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City-building game(s)

Found 29 results

  1. Whew!! Those were a really strenuous two weeks; RL is still eating me alive, just at a slower rate, so that means I can add something here. But first: The replies! -- + * * * + -- Chapter 2. Infraestructure Planning, part 1 This entry, as the one before, is basically more map-fueled descriptions, but now there is a bit more of interactivity. With the same satellite images shown, I did some zoning and transport maps, that will allow you to see the potential expansion of the city. First is a decontextualized transport map, that is also incomplete. Not really useful, right? I'm posting it anyway because the JPEG compression made the other images a bit less than visible. Here the yellow lines represent avenues or widened roads, the orange ones highways (or motorways, I have to decide from which side of the Atlantic I borrow my words...), the purple lines are railroads (maybe you already recognised that curve from the ascent to the Piedra Roja mine), and the rose one (here, strangely also purple), the BRT line. Last, the parts where the lines are dotted are tunnels. Now, let's put this into its context: Much better, no? Also, it is more evident that a lot of work is still waiting to be done, both on tracing already built networks and on building them! Here, the main obstacle is to decide what to zone on the non-developed areas, to get an idea of what would be the best network design for it. Or not! To keep with realism, not everywhere transport infraestructure has to be good: I plan abstractly on underserved poor neighbourhoods, conectivity problems around the port (too much close to the city centre), and suboptimal solutions to the not-very-friendly terrain. The point is to decide where those good and bad solutions will be. So let's go to the zoning: I did some work on this, and already covered more than the currently built terrain, but there are still relevant portions without adequate zoning. Let's make this a bit more understandable: see that long stretch of orange that looks like a bicycle pump? That's the Central Station, with the terminal building on the left. Just under that (or south of that) is the Historical Centre. The pink zone at its west is the Government Quarter, and north of the station is a non-zoned area, that corresponds to the old harbour (guess which custom will be used there...). Those dark blue shapes will be the CBD, along the main north-south highway. I think most of the map is very self-explanatory, but something escapes from it: those suburbs on the northwest corner cannot be more different to the ones on the south, simply because of class: Now it's more evident: the darker the shade, the poorer the residents and workers. As it is predictable, the port sorroundings are the poorer ones, as the local workers live there, and the rich people flies from industrial pollution. Remember, this is a Latin American CJ, there ought to be urban segregation. In general, I plan for rich people around the Calfú river (the one at the northwestern portion of the region), and for poor people on the nearby of the port and the mine, with the middle class located either at the city centre (soon to be gentrified, sorry) and the more dull areas of the northeast and north, acting as a buffer between rich and poor people. In any case, don't be surprised to find some places where just a tall fence separates a resort from a slum: that's as realistic as you can get, and the overall geography almost asks for it. More detailedly, there are a handful of places where some unconventional development will alter the general distribution of zones and wealth. The Still-Unnamed-Island will be a nature reserve, destined to be MMPed with a very diverse range of flora, to simulate a Fernandezian Cloud Forest. As is the case with many temperate regions around the Pacific, the native flora has been displaced by silviculture and "feral" forests of introduced species: expect Cascadia redwoods on everything but this tiny island, as the shipbuilding industry demanded long and straight trunks, not huge ferns and leaves to feed dinosaurs. The second canal from the Colorado lake (it has a name now! its because the algaes!! now there aren't red algaes anymore there ). I projected it as being built some years after the dawn of the container era, when the increased ship traffic encountered a bottleneck on the original Desaguadero canal. I have to work on its sorroundings: will they be just tall rock walls, or some kind of lowland to give continuity to the port area? It will depend on: The bulk port area: I projected here a bulk port, to reserve the original port to containerised loads, but I'm still doubting if doing a dock on the west side, around the new canal; or on the east side, to avoid the factories on that side to cross the river to ship their output. It can be both? Maybe, but I would need to more more earth, to widen the water area. One of the still unnamed peninsulaes, which is an alternative location for the bulk port: mostly flat, it can be good as a fuel port too. Remember that Santa Clara literally sprouted from a cracked tectonic plate, so it has metal ores, nitrates and silicates, but no old minerals: neither gems, nor uranium, nor fossil fuels; so, every vehicle and almost all power plant on the country has to run on imported fuels, and there has to be a place to unload all that petrol and gas. Conveniently, that place would be hidden from this nice touristic shoreline. Hit