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City-building game(s)

Found 18 results

  1. Raven Bay

    Version 1.3


    Raven Bay is the last map in a series of five that I set out to do for Cities Skylines. This is a European themed map. It has a rather large, open flat area for building a gigantic, sprawling city. It has plenty of resources with oil being the exception due to it's hideous color. Set amidst a small mountain range this coastal map has vibrant farmland, one large flowing river, a fully laid out highway system with interchanges and a full rail system. I wanted to create the vibe of a large interconnected European Costal city. For those new to the game. There are several areas that have highway off ramps acting as roads. These are just placeholders to show where the roads can go. You can choose to upgrade them where they are to any other type of road or just bulldoze and make your own. (Note) Upgrading to the largest wide avenues might affect some treelines. They were drawn in using the highway width as a guidelines so most roads shouldn't affect the trees. Steam link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=451151642 To install the map: 1. Download the zip file. 2. Unzip the contents to the folder: AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps 3. Play! This Color Correction http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417935657 is used in a few screenshots. The Moving Sun mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=420230361 was also used on some screenshots I also recommend http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403798635 for unlocking 25 tiles. You can play without it but you'll miss out on quite a bit of the map. All of my maps are hand crafted with loving care and designed with the city builder in mind. Let me know if you spot any issues and I would love to see any cities made on this map so shoot me a link or leave it in comments. Enjoy!
  2. Arcadia Metro I - Winchester/New Arcadia

    Replies @Ln X: Thank you! Yeah, this was all mostly built before I discovered the existence of proper diagonal fillers and whatnot. I'll likely revisit some of my older areas in the future and give em a good ole facelift. As for multi-tile mosaics, I definitely have some planned for the future. Just need to get my photo editing skills up to snuff and they'll be good to go! @Themistokles: I live for the region shots . Thanks for the comment! @kschmidt: Thanks! I try to take advantage of space when filling up flat land. @korver: Thanks a lot! Gotta hand it to blunder - his Cascadia controller is godly! @philforhockey51, @Dreadnought, @raynev1: Thank you very much! Cities of the Avalon Valley Welcome to 2015 and the Avalon Valley! This section of the region is part of the Arcadia Metropolitan Region which covers several large cities alongside the Avalon River. As the region develops, this area will eventually be consumed by the even greater Avalon Metro Area. I started building this area towards the end of 2014 into mid 2015, so some of you may find screenshots here that you might've seen before. Without further ado... 1. An overview of the valley. The cities we'll be exploring today include Winchester & New Arcadia. Winchester Winchester was built towards the latter end of 2014 into 2015. This city started off as a bedroom community for New Arcadia but eventually developed into a rather major hub itself. Starting from here I started experimenting with new styles from lurking SC4D and from those that I acquired during my return to ST. Population: 150,000 2. An overview of the city of Winchester, from north looking south. 3. The administrative sector, which lies in the southwestern corner of the city. A curious mix of different government buildings and assorted services. 4. Busy industrial sector located fairly close to the administrative area. This was my first time playing around with any semblance of a rail network with these rail yards. 5. The largest park in the city, located fairly close to downtown. 6. The primary downtown core. My original goal was to have a largely medium-density dominated skyline. However, my skyscraper happy self always manages to find a way... 7. A closer look at downtown. Downtown is dominated by many different architectural styles. With few exceptions, all of the skyscrapers were grown without much pruning. 8. The secondary downtown core towards the northeast. Originally a suburban office center that gradually expanded into several high rises. 9a. BEFORE: The highlight of the city is the primary interchange in the heart of the city known colloquially as the 'Chester, which connects downtown with the A-10 and A-215 freeways. The original route was often congested and was in need of an upgrade.* * to be honest, no one uses the road so I used traffic generators instead GG 9b. AFTER: The upgrade was done with an increase in capacity and beautification of the surrounding area. Engineers also managed to devise an ingenious method to relocate the St.Paul Cathedral in order to make way for a new avenue underpass. 10. A bonus full mosaic of the interchange and surrounding area from the NAM showcase challenge a while back. A decorative W which symbolizes the city lies between the A-10 west to downtown connector loop. Despite all the improvements, planners and engineers alike once again forgot to build a north -> west connector... 11. Another angle of the beast. 12. A small patch of nature between the A-215 northbound connector and A-10. A dirt path snakes under A-10 towards the St. Paul Cathedral. 13. A jumble of highway ramps on A-215. No one seems to be using the fast lane at all. 14. A new substation marks the first exit of the northbound spur route A-215. New Arcadia Due east of Winchester is the city of New Arcadia, the largest city of the Avalon Valley Metropolitan Area. Like Winchester, this city was developed largely in the early portions of 2015 where I started experimenting heavily with different styles. As such, you may find this city to be well... a mess. Population: 460,000 15. An overview of the city. 16. A power corridor with an incorrectly aligned pylon. As long as it works right? 17. Industry along the highway near the local airport. 18. Some gridbusting suburban areas. 19. Projects located near downtown. 20. Stadium and convention center near downtown. I think I'm finally in a good state to attempt some re-lots of these in the future. 21. Interchanges abound! New Arcadia features several major highway junctions. This T-junction connects the A-10 with local bypass route A-310. 22. A-310 goes from southbound to eastbound at the Twister. An unsigned southbound route and a local avenue meet here as well. My ST return screenshot! 23a. BEFORE: Yet another junction that was met with upgrades. This short highway stub connects a downtown parkway with the A-310. 23b. AFTER: With NAM 33 Pre came L1 and wider flyover support. Some MMP and mast lighting improvements were also added to spice up the boring original. Eventually those lights will be torn down in favor of shorter ones. 24a. BEFORE: Downtown at night in its first iteration before I turned into a skyscraper nut: 24b. AFTER: Post-skyscraper frenzy. Regardless, being able to have such a sheer amount of unique BATs grow is certainly mesmerizing to watch. The night shots are definitely worth sacrificing some realism for that supertall concrete jungle. 25. A final daytime overview of New Arcadia. For Next Time We'll move eastwards towards the original city of Arcadia and surrounding suburban communities.
  3. Sprawling Paradise

