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City-building game(s)

Found 45 results

  1. A Peaceful Tour of Lake Promethius

    A Brief Introduction The Flatlands is a largely vanilla region, handcrafted by maxis landscaping tools. The only addon being used is the NAM, and mostly because I like the roundabouts and traffic choosing routes capable to handle higher volume traffic. Everything else is vanilla. Prologue Thousands of years ago, the founders of The Flatlands discovered a largely flat region, henceforth named The Flatlands. They began pulling mountainsides from the ground; digging lakes with their bare hands. Or so legend goes... Mount Pompus was not a very fertile region, despite the plentiful fresh water from the falls into Lake Promethius. Heading east, the early explorers discovered the lands to the south east of Lake Promethius were incredibly fertile. It wasn't long before civilization settled in the region. Farmlands grew small towns, which enticed large commercial cities downstream. But let's come back to where it all began. Aerial view of The Flatlands Lake Promethius The prospering farming community began with just a few farms and a couple of outhouses. Today, 3,000 people call Lake Promethius home. The community is mostly comprised of 800 farmers, who can mostly be found plowing the fields, or selling their pick of the bunch at the Sunday farmers market. The town is accessible by train and road, with a nearby ferry stop also serving the community to tourists, travelers, and workers. An airstrip out of town also serves the region. Popular tourist destinations in town include the main shopping strip headed by the popular farmers market. The West Ring Road is an alternate route allowing local farmers speedy access to the fields. Lined by gourmet cafes and boutique stores, it is also a popular destination for tourists. One can also relax and read a book at the local library, or dip their toes at the Promethius beach. More adventurous tourists can go for a skydive at the nearby airstrip, or take a road trip to Mount Pompus along the scenic Northern Highway, which runs along the border between the lake and the national park to the north. Of course, Lake Promethius is a farming community at heart. The fields stretch for miles, offering as a food basket for the region. The freshest produce can be found at the local farmers market, however most is taken by road or rail to the supermarkets and malls in the east. The quality of the harvest is amongst the best in the region, proving that quantity can be quality too. I hope you enjoyed this tour of Lake Promethius. I'm hoping to keep this city journal updated as much as my life will allow me, which will hopefully be weekly, but no promises. In the next updates, I will cover Athena Straight and Aeroes Metropolitan, and furthermore into the undiscovered regions of The Flatlands. Thank you for reading.
  2. Episode 1 teaser

  3. Hi community of Simtropolis! This is my first topic! Sorry for my bad english, but like the title says i'm in searching for active players! What i mean for active players is that he can play at least once at week for 2-4 hours! I have more than 700 Hours in that game, but if you respect some rules all of you can join! I hope there are someone that still playing this game, but i feel i'm the last one who playing "serious". Nickname Origin: Superivan94 Add me and if i didn't invite you send me a pm! Info: Server: Europa Occidental 1 / Western Europe 1 ( dunno how in the luncher is written ) Region name: OverSpringTropolis Map: Granite Lake Available slots: 9/10 Theme: There are no particular theme but i will like to see some style set like British Style Set, German etc... Ban: All building are ok! Rules: Try to comunicate in chat, if you have also a simple problem with fires try to ask some extra firefighters trucks Try to resolve all your problems with your city before ask a new territory You must ask to me first to claim a new territory Max 2 territory for 1 player with one city 10 years old Try to learn from who have more experience don' t give up if yours city is full of problems. Try to visit other cities, become inspired from them, build your city again from scratch; for sure one of us will give you some money to do so! Remember that high number of citizen does mean anything! try to build a functionat city and wonderfull to see for us! I want to take some photos to share in some social at the end Please respect this rules and others, thak you so much
  4. Overview

