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City-building game(s)

Found 77 results

  1. Making a custom airport service road, and I need to enable bus stops for use with Vasimr22's service vehicle bus pack. I have all vehicles enabled in the lane properties, and for stop type "bus" isn't listed to I just chose car. Is that correct, or is there another way?
  2. SM2 Steampunk Bus Stops

    Version 1.0.0


    SM2 Steampunk Bus Stops. Just a few bus stops...steampunk style 4 in total. Great for industrial areas! Lots = 1x1 Plop cost = 150 Capacity = 7500 Dependencies. SM2 Prop Pack Vol11 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3605 VIP Delecto Ploppable people - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3448 Have fun! Simmer2
  3. Bus stops

    an anyone tell me were I can fine bus stops that work
  4. I want to use RandyE pretty little bus loop. When I plop the roas like in the STEX picture it works fine. But... see pics. no prob. : still no prob : but...: I remember having a similar problem with one of SHK paying parkings, a 2x2 ; if I didn't plop the road first and the lot afterwards, it went crooked like this. No such luck here. No big deal, the lot can be dressed up so that the problem doesn't have to arise, but why does it do that ? I 'd like to understand (a fatal flaw, sometimes, when playing SC4...)
  5. First person rides

    Hello everybody, I´m a big fan of first person trips through virtual cities. Since the first city building game I played I always wanted to walk the streets of my cities and see a pedestrians view. Luckily this is possible in Cities: Skylines; this is why I am going to do a series of first persion trip videos of my City (ies). This one is set in the City of San Salvador (I am going to do a tour and Lets Play later on), which is about 70% done,. I hope you enjoy! There are going to be more trips all around the city in the future. Tell me what you think!
  6. uki Sim cliffside stations NAM update

    Version 1.0.0


    These stations by uki-Sim are incredibly cool. I've updated them to have capacities and switch costs in line with the current NAM standards (September 2017 NAM 35). I've also included versions that will use the NAM query. To use this relot, simply download the original stations from the provided links and replace the .SC4lot files with my updated files. You must choose whether you want these stations to use the NAM train station query or the Maxis default. MAXIS: Extract the folder labeled MAXIS QUERY -or- NAM: Extract the folder labeled NAM QUERY KEEP ONLY ONE --- RRW USERS: If you have RRW installed, the textures of the through line rails will use the RRW textures. -- USAGE Gorge Station: Size: 1x4 + overhang Capacity: 50 000 passengers maintenance: $10 per month To use this station, simply plop it on the edge of a steep slope or cliff with the arrow pointing away from the dropoff. A steeper slope generally looks nicer, but isn't necessary. Gorge Station 30m: Size: 2x4 Capacity: 57 500 Passengers Maintenance: $15 per month To use this station, you must make sure the change in elevation over the tile adjacent to the rail line is ~30m. If the slope is much shallower or steeper, the stairs will not look right. The hole diggers included with NAM are very useful here. Place the station with the arrow facing towards the dropoff. The flexible foundation will conform to the slope. This station includes a bus stop. --------- DEPENDENCIES: You need the original stations .sc4model and .sc4desc files for this relot to work. The main pages are in Japanese, but Google Chrome's auto translate is adequate Gorge station: main page: http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/article/143281360.html just click on the download icon in the center of the page (or Direct download is: http://uki-sim.up.seesaa.net/bat/Gorge-RailStation.zip ) Gorge station 30m: Main page: http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/article/143729718.html just click on the download icon in the center of the page (or direct download is: http://uki-sim.up.seesaa.net/bat/Gorge-RailStation_30m.zip ) ---------- Final Notes: I encourage you to check out the rest of uki Sim's bats and props on their website. http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/ Enjoy! -new.orendor UPDATED_README_Uki_sim_cliffside_stations_relot.txt
  7. Anyone else have the problem of endless busses streaming out of diagonal streets? I don't have any bus stops anywhere near when this happens. My bus traffic graph also shows 0. For a while I thought this was related to specific lots (NAM curve fillers, Gridbusters etc), but examining for exemplars revealed nada. The common thread seems to be diagonal streets in all cases. However I can also reproduce it easily by plopping PEG Rural Alleys next to streets.
  8. Please see attached. I am using NAM 35 and CAM 2.1. (1) Do I need to place a parking garage near terminal bus stops? (2) How do I know what my parking garage is doing? (3) How do I know what my buses are doing in terms of performance? Thanks! What does the last one above mean? 618 car trips, 63 bus trips, and 41 truck trips in a 24 hour window? Skylines will tell me how full my buses are with 30 being the number of seats. Also, it will tell me car trips saved.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Contains 20 lots meant to be placed roadside to add realistic (and HD) parking to your cities. Both LHD and RHD are supported. It's pretty obvious, but you should only install one set based on your current driving side. If you don't, the exemplars will conflict and you will end up with LHD lots. Special thanks go to @vortext and @kingofsimcity for allowing me to use their amazing textures, and to @rsc204 for the acronym inspiration. ------------------ Dependencies: ------------------ Neko Props Set 1 (part 1) & (part 2) nos.17 Essentials (V09 or newer) VIP Car pack vol 1 & 2 VIP Car pack vol 3 UrbanPack vol.1 MS_Motokloss_60s-70s_CarProps MS_MotoklossSolarisBus_PROPS1 R6_Prop Pack 2010_Vol1 SHK Parking Pack ------- Links: ------- For help/feedback/suggestions A Compendium of Creations nos.17 @ Simtropolis nos.17 @ SC4Devotion And above all... have fun! nos.17
  10. Version 2.0.0


