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City-building game(s)

Found 15 results

  1. SM2 Cidade Jardim Corporate Center

    Version 2.0.0


    Hello everyone. This lot is a close reproduction of a famous office tower complex in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The name of the complex is "Cidade Jardim Corporate Center" The complex is made out of office and residential buildings but in order to adapt it to SC4, only the office section is being depicted. The building models were made by our talented JP Schriefer and the lot, base texture and several props were made by me and are of course included in this download. 2 lots are included, one growable CO$$$ 8X9 with 2110 jobs and one Landmark 8X9 lot with jobs with the exact same stats as the growable. Depending on the models you download, you can have either the Maxis Night or Dark Night versions but not both. Please follows the instructions provided on the building models download page. In order to see the DN models in their full glory you must also download Simfox Day and Night Modd. Not required with the MN models. Dependencies are as follows: BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3049 BSC - VIP girafe beeches (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2995 BSC - VIP girafe berries (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2888 BSC - VIP girafe ashes (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2854 BSC - VIP girafe sparaxis (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2980 BSC - VIP girafe common spruces (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2945 BSC - VIP girafe narcissus (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2964 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2821 SM2 Prop Pack Vol3 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3499 Park Tower http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3512 Continental Tower http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3514 Capital Building http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3513 If you have any questions. please post them on my Dev. page here http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17211.0 Enjoy! Simmer2
  2. Hi Simtropolis! I hope your playing is going well. I have played SC4 for years and especially love Ferox' W2W Buildings when building European cities. The only problem is that I have a hard time making them grow. They only grow at certain times and at quite low frequencies - a problem that occurs in all densities, with all desirability levels etc.. Have any of you experienced a similar problem and maybe even solved it? Maybe through adjusting certain properties in iLives Reader? I look forward to hearing about your experiences if you have any. Thank you in advance! /Slashback
  3. B62 Remastered - Culver's

    Version 03


    Culver Franchising System, Inc. is a privately owned and operated fast casual restaurant chain that operates primarily in the Midwestern United States. The first Culver’s opened in 1984 in Sauk City, Wisconsin. As of November 5, 2014, the chain had 527 restaurants across the United States delighting guests one meal at a time with their signature ButterBurgers and made-daily Fresh Frozen Custard. This BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, he was unable to finish the lot and was just sitting around on his hard drive. After talking with him, he graciously handed his work over to me to finish and subsequently upload for yall. For comments/feedback/critique/praise visit my lot thread or drop me a pm. I'd be happy to help. Also, visit the website for full sized images. Edit: Perhaps I should comment that the vividly vibrant blue you see is beyond my control. I am merely passing along whatever Bobbo662 has already created. And yes, I too think it is a little too much... there 'aint nothin I can do. ------- Stats: ------- 4x5 CS$ Plop, 4x5 CS$ Grow Jobs : 185 CS$ Plop Cost : $25000 Bulldoze Cost : $2500 Power Consumed : 15 Water Consumed : 3 Air/Water Pollution : Negligible Garbage Pollution : Negligible Flamability : 50 Growth Stage : 1 ------------------ Dependencies: ------------------ SHK Parking Pack BSC Textures Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 nos.17 Essentials (v07+) And above all... have fun! nos.17
  4. Version 04


