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City-building game(s)

Found 97 results

  1. Fusion Freeway Interchange

    Got to have 4 of them so when one shuts down for maintenance, still got 3 for the grid, and if 3 have to be shut down, still have 1 to power back up the 3. Did you know that with 3 things you can combine 2 things 3 times?
  2. Hey everyone, I need a little bit of guidance here. I'm tryig to build a T-Interchange with NAM 35's RHW. But apperently, I can't plop a FLEXfly piece ontop of another FLEXfly without having to deal graphical issues. Is there a way i can resolve this, or should i just avoid ploping two (or more...) FLEXfly pieces ontop of eacht other? I am also seeing weird textures, when i use the FLEXRamp Type A2 together with RHW-6S L1. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance, Oerk
  3. Entry no.13 - Spaghetti Junction

    This entry is divided up into 7 sections; Mosaics Close-ups Before & Afters General Info Real World Comparisons User Guide Interchange-wide Pano's I've merged the previous entry with this one, its better having it all together in one entry. Without further delay, here she is; The core section Stats Highway entrance lanes - 24 (3rd of 9) Highway lanes central section - 29 (3rd of 9) Bridge Structures - 10 (2nd of 9) Total Crossings(time a highway ramp crosses another) - 30 (2nd of 9) Tunnels - 1 (T5th of 9) Ramps - 25 (3rd of 9) FlexFly Ramps - 13 (1st of 9) - 9 elevated/4 ground Height Transitions - 23 (2nd of 9) Mosaic's Hope you know where you going... For assistance, please refer to the user guide Closeup's The WB 707 Cordova Rd. access ramp is the only tunnel in the interchange adding the otherwise impossible 4th level Height transition...? What height transition? The Local to Express transfer Night time The "Rake Hand" ramps Before & Afters Highway 700 through downtown LC and the rail overpasses location of the old Interchange location of the new interchange; Evermore section(the Western approach); sometimes faster is better when it comes to seeing how different things are... General Information Spaghetti Junction is one of the 3 largest of the 9 major interchanges currently built in the region. When fully built out the region will have 14 major interchanges. The construction was complicated be several factors. It's split between two cities Lindin City(LC for short) with a pop of 30,000 is the eastern city, Evermore a bedroom community of 8,000 is the western city. The original interchange was located solely in Lindin City was built very close to the border of its western neighbor Evermore. I tried to build the RHW replacement within LC, but it quickly became apparent that wouldn't be possible. Made to be fully accessible Meaning there is a ramp for to possible route. At first I wasn't going to connect the 700 with the 704 since they travel relatively the same direction. But later on I changed the planned alinement of the 704 and added those ramps, greatly increasing the size of the interchange. A rail line(s) cut across a portion of it Originally it was just one rail line which carried two rail corridors - the line splits shortly after it cross the highway. However the lines were separated as part of a project to increase rail capacity. This limited the available space for ramps and transition pieces on the southern approach. . Built on uneven terrain The area that the interchange ended up being built on was quite uneven. It was flattened out which resulted in two different levels. Since I use the extended height transition pieces wherever possible, this extended the length of the interchange a fair bit east to west. Highway 700 alinement Rather then simply going east-west, I wanted highway 700 to instead curve from the west to the south. A wide 2 lane curve was used for the 700 westbound which resulted in splitting highway 707. A separate lane/ramp had to be made for the local exit off the 700 southbound since the two overhead ramps merge with the 700 south of this location - Item A in the southern approach section. Real World Comparisons How this interchange stacks up to a couple of IRL spaghetti