    Welcome Back! Today we're touring the sprawling paradise of Kuhan. Be sure to remember exact directions... Not too long ago, this intersection wasn't even here. Now shops and construction frame it. A large mall is coming soon... Not too far away lies more shopping. There are a few houses in the area. Depending on your definition of "few." Now which house is mine, again? This will serve as a landmark for many at night. "I live in the house by the large office building!" In the end, that won't be much help. Now, was it a right at the first street, or a left at the second? Oh dear. I think I'm lost. Thanks for Visiting!
  4. Sprawl Is Coming... And So Is Something Else

    ...AND SO IS HD'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! HD TURNS 1 TOMORROW! To celebrate a great first year of Holt District and the "second season" launching, a reflective update and look to the future will be posted to celebrate, along with some stats from the region itself and the CJ. This update will sadly come a day or 2 after its official birthday. BUT, good things come to those who wait... and you'll love the anniversary update. And you never know. Maybe there will be a surprise tomorrow too.
  5. Sprawl Moves Outward

    SPRAWL MOVES OUTWARD Taking a break from the game-changing LRT system, we're moving to one of the more rural areas of the region, part of the Town of Flynn. This small village had not seen a lot of change up until recently, that is until HDHIP resulted in a massive resulted in a highway running nearby. At first sprawl was concentrated along the highway ROW, but it is now moving in directly next to town. Today we capture a quick glimpse of what the area was like, and what some of the changes coming its way are... 26.1 | Many years ago, the rural area wasn't home to much. A few wind turbines, surprisingly large buildings in its downtown core, houses and a school. The area saw little change during the 90s and early 2000s, save for the wind turbines. The last major change were the construction of new buildings in the downtown area in the 80s. 26.2 | This small residential area is the main area for homes in the rural area, or at least was. A quiet area during the time of this photo, it was known for its frequent street parties and neighbourly atmosphere, with everyone largely knowing everyone. 26.3 | Some people were even lucky enough to be able to live near this body of water, a quiet area further back from the main road in town, and close enough to the perfect spot to go skating when the water occasionally froze over. 26.4 | It wasn't until this, Highway 82, that things began to change. Now with easy access things began to change, including the construction of this travel centre. An exit leads to the town, although it is not the main road through town. The highway began to bring a lot of traffic to the area which was once sleepy due to its distance from the developed portions of Holt District. 26.5 | Soon after the highway was constructed this industrial area popped up, thanks to cheap real estate since land in this area was, and still is, abundant. Plas are already underway to construct an expansion to this park. 26.6 | Just to the south (left in this and the above photo) this residential development popped up. It houses people from both the people who work in the industrial park nearby and again from people seeking cheaper real estate. Houses in this area are, for now, about 10-20% cheaper than comparable locations in the region - this discount not including houses like this in Sherkston and Manatee proper. 26.7 | However, residential development is now not just occurring on the outskirts and near the highway. The Town of Flynn recently approved a massive development that will eventually engulf the small village. Construction has already begun, as this photo shows.
  6. Auckland - Fresh Air instead of Foul Air!