    Includes 2 Garages, 3 Bus Stations 3 Parking Lots, a Bus Loop, 1x1 filler lot and a Taxi Stand. All lots found in the Transportation Menu indicated with color-coded icons. Dependency: SHK Parking Pack Required on all lots in this zip-file download for the base textures, lighting, many of the props, and most vehicles. Dependency Link: 3x3 Parkade Jobs: 6§, 50§§, 6§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - Parkade 3x3. Capacity: 5800.  Plop: 650§, Monthly: 240§. Landmark: 20, 10. Pollution: 5, 5 Air/Water/Garbage. Consumption: 20 MWh/Gal. Transit and Network enabled. 3x5 Bus Loop Jobs: 6§, 60§§, 6§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - Bus Loop 3x5. Capacity: 3200. Makes Taxis. Creates 72 Jobs. Plop: 980§, Monthly: 260§. Landmark: 20, 15. Pollution: 10, 5, 5 Air/Water/Garbage. Consumption: 50, 20 MWh/Gal. Transit and Network enabled. 3x2 Parkade Jobs: 6§, 40§§, 6§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - Parkade 3x2. Capacity: 4800. Plop: 420§, Monthly: 180§. Landmark: 20, 10. Pollution: 5, 5  Air/Water/Garbage. Consumption: 20, 10 MWh/Gal. Transit and Network enabled. 3x3 Parking Lot with Transit Jobs: 6§, 40§§, 6§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - Parking 3x3. Capacity: 400. Car Queue. Makes Taxis. Creates 54 Jobs. Plop: 250§, Monthly: 150§. Landmark: 10, 10. Pollution: 5, 5.  Consumption: 10, 5 MWh/Gal. Transit and Network enabled. 1x1 Parking Lot Filler Modular Parking - Asphalt - Filler 1x1. Plop: 100§, Monthly: 50§. Landmark: 5, 5. Pollution: 2, 2. Consumption: 5, 5 MWh/Gal. 1x1 Bus Station and Taxi Stand Jobs: 6§, 40§§, 2§§§. Monthly Income: 100§. Business Deal, Capacity: 800. Makes Taxis. Creates 48 Jobs. Plop: 500§. Landmark: 10, 5. Pollution: 5, 5. Consumption: 20, 10 MWh/Gal. Transit and Network enabled. 3x3 Pay Parking Jobs: 6§, 40§§, 6§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - PayParking 3x3.Monthly Income: 120§. Business Deal. Capacity: 600. Plop: 280§. Landmark: 10, 5. Pollution: 5, 5. Consumption: 40, 10 MWh/Gal. Transit and Network enabled. 3x3 Park and Ride Jobs: 8§, 50§§, 2§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - Bus Stop 3x3. Capacity: 1400. Makes Taxis. Creates 60 Jobs. Plop: 400§. Monthly: 140§. Landmark: 20, 5. Pollution: 10, 5. Consumption: 50, 10 MWh/Gal. Transit and Network enabled. 3x1 Bus Stop Jobs: 5§, 10§§, 0§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - Bus Stop 3x1: Capacity: 900. Makes Taxis. Plop: 180§. Monthly: 100§. Landmark: 10, 5. Pollution: 5, 5. Consumption: 30, 10 MWh/Gal. Transit enabled. 1x5 Bus Stop Jobs: 6§, 40§§, 1§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - Bus Stop 1x5. Capacity: 250. Makes Taxis. Plop: 240§. Monthly: 120§. Landmark: 10, 5. Pollution: 5, 5. Consumption: 40, 10 MWh/Gal. Transit and Network enabled. 3x3 Parking Lot Jobs: 6§, 40§§, 8§§§. Modular Parking - Asphalt - Parking 3x3. Plop: 260§. Monthly: 120§. Landmark: 20, 10. Pollution: 5, 5. Consumption: 20, 10 MWh/Gal. INSTALL: To install copy and paste the Modular Asphalt Parking Bus and Taxi Ver. 2.0 folder into your User\Documents \SimCity 4\Plugins folder. Move or delete the text/html files and Previews folder as these should not be stored in the Plugins folder.
  11. Yes! There is some progress again on Port de Caravella :-) On the edge of the old town we see some new development: various car dealers (like BMW and Mini) have found their way to the increasingly growing wealthy population of Port de Caravella. But, good news also for everyone who can't afford a new shiny car: from the new bus sation you can also find your way around town. Replies @Takingyouthere thanks! :-) @kschmidt the palms are created by c.p., i'm not sure about the exact file but you can find them here or here. @_Michael there can't be too many w2w european-like users :-) Hope you like this update as well. @v701 thanks! :-) @Akallan i'll start on a airport soon so you can book a flight ... @feyss here is more! @raynev1 indeed @feyss his CJ is amazing, hopefully i can live up to that comparison ... As always, if you like it: let me know!
  12. Port de Caravella - Bus-station 1