by the westernmost winds of the Humboldt current and populated by the hard rocks that avoided the Loberías sound to go even deeper, this beaches aren't safe to bath on them, but are nonetheless a very attractive destination for relaxing: expect some Copacabana-styled locals enjoying the clean water and the marine breeze (much colder, in any case), and several condos crawling on the hills. How to connect the place with the rest of the city? I don't know exactly. Going back to the historical element, this little estuary is the placement of Puerto Viejo (literally 'Old Port'), a small fishing cove that was once the original seat of the Santa Clara capital (or more precisely, only) town. My problem with it is related to their environment: there are agricultural fields at its west, and a copper mine to its north (place 8). How to justify it to be still a small coastal town instead of an industrialised port? Or should I abandon the idea of a small cove and to overhaul the place? Consider that the trend to have UNESCO protected areas is very recent, so a relatively poor nation could have been already tempted to destroy their heritage to reduce costs... This other place is more justifiable as preserved: Quiñenco is a small lake just dammed up before the estuary of the Blanco river, and its fresh waters help a micro-climate to bloom between two big hills. It is the perfect place for a touristic site, and that's what I'm planning there. The problem is: to make the place as protected as is, the northern hill has to be terraformed and grow to a scale where the planned airport to its north is on a very absurd (or dangerous) placement, so I'm thinking on moving it to place 9. Now there is the Piedra Roja Mine: I want it to be an open pit mine, even if it is really difficult, just because is also more flamboyant, as a CJ has to be . It already has it's own very toxic tailings dam, but the terraforming is due. I'll probably dedicate a whole entry to decide where to mine the hill. This plateau looks like a better option to build the airport, but as the area is not flat, some earthworks will be needed. This is maybe the biggest project of the list: a full secondary city to connurbate Ciudad del lago with. Of course it won't be as important, but I want it to have its own centre, structure and history, for which a full entry will be needed: I don't even have a name! Well, this ended being a really long entry, and I guess you'll have a lot to tinker with. I'm eager to read your opinions, suggestions, critics and proposals!
  2. Greetings, this is my first post here and very happy to join this esteemed site. I am working on the sole large tile in the London Region map and happily building a booming city with approx. 390,000 people. I have started to use all the wonderful new buildings available in STEX which helps to develop my city more across the Thames. NAM is in use since day 1. However, my commercial zones failed to develop across the Thames even the older part of city north of the Thames is doing well. The charts also show that I have demands for all types of commercial jobs except Co$$$. My education and health coverage is excellent. Grateful if anyone can shed light on my predicament.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm playing simcity4 with NAM installed. I was able to make 6x6 lot sized HDR zone until i removed an unaffiliated plugin. Now game just puts a street every 4 tiles making my hdr zones made of 4x4 lots. How can i change this to automatically divide every 6 tiles instead of 4, making 6x6 zones as i drag mouse? Here in the picture you can see before (right) and after (left) zones. They are both high wealth residential and they are both drawn with a single mouse drag. Plugin was demand ordinance btw, putting it back didn't solve the issue. Thanks in advance
  4. How do i build in Simcity 4 a big sucessfull metropolis? How Long does it take to build such an big City with over 1 million inhabitants?
  5. So, sometimes in my city, when I am trying to zone out a lot (mainly residential or commercial) and I drag my selection to do say a 2x4 block lot, it breaks up the way it faces and makes a road behind the lot. Is there a way to zone 2x4 or 3x4 or 4x4 lots that face one way? Or a patch to plop them like that? Thanks
  6. I am using the RICO mod, I know it allows me to put assets out of zones. I'm trying to build a mega city, but I just don't want to manually put every residential on the map so I put zones. However, some assets, for examples, Quad's assets, I would like to have them out of the specific zones instead of spawning automatically in them. Is this feasible? What should I do? Thanks.
  7. When you zone the game will try to automatically try to lay out streets in what it thinks is an effort to be helpful. However this always gets in the way. I would like to know if there is a way you can make this go away completely. I know the thing about holding shift. I want it to not happen.
  8. http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=DLC:Air_Force_Base This entry talks about an 'unimplemented' airport (?) zoning- apparently this is the only building that can grow on this unimplemented zoning type. I wonder if there are other unused zoning like this that can be used for mods, or if that's even possible.
  9. Industries need more commercial zones to sell goods...commercial zones need more industry to make goods... I keep getting this same problem, and I can't think of a way to fix it. Its like a cycle. Has anyone else had this issue?