    The town of Auckland is much like it's real life counterpart (except with out the apartments) and it's now a nice, clean, liveable city. Nestled near the Timbuktu Lake, this city takes advantage of it's majestic location and is also home to beautiful red woods. However, it was not always like this. It was previously like other Timbuktu cities, horrible and disgraceful. Please comment and rate this
  7. Everest Peaks Amusement Park

    Everest Peaks Amusement Park A lot has been happening in Holt District beyond the swirling darkness, and today we're taking a look at one of those projects. Poking our heads up above the clouds we are visiting Everest Peaks Amusement Park. Located in Kuhan, this park was completed under the BOLDNEWHD plan. Constructed and operated by Wicked Parks, this large amusement park will draw people from Holt District for a day (or two!) of twisting fun. The park, as you will notice, is not the only thing out in that area. Some land owned by Wicked Parks was developed into residential housing, very spawly-residentaial housing. So let's get a move on and take a look. This update also marks the debut of the new Holt District update look and official retirement of the rectangle logo. You treated us well, Rectangular Logo! But it's time for a fresh new look. 20.1 | We start off with a bird's eye view of the park and surrounding area. The park is filled with vendor booths, rides and roller coasters. And if you're looking for a parking spot, it should be easy in the parks expansive, newly paved parking lot! 20.2 | Zooming into the parking lot you will notice a rail line. This rail line now has its first commuter rail stop in Holt District here at Everest Peaks. Despite being the home to the Provincial Capital, to this point Holt District hasn't been service by Government of Orchidsen Transit, or GO. It is now, though! You will also notice the private broadcaster OTV's local broadcast studios here. It houses studios of OTV Holt District and several OTV-produced television shows' sound stages. 20.3 | Moving to where the real action is, Everest Peak's main entrance. The line ups are long to get in, today. Perhaps one of the cashiers that's supposed to be at the main entrance is in the maintenance building snoozing... 20.4 | We move on to the water park portion of Everest Peaks. It's not open today since it's a bit chilly, but will be full of hustle and bustle come the summer. 20.5 | This coaster, CYCLONE, is a transplant from one of Wicked Parks older properties. That property is in the process of being reconstructed from the ground up and it was decided this coaster would be moved here to Everest Peaks. 20.6 | Here we have the SPEEDWAY gokarting course. Rubber tires (somewhat ) cushion those who crash mid-way through the race. 20.7 | This area houses some general attractions, including bumper cars, and a smaller roller coaster suitable for those who aren't ready to tackle the hypercoasters quite yet. 20.8| ThunderRun is another popular attraction - something about going through that hoop twice is thrilling. That and going backwards. That's pretty cool. 20.9 | And of course there is SkyScreamer. You may be able to see your house from the top, though you probably won't be up there long enough to notice. Or your eyes will be closed. 20.10 | And to end of the update, a little teaser. I mentioned that not only a park developed our in rural Kuhan. That wasn't a lie. Suburban sprawl has struck the area in a big way. We'll look at it a little more in depth next update.
  8. Teaser: Explosion of Growth - Development Powers Forward

    It's Teaser Time! As I begin to prepare the December 2012 Census for publication I have for you more teasers! I wanted a full update, but with all the work that goes into the census a teaser is what I wound up with instead. But trust me, it's worth it. So today we are in an unknown location of the region, looking at something that has risen due to the new planning guidelines set out by BoldNewHD. Let's have a looksee at what could possibly going on... Teaser 1: Believe it or not, we're in the middle of an industrial park. This man made pond was one of the requirements set out by BoldNewHD, that within industrial developments should be beautification. While some don't understand it, others appreciate the fact that some land in the industry-designated zones is occupied by nature. Teaser 2: With the massive influx of jobs thanks to a rapidly expanding industrial sector comes an increase in residents. Here we see a brand new neighbourhood with brand new houses, brand new Jr. and Sr. high schools and brand new communications towers... the theme really here is "new, new, new." That theme is playing out across the region, which you will soon see in the census. Stay tuned for the December 2012 Census results... the region has had another quarter of stellar growth. Check out the newly remodelled HD Official Website at holtdistrict.weebly.com!
  9. Genoa and Highland

