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City-building game(s)

Found 31 results

  1. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Give realism to your railroad tracks, yards, sidings, spurs and industrial zones with these freight cars and locomotives dating from the 1980's to our modern days. This prop pack includes newer rolling stock pieces, some of them never seen before in SimCity 4, like: Autoracks Coil Cars Gondolas Boxcars Hoppers Tank Cars And so on. In this prop pack you will find around 300 different freight cars and other objects like containers, trailers etc, all of them rendered in HD and in 20 different versions (ortho, diagonal, curve fitting and FAR versions). Installation: Just extract the files contained in this .rar file into your plugins folder. For uninstalling it, just delet them from your plugins folder. Dependencies: None, this is intended to be a depencency. Enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who helped me in its development, without you, this would have been such a mess. And you, for downloading. For more information and/or notify me of an error with this, please visit this thread: Or PM at my Simtropolis profile.
  2. East Enokido Rail Line

    • Update #4 || East Enokido Rail Line • ############################################################################## • Enokido is a town located between the bay of Saitama and the mountains of Handa. Enokido is a town with around 120.000 inhabitants and it is part of the metropolitan area of Saitama. Today we will visit the East part of Enokido which is mostly a residential zone • • There are two rail lines going through Enokido. One goes through the center of Enokido and the other one goes through the East part of Enokido. Today we will visit the "East Enokido Rail line" which has some interesting views of this part of Enokido • • The rail lines run along the Kasumori canal. This canal is used to supply water to this part of Saitama which has a great number of rice fields. As you can see the Kasumori canal is very close to the railways • • As I said, East Enokido is mostly a residential zone and not just that, Enokido is a old town and some parts still has the old Japanese architecture style, from the train you can see a lot of these houses, they are made in wood • • The Enokido rail yard is located here. There are coming trains from the south part of Saitama, in this part of Saitama there are a lot of villages and towns and this rail yard serves to all those trains which are operating in this zone of Saitama • • At the end of the railyard there is also a freight train station. As you can imagine, this station is very important for Enokido and also for Saitama and its production • • Here in this picture you can see one of the symbols of Saitama, in most of the villages you can find one of those water towers. They were built for a company from Dresden. (BIG THANKS takemethere) • • "DIN DON" Welcome to "Jr Enokido East" station, as always the train is on time • • During the night the trains are still running through the East of this fantastic Japanese town. I hope you enjoy your trip in one of our trains • ~ Greetings from Enokido, Saitama Prefecture ~ ##################### ~ R - E - P - L - I - E - S ~ ############################################################################## tariely Thank you my friend ! The cemetery is from a Japanese page. You can find it HERE gviper Thanks man ! MissVanleider Thank you, glad you like it feyss Bedankt mijn vriend ! Artimus Yep, you are in Japan haha. Thank you so much ! sejr99999 I enjoy a lot sharing my city with all of you. Thanks for your kind comment. MushyMushy Thanks for your kind comment ! You should take a look in this PAGE you will enjoy it. TekindusT HAHA, that's a funny comment right here ! Gracias amigo. Un saludo. FrankBurnsEatsWorms Thank you so much takemethere Thanks for your comment and for your great water tower, I really enjoy it. I will try to share as soon as I can an update showing that industrial zone. kschmidt Yes, you're totally right but let me know that soon you will see some temples. Thanks ! ulisse Thank you so much mr.fusion The cranes are a model from google sketchup. I've changed the color and exported to the game. Thanks. Deionn Thanks for your help but actually you're wrong, those houses are from gobanboshi's page, anyway you're right about somy, He is a fantastic batter. totalnoob The rice fields are from a japanese page (I don't know exactly where they are) and the crane is a model from Google. Thanks for your comment. Tonraq Arigatou gozaimasu airman15 wow that's a great comment ! It is a pleasure for me read this kind of things. Thank you ! Belfastsocrates Thanks my friend. I do the same with your updates tankmank It's really nice to see you around here my friend. I'm glad that you liked it. I hope you enjoy with the new update as well. ############################################################################## Greetings / Saludos / Groeten # Jonathan.
  3. San Donato

