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Found 50 results

  1. Heya! I am still working on the map itself. If I see other players making maps, I am always wondering, how fast people can sculpt a nice looking landscape. My small island has no spectacular mountains, it´s merely hilly and in the southern part mostly flat (betwwen 0 and 30 meters above sea level, but I try to make everything here like it would be if built in reality. And although this island is small, I want some rail lines there (adn this is not utopic if you look to islands like Jersey or Sark or Isle Of Man), and especially the tracks have to be build with a very soft slope but without too much high dams and bridges cause of the (imagined) costs of such things. The villages and towns until now look a bit gritty, but this is mostly temporary, cause I built some squares first, wherever I wanted a settlement to be. Also I am still looking for the right textures, until now I have no such one for the rocks, I am still looking for some kind of sandstone. I use the theme mixer for this. The loaded theme is farmland by Avanya, that I really like for its fields, thanks for this, madam! Also I am fighting with the plugins. Until now there are 836 assets, that I think of as really necessary, and I hope, that my computer will not explode if I put in some more. Now a few pictures, I hope not to bore you with such a work in progress. If the map comes out as nice as I want it, I will make a save with streets and rail tracks for the workshop. The map itself can not be published, as it´s mostly built ingame. And I amuch too lazy to import it into the editor and fill in all the water sources again ( I used more than 50 of them for all the creeks, and there are still some holes in between, where the water won´t flow like I want it). The map now: Some ingame pics: On this picture you can see, how hilly the landscape really is: And a last picture to show, what I am aiming for: I hope, you can have fun looking at such unfinished work. Cheers, Carl
  2. Waldey, A New Start

    After a long time of absence I started playing Cities Skylines again. My town Goblinton simply died after an update, when I wasn´t willing to wait until all mods were updated. I paused for a long time, played other games but never forgot Cites Skylines. I did not play it but I´ve looked into projects of other people, and especially Strictoaster was an inspiration with his small Seenu island. I always wanted to play on islands, I like the idea to build something unconnected, something, that relays on itself. So this project started. The first step was drawing a plan on paper, which I then began to build in the map editor. Luckily I found the CSL Map Viewer (kudos to Gansaku for this important and helpful tool), and with it and my drawings I could realize the map to my likes. Nonetheless I needed two weeks of terraforming and digging creeks. Don´t ask, how long I needed to figure out, how to setup the watersources to only give small amounts of water. But now, the map is mostly done, and today I started with building the first streets and layouts for towns and villages. Waldey is a small island, situated anywhere in temperate climate. It is not part of any state, cause I wanted something, where I can play out my fantasy. And although a lot of peole like big spaghettis - I prefer nature and small streets, railways and trams. Some inspiration came from New England, Eastern Canada, New York, - well mostly cause I love the buildings of Feindbild, Darf, Khrysler, King Leno, and Prosper. No skycrapers in Waldey but small town beauty and hopefully a lot of nature and parks. Enough said: Here is the first and only picture of this entry. It´s simply the output of CSL Map View. Next time I will definately show more.
  3. Hi! I showcased this picture about my current region a few days ago. Here is an overview about NoirCity's three already developed/WIP districts - on the left handside is North Harbour, the right upper city tile is Suburbiana, the lower district is CounterPoint. I'm planing a massive agricultural area for next, above North Harbour and above Suburbiana and I need some help. I have a lot of I-R/I-AG stuff: SPAM, BSC agri stuff etc, but I don't know which one is compatible with others or not, I don't have any experience with agri stuff and I don't want to use the Maxis "gems". I would like to use functianal items in a big variety, canals/streams (but not the fency ones - I think there is a few ditch canal types out there, and SPAM has its own as well), and MMP as well (but first the functional items). So I need some advice how to build up my agricultural plugin folder. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance! - Tyberius
  4. Covington