    Table of Contents: Highland _________________________________________ Teaser Update 1 Update 2 Update 3 Update 4 Update 5 Update 6 Update 7 Update 8 Update 9 Update 10 Genoa: Update 1 Update 2 Update 4 Update 5 --- Welcome to the Genoa metropolitan area! These next few posts will be the CJ entries from the new section. Everything is being moved over to the forums section. ________________________________________________________ I am glad to announce that I have made a new City Journal! Genoa is a fictional city in the North-Eastern U.S. It is surrounded by suburbs, trees, and farmland. Here are a few pictures of the downtown area. Tallest building in the city: The city hall: Some old, historic buildings. The harbor/port. These are Genoa's ongoing gridded suburbs. That's Genoa! So Rate and Comment
  10. The Suburban Dream: Teaser

    Teaser Time! This was supposed to be a full update, but SC4 decided instead is was "Crash as often as possible, making playing nearly impossible!" time. So, here's a picture of an area that I've been working on that will be featured in the next full update... hope you don't mind the wait. More suburban sprawl... where ever could this intersection be? Stay tuned to find out...
  11. The Bright Lights Are Getting Brighter - Part 2

    WELCOME TO ANOTHER UPDATE OF HD! Well, RL has finally decided to calm down a enough for me to be once again able to play SimCity and get to publishing full Holt District updates. I thank everyone for your patience during the update drought, and I'm glad you all enjoyed the teasers. But enough of reviewing, let's get on with the show! Today's update is a continuation of update 12 - examining some major changes in the Sherkston CBD area. Development has really taken off, so much so I still haven't showcased everything. But, we'll get back to it eventually, there's lots to see in the rest of the region. So let's go see the ever-changing skyline of Sherkston... TOURING SHERKSTON CBD - PART 2 13.1 | Picking up where we left off - this complex has transformed the area. The terrain around the area was raised for its construction, creating a distinct new office/hotel area near the interchange of highways 82 and 182. 13.2 | A further out view of the area, one can see how much development in the area has transformed the skyline. The city council is plotting what to do with the empty grass surrounding the area. 13.3 | Moving from the outskirts to the heart of the CBD, the changes continue. Equity Tower is a new addition to the skyline, housing Bank Orchidsen's new HQ. It is the building with a diamond glass pattern on the edge of the building. 13.4 | The "heart" of the CBD is growing outwards towards Highway 182. The Sherkston Complexe, as it is currently known, is a 2-tower office complex housing nearly 20,000 workers. The naming rights are currently going through a bidding process with the developer, and the winner should be announced soon. 13.5 | Accross town, the same developer constructed 2 other towers of a simmilar design. This complex, the OrCable Centre, was completed at the same time. This complex also houses around 20 000 workers. These 2 developments alone have created further strain on the housing market, which can't keep up with the pace of demand... 13.6 | Elsewhere, Hogan Companies, Ltd. - a large franchise operator - was recently completed. The pink marble/brick building towers in the CBD, filling in a previously paved over lot. The lot was at once time a parking lot, but sold to a developer 10 years ago. 13.7 | ...and to finish off a large swath the heart of Sherkston's CBD. This is the first time a view this large of Sherkston has been provided. Don't expect this view to stay the same for long... developers are salivating at the thought of developing upwards in many areas around the CBD, and possibly developing the Toyota Centre's parking lot... But wait... we're not finished! In celebration of Simtropolis' 10th Birthday, this photo is a Simtropolis exclusive! All I can say is... #BOLDNEWHD! Holt District continues to explode in terms of development. All signs point to it not stopping, but is that realistic? I can answer that question for you... it sure can. Holt District shows no signs of crumbling, and even the most conservative of analysts expect the boom to continue. Stay tuned to find out more about #BOLDNEWHD I'll be playing replies catch up in this version of Holt District over the next while. Thanks for your ongoing support. Hope you enjoyed the second part of the Sherkston CBD tour. Next update we will be moving on to elsewhere in the region... Stay tuned! #BOLDNEWHD
  12. TEASERS ARE FUN. SO HERE ARE SOME MORE WHILE YOU WAIT... Teaser 1: Sprawl is really taking root in Holt District. With new restrictions of lots needing to be only 1x1 tile, developments like this have begun showing up: ...now. Which house is mine? Teaser 2: As requested by SimCoug, here's a region view. Sort of, anyways. ...Hey, I think I can see my house from here! ...more teasers and innocence to come before the next update!
  13. Where Did Those Lights Come From? [TEASER!]

