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City-building game(s)

Found 17 results

  1. Originally, I was concerned about staying in the black and building what I could afford. But after watching YouTube videos, I see that the best players don't. Mainly because trying to build right is a trial and error process, and it is not good economy. Second I realized quite a bit earlier playing vanilla that it is very easy to build cash cow tiles. I was transferring funds from one region to another. So, money is inevitable, since there isn't an opponent or other factors constantly pushing towards your demise.
  2. Help Install Mods

    Hello i just downloaded simcity 4 deluxe edition for my mac. Im super excited to begin my new adventure with my city. however Ive been trying to install mods on this games and it seems like Im miss something. I've done research online and it seems pretty simple. download such mod, extract the .data file and drag and drop to sim city 4 plugin in folder. however its not working. Can some one tell me if this is the correct method for a mac user or is this just for PC users Thank you
  3. CIBC For XXL

    Version 1.2.1


    Support With: - Cities XL - Cities XL 2011 - Cities XL 2012 - Cities XL Platinum Size: Building Size: 24x24 Land Size: 24x24 Info: Price: $400.00 Income: +$350.00 Tex: $0.00
  4. Welcome to Federal Republic of Siculia Siculia , officially Federal Republic of Siculia (Italian: Repubblica Federale di Siculia and Portuguese: República Federal de Siculia) is a Federal Republic situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South america, with a population 21,856,345 inhabitants. The capital is San Foca. Federal Republic of Siculia joined the Alliance of Independent Nations on 10 December 2015. Here's the official position of Siculia. Here are the 10 federal States (and its smaller islands) that make up the Federal Republic of Siculia A State that has a mix of the wet tropical and Mediterranean climate, I mean a State that sees little winter. The official language and Italian and English. But now we go into specifics:. How will this City Journal? The financial district of San Foca It will be a city journal where I show you the various cities and natural landscapes of Siculia How will it be structured? High speed train that runs through the countryside I'll try to do it in a particular way: City Journal Standard The classic version of a city journal where I show you the various cities and counties. City Journal Story A city journal that talks about a story of people who travel to the Federal Republic of Siculia. SBC News 24 The most important news of Siculia pass through Siculia Broadcasting Corporation News 24, then you will discover the political parties and key people of this State. Siculia Web 2.0 Facebook and Twitter with politicians Siculian. (Laughter secured) Tropea's main square during a sunset In short, we would see much about this city journal, also thanks to the support WIKI of Siculia where there are facts about Siculia, culture, companies and key people of this State. Most of the activity will take place in this Siculia in Alliance of Independent Nations site that minor news will only be posted there, anyway see you next week to start this new city journal.
  5. Money cheats

    Since I like to play these kind of city-building games for the creativity, not the challenge I was browsing the web for money cheats for Simcity 4. So far the only one that's worked is weaknesspays, however it is literally painful (the cramp) to try and rack up lots of money while just getting S1000 with every 2 finger taps. Now, I keep seeing people saying to get a mod/plugin to add money cheat, however I'm a bit weird about mods and stuff (outside Steam). So, is there any cheat in the game that allows for +1000 Simoleons to be added? (P.S, I've tried moneyeo, supermoney, love money, and a couple of others.)
  6. Couldn't find this on any one post, but got some ideas already spread out amongst several posts I want more money! I haven't really specialized on anything yet except education (just so I don't have Homer SImpsons working in my nuclear power plants and hordes of criminals on the streets), but I'm not sure if education should even be a specialization. I haven't seem to have found a way to make money of of it yet, but anyways, whats the most lucrative specialization? I find my cities in the end-game phase to be slowly losing money (as I add more modules to services to keep up with demand) Is there something I can do to get more profit per hour rolling in?
  7. City won't develop