    Welcome to the State of Attakapas. It's small state in the Southern US that rests at the mouth of the Catawba River. Over the course of this journal, I'll introduce you to several of the cities and towns that make up the "Moonshine State." The first stop is the small town of Covington (Pop:14,200 as of the 2010 census). Founded by Jeremiah Covington in 1828, the town beat out the nearby settlements of Shelby, and Kennison to be named the Seat of Sheridan County. It's a typical Southern town, and has often been compared to Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show. The tour of Covington starts off on the courthouse square. The square is formed by Washington Street, Jefferson Street, Lafayette Street, and Jackson Street. The names Washington Jefferson, and Lafayette were chosen by Jeremiah Covington because of the three men's pivotal roles in winning American independence. Covington chose the name Jackson street because he had been a lieutenant in General Andrew Jackson's army during the War of 1812. The first county courthouse was destroyed by a fire started by Union soldiers during the Battle of Pecan Creek in 1864. Construction on the current courthouse was completed in 1871. Until 1953, it housed both the Shelby County court and Covington City Hall. The building also has one rather dubious distinction: It was the scene of the only political assassination in Attakapas state history. On June 18, 1902, 19 year old Billy Maddox loaded a pistol, and rode into town. Eight days before, his brother John had been hanged as a horse thief. The men who sent him to his death were County Prosecutor Phillip Faircloth, and District Jude Harry Newton. Billy planned to get into the courthouse, surprise both men in their offices, gun them down, and escape before the sheriff knew what was happening. As he approached the courthouse, the doors to the West Entrance opened. Phillip Faircloth stepped outside with the Mayor William Ogletree. The two friends were heading out to their weekly lunch at a restaurant on the courthouse square. As they walked down the steps, Billy Maddox recognized Faircloth, and quickly reached for his gun. His first shot missed the county prosecutor, and hit Mayor Ogletree in the arm. Faircloth, being a typical Southern man of the era, pulled out his own pistol and tried to defend himself. His first shot grazed the side of Billy's head, and the second hit him in the chest. Despite his injuries, Billy continued firing, and both the prosecutor and the mayor fell to the steps. When the sheriff and two of his deputies came upon the scene, Billy was reloading his pistol as he tried to stagger up the courthouse steps to find Judge Newton. The three law enforcement officers opened fire. Billy was dead before he hit the ground. It was later said that he had 20 bullet wounds. Phillip Faircloth died on the courthouse steps, only several feet from the body of his assassin. The mayor, in addition to the wound in his arm, had also taken two bullets to the chest. He was taken into the courthouse lobby, and a doctor was summoned. The doctor couldn't do much, and a surgeon was called. Before the surgeon could arrive, however, Mayor Ogletree died. A massive, elaborate funeral was held for the two slain men. The governor arrived to pay his respects, and even a statement from President Roosevelt was read. By contrast, Billy Maddox's bullet riddled body was buried in a pauper's grave on a hill overlooking his parents' farm. Local legend says that Samuel Maddox, the father of Billy and John, went to the homes of Faircloth's and Ogletree's widows to apologize for his son's actions. According to the story, Nellie Faircloth refused to answer the door, and Martha Ogletree actually beat him with her broom until he scrambled off of the porch and vacated the property. Enough about ancient history. Let's talk about the courthouse square. In it's heydey, the square boasted banks, a grocery store, hardware store, druggist, department store, restaurants, cafes, a tailor/haberdashery, and even a small opera house. By the early 90s, many of the square's old businesses had shut down as owners retired or passed away. Things got even worse in 1993 when a Winn Dixie supermarket (with a full service pharmacy, bakery, florist, bank, and deli) moved into town. Only months after the Winn Dixie opened, well-kknown courthouse square businesses such as Buddy's Flowers (in business since 1951), and Rawls' Butcher Shop (in business since 1924, and owned/operated by 4 generations of the Rawls clan) shut their doors forever. When Wal Mart set up shop in town in 1995, the editor of the Covington Courier wrote a mock obituary of downtown Covington that also served as a scathing indictment of Big Box stores. Soon, all that was left was The Court Square Cafe (which always did great business thanks to the police officers, firefighters, lawyers, and civic leaders that worked nearby), and a few law offices that stayed in the square so the attorneys could be within walking distance of the courthouse. A funny thing happened in the early 2000s, however. Thanks to the work of Mayor Anthony Jarvis, and some dedicated members of the Covington Chamber of Commerce, downtown saw a bit of revitalization. A couple of boutique clothing shops, and a Mexican restaurant opened up. Then, Sun Bank decided to set up their Covington branch in one of buildings on the old square. By spring of 2017, some of the old hustle and bustle had returned to the Covington town square. In a later post, I may give you a little more background on the square's current businesses. One block down Jackson Street from the courthouse is the Covington City Hall. In 1949, it was decided that both the town and county were growing too quickly (what with all those GIs coming home from overseas, getting married, and making babies), and that both entities needed their own separate office spaces. So, in 1951 construction started on this gray, two story, somewhat utilitarian, city office building. Mayor Mays Morrison cut the ribbon and opened the building for business in September 14, 1953. The current mayor, Anthony Jarvis, has been in office since 1998. However, he recently stated that he would not be a candidate for reelection in 2017. After 20 years as the city's chief executive, he's decided to retire. Most people say that he's hoping to spend time with the twin grandsons that his daughter gave birth to last fall. The more cynical folks in town say that he was embarrassed and left nearly broke after spending a disgusting amount of his own personal fortune on a failed State Senate bid last year. Either way, Covington will be electing a new mayor this November. Right next to city hall is an older building: The Carriage House Hotel. The Carriage House was built in 1858, and is one of the few downtown structures to survive the fire started by Union soldiers during the Civil War. Though ownership has changed hands seventeen times over the last 160 years, the hotel still remains in operation today. Ok, so it's not exactly a skyscraper but it's still a little unusual to see a mid-rise office building in a small town like Covington. This little art deco beauty is the world headquarters of PM Bank, and it's one of the many things that makes Covington unique. The story of PM Bank starts in Jackson City (the capital city of Attakapas) in 1818. A man named Edward Pope opened Planters Bank that year, and the business quickly prospered. However, during the Civil War the bank's assets were seized, and soon after, Planters Bank ceased to exist. In 1869, two Covington businessmen named Herschel Eckels, and Jules Godchaux borrowed some money, and opened up Merchants Bank on the courthouse square. As they struggled in those first few months, they devised a scheme to capitalize off of the good name of the now-defunct Planters Bank. In 1870, they renamed their bank Planters and Merchants Bank. During the next 50 years, Planters and Merchants acquired smaller banks in the area, and continued to grow. In the 1920s, bank president Jefferson Godchaux (son of Jules) made plans for a "Magnificent, imposing edifice" to serve as the bank's headquarters and main branch. Construction was started in 1925, and the building opened for business on October 10, 1929. People from all over the county, and even the governor, arrived for the grand opening. The Covington Courier boasted that the "Covington Skyscraper is the biggest building between Jackson City and New Orleans." Less than three weeks later, the stock market crash in New York triggered the beginning of the Great Depression. While the bank would eventually ride out the Depression, Jefferson Godchaux lost most of his fortune (which was heavily invested) on "Black Tuesday." On November 6, 1929, he opened one of the windows in his penthouse office, and jumped from the ledge of his "magnificent, imposing edifice." The county coroner was said to have told his friends that what was left of Mr. Godchaux "could fit in a couple of Mason jars." In the 1990s, the bank's board of directors decided the name Planters and Merchants Bank was a little too politically incorrect. After all, the planters who did business with the original Planters Bank were plantation (and slave) owners. They didn't want potential clients to associate anything as ghastly as slavery with their bank, so they decided that a name change was in order. After much debate, Planters and Merchants Bank was re-branded as PM Bank in 1997.Today, they have 75 locations across three states. However, the headquarters and main branch remains in the 10 story building on the corner of Jefferson and Winn streets in the small town of Covington. Across Winn Street from the bank is Memorial Park. The park was built in 1933 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the end of World War I, and has a small structure in the middle originally has a small plaque with the names of the three men from Covington who were killed during that war. Thirteen years after that, the names of the 15 Covington men killed during World War II were added to the plaque. Over the decades, the names of the men (and one woman) killed in Korea, Vietnam, the War on Terror, and the Iraq War have been added. Despite its somber purpose, the park has become a quiet shady spot to relax. Many of people who work in the PM Bank building retreat to the park to enjoy their lunch breaks. That's all for now. I always enjoy coming with stories and histories for my towns. So, hopefully, you don't find my updates to wordy. I'll be back soon with more pictures and stories from Covington.
  5. Jonro