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in Holt District... Where did all these lights come from?! Growth has surpassed "fast" in Holt District... and shows no signs of cracking. It only shows signs of getting even faster.
  14. The End of the Small Town: Sprawl Strangles HD

    WELCOME TO ANOTHER HD UPDATE! In today's update, we will be taking a tour through the Town of Dofino, which has been experiencing massive growth since the last HD Census. With lower housing prices and land costs, people, businesses and developer's have all been flocking to the town. This "flocking" has greatly changed the look of this once small-town. With the growth in Dofino this transformation means the death of the "small-town" in Holt District. With Old Port, Dofino and Norecount all beginning to sprawl, the former small town's just simply aren't anymore. Some argue growth is destroying the region and should be more controlled. Others say the new lax controls are appropriate. Whichever side you lay on, the census bureau has changed its estimates for this census period. Previously, at the last census the census bureau has pegged the upper expected-population at the next census (in December) to be at 700 000. They realistically estimate an increase to 625 000, saying this was the most likely population. However, today, the census released its mid-period report. It is now estimating population at the next census will top 1 000 000. The regional census bureau is generally fairly accurate with predictions. If this estimate is reached, it would mean a population increase of approximately 600 000 in the past 2 census periods. Fuelling the boom is the ongoing condominum boom. With new planning regulations in place, smaller scale buildings are cropping up in massive condo communities. Today, we will look at some of those in Dofino. So on we go. ALSO! Results from the HD November 2012 Referendum will be released as part of this update. THE END OF THE SMALL TOWN: SPRAWL STRANGLES HD 11.1 | Cranes are appearing everywhere in Dofino, it would seem. Since the last census, the growth of Dofino has exploded. The pace of growth is worrisome, others just call it progress. Here we see a new office park that is partially completed. 11.2 | Many long-time Dofino residents complain that development is ruining the charming reputation of the town, turning it into just another sprawl-ridden municipality off a highway. The masses would disagree, though. The "charming" branding is what actually is drawing people to Dofino. Large companies also seek-out the municipality. SimCo Food Processors, Ltd. recently made Dofino the site of its new global HQ. The company operates out of 2 of the 3 identitcal buildings, leasing 1 out to professionals. It built the third building in anticipation of requiring more space in the future. 11.3 | Residents in some cases don't even notice cranes like these, anymore. For some, it is a painful reminder of the "march forward." These cranes are constructing medium-density condominiums. A 2BD, 1BA can be yours starting at only $278,800! 11.4 | Some residents are critical of recent condominum complexes. As you will see shortly, some of jam-packed with buildings. Others, like this one, take a multi-building style to their developments, and leave large expanses of park space. Residents lament the new developments, often stating "that they should all have parkspace." Sadly, this is currently not a requirement under Dofino planning regulations. This may, however, soon change. 11.5 | Developments seem to be increasing in their scale. This one, for example, when completed will be amongst the largest in Dofino. In fact, another segment of this development is under construction in neighbouring Sherkston. Phase 1 here was recently completed, with the developer waiting for tree-removal permits for phase 2 of the development. The new Dofino mega-hospital was also recently constructed. 11.6| And here is what residents of Dofino lament: the repetitive, jam-packed, condominium buildings being constructed in the north-easterly portion of town. Although the colours vary, the buildings all follow the same basic floorplan. Some call for the blocking of this style of development, mostly long-time residents. The region, however, would likely overrule. They fall within regional planning regulations... 11.7 | Not making matters better is this development. Although the building style is different, the same problem persists. Repetition. Sadly, in the "post-small town era" of HD, these developments are increasingly common. Residents are left to feel helpless as they watch their small town get swallowed up into the new Holt District Metro Area... 11.8 | To finish off is a mosaic. This mosaic shows what residents see everyday, the sprawl of their formerly small-town. The mosaic starts in the Dofino Downtown area, and heads east towards the massive condomium-sprawl developments. It is striking the differences the top and the bottom of the picture show... Sprawl has taken its grip on the region, with the small-towns blending into one giant metro-area with Manatee and Sherkston... HD REFERENDUM RESULTS! You voted and made your voices heard! The HD Referendum had members voting on 4 proposals. Below are the results of the 4 proposals. But first, the vote count. Ballots Cast: 18 Rejected Ballots: 1 Valid Votes: 17 Here are the results: PROPOSAL 1I: PASSED PROPOSAL 2D: PASSED PROPOSAL 3ID: PASSED PROPOSAL 4M: PASSED All motions passed. You have spoken. You will begin to see some of these projects in action in upcoming updates. Thanks for coming to today's update! I hope you enjoyed the sprawl, and the passing of the small-town era in HD. Sprawl is here to stay, and boy oh boy, does it have a stronghold on the region. Thanks also to all those who voted in the HD Referendum.
  15. HDCensus: September 2012 Edition!