    Hi!! This is my first post, and I need some help with my citiy development. Let's do it simple, I'll tell you about it a bit, and show a couple of screenshots I've got. City Manhattan (it's supposed to be, in the future, my great city): Population: 10.220 Commercial Jobs: 4182 Industrial Jobs: 3762 I've got parks, plazas, a football field, several tennis and basketball courts.. There's a subway transportation system, also a passengers train. Fire & Crime: small fire station, big fire station, big police station Education: 2 primary schools, 1 superior school, 1 district library, 1 municipal school, 1 municipal university. There's water everywhere, electricity is covered, so garbage too. Here's a screenshot of it.. Here's one of the RCI bars, where you can see some minimum stats of Manhattan.. The thing is: my city WON'T develop!!! I know it sounds dumb, but I can't get more than 10k residents. This is frustrating, look how many years I've been playing!!!!! May sound novice, but that's what I am. I am in need or urgent advice If you could suggest some advice, I'd be thankful to everyone. Sorry about my English, it isn't my native language Thanks!!!!
  8. OK, if you could add any TWO cheats to SimCity 2013, what would it be? Let everyone know what your two dream cheats would be for SC2013. I am anxious to hear what everyone has to say. I would add a 'Add $5,000,000 to City Budget' cheat, and the command would be ALT+B* My second cheat would be 'Quick $$ & $$$ growth', it would make the bigger and better buildings grow very quickly after starting your city, and the command for this one would be ALT+G* * I would replace whatever uses these commands in game with my new cheats.
  9. More money from UDI missions

    Version 1.0


    +============+ | DESCRIPTION | +============+ Are you addicted to UDI missions? Have you ever wanted more generous rewards for your hard work? Does your cat is making more money than you? Then fear not, as I have all what you ever wanted, all you ever needed, all you ever dreamed about for very, very, very low price! More money from UDI missions is astonishing pack of small-in-space, easy-to-install, non-intrusive files that makes your UDI missions worth your very precious time. But what those files do again, you will ask? It's simple, by changing values in one of game's .LUA files it increases cash reward from UDI by given value! Isn't it great?! More money from UDI missions comes in various versions suitable to your needs and gender: from Lite +5,000$, through Standard +20,000$, Premium +50,000$ and Ultimate +100,000$! Now you can do UDIs, neglect city building and still be rich as those R$$$ Sims you always aspiring to be! So, what are you still doing here?! Grab your mouse and install More money from UDI missions, and enjoy green stream spilling from your screen! And don't let your cat to laugh at you ever again! PS. (More technical info in later sections) +==================+ | AVAILABLE VERSIONS | +==================+ More_money_from_UDI_missions_5k.dat +5,000$ More_money_from_UDI_missions_10k.dat +10,000$ More_money_from_UDI_missions_15k.dat +15,000$ More_money_from_UDI_missions_20k.dat +20,000$ More_money_from_UDI_missions_25k.dat +25,000$ More_money_from_UDI_missions_30k.dat +30,000$ More_money_from_UDI_missions_50k.dat +50,000$ More_money_from_UDI_missions_100k.dat +100,000$ +============+ | INSTALLATION | +============+ Just unzip archive, select ONLY ONE file from pack and paste it to your Documents/SimCity4/Plugins folder. File can be DatPacked without any problems. +==============+ | REQUIREMENTS | +==============+ Rush Hour/Deluxe + 1.638 patch or higher +=============+ | DEPENDENCIES | +=============+ None. +=============+ | COMPATIBILITY | +=============+ Compatible with any mod not modifying sit_constants.lua. If mod of yours does change it, check instructions below. +====================+ | MODDING INFO AKA DYI | +====================+ Mod basically changes values in sit_constants.lua (TGI 0xCA63E2A3,0x4A5E8EF6, 0xFFA9DAF4) extracted from simcity_1.dat. sit_constants.GOOD_SUCCESS_MONEY sit_constants.EVIL_SUCCESS_MONEY sit_constants.MED_GOOD_SUCCESS_MONEY sit_constants.MED_EVIL_SUCCESS_MONEY sit_constants.HAR_GOOD_SUCCESS_MONEY sit_constants.HAR_EVIL_SUCCESS_MONEY All values are in decimal format and tells game with how much money you should be rewarded after completing UDI missions, through specific mission .LUA files. Consider sit_constants.lua as main file, that rest of .LUA look upon to. If your mod also modifies this file, just copy&paste values from my mod, or edit them to your liking. iLive Reader required obviously. +==========+ | DISCLAIMER | +==========+ Modify and use it to your heart content, if you want to include mine file in your mod, just do it, I don't care, it's not rocket science anyway, anyone with reader could this mod, but giving a small credit would be nice.
  10. This is really embarassing. I LOVE games like this where you can build and take care of a city. But I must be doing something wrong, maybe I'm over-analyzing everything, or maybe it's my OCD acting up, but every city I make my +$$$ from taxes just keeps shrinking and I can never seem to get to 100,000 population and then I start getting a deficit. I do not know how to make a lot of profit in this game so I can sustain the city. <<< That's the point I'm trying to make. I am really stupid so please keep it very, very plain and simple. Thanks, - Nate
  11. Hi -- I had a theory and I'm not sure if anyone tried it yet, but is it possible to import the necessary supplies to produce TVs and computers and still make a profit? Building the other factories takes up so much space. Is this feasible? Has anyone tried it?
  12. I have recently completed an Arcology by myself, and wanted to show people the final moments before its completion, the benefits of having one, and how to run an electronic city with one. In this video I make about 8~10million a month by the end, and a little over 2million while the Arcology is being completed. Here's the Video: Watch it in HD 1080p for best viewing. Comment & suggestions welcome. Check out my other sim city videos here!
  13. Here's an easy way to get a quick boost of cash, equal to or greater than that provided by taking out a bond. Raise your taxes to 20% for a few hours, then lower them back to what you previously had them set at. This will give you almost the same amount of money as a bond, for free! You can do this quite often with absolutely no detriment to your citizens; not one abandonment or mention of these secret tax hikes anywhere. Obviously this won't do much if you have a tiny population but as your city grows, so too will the amount of money you get from using this trick.
  14. Hello Everyone! This entry is about a great money cheat I learned about from youtube. So, Here are the instructions. Step 1. Create a city. MAKE THE ROADS ENGLISH! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Step 2. Make a Road connection and Town Hall. Step 3. Go to the option menu and hit "cheats". Step 4. Click "Raise Money to 500,000" and "Gain 10 Cash Tokens". Step 5. Go to the trade menu Step 6. Trade with Omnicorp Step 7. Slide the "cash" bar all the way to the left. It will return to the middle. Step 8. Exit Trade. Step 9. Voila! You now have a 1,008,000 Cashflow! Hope this helps you like it helped me! *NOTE* MAY NOT WORK ON CITIES XL 2012 jephonesewarrior
  15. 02: $Money Shots$