    San Donato Here you have a small town that is close to Torre Canne and San Foca. This village is called San Donato. With this warm climate you get to 42 degrees centigrade there are beautiful beaches with a crystal clear sea. The Church of San Donato of Arezzo The San Donato railway station This village is crossed by the highway A34. You can see the railway network and the high speed. A small industrial area and the beach. A34 highway with A35. Campaign and highway junction Farms To conclude a beautiful olive cultivation COMMENT REPLIES: Torre Canne Marina @GoKingsGo:Torre Canne is a very coveted tourist destination. @JP Schriefer:Thank you very much @Toby Ferrian:I was experimenting with the effects to find the right effect. In effects in some photos the effects are exaggerated. @schokoladeneis 1:I was experimenting with the effects on the pictures @feyss:Too colorful @BLANKBLANK:I was experimenting with the effects. Anyway thanks for the comment. @kschmidt:Thanks for the comment. Even if you do not see in the shots there is a tunnel that connects the industrial area with the city @Takingyouther:Thanks for the comment.
  4. Two railway textures

    I'm probably a big fat goobus who missed something essential during NAM installation, but I've been living with this for a while and it drives me nuts. My draggable rail has a completely different texture from the puzzle pieces.
  5. Public Transport: Part 1

    Hello, welcome to another entry to the Bellingham Journal. This entry will deal with one of the most important matters of the city: Mass Public Transport. This is a real map from the transport in Bellingham Superscripion: Blue: Line 1 Metro Yellow: Line 2 Metro Orange: Suburban Railway (Lines A from D) Red: BRT (The colors are not the official ones, and are here just to separate the the lines) This is an tourist map about the stations for lines 1 and 2. They have the all the names of the stations and the integrations with the diverse forms of transportation. The next images will show a few of them: Costa Verde Station: The former end of the Line 1, now the infrastructure leads to the new access to the new station and is the integration between ferries and Line 1. This is the terminal of the BRT System in the CBD, side to side with the Rail terminal, a complex called "Terminal Central". The complex receives 160000 passengers/day. They're also integrated with line 1 of the metro and all the Railway Lines (A from D) with the Central station. The Complex also gives access to the biggest walkable complex of services in the region. This is Cosmos/Allianz Arena Station, One of the most used in the Bellingham. Is the Intersection between Line 2 of Metro and Line D of Commuter Rail. Due it's prime location, The station also attends universities, stadiums (That put the name on the station) and one of the most used avenues in the city, the Avenida Manchester. To ensure full access to the station, a footbridge was attached next to the station, crossing the rail and linking Estrada das Lágrimas and the end of Avenida Cosmos to Avenida Manchester. Vila Inglesa Station: Integrates Line 2 with Lines A and B. The station still retains the original characteristics of when it was a station that served a village inspired by the European concepts (mainly English) of architecture and urbanism.
  6. Version 1.0.1


    Grand Central Chicago Station, by Mattb325. ---------------------------------------
  7. Twin Falls

    From the album Bridge Bonanza (S3-07-W)

    I've shown this already, but I can't think of a better image of mine to participate in this challenge. Diagonal L-1 railway viaduct over diagonal stream, right next to a junction of two small rivers. A small serene place in the center of a busy city, the veins of nature, as I like to call it. Believe me, as simple as it loooks, it took me a good while to figure out how to do this, and for years I haven't thought that this would be possible. It required actually placing a viaduct and then manually editing the terrain in SC4Terraformer, as McDuell found out. And to place the river, I had to turn the RFR Plopwater system and various rocks by Pegasus into props and making them offset, as FrankU explained in a tutorial over at sc4devotion.com. An honest tribute to all the SC4 players and plugin developers who spent much time to figure out ways to get around in-game limitations.
  8. The Networks of Lakeland

    I made these maps in illistrator using a cimtographer map overlay. My region was too big to easily visualize.
  9. The Title says it all, any suggestion? (I hope I picked the right section)
  10. Entry no.31 - Orchard Heights