    Welcome to the HDCensus - September 2012 Edition! It is the the update you have been waiting for! Today's update will see us explore the growth of Holt District since its launch on July 27th. Building in the region on my part was paused on September 27th, when data for the update was starting to be gathered. So exactly 2 months of growth will be covered in this update. In this update we will be exploring a number of things: we will have a look at population growth for each municipality, major developments across the region as well as progress on HDHIP - the Holt District Highway Improvement Plan. The region has experienced tremendous growth since the launch of Holt District. The region's municipalities have sprawled, with 8 out of 9 cities experiencing growth. The one decline in population was by a mere 0.1%. So as you can see, Holt District is becoming a popular place to live. In addition to strong growth, 3 municipalities experienced tremendous growth - these 3 exceeding 100% growth! This update is broken down into the categories as mentioned, so you won't be too lost. So sit back and relax, this is a HUGE update; the largest of this CJ's life so far. Enough of my talking... let's get started! Let's get started with population data! For each city there will be: the current population, population growth/decline, and RCI population. We start with the region: The region has experienced massice growth thanks to the promise of increased mobility from HDHIP leading to suburban developments in the west and the region-wide condominium boom. We begin the individual muncipalities census data with Sherkston: Sherkston experienced massive growth thanks to the ongoing condominium boom. Demand to residential space in Sherkston has eclipsed supply, driving prices skyhigh. Next up is Manatee, just south of Sherkston: Manatee experienced modest growth, mostly occuring from suburban housing developments. The condominium boom has just hit Manatee, so changes from the boom will be represented in the next census. Now we start into the towns, starting with the coastal paradise of Shorecoast: Shorecoast, too, experienced modest growth. Most growth came from a new low-density development and small condominium complex. Just north from Shorecoast is the bedroom-community of Midport: Midport is the sole municipality in Holt District to experience a population decline. No new developments have occurred in Midport, and the minimal decline was due to shifts in the average household size. Heading to the community south of Manatee, we arrive in Norecount: Norecount is another municipality of modest growth, seeing the small amount of growth occurring from an extension to the main residential area in the town. Development in Norecount has lagged behind the pace of its neighbours. Heading straight up north on Highway 40, we arrive in Dofino; just north of Sherkston: Growth in Dofino exploded, thanks in large part to demand to live close to, but not in, Sherkston. Its small, charming downtown area is a big attraction to people looking to move to the region. Lower house prices help, as well. And for the last of the towns, we arrive in Old Port, which certainly is no longer struggling: Told ya! In the first municipality, of 3, which experienced more than 100% growth is Old Port. After years of neglect, Old Port is gaining a foothold as a charming place to live. A massive, master-planned community is driving growth. We move into the large, rural portion of the region with the 2 townships. We begin with Northwest Holt: If you though growth in Old Port was astounding, Northwest Holt may have blindsided you. Formerly a series of small hamlets, Northwest Holt now has a thriving suburban expansion, leading to population increasing more than 4x it was. And last, but definitely not least, is Saltfield. Saltfield experienced the largest growth of all municipalities, even more than NW Holt... Development encouraged by the fact HDHIP cuts straight through the municipality has lead to massive strides in development. Large tracts are being developed at once, with development of office space occurring as well. And there we have the population growth! From -0.1% to 788.2% population growth, Holt District is growing like a weed. Current projections see the region's population soon hitting 800 000. We shall see where it goes next census... But... we're not done yet! Holt District didn't grow via magic! In this section we are taking a look at some of the major developments that occurred across the region. Many of these will be explored in greater depth in future updates. The condo-boom may have only just hit in Manatee, not early enough to affect its statistics for this census, but it has already exploded and is changing the landscape. The size of the condominium boom is really astounding... the project seems to stretch on forever. When complete, it will be nearly as large of the downtown area of Manatee. This section of development is hugging an existing office building complex and power transmission lines. In Sherkston, where the condo boom began, population growth was particularly driven by this development. Once small houses, these houses were purchased and various developers constructed large condominium buildings. In Dofino, the building-boom has been particularly large. Large, new subdivisions have been constructed in tandem with large amounts of office space; such as this development of commercial space. The construction of houses has also exploded in Dofino, as evident by its nearly 70% growth rate. This stretch was previously unoccupied grasslands. Would you believe this is Old Port, especially after the gloomy economic outlook given in previous updates? After a change in fortunes, Old Port is now in the midst of a massive expansion. It is home to the first privately-developed master-planned community, which will soon start construction on phase 2... As you also saw, Northwest Holt had a soar in population, by over 400%! Starting as a small, huble collection of Hamlets; Northwest Holt is now a booming suburban municipality, which will soon have 2 highways intersect in its midst. Here you see one of the many new suburban developments. The condo boom has even bitten the previously rural community. Though not towering skyscrapers, the sheer umber of mid-rise buildings has led to a large population increase. Commercial development is also beginning to take off. Meanwhile in Saltfield, massive residential expansion has led to a need for expanded infrastructure. Here you can see a 2-lane road being widened to 4 lanes, just before it intersects the future Highway 82. And that's it for major developments! There was certainly a lot more than we saw. Much more will be revealed in the coming updates, which will focus on the growth and projects we saw today. And there is still a lot more to be developed... As Holt District has increasingly become a hub of development activity, the province announced a project to expand the region's highway system. Entitled HDHIP - Holt District Highway Expansion Plan - the plan is adding 3 new highways to the region. We've seen some progress up to now, and now we will see some more. This will likely be the last dedicated progress-update for phase 1. Soon we will see it completed. Starting in Sherkston, we see the reconstruction of the Highway 40 / Highway 140 interchange. Soon it will become the 40/140/282 interchange - with highway 282 coming into the fold. Much of the chanigng of this interchange involves the construction of new ramps to Highway 282. here we can see where highway 282 will end, splitting to highway 40 and highway 140. As part of the reconstruction of this interchange, acceleration and deceleration ramps are being constructed due to the expected increase in traffic. Due to the layout of many of the new highway ramps, highway 140 has been closed temporarilly. This is to allow a more expedient reconstruction of the off-ramps, which will lead to both highways; 282 and 40. An overpass was demolished to allow for the widened highway. Here we see progress in Saltfield, an overpass for the highway being constructed. Due to the road having to go over the highway, engineers decided to extend the overpass past the parallel road and loop it around. Residents already approve of the resign, saying it has eased the flow of traffic and made safer a once dangerous intersection. Here we can see another overpass in Saltfield; along with the highway snaking its way through the area. This is the first paved-section of the highway to be completed. Its curved nature is met by the approval of residents, who like the fact it has avoided cutting through the forest as much as possible. Here we see a road parallel to the highway winding itself to the other side of the highway. This section has just been paved, and is the catalyst for the remainder of the paving job. And that's that for the HDHIP progress report - and the entire census! I've hope you enjoyed it - they will continue to be bi-monthly or quarterly. Time will tell. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this update! A lot of work went into creating the census, development review and HDHIP progress report. It was a massive update... and will lead to a number more updates exploring all the new developments that have been occurring.
  16. Update 6: Looks Can Be Deceiving