    Welcome back! After spending days upon days of building up this one city, I finally reached a point in it's development where I can post some good looking pictures to show. So I present a couple nighttime, $Money Shots$ Hinali is the (new) capital city of the Republic of Follvirkeland. The last one having suffered catastrophe upon catastrophe. First being a magnitude 7 quake, and the second a nuclear detonation. (background for this to come soon) Basically they were clever excuses to get rid of a city I hated and to make way for one much more satisfying. Hinali City Hinali has meager origins as a logging and farming colony back in the 17th and 18th centuries, but boomed from a thriving Industry and Export opportunities. Now it's the Financial capital of the country, as well as the Political. From looking at the map posted on the previous entry, Hinali sits on a small stretch of coastline of a small sea in the middle of the continent. An international airport sits directly West of the city. Inbound flights coming in on approach from the East are given 'front row' seats to views of Downtown. Now on the north bank of that canal. See the stadium? Welcome to Poeln (pole-n) Stadium. The largest sporting arena in the region. Built to accompany the Nation's International league's teams, it hosts Soccer games, Football games, Rugby games and other smaller events. With it's nextdoor neighbor being a Metro shopping mall, Visitors have the ease of access to Food, Shopping and Relaxation before, during and after games. The Stadiums close proximity to a Rail terminus also gives Visitors a quick and easy way to get to games without having to drive. Hope you enjoyed the money shots of Hinali city and it's main attractions! Next update will elaborate more on what exactly happened to Follvirkeland's old capital city.
  16. Small Money Plant

    Version v0.3


    Gives you $4,294,968,296 Every month DEPENDENCIES: None!! so... Enjoy!!
  17. Version 1.0


    Great, another money mod, but this one is different. Instead of normally starting of with 100k on hard mode you start off with nothing, forcing you to take out a loan or spam the 'weaknesspays' cheat (but where's the fun that?). Just start a new city, pick hard, and you'll start off §0. Nothing else has been changed about hard mode other than the starting funds. Installation: -Just drop the .DAT file into the Plugins folder like you've always done before. Uninstallation: -Delete or move the .DAT file outside of the Plugins folder.

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