    I wanted to post a bit of an overview of my city (very much under construction of course), to give a taste of where I hope this journal can go. Below I have included a "starter set" of overview images, complete with a Cimtographer OSM map. As I mentioned, much of the city is incomplete. There are massive sections that do not yet exist in any way (such as an international airport, country club, solar array, and lots and lots more suburbs, complete with functioning puiblic transit), and those sections that do are in various stages of completion, with most of it needing more refinements and detailing. That being said, here's a few overview shots of the city as a whole. Enjoy! Overview of the Business district, Capitol hill, and shore-line apartments. University is to the right, Highway 10 to the left, and the central park + new developments at the top. The central park and newer city center, from above. Older apartments around the original park on the left mix with with newer construction to the right. The main road bisects the two (disregard the Opera House just off camera to the right, as it is simply a placeholder for a proper asset). The sunken highway runs across the top of the image. The central park of the city, looking north. An older cathedral sits just off of the park, amongst the much newer apartment buildings. The office district, south of central park. The rear of Capitol Hill sits on the left of the image. The newly-minted university, situated in a small space between the main highway (Highway 10) over the mountain pass and the shore of the lake. An old lighthouse sits on a rocky outcropping to the right (yes, it's a lake, so no, there are no large ships. Just roll with it). The Central Transit Station, located just behind the university (you can see it in the background of the photo above). With the launch of the Metro Overhaul Mod, I've been in the process of rebuilding my transit system from scratch. This older station sill services the old tracking, but will soon be updated to house the newer metro system. Because having two systems necessitates multiple points of transit between inter-city rail and the local metro, this station will become one of two transit hubs, the other located on the west end of the city. Also, don't mind the wobbly highway to the left. That's getting rebuilt too (I built that before I had the newer version of Road Anarchy as well as Move It! installed). Business Ave, running east from Capitol Hill (this shot looks west towards the Capitol). An athletic field from the university is just visible in the lower right of the shot. Rt. 101 (the offshoot from Highway 10 that cuts around the north shore of the lake. Will eventually be the main route to the airport, once I build that). The sunken highway was done to try and keep views open across the route, but the larger apartments still block much of the shoreline from the western suburb here. The center of the shot features the newly minted Inter-Transit Station West (or IT West by the locals), serving as a transit point between the inter-city rail and the local metro system. Due to the release of the Metro Overhaul Mod, massive infrastructure changes are needed to introduce the system completely, although doing so will also allow for the city to introduce it's first subway system, something that has been sorely needed to alleviate traffic in the center of town. This station here represents the first step in this process. The beginning of northern suburbs. Because of the transit system running to the left of Rt. 101, a more "experimental" entrance/exit system was required (thanks to the Move It! mod for making this possible). The International Airport is planned to sit in the space at the top of the image, along the edge of the lake. With MOM now being a thing, I can finally have over-road metro systems, and I am loving it. Looks gritty and haphazard, and I love it. Overview of the brunt of the city, with spaghetti junction in the lower left. The newer suburbs to the south. Some future planning is visible off to the left. The city from atop Shelnutt Park, a federally owned and protected park just outside of the city. A nice get-away for the city's residents. A (slightly outdated) Cimtographer OSM export, showing most of the city. For some reason the lake itself did not export, but it should be clear where it is (the large gap at the top). Cheers, Augwich
  5. Alpine Lake

    From the album Hall of Fame

    2nd Place entry from Nature Scenes (S3-19-E) Extended 50 Rep 17 Bonus Points 48 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings View looking across the Blue Mountain lake towards the Crystal Peaks. This is part of the region for my Frontier City Journal. Though this was an awesome image the lake shore looking towards the mountains.

    © 2016 whiteshark365

  6. Lake Bogoria

    From the album Hall of Fame

    3rd Place entry from Nature Scenes (S3-19-E) Extended 34 Rep 11 Bonus Points 39 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings [Larger Resolution] 7.8 MB Located in the heart of the Kenyan Great Rift Valley, Lake Bogoria is home to one of the world's largest populations of lesser flamingos - every year millions of them migrate to it's algae infested waters. The lake boasts some of the most impressive wildlife in all of Africa - hundreds of species of birds call the lake home, and you might even see a couple zebras if you look hard enough. Geysers and hot springs dot the shoreline, creating a truly unforgettable landscape. Some notes on Lake Bogoria. Flamingos were not photoshopped in, they came from this mod on SC4 Devotion here. The geysers were also an in-game mod, they can be found here. And finally, the water mod used can be found here.