  10. Hello everyone. Long time no post. I've been lurking for several years, playing SC4 off and on, and just now for the first time since I bought the game all those years ago, I've got a big, prosperous city with 100,000 residents! However I have a weird issue that I am hoping you guys could shed some light on. Demand for Residential zones (all three wealth levels) is sky-high. However, demand for all commercial zones save for low wealth services and all industrial zones is negative. My main city is flanked by two smaller cities, one which has a small industrial area, and the other has mainly low density medium wealth residential. Have I spent too much time on the main city and not enough on its neighbors? I have tried lowering taxes for C and I zones, but the effect on demand is minimal and quickly eaten up. High wealth residential sims in particular are struggling to find work, despite having some demand. R$ and R$$ demand is very high. This leads to my other question. How do I discourage wealthy sims from moving in and encourage poorer sims to take their place? I am aware that high land value is a turn off to R$ sims, but desirability for those places is still very high. This issue has always plagued my bigger towns and cities. If need be, I can post a shot of the city and some statistics later, but I hope I just made a simple first timer error in my planning. NAM v34 is the only plugin installed, and I am running the steam version of SC4.
  11. Hi !! I've been downloading a lot of custom buildings the last days. I've noticed the authors of some big growable ones recommend zoning holding the ctrl key to "help" the buildings growing. I know the game is able to divide or join lots when needed... but does it change if you ctrl-zone ? You will get bigger lots, so the game is supposed to be able to subdivide them if needed. Or can it lead to zones not being used because of too big lots ? Will those big bats still have a chance to grow if I do not ctrl-zone ? Thanks in advance for your expertise.
  12. I still consider myself to be new at this game. Unlike most players, I play the game very slowly and am gaining a grasp on how the game works and its deficiencies. Since I am often not sure what to do I will set a policy and see what happens. One policy I'm using now is to let abandoned properties try to recover on their own. This has had mixed results and I can see it could be some time before it proves to be either a workable or disastrous policy. Has anyone tried this and with what results? On a related note, properties are often upgrading or at least changing in some manner. In general low density upgrades to a slightly denser low density building etc. A low density building on a medium density zone can upgrade to medium density but some types, notably mansions seem resistant to this. So, quite simply, will a mansion ever upgrade to R§ apartment, or any any apartment for that matter?
  13. Hello, I have a possible suggestion for a mod. It may be too extensive. But, just a thought. There doesn't seem to be alot of control of which business and house goes into our zoning classification. Working for the government and working daily with the planning department we see a plethora of business applications. Some are turned down due to many factors. My thought is that it would be cool if there was a mod to accept or not accept the type of business that is going in. You may be even able to setup code type regulations. ect ect. But, it would be cool if you received a request for building and had the ability to choose which business and which type of house goes in. It would be alot of micro-management. But, it may add another dimension of control to some players.
  14. I searched around, but couldn't find what I was looking for. In designing my city layout, is there a resource somewhere that would give me an idea of how close commercial and industrial need to be to residential zones (or each other)? I'd like to leave plenty of space to sprawl my residential area, to add parks and whatnot, but I assume there's got to be a maximum distance that sims will travel to work or to stores. And that's probably affected by road type and efficiency.
  15. I feel like I want to give up on trying to enjoy SimCity 4. I had the game since 2009, and I STILL can't figure out how it works. I can't learn it. Maybe I'm trying too hard at it, but my lots never grow when I zone no matter which technique I try to follow. I do power and roads but by even year 5 or 10 I'm still only a little over 1000 people.
  16. Painting/Zoning Parks Instead of Plopping I have always wondered why games made forced us to use square shaped parks for our cities. Even in Cities:Skylines parks are for the most part square. I don't know about you, but I can think of many parks that are along riverfronts, oceanfronts, cliffsides, forests, and hills. I always thought it would be cool to have a tool, much like Cities:Skylines, "districting/zoning" tool to highlight an area and turn it into a park that is actually functional. Allow for plopping of paths, benches, picnic areas, designate viewing platforms, and much more. I can not mod, but I was thinking, this certainly has to be possible with Cities:Skylines capabilities. Would have loved it back in the days of Sim City 4, but I don't see that happening. Am I the only one who thinks "painting" parks in cities is a good idea? Imagine a small park that just follows along a stream, with paths on both sides. Maybe a park in a environmentally friendly marshland, or highlighting a stretch of beach as a park to attract tourists? Maybe even a small urban green park packed between busy buildings or a scenic oceanfront park that takes the shape of the coastline and varies depending on the topography. I feel this would be a great idea, and would love feedback from others. We already can zone specific districts by painting them in Cities:Skylines, why not be able to do that with parks?
