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City-building game(s)

Found 19 results

  1. SparkleCity Video Journal

    Welcome to a brand new path SparkleCity is going to take, as we construct the region from scratch on YouTube, it's time for @Haljackey to have a little competition. (Note: I only mean that light-heartedly... I do not want actual trouble over amplifying the scale of the Oak Ridges project, seen all 100 episodes, and the major cities will be modeled after that.) Enjoy the viewing experience... and congrats to @CorinaMarie for achieving moderator! Also, the thumbnail is from the Metro Hamilton City journal by @mp01vic do go check that out...
  2. South Pacific

    After a brief absence, our journey picks back up on the small nation of Palau, an archipelago of over 200 small islands in the far Western Pacific Ocean. Numerous volcanic explosions many eons ago pushed coral larvae up and out of the Earth's core, forming a massive limestone reef - and the erosion since then has given Palau's islands their distinctive mushroom shape. As most of the 200 islands are quite rocky with palms and mangroves draping over the waters' edge, it takes us a bit to find a nice beach, but we're sure to enjoy it once we get there. Later on in the day, we get out our snorkels and explore the vast coral reefs that surround the island - making sure to avoid the many sharks that call the waters home. We get back on our cruise ship and spend the next couple of weeks making stops at various South Pacific islands, none of which however are as beautiful as Tahiti's Bora Bora. The small atoll was formed by a massive volcanic explosion some three million years ago, and has been slowly sinking back into the ocean ever since. The waters that surround much of the islands are extremely shallow, giving the the locals the opportunity to build structures directly on the water - which is where we'll be staying tonight. Our thatched hut on stilts provides us an up close view of the many bent palm trees and pristine coral reefs that surround the island, and we take a moment to enjoy the island as the sun begins to set. We board the cruise ship once again and 1,500 miles later, we reach Pitcairn Island. Pitcairn's history goes back to 1789, where Fletcher Christian staged a mutiny against the William Bligh, captain of the British navy ship HMS Bounty. Christian and a small number of other mutineers settled on Pitcairn - making Adamstown their main settlement. To this day, nearly all of the 56 inhabitants of Adamstown are descendants of the original mutineers, and a number of them will be greeting us when our cruise ship reaches the island, which is traditional when a ship reaches the small port. After a small dinner in the square, we take a look around the island - not much seems to have changed since 1789. Not a single car or vehicle can be found on the entire island, making Adamstown seem very much stuck in time. Despite fighting flying cockroaches and spiders for the majority of our stay in our one bedroom shack, we take a liking to Adamstown's charm, with it's unique assortment of pines and palms along with the pounding waves that never cease to stop. Our final stop in our journey across the Pacific is Chile's Easter Island. After getting off our cruise ship, we check out some of the Moai that dot the island as we make our way to Anakena Beach. Rano Raraku is one of the best locations to do so, and it gives us the opportunity to get up and close with some of the Moai - but not too close, as touching the Moai is strictly prohibited. Special thanks to Simmer2 for sending me the Moai models used in this picture! We finally reach Anakena Beach. Anakena is one of two beaches that Easter Island has to offer - the rest of the island is quite rocky and barren, making it a popular tourist destination. We're surrounded by wild horses, endless palm trees, and the sound of crashing waves once we get to the beach, and Moai statues face inwards towards the island to greet us once we get there. The Rapa Nui people purposely placed the Moai facing inland while they were being constructed some 600-800 years ago - to show that they were protecting and honoring the people of Easter Island. The mysterious Moai statues offer more questions than answers: how were they built, how were they set up, and how did the Rapa Nui people move the statues across the island? No one really knows for certain, so we just sit back and admire their greatness. After checking out the Moai, we spend the rest of our day lounging around in our inner tubes, taking in the natural beauty of the island. Easter Island is truly a one of a kind destination, and it makes for a fitting end to our South Pacific journey. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! Thanks -korver
  3. The Sparkle Kingdom SE