    © 2016 korver

  7. Terraforming Update 4

    Looking southwest across the Blue Gill Lake. Nearing the final stretch. After over two weeks of creating Blue Gill Lake, the finish line is near. Nearly all of the terraforming of the mountains, streams, rivers, and lake beds is complete, and the task of adding vegetation has begun. Still probably another few days are left before the map is completed. Items still left to complete are as follows: Adding all trees and other vegetation. Completing the remaining terraforming on the southern end of the map. Adding Highways, county roads, and rail connections. Fine tuning the lake beaches. Completing the marshlands where Blue Gill Lake drains back into the Blue Gill River. An overview map of the region with all points of interest labeled. Creating the story line for the region with a history of the lake. Customizing the current map theme. Looking towards the Northeast. Blue Mountain Lake near the southeast corner of the map. Shores of Blue Mountain Lake.
  8. Lake

    From the album Nature Scenes (S3-19-E)

    A lake with a small island. Details: A small rock and gravel island with birds resting on it. An abandoned rowboat overtook by cattails. Cattails everywhere. Even more cattails. A dead tree on the side. Cattails Some fall trees. And lastly, Cattails. I hope you enjoyed it! Edit: Raynev added in a larger version of his image so you fully grasp the details. I'm gonna supply one like that in the hopes of giving you all a better vision of what I have built.
  9. Reservoir & Dam

    From the album Waterside (S3-17-W)

    Reservoir with hydro plant dam
  10. Mariapolis

    From the album Waterside (S3-17-W)

    Mariapolis and Creston Creek are cities which grow around Creston Lake, in south of Madison Flats. They are winter resort cities, but the lake is a great place to be during summer.
  11. 56. Lake Stil

    It has been a long time since my last activity here on Simtropolis, since April 2013 (!) to be exact. Thanks to this rainy summer and the enormous amount of available custom content I recently started playing SC4 again, of which you can see a bit of the result here: I introduce the Island of Stil! Stil is a small republic (Stilnem Repblik) that encompasses the volcanic island of the same name. Its volcanic history made for a very mountainous landscape. The middle of the island is marked by the deep blue old crater lake (Lag w-Stil). Most of the 34.000 inhabitants live in the valley that connects the lake to the harbor, scattered around the coast there are some small towns and hamlets. As the update title has revealed, during this update we will focus on the crater lake and the towns on its shores. In the middle of the lake Templom Arkan (the old monastery) pops up above the water. For centuries this has been a refuge for a dozen of monks and pilgrims from the island. Nowadays it is still in use by the monastery, and accessible to the public. Usually the island is mostly reached by a 50 metre swim across from the shore Leg-y-fels sits on the most inland shore. North to South a part of the lake ring road , Sand kar z-Leg (A1) can be seen. To the West is the road (A8) that twist its way up to the towns of Pas and Fels-w-Haw Driving around on Stil, you will never be bored by a dull straight, flat road. The town of Fels-w-Ekr, endpoint of tram line B, towards the right it runs through the densely populated valley down to the harbor. The most outward end of the lake is decorated by the Kolum Se-Tonisem (Column of Saint-Anthony), patron saint of the island. The avenue going to the North is considered the main street of the island, as most governmental institutions and major stores are situated along the way To finish this update an overview picture of the lake (still a bit rough around the edges)
  12. Mini Lake For XXL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: - Cities XXL Map Info: - Full Water Land - Full Waste Land - Full Farm Land
  13. Lake Bogoria, Kenya

    Located in the middle of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Bogoria is home to one of the world's largest populations of lesser flamingos - every year millions of them migrate to it's algae infested waters. The lake boasts some of the most impressive wildlife in all of Africa - hundreds of species of birds call the lake home, and you might even see a couple zebras if you look hard enough. Geysers and hot springs dot the shoreline, creating a truly unforgettable landscape. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver
  14. Agriculture in Thille is still going strong and well protected, even though it is slowly gnawed at here and there. The ancient river beds, for instance, are carefully zoned so the residential and commercial encroachments do not become irreparable (and just in case of The Deluge). 1. 2. Close to the heliport (and its commercial and residential development), clean energy in remnant fields : 3. The passenger rail line also stops in the fields: 4.The cows can't play trainspotting but at least they can hear the trains arriving in the station... 5. And now, let's go to Northey Lake 6. The first area to develop economically way back then was, bizarrely, away north and east from the airport : Northey Lake. The lake is a bizarre thing in itself : a small salted water lake, an implausible remnant of the sea that used to cover the region when dinosaurs or something roamed the land. 7. Some "hippies", as they were called at the time, came to build a Research Institute for Sustainable Fishing Industries (now known as RISFI). They had been to Japan and observed the Fishing industries there. So, with the help of a Japanese architect friend, they decided to build it on and in the water, a decision that made them the butt of many jokes from the locals – but gained them a grudging respect when they managed to pull it off. 8. The RISFI fish farms now provide excellent, fresh seafood (way inland...) to all Thille's restaurants, as well as to the whole region, and are not laughed at anymore. Bon Appétit ! 9. There is also a pigmy whales aquarium (ah, the miracles of biogenetics !) 10. 11.
  15. Martin Falls : Islands