  17. Can someone make a 4x4 tiles brush tool for zoning residential, commercial, industry and offices? Just like other tools for marking zones, but only brush with 4x4 tiles dimension. If not, is it possible for someone with no experience in coding (except some Autohotkey scripting) to do this?
  18. So I was playing Simcity and I noticed there were a few abandoned buildings I had to demolish. This is the description of one of them. Is there anything wrong with my game? As you can obviously see, there are several parks and several shops surrounding the abandoned house. I'm new to the website, so please tell me if I did anything wrong in making this topic. Thanks
  19. Hi all! My question is simple: do you control your zoning (by pressing ctrl, i mean)? Or do you leave to the game instead? Thanks
  20. Hello All, First off let me start by saying I am a 1st time poster and I have been an advent SimCity user since the 90's. I started using mods and d/l content for the last few months for the first time yay me! I was one of those types that just amassed squared roads and lots and was content. That was until I started d/l customed content. So I started to diversify my cities in my region. I never really started a rural city and custom suburbs up to about a month ago. While perusing through simtropolis for ideas on a small town I started looking at agriculture (I never really used it until now). So my question is how big of a zone can I make for my agriculture town? What should I do to make it look like a real farming town. I have already started my city in the far reaches of my region so there are no connections to it. I also have the street Addon Mod for the dirt roads for the fields and brick pavers for my "town center". I would like my fields to be big AND small but I would just like to know the maximum and minimum for placement. Thank you all for your input as it is greatly appreciated. P.S. What would your "ideal" agriculture town look like? THANK YOU AGAIN
  21. Recently, there have been many topics asking how to set up at city and break the grid. To answer these questions, I have created this tutorial on how to create unique cities with effective transportation, without sticking to a grid, as well as how to create varied cities that are realistic in design. First off, remember that I am using custom content in this tutorial. I am not going to provide links to all the custom content I used, as it is not neccessary; but if anyone would like a link to something I used, please PM me and I will try to provide you with a link. Secondly, also remember that this tutorial is not showing you the set-in-stone way to create your cities. There are countless ways to create a city, and I am merely showing you one way to do it and providing suggestions on how to make your cities more creative. Thirdly, let's begin... 1. Downtown/CBD A downtown/CBD is the central hub of a city, in business and generally in transportation. This is, in most cases, the densest part of a city, consisting of skyscrapers and apartments/condos, with large amounts of people in a smaller area. Downtowns/CBDs generally have a grid system for roads, avenues, etc. They also have mass transit systems that move people around. These can consist of bus, subway, elavated rail, light rail, or a combination of all. These main principles translate to SC4. When you create your DT/CBD, consider using a grid system. The standard grid is 4x4 tiles of road or OWR with 4x4 zones of high-density commercial... However, this can be very limiting to the variety of buildings your city has (assuming you have downloaded cutom content), as well as your mass transit system. More practical and realistic grid sizes include 6x6, 6x8, 8x8, 10x8, and 10x10. In some cases, a grid isn't practical at all, and custom shapes and sizes must be used, but it is easier to try to stick to a grid as much as possible. You can also use avenues as main "roads." These sizes allow for you to plop bus stops, subway stations, parking, alleys, plazas, and pedmall tiles while still being able to zone different shapes and sizes of high-density commercial for skyscrapers: Please excuse the znnoying zots... Now, lets's look at this in a small-scale example of the transition from the DT/CBD to suburbs: Notice how I placed bus and subway stops every block, added parking, plazas, etc., and had a tram-in-avenue line running near the DT/CBD and the medium-density area. This makes for an effective transit system, so Sims can get around. Also notice the transition from the DT/CBD to the suburbs by zoning medium-density commercial and residential. I will refer to this picture in the following sections. 2. Transitioning to Suburbs The transition from the DT/CBD to the suburbs is generally not abrupt, but gradual. By adding more parks, civics, and zoning medium-density, the transition can be made realistic. Also consider using diagonal and fractional angle roads, streets, etc. to transition the suburbs. As the central hub transitions to the outlying areas of a city, the density decreases, as does the need for large mass transit, such as subway and el. rail. Mass transit like bus systems is still needed to transport Sims from their homes to their jobs, however. The diversity in wealth levels increases, as the DT/CBD generally has mostly high wealth residents and businesses. Zone medium desnity commercial and residential in generally smaller zone sizes to transition realistically. In real life situations, many universities are built in this transition area. Students who attend the university often live in apartments also found in this area. Notice how I cut off the tram-in-avenue line before it ran through the suburbs. Generally, when creating lower density areas, you want to keep mass transit to bus. However, this changes depending on the situation. Try to separate your Sims my wealth. By placing civics and parks in certain areas only, you can influence where your wealthy Sims live and where your poor Sims live. Traffic noise, education, health, etc. all affect what Sims live where, so plan accordingly. 