    For this update we head back to Orchard Heights first seen in entry 25. Back then I only showed closeups and focused on the hydro corridor and the residential area surrounding it. But in recent years this neighborhood has developed a small commercial downtown owning largely to the governments policy of intensifying density near Fastraxx commuter train stations. The area now accounts for a little under 20% (5500 of 29,000) of Dresden's commercial jobs while12,600 live in the area. The Orchard Heights train station is on the south side of the neighborhood while the Web Interchange, originally seen in entry 26, is just to the south west. This was an entry that I was going to post on Tuesday but then I had to use system restore after my computer crashed which wipe out all the images I original took of the area. So I had to start from scratch again. In any case, hope you like it! Overview of Orchard Heights with the major thoroughfares. First let's take a look at the neighborhood's points of access, major employers and notable places of culture & recreation. The primary means of reaching Orchard Heights is of course via The Web interchange and the train station. The Orchard Heights train station is a stop on the Fastraxx line. As noted in the Fastraxx E2, this line has all-day train service(think RER type of service). The stop is used by 1,061 commuters daily and has a surface parking lot with 255 spaces. Because of it's proximity to Orchard Heights mini downtown(even the farthest offices are only about 500m away) most commuters walk to and from the station. If we go southward on Middleton Rd. from here we arrive to the neighborhood of Valhalla Park which begins on the other side of the rail underpass. This rail line is ICR's Lakeridge subdivision, one of two lines that carries freight traffic to points further south of Pretoria. The single track line is the ICR Sumira Spur which connects to the GWR's rail network allowing the two companies to interchange rail traffic. The first major office building is across the street from the train station. The SimCityPolska building is located on the north east corner of Michigan Rd. & Middleton Rd. SimCityPolska is a compute game development company that employs 150 people. Their offices are located on the top two floors of the building while the remaining floors are leased to other companies.Employees working here can conveniently take the train in, walk across the street and be at work. That hasn't stopped them from building a moderately sized above ground parking garage with 175 spaces on the east side of the building. I suppose you can't expect everyone to take transit. A total of 558 people work in the building. On & off ramps to the 700 are just to the west of here. The fisherman's Bar and a gas station are located on the side side of Michigan Rd. Orchard Height's largest employer is the TMB, short for the "The Major Bank". They have a branch office located on the corner of Middleton Rd and Ruiko Dr. just to the north of the 700. Nearly 800 people work here. TMB Plaza is the tallest building in Orchard Heights at 78m/255ft. All other buildings in the area are under 200ft(except for the Holy Trinity's steeple). Though this still only makes it Dresden's 23rd tallest. There was some concern about it's height and density as local residents feared that it set a new precedent for buildings in the area. But the new city council has so far rejected all application for taller buildings in Orchard Heights. On the east side of the intersection is Dresden's second largest hotel(behind only the 200-room Hotel Mercure in downtown Dresden), the 132 room Shangri-la Hotel Dresden. The access ramp to a large 600 space underground parking lot for both buildings is just east of the hotel. Turning left(west) on Ruiko Dr. are a couple more on/off ramps to the 700 past them there is a farmers market and a discount department store. Further west down Grenadier Rd. where it transitions to Portlands Rd. on the other side of the Web interchange is Enders Mall. While technically outside of Orchard Heights, it's actually in the area known as Industrial sector G, the mall is frequented by residents from Orchard Heights. Despite being less than half a km away though, most people drive to the mall since the surrounding roads are are not very pedestrian friendly. Enders Mall is one of Pretoria's oldest and smallest and has seen better days. Currently nearly half of the 2-story mall's 180 stalls sit empty while the remaining stalls house mostly discount retail shops. The mall is not in the most attractive location and has not been maintained very well. It hasn't been refurbished even once in its 40-year history. The mall's owners have not shown any interest in renovating the mall but have expressed some interest in selling the property. Several industrial companies have expressed interest but the city has steadfastly refused so far to rezoned the land. Which would be necessary before any industrial facility can be built on the site(currently zoned for commercial use only). Parking for 300 vehicles is provided behind that mall and another 100 spots are available across Station Rd. Now let's backtrack down Grenadier Rd. all the way back to Middleton Rd.(and the nicer part of town ) Between Ruiko Drive and Grenadier Rd. we come across the Holy Trinity Church. Built in 1956, the church predates nearly all of the other buildings in the area by several decades. The head office of an insurance firm called GE Money is located on the north side of Grenadier Rd. GE money is Orchard Height's second largest employer with 715 workers. The other two corners of this intersection are occupied by a luxury auto dealership and a branch office for a major cell phone manufacturer. Further north is Dunstin Park. The park has an indoor & outdoor swimming pool, two softball fields(children sized) & three soccer fields underneath the Hardack hydro corridor. One of the larger of Dresden's water towers is located here as well, with a capacity of 1.8 million liters. Reversing back down Grenadier Road, east of the Holy Trinity Church we come across an area with several smaller office buildings. Dresden's modern city hall is located here as well. It's the beige & white brick building with the green lawn on the upper right corner of the Grenadier Rd. & Ruiko Dr. intersection. Grenadier Rd. then passes underneath the 700 Meets up with Michigan Rd. And And finally runs underneath both rail lines before leaving Orchard Heights. That more or less covers all the notable places of interest in the Orchard Heights neighborhood. Now it's time to Cue the mosaics Wide angles Dresden GS looms large over the area. Long shots View of Michigan Rd. & the rail lines from the train station to the Grenadier Rd. underpass. View of Middleton Rd. just north of Grenadier Rd. to the "Curveball" Interchange. View of the core from The Web to the Grenadier Rd. underpass. From the curveball to the Web. (Middleton Rd. to the left of the 700, Michigan Rd tn the right) Another angle of the above area. And lastly, from Cisco Bay to the train station... ...and back.
  11. Laying the tracks part 2