    When the tourist boom began in earnest, a lot of money-grabbing realtors began looking for places to build -- but the people who lived around Lake Martin were adamantly polysyllabic : NO rampant urbanification. Still, one entrepreneurial tycoon, named Don Rump, looked at the map and thought : But There Be Islands ! He immediately connived and schemed and bought under tables and he managed to get the main island all to himself. There would have been a murder of skyscrapers, and (good gracious !) a bridge to the lake's shore there if the People hadn't united and fought his dastardly plans. A compromise was reached. There would be no bridge, no skyscrapers, no building higher than two storeys. But, it would all be high-paying property and strictly controlled -- in fact like a gated community, except the gates are the waters of the lake, as you need either to own a boat (but no big boat allowed, remember : rowing or sailing only) or to take the daily ferry. And so was born L'Île aux Angles. Of course, there are no cars either. Then the UCF (the United Citizen Front) rallied the rest of the population and a bill was passed by the City Council declaring all Lake Martin's islands natural preserves. But it was after one of the islands was bought by Normand Bates, a misanthropic billionaire who'd made his fortune in computer stuff but wanted to return to a simpler way of life. What he was offering the city was just too god to pass, so they waited for him to be installed to vote on the bill. He just had a tent, at first. But, little by llittle, he built a nice little place for himself. In thirty years he hasn't left the island now named L'Île à Normand or l'Île-au-Fou. He has a cow, some sheep, bees, and an old rickety pick-up truck that hasn't moved in decades. Sometimes, for no fathomable reason, he paints it -- all red, or yellow, or blue. So, the other islands were safe. There is, unavoidably, L'île-à-Jacques and L'Île-à-Martin, named after the city's founding fathers ; they're small, and generally left alone for the birds, and swimming racoons. The islands that form the Sainte-Eulalie river's delta are affectionately called “The Paw". It is clear why : you have three fingers and the palm, right ? That's the only part of the river that has been canalized, mostly because of the railway bridge and mostly farther west. The three fingers have respectively been called Einie, Minnie and Moe ; the palm is, more seriously, the Île Morisset. But none have been built upon. Einie Island, closer : Now you may wonder why Martin Falls is called... well, Martin Falls. You'll see next time.
  16. Rich, Richer, Richest, Richestest

    Hello and welcome back to Cities of Boomooderie! Today, we have the scenic and high wealth city of Asherton, with a special guest, the mayor! Questions shall be answered! Now, introduce yourself! Amelia: Hello. So, Amelia, what is your reaction to people saying you are an "Elitist" for the rich? They don't know what they're talking about, I'm a nice woman (as many have told me) in real life. They should point fingers at Jerseyville, or whatever that corrupt wasteland calls itself. You don't seem fond about that city, what's the deal with them? Other than the fact they've tried to buy other cities and have no real mayor. They're run by big businesses. Moving on, what is your favorite place in the city? <<<< Birch Park Easily the birch park, such a serene and calm place. Especially looking over the trees at the outpost. <<< Camera out of focus! Sorry! What's your least favorite place or places in Asherton? Easily the Tweedle Islands, my father made the mistake of selling them to... Ugh, Jerseyville... And they ruined the islands, I have no clue why I can't demolish them now, Boomooderie's president isn't letting me. Why do you think he is doing this? Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think Jerseyville owns Boomooderie, Telegraph isn't the capital, Jerseyville is, I can't release this information to the public because I might be assassinated... This isn't live, right? It is, we- Gunshots EVACUATE THE BUILDING!!!!!!! EVERYBODY WHO IS LISTENING, WE'RE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, PLEASE STAN-
  17. Martin Falls : Tourist Heaven