    Version 1.0


    The Sparkle Kingdom is back! New and improved, with more realistic and lifelike terrain than ever. There are now 17 islands in total in this 36 city tile area, 10 major islands and 7 minor islands.... so there is a lot of islands to make as many beach resorts you want, but be wary! There are five volcanoes on the island chain, three of which are very active, and two which are dormant, so choose your building spots carefully. One wrong move, and your entire city could be burning in lava and buried in ash... Hope you have fun with this, and one more thing regarding the city journal. Updates will resume weekly schedule on Saturday, November 12, 2016.
  4. The Sparkle Kingdom

    Version 1.3


    This region contains one island, about 416 square kilometers. It was created for my city journal which i'll post a thread about later. It is my first map so constructive criticism is welcome as i'm terrible at terraforming. (Especially mountains) It is also perfect for building a major metropolitan area, building an agricultural nation, or just simply making the equivalent of Hong Kong and maxing out population. (You would have to get rid of the mountains and rivers first) This map has no dependencies, it looks like it is your lucky day.
  5. Downtown Prowersville: Nightlife

    From the album Night Scenes (S3-12-E)

    The skyline of Prowersville may look nice during the day, but at night, it is absolutely stunning. In Sparkle's city that never sleeps, the corporate executives and working class alike take the night shifts in relative safety, given the crime rate is so low, and the organized crime syndicate, the SouthWest Anarchy Group (S.W.A.G) was defeated just a few years prior. In the morning, expect a lot of people at the McDonald's on the first floor of the Prowersville HQ, eating hash browns and hotcakes.

    © 2016 TheLynx99. All Rights Reserved.