junctions The maps are all on the same scale, a little over 2 km across. First thing that becomes apparent is just how wide mapart makes their roads, in the case of cities streets, they are twice as wide or more! In fairness to them, maps would probably be unreadable if they went any smaller. Where as even though my maps are made in their likeness, all roads & highways are depicted in there actual size, which I think works just fine when viewing the map on a computer where you can easily zoom in or out. User Guide western approach, highway 700/707; The combined 700/707 highway enters the interchange limits as an 8 laned RHW, A) The Eastbound(EB) 700/707 combined highway splits apart early on in this direction interchange. For the 707 drivers must stay on the left, for the 700 stay to the right. B) Drivers wanting to exit onto Kaiser St., the only highway interchange in Evermore, must stay to the left on the highway 707 alinement to access the off ramp to Kaiser St. C) On ramp from Trafalgar Rd. to the WB 700/707 D) On ramp from Kaiser St. to the EB 707 E) On ramp from Kaiser St. to the SB 700 Ideally I would of only used one ramp and spit them at the bottom but aside from there being no peice piece that could do that in such a small space I don't approve of the use of dangerous inside onramps(with no merging lane) onto highways F) Off ramp from NB 700 local/SB 704/WB 707 to Kaiser St. G) Transfer from NB 700 local/SB 704 to WB 700/700 Rail info: 1 - Fastraxx ME(Middle East) line 2 - Fastraxx L(Loop) line 3 - Fastraxx Evermore Station - all day service on the - L line only 4 - Yashino(Rail) Juction - service connection between the ME & L lines The ME & L lines change sides just west of here. This was necessary as their rerouted was changed to increase system capcity. http://http://i.imgur.com/Gd4iGNx.png"/> Split section Evermore border: A) These lanes carry traffic from downtown LC and from the SB 704. Keeping right at the ramp takes you through the transfer and onto the WB 700/707 to downtown Pretoria. Stay left takes you onto the off ramp to Kasier St., the only interchange in the city of Evermore. B) Off ramp from WB 707 to Kaiser St. C) Off ramp from SB 700 to downtown LC. This is the only off ramp off the 700 in LC, don't miss it or you'll end up in Cisco Bay. D) This overpass also happens to be Kasier St. which does a little loop in Evermore. LC border: Rather straight forward seeing as how its the opposite of Evermore. As you can see, this is where highway 700 takes its dramatic turn to the south. Highway 707 had to be split apart because of the curve for the WB 700. Southern approach, highway 700: Highway 700 snakes its way through downtown LC, a moderately sized city, however there are no ramps onto or off of the express section of the highway. Instead a express-local aka express-collector system is used. For northbound traffic there is and off ramp into downtown LC further south and an on ramp from downtown LC to the SB 700. However those ramps are considered to be a separate interchange from Spaghetti Junction, the limits of which begin at H at which point highway 700 is a 6 lane RHW. A) Continuation of the off ramp to downtown LC from the EB 700/707 which started in Evermore. Could not place this ramp any closer because of the position of ramps B&C. B) Ramp from the SB 704 to the SB 700 C) Ramp from the WB 707 to the SB 700 D) Highway 700 SB lanes E) Highway 700 WB lanes F) Highway 700 local(collector) lanes, probably the single most important access road in the entire interchange, see item H. G) Here traffic from both the 704 & 707 can access either downtown LC or continue onto the 700. Stay/switch over to the right to access the off ramp to the West Way and downtown LC. Stay/switch over to the left to continue onto the SB 700. Which will then take you to Cisco Bay over the Skybridge as seen in entry 10 H) Where Spaghetti junction starts. Traffic wanting to continue to downtown Pretoria stays to the left, hence why there are two lanes allocated to the busier route. Staying to the right and taking the transfer onto the local/collector lanes will lead to a myriad of