    the lizkond tag is there for tagging purposes and nothing else. why hello there everyone. no longer will i write these with much of a story, it's all just messing around. this is my first city since a two month hiatus because i didn't wanna play anymore. partially because my kitten's death drained everything outta me. but, i'm ready to roll rumble and do the things!!! picture one: read the cj desc for why there is a grid and zero traffic. this uses the by manuel-ito. download all his relots they're phenomal. above it are these lone houses on the road leading to the town and small neighborhood. we'll go back and see the neighborhood real quick. here it is!!!!! lot more maxis houses grew than usual. the lake it wraps around. the roads follow the river(?)(i forgot if it's all a lake or a river turning into a lake) it offshoots into a small commercial place. There's a gas station, convenience store, autoshop, mcdonalds, and one of those fancy looking restaurants that just sells burgers. OH HEY A BIG NEIGHBORHOOD main neighbahood!!! the tennis center court place made by someone i forgot rsc i think???!!?!?!?! it's really good tho! changing rotation now!! trash college commerce and the pumping station! some stores! logistics area place thing!!! shops farm road offshoot from the neighborhood farm t-intersection entrance to another small neighorhood cul de sac one cul de sac two end roundabout high school and some old timey market that sells organic stuff older historic nice pretty cool good neighborhood The canal goes under the farm, comes up in the middle, and continues on. and then it ends. Well, I hope you all enjoyed. Dunno how frequent future stuff will be, but towns are gonna be faster for now. OH AND FULL CITY PICS WAMA JAM SAM SEEYA!!
  6. 2016-08-24-02-51-42.jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    One of my tiles was looking sparse, so I came up with a hasty solution in the form of a tiny town with no name