  6. Version 1.01


    Pacific Northwest Tree Controller by: Blunder This is a seasonal tree controller designed to give trees generated by your god-mode flora brush the appearance of flora from the Pacific Northwest. The lower elevation features maples intersperced among large conifers, the middle elevation transitions from large to small conifers, and the upper elevation consists of shrubby meadows and small firs. (see pics) It also includes MMPs for each of the brushes used by the God-Mode tool and then some. This tree controller has been optimized to be placed on Lowkee's excellent Appalacian Terrain, and has been calibrated to avoid cliffs generated by using a 15m DJEM. For further previews, see this entry of my CJ. UPDATE: 17 dec. 2012. File updated. Turns out i missed a value in the flora-table that was allowing forest scenes to show up in rare instances. Also i forgot to merge the blocker's blank model into the dat, both of these have been fixed. Please redownload and overwrite the old file. Compatibility: Due to game mechanics there are no such thing as compatible tree controllers. Therefore you must remove whatever existing tree controller you are using (such as CP's, Heblem's, or a God Mode patch like for the PEG pines). BUT FIRST you must bulldoze all flora planted with that tree-controller. For this reason it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you switch tree controllers only when starting new cities; new regions would be even better. Loading a city tile that has trees on it from a tree controller that no longer exists in your plugins will result in a Crash To Desktop. Installation: 1. Do what it says under Compatibility; bulldoze all trees from your previous controller on tiles you will play on, then remove the old controller file from your plugins. 2. Place this tree controller file in your /Plugins directory. 3. Install all of the dependencies in your /Plugins directory too. 4. If you have the Pacific Northwest MMP Flora package installed, remove it. It merely duplicates the MMP files in this controller and will create 11 redundant MMPs in your mayor menu. Uninstallation: If you wish to switch to a different tree controller you must follow the same steps as when you installed this one. However with this controller there is a difference. If you wish to keep the flora planted with this controller simply install the alternate Pacific Northwest MMP Flora package and the old trees can stay: no bulldozing. Known Issues: 1. CTD- As mentioned above, any flora from an old tree controller must be removed before the old tree controller file is deleted from your Plugins or a crash will occur. A lesser known issue is that if the file with the old MMP brush is gone but the model file still exists in the plugins, the tree will still show up and the game will be playable. However if that tree gets destroyed (either by bulldozing or by changing the elevation of the terrain underneath it) this will also cause a crash. 2. Performance- All tree controllers have a significant detrimental effect on your game's speed because of the large number of items they place in your city. Testing indicated that this controller only had a slightly more detrimental impact than CP's tree controllers, so if you can run one of his, you should be able to run this one without much hassle. However if game performance becomes an issue for you, try disabbling your shadows and dialing down your graphics settings during tree planting. 3. Terrain Mods- This tree controller was optimized for use with Lowkee's Appalacian Terrain Mod. If you use another terrain mod the placement of flora can be less than ideal. For instance, on many of CP's terrain mods the middle elevation trees will land on snow, and the subalpine meadows won't show up until you get very high above the snowline. For average users: I believe Lowkee is in the process of updating his seasonal flora patches. When/If a new version of these becomes available, update it. For advanced users only, Optional: If you use reader, the value to change this can be found in the file z_LK_FloraTuningParameters_Seasonal_#TerrainName#.dat. To change it, open the file using reader. The value you want to change is the last one: Flora: elevation scale range. Experiment to find what value works for your terrain mod. The best result will be an elevation close to that of your snowline (hint: the extra cheat "terrainquery" is useful). Do this at your own risk. Dependencies: Now that I've made you read about those issues, it's time to download the deps. Yes there are several. No i don't care, because if you use custom flora at all you probably have most if not all of these. BSC MEGA PROPS CP01 - earth day 2012 update (be darn sure you have the updated version) http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=1180 BSC MEGA PROPS CP02 http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2790 CPT No. 8&9 Tree Models http://sc4devotion.c....php?lotGET=631 giraffe's parasol pines (only used in the Coastal Fir MMP, not a requirement for god-mode) http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2758 giraffe's norweigian maples http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2740 giraffe's subalpine firs http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2770 giraffe's bushes http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2711 Lowkee's seasonal flora patch (only necessary if you DO NOT use Lowkee's terrain mod) http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2612 Credits: First off, a huge THANK YOU!!! goes to CP and Giraffe for making the flora models used in this controller. The second Thanks goes to Vortext for letting me use the terrain brush and maxis blocking exemplars that he already whipped up for his own controller, as well as letting me peek under the hood of how his worked. Mad Kudos go to Lowkee, both for creating the Appalacian Terrain Mod that this was designed to work with and for his driblets of knowledge on the inner workings of flora that are left on various webpages. This controller absolutely would not be possible without these guys. Also props to my testing crew; Vortext, simcoug, 7238320, tariel, and reform. I also owe thanks to all the people who commented and offered their input during this project. And, of course, a big thanks to YOU for using this mod. FAQs: Q: I installed your mod and now i can't play because i get a CTD! Help! A: go up and read Issue 1. Q: I did that and now there's brown boxes! A: You missed a dependency. Q: Ok i got all the dependencies but it looks like there are trees missing in some areas. A: Your version of CP01 is old. Make sure you have the updated version and delete the old one. Q: I like your tree controller but i don't want to give up using CP's. What should i do? A: I am working on a set of MMPs that cover the core of CP's controller. Look for these soon. In the meantime some of his stuff is availible from other MMP files (Lowkee has made a couple) Q: I like that swap out idea but want to keep all my old CP flora. Can't you just modify CP's controller so we can keep both? A: Regretably NO because 1- that's plagiarism, and 2- his file has over 500 exemplars in it so that's a lot of work. Q: Do i really have to plant stuff on Sept. 1 for it to align with the seasons? A: Not quite. If you plant your items anytime from Aug. 5 to Sept. 4 it will change at the same time, so don't sweat it too much, you just have to get the calendar close. Also, having stuff change at different times can produce some nice effects; don't be affraid to experiment. Q: Why am i getting trees showing up on cliffs? A: These brushes are calibrated to stay off of the cliffs generated by a 15m DJEM. All 15m DJEMs set the cliff value in your terrain mod to a specific value. If you have trees showing up on large amounts of rocky areas, it means you are not using a 15m DJEM. Because of game mechanics and rounding, it is possible that you may have an occasional tree showing up on the shallowest parts of cliff-faces. Q: Nice! Will you make X now? A: I have two other controllers planned, although it will likely take me a long time to finish them. I also have a small palm controller requested by someone to finish. So no, i am not taking requests, sorry. However i welcome all input and suggestions, so head over to my production thread, Blundered BATs, at simpeg.com.
  7. In the city of Lagos, The Safranés government investing millions in the construction of the new Pacific Stadium in collaboration with Lagos City's Mayor. The OLD Stadium The new stands of cement. The new avenues and national and provincial flags. The trees and the new parking zone own club. This is an important investment at sport. This stadium is first rate . MORE! The new entrance to Lagos City.
  8. Welcome to Downtown Bristol!