possibility - in fact it can take you to every possible route in the interchange. From here WB 700 traffic(the highway is north bound at this spot but will soon curve to the west) can access highway 704, 707, Kasier St. in Evermore and even return back to the WB 700 via the transfer in Evermore. But basically if you want to go anywhere else than downtown Pretoria you have to take this ramp otherwise the next off ramp and chance to turn around is about 3.5km away. J) Another reason why the collector lanes had to be fully accessible, including returning back onto the WB 700 is because local traffic from downtown LC enters the freeway system here as well. Original concept for connecting ramps A,B,C: Aside from being a little too messy and consuming more space then the current set up, I really didn't like how that one ramp went from 1 lane to 2 then back to 1 just to get by the rail lines so I searched for an alternate solution which resulted in the current configuration. Rail info: 1 - Fastraxx ME(Middle East) line 2 - Fastraxx L(Loop) line 4 - Fastraxx LC Station - all day service on the L line, peak service on the ME line, transfer point between lines, long distance Hallmark trains stop 12 times a day using the ME line. 5 - Point where the two commuter lines diverge. The ME line continues west to Gravnhurst and points beyond while the L line curves south to the city of Cisco Bay. 3 - Highway 700 Rail overpass Originally the L & ME lines combined into one line where they now diverge and the commuter train station was located on top of the highway, but the station had to be removed to make space for the interchange. Post rebuild looking east Eastern approach, highway 707; A) Ramp from WB 707 to NB 704 B) Ramp from SB 704 to EB 707 C) Off ramp from WB 707 to Howland Rd. Originated out of a desire to put the excessive inside space between the EB & WB lanes to good use. Also serves as a secondary access point to downtown LC. D) On ramp from Trafalgar Rd. to NB 704 Definitely the least safest ramp in the interchange only 3 spaces of merging room - speed is restricted to 50kph on this ramp. Not the best looking either, but there is no fractionally angled ramp with inside access. On top of that the ramp is barely used. The eastern approach would probably look better without it but I can't bring myself to get rid of it since I like the idea of having some local access to the interchange. E) Off ramp from SB 704 to Howland Rd. F) Ramp from NB 700 to EB 707 G) 707 EB lanes H) Ramp from WB 707 to SB 700 I) 707 WB lanes Northern approach, highway 704; From right to left (west to east) - Ramp from SB 704 to WB 700/707 - Ramp from SB 704 to SB 700 - Ramp from SB 704 to EB 707 - Ramp from WB 707 to NB 704 - Ramp from NB 700 to NB 704 - Ramp from EB 707 to NB 704 The NB 700 to NB 704 ramp is the only one which doesn't utilize an extended or on slope height transition in the interchange, but I found that it actually looks better with the shorter transition piece. Trafalgar Rd. runs in between the ramps. And saving the best for last... Interchange-Wide Pano's looking west looking east looking south looking north
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I just recently started playing again for the updates since After Dark and wanted to update a previous interchange asset going by the same name that I made. Which, this whole time was missing 2 connections but I never noticed. It's easy enough to fix the other one yourself if you prefer the cheaper and slightly smaller 3-lane version but this 4-lane version should have all highways connected to the others allowing travel from one highway to the other 3. All ramps are two-lane one-way highways for higher speeds and all road pieces have sound barriers(also easy enough to change to the non-barrier version yourself if you prefer). I have included a picture with arrows showing the connections(forward, left, right, U-turn) just in case anyone wanted to make sure. If you get a slope too steep error it's probably because of the turning ramps. Either get a mod or edit it yourself in the editor if you feel it happens too often.
  5. Balboa - Part 2