3. The Suburbs The suburbs are where most of the population of a city live, in most cases. They surround the DT/CBD and sprawl out in all directions in a large area and consist of small sub-communities with jobs and mostly simgle-family homes. For example, I live in Gilbert, which is a sub-community of the city of Phoenix. There are many businesses here, which provide local jobs to the residents of the city. Suburbs also have many schools, clinics, parks, and other civics for the people who live there. This makes the living conditions better. Having only one hospital in the DT/CBD so people from all over have to drive there is not a good idea. Remember to continue your transit system so Sims can commute to their jobs. There are many ways to create suburbs, but they all consist of low-density zones. Many suburbian areas have curving roads, so use fractional angle and diagonal streets and roads. Zone small-medium sized low-desnity commercial and residential for varied suburbs and neighborhoods. To create tract housing areas, zone the same sized zone repeatedly. I grouped the methods of creating suburbs into four main categories. The first way to create suburbs is by using a loose grid pattern. In this method, long and narrow blocks are connected to a main road. Fill in empty space with parks or trees. Another design is similar to a tree. Connect a main street to a main road and create branches from the main street. Fill in empty space with parks or trees. The third design involves creating randomly sprawling streets that are connected to a main road by several streets. This design is common in real life situations. Fill in empty space with parks or trees. The fourth design involves creating loops connected to a main street, connected to a main road. Fill in...... Well, you get it by now. I apologize for the size of my god-mode trees. The tree controller was glitching and made the trees small. 4. Industry and Agriculture Industrial areas are found throughout a city, but they are generally far enough from the DT/CBD to not negatively affect desirability, and are usually found on the outskirts of the city. They provide jobs to all three wealth levels, depending on the type of industry. I find that using the same sized zones used for the DT/CBD is effective for industrial areas, specifically 8x8 and 10x10. These sized zones allow for large industrial factories and warehouses to grow (can be downloaded) and also allow for the continued transit system, as well as power/water plants and grungy eyecandy. Connect your industry to other neighboring cities, if you have them, and other parts of the cirty with rail. Try to avoid crossing rail with main roads and use underpasses or rail viaducts instead. In some cases, you may want agriculture surrounding your city. Agriculture provides jobs for small towns and communities outside of the main city, in most cases. To create realistic farming, use many fractional angle roads, streets, and highways (assuming you have the RHW) and different sized farming zones. Avenues have no place out in the countryside. (Sorry, no pic.) 5. Details, Details, Details Last but not least, in order to create a realistic and varied city, the details are important. Using mods like the NAM, RHW, NWM, HSRP, RAM, and SAM, you can create realistic transportation systems with many new additions to the game. And with plenty of custom content, you can create anything from a bustling metropolis to a small, rural farming community. The STEX and LEX are your friends; embrace them. The more custom content and less Maxis you have in a city, the better it will look. 6. Conclusion Using these methods, tips, and suggestions, you can create realistic, varied cities with effective transportation systems, and say "goodbye" to the grid forever. Remember, these are only suggestions and tips. They are also based off of American city-styled methods, as I am an American. Not all of the said methods will apply to all cities; however, some, if not most, of the methods should apply to cities of all styles. Having this said, do what you want to do, and make your cities how you want to make them. Most importantly, SC4 is a game, so have fun with it! Hope this helps! (Please pardon any typos; I wrote most of this late at night and I don't feel like checking.) ~ Charles/Evan (Who is now going to sleep because he is tired. )
  22. What tips does anyone have with regards to increasing the commercial and residential density to the third and highest level possible? I would prefer someone who has actually achieved this to answer instead of someone speculating...
  23. Anyone got tips on community college and university placement? I read that it will increase tech level of industrial zones, but will also increase medium wealth residential zones. If I place it in the industrial park, will it be able to function properly?
  24. Hullo everyone, this may well be my foray into Simtropolis forumming but, I have a question that most of you would sneer at... How would I zone for terraces/rowhouses in SC4? I mean like British terraces. Where every house in that street is the same, with only minor differences. How would I zone for that? Help is greatly appreciated, and picture tutorials would be great as well. Picture in case I didn't describe it well enough:

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