    "There's only three great American cities; New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco, the rest is Cleveland." Welcome than to Cleveland, also called Bristol. Bristol, established in 1797, and incorporated in 1821, founded by a man named Louis Richards as a city in the thin landmass between Washington Bay, and the Pacific Ocean that had a ideal trading river, which he named the Bristol River. By the mid to late 1800s it began to grow into the major city we know today. Today it's a bustling economic center of the pacific coast. Rivaling cities like Los Angeles and Seattle. Though at the cost of large crime rates, and poverty growing in the southern districts. But, Bristol is not is not truly what it seems, infact just in downtown, a past of so violent, that formed its history and how it's seen to the United States, and the world. From the organized crime bosses, corruptions, and scandals, Bristol is formed, but within it all, sits culture, arts, shopping, and the beauty of the city. The beauty of the city, hides within plain site. During the 1960s-1980s period, the city had a boom of high rises, and economic development, but it eventually ended and left us buildings such as the World Trade Center building of Bristol, as seen. Eventually, the city by the late 1990s-early 2010s did the city finally return with a 'mini' boom with buildings like the CenturyLink building being built in the corner of the heart of the CBD. Roadworks of this era, to help reduce traffic turned streets like these, into dead ends, to reduce traffic but it only made it worse. The city is in the process of fixing it, but city council delays is preventing it. Buildings like the Mid-Century Tower, which was built as the city's tallest skyscraper was built during this period, overshadowing the background Westerman Bank Tower. Historical skyscrapers such as the Bristol Utility Company Tower, was overshadowed by newer skyscrapers of the 'mini' boom of construction. Buildings like the Regal Theatre, or the Hotel Huber, refuse to become hidden and remain somewhat, seen within the grand skyline. Though many buildings were torn down, like near the Eastern Company Building, when it came from having neighbors to surrounded by parking lots, saved by historic preservationist. Even then, more historic structures like the Bristol Tribune Tower, were hidden by skyscrapers like the World Trade Center. Though, the boom hasn't covered the past or experience of the city, but made it more noticeable and stand out from the box and glass towers. The infamous Victoria hotel built in the 1950s, which in the 1960s, became part of the Easter Day Massacre when two major organized crime families had a shootout outside, and inside the hotel, killing around fifty-five people, ten being police officers. Today, the Victoria is historical for the Easter Day Massacure, and it's 5 star quality rooms. The historic Macy's store in the western half of the CBD, remains a prominent shopping experience in the city. The historic St. A. Hospital is famous for being born to Bristol Rock Singer, Alex Kalvan who became one of the most prominent 80s rock singers in the United States. Historic storefronts align the city, hardships, but show the proud history of the city of Bristol. Bristol, has more uncovered secrets in downtown, but you can't simply give away everything in the city's welcoming, got to keep the negative ideals, for next time. Till then, Bristol awaits for you, as the sun goes down, Bristol arises.
  9. I would like to establish relationships with a few other active players pursuing strategery, elegant design, and most of all, fun. I am moderately experienced myself, but any experience level is acceptable, as long as you communicate regularly through chat and coordinate with your fellow mayors. My username is Adjanti and I am on the North America West 1 server - feel free to contact me there, PM me, and/or reply to this post. Looking forward to happy fun times!
  10. Hell in the Pacific