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  13. Port de Caravella - Bus-station 2

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  14. Port de Caravella - Bus station 3

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  15. Greyhound Corner

    From the album Testing Out European and American Styles

    Another streert corner just with a Greyhound
  16. I want to install RTMT, but only want the bus stops- how am I suppose to install only them? I think adding the subway station too makes them a bit OP...
  17. Bus Loop 3x2

    Version 2.0.0


    Transfer here from one route to another. Transit and network enabled. ___ _ | _ )_ _ ___ | | ___ ___ _ __ | _ \ || (_-< | |__/ _ \/ _ \ '_ \ |___/\_,_/__/ |____\___/\___/ .__/ |_| City Bus Loop 1 - 3x2. Capacity: 2500. Medium Wealth Plop Cost: 350 Monthly Cost: 150 Landmark Effect: 10,5 Park Effect: 5, 5 Air Pollution: 3, 2 Water Pollution, 2, 2 Maxis Night Lighting Dependencies: Bus props used from: Glenni-buspack- RATP_Microbus-1 RATP_Scania-Vest-HSD ORION-Old-MTAbus ORION-Old-MTAbusLongIsl Orion_VII_SacramentalRegionalTransit INSTALL to folder: C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins
  18. michiyls BusColor Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    michiyls Bus Color Pack (yeah, I recently got fed up with the standard blue design of the busses, too!) 30 files make up this incredible colorful pack for your default Maxis Bus model - each color is visually 100% compatible with the corresponding color in my Monorail Color Packs (#1 and #2a)! Variations: - single color - white roof The colors are (not following any official naming convention here): - Banana Day - Blue Ocean - Flashy Green - Fresh Green - Grass Green - Hot Pink - Intense Orange - Lazy Orange - Monorail Red (the default red of the default Maxis monorail) - Spring Green - Turquoise (tortoise is the animal, this is the color mix of green and blue) - Tropic Blue - Violet Blue - Warm Yellow - White Grey What's in the box? Aside from the 30 DAT files there is 1 preview pic to help you choose the right color, and the readme. I hope to encourage others to include similar information in their projects to give the user the chance to remember what the file includes even when you open it after several months or so. Any dependencies? Nope, this is just a texture replacement for the default Maxis bus/coach model texture. The DAT files only includes the single FSH file. You should know what that means - if you don't see the color, check that you have installed it in one of the Plugins folders (choose one!) and you are starting with the default Maxis bus model.
  19. Mass Transit Sign

