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  1. Evolution

    this is one of the best work that i have ever seen on simtropolis, please ,can you tell me where can i find the streets that you've used?
  2. Niederbauen - Further Exploration

    mike you are great, where I can find the fountain near flags?
  3. Ancient Ruins - Pt. II

    I've no words. This is Amazing!
  4. San Davide

    St. David is the Qwandian capital and the third most populous city of the Federation.St. David is the city that symbolizes the richness of the Federation of Poemia. If Vancor is the city of work, Berghmann the city institutions, Saint David is the capital of entertainment where there are the VIP of the country.With many bars, beaches, museums and leisure centers, the Qwanda's capital attracts more than 3 million tourists a year making it the third tourist destination in the country after Berghmann and Puerto Levante.These are some of the villas located along the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean
  5. Niederbauen - Historical Introduction

    I really like this! Congratulatios Mike :-)
  6. Berghmann, capital of the Poemian Federation

    1. Berghmann Central Station2. Berghmann Old Marina-Sea Promenade3. Berghmann Sea Tower4. Royal Theater5. IGS Tower6. Bank of Poemia Tower7. CultBer Tower8. Poemian Times Tower9. Congress10. Berghmann's Administrative Center11. St.James Cathedral12. MOH Museum13. PMOS Museum14. Presidential Palace15. Patriot's Park16. Berghmann Ancienne Cinema17. GENTAR Tower18. HTIndustries Tower19. Berghmann Stock Exchange20. Patriot's Theater 21. Supreme Court22. Gorden Tower23. Poemia Plaza24. Berghmann Sea Eye25. New Marina Hall26. Berghmann Old Fish Market Berghmann Downtown is the heart of the political and economic life of the Federation of Poemia. Among the palaces of the capital city, corporations and the government choose the future of the nation while tourists flock to the many monuments that displace along the streets of this teeming City area. The Berghmann Downtown despite extends for a not particularly large area, cover the 43% of the GDP of the entire New Benelux and 73% of all Berghmann. Berghmann is the capital and the biggest city of The Federation of Poemia. With a livability rate among the highest in North America, the city is the economic center of New Benelux and of the Federation. In the city has an important weight the presence of students who make Berghmann a lively city that looks to the future with optimism and serenity. As well as a center of studies and city of work the capital is also seen as one of the fashion city with its Fashion Week that attracts the best stylists from around the world. The city has great museums like the Museum of the Parliament and the PMOS. Berghamann is also a popular holiday destination with unique beaches bathed by the Pacific Ocean. .The Central Station .Suburbs of Berghmann .The Parliament Building and the MOH Museum on the left
  7. [Intro] Poemian Story.