  6. Jakarta - Trumpet Interchange

    From the album Jakarta

    for full video here :
  7. In this Video we recreate one the hardest intersection to date, the high capacity interchange - The Pinavia. With more then 7 hours work behind the construction and detailing this is by far my greatest achievement in terms of interchanges! I hope you enjoy!
  8. Northern Valethorn Area WIP

    Hello everyone ! Long time no see ! Working and studying together left me with almost zero free time. However, I am working on Northern Valethorn Area and I have almost completed the Recycling Center, Car factory and Coal power plant. Early development: Everything started from this motorway. I tried to recreate a British motorway. However, I was criticized for using non-British props so lets say that its a fantasy motorway ! I have to mention that everything was plopped piece by piece as the new mod for placing props didn't have uploaded back then. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 My new fields and farms 8 9 10 11 12 13 Aerial view From right to left Recycling center Power Plant Fields and Toll Station Car Factory 14 Tolls and surroundings 15 16 17 18 19 I hope you like this new entry ! Feel free to comment!
  9. Interchange and updated downtown

    Finally San Prudenico's first real interchange and updated Downtown(kinda)
  10. So, Entry I... I should probably detail the ambition - a semi-realistic recreation of Phoenix, Arizona. Of course, it won't be identical due to the limitations of SimCity 4 and such, but I will try and keep it as truthful to real life as possible. On a second side note, I have never been to Phoenix myself, so everything I do will be based off what I see on google maps. It may be outdated and henceforth wrong, but oh well, we're just trying to have fun. I decided to start around the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, building from the I-10 interchange with I-14 and slowly filling in the surrounding area, including the airport. The very first thing I did however, was Junction (?) 149 of I-10, which includes a basic turn off to E Buckeye Road and a slightly more complex turn off to E Sky Harbor Blvd, the main road into the airport. As you can see from the image, I have also fleshed out some of the nearby roads with S 24th Street running beneath the Sky Harbor Blvd, parallel to I-10, and the Sky Harbor Cir at the top of the image. One of the initial challenges was the intersection between Sky Harbor Cir and S 24th Street as the game would not allow for an extremely compact junction with the MIS, so I had to make it larger than the real life equivalent. The small road on the right hand side is the entrance to the UPS parking lot which I have yet to build. Following that construction, I decided to plough north along I-10 to the interchange with Route 51 and Route 202. It is by far the most complex interchange I will have ever attempted in SimCity 4, and I have yet to fully start on the beast. I have, however, completed junction 148 and begun 147C. The limitations of SC4 begun bugging me here as I struggled to begin the Mini Stack interchange, so I decided to leave it be for later and returned south to I-10's interchange with I-17. Due to the recurring limitations of SimCity 4, the interchange is not an identical replica. The movements of the RHW-4 exits are highly emphasised and not as compact as I would like them to be, but I can return to that later if I have the time and willpower to take a better short. Finally, I begun work on the airport. It is my first attempt to build an airport with all the correct addons and using the modular system, so I'm fairly please with how the runways turned out. There are modifications of course, mainly the length and difference in lengths between the two runways but also the headings of the runways and the exact locations of turnoffs. I also completed a private jet area along with a cheap, knock-off version of the Fed-Ex Ship centre. Finally, a current overview of the two tiles I have built on. I chose the positioning based on the possibility that I may start zoning before the road construction is all completed, so I would use the neighbouring connections to spark demand if need be. And that brings Entry I to a close... thanks for taking the time to read it and if you have any opinions or criticisms I can tackle, throw them at me. I will try to post updates at least once a week with my progress, but I don't know how much I will make, especially with the rest of the airport to complete.
  11. Replies: korver: Thanks, really glad your enjoying it. As for the road network I'm surer there is many places that use a similar design in the real world though admittedly I haven't seen it either. If you like the road network though you should be happy with the below entry! Entry 3: Adding more infrastructure! So, basically this was the whole point with this city, to try and create a functioning densely populated island city that relies entirely on road, plane and boat for transit (no trains, subway etc). As such, since the last entry I've been doing a lot of road work starting, with this small spur in the industrial/incinerator area which had this issue. So, a bit of shifting stuff aroudn and some small scale demolition and we have this distribution spur which, is a much better solution to the traffic. Next up was the entrance area, where we needed to put in a large scale split to facilitate traffic heading north. A much larger project than the one before and massively oversized for the state of the city at the moment but at least it should hopefully be futureproofed for a little while at least. Random overview of what the city looked like at that point. Right before it saw some large scale growth that meant I needed to make a few changes to the interchange. The other reason for this highway interchange being completed now is to help facilitate the first high rise development outside the city centre in the district centre of Pranada. Finally for this entry we have the biggest roadwork project, the re introduction of the harbour splitter, which, was present in the previous version and seemed to work really well so was always going to be in this one as well. The difference however is that I changed the way the connect to eachother and added a third harbour to the system for the local freight that doesn't need to use the highway to get to them (located immediately right of the interchange. Some bits of the system look a bit unusual but basically I designed it so that they get relatively equal usage, hence why some of the road types are a bit odd in choice as they make the journey times for the different sides more or less equal. At least it seems to be working ta the moment but we'll have to see as volume increases. Though, seeing as we did have an issue already when building it that meant I had to build this small local only harbour on the otherside of the city, we could be seeing more harbours in the network in the future. For now though, that's a lot of road so we'll end it here with the usual current overview Till next time!
