouses. This harbour is Seahaven's strength, and where most cargo transits (even though more and more ships skip Seahaven to reach Candar City), as well as the city's second main concentration of jobs. You can see the north end of our little streetcar system, too. That's all for now, folks! I hope you enjoyed this update, please comment, and next time we'll skip to the year 1956 and the establishment of a railroad that will cross the state's counties. See you around!
  12. Cannon Beach, OR



    Cannon Beach, Oregon a map by: blunder *Now with 2x 'N's because my degree is in a math-related field, not linguistics. ------------- Installation: This map is in .sc4m format and requires either Terraformer or Mapper to import. 1. Navigate to your Documents/SimCity 4/Regions folder and create a new folder with your desired region name 2. Copy+paste the config.bmp file into the folder you just created. 3. Open SC4TF, open the new region, import the .sc4m file, save and quit. 4. You must open and save each tile for it to display your terrain mod instead of the terraformer/mapper elevation color overlay. ------------- Description: HEY YOU GUYYYYYYYYYYS! do the truffle shuffle. Canon Beach is located on the oregon coast. This map contains Seaside, Ecola state park and Tillamook Head, Canon Beach, and the shoreline down to Smuggler's Cove. This map is 8km x 30km and made from satellite data. Terrain is scale accurate. Map made using satellite data, image editing software, and drunkapple's invaluable advice. (I HIGHLY recommend using the high altitude + snow installation of Lowkee's most excellent Appalachian Terrain Mod and shokthrpy's Brigantine 2.0 HD water and HD rock mods) For questions, comments, and requests please see my Map Thread over at simpeg.com Happy Gaming!
  13. History of The Country of Erodia

    Welcome to Erodia! A country like no other. Erodia thrives on the fact that everything must be perfect. Our system of government is Communism. But, Its a special kind of communism, in which that the people still have say over alot of things in the country. The King of the Country is (Myself) and the Queen of Erodia is the one and only Jessie Grace. Erodia was created after the king took over the world and created one peaceful country. He decided to call it Erodia. The capital city of Erodia is Hibernia. There are many cities in the country, and a short list has been compiled for a temporary time until the rest of the cities are founded and named. Throughout the City Journal, I will describe each city in full detail, as well has upload pictures of most of them. Please note, that all of the cities are named after a particular person, and I would enjoy it if you tried and guessed who they are named after based off of the names. List of Cities: City of Hibernia City of Seaside Borough of Jessoria Borough of Barrett Borough of Brittanic Borough of Driscovia Town of Haleoria Village of Westoria That is a basic list of the cities in Erodia so far. For now, Peace out reader, and please enjoy your stay as a Erodian! -- King Tylersaur

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