    © Thin White Duke

  7. Let's Play Cities Skylines - The British Challenge - E02 - Building a Small British Town In my second video I concentrate on bringing in people to the first small Town/Village in this lets play series.
  8. Welcome to Kingsbridge ! Fall in love with this small British town. You'll be amazed by the magnificent plazas and the cool pubs ! This city is part of a small series of video that I am doing for my Youtube channel. There will porbably be 3 or 4 parts for this city. Here is the speed build on my youtube channel : And here are some pictures : Thank you and enjoy !
  9. 3. New Expansions and 1,000 people!

    Today, we reached 1K people! I raised the highway off the ground, extended it to the edge of the map, and added another exit. I zoned out some high residential and office lands towards the exit on the east side of the city. I changed how the road looked at that exit, from a National Road to a Four Lane Road with grass decorations in the middle. Any suggestions for more?
  10. 1.In Smallville, you generally live close to the place you work in -- and you often go to work on foot, as I said earlier. For some, the early morning jog can be quite picturesque : 2. 3.The construction of the Heliport brought some trouble, concentrating a lot of commercials in the same place, but it was soon resolved by a carefully planed rezoning of the whole town, mixing residentials and commercials. 4. ...but true to their origins, the City Fathers didn't have the county fair rebuilt somewhere else... 4. 5. Some big commercials are even built close to the city limits: 6. Here is one of the quiet neighbourhood, despite being where the Agricollege (left), and the Sainte-Claire Hospital, park and church are situated. 7. The industrial zones have been planned the same way , in order to get people to live close by : 8. They're mostly high tech, low-polluting industries (the Clean Air ordinance is severely implemented in Smallville). 9. 10. 11. The greener industries love to be as close as possible to the fields : 12. The Schriefer Industries' Headquarter (upper left), the first of the two agressively green city building, opposite the Gatureck Fire station : 13. And this is the other one, more recent, Floss Inc.: Next : Agricola...
  11. Smallville : Logging

    1. For a long time the main industry in Smallville was logging, on Mount Harrelson. Once almost clearcut to death, it is now taken care of, replanted, and listed as "Renewable resource". Of course, the alluvial plain was also deforested in order to build the new Smallville (once bridges had been built on the Coyla). But three generations of tree-loving Mayors (the Zabnises, of which more later on) saw to that, and as you could see in the previous entry, the city is green enough. Now on with the logging. (Mostly a picture dump from P. R.'s memory album, if you don't mind, guys and gals. Xmas is looming ever near...) Here's the source of the small stream that helps bring the logs down to Lake Harrelson : 2. 3. 4.... where it all happens 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.Logging roads... 10. 11. 12. 13. Logs, logs everywhere... 14. 15. And finally, the people without whom none of this could occur : loggers hard at work.. 16. 17.
  12. Mustang, Masavera