  12. So as a beginner, working with the real highway (RHW) puzzle pieces can be pretty daunting, especially when trying to create interchanges. As a beginner myself I wanted to construct an Avenue/Real Highway interchange, but after a lot of trial and error was unsuccessful. That is, until I cracked it. This Avenue/Real Highway interchange tutorial is aimed at the novice SimCity player who wants to get into the RHW a little more and needs a step-by-step approach to creating a standard, but useful interchange. Warning: The following post contains a lot of pictures, but hopefully will be helpful. Step 1. Choose a real highway starter piece from the menu highway menu. I decided to use the 8S starter piece. Press tab to find the correct puzzle piece. You can use any of them, but I chose to use the 8S for this tutorial. Make sure that the yellow lines are in the middle (important for direction of traffic) and place on the ground. Using the RHW2 from the highway menu, drag through the starter pieces and elongate the highway to the desired length. This tutorial requires a bit of space, so drag at least 30 tiles or so. Now go to your hole digger lots (found under misc. transportation) and choose the 15m sunken hole digger lot. Place the digger with the arrow facing away from the highway, 4 tiles out, and repeat on the opposite side of the highway, opposite the other digger. Starting one tile towards the highway, drag a road through the digger lot for 10 tiles. Do the same on both sides. There should now be a sunken alley. Using the road piece, press individually to bring the sunken level of road to the same height. This should be 2x5 tiles facing away from the highway. Once level, bulldoze them. Next, remove a section of the highway in the middle of the sunken holes to leave space for the tunnel. Choose the avenue and then place it on the sloped terrain and drag to the opposite side. If done correctly, a tunnel will be formed. Then drag the end pieces of the avenue out at least 15 tiles or so. Then drag the highway back by using RHW2 to form the completed highway again. Now we have completed a sunken avenue under a highway and with the first stage complete we can now move onto the ramps. Using the RHW2, move 4 tiles along the highway from the middle of the avenue. Now we are going to create a ramp. This is a 3-step motion. 1. Drag out 1 tile, 2. Drag up 1 tile. 3. Drag outwards 2 tiles. This should build a B1 ramp. This ramp can also be found in the ramps puzzle pieces and just placed on the highway, but this is a great and fast way to place a ramp exactly where you want it. Next, click on the build highway and ramps button and then scroll down to the real highway wide radius smooth curve puzzle piece. Press tab until you get to the MIS-45 degree piece. The puzzle piece should be placed so it is 1 tile out and 1 tile down from the end of the ramp piece. Make sure that the yellow line is on the same side as the ramp and place on the ground. It is important to keep the yellow lines on the same side as each other at all times. Using tab, scroll through to the 90-degree smooth puzzle piece and orientate it with the yellow line on the same side as the 45-degree piece and place it 2 tiles down from the 45-degree piece. Next, go to your road/rural highway puzzle pieces. Press tab until you get to the Ave-4 type B1 entrance. Move over to the avenue and place it 6 tiles from the entrance of the tunnel. Using the RHW2 piece, drag from the ramp diagonally 2 tiles so it squares up to the 90-degree puzzle piece. Using the RHW2, drag from the now elongated avenue ramp to connect to the 90-degree puzzle piece. These should now connect. Now drag diagonally from the highway ramp to the top of the 45-degree puzzle piece and they should also connect. The final step is to use a filler piece (found under the highway icon). Make sure to orientate the yellow line the same as the other MIS pieces and connect the 45 degree puzzle piece to the 90 degree puzzle piece. Now you have a complete and finished loop. Go to the other side of the highway and repeat the process to create a secondary loop. Now the final stage is to connect the final 2 ramps to complete the interchange. Using the same technique earlier to create a ramp on the highway (drag out 1 tile, up 1 tile, out 2 tiles). 12 tiles from the middle of the tunnel create a B1 ramp. Drag the ramp at a diagonal using the RHW2 towards the avenue. Now go back to your road/rural highway puzzle piece and press tab to get to the Ave-4 type B1 puzzle piece. This should be placed at an angle so when placed it can be dragged diagonally to meet up with the highway ramp. In this instance it is 11 tiles from the entrance of the tunnel. Drag the ramps together to form a straight diagonal connection. Repeat the process on the other side, opposite the other curved interchange you made. There we go, hopefully now you have a completed Avenue/Highway interchange ready to be used. Edit 1 - as mentioned by @Jeffrey500, there are a couple of missing links that I discovered and moved further up the highway. These are an exit ramp in north moving traffic and an entrance ramp on south moving traffic. Here is a quick diagram to show how you could incorporate them to this interchange. Still learning
  13. Hi Everyone So I am having a bit of a headache over getting my sims back home from work properly. Here comes an image. They commute in the morning (green line), then in the evening they commute home (blue line). However, instead of going off at the correct junction and turn at the roundabout and back through the tunnel (red line), they go past it to the next town (which is currently empty for now), then return to get off the highway. Now I am sure there is a better interchange I could use to get them back onto the right side easily (so they use that), but cannot figure out which. Maybe I have made it too complicated for them. Or does the problem lay elsewhere? Maybe my planning is all off for the tile, but there must be a way to get them home directly instead of leaving town? As this is a recurring problem for me, I thought I would ask for some advice. Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks!
  14. Height transition on RHW?