    Here is the second part two of our journal in laying railway through the city. The previous post was meant to be one journal, but I ran out of file uploads. Thanks for the comments, as I am now going to be using imgur, so these two-parters should be a thing of the past. I have also taken on comments about the bend in the road from Browns Line. As takemethere has very kindly shown, by using one-way road instead of avenue, it alleviates an extra tile needed to convert from avenue to road and allows the 90 degree curve. It also adds additional realism with the height of the bridge and the centre markings. If anyone can recommend a good terrain smoothing mod, I would really appreciate it. I have left the terrain unchanged for now, as I'm sure a mod will do a much better job than myself when I get round to it. Here is a snapshot of the altered bridge: Moving on. Next is the Kipling Avenue overpass. This is also where the railway starts to fork. Based on the width of the railway, there should be just under four tiles worth, but because it will be crossing the avenue orthogonality, I will go with three. The line coming off at the south follows an almost orthogonal route through the rail yard, whereas the northern branch follows the same fractional angle of the main line, but it had to be offset using a diagonal route, because you cannot have two parallel FARR one tile apart. The final road/rail interface along the mainline is Islington Avenue. This is unfortunately where the railway is at its widest (458 m or 28-29 tiles!). As NAM does not have puzzle pieces for road viaducts over FARR, I will need to use diagonal rail under the entire length of the bridge. Dual diagonal rail seems to resort to the Maxis default, so I will stick to spacing them further apart, although even these will resort to Maxis default for the road viaduct intersection. Here is my attempt at it. It does look rather ugly, but perhaps when the rail depot comes into place and the lines are expanded, it won't be quite as "bare". I've used 15m viaduct avenue for the entire stretch. Next step is to smooth off the bridge at either end. At the northern slop of the bridge it meets Judson St (which I've marked off using my previous map coordinate system). The intersection is very close, so the gentle ramp for the avenue viaduct is out of the question. The much steeper ramp will be needed; this also allows a few spaces for turning lanes. Whilst I was figuring out if I had enough space for turning lanes, I completed the intersection in its entirety, so here's a first glimpse of Toronto's road intersections. At the southern ramp of the bridge, it meets New Toronto St in almost exactly the same circumstances as Judson St. One major difference is that there is now enough space to fit a smooth sloped ramp AND the turning lanes. Again, I have completed the intersection. This one looks much nicer with the gentle ramp and I have also started to curve the avenue off at a fractional angle immediately outside of the screen. This is one of very few "kinks" in the city's strict grid system. Presumably it kinks to align with the optimum location for the bridge over the rail tracks. Let's bring back the OpenStreet Map and focus on the railway line heading north to the boundary of the map. It's 120 tiles east of the western boundary. For the most part, it is a dual track, with spurs merging on and off along its route. There isn't a built-in 72 degree rail split with the latest NAM, so I've converted the main line to follow a diagonal path for the junction. The northern line can now branch off smoothly with a NAM puzzle piece. The main line does look a little strange and it's hard to tell which one is the main line and which is the minor! There is also a small dual line serving local industry that branches off closer to Browns Line. I've gone for a different approach to its junction here, which does leave a rather sharp bend in the rail. It heads north towards Horner Ave., where it splits into two single track lines and terminates. I think this concludes the entry on rail. Obviously, there is more rail serving local factories and of course the huge rail depot(s), but as far as laying down the tracks, we're done here. Next up is laying down the (main) roads! Thanks for reading.
  12. New Concorde Downtown