    This is a short introduction to my region of Masevera (mass-ev-air-ah). It is a very rural region inspired by the Midwest of the United States. I chose to develop my region on a relatively flat plain with very little variations in elevation as I'm not really a fan of building cities on unstable or non-flat ground as I don't particularly think it's the most aesthetically pleasing in terms of realism (which is something I strive for) This is the small town of Mustang; inspired by Mustang, Oklahoma. It's a fairly typical (boring) town ^ Downtown Mustang ^ Just a small shopping area with a Sam's Club and a K-Mart ^ Interstate exit that gives direct access to Mustang ^ Thank you for viewing my (very) short introduction entry. More updates are to come in the near future.
  13. Small Town USA

    I mixed Attercap's American 1900 buildings with Feindbild's Brooklyn theme and a few civic buildings to create a small town center. I also cloned the level 2 Attercap buildings with Boformer's excellent building themes mod to level 1 for variety. Very happy with the result!
  14. Thanks to its abundance of now tamed waters, Villatesta is a clean and leafy town, which is why high tech industries are rapidly replacing the old, more polluting ones. But the rural past is never very far and the citizens still sport their ancestors' green thumb : large parts of the city are devoted to allotment gardens, where many heirloom vegetables and fruits are lovingly tended to, like the Villatesta blue cucumber and the Zabnis spotted pear (exquisite with steack and blue cheese.) Villatesta's local products usually win most of the gold medals at the regional Food Fair --and guess what ? it's in early September. Did I tell you P. R. is a foodie ? Well, she is. Fortunately, the city many parks, walkways and promenades will allow her (and the Villatestayans) to walk, run and bicycle it off. (to be continued)
  15. A start to the town of Avitia

    Started Avitia south of the town of Dave in Columbia. We have a population of 543 and a growing industry. The residential area is filled with brick roads (because of the SAM mod). And the commercial area is small with the fire station, medical center, and police station all in it.
  16. A Tale of Two Towns

    Once upon a time, there were two small towns in the Queenbee region, Bellaing and Marlinville, each on one side of the lake. Each had a very nice beach and the East Shore had not one but two nice marinas. But when you wanted to go from one to the other on foot or on a bicycle, or go boating, you had to go all the way around South -- or swim across, of course, which was fine in summer, and young P. R. did that a lot of times, but it was not very practical otherwise. Until someone had a bright idea : "Let's build a bridge !" And they did. At some point. Much later. Because each town had its own idea what kind of bridge the bridge should be, where it should be, for how many cars per minute, and then some went all NYMBY on this stupid project from the West Shore side of the lake, or that stupid project from the East Shore... And meanwhile, nothing was done. Finally they did build a bridge. Not East-West but North-South. And then a lot of people complained, because it was made for cars, not pedestrians or bicycles which are the preferresd mode of locomotion in both towns, but still had to go the long way around (not that the bridge made it much shorter, either), and because there was one place where everybody sort of agreed would have been a great place for a bridge -- where the lake is at its narrowest. Why not there??? There was talk of bribes, land speculation, cronyism and outright gangsterism. While their elders were badmouthing each other, the young people from Bellaing and Marlinville were beginning to feel like Romeos and Juliets. And then they came of age and were allowed to vote in the local elections. And then it changed. (to be continued)
  17. I am so sorry that I haven't been posting recently. My last update was in March, right before April, the start of my College years. Since then, it has been much harder to find a proper balance between school and SimCity 4. But anyway, I have been working on a little something, and I think it would be good to show you. But before that, I must reply to the comments: REPLIES: Tonraq: Thank you for telling me that. It really is great advice for one who is going into new environment with all sorts of new things. jmsepe: Thank you for commenting. Ultimate727: I know! It seems like they're coming like, every day now! tankmank: Thank you for your comment and for your sympathy for the people of Tagawa. kschmidt: Thank you for your comment. Kim Sunwoo: I know, right? It really will look cool! I hope that you are entertained by this Teaser, as well. Sexysark: Thank you for commenting here. Mymyjp: Thank you, Mymyjp! Thank you for cheering me on! TEASER: 1. The next update's downtown area, along with train station. The small city's name will be revealed in the next update! Hopefully, I'll be able to get the next update down soon and be able to deliver a proper update. Thank you for viewing and Sayonara! Comment, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from! I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.
  18. And now for some smaller cities

    P.R. Crastina being a country girl at heart, she's most delighted when she's invited to smaller cities, or even small towns. Less stress, more oxygen, and opportunities from long walks. LIke in tis town, named -- lo and behold !-- Smallvilleray. It was originally a logging town, and still is, although it has diversified over the years. They made good use of their numerous rivers and streams.
  19. Dat comeback tho.