    Target's first store opened in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1962. Its on-trend merchandise at affordable prices launched a new era in discount retailing. This "T-1" store was easy to shop, attractive and always clean. It served as the prototype for every Target store opened since then, and it changed how consumers think about discount shopping. Today, Target operates more than 1,300 stores in 47 states, including over 140 SuperTarget® stores that add an upscale grocery shopping experience. In addition to the photo processing, pharmacy and Food Avenue® restaurants found in almost every Target, SuperTarget includes an in-store bakery, deli, meat and produce sections. This beautiful BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, he was unable to finish the lot and so this was just sitting around on his hard drive. After talking with him, he graciously handed his work over to me to finish and subsequently upload for yall. For comments/feedback/critique/praise or just to see what's coming up next (I have 40+ b62 building is queue), visit my lot thread over at Simpeg here or at Simtropolis here. ------- Stats: ------- 15x12 Plop & Grow CS$$, 14x16 Plop CS$$ 7882 CS$, 1973 CS$$ Jobs Growth stage : 1 Plop Cost : $150000 Bulldoze Cost : $32500 Power Consumed : 126 Water Consumed : 1510 Air Pollution : 78 over 5 tiles Water Pollution : 39 over 6 tiles Garbage Pollution : 78 over 0 tiles Flamability : 40 ------------------- Dependencies: ------------------- Required for all lots: SHK Parking Pack SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures SuperSHK+ FA3 Parking Textures LBT Mega Prop Pack Vol01 Required for 14x16 lot only: BSC - VIP girafe beeches BSC - VIP girafe maples v2 BSC - VIP girafe walnuts BSC - VIP girafe feather grass nos.17 Essentials v10+ spa's Bank of Montreal MM NA 40ft Trailers Vol.1 Above all... have fun! nos.17
  5. Preface / Purpose of this thread: Did you ever want to create suburbs without any of the Maxis houses like this? Or have a uniform looking neighborhood of mid-rise appartments like this? Plopping commercial/industrial buildings works just fine. Open the landmarks menu... plop skyscrapers... downtown finished... The problem with plopping residentials should be mostly known by everyone. While you can certainly use the Extra Cheats Plugin.dll to plop whatever building you want, they don't function right when they are plopped. They get abandonned pretty fast and even if they not, the sims won't find their way to work because the pathing does not work. So the only way to make those residentials work in-game is to let them grow. The techniques I will be showing are mostly for newcomers to the game who want to gain control over their residential plugins. Of course, if some veterans want to join the conversation, feel free to share your best-practices when using custom residentials IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a tutorial about demand, basic infrastructure or growth stages! I will always assume that you meet the requirements for these buildings to actually being able to grow! This is about growable RESIDENTIALS ONLY, the same principles can be applied to growable commercial/industrial though. What's needed: - Ilives reader (latest version 1.5.2 can be found here) - BSC No Maxis Files (here) - A general idea what look you are going for - Patience Basic idea: To make sure we get the buildings we want to grow, we will use these variables to our advantage: a) Building style (tileset) b) Zone density c) Zone size Here is a quick example what this means: Let's assume we want a specific type of house to grow in a suburb. (see 1st picture) We know the house only (!) grows in the Chicago tileset. Furthermore it's a small house, so it will only (!) grow when we zone for low density residential. And finally we know the lot size of this house is 1x2. So we pause the game, set the building style to "Chicago only" and zone low density residential with a size of 1x2. Then we hit play again and voila, exactly the house we wanted will appear. Another one (see 2nd picture): We want to create a block of those w2w buildings. We know these houses only (!) grow in the Houston tileset. It's an appartement, so it will only (!) grow when we zone for medium density residential. And finally we know the lot size of these houses are 1x2 and 2x3. Pause the game, set the building style to "Houston only" and zone medium density residential with a size of 1x2 or 2x3, depending on where want each building to go. Tadaa. As we don't want or have enough variables to assign one to every single building we want to grow, we will form groups of buildings. Now let's get to work: Step 1: Organize your plugins Here is an example folder structure to use. It makes it easy to add or remove buildings while you play. Basically, before starting a new region, you set up your plugins for that region. plugins -my_region A --res_low_density_chicago ---houses A ---houses B ---houses C --res_mid_density_houston ---mid_rises A ---mid_rises B ---mid_rises C --res_high_density_newyork ---high_rises A ---high_rises B ---high_rises C . . . In the top folder ("my_region A") we have our maxis blockers: From the BSC No Maxis Files copy "Stop_R$.dat", "Stop_R$$.dat" and "Stop_R$$$.dat". The other folders hold your downloaded plugins. You decide where you want everything to go. In the next step, we adjust the in-game values of these downloads to match the folders. (Again: This is for residential only! If you want to expand on this concept, you could add com_low_density_chicago, etc...) Step 2: Edit the plugins Open Ilives reader and go to first folder we have created ("houses A" in "res_low_density_chicago") Depending on the download, you will find .sc4lot and .sc4desc files or a .dat file. We now match up the plugin with our folder structure. So we are looking for our variables we want to use: a) Building Style (tileset) That would be "OccupantGroups" (in my example in a .dat file). Style has to be only (!) Chicago. Picture: b) Zone density That's "LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes" (in the .sc4lot file), which has to be only (!) "R - low density" Picture: It's easy to change any of these values using the drop down menu. Always save before you close the file. c) Zone size This is not something we can change that easy. It's the way the lot was made. What we want to do, however, is delete all .sc4lot files we don't want. In my example I have a couple of those files like "American Four Square 1x1_2faba7d8.SC4Lot" and "American Four Square 1x2_afac2d37.SC4Lot" etc. So if I dont want these houses on a 1x1 lot, I just delete files with "1x1" in the name. If the filename doesn't say anything like this, it can be found under "LotConfigPropertySize" (in the .sc4lot file) Picture: We need to check these 3 variables for all files in the folder ("houses A") before we move to the next folder ("houses B") and do the same. After we are done with everything in "res_low_density_chicago" we move on to "res_mid_density_houston". There, we make sure all buildings match only (!) the Houston tileset and zone density "R - medium density". I hope you get the principle now and can come up with a way this could work for your cities. If you have any questions or any feedback on how to improve this guide, feel free to post
  6. Paeng's PURe No08