    I know this isn't probably the correct way to use the real highway mod. As of the moment I still suck at using it lol... But how do you do a height transition on this part where I drew a white arrow? it's a level 2 RHW-4, and I want to raise it a level to go through those roads. It's basically an exit from the bridge and entrance to where the future airport will be. When I try to use any RHW on level 3 or 4, all I can see is just the pylon, or nothing, when I plop the starter piece..no road part at all. I looked everywhere for transition pieces, I found nothing. How to do this?
  15. Hi all, after long years of beeing a fully devoted SC4 player, I recently switched over to C:S. Playing for some hours now, I'm impressed by a few thing, like e.g. buidling curved and elevated networks. WHat an improvement compared to SC4. However, I'm really surprised about the lack of functionality that one is used to coming from SC4. My current main problem is building decent urban interchanges "out of the box" ingame. I browsed the Steam workshop, but all I found was ugly, unrealistic looking waste-of-space-interchanges. Well, more or less, at least if it comes down to urban interchanges. I therefore started the asset editor and buildt my own interchange between a (major) 6-lane-avenue and a 4-(upt to 8-)-lane street, where the main avenue has now crossings, but goes through an underpass: I'm satisfied with the result so far but for one detail: it seems I cannot get a decent slope constructed. As you can see, the slope from 0 to -9 is only in tha last third of what I would assume to be the ramp. Looks more like an San Francisco kind of underpass ... I suppose this is due to the fact that the 6-lane-road narrows down at the tunnel entrance, thus creating an (unnecessary) crossing. I also tried to create the slope in two steps - 0 to -6 m, then -6 to -9. However, in that case the crossing area remains even, so the slope is diveded in two slopes. Additionally, this creates a graphic glitch in the sides of the tunnel ramp .. parts of the wall appear blue. Whatever I tried, I cannot get a decent slope that evenly goes form ground level (where the ramps enter) to -9 m at the tunnel entrance. It might be possible if I move the on-/offramps a little bit more out, but my main target is to keep it small. Final note on mods: I used the "Road Anarchy" mod to create the on-/offramps, as the vanilla game So, before uploading that onto the STEX I would like you to comment, suggest, improve ... I also can upload the source file if somene likes. Cheers, Peter FIrst edit: Ingame there appears to be a problem with the terrain at the crossings ... have to look into that. Maybe this is caused by the faxt that the slope already begins in the area where the on-/offramps join ....
  16. Hi, I'm trying to find a way to add custom props do an asset editor. Main goal is interchange asset editor. I created a simple model of a lane marking in blender. I saved it as a prop. I see it when I create a park asset in one of the menus. I can't find a way to add it to interchanges. I want to see it in props menu where abandoned car and rocks are. I tried modtools and ui category changer. The only way was to change it as LandmarkTree but in this case my marking is moving as trees. I'm stuck, I'm trying all the categories one by one and I can't see it anywhere. Please help. Thanks!
  17. I'm trying to make a sunken diamond interchange with 8 lane RHW i need help!
  18. Interchange Help

    I'm looking for some ideas for how to handle an interchange I'm going to be building. The interchange is a four-way meeting of an elevated highway running west from one island to another, and a ground-level highway running along the western shore of the east island. It's going to meet somewhere shortly before the west-bound highway becomes a bridge, and I'm not sure the best way to approach it. Any tips or examples?
  19. Show me ure best interchange u made with RHW!!! My interchange her under
  20. Interchange Wien 5

    From the album Interchange

  21. Interchange Wien 4

    From the album Interchange

  22. Interchange Wien 3

    From the album Interchange

  23. Interchange Wien 2

    From the album Interchange

  24. Interchange Wien 1

    From the album Interchange

  25. 57c485e7447f4-ss(2015-10-23at10.40.32).jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    This big ol' trumpet ended up looking quite smooth thanks to FARHW pieces.

    © Thin White Duke


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