    The Federation of Poemia, commonly referred to as Poemia, is a federal parliamentary republic composed of 14 provinces. Poemia is in the eastern Pacific Ocean, west of California and south of Escambia. With a population of 25,082,962, Poemia is the AIN's fourteenth largest country by population. Poemia his home to a large variety of wildlife thanks to it's Mediterranean climate. The Capital of Poemia is Berghmann, however other important economic centers such as Vancor and Puerto Levante help drive the Poemian economy. 1767 Charles III of Spain after he ordered the colonization of California organized a fleet for an expedition to the west. 1767 Aleandro Guneraz announces the discovery of other lands. 1768 As was the case with the colonization of California some Franciscan priests occupied large batches especially in the south where the territory was divided into three original colonies: Opaloma, Ittlyca and Puerto Levante. In these three colonies began the catholicization process. 1769 Charles III sends huge resources for the construction of the first towns (pueblos): Ciudade de Opaloma, Nueva Bilbao and finally the largest of the three Puerto Levante where many traders from all the Spanish colonies formed one of the most important markets of the new world. 1771 Some Franciscan friars began an expedition to the north by building other presidios (forts) and also 2 new Pueblos. The expedition had some good aspects but because of a very complex territorial structure and some unfriendly indigenous people the new Spanish colonies did not pass the great mountains region. 1789 James Cook on the trip by the Bering Strait and the west coast of North America stopped in three bays on the east coast Poemia. Adam Wesdor man crew of Cook, was given the task of founding and governing these new villages and called the three new cities with the names of his daughters: Scarlett, Port Lena and Grace. 1790 also increased the interest of the French and some traders after stopping a few days in Puerto Levante stop of small settlements on the west coast, creating the first village in the current Sealand: Renier. The Spaniards in 1800 after discovering the presence of small French and English settlements launch an offensive accelerating the process of colonization of Poemia. 1803 Adam Wesdor is recognized the power to form an army to stop the advance of the Spaniards. 1803 The Wesdor commander can pacts with indigenous peoples through and gives birth to one of the few British colonies in the territory, the independence of the individualcommunities is guaranteed. 1809 Wesdor commander dies region is renowned in honor of his name. 1811 The community united after the death of the commander Wesdor divide starts a civil war. The Spaniards take advantage of the weakness of other regions and accelerate the invasion. 1813 French traders that populate the west make a covenant of belligerency with the Spanish in order not to leave the Poemia. This pact marks the birth of Beghmann. In 1834 The Poemia became Mexican territory. Mexico divided the Poemia in 12 regions. In southern regions they continued to be governed by former governors, north instead there was a long power vacuum that caused unrest. 1836 The riots in the northern regions become uncontrolled, explodes the civil war. The need to have a government that governments north joins Neimark, Wilfron Sealand and who declare themselves independent under the name of Poemia. 1838 is formed an army of the new state of Poemia that is reinforced by Escambia and Lower Columbia that support the independence to have more influence in an area reserved to the Spanish development. 1839 The New Army seeks to establish good relations with Mexico but refused any pact. 1846 While Mexico was advancing towards the USA Poemia declare war on Mexico. 1847 Mexico moves his best troops to the front with the US this as a great boost to Poemia which quickly invades all the island's center. 1848 Mexico is deeply torn by a war involving two fronts. The February 2 Mexico surrenders with the United States. February 7, Mexico cedes southern Poemia and Puerto Levante to the Federation of Poemia. 1849 is officially proclaimed the Federation of Poemia. The US make a covenant of bellingereanza with Poemia that off a long period of development. 1850 The gold rush also involves the regions of the south of Poemia. The population doubles. Numerous Dutch arrive in Berghmann and call the state Benelux New. 1852 The first elected president of the Federation is Mark Dover. 1880 Mexico tries to invade Puerto Levante the war lasts two months. The Poemia wins. 1885 The gold mining plummets many migrate to America, most of the emigrants are Spanish. After the 1890 economic crisis agriculture grows and driving a new era of development. 1914 The First World War the Poemia remains neutral. 1934 elections are won from Alfred Midarmon that makes the new constitution approved by parliament which also provides for the division of Poemia in 14 states by changing the name of Canda in Qwanda. 1939 The Second World War the Poemia remains officially neutral but in reality gives the military bases to the Americans. 