    HELL IN THE PACIFIC On December 7th 1941, the tranquil paradise of Hawai'i was shattered. A surprise Japanese attack on the island of O'ahu and the fleet at Pear Harbor was caused for one of the most devastating defeat in US military history. ''A date which will live in infamy- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan'' [...] Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States later announced that day. Simultaneously, the Imperial Japanese Navy would attack Hong Kong, the Philippines, the Islands of Guam and Wake and would attack Midway a few hours later. World War II just extended to the Pacific theater. (note: this part is fictional,most names are real though) After a series of victories that were the result of a surprise offensive undertaken by the Japanese forces in the Pacific, the Caroline Islands, an American Protectorate, would fall to the hands of the armies of the Rising Sun. During almost 2 years, the Japanese would impose chaos and fear in that once-thriving Pacific nation composed of hundreds of small islands and atolls. November 20, 1943: Operation Typhoon was launched. US battleships, destroyers and aircraft carriers launched a major assault on the atolls of Rabaul and Tarawa in the Caroline Islands to take control of this strategic point in the South Pacific. The objective was to destroy the Japanese coastal defenses in Tarawa and seize control of Peleliu airfield in Rabaul. US fleet firing at Japanese positions prior to the landing of US Marines US Marines landing at Kirimati beach in the Tarawa atoll US fighters destroying Japanese aircraft at Peleliu airfield, Rabaul Island
  11. TRP: Flags of the World - Oceania

    Version 1.0


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A part of a new series of flag packs released under The Random Project, come a set of HD flags from the region of Oceania. This flag pack contains the flags of 22 Oceanic countries and dependencies. The countries included in this pack are as stated below: These are all placed on 1x1 lots, found in the Park Menu of the game. There will be more flag sets to come! Vote for which region you want next here! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot Information: Lot Size - 1x1 Type - Park & Recreation Plop Code - Pz1x1_Grass > Hu_TRPFlags_Oceania_[country] Dependencies No dependencies for this file! Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie.TRP or The Random Project in this case] to avoid future confusion. Author's Note **When releasing a lot including these files, link said file here and list as a dependency.** _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. Greetings! I'm Cattail, currently studying abroad, and I play Simcity 2013 from Japan. Anyone else out there who plays during/ around my UTC+9.00 time zone? For example: Australia, Korea, Phillipines, SEA, Taiwan? I'm pretty bummed out by playing alone these days. :/ So I'd be happy if I get to join an active region where people play together, build great works and not just dwell in their little plot of lands and totally ignore the chat. Building and managing a great works alone is pretty meaningless by the way. :/ I play almost daily from around 8pm to about 12am UTC +9.00. So if anyone is interested in inviting me to their party, or would like to play on a region together, let me know. Look me up on Origin: Cattail113. PS: all my other friends are on Steam, and they don't play simcity. Sad.
  13. Hey I wanna start a new server preferably with people who don't mind a $%&^!-ish player. I'm new to SimCity and if you're interested please add me! itsmeryann_ I can usually play in the evening and night time GMT+8 (I'm from Singapore) Thanks Hope to start playing with you guys soon
  14. New Holland | AIN