    Version 1.1.0


    A nice billboard park telling sims to ride mass transit and the bus..
  20. MassTourism

    From the album Lotting Challenge (S3-03-C)

    Before voting, we recommend you download and try out this item of content: [Download Here] Did you ever built famous monuments in your city? Did you watch in front of them and worried something's looking wrong? Where are the tourists? Don't worry any longer. Now they come. With busses. And more busses. And even more busses. Lotting Challenge entry.
  21. Mass Tourism

    Version 1.0.0


    Did you ever built famous monuments in your city? Did you watch in front of them and worried something's looking wrong? Where are the tourists? Don't worry any longer. Now they come. With busses. And more busses. And even more busses. Just plop these two lots (each 2x5) left and right of your monuments. Or west and east. Or ... don't know. Each lot costs $200 to plop and has a monthly maintenance cost of $15. Both are transit enabled (to connect them with roads) and they work as parking lots (8000 each). They produce – yippie ki-yay – tons of garbage, water and air pollution and, of course, masses of mass tourism. Dependencies (7+1): BSC Textures Vol 01.dat BSC Textures Vol 02.dat Glenni Bus Props Pack MS Solaris Vacanza 12 & InterUrbino 12 BSC MEGA Props - Misc Vol01.dat Murimk_Props_Vol02_v201 Was_NL_Props_Vol01.dat As these lots are transit enabled I recommend also to use SC4Fix Installation If you made sure you have all required dependencies simply extract the zip to your plugins folder.
  22. Wrightbus New Routemaster

    Version 1.0.0


    Your city has been filling out from border to border and it has done so quite nicely! Since there is only so much room to keep spreading out, there's really nowhere else to go but up. Now wait a minute! With all these sims and their cars clogging up your already-narrow streets, how is anyone supposed to make it to work on time? The best solution- build a bus network. And now here's a real concept- make the buses.. Double Decker! More people sharing a ride, with decent views to boot! Now, if only we can take care of those cyclists.. About the Upload- This file is a replacement of the Maxis City Bus. It will appear on your road networks whenever a bus station has been placed. For aesthetics sake, this file would best be implemented in a London, UK themed city or otherwise utilizing traffic driving on the left. Dependencies? None required. This file was requested by Cmdp123789 and has been made available to download!
  23. Short Tour

    Big news is all about the buses, but before delving too deeply let's take a tour... ...using the roadway is the preferred route as these busses take a direct path to the new location for the Foggy Height's depot. Then we have a parking first! On the newly developed Evergreen Ore Island someone got caught "up" in the activity! Then over to Franklin, to the center of our residential area, the Donut Mall and 3D Cinema as dusk descends. And, a look from the rollercoaster back toward the Donut mall and 3D Cinema... Night traffic from Ashton out to Whereville, WhereEver (SC4 would tell you the city this leads to). And, at the diagonal opposite side of the city, Evergreen Ore's newly developing industrial addition... ...finally, a parting shot looking up the four lane roadway as dusk silently settles and industry bristles with the night shift gearing for the long haul. Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

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