    Over the years, Martin Falls has become where people from all over the region (and farther away) come for the summer, fall in love with the scenery, and retire -- which doesn't do wonders for the overall energy of the place but sure does for the peace and quiet. Strangely enough, Martin Falls' railway station is just a little stop -- there has been talk of building a bigger one, though. But things move slowly in Martin Falls. From there, you go to a variety of B&B and small hotels : Or to your posh home away from home : You can also rent a small house, a cabin, or an appartement -- or a boat : The main reason for the touristic appeal is that Martin Falls is where the region's rivers converge to form a lake, named (you guessed it) Lake Martin. As you can see, building has been kept to a minimum around the lake. People wanted to keep its shores as pristine as possible. But that is where the Kimmur Marina is. Small, and no big boats : no decibels, please. We row, we do not roar. But in the lake, there are islands, and there, at first, the realtors had themselves a ball before a new, more ecologically-minded Mayor was elected and reined them in. She has a nice house (the modern one) : Next : Islands Galore.
  18. Ottawa, Canada

    Version 1.0


    This is the Capital city of Canada, Ottawa. I made the map using terrain.party, It didn't come as perfectly as it should have, I had to do most of the layout within the grid, it may not be exactly the same, but i leave it up to you, if you think I made a mistake. I couldn't complete all the roads as i was limited with the highway tool only. Most of Ottawa actually fits in the 25 tile grid, some part of Gatineau also fits in. Farrhaven, Kanata, South keys and Orleans couldn't fit in the grid. the map is in exact measurement 18 km x 18 km each tile is 2 x 2 km. I have attached another photo showing the the grid I used on Terrain Party to make this map, you can use that photo to help you build the city perfectly or do as you wish. Installation: 1. Extract the file "OTTAWA.crp" 2. Paste it in "C:\Users\[you username]\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps" 3. Open the game 4. Go to Content Manager 5. Enable the OTTAWA map 6. Start new game Good Luck Senetors
  19. Dry Lake



    Dry Lake. At one time it was a great lake, but now it is desertified area with the remains of lakes. On the map in abundance of ore and fertile soil and a lot of oil. Water weight in gold Install: 1. Download. 2. Unzip the contents to a folder: AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps (windows 7) 3. Play Game!
  20. Crater Lake

    Version 1.0


    Crater lake is a caldera lake in the State of Oregon. The lake was formed over 7,500 years ago by the collapse of a volcano. The terrain of the area is based on USGS elevation data, however a few details were added to make the map more compatible with the game, such as the addition of lakes and rivers and the removal of Wizard Island within the lake (It wouldn't render properly) Otherwise, the details are accurate. Enjoy!
  21. Here's the newly-completed Poldermeer lake and country park: This gives a sense of how the Poldermeer really marks the edge of Oosterpolder - the main East-West boulevard the Havenbrugweg runs barley 150m from the lake edge! The concept for Poldermeer was to create a 'linear' country park which as well as being a recreational space, would create a 'green wall' between the densely-developed Oosterpolder, and open farmland immediately to the North. There will be no 'urban sprawl', with the country park creating a clearly defined border between Town and Country. The Poldermeer itself is nearly 1km long, but only 50-150m in width. It is surrounded by several kilometres of cycle-paths and woodland trails. In the image you can see, the public beach and also the city-owned Sailing School. This is already teaching watercraft skills to poor and disadvantaged youth of Nieuwezee and the surrounding area. From this angle (looking South) you can see that the Sailing Club, is built right next to the new Oosterpolderplein which will be the heart of the Oosterpolder Central Business District. You can also see how the Poldermeer lake is connected to a new canal, the Poldersluis. This small canal runs several hundred metres to a new inland marina, which will feature the most luxurious penthouses in the whole of Nieuwezee. However, this development will not be completed until towards the end of the decade. As yet, the marina is little more than a construction site: There are only a few apartment blocks completed to the East of the site. Eventually, the marina area will house thousands of people throughout a suite of luxury high-rise developments. That's all there is for now! Next time, let's look to the other side of town, the old Westerhuizen district which is to enjoy 'urban regeneration' at the same time as these glittering new districts spring up in the East of Nieuwezee.
  22. If you've read my earlier posts, you'll know that the Oosterpolder is a patch of land that's been reclaimed from the inland sea which sits in the heart of the Netherlands. Work to reclaim the land began in the 1990's, but it's only just reached the stage where heavy infrastructure can be placed. Oosterpolder sits just to the East of the old town of Nieuwezee, which has been awarded special funds to develop itself into 'a city for the 21st century...' Since the announcement of these funds in the New Year, workers have been laying roads, tram-tracks and utilities across the Polder... As you can see, the first private commercial development has also begun, with buildings springing up along the two main boulevards through the new district -- the Havenbrugweg at the top of the picture runs directly to the old Harbour Bridge, and the Nieuwe Polderlaan at the bottom of the picture links the old suburbs of Nieuwezee Peninsula, to the future Central Business District which will be the 'jewel in the crown' of the Oosterpolder. The Oosterpolder development also involves laying around 1.5km of tram track, from a junction at the Central Hospital on the Peninsula, across the Polder and terminating at a new public square (the Oosterpolderplein) in the heart of the Oosterpolder CBD. An artist's impression of the planned Oosterpolderplein public square. Mixed hard and soft landscaping will give a sense of space and movement to this 24hr heart of the Oosterpolder. The new Tram Line 2 will terminate here just beside a 'sunken mall' featuring boutique shops and eateries. The whole square is surrounded by high-quality office, leisure and entertainment facilities... The heavy infrastructure works are still ongoing, but these should be completed by the end of the year. By that time, the first commercial and residential developments will be occupied and the Central Business District will begin to take shape. In the next entry, I'll show you around the Poldermeer lake and country-park. As you'll see, it's just a stone's throw from the planned Oosterpolderplein...
  23. McCall, Idaho