1946 After World War Poemia can rely on economic aid from the US perte. Begin the years of economic boom up to 1962. the Korean War and Vietnam: Poemia sends military teams supporting US Marines. September 1950. The President Theon Wegger (which won the elections in 1945) did not agree to recognize Spanish as one of the official languages of Poemia and submitted Puerto Levante under the total control of the central government taking away all the rights of a Federal State. October 1950. The Governor of Puerto Levante, German Birrio, declared that the decision of President Wegger was unacceptable and threatened the central government not to pour more tax money to Berghmann if the President of Poemia had not agreed to recognize Spanish as an Officia language and give to Puerto Levante the status of the Federal State again. 29 October 1950. While in Puerto Levante were already 1500 the victims of the protests, Mexico sided with Puerto Levante, while the US and Lower Columbia ask Poemia to take a decision as soon as possible. The next day, given the pressures on Government, Wegger accepts the pact with Puerto Levante and then resign. AFTER WEGGER THE NEW PRESIDENT IS THE CONSERVATIVE ,LUKE FREGAIN, ANNOUNCES THAT HE WANTS TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION AND THE ELECTORAL LAW. IN THE NEW CONSTITUTION , THE PRESIDENT HAS THE POWER TO APPOINT ALL MEMBERS OF THE SUPREME COURT, TO EXTEND THE ELECTIONS AND EJECT FOR AN INDEFINITE PERIOD EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY WITHOUT GIVING EXPLANATION. NEW ELECTORAL LAW INSTEAD PROVIDES AN AWARD OF MAJORITY THAT CHEQUES AT PARTY WITH More VOTES The ¾ OF THE ASSEMBLY AND REMOVES THE RIGHT TO CITIZENS TO APPOINT THE MEMBERS OF THE ASSEMBLY. September 1, 1951 immediately after the approval of the constitutional and electoral law the US explicitly calling for the resignation of Fregain who responded with the closure of diplomatic relations between the two countries. September 18, 1951 the entire opposition resigns, Liberals threaten to create a coup. October 9, 1951 Fregain arrested all opponents and change the military leadership. October 13, 1951 there are the first 350 dead in the suburbs east of Berghmann (Porth) the Liberals kill the conservative mayor and occupy the city. October 14, 1951 part of the army sided with the Liberals starts the war between liberals and conservatives. November 3 Berghmann was occupied by the liberals, Fregain moves the capital to Vancor. November 17, 1951 The US is doomed to help the rebels to overthrow the government. December 15, 1951 the fleeing army leadership in Mexico the president is left alone. December 28, 1951 the Liberals are supported by all the political forces of the country and in Berghmann ,with the support of the United Nations, was born the Government of National Unity led by Liberal-Democrats but also supported by the Popular. January 4, 1952 Fregain and forces loyal to him besiege Berghmann. January 28, 1952 A foreign contingent of about 5000 units attack by surprise the Fregain troops. Still we do not know who it belonged to that army. February 3, 1952 Fregain resigns and flees to Switzerland and then to Italy. February 5, 1952 The new government of Poemia changes the constitution. February 7, 1952 Fregain and all his ministers are extradited from more than 16 countries and is on trial for crimes against humanity. February 9, 1952. 1982 soldiers are convicted of having acted against the interest of the sovereign people. October 11, 1953 in a given symbol, while the parliament announces a new election with a proportional electoral law, the process ends with more than 32,000 years of given to more than 2,000 convicted. May 7, 1954 The elections are won by Democrats led by Sander Cooper. July 3, 1963 1700 Mexican soldiers invade Puerto Levante Mexican warships surround the island. July 7, 1963 Sander Cooper intimate Mexico to leave the island. July 9, 1963 The Poemian air-forces sinking three Mexican destroyers. July 10, 1963 a battalion of over 5000 men of the Poemian army arrive on the island escorted by warships and fighter planes. July 17, 1963 Mexico calls for a division of the island into two parts a Mexican the other Poemiana. The Poemia refuses and calls for an unconditional surrender of Mexico. July 18, 1963 The Poemia attacks the city of Puerto Levante Mexico withdraws its troops. July 20, 1963 Mexico surrenders. The Poemia win the war! 1971 In Berghmann, Vancor and St. David are created special economic zone, the GDP of the country grew by 23% thanks to the Coven, Qwanda and New Benelux that are nicknamed Great States. 1999 A bomb explodes at the convention center where Vancor is killed Foreign Minister Erick Darsen. The attack is claimed by pro-independence Puerto Levante. 2002 A free trade agreement is signed between the US and Poemia. 2015 A referendum does begin the all'AIN accession process. YES 50.8% NO 49.2% 2016 President Leifman (Democrat) resigns Mellam was appointed as President until the elections of September 25, 2016 where John Pergan won.