    From the album NAM Showcase - Monthly Challenge #5

    A mosaic shot of the Trifort region's largest city, New Concorde, showing parts of the Central District and Old Quarter. The highway T1, also called the Cross-Island Skyway, runs left to right in the picture. The bridges on T1 that can be seen in the image are the Adamantine Bridge (left), which spans the Ebony River, and the Baar Dau Bridge (right), which crosses the Glass River. New Concorde's most heavily-used freeway, the Central Concorde Expressway (T2), runs top to bottom on the right side of the picture. Also of note is the main rail terminus in New Concorde, near the center of the image, which is surrounded by the tallest skyscrapers in all of Trifort.
  13. North American Freight Sidings

    Version 1.1.0


    18 ploppable lots to let you build realistic looking freight train sidings for North American prototypes. The lots use default Maxis railway textures and are RRW friendly. The mixed freight, boxcar, intermodal, and single engine/single car lots all use prop families for variety. Some lots have overhanging props for rail cars on the rear track. These are divided into two types: left and right overhang. These lots should all fit with each other, in the same direction. Transit enabled pieces allow the active lines to blend in nicely with the sidings. They have props on only one track, and so can be used next to both left and right overhang pieces. There are versions of transit enabled pieces for both left and right ends of the sidings, with and without engines. Dependency: - BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 (v1.0) - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=342 Feedback: See thread on SC4 Modding Open Discussion - http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/69360-north-american-freight-sidings/ Changelog: 11232015 - v1.0.0 - initial release 11292015 - v1.0.1 - fixed overhang on left overhang mixed freight to match left overhang intermodal 10082016 -v1.1.0 - changed base textures to dirt to avoid transparent/water bug, added minimal flora props
  14. COMMENT REPLIES:San Foca in the Night (SC4) kschmidt:Thank you very much raynev1:Thank you tariely:Everyone has their own style of build anyway thanks for the comment Mymyjp:Thanks for the comment Coal Hill (SC4) After a good night in the capital now we rest at a very lively campaign then welcome to Coal Hill. Here's a city district The main square and the Church The roundabout with a small central offices Between the countryside and the train station Highway junction very simple and realistic The sawmill of Coal Hill The old Castle of Coal Hill The Coal Hill wind farm very close to coal mine Here's the coal mine Meanwhile in San Foca (the new political center of the Federal Republic of Siculia (from left to right: Parliament, Monument for the fallen of the homeland and the President's House)) Indeed, meanwhile on Facebook And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week
  15. I've been soooo busy with work and real life the past couple of weeks so I've not had a lot of opportunities to load the game. In the time I have had I've been lotting and creating a new railway depot incorporating a maintenance and train washing area for Perseus Rail's commuter trains. This depot will be located within a semi-industrial area which is home to some distribution centres/warehouses as well as high-tech industry and research facilities. It'll be my first foray into the creation of 'industrial areas' so I'm still learning and experimenting. Here's just a small teaser of the railway depot......more to come though
  16. Urban Encroachment

    From the album Weekly Challenge #18 - City Life

    Urban Encroachment. Suburban development is rapidly intruding upon these last agricultural holdouts.
  17. Japanese Railway Bridge