    McCall, Idaho This region is based on DEM data with small alterations for playability. The region is focused on McCall, Idaho and Payette Lake, with the surrounding Lick Creek Range. The image has been rendered with CPT’s Olympic Terrain Mod. The region itself was terraformed to fit with both the textures of this mod, and the height at which rock/snow begins and I highly recommend it. You can, of course, use any terrain mod you please with this region. (NOTE: Higher elevations have been left rougher, as this makes more snow visible with the Olympic Terrain Mod, if you use a different terrain mod that makes this roughness undesirable, it is easily smoothed either in Terraformer or in game.) Installing the Region SC4 Terraformer 1. Unzip the file. 2. Create a new region folder in your SimCity 4\Region directory. 3. Replace the config.bmp file with the config.bmp file you downloaded with this region 4. Open the new region in Terraformer 5. Click 'Import Image' in the Global Tools Menu and browse to the unzipped folder and select the map file for this region. 6. When the file loads choose 'File' and click 'Save'. (The region is now saved to SC4). 7. Load your region and play, the cities will take on whatever terrain mod you have (or the default SC4 terrain if you have no mod) as soon as you open them. Thanks for downloading my region, enjoy ! -midwestcoast
  24. Bellingham, Washington



    Bellingham, WA. This region is based on DEM data with small alterations for playability. This is most evident in the courses of the rivers and the lakes, as these areas had to be adjusted in terms of elevation in order to appear as water. This region focuses on the city of Bellingham, WA and Lake Whatcom. The image has been rendered with CPT's Olympic Terrain Mod. The region itself was terraformed to fit with both the textures of this mod, and the height at which rock/snow begins and highly recommend it. You can, of course, use any terrain mod you please with this region. Installing the Region You need SC4 terraformer in order to install this region. 1. Unzip the file. 2. Create a new region folder in your SimCity 4\Region directory. 3. Replace the config.bmp file with the config.bmp file you downloaded with this region 4. Open the new region in Terraformer 5. Click 'Import Image' in the Global Tools Menu and browse to the unzipped folder and select the map file for this region. 6. When the file loads choose 'File' and click 'Save'. (The region is now saved to SC4). 7. Load your region and play, the cities will take on whatever terrain mod you have (or the default SC4 terrain if you have no mod) as soon as you open them. Many thanks to: drunkapple and Izidor44 - for lending their superior knowledge in helping with various questions. c.p. - for the wonderful Olympic Terrain Mod. rybolton and the7trumpets - for their map-making knowledge on the Omnibus. wouanagaine - for making the installation of these region possibly through SC4 terraformer Thanks for downloading my region, enjoy ! -midwestcoast
  25. 2 Lakes and ocean

    Version 1.00


    This map has 2 lakes and a ocean. I made this with landscape designer. MY first map

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