    Welcome to another update of Holt District! In today's update we're in the small town of Dofino, population 15000. The town by first glance is not all that exciting. Get off the highway and there isn't much. But if there is something many people have learnt in their travels, don't judge a place by its cover. With a vibrant downtown area and strong BIA - the small-town charm this town emits attracts people from accross the region to its merchants. Although it doesn't have the stunning views Shorecoast does - it doesn't have the sky-high realestate prices, either. We will take a look at the town - which could soon be the scene of a building boom. Let's go have a look! As a reminder, be sure to check out HDHIP - it will play a HUGE part in the future of this CJ. Looks Can Be Deceiving - Welcome to Dofino! *Be sure to click on each photo for the fullsize. 6.1 | When one pulls off Highway 40 in Dofino, they aren't greeted by much. A service centre and a giant wind turbine welcome them to town. *Click for full resolution! 6.2 | But drive a bit further, and you reach the centre of its charming downtown core. With small shops, offices and a small Piggly Wiggly grocery store, the charming core is a draw for those looking for a quiet get-away. *Click for full resolution! 6.3 | The shops draw people from across the region during the holiday seasons thanks to aggressive marketing by the Dofino BIA. *Click for full resolution! 6.4 | Adding to the bustle of this small downtown area is the town's library - a popular spot for residents to go on a rainy, grey day thanks to the large reading area and fireplace inside. It is also a meeting space for residents, where resident associations have their weekly meetings. *Click for full resolution! 6.5 | This is the former HQ of the former Wreshaw County - and also served as the County Courthouse. Wrenshaw merged with The Regional Municipality of Saltfield to form Holt District. *Click for full resolution! 6.6 | Not everything is rosey, however. Previously lax planning laws led to the construction of these 2 stores, a Verizon Wireless outlet and Goody's outlet. The Town is working with the land owners for a possible reconstruction of the 2 properties, but nothing has come to fruition. *Click for full resolution! 6.7 | The town is home to several lush suburban houses, with large properties. It is a popular area for families, as prices for houses are lower than many other cities. Due to the distance north, the average housing prices are $350 000 in this town. *Click for full resolution! 6.8 | Recently the Region expanded one of the elevated rail lines north to Dofino, providing even easier access to Downtown Sherkston. *Click for full resolution! 6.9 | The newly extended line has lead to several new housing developments in the area... *Click for full resolution! 6.10 | ...and all these new houses have led to an increase in services available... *Click for full resolution! 6.11 | ...and the increase has made Dofino more attractive to house-buyers, spurring development. See a pattern emerging? *Click for full resolution! That's all for today - I hoped you enjoyed Dofino! It may not look like much from the highway, but go further away from the highway and you will discover what we did today. Next Update: We will continue to explore the existing Holt District settlements. Be sure to checkout the completely redesigned Holt District maps website: No w featuring more than just the regional streetmap!
  17. With growing traffic problems on U.S.9/NZ28, the city of Hialeah and NzDOT have jointly rebuilt the interchange with Plainview St and Industrial Rd. Both streets have now been routed underneath the highway and Permian Ave with exit ramps leading to Plainview St with access to Industrial Rd by Triassic Ave. Note the photos are looking in different directions
  18. Schuamberg (updated 3/5/13)