    Yeah. Hey. Well, as you noticed, I was'nt active for a long time (happy St Patrick's Day btw.). The reason behind this is simple: I have problems with mod input, a lack of creativity and way too much other nice games to play (I play the heck out of CS:GO for example :3). I'm sorry for this. But if you are still interested in my CJ, you can keep it alive with suggestions of what I could do next in upcoming entries^^. Since I saw the first gameplays of Cities: Skylines (Although I don't own it) I gained new interest and a bit of inspiration in City planning and building. Because of this, and the fact that easter vacation begins in the schools of my state (Saxony [>Sachsen<]) I really wanted to play SC4 again. I hope I can keep alive this moral state. ^^ So let me show what I build the last...hour...yeah it isn't much, but hey, I started to play again, so who cares? I actually tried to create another german-styled village, but this doesn't really worked well because I just have a lack of european BATs. So if you can suggest me some, I'd be very happy. Here's the village in general: I tried to at least save the style of a 'classical' road network of eastern german villages and settlements. So it's circled around a crossing of bigger streets (in this case a roundabout was included). In the center are some aids and shops. The outer circle consists of the residential zones and a newly built supermarket ('Aldi' in this case). There's just an elementary school and a small soccer field. Further there is a fire department an a small clinic (which isn't considered as normal in villages, but I needed to rise the attractivity for medium wealth; in fact, there's a lack of doctors in the country[FYI]). Trees make people happy. I also tried to build a small church, but I didn't found a fancy olace for it in the settlement (which is, retrospectively seen, just an example of dumb playing), so I built it in the middle of an field. Because of this and because of the model itself it looked more like a small bohemian or polish curch/monastery (first I forgot the english word, then I remembered it and forgot the german word for it. wtf.), which is actually kinda nice. So I got a village with german styled layout, american houses and a eastern-european temple. Well, my brain seems to take interntaionalism very seriously. I hope you like it. Well, that's all. The comeback wasn't really impressing, but it was fun to play again. So please, let me know if you have any suggestions for new projects and/or good mods and BATs to realize them :3. Well, have a good night and a happy easter (or Pesach, whatever, have a nice week)! Replies 47ply: Dikes or 'Deiche' have the purpose to save the land (marshes; 'Marsch') that is lower than the attidude of the sea to just drown. So yeah....it's kinda important for living near the north sea :3 Ln X: I know there's a lack of close ups in the recent updates, the simple reason is, that I was too lazy to actually put details in the cities...sorry^^. But this has to change anyway from now on, so get excited for less sloppy work in the fucture! (I could start to actually work on older projects again....I mean, I really should do this!) SylvioJ: Thank you, although I still didn't completely understood in which different ways I can use the FAR^^ dlsni: i really have a problem with my endurance ._. Yeah, I used the hole diggers and then I used the soften-tool so it doesn't look like too stupid. Can't really notice the effect from that far tho. Mymyjp: Thank you! But I really could need some more fillers for that tile^^ jmsepe: That's nice But better use it with another terrain mod, the one I currently use is just not green enough for the northern german meadows. Also you should make them a bit smoother than I did. Just google 'Deich' and you get an optical vision of what I mean^^ TekindusT: How could I forget all the Supermarkets and Discounters?._. Per person there are approximateley 5 of them in every city^^ JP Schriefer: Thanks Schriefer!
  20. A history of Wellsville Ohio

    Wellsville is a small town along the Ohio River in Columbiana County of Ohio. Wellsville was founded in 1795 and peeked in population in 1920 at 8,849 residence. Population in 2010 was down to 3,541. Wellsville was a huge pottery industry town and was a major part of the railway connections to Pittsburgh and Cleveland. The drop in population in large part was due to the closing of many pottery plants and factories throughout the area. Also due to the construction of the Route 7 highway which took out a very large part of the edge of the city in the 1970's.
  21. Classic.

    Today without any comments :3 Btw, I forgot to turn on the shadows again -.-. Sorry for that, have a nice sunday! Replies MilitantRadical: Yeah, I just don't have so many w2w buildings in the right size:3 I mean, I have the whole "Smalltown, USA" set and some others, but they have really different sizes:( But I don't know any other way too^^ Ln X: I forgot that again, I'm so f****** sorry:3 I just noticed it while uploading and then I didn't want to take all the screenshots again. It's just a shame, as shadows are kinda important for a mmp-concerned update....Shame on me^^ Schriefer: Thank you, friend! I just miss the variaty of buildings:/
  22. Struggling with the game...