    Welcome to New Holland! Here are the stats. Flag: Location: http://puu.sh/23lUb Nation Name (Longest Official Form): Commonwealth Realm of New Holland Nation Name (Native Form): New Holland National Anthem: For these Lands National Motto: Libertas, et prospera Capital: Victoria Government: Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II (Queen) Governor General- Queens Representative: Edward Salway Prime Minister: Grant Fredericks Offical Language(s): English Population: 3,805,505 Area: 152,256km2 Climate: Temperate GDP ($ PPP - Per Capita): $36,769 HDI: 908 Drives on the: Left Major Natural Resources: Medium deposits of Gold, Coal, Oil and Uranium. However the Uranium is not mined Major Import/Export Partners: Australia, US, NZ Main Industries: Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Tertiary Education, Manufacturing, High Tech goods and services, Tourism Link to map: http://i.imgur.com/2fHLzAU.png (it's big) History: The Islands of New Holland were first discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642 he named the islands after the province in the Netherlands. The Area was largely unexplored until James Cook returned in 1769 and mapped the entire coastline of New Holland. Settlement occurred in 1832 along with NZ. The colony progressed at a fast pace with over 10,00 settlers by 1840. New Holland became a Independent colony from New South Wales in 1851. The Representative Government was formed in 1852, in Victoria. Gold was discovered in the Southern Area in 1876. This caused a Gold rush with prospectors arriving from all over the world. This caused the City of Cambridge to swell with population and wealth as the miners moved to the region and other services. In 1907 after deciding not join the Australian Commonwealth the Colony gained Dominion status in the British Empire along with Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The New Holland army sent soldiers to WWI to fight with the British. Afterwards, the public seeing the heroism of their soldiers, there was a wave of national pride. Which gave impetus for the government to campaign for more sovereignty. This was ignored by the British Administration. In the 1920's New Holland gained a more Liberal approach to foreign affairs and national security and decreasing its dependence from the UK. When World War Two arrived NH troops were sent to Europe to fight the Germans. The defense of the Nation was left to the Royal Navy and later after the presence was diminished the US. After the war when NZ, Australia and the US signed the ANZUS treaty, New Holland declined to join wanting to keep foreign influence out of the country. When Britain entered the European Economic Community, New Holland embarked on a liberal Free-Trade economy, in order to protect its economy and people. Over the years Respective government have adopted a People First policy regarding the Economy and Foreign relations. There are constant referendums on upcoming laws and changes in government. There is a high level of Public immersion in National politics. Citizens enjoy a high level of living and safety. For more info see the New Holland wiki page. Now here are some pictures of Cambridge City. Out in the Suburbs Southern Cross Arena Night shots! Central Station. Thanks for viewing. If you liked it Comment and Rate
  15. Portland, Oregon (and surroundings)



    Portland, Oregon a map by: blunder ------------- Installation: This map is in .png format and requires either Terraformer or Mapper to import. 1. Navigate to your Documents/SimCity 4/Regions folder and create a new folder with your desired region name 2. Copy+paste the config.bmp file into the folder you just created. 3. Open SC4TF, open the new region, import the .png file, save and quit. 4. You must open and save each tile for it to display your terrain mod instead of the terraformer/mapper elevation color overlay. ------------- Description: Portland is the largest city in Oregon state, USA. It lies in the Pacific northwest along the willamette and columbia rivers and is surrounded by mountains and forests. This huge map stretches from West Crater in the east to Scappoose in the west, and from Lake Merwin in the north to Canby in the south. This map is 72km x 80km and made from satellite data. It is mostly terrain and scale accurate. I didn't include all of the wetland ponds or sloughs in the Columbia basin. Which turned out to be a good thing because I made an error with the watermask, and 'fixing' it led to all waterways being 4 tiles too wide. I can live with that because i don't have the several hours it would take to redo the waterlayers. Map made using satellite data, image editing software, and drunkapple's invaluable advice. (I HIGHLY recommend using Gobias' Sudden Valley terrain mod, Vancouver BC beach mod, and Inside Passage water mod, which is what i used to render this map) For questions, comments, and requests please see my Map Thread over at simpeg.com Happy Gaming!
  16. Pacific Northwest MMPs