    Schuamberg is a mid sized suburb 15 miles northeast of downtown Pittsburgh. Today it stands as the leading center for retail and business. Schuamberg is home to the Pittsburgh Center Mall, the first Wal mart supercenter, sams club, home depot, and many other famous chain stores and restuarants. I-376 also cuts through the city, and heads due east towards the Capilano valley Mountains. Interchange between I-376 and Mountain Blvd, which connects to Capilano blvd or old highway 76. Lowes built there first store in 2011 shortly after the land value shot up in this section of the city. Intense competition from Home Depot keeps these stores thriving. In this picture below, you can see Walmart and Target are the anchors to each side of the shopping centers. Many financial and advisor companies like fisk financial and lundmark advisor trading (big office tower in the center of the photo) have made this once sleepy suburb their home. Orginally located in downtown they moved out due tot he overwhelming travel times for many workers. Capilano Valley Center Located off Capilano Blvd. Capilano Valley Center is the second largest shopping mall in the valley. Built in 1988 with three department stores: Sears, Hechts, and Nordstrom. In 1999 a pizzeria was built on the east end of the center. Today the shooping center has overgrown its original boundaries and now spreads for a few miles in each direction along Capilano Blvd. and Mountain Blvd. Highland Community College (located ont he bottom left hand side of the photo) opened its doors after construction finished in 2011. The Arizona based company opened its east coast headquarters in Pittsburgh just a few months prior to opening. Their office can be seen in the current downtown photo located along I-176 blvd not far from the Chase tower where they do their banking. Highalnd community college prides itself in being a clean, affordable, and challenging college experience. The main degrees range from business, to architecture, thanks to the last minute plans to add a seperate, but adjacent building, accoutning, pre med, pre dentistry, pre law, and manufacturing degrees.

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