    Well, I struggle with some bugs in the game, but I finally managed to upload some new pics. Here we are: First problem: the tree controller doesn't work properly. I use Arden, but I never get a leasent result with none of the sub-controllers included in the main file. I checked all my plugins and I'm sure I have all the dependencies. I used the River-Controller in this city and you see, I get nearly no actual trees. I'm not sure if this is purpose, but the trees are really rare. With the coast-controller at the other side I only get 1 kind of trees! With the Inland-controller the same, just another kind of tree. However, let's move on: This is supposed to be a w2w district in the future, but the buildings ust don't want to grow:3 You see, I finally used the urban canal set here, after I visited Erfurt (in Thuringia), where some of ths kind of creeks and canals flow through the city (wonderful!), I was keen to try this in SC4. When it's finally developed it will look more pleasing. Here are some other suburbs, with the industrial area westbound. The most of the trees are manually planted, but I'm not really motivated to do is all over the city, so...yeah, you know, I really need Arden to work. Just a high tech industrial area. Needs some details. That's it, have a nice weekend and if you could leave me some hints, I would be really happy:D Replies slickbg56: Thank you, but the plan was only pretty shallow:3 Ln X: Thanks, partner! fan o SC4: Thank you very much, I hope I can pay more attention on details in the future. Caracortada: Thanks^^ feeroz123: I feel honored, sir^^ Ln X: Thanks, yeah, grid-busting is one of my hobbies:3 MilitantRadical: Well, here you are. But the teaser looked better than the actual entry:/ slickbg56: Thank you^^
  23. First actual try on a w2w city...

    Well, it's my first actual try on a w2w-city and I really like the main shape of this town. I just have the problem, that sometimes one or two single-family homes grow in more-story apartment districts. But at least I fixed the problem with employment crisis the most elegant way - I ass-kicked the §§§ sims with enourmous taxes out of the town:D And it works way better than before. Here are the pics: Some suburbs are never allowed to missing, especially in my cities^^ That's it, have a nice evening and maybe some of you have a "Hexenfeuer":D Replies Ln X: Yeah, I really wanna try that soon, but I don't really know how to create decent industrial areas:/ You are kinda a master in this thing, give me some hints, please^^ jmsepe: Nope, not that time. Finally. Ln X (again): Thank you^^ Roman_Samudra: I hope so, thanks! slickbg56: Thank you too! Huston: You actually tried it? Wow, my posts are usable^^
  24. Just a simple teaser...

    A special teaser today, without many words. Comments of the last entry will be replied next week, have a nice week!
  25. Heyho, well because I was bored I made some shots for another entry of my "how to build stuff I do all the time". At first I laid out the zones. Because it's just a small Maxis-city tile, you can do this at once, and press "Start" if you already zoned the whole area. You see, for a farming town (with SPAM, because the vanilla-farms wouldn't create enough jobs for a whole town), you primarly need residetials and, yeah, farms. A bit of commercial at the crossing of the highways creates additional jobs for the objective people (R§ and R§§, of course the stupid engine want to build many mansions in the town, which are going to dilapidate because there are no jobs for them. That shouldn't happen in your city). Then, you need energy and water. I'm sorry for the ugly yellow line on the edges, the development would've start otherwise. After that, some public establishments. Bus stops, parks, a clinic, a small schoolhouse and a fire station in this case. The last step: Profit! A closer view of the town. That's it, have a nice weekend guys! Replies Schriefer: Thank you, I'm glad you like it:) slickbg56: Thanks! AdoxxBE: Thank you, but it's not as good as your cities^^ Ln X: Thanks, it's part of the the parking lots and walls are included in the addon packs of it, like the infamousjbe: Nah, it's not included in this mod^^ As I said, the parking lots are icluded in the Industrial revolution mod^^ 47ply: Thank you, man:D TekindusT: Who wouldn't want to live there? Well I don't actually^^ feeroz123: Thank you for this great rating! C4RACORTADA: Well, but not as cozy as Simsinatti:P Pwel28: Thank you! garyF: I love the draggable curves of the NAM, they made my life so much easier^^ (I never had so much comments before Thank you, homies!^^)

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