    Pacific Northwest MMP set by: Blunder Here are the MMPs for my Pacific Northwest Tree Controller. These MMPs are duplicates of the brushes found in the Pacific Northwest tree controller. Therefore, you only need these if you do not use the Pacific Northwest Tree Controller. For instance, if you wish to switch from the PNW tree controller to another controller, placing these MMP's in your plugins will allow you to keep the trees you've already planted without doing massive amounts of bulldozing. Having both these files and the tree controller installed at the same time won't hurt anything, but you will have duplicates in your menu. These brushes are made to be the components of a God-Mode controller, so blending of brushes is the priority, not making the greatest number of different models availible to the player. For that reason, there is a lot of duplication of models across brushes. Hence, I've left the MMPs in their individual files so you can discard what you don't want, whereas the tree controller is merged into a single DAT. Small Brushes, starting with the top row of the screenshot: 1. Coastal scrub (does not appear in god mode) 2. Coastal firs (does not appear in god mode) 3. Berry Patch 4. Huckleberry 5. Shrubby Slopes 6. Subalpine fir/meadow Large Brushes, starting with the top row of the screenshot: 1. Coastal Rainforest 2. Mature Conifer Forest (almost Old Growth) 3. Cedar/Fir/Hemlock mixed forest 4. Spruce/Fir/Hemlock mixed Forest 5. Maple/Cedar mixed forest dependencies: These MMP's have a rather exhaustive list of deps. (Same as God Mode controller): BSC Mega Props CP01 (earth 2012 update: be SURE your file is the updated version) BSC Mega Props CP02 CPT No.8&9 Tree Models giraffe bushes giraffe parasol pines (only used in the Coast2 file) giraffe norweigian maples giraffe subalpine firs Lowkee's seasonal flora patch. (if you use Lowkee's Appalacian Terrain Mod you do not need this file because it's already included in his terrain mod). Happy Tree'ing
  17. BBC Story. I feel that these quakes off Central America are becoming more frequent. Comment?
  18. A part of Northern California



    This region is my first upload, I hope everyone enjoys playing it. The region is based on part of northwestern California, roughly between Crescent City in the north, Ukiah in the south and Redding in the east. Sea levels have risen due to global warming, leaving only the mountain ranges and a few higher altitude valleys above sea level, turning the lower reaches of the rivers into scenic fjords. I'm sure we can all agree this is one of the most difficult regions to build in. For those folks looking for a place to start, the location of the city of Hayfork on the screenshot contains a decent flat valley for building. (The cities in the screenshot aren't part of the region download.) Region is scaled down approximately 1:10 in order to fit in a standard size map. Grayscale .jpg and config.bmp files available for download.
  19. Cannon Beach, OR



    Cannon Beach, Oregon a map by: blunder *Now with 2x 'N's because my degree is in a math-related field, not linguistics. ------------- Installation: This map is in .sc4m format and requires either Terraformer or Mapper to import. 1. Navigate to your Documents/SimCity 4/Regions folder and create a new folder with your desired region name 2. Copy+paste the config.bmp file into the folder you just created. 3. Open SC4TF, open the new region, import the .sc4m file, save and quit. 4. You must open and save each tile for it to display your terrain mod instead of the terraformer/mapper elevation color overlay. ------------- Description: HEY YOU GUYYYYYYYYYYS! do the truffle shuffle. Canon Beach is located on the oregon coast. This map contains Seaside, Ecola state park and Tillamook Head, Canon Beach, and the shoreline down to Smuggler's Cove. This map is 8km x 30km and made from satellite data. Terrain is scale accurate. Map made using satellite data, image editing software, and drunkapple's invaluable advice. (I HIGHLY recommend using the high altitude + snow installation of Lowkee's most excellent Appalachian Terrain Mod and shokthrpy's Brigantine 2.0 HD water and HD rock mods) For questions, comments, and requests please see my Map Thread over at simpeg.com Happy Gaming!

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