    Version 1.0


    The old Coleman & Sons Building has been rescued from destruction by a group of dedicated architects. The facade has been kept in its original condition, while the inner core has been completely re-modeled, housing a number of expensive lofts and apartments. The ground floor features health food stores, galleries and even a small indie movie theater. 8x5, residential growable for 184 RES$$$ (stage 5, any density and tile-set) 8x5, industrial ploppable with 420 I-M jobs * Based on Coleman & Sons Distributors by marcszar DEPENDENCIES * Coleman & Sons Distributors by marcszar Needed: MSZ_MODEL_ColemanAndSonsDistributors-0x5ad0e817_0x33808ebd_0x30000.SC4Model * PURe Basic Pack Plus some of my common Essentials - * BLaM FC Garden and Plaza Props 1 * Paeng Texture Pack v104 * SHK Parking Pack * SG 01 Megapack * Porkie Props Vol 01 DEVELOPER NOTES Add the new lot (08_Coleman-and-Sons) to your PURe folder. Copy the "Needed: ...*.SC4Model" dependency to your folder PURe_Models. Store all other files in a safe place outside your Plugins. Play the game :-) You find the ploppable at or near the end of the 'Landmarks' menu. INSTALLATION Unzip the whole bundle into "(My )Documents/Plugins". To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins. CREDITS Thanks to marcszar and to the folks at simpeg.com for being there :-) SUPPORT Should you need support for these items please visit the Paeng Production Forum Enjoy!
  7. Paeng's Mistral Jaune

    Version 1.0


    Here is the good old distillery, batted by Porkissimo... It has been renovated from the ground up - I removed all the "Reward" punishments and turned it into a growable instead... then added a plain ploppable as well, so there are two lots - * 9x7 Growable I-M with 248 jobs * 9x7 Ploppable I-M with 248 jobs DEPENDENCIES * BLS Distillery - Mistral Jaune by Porkissimo Plus my old faithfuls - * Paeng Grunge Concrete Set * Paeng Texture Pack v104 * PEG Security Fencing Kit * Murimk Prop Pack Vol03 - Industrials * SHK Parking Pack * SG 01 Megapack * Porkie Props Vol 01 DEVELOPER NOTES Zone a high density 9x7 plot while holding CTRL to grow the lot. You find the ploppable at or near the end of the 'Landmarks' menu. INSTALLATION Unzip the whole bundle into "(My )Documents/Plugins". To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins. CREDITS Thanks to Porkissimo and to the folks at simpeg.com for being there :-) SUPPORT Should you need support for these items please visit the Paeng Production Forum Enjoy!
  8. Hello there everyone. I've recently gotten back into playing SimCity after a 6 month+ hiatus as I've developed a renewed interest now modding is a possibility. I was wondering, well, more like hoping, that there is a possibility that we could have a mod where we can plop any building. I know this is possible in SimCity 4 with a cheat and it's ideal, but I can appreciate that SimCity 2013 is a little more complicated. The main reason I want this is because for the majority of the time, I do not like the randomness of the buildings that grow in the zones. A lot of the time it looks mis-matched, add to that I'd like to plop the city set growables on their own as I'd like to have a little bit of London and Paris in my city, almost in a similar vein to 'Chinatown'. Also, with this you can avoid having towering residential skyscrapers wedged in the middle of teeny tiny houses. Perhaps this could also allow for more than three landmarks in one city, as I'd love to be able to have however many I'd like. Does anybody have any knowledge of whether this would be possible, would it be something that you would like? Fundamentally it would give you the option of having complete control of how your city looks and it's cohesiveness. Thank you in advance. I hope there is a talented individual out there who could make this dream a reality. - Tony
  9. I have a large city tile that currently has around 67,000 residents. There is a large body of water in the tile that seperates the city, and on the smaller landmass I'd think it'd be a good place to grow farms since it is not technically part of the city, nor is there any pollution etc. But I have heard the I-AG demand dissipates completely at around 16,000 residential population, and my RCI graph reflects this. I was just wondering if there was a way I could get the farms to grow on the smaller part of the city tile?
  10. ERJ_2x2Bldg_01