    Version 1.0


    Japanese Railway Bridge MOD このMODは鉄道の高架線路をトラス橋からコンクリート橋(日本風)に置き換えます。 This MOD replace Truss Bridge with Concrete Bridge (Japanese Style). ※このMODではCaptain氏のImproved Railroad and Streetcar tracksのテクスチャを一部使用しております。 *I used the texture of "Improved Railroad and Streetcar tracks (by Captain)" in this MOD. Thank you. http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29625-improved-railroad-and-streetcar-tracks/ 橋の種類 - The Bridge Type >>> JP-RailwayBridge(Shinkansen)_byTakouma.package 新幹線っぽい架線柱のついた高架橋(架線はついてません) The bridge with catenary poles of shinkansen (without catenary). >>>JP-RailwayBridge(no-catenary)_byTakouma.package 非電化区間の高架橋 No pole bridge. (今後も追加されるかも…?) ※このMODには車両は含まれておりません *This MOD doesn't include any train models. (7/17追記)ching67さん(一本道市長)に動画を作っていただきました!ching67 made a movie for me! Thank you! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/S_4hZploAGw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Movie by ching67 (一本道市長)
  18. Version


    This modification replaces original textures of SC2013 railways and streetcar tracks to textures with higher resolution. New diffuse, normal and specular maps were drawn from scratch. Grain size on textures have the correct ratio. I made this mod for myself, it's not the final version and it's very far from what I want to see in the result. But with this mod you will get more detailed texture for the railways and will be able to make more realistic screenshots. Currently I'm creating 3d-models for the railroad tracks. But at this moment SimCityPak refuses to work with export original tracks. As a result, I can't get the dimensions and parameters of the original model. I'll wait for new versions. Known glitches: - One side of the double-track railway darker than the other. This is noticeable in the daytime. Problem in the original 3D-model (not yet possible to replace it). It's UV-shape are mirrored for the second railway path. Developers in a hurry when injected transport to the game. - When you connect your railroad to region railway intersection place appears as streetcar tracks. This is a mistake of the original game. Requires fix.
  19. Jmsepe - Thanks! Hopefully it will work in this update Juliok92012 - I take a screenshot of the region and then use paint to draw lines of different colours. Welcome to Update 1 of my on-going project - to build a city from a basic plan. Lets delve straight into the pictures: The first interchange, where H1 and H2 connect (H2 is the one leaving the region, and H1 is the eventual loop around the 4 city tiles (Junction will be refereed to as J1)): The railway crossing the H1 just south of the junction: The railway bending in toward the CBD: The starts of the A1/A2, next to the railway junction just outside the CBD: The H1 to the west of J1: The unfinished J3 (Junction 3) - It will link the E2 to the H1 (I will probably release a map later on with all the names of the roads): The A1 linking onto the E2, and the E2 then flowing down to the E1 (The CBD ring-road): Finally, 2 images of the current region view. One is in satellite view and the other in transport view: One final thing before I sign out. I am limited on lots/bats. If people can link in the comments some good commercial/industrial/residential lots or some parks it would be much appreciated. I am also looking for some decent walls to build up on my raised railways/highways. Thanks in advance. Note: Struggling to get the images working -.-. Bare with me, hopefully the next one will work properly Hope you guys enjoyed the update, next one will not be until Friday due to me being away.
  20. Hi, 1st of all so sorry for my never ending questions. Please don't get tired of me Can some of you show me your railway layout of a complete city of yours. I am really finding it hard to lay down a realistic but nice railway lines layout in my city. I want that my lines can go to all four other neighboring cities through a single rail station. So I want to see how others do a rail layout of their complete city. Even a zoomed out single screenshot of the city will do. I will try to figure out the rail layout with that. Thank you
  21. Hello Everyone, Well Simcity 2013 means that the drawing continues for longer as I simply get bored too quickly so I have gone back to the old drawing... I will post individual pictures and then post the overall piece (which is outdated its now 5 pages not 4 ) Overview of page 2 Overview of page 3 Overview of page 1 Overview of page 4 Old overview of all 4 pages (now 5) Close up on the viaduct A church in the hills Queen Elizabeth II tower So that is a short update so far, no pictures of the 5th page but at the moment its 4 hours in and 1 of those hours was on a single building, a nice courthouse! I hope you have enjoyed so far. ~ James.

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