    Version 1


    ERJ_2x2Bldg_01 HD I know most people don't bother reading the ReadMe!... so I'll be brief. NO dependencies!! Alright, for those of you who want to know more: ERJ_2X2Bldg_01 is a W2W building inspired by a run-down building in the centre of Lima, Perú, though it is not exactly the same. It is intended as a 2x2 filler that can be placed in corners, on its own, or between two (or more) W2W buildings. It's not a fancy bat, I finished it in one afternoon and I really did not pay much attention to detail (as I said... it is a filler). The style is modernist and can be used for pretty much any city style. I made this Bat using HD gmax. Why? Because I am too lazy to create a day/night version in Autocad for a filler, yet I love high def. Installation: Unzip the file and place it in your plugins folder located in /Documents/Simcity4/Plugins. Delete this readme and the pictures, or use BSC Cleanitol for a faster game. dependencies: NONE! Stats: 511 CO$$ Jobs, both grow and plop Stage Grow 7 Now... the usual legal gibberish, Don´t distribute it without my previous authorization, use at your own risk, etc. Enjoy! erjolog B.S. Civil Engineering '16 For other languages, para otros lenguages, für andere Sprache, voor een ander Taal, use: translate.google.com
  11. Hi guys I'm now working on a new downtown. Things went very well at first, the demand for both commercial service and office were skyhigh (I'm having the CAM installed, and the demand bar reached the top for all kinds of commercial). However the demand for residential were all negative, while it's neighbor city's demand for residential was very high. I don't really know why :| . Anyway I laid out roads, add stations and parks and stuff but all I get were commercial services: stores and malls and theaters all over the place but not much office highrise although the demand for it was very high No matter where or how much I zoned all turned up were commercial service I checked the desirability and it showed that the area I has chosen as downtown was desirable enough to grow office highrise Any advise ?
  12. Milk Agro

    Version 2


    My first BAT/Growable lot. It's a copy of a small local supermarket. There are four CS$ growables: 3x2;2x3;1x3;3x1 Functional plop version is included (3x2) The building provides 51CS$ Jobs. No depencies.
  13. A few plopable building I downloaded appear brown when I query them it says. "Abandoned due to commute time" How do I keep my buildings from getting abandoned? Here are the buildings.
  14. Hi Simtropoli, I have this weird issue in one of my cities: I am getting no office development and few residential skyscrapers, I have high demand for CO-$$$ high desirability and am getting the "Sims scout for office advantages" message. I currently have low residential demand but have over 26,000 sims and when I do have demand I get few larger buildings. Ps. I have NAM 31 and CAM (no lack of jobs (No job zot nonexistent) Thanks for the help, willsim
  15. Hi all I was just wondering if this splendid community will help out a fellow SimCity'er (City Builder?) with a rather annoying problem The problem is: I have downloaded all of MBEAR's brilliant MED home lots and his commercial lots as well but the thing is that when plop down some zoned areas only certainly sized zone allow buildings to grow. ( i.e only 2x1 Commercial shops start building) I have all the dependencies installed. I have DuskTroopers block all Maxis buildings installed blocking RES and COM buildings. Is it just a matter that I have too many lots by the same person and they're all clashing? Anyway